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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 3446 – After a while, Sonny looked up and asked Serenity, “Auntie, will my mother give birth to a little sister?”

He was still young and didn’t understand love, but he knew that his mother would marry Uncle Duncan soon. He didn’t understand what marriage meant; he just knew that marriage meant living together.

Uncle Duncan will move in and live with them in the future. Or he and his mother could move to Uncle Duncan’s house.

When you get married, you will have a baby. For example, his aunt Serenity and uncle Zachary got married, and now his aunt is pregnant with a little brother. Sonny wondered if his mother would give birth to a little sister for him.

“It’s hard to say. Maybe there will be, maybe there won’t be.” Serenity didn’t dare to say that her sister, Liberty, would definitely have a
second child after remarrying. It depended on what Liberty thought.

Of course, the Lewis family hoped that Liberty would give birth to a second child, no matter whether it was a boy or a girl. If she does, Duncan will have a successor. Sonny said, “I want a younger sister.

When mom and Uncle Lewis get married, I will ask mom to give birth to a younger sister.” Serenity smiled. “Do you know what marriage is?” Sonny replied, “It’s marriage; a man and a woman, it’s marriage. Auntie, I want to get married when I grow up.”

“You are just a kid, and you are thinking about such far-reaching things.” Serenity rubbed Sonny’s head with amusem*nt, thinking that she should be careful when speaking in front of Sonny in the future so that the little guy wouldn’t overhear.

However, Sonny was smart and had eyes watching. Yes, kids nowadays are too smart. Serenity asked, “Sonny, do you want mom to be with Uncle Duncan?” “Of course I am. Aren’t they together?

Whenever Uncle Duncan sees my mom, he only has eyes for her. He always says that he loves me the most, but he’s lying to me. He thinks I’m a three-year-old kid who’s easy to fool.”

“I observed it. I can see that Uncle Duncan is like Uncle Zack. He is afraid of you, and Uncle Duncan is afraid of my mother.

If I did something wrong and my mother said she would beat me with a clothes hanger, Uncle Duncan would not plead for me but help my mother get the hanger and tell her not to beat me too hard or she would get tired.”

Sonny pouted as he spoke, feeling that Uncle Duncan did not really love him. He was saying that Uncle Duncan liked him, which was fake.
Whenever he went against his mother, Uncle Duncan would always stand by her side.

Serenity covered her mouth, and she laughed. Sonny looked up and glared at Serenity. Sonny said, “Auntie, you are laughing at someone else’s misfortune. You’re laughing at me.”

Serenity tried to hold back her laughter. “Auntie won’t laugh at you; Auntie won’t laugh at you.” She bent down and tried to pick up Sonny.
Sonny didn’t need her to hold him.

“Auntie, uncle said I’m grown up and don’t need to be held in your arms! because he’s afraid I’ll kick you in the stomach.”

Sonny carefully touched Serenity’s belly. In fact, he was very careful. He wouldn’t kick Serenity. Not to mention that Serenity was pregnant; even if
she wasn’t, he never kicked her.

Serenity was like his second mother and took very good care of him. His mother said that when he was just born, it was his aunt who took care of
him day and night.

The person he loved most was his mother, and the second person he loved was his aunt, Serenity. Sonny hoped that he could grow up quickly so that he could protect his mother and aunt.

“It’s okay; you’re not that heavy. I’m very strong; I can carry you fonam hour.” Serenity still picked up on En. Sonny.

“Ring, ring, ring.” Just as Serenity picked up Sonny, her cell phone rang

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 3446 - NovelKoo (2024)


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