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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 3430 – Clarissa looked at Kathryn in silence.

This was her biological daughter, born after ten months of pregnancy. She had four children in her life; the first three were sons.
It’s not that she didn’t love her sons.

They were all born after she carried them for ten months, so how could she not love them? It was just that the rules of the Farrell family were there, which made her like and love her daughter more.

When she was pregnant with Kathryn, she knew she was carrying a girl, and her reaction during pregnancy was different from that of the three boys. Later, the family doctor took her pulse and stated that it was a girl.

She had been looking forward to having a daughter for a long time, but when she gave birth, she was already an advanced-age mother.
She thought that after birthing her daughter, she would stop having children.

One daughter was sufficient to prevent the conflicts between her sisters. If her parents had only given birth to a daughter, her eldest sister, so many things would not have happened later.

Clarissa was very clear about the beneficial things she had done, so she didn’t want to have two daughters. However, she never imagined that the former butler would be so bold and ambitious as to actually find an opportunity to swap her newborn daughter without her knowledge.

Even if he found out later and got his biological daughter back, he had already missed the stage of her growth. The mother and daughter had been together for two or three years.

Although they shared affection, their relationship was not as deep as the one they had cultivated from childhood. So Clarissa didn’t dare to trust Kathryn 100%. Similarly, Kathryn did not trust Clarissa 100%.

Kathryn even believed what others said—that the previous head of the family died at her hands. Even though it was true, Clarissa was very upset that Kathryn, as her biological daughter, believed what others said.

When Shiloh was still her daughter, she would not believe what others said. Shiloh was determined to become the head of the family.
That was her attitude. Kathryn was different.

She was more likely to force someone to do something unnecessarily. If someone can reasonably replace her, Kathryn will give up the position of
family head as soon as possible. She did not have the ambition to dominate the Farrell family or Jensburg.

Kathryn touched her face and said, “Mom, you’re looking at me like this. Did I do something wrong? Or have I become ugly now? I’ve been too busy lately, always working overtime until late at night.

For an extended period, I have been staying up late, and as a result, I no longer appear as attractive.” Clarissa said. “No, my daughter is the most beautiful at all times.

However, since you have been staying up late so much, you should also pay attention to your health, take care of yourself, use more skin care
products, and take some beauty supplements.

We women must learn to take care of ourselves and maintain our image. Even when we get old, we must not mistreat ourselves and must age
gracefully.” Kathryn smiled and said, “Mom, I will. I will take care of myself.” The skin care products she used were all very good.

Clarissa asked, “That’s good. Take excellent care of yourself. As for your lifelong event, do you have someone you like? Kathryn: “Késo do, but i’m not in the mood to think about getting married right now.

When I said I’d rather get rid of the father and keep the son, Mom, you glared at me again Clarissa. “Kathryn, do you believe in mom?” Kathryn looked straight at Clarissa and said, “Mom, we are mother and daughter.

Although we may not agree, others see us as one because I’m your biological daughter.” Just like how Liberty and the others saw her.

Liberty and the others knew exactly what kind of person she was. so what? Be on guard against her when she needs to.

Because no matter how exemplary she was, she couldn’t escape the fact that she was Clarissa’s biological daughter.

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 3430 - NovelKoo (2024)


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