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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 3426 – “I treat them all the same.” Hugh didn’t think that he treated Simone differently.

He knew that Simone didn’t eat much because she was sitting right in front of him and he could see her every move.

Simone could see everything Hugh did. So it was normal for Simone to care about him.

After all, they had been friends for many years.

Hugh had seen Simone change two or three boyfriends, and every breakup seemed to be caused by a small issue that triggered a war and then ended in a breakup.

When Simone got a boyfriend, Hugh would no longer ask Simone out to avoid causing misunderstandings with Simone’s boyfriend.

Hugh was very tactful, but Simone’s ex-boyfriends all had dark faces when they met him and didn’t want to pay attention to him, as if he was the one who caused their breakup.

“Mr. Queen, you’re not a child anymore. If you meet a good girl, you should settle down. Don’t be so cynical and make your sister worry.” Manager Dumont was a middle-aged man with a wife and children.

He couldn’t help but speak of Hugh in the tone of an elder.

Hugh smiled. “I just haven’t found someone I want to settle down with. I’m going to spend my whole life with a wife, so I have to look for one carefully.

Manager Dumont, do you have a good relationship with your wife? Has your relationship changed a lot since you started dating and got married?” Manager Dumont said, “It is said that marriage is the grave of love.

Many people have a good relationship when they are in love, but after getting married, they tend to have a small quarrel every three days and a big quarrel every five days.” Hugh said, “I don’t like quarrels.”

His parents have a good relationship and rarely quarrel. The man his sister was going to marry was Kevin, who doted on her extremely.

The men in the York family were famous for doting on their wives. It could be predicted that her sister would have a happy marriage life in the future.

Manager Dumont said, “There will definitely be schanges when you are in love and after you get married. After marriage, you will start to live your life, and in life, there will inevitably be squarrels. Just get to know each other better.

When my wife and I have different opinions, it’s often because of the children’s education. If we don’t talk about the children’s education, we are as close as first love. But when it comes to educating the children, we quarrel easily.

My wife always enrolls the children in too many interest classes and cram schools, so that the children don’t have a single day to rest during the holidays.

They are still children, and their childhood should be happy, not filled with all kinds of interest classes and cram schools. When they grow up, they will look back on their childhood and find it was not joyful at all.

I have two children; one is only eight years old, and the other is six and a half years old. The older one is in the second grade, and the younger one is in the first grade. Do you think they need to go to various cram schools?

Besides, the tuition and interest classes are expensive. We have a good incin Jensburg, but we spend all our money every month. We have to pay the mortgage and car loan and support the family, and she has signed up the children for so many interest classes.

We really don’t have a penny left.” Manager Dumont’s words were full of helplessness. He added, “Fortunately, both of our parents have pensions, so we don’t have to take care of them; otherwise, it would be even more stressful.

So, because of these things, we would often quarrel. I think we can just enroll our children in an interest class, and there is no need to enroll them in cram schools.

My two children’s grades are above average, so there is really no need to be so competitive. At least give the children a chance to breathe.” Manager Dumont said with a smile, “Mr. Queen, don’t worry about this.” They were opinions that were about money.

Hugh was the young master of the Queen family. The Queen Enterprise was one of the largest companies Jensburg, with countless assets, so there was no need to make a fuss over money.

After a moment of silence, Hugh said, “I’ll tell my sister to give you allam giv raise.”

Ordinary people are under great m pressure to live in big cities. On the other side of the Farrell family mansion,

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 3426 - NovelKoo (2024)


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