Alejandro Rosario - Height, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Tik Tok (2024)

Alejandro Rosario (born January 14, 2003) is an innovative video content creator in Tik Tok. Although he has other social media profiles, he is quite influential in Tik Tok with a massive number of followers. He is one of the most followed Tik Tok celebrities from New Jersey.

We have included the details on Alejandro Rosario Height, Age, Bio, Tik Tok, Girlfriend, Wiki, Birthday, and many more.

Biography: Age and more

Regarding age, Alejandro Rosario is 21 years old as of 2024. His birthday is on January 14 and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. As the zodiac sign suggests, Capricorns are likely to be ambitious, focused, and motivated. In addition to this, his ethnicity is white. He resides in West Paterson, New Jersey. His videos in Tik Tok are quite creative and thoughtful.

Early Life and Education

The birthplace of Alejandro Rosario is New Jersey, USA. However, his origin is Costa Rica and the Dominican republic. One of his major hobbies beyond designing videos includes playing soccer. He has been playing soccer since his early childhood. He has also been on the soccer team of his school. Alejandro DeJesus Rosario is his full name. He is Catholic by religion.

He is currently attending ‘Passaic Valley Regional High School’ located in Little Falls of New Jersey. His mother’s name is Adriana Villalta and he posts videos with her frequently. However, he has not yet said anything about his father. Regarding siblings, he has a younger brother named Emiliano. He often makes videos with his brother. Because of his videos, Emiliano too is popular among a wide range of audiences. Alejandro’s followers adore Emiliano a lot.

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Career Information

Alejandro is active on social media since the year 2010, but he started to actively create and post content in Tik Tok since 2019 only. His username in Tik Tok is ‘alejandrozario’. The very first video that he posted on Tik Tok was him playing around with his dog. He reached his first milestone of 250,000 fans and 5 million hearts in Tik Tok in August of 2019. He has more than 4.5 million followers and more than 250 million likes in Tik Tok.

He usually makes videos on funny content, personal vlogs, trending Tik Tok challenges, and skits. He is also a part of the content team named, ‘The Lollipop Boys’. This team together posts entertaining dance and music videos. Alvaro Romeo, Mattia Polibio, Kairi Consentino, and Roshavn Diah are the other members of this online team besides Alejandro. It is heard that Mattia was the one who influenced him to start making videos on Tik Tok. Even though ‘The Lollipop Boys’ is a collaborative team and Alejandro gets along with everyone, Alejandro’s maximum collaborations are with Mattia. Mattia himself is also famous for lip-sync videos.

He has 150,000+ followers on Twitter. Similarly, the YouTube channel that he launched in 2015 has 205,000 subscribers. His Instagram profile, ‘alejandrozario’ has earned him 1.4 million followers. Though he is active in all these social media platforms, he is an active user on Tik Tok than any other platform.

Alejandro Rosario Net Worth

The net worth of Alejandro Rosario is $100 thousand as of 2020 according to the sources. The major source of his income is from the sponsored content. Another source involves the income from the sale of merchandise like t-shirts, backpacks, etc. Alejandro has introduced his brand of merchandise. His fans and followers have liked and bought his merchandise.

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Height and more

Alejandro Rosario is 5 feet and 5 inches tall for the height. He has not revealed his weight yet. He has brown eyes color and black hair. He seems to be very fashionable as per his Instagram profile. His shoe size is US size 9 and a half. He does not have any tattoos on his body yet. All in all, be appears very charming in his videos and pictures.

Girlfriend and Dating

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According to some sources, Alejandro has a girlfriend named Katie Pego. However, he has not officially announced anything yet. They have a cute picture together on Instagram. Katie also has 630,000+ followers on Tik Tok.

Wife and Children

Alejandro is young and unmarried. Hence, he does not have a wife and children.

Quick Wiki and Bio

Full NameAlejandro Rosario
Date of Birth14 January 2003
Age21 years old
Family NameRosario
Birth PlaceNew Jersey
Current ResidenceWest Paterson, New Jersey
ProfessionTik Tok Star
Zodiac SignCapricorn
AwardsNot Available
Net Worth$100 thousand
Height5′ 6″
WeightNot Available
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
FatherUnder Research
MotherAdriana Villalta
SiblingsEmiliano Rosario
GirlfriendUnder Research
WifeNot Available
Alejandro Rosario - Height, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Tik Tok (2024)


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