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-After beating up Holden, Clarissa sat on the desk, panting heavily, pointing at Holden, and cursing, "You are so bold, aren't you? You dare to slam the table at me! No one has ever dared to slam the table at me in my life!

What happened to Kathryn? Do you care? You still have the nerve to blame me. How much affection do you have for your biological daughter? How sincere are you? You're asking what's wrong with your daughter now. You're so hypocritical. Are you worried that you and your three sons will have a hard time?

How dare you mention Shiloh to me? Yes, I hate Shiloh's family. When I found out that Shiloh was not my biological daughter, I hated her so much that I wanted to take revenge. If it were my daughter, they would not treat her well and abuse her, but their daughter grew up beside me, enjoying all the glory and wealth. How could I not hate her?"

Any normal mother would hate it.

At first, Clarissa was really reluctant to give up the mother-daughter relationship with Shiloh. She also tried hard to tell herself that it had nothing to do with Shiloh and that she was innocent. After a long time, she hated her very much.

The mother-daughter love for Shiloh gradually disappeared and was replaced by revenge.

If Shiloh had been timid and cautious after the incident of replacing a girl, had not targeted Kathryn, and had no longer dreamed of taking over, she might have spared Shiloh's life.

However, what made Clarissa decide to kill was the matter between Shiloh and Holden.

She could never accept it. She couldn't face it.

Even if it was caused by two people accidentally taking the medicine,.

She couldn't accept it either, and there was always a thorn in her heart.

Holden, whether Clarissa loved him or not, was her husband.

Clarissa could keep her feelings for someone, but Holden couldn't have an affair with other women.

Holden said, "Clarissa, you old w!tch!"

Clarissa: "I'm an old w!tch? You think you're still young, you old dog!"

Holden lay on the ground for a long time before he got up. He pointed at Clarissa and cursed, "You will be deserted by everyone sooner or later!"

His words stabbed Clarissa's heart like a knife.

She will soon be deserted by her friends and relatives, and everything she has planned for will soon return to the hands of her eldest sister's descendants.

She's not willing to accept this!

"Hizz, hizz, hizz!"

Clarissa roared three times in succession. She wanted to get Holden out. She angrily said, "Old dog, pack up all your things, get out. of the Farrells mansion, and ever show up in front of me again!"

Holden: "I don't want to see you again!"

Clarissa said, "And take your three sons and get out; all of you get out of Farrell's mansion!"

Holden wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said, "You think I really want to stay here? The thing I regret most in my life is walking into this mansion without warmth and kindness." He really regretted it. He had been living a very depressed life for decades.

"I'm leaving; I'm leaving right away. From now on, even if you carry me in a sedan chair, I will never set foot in your Farrells mansion again. You just stay here to guard your


mansion, your clan members and everything in your family!"

After saying this, Holden turned around and walked out with great dignity. When he opened the door of the study, he saw his three sons standing at the door. Holden


glanced at his sons and left with a dark face.


The three brothers instinctively looked into the study and followed their father.

Hearing the noise downstairs, they hurried upstairs and saw their father at this moment. They guessed that their parents were fighting again. Their father lost their mother again. Holden said, "Let's go; let's all go. She doesn't need us! She only needs this clan and position."

The three brothers didn't dare to speak.

Pedro didn't care what the commotion would be like in the Farrell family mansion. He drove Kathryn to the hospital quickly.

Kathryn's weak voice suddenly sounded: "Pedro, tell Liberty to be careful recently and not to go out if possible. It would be better if she could go back to Wiltspoon."

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