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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 3432 – Clarissa was still alive.

She would not let her sisters’s deaths be in vain. No matter what, she would prove that she was the one who killed the sisters,
expose her vicious face, and ruin her reputation.

Then she would not hesitate to stain her hands with blood, and everything she had taken would return to the hands of her eldest sister’s lineage.
She was not willing to accept it! She was not convinced!

How could she not be as good as her older sister? Her elder sister, born eighteen years earlier than her, assumed the position of head of the family. “Mom, have you ever regretted it? Mom, I understand that my aunt raised you.

The saying that an older sister is like a mother is most appropriate for my aunt.” Clarissa and her younger aunt were both raised by her elder aunt.
However, her elder aunt, whom she raised, died at the hands of Clarissa, with whom she had a deep trust.

Clarissa said nothing. Sometimes, she regretted it. At times, she believed that her actions were correct. If a person does not care about herself, she will be punished by heaven and earth. She did it for herself. After a long silence, Clarissa stood up and walked away.

She went to pour a glass of warm water for the mother and daughter. Putting one of the cups of warm water in front of Kathryn, Clarissa held her
own cup of water and said as she sat down, “Your throat is dry after talking so much.

Have a drink of water.” Kathryn was also really thirsty. She picked up the glass of water, took a sip, and felt that there was something wrong with the water quality. No, there is no way the water quality could be a problem. That means there is medicine in this glass of water.

The next moment, her hand shook, and the water in the cup and cup spilled onto the table. The cup encircled the table, then rolled to the ground and broke into pieces. Kathryn felt dizzy; the sky and earth were spinning. Her mother’s figure changed before her eyes.

The endless darkness swept her away before she could hold on for even a minute. The moment she lost consciousness, she thought, Even a tiger won’t eat its own cubs, so how could her own mother not even let her, her own daughter, go?

Clarissa looked at Kathryn, lying on the table. The tabletop was already full of water. There was no expression on her face.
After a few minutes, she stood up, walked to Kathryn’s side, and looked down at the sleeping Kathryn.

She reached out and gently touched Kathryn’s face. “Kathryn, you are my biological daughter. Even though you didn’t grow up with me, you are still my only daughter.

Even if you and I are not on the same page, even if you secretly keep in touch with Liberty without my knowledge, if you were not my biological
daughter, you and Liberty would probably become best friends.

You have done so many things to betray me, but I won’t hold it against you. After all, you are my daughter. I can even kill Shiloh because she is not my biological daughter.

I will always be soft-hearted towards you.” Clarissa murmured to herself,” must have a successor. I can’t be without a successor.

I can’t lose to my eldest sister. She was better than me in every way. She raised me, and I have witnessed her excellence. But I just can’t accept it. I won’t resign myself to it… For decades, I have failed to prove that I am better than her.

Look, Audrey, her eldest daughter, is truly exceptional, and granddaughters are equally exceptional.

Even the grandchildren are much better than your brothers. Clive can fight against your three brothers alone.” Clarissa’s eyes m eyesom tushed red, and tears welled up inside them.

She didn’t know if she was remembering her sisters or something else. Her tears began to drip down, drop by drop, falling on Kathryn’s face.

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 3432 - NovelKoo (2024)


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