Disco Elysium: What To Do At The Tribunal (2024)

Disco Elysium is a game about failure. Mostly you and the detective's failure, but there's also a lot of systemic, institutional failures in the game world. And one of them is the Tribunal that begins the endgame.

After the lynching of one of the Wild Pines mercenaries, the other mercs gather to organize an off-the-books military tribunal to decide the fate of the murderers. The problem is, they don't exactly have the authority, emotional detachment, or even the information, to be an effective justice system. That and they're murderous assholes themselves that are more than happy to gun down as many civilians as they want.

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When you get to this point Disco Elysium it can be a little scary, since there are so many guns around. Thankfully this guide will help you through it.

When Does The Tribunal Happen In Disco Elysium

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The Tribunal doesn't happen on a set day in Disco Elysium, instead, it happens at a set plot point. This is why Joyce and the others struggle to give you a definitive timeline for when all the shooting will start. The good news is that this means you can explore as many side activities and conversations as you like without fear that all hell is about to break loose.

  • The Tribunal will be triggered after you confront Ruby during the main investigation.

That means a lot of speaking Titus and Klaasje at the Whirling-In-Rags, but you'll also have to explore the northern coast, which cannot be accessed until at least day three.

  • After you finish that line of inquiry, one way or another, the Tribunal will be triggered.

When you next approach the Whirling-In-Rags, you'll be drawn into the event, so make sure you've done everything you want to do beforehand.

What To Do Before The Tribunal In Disco Elysium

An Extra Bullet In Disco Elysium

Tip:The most important thing to do before the Tribunal is to make sure you're armed.

These are dangerous, murderous individuals that don't respect the authority of the RCM or the Dockworker's Union so a gun of your own gives you a fighting chance.

On top of that, you'll need ammo for the gun. You should have collected a bullet as you searched for Ruby, but if you managed to avoid that, you can find a single bullet under the floorboards of the washerwoman's shack.

  • You can only search under the floorboards after speaking to her in regards to finding Ruby, so don't worry if you can't do that yet.

If you happen to have acquired the Blue Medicinal Spirit and have been wearing your Horrific Necktie, you can also finish the Spirit Is Eternal side task and create the Spirit Bomb, a Molotov co*cktail that you can use in the confrontation as well. Make sure you've got it equipped in your hands before you enter the fray.

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Now that you're armed and dangerous, you'll want to find any pieces of the Fairweather T-500 Armor that you can, and have them on you.

  • Unfortunately, you won't be able to find the legs, and the helmet doesn't appear until the very end of the game so if you've got the chest, boots, and hands, you're as ready as you can be.

Other than that you want to come in as prepared as possible with as many health and morale boosters as you can save.

  • Remember that resting at night restores your health and morale so use this to boost both.
  • If you've got any drugs that increase your Motorics, now might be a good time to get high.
  • You can also bring any evidence with you, but while this will help you learn about the players in Martinanise and the death squad, it won't be much use when the guns start firing.

As you finally approach the Tribunal, double-check you've got your gun and armor equipped as you approach the Whirling-In-Rags after speaking to Ruby.

Tip: Don't forget to save if you're trying to get a specific outcome. All the preparation in the world can still be undone with a bad roll of the dice.

What To Do During The Tribunal In Disco Elysium

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The Tribunal in Disco Elysium

There are a few different outcomes to the Tribunal, and while none are great, your duty as an RCM officer is to try and survive and minimize the number of civilian casualties. The 'best-case scenario' described below will still have you losing three union members and dispatching all three mercs.

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The first obstacle is Kortenaer, the male mercenary wearing all the armor except the helmet. He's taking aim at Titus Hardie and you'll have to shoot first to save the leader of the Hardie Boys. You can also throw the Spirit Bomb at him as well.

Either way, you'll have to complete a Motorics/Hand-Eye Coordination to dispatch, though your chances can be augmented through the dialogue options and passing a few none physical checks to give the less body-focused detective a chance at success.

  • Unfortunately, he won't be dead just yet even if you do hit him first.
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Kim Shooting in Disco Elysium

But before he becomes a threat again, you've got the fully armored merc to the left - Hoenkloewen - to deal with.

First, he'll take a shot at you in retaliation for the whole shooting his boss in the face thing. You'll have to dodge it with a Reaction Speed check. If you can pull that off, Kim will manage an impossible shot and take out the sniper by shooting him through the eye-slot through his helmet. He won't be coming back from that.

At the same time De Paule - the final mercenary - will take a shot at Kim, but miss and instead take down Glen. This is also when Kortenaer will come back into the fight, taking aim at you. He won't miss.

The game offers a chance at using your reaction speed to avoid the bullet but it seems to be nothing but fools hope.

  • You will be shot here, so don't worry about loading the save.
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Saving Kim in Disco Elysium

Kim will rush to your aid and De Paule will appear behind him. You have to pass an Authority check to alert Kim to her presence. If you don't Kim will be injured and sent to hospital and you will have to complete the final act of the game with Cuno.

After that, you'll pass out and time will carry on. The Tribunal is over, and you've only one last thing to do before the game ends, though you'll have to do it with a limp.

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Disco Elysium: What To Do At The Tribunal (2024)


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