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Pokémon: Universe of legends



Hello, I'm Professor GF and I welcome you to the Pokémon universe. A place full of beings whose lives constantly intertwine and diverge, creating new adventures. And in the middle of them is usually a young man from the Pallet town. So enter and discover the wonderful secrets of this universe! I'll wait for you inside!

Chapter 1: First Generation


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

1st Generation

Nidorino vs Gengar! Will it be Samuel or Agatha who will emerge victorious in the first Pokémon League?


Hello and welcome to the Pokémon world! My name is Samuel Oak and I am the professor Pokémon specialized in researching the relationship between humans and Pokémon. For some, Pokémon are pets and others use them to fight. Well, it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl because a world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits you!

Let's Go!


Year 2002 - Pallet Town

In a room of the now old Ketchum restaurant, a heated discussion was taking place.

"No, Delia! I won't let you commit such madness!"

The girl turned her brown eyes full of anger towards her mother.

"You can't stop me, I'm already sixteen years old!" Delia shouted, tired of that argument. "I want to be a Pokémon trainer and according to the law-"

"I don't care about the law! I am your mother and therefore you'll do what I tell you!" the woman interrupted her. "Do you really think I'm going to let my only daughter walk around alone? With the roads full of thieves and criminals like Team Rocket?"

"Team Rocket?" Delia gave a small laugh. "They're nothing more than petty thieves, not even the police pay attention to them."

"And what about all the wild Pokémon that are out there? Any of them could kill you with a single hit!"

"I'm not that weak." Delia answered.

Her mother gave a long sigh and ran her hand through her dark hair. Unable to handle the accumulated tension, she ended up sitting in a nearby chair.

At times like this, Delia felt bad for pushing her mother to the limit. However she wasn't going to back down. She wanted to be a Pokémon trainer and nothing would change her mind.

"Delia...this world is very cruel, especially to young girls like you," said Mrs. Ketchum. Now that relations between Kanto and Johto aren't good at all, traveling has become twice as dangerous.

"I know, that's why I won't go alone," Delia said after opening a Poké Ball from her belt. "He will accompany me."

Mrs. Ketchum observed little Mime Jr. who always accompanied her daughter everywhere. Thanks to him, Delia had been crowned the strongest young trainer in Pallet Town, she had even defeated several travelers who came to the town.

"You're just as stubborn as your father," Mrs. Ketchum thought with some bitterness. "Okay, you can go."

"Yes!" Delia and Mime Jr. jumped of joy at the same time.

"But promise me that you will write me a letter at least once a week.

Year 2004 - Pallet Town

"You must be very proud of Delia," Professor Oak commented to Mrs. Ketchum one day. "Being among the top 4 in the Indigo Plateau Conference is a great achievement."

"I'm more glad to know she'll be with me soon," said Mrs. Ketchum. "Kanto, Johto and the Sevii Islands…That's too much traveling. There's nothing like home."

"I very much agree with that," said Professor Oak after drinking some coffee. "Still, I'm sure those trips have been a great experience for her."

What no one imagined was that Delia would return accompanied from her travels with a mysterious Pokémon trainer.

"Who is him?" Her mother asked in a serious tone. That man...there was something about him that she didn't like at all.

"His name is…and he's the father of my son." Delia blurted out suddenly.


"How could you?! I told you to be careful with the boys!" Her mother exclaimed. She moved from one side of the room to the other without stopping for a second.

"Mom, please stop," Delia asked. "You're making me nervous."

"Nervous? You have the audacity to tell me that after…?" Her mother pointed to her belly while she gestured exaggeratedly.

"It wasn't anyone's fault, it just happened." Delia defended herself.

"It just happened... are you listening to yourself?" Her mother put her hands to her head and small tears began to appear in her gray eyes. "Delia, you have no idea what trouble you're in."

"Mom, don't be so melodramatic."

Those words were too much. Before Delia could notice her, her mother had smacked her, leaving a red mark on her right cheek.

Stunned, she put a hand to her sore cheek.


"Do you think being a mother is easy? That you're not going to have to make sacrifices? That you're not going to feel overwhelmed by having responsibilities you never dreamed of?"

"He will help me, we will get ahead." Delia said with tears in her eyes.

"You're very naive, Delia," her mother said, shaking her head. "You had fun and "that" is the result. "He" will help you during the first few years, but when he sees what being a father entails…"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You know exactly what I mean, daughter," her mother said in a serious and cold tone. "I'm more than old enough to know who's a coward when I see them."

"He's not a coward! He's a good man and I'll prove you wrong." Delia said, getting up and leaving in a hurry.

After leaving her alone in the living room of her house, Mrs. Ketchum fell to her knees on the floor while processing all the information received.

"Grandma...I'm going to be a grandmother..."

Some days after…

"Someone is knocking on the door," her boyfriend said in a tired voice after hearing some noises.

"I'm coming." said Delia, who was closer to the door.

"Why did you come?" Delia asked in a tone stronger than desired.

"I just wanted to… I just wanted to see how you and the baby are doing," her mother said, looking up. "I know that the first months of pregnancy can be somewhat complicated...Perhaps you want the help of someone who has already been through it."

Delia looked at her with surprise and some joy.

"Now... Aren't you mad at me anymore? "

"Yes, I am, but it won't help if we continue arguing. "It's not good for a pregnant woman to have stress," her mother said with a small smile. "Delia, a child is the greatest treasure one can receive. You've made a mistake, but I don't want you to think that your son is that mistake."

Delia could only smile and hug her mother. He watched them from behind, impassive and with a look that was difficult to decipher.

Shortly after in 2005 the legend of Pallet Town was born.


Year 2011 – Pallet Town

When Ash was little, Delia used to tell him stories about how his paternal grandfather and father were great Pokémon trainers who travelled around the world.

"And when will they return?" Ash asked with a mixture of admiration, astonishment and excitement.

"…When they fulfill their dreams." Delia used to say. Her tone of voice was happy, but her gaze conveyed a deep sadness that missed little Ash.

When he was six years old, Ash tried to research about his father and paternal grandfather. For this he used the home computer and after hours of searching on the Internet, he found nothing.

Neither his father nor his grandfather were anywhere to be found. They weren't mentioned by anyone like the great trainers her mother used to tell her about. They weren't even on the list of Pokémon trainers.

Maybe he should have asked more, maybe he should have investigated more…but something inside him had broken and his young mind decided to bury the doubts and questions deep in his psyche.

The rest of Ash's childhood was spent developing a friendship and rivalry with Gary, grandson of the prestigious professor Samuel Oak. The two were known for being the "terror of Pallet Town" because of the numerous pranks they got up to together and separately.


Year 2013 - Viridian City

"You were right, mother." Delia said one day.

Mother and daughter were sitting on the terrace of a restaurant, having tea while Ash played with a boy and a girl older than him.

"In what?" Her mother asked, somewhat disconcerted.

"He's a coward."

"Well, we don't know what really happened, maybe you shouldn't jump to conclusions." she said, wrinkling her forehead.

Delia gave a small, bitter laugh.

"Now you defend him?"

"No, I'm just saying that we need more points of view to understand everything better... What have you told Ash?"

Delia was silent for a few seconds, staring at the gray clouds approaching Pallet Town.

"I told him that his father is a Pokémon trainer and that he's traveling the world.

His mother just nodded. After a pause of several minutes she stared at her daughter.

"What?" she asked.

"There is something important I must tell you."

"And what's that?" She asked her. For some reason she felt anxious.

"Delia, despite your situation, you have raised your son very well," her mother said, ignoring her question. "I'm glad to see that you have managed to start a good family."

"Mother, you are part of my family too," Delia said, giving her a soft hug. "Now I understand how you felt when you raised me. Being a mother is the hardest job in the world."

"We'll be good mothers, but we don't know how to choose our partners." Her mother recalled with some sadness.


"I wanted to tell you that I have left you the restaurant as an inheritance but you can start running it right now if you wish. It's the only decent one in this town so you'll always have work.

"B-but mom, you can't-"

"You can and will accept it," her mother said in a firm tone. "I no longer have the strength or the passion I had before. The business needs young blood and yours is the most suitable. Plus, this way I can spend more time with my grandson."

"I knew you were up to something," Delia laughed, trying to hide her nervousness. Inherit the restaurant? That was a big step but she didn't know if she would be up to it. It was too much responsibility and she had already learned the hard way not to take on more than you can.

Before they could continue talking Ash ran up to them.

"Mom! Red, Leaf and I are going to go play in the Viridian forest.

"To the Viridian forest?" "Delia asked them, somewhat worried.

The three boys nodded their heads quickly.

"If so, don't go too far away and play near the entrance, please."

"Don't worry, Mrs. Ketchum, we'll take care of the dwarf with our Pokémon." Leaf said, receiving an indignant look from Ash for the comment about his height.

Red took out a Poké Ball and opened it, showing a little poliwag who immediately started jumping around with happiness.

Delia smiled when she saw him. Although he was young he had shown great potential as a water Pokémon.

"Do you promise to protect them for me, Poliwag?" She asked him as she bent down to pet him.

"Poli!" The tadpole Pokémon responded enthusiastically.


Ash, Red and Leaf returned from the forest badly injured and with a blonde girl in their arms. Apparently she had been attacked by wild Pokémon and Ash had launched himself to protect her with his body. If it hadn't been for Red and Leaf, the child prodigies, they surely wouldn't have gotten out of there with just a few scratches.

Delia took them to the hospital and then to Professor Oak so they could tell him what happened. After all, he knew a lot about the Pokémon in the area.

"However, there is something that worries me," professor Oak confessed after hearing the story. "Since when have the golem and dratini inhabited the Viridian forest? Not to mention that dratini are not aggressive by nature and usually hide from humans."

"Right! I was so worried that I hadn't noticed," Delia said sadly. "What do you think all this means, professor?"

"To be honest, I don't know," the professor admitted with some regret.

"Aren't there supposed to be several rangers living inside the Viridian Forest?"

"Yes, they have been helping the Viridian gym leaders to monitor the forest for years. Apparently these rangers are descended from an ancient clan with extraordinary abilities."

"And where were they today? How come they haven't helped my son?" Delia didn't want to sound spiteful but she was too nervous and sad.

"Don't know. What's more, only Viridian City Gym Leaders know who they are and how to contact them. They are a clan with the same secrecy as the ninja clans of the past."

Delia gave a long sigh.

"Secret or not, I hope they do a better job next time... That girl could have been a victim of the Pokémon if it weren't for Ash," Delia said, changing the subject. "I wonder what she was doing, lost in the middle of the Viridian forest."

They both looked with some concern at the two children asleep on the couch. The little girl slept hugging Ash tightly, while Red watched them attentively sitting in a chair and Leaf walked around the laboratory.

Some time later…

"There is a movie on TV, 4 boys are walking down the railroad tracks... Well, I better get going."Red, future Champion of Kanto.


Red and Leaf left the village together to become Pokémon trainers.

"I hope you become the strongest!" "Ash told them. The two trainers smiled at the little boy and patted his head.

"Thank you for wishing us good luck." said Leaf.

"So when I defeat you I'll be the strongest."

"…" Red said. Those words made Ash cry with joy and emotion.

Leaf gave Red a hard slap on the back as she tried to stop the tears from coming out of her eyes.

"You've always had a gift for words."

Yellow, who was behind Ash, bid them both farewell with a shy wave.

"Take good care of Ash, he always gets into trouble." Leaf asked the little girl. She nodded strongly while Ash complained and said that he knew how to take care of himself perfectly.

After several goodbyes, Red and Leaf moved towards their new adventure.

"Raid On the City. Knock out. Evil Tusks."Madame Boss, founder of Team Rocket.


Giovanni always had everything. Since he was little, nothing was denied him by his mother, Madame Boss. She was tall, beautiful, powerful and intimidating.

Everyone trembled when they heard her name. The police, the other criminal clans, and the politicians didn't dare to stand in her way. If they did, she was in charge of manipulating them, bribing them or killing them, depending on her mood.

She, along with several of her friends and partners, founded Team Rocket and took it to the top, soon the Mafia Pokémon of Kanto became the terror of the entire region.

When Giovanni turned ten years old he received a meowth as a gift from her. His first step towards being her worthy heir. After her son, what Madame Boss loved most was money.

"Money is power, you little brat," she used to say fondly. "Money can buy everything. People will do anything to have it. Having more than others is the easiest way to conquer the world. Everyone will fulfill your wishes if you are the richest."

But things never go as you expect. Miyamoto, one of the executives of Team Rocket and a great friend of Madame, had disappeared. That was the first sign of the organization's decline.

Madame Boss became obsessed with finding evidence of the existence of mew. She wanted to sell the Pokémon to the highest bidder. However, the international police began to intervene.

Team Rocket's best men were being captured, their lairs were no longer secret, and the other mafias were becoming emboldened. Many things happened and in the end Giovanni had to step forward and take control of the organization.

He never forgot his mother's teachings, so as soon as he could he looked for the best ways to get money.

The first thing he did was eliminate the members who were against him or who could cause him problems. He then murdered other mafia bosses, stole valuable Pokémon, kidnapped, extorted and blackmailed. He even formed a scientific team to conduct illegal experiments.

However, money is of no use if you don't have status and power in both the light and dark world. So he eliminated the Viridian gym leader in his hometown. That way he could take his place and do illegal trafficking with Pokémon using the SS Anne... It took many years of sweat and effort but it was worth it.


September 1, 2014 - Cinnabar Island Pokémon Mansion

"I-I'm sorry but I can't do it, it's too dangerous and we must eliminate it as soon as possible! It's not a Pokémon, it's a monster!" said a frightened, old, bald man.

Giovanni couldn't contain his anger and hit his subordinate hard. Blaine groaned in pain as he fell to the ground. The rest of the scientists retreated in terror.

"Do you know that my mother's dream was to be able to control a mew? A Pokémon that very few believe exists," Giovanni said after placing his foot on Blaine's face and crushing it against the ground. "I have achieved something better, creating a superior Pokémon... And now you tell me that it has to be eliminated?"

"N-you can't control it! I-it's too violent and its instincts are much wilder than normal! He has escaped and killed all of the scientific team in the process!" Blaine exclaimed, trying to bear the pain. Giovanni, enraged, increased the pressure of his foot on the scientist's face.

"True, Fuji is dead and if you don't want to follow him, you will create something to control that monster. I'm not going to allow all the money and resources used to be in vain," Giovanni said very seriously. "The ravages of the post-war are still being felt, this is our opportunity to increase the power of Team Rocket without anyone bothering us. You have understood? Or maybe you need stronger motivation?"

"I-I'll do what I can." Blaine said through gritted teeth.

"You better, or Cinnabar Island won't have a gym leader anymore."

Blaine breathed a sigh of relief as Giovanni left the destroyed laboratory.

"That fool doesn't know that Fuji is the only one who escaped Mewtwo's attack alive. Still, I must create something that can retain or suppress his psychic powers or Giovanni will be the least of my problems,"Blaine thought worriedly."Luckily Fuji placed a tracker on all his clones. Mewtwo won't be hard to find."

Viridian City Gym

"So you're the famous Sergeant Surge, huh?" Giovanni observed the imposing foreign soldier with interest from the table in his office. "What brings you here?"

Surge took off his sunglasses, revealing a fierce look that made Giovanni's bodyguards recoil out of pure instinct.

"I want to join your organization."

Suddenly, the false friendly atmosphere became as cold as Giovanni's eyes.

"Organization? What are you talking about?"

Surge gave a long sigh.

"There are no police or journalists here so you can stop pretending. Getting information is not complicated for a soldier who has had the misfortune of being in the worst places in this region."

Giovanni glanced at his three bodyguards and gave them a small nod. They nodded but before they could take out their Poké Balls, they had a voltorb, an electabuzz and a magnemite in front of them. The Pokémon's bodies ejected small sparks, making the hairs of those present stand on end.

The bodyguards stopped moving instantly. They knew Surge's reputation very well and didn't want to incur the wrath of his Pokémon.

"I haven't come to fight, but I will electrocute your" "bodyguards" if they make a single move." Surge threatened. Giovanni just laughed lightly at those words.

"You dare bring electric Pokémon to my gym? ...I like you!"

Surge grimaced.

"Thank you."

"Ken, Harry and Al. Leave us alone," Giovanni ordered his bodyguards.

"B-but, sir..." The three interrupted their protests upon receiving the furious look of their boss.

A few seconds later they had hurriedly left the office.

"There's something I've been wondering for a while... Why would a foreign soldier of your prestige want to join me?" Giovanni commented, getting up from his chair and approaching Surge.

The difference in height was notable, with Surge being at least two heads taller than Giovanni, yet the sergeant felt smaller in the presence of the mafioso.

"Due to my "heroic" actions I have received numerous Badges and have been named gym leader of Carmine City," Surge explained with some bitterness. "However, that is not what I want. When I came from Unova, I did it because I wanted a real fight, because I wanted to quench my thirst for blood... but the gyms are a battlefield for weaklings accustomed to peace. Too many rules and too many brats who know nothing about life."

A sympathetic smile formed on Giovanni's hard face.

"You can take a soldier out of war but not the war out of the soldier... You're starting to interest me, Surge."

Anyone else would have breathed a sigh of relief, but Surge was a professional and wasn't going to fail in his mission. The International Police and the Pokémon Association were counting on him.

Giovanni observed his new secretary from his seat. Matori was a twenty-something with a calculating look. Her long hair was tied in a ponytail and her black suit didn't have a single wrinkle.

"My last secretary wasn't very competent. You are?"

"That is something that my actions will demonstrate, great leader." was Matori's dry response.

Giovanni gave a small smile.

"I would like to test you before admitting you as my secretary."

Matori didn't even blink.

"What kind of test?"

"I'm building the Rocket casino in Celadon City."

"Isn't there where were have one of our secret bases?"

"That's right, and the casino will be built on top of it. You see, we need money and people need more than just alcohol to forget the aftermath of war."

"Isn't that risky? What will happen if the police decide to investigate?"

"I have many friends in high places so that won't be a problem," Giovanni said, smiling maliciously. "Your task will be to ensure that the construction of the casino is completed quickly and without complications."

"As you wish." Matori responded with a slight bow. Giovanni waited for her to leave but she didn't.

"Do you have any questions?"

"If you allow me to ask, great leader… What did the previous secretary fail in?

Giovanni rubbed his chin as he pretended to think about the answer.

"You see, my casino will be for everyone, children included, and she wasn't willing to cross that line. So I had to force her to cross a different line.

Saffron City Gym

Giovanni relaxed on the tatami floor while drinking the warm tea provided by an eleven-year-old girl.

"Did your daughter do this?" Giovanni asked with some curiosity. "She's very talented."

The man sitting in front of him gestured with his hand to indicate to his daughter that she could leave.

"What do you want?"

"Wow, always straight to the point, eh, Koga? If you read my letter you should already know what I want from you."

"You're right, I've read it and I'm willing to work for you. As long as the payment is fair."

"You shouldn't worry about money...Tell me, don't you feel bad for accepting?"

"My position as gym leader allows me to take care of my clan but it doesn't give me what I need most. Recover my honor as a warrior."

"Honor… Honor is a concept that doesn't fit my vision. Will you be able to complete any mission, no matter how hard it may be? Keep in mind that we are going to cause a revolution in Kanto. There will be a lot of… collateral damage."

"I am a shadow warrior, an assassin and a mercenary. As such I serve the highest bidder, something this modern world has forgotten," Kouga said without hesitation. "We are in an era of peace and our culture will be extinct if this continues…That's why I'm willing to preserve the chaos that you want to impose. Shinobi are only needed when chaos reigns. I'm afraid my sense of honor has nothing to do with your preconceptions."

The words that came out of his mouth made him sick and made him want to vomit the tea he had just sipped. But a ninja never showed the enemy his true intentions. Giovanni had fallen into the trap, now he just had to pretend for a few years before participating in his fall.


"Do you want to delete all the saved data?... Are you sure you want to delete it? Remember that you won't be able to recover it later... Restarting the game..."

"Little brother, why do you delete your game? You already had it almost complete..."

Ash Ketchum turned his head and looked at the small blonde girl sitting next to him. Her green eyes conveyed the curiosity typical of her age. Ash couldn't help but smile.

"It's very boring to play when you've already passed the Pokémon League" He justified. "It's no longer as fun as when I started playing."

"It is very sad." Replied the girl he loved as if she were his family.


She nodded her head.

"All your Pokémon and what you did with them…has been erased. You will never be able to see them again."

"It's just a game," Ash sighed, worried to see that the girl was taking it very seriously. None of this is real.

Her sister was thoughtful for a few moments.

"The other day, on television, they said that there were many trainers who abandoned their Pokémon when they got bored with them..."

"Those are bad people. A true Pokémon trainer never abandons their Pokémon. That's what mom always says." he reminded her.

"So... when you become a trainer you won't abandon your Pokémon?" she asked him. "If you win a league... won't you get bored with them?"

"I can't abandon my Pokémon if I win a league." Ash said as if it were common sense. Yellow had a lot of love for Pokémon, sometimes too much, but it was part of her charm.

"Do you promise me?"

"Yeah." Ash said as he stroked her head. In a few months he would be ten years old and he could go out on adventures. Nothing and no one would stop him from becoming the very best, that no one ever was.

"Ash, Yellow! Get down right now!"

It was his mother's voice. The children looked at each other and ran out of the room. When they went down to the living room, a woman with brown hair and eyes was waiting for them with the television remote in her hand.

"I want you to see this. "Delia Ketchum told them with a smile as she turned up the volume.

"Before all of you we present the new Kanto Elite Four!" said the presenter. "As you may already know, Kanto achieved complete independence from Johto three years ago. Apart from economic and political changes, this means that each region now has its own Pokémon leagues and Elite Four."

The image changed to show Kanto's strongest trainers walking through the streets of Saffron City, the region's capital. They were accompanied by famous Pokémon trainers, members of the Pokémon Association, and several police officers.

"Agatha, forty-nine years old and a specialist in poison and ghost type Pokémon! As a curious fact, long ago she was the greatest rival of the famous professor Oak," the presenter reported when the camera focused on the members of the Elite Four. "Bruno, twenty-three years old and specialist in fighting and rock type Pokémon! Lorelei, twenty years old and a specialist in water and ice-type Pokémon! Leaf, twelve years old (so young!) and with a very varied Pokémon team under her belt!"

When the camera focused on the champion, Delia watched happily as the children's eyes shone with pure excitement.

"And finally the new champion of Kanto!... Red! At only twelve years old he's considered a battle genius and we hope that he'll proudly carry the Kanto flag in the next Pokémon World Tournament.

"Red and Leaf are too strong," Ash said after a few seconds of silence. "If I want to be a Pokémon Master I will have to beat them one day."

"Then you will have to train a lot, my son."

Saffron City – Fighting Type Gym

"Kadabra, psychic."

A hitmonlee was slammed into the dojo wall at high speed. The force of the crash was such that several of his bones were fractured in the process.

"Hitmonlee!" Kiyo Kochi screamed in horror.

"Use psychic again." A girl ordered her Pokémon.

"H-Hitmonlee is out of action!" The stunned Pokémon referee shouted, stopping the girl before she made a deadly mistake. "Since all three of Kiyo Kochi's Pokémon have been defeated, Sabrina becomes Saffron City's new Gym Leader!"

Nobody in the audience applauded the winner. That fight had been practically a massacre and thanks to the referee the possible death of Kiyo's Pokémon had been avoided.

"N-no...I-impossible... I lost?" Kiyo Kochi fell to his knees on the ground. His mind still couldn't assimilate what had just happened.

"How boring..." Sabrina said without even looking her rival in the eyes. "I expected something more from the acclaimed Karate King. I guess your fame was directly proportional to your weakness."

Those words woke Kiyo up from his state of shock.

"B-be careful how you talk to me." Kiyo warned her furiously.

The shame he felt made him tremble with rage. All of his dojo students, journalists and other spectators had seen his crushing defeat. He could see in their looks compassion, sorrow, shame and a certain mockery in some.

"You should be the one to be careful," Sabrina said in a cold tone that gave everyone present goosebumps. "The only reason I've been able to challenge you, is because the PA doesn't want you as a gym leader."

"W-what are you talking about? If you have been able to challenge me it is because you got the Elite trainer license!"

"This gym has given a lot of problems lately due to the constant defeats you suffer, Kiyo. That's why the A.P. asked me to get you out of the way."

"Y-you lie!" Kiyo shouted as tears welled up in his eyes. "It's true that this last year I haven't won any fight but-"

"No one loves you," Sabrina interrupted with a wide, cruel smile. "You're just a mass of muscles. In these times, having muscles does not guarantee victory. Compared to the other gym leaders you are trash."

"Dam you! How dare you talk to me like that?!"

Giving a mighty scream, Kiyo lunged at Sabrina. His students tried to stop him but it was too late... for him.

Giving a loud yawn, Sabrina raised her left hand and lifted the Karate King into the air.

"Those are his psychic powers?!" exclaimed the astonished audience. Meanwhile, Kiyo writhed in the air, trying in vain to escape.

"I have taken your gym, your city and your throne from you in a fair fight so stop whining. Don't lose what little dignity you have left," Sabrina advised him. "Seeing an adult like that makes me sick."

Kiyo began to notice how his bones creaked under that invisible pressure.

"Y-you're a demon..."

Sabrina completely ignored that comment.

"I heard that you and Bruno trained together in the same dojo...It's hard to believe seeing how weak you are."

"L-let go of me!"

"In this world there are people with enormous potential but who lack the willpower to reach said potential" Sabrina closed her hand a little, making Kiyo's bones creak even more, thus silencing his screams. "Bruno had that willpower and that's why he is a member of the Elite Four, while you are just trash and don't deserve to be here."

After saying that, she threw him out the door, leaving him unconscious on the floor.


"Great leader, it is true that you have grunted the Saffron gym leader." Matori asked him.

"Sabrina is unpredictable, intelligent, manipulative and with great potential."

"And why did you bring such a girl into our organization?" Matori asked worried.

"Because I love controlling power and that girl is power in its purest form," Giovanni responded with a sad*stic smile on his face. "We can make her into a perfect weapon…no, we'll. She along with Surge and Koga will be part of our executives.

"A girl like her in such a high position?!"

"A girl who has been named gym leader at the age of ten after humiliating the King of Karate." Giovanni reminded her.

"And what about Proton or Sird? Wouldn't they be better candidates for that position?"

"Yes, but Proton is…somewhat unstable, he still has a lot to learn. As for Sird, I don't trust her. She hasn't failed a single mission despite being a new grunt, plus her combat power is almost equal to mine."

Matori bowed her head and simply accepted her leader's words.

Year 2015 - Pallet Town: A blank canvas of your trip!

"I'm late, I'm late!" "Ash shouted desperately as he ran on the way to professor Oak's laboratory.

He had fallen asleep on the most important day of his life. Upon arriving at the laboratory, the professor told him that the three starters had already been given to three children who arrived at time, Gary being one of those children.

And to top it all off, his mother Delia, Yellow, and Dahlia Oak arrived to congratulate him and found him crying on the floor while clutching the Pokédex Oak had just given him.

"Well...I still have another low-level Pokémon left..." Oak murmured worriedly. While the professor was bringing up the starter, his granddaughter Daisy gave Ash a map of Kanto.

"I bought two just in case and I have already given the other one to my brother." Dahlia said.

"Ash, thank her. "Delia said to her depressed son.

"Thank you…"

After a while Professor Oak brought Ash a Poké Ball with a lightning bolt drawing on the surface. Upon opening it, the legend of Ash and Pikachu began to form.

Just outside Pallet Town

"Ash, technology is really amazing. The modern Poké Balls are much more comfortable for Pokémon than the old ones or at least that's what my grandfather says."Tecno, the fat boy.

Pikachu was surrounded by a flock of spearows led by a fearow. His plump body was filled with deep wounds caused by the ferocious and territorial Pokémon. Pikachu had defeated more than seven and was fighting as if he was a real demon. Moving at high speed, biting and electrocuting anyone who got in its way.

At that moment, Ash could feel his heart racing. Not out of fear or worry, but because he felt that that Pokémon was a reflection of him. He couldn't explain it but he knew that he wanted him to be his life partner.

The fearow, upset at seeing how its flock was humiliated by a pikachu, launched itself into combat and used steel wing against the surprised Pokémon, who could not dodge the attack in time.

"Pikachu!" Ash shouted furiously as he saw the Pokémon fly through the air, leaving a small trail of blood in its wake. Ash ran towards him and held him tightly, preventing him from hitting the ground.

Pikachu looked up and his eyes widened when he saw that the one who had helped him was the same boy he had attacked all day. What was he doing?

"Are you okay?" Ash asked with a smile, surprising the Electric Mouse even more. "Don't worry, you fought very well but now you must rest."

Placing him on the ground, Ash stood up and stood in front of him. The spearows pounced on the boy but he grabbed a stick and several stones with which he tried to defend himself.

For a few seconds they served him but he immediately lost his weapons and his body was filled with bites and wounds caused by the claws of those Pokémon. The spearows didn't stop and Pikachu watched with fear and amazement as that child stood on top of him to protect him with his body.

It was the first time a human had done something like that for him. And although Ash didn't realize it, his selfless action made something inside Pikachu stir.

"…I-I'm Ash Ketchum, f-future Pokémon Master." Ash said as he struggled not to faint. However, the strong wind and the noise of the storm took his words away.

"P-pi, pika." Pikachu was trying to tell him not to continue fighting because it no longer made any sense. They weren't going to survive.

Surprising the Pokémon for the third time, Ash stood up from the ground and cast a defiant look at his attackers. He extended his arms and stood in front of Pikachu to protect him again.

"Have you heard me?!" Ash shouted at the top of his lungs. "My name is Ash Ketchum and I'm from Pallet Town! I'm going to be a Pokémon Master!"

"Spea, spea, spea, spea, spearow!"

Ash didn't need to understand what the flock of spearows were saying, he knew very well that they were laughing at him but he didn't care.

"Someday I will capture you all!" Ash declared with all the strength in his little lungs.

The fearow leader of the flock recoiled slightly as he looked into Ash's eyes. There was something about them that bothered him too much. It wasn't the look of someone defeated or desperate to escape, it was the look of someone superior who doesn't fear you, the look of a winner.

The fearow had to shake his head several times, because he had seemed to see a kind of rainbow fire in that young man's eyes. Surely he must be going crazy if he had those kinds of visions.

The other spearows looked at their leader very confused, because they couldn't understand why he had become paralyzed. The fearow didn't want them to doubt his leadership so he quickly gave the order to attack.

He and his minions swooped down on the helpless Ash and Pikachu. The fearow, to avoid Ash's gaze, turned his body at full speed to execute a perfect drill peck. He was going to get rid of that annoying look and teach those two dwarves a lesson.

Ash didn't back away or close his eyes. He waited for the deadly attack to pass through his body. Pikachu rose from the ground at a more than astonishing speed and jumped into the air using Ash's shoulder for support. The next thing Ash saw was how a powerful lightning bolt fell on the area and the strong light blinded him, preventing him from seeing more.

A rainbow feather slowly fell as the cloudy sky cleared, giving rise to the image of human and Pokémon holding hands as they smiled for having survived, forging an unbreakable bond in the process.

Viridian City: The eternally Viridian city

"Prepare for trouble! And make it double! To protect the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation! To denounce the evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! Jessie! James! Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Surrender now, or prepare to fight! Meowth! That's right!"Jessie, James and Meowth (TRio).


Ash met Misty when he stole her bike. It was an emergency situation and he promised her that he would return it. However, the incident with the flock of spearows had left the bike destroyed.

"So your name is Ash Ketchum! Huh?!" Misty exclaimed furiously. "Well, you're going to fix it or pay me a new bike!"

"I-I just started my journey," Ash confessed, very embarrassed and scared, "I haven't beaten enough trainers yet to have that much money..."

"Well, I'll follow you until you raise all the money, interest included!"

"Ok, ok." Ash said in a vain attempt to calm her down.

While they were walking through the streets they found a poor old man in the middle of the ground. His granddaughter brought him coffee because he had been drunk and then robbed by three members of the infamous Team Rocket: Jessie, James, and a meowth with the ability to speak.

The Trio became obsessed with Ash's pikachu because apparently it had great potential and latent power. So they swore that they would get him no matter the cost.

At first Ash considered them a danger but soon they became just an occasional annoyance.

Pewter City: Between Rugged Mountains

A few days later he had his first match against Brock, the Rock-solid Pokémon trainer. At first glance he seemed like someone very serious and tough but deep down he had a big heart.

"I'm Brock, Pewter's gym leader!" he exclaimed as he took off his shirt and showed off a rather muscular body for a thirteen-year-old. "I believe in the great resistance of the rock and in its determination! That's why all my Pokémon are rock type! It will be very difficult for you to hurt them."

The defeat of Pikachu, Buterfree and Pidgeotto was crushing. Ash had to train a lot to challenge him again without embarrassing himself or his Pokémon.

"Are you coming back to challenge me again? And with those Pokémon that can do nothing against mine?" Brock asked, somewhat surprised. "He didn't expect the boy he had humiliated two days ago to come back for another beating."

"My mother told me a long time ago that anything can happen in a Pokémon battle," Ash replied defiantly. "Being a gym leader you shouldn't underestimate my Pokémon, whatever type they are."

That burning look and his words convinced Brock. For some reason, he felt that this time he shouldn't let his guard down.

"Ju…I know you're moved by the pride of Pokémon trainers. Alright, show me what you're worth! Come get me Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!"

What Brock didn't know was that Ash had received a little training from his own father, who had abandoned him and his brothers a few years ago.

Even so, the fight didn't end in an orthodox way, which made Ash win his first Badge more out of pity than because he deserved it.

After that, Brock's father returned, which allowed him to join Ash and Misty on their trip, and thank goodness because they were both tired of eating fruits and berries from the forests, not that either of them knew how to cook very well or good in general.

Plus he was the only one smart enough to bring enough repellents to avoid the zubats in the caves.


Pewter City Museum

Brock wanted to show his two new teammates the pride of the city. At the museum they met professor Oak, who had gone to see one of his former students, Foster, the current owner of the museum.

"I still remember when I taught him at Celadon University." Oak remembered wistfully as everyone saw a machine capable of resurrecting fossil Pokémon. "I am very proud of how far you have come Foster."

"Well, you'll be even more when I show you my new finds in the ruins of Pokémopolis." Foster commented.

Mt. Moon

That place was full of cleafairy who danced and danced around a huge rock that according to the scientist Seymour, was a moon stone. Apparently some of those Pokémon used it to evolve into clefable during some Mondays.

During the long journey through the mountains, Ash and his companions helped the supernerd Jovan protect some fossils from Team Rocket.

Cerulean City: The Floral Lagoon city

A few days later something happened that Ash didn't expect.

"That's right, Ash," Misty said with a smile to her surprised traveling companion, "I'm the leader of the Cerulean Gym."

Ash turned his head and watched as Brock coughed to hide his laughter.

"You knew it?" Ash asked upset, confused and a little angry.

"Of course!" Brock laughed, unable to hold it in anymore. "It would be very strange if we gym leaders didn't know each other, don't you think? Although it is true that Misty was appointed leader very recently."

Ash couldn't say anything because his friend was right. What's more, it was his fault for not having informed himself properly before. It's not that it was difficult to find information on gym leaders.

"As you already know, my tactic is the all-out offensive with water-type Pokémon," the tomboyish mermaid proudly informed him, "don't think that because we've been traveling together for a few days I'm going to be soft on you."

"I'm telling you the same, Misty!" Exclaimed Ash, who already felt the flames of victory warming his heart.

During their stay at Misty's gym, they met her three beautiful older sisters Daisy, Violet, and Lily. And after saving the gym from another Team Rocket plot, Ash received the Cascade Badge from the three sisters, which Misty didn't like at all.

Later, between the three of them they disrupted numerous Team Rocket operations, attracting the attention of its strongest members such as Sergeant Viper, who tried to grunt them on the Nugget bridge and when they rejected their offer he tried to eliminate them. On that occasion, the unexpected help of Gary, who was passing by, saved the three of them, although Ash would never admit it.

Cerulean Cape - Sea Cottage

"Hello! I'm a Pokémon... No, I'm joking! Call me Bill. In reality, I am a pure Poké Maniac. What? You don't believe me? I'm serious!" ―Bill the Poké Maniac.

One of the strangest experiences Ash and his friends had was when they met Bill, a famous Pokémon researcher who had created the Pokémon storage system.

Ash discovered this when he captured more than six Pokémon and they couldn't be used. They had to be deposited in the storage box since he was only allowed to use six Pokémon at a time. Rules established by the World Pokémon Association.

However, what mattered was that when they met Bill he was transformed into a clefairy. Apparently due to a failed Pokémon teleportation experiment.

"My first Pokémon was an abra, and its ability to teleport always fascinated me. That's why I started the experiments," Bill explained once he recovered his body. "Thank you for helping me, here, as a gift I give you three S.S. Tickets for the S.S. Anne cruise. It's docked in the port of Vermillion City and is usually full of Pokémon trainers, but I'm not interested."

"Great! I can have fights until I get tired." Ash said very happily.

"I would have preferred if you gave us that cute eevee of yours," Misty said as she looked delighted at Bill's Pokémon. "I also don't care if you give me your vaporeon."

"I'm afraid I can't do that since they are gifts from my mother," Bill said with a nervous smile. "Anyway, you can stay with me tonight. I have heard that a strange Pokémon from Galar appears on foggy nights, maybe we can all capture it."

"Then I'll make dinner." You can't catch anything on an empty stomach," said Brock enthusiastically.

"I agree!" Ash said even more excited.

"You know how to cook?" Bill asked curiously.

"Brock is the best cook in the world!" Ash and Misty stated at the same time. "Stop saying the same thing as me!"

Brock put a hand to his face after sighing. Fights between those two were becoming a habit.

"These two exaggerate my abilities." Brock said embarrassed.

"It doesn't seem like it to me. Still don't make tofu or anything with lactose, please, I'm allergic." Bill commented, licking his lips. Apparently his personal cook was on vacation and he had been eating canned food for days.

Team Rocket Lair

"Listen to me, Fighter Squadron! I have chosen you to carry out the most important mission of your lives! Capture Mewtwo! Thanks to the special armor that Blaine created we'll be able to suppress his power."

Giovanni stopped for a moment to look at his squad: Blaine, Surge, Koga, Archer, Ariana, and Sabrina.

Blaine was looking down at his feet, Surge was more serious than ever, Koga had his eyes closed, Archer was looking adoringly at Giovanni, Ariana was smiling a little sinisterly, and Sabrina just let out a small yawn.

"Sabrina, you've done a good job using the Silph Scope," Giovanni said to the preteen. "With the ghost Pokémon of the Lavender Tower this mission will be even easier."

"…Thank you." She responded without altering her expressionless face. Archer looked at Sabrina out of the corner of his eye with sick envy, but he didn't dare say anything.

"Each of you has the skills more than necessary for this mission and I'm sure that you won't fail."

The latter could be understood as a subtle threat.

"We'll never fail you, great Giovanni!" Archer exclaimed.

"You better. With Mewtwo at my side, absolutely no one will be able to defeat us," said Giovanni in an almost hopeful tone. Then he looked from him to one of his bodyguards. "Harry, take the Silph Scope to the casino base. It's too important to lose here."

"Yes sir!"

"The time has finally come for Team Rocket to blast off and dominate this region!"


Finding Mewtwo in the Celeste cave was much easier than Giovanni thought. Manipulate him into working for him too. At least for a while…

Vermillion City: The port of exquisite sunsets

"Hey! But what are you doing with a pikachu, kid? You won't last long fighting! Do you still dare to confront me? You really have the spark! Well come on, let's have a high-voltage fight! My movements will surprise you so much that you will be paralyzed, like my enemies during the war." ―Surge, the Lightning Lieutenant.

Pikachu lost against Lt. Surge's raichu, but they still didn't give up and won the rematch taking advantage of Pikachu's great speed. They didn't need the thunder stone that Nurse Joy had given them. Still, they kept it just in case.

"I'm impressed, kid," Surge said with a broad smile. "The Raichu you defeated was captured recently, but even so he is not a weakling that anyone can defeat. Your Pikachu has the energy to defeat an entire Team Rocket squad!"

"He usually defeats the same guys, but thanks." Ash joked.

Later they went to the port and Ash obsessed for minutes with a truck. He was sure there was something or someone hiding. Pikachu, Misty and Brock thought he had gone crazy.


S.S. Anne

On the ship Ash and his friends met the Gentleman, an agent of the International Police. They had a relaxing conversation over tea and then in the hallways Ash met his rival from Pallet Town again. It didn't take long for them to challenge each other to a Pokémon battle.

"Raticate use tackle several times," Gary ordered with a smug smile on his face. "Let's send that bug to the Pokémon center."

Gary's raticate launched itself at high speed at Ash's Pokémon, leaving it quite stunned with its constant attacks.

"It's almost as fast as Pikachu!" Misty commented surprised.

"Iron Defense!" Ash shouted. Buterfree stiffened his body and Raticate felt like he was hitting a brick wall. "Now use gust!"

"Escape with quick attack and use hyper fang."

Raticate dove to his left to dodge the whirlpool and then leaped at Buterfree, sinking his powerful teeth into his body. Buterfree screamed in pain as small drops of blood from his body fell to the ground.

"Buterfree!" Ash shouted worried.

"Don't let go, Raticate!" Gary ordered him.

It was very clear to the spectators of the fight that Gary had victory within his grasp. But both Misty and Brock knew that they should never trust each other.

"Tackle the ground!" Ash said suddenly.

Buterfree threw his body against the ground and his blow was cushioned by Raticate's body, who received serious damage and was forced to let go of his rival. A few small scales came loose from Buterfree's wings during the process but only a few noticed.

"Well done Buterfree!" Ash congratulated his Pokémon.

"Free!" He responded very happily.

"Don't think you've won, Ash," Gary growled. He was going to give another order to his Pokémon when he saw that it couldn't move. "What happens?!"

"I know what's happening!" Brock exclaimed. "Buterfree has used stunt spore. What was coming off before were not scales but paralyzing dust."

"Has our Ash been able to do something so clever before?" Misty asked impressed.

"Hey!" exclaimed the kid from Pallet Town, somewhat offended. He was going to continue the fight when something unforeseen happened.

A huge explosion followed by several smaller ones caused the ship to completely rock. Team Rocket was attacking them and this time there were not three, but many more members.

"Ha, so this is the famous Team Rocket?" Gary asked in a mocking tone. "Surely some losers like you'll serve to polish my skills."

Everyone who knew how to fight faced them with their Pokémon. They even had to use their own fists on occasion. Luckily they had the help of agent Gentleman, which tipped the balance in favour of the passengers.

Due to the explosions and fighting, the ship ended up sinking. Everyone except Misty, Brock and the TRio were saved. However, after several adventures they managed to return to land safely.


Upon returning to Vermillion City Ash discovered that the truck was no longer there, but in its place there was a strange blonde girl who looked somewhat sad.

"My name is Mina." She was so absorbed tracing waves in my notebook that the ship has sailed and she haven't noticed. "Now I'm going to have to stay in Kanto for a year," the girl explained. "At least I'll be able to enjoy the beautiful Kanto Sea for a little longer!"

"Are you from another region? Then you must have strong Pokémon!" Ash said excitedly.

"Here we go again." Misty said sighing.

"At least he's forgotten about the damn truck." Brock murmured.

"Would you like to fight my Fairy-type Pokémon, Kanto trainer?" MIna asked.

"Hell yeah I would!" "Ash responded, taking out a Poké Ball.

"Hee, hee, hee. Alright, I'm going to show you what Fairy-type Pokémon are made of!"

Lavender Town: The Noble Town - Pokémon Tower

"I play my Poké Flute every day from the top of the tower."That way the music will reach everywhere and the souls of the Pokémon will be able to rest in peace"―Mr. Fuji.

Fog inside a closed tower. Without a doubt that couldn't be natural. The people could feel the cold seeping through their clothes and digging into their skin and bones.

"Ash... what are you doing here?" Gary asked him with a chilling calmness. "Have any of your Pokémon died?"

His hair was completely dishevelled. Dark, deep circles surrounded his eyes. His clothes were wrinkled and looked like they hadn't been washed in several days.

Ash, Misty and Brock didn't know what to say. That cemetery was already very sinister and Gary, at that moment, fit too well into that terrifying atmosphere.

"… Dead? Don't say stupid things, my Pokémon are fine," Ash replied, somewhat annoyed by Gary's question. "Team Rocket has kidnapped Mr. Fuji and several Pokémon. We had come to…"

Ash stopped when he felt Brock's hand on his shoulder. His friend looked at him seriously. He motioned with his head for him to look behind Gary. Ash obeyed and what he saw left him paralyzed.

The photo of a raticate along with various flowers and offerings adorned the tomb. Misty put a hand over her mouth as she realized what was happening.

Gary saw the looks of the three and turned his head slightly, to look out of the corner of his eye at his Pokémon's grave.

"The fight against your buterfree left him very weakened," Gary explained without any emotion in his voice. "That I then forced him to fight Team Rocket didn't help at all... Heh... I couldn't even get him into the Poké Ball in time when the ship sank... He didn't even have enough strength left to swim..."

"...Gary..." Ash didn't know what to say.

"Ash...Come here and fight me," Gary said suddenly as he grabbed a Poké Ball from his belt. "I'm going to make sure your Pokémon can't walk again either. And then I'll go after Team Rocket."

Celadon City: City of Rainbow Dreams

"Hello... Nice weather, right? It's so nice... ...Oh, dear... I must have been asleep. Welcome. My name is Erika and I am a student of the art of flower arrangements. Do you wish to challenge me? I'm sorry but first I have to take care of a little problem... How about you help me? I will give you the Rainbow Badge as compensation."―Erika, the nature-loving princess.

Ash, Misty, Brock and Erika trashed the Rocket casino after discovering it had a secret mafia base. While his friends dealt with the grunts, Ash met the mysterious leader of the organization.

"And you are?" Giovanni asked interested when he saw that a child had reached the safest place in the den.

"Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and this is my friend Pikachu!"


Giovanni raised his thin eyebrows slightly, because that name sounded familiar to him.

"Are you the kid who's been bothering my grunts all over Kanto?" He asked as he got up from the couch. "The Pikachu brat those three idiots talk so much about? It's a pleasure to meet you, I…"

"I don't care who you are, you're going to fall for everything you've done!" Ash exclaimed, launching his Pokémon into battle.

Giovanni simply laughed as he did the same. At that time he was only carrying his weakest Pokémon on him, yet he almost defeated Ash's entire team, leaving him with only Pikachu standing.

Before Ash could stop him, Giovanni's Onyx used sandstorm and dig to help his master escape from there.

"Don't run away, coward!" Ash shouted furiously as he coughed up sand and covered his eyes. Pikachu couldn't do much else to stop Giovanni from running away either.

"I'm not running away from you, brat," Giovanni laughed. The police must be here by now and I don't have time for little games. You're lucky you didn't let me reveal my name to you, otherwise you'd be dead by now.

By the time Officer Jenny arrived everything had happened.

"I have finally been able to get rid of this damn casino that has given my city so many problems." Erika said relieved, and then gave Ash the Rainbow Badge for his bravery and help.

"Release me! Don't think you'll get away with this," shouted an angry Rocket grunt with blue hair and a sharp look, who was being arrested along with the other grunts by Officer Jenny. "Our leader let you win this time."

"You are the only ones who are going to pay if you set foot in my city again," Erika said, just as furious. "And next time no corrupt politician will stop me from acting on time."

"My name is Archer, you will pay with your lives!" the grunt shouted before disappearing into the police car.

"What a day we've had. "Misty said as she grabbed Brock by the ear to prevent him from going after Erika and Officer Jenny.

"Yes, although it's a shame we couldn't capture the head of Team Rocket." Ash complained.

"The important thing is that there'll be no more casinos or criminals in this city." Brock said after rubbing his sore ear.

"And we also have this." Ash said more cheerfully as he showed them the Silph Scope.

The three friends smiled, until they saw the sad expression on Erika's face.

"What's wrong Erika?" Misty asked worried.

"There were some magikarp at Celadon University but they were stolen," she explained to them. "I believed that Team Rocket would have them in the casino along with other stolen Pokémon, but they were not there."

"Why would Team Rocket want a Pokémon like magikarp?" Ash asked, earning a disapproving look from Misty.

"They were very rare since they knew dragon fury." Erika explained.

"They probably have them somewhere else... I can help you look for them!" Brock said, excited at the idea of spending more time with Erika. However, the excitement was replaced by pain again when he felt Misty grab his ear.

"I feel sorry for the magikarp but we have more important things to do." Misty said, trying not to think about those poor water-type Pokémon.

Erika finally smiled when she saw all that. She immediately bowed and thanked them for their help.

The next day the casino was renamed Celadon Casino and no longer accepted people under thirteen years of age. Although that didn't stop it from attracting people of the worst kind again.


With his self-esteem through the roof, Ash decided to go to the capital of Kanto, Saffron City, to challenge Sabrina. They should have gone straight to Lavender Town but Ash didn't want to listen to his friends.

Sabrina's father, known to everyone as Mr. Psychic, warned him that it wasn't a good idea. The few members of the Dojo-Karate fled when they heard her name. Misty was afraid of her and even Brock, who adored any beautiful woman, tried to persuade Ash not to do something crazy.

Ash found all that just funny. So he challenged her but the only thing he got was to be humiliated by Sabrina's Pokémon and on top of that the girl turned his friends into dolls.

Luckily Sabrina ended up getting bored and after transforming them into humans again she let them go.

"It's best that you use a ghost-type Pokémon next time if you want to beat her." Mr. Psychic advised him.

Lavender Town – Pokémon Tower

Ash and his friends returned to Lavender Town to reveal the mystery of the ghost and discover that she was actually a Marowak whose soul couldn't rest in peace. After reuniting it with her Cubone son, the tower was no longer possessed by that black and sinister aura.

"Hee, hee, hee... Are you the ones who have made the spirits of the tower rest in peace?" said an old woman with a Machiavellian smile.

"Yes, who are you?" Ash asked confused.

"It's Agatha from Elite Four, the ghost and poison type specialist!" Brock revealed surprised.

"It's true, I saw her on TV a long time ago." Ash remembered.

"What are you doing here, ma'am?" Misty asked the old woman.

"I was going to see what or who was causing so many problems in my hometown. I had to put in their place several Team Rocket grunts who were hiding in the area." said Agatha. "I appreciate what you have done, children."

"Can I challenge you to a fight?" Ash asked excitedly. "I'd like to see how strong are the Elite Four."

"Of course, it's always good to show the youth how we fight in the Elite Four." Agatha laughed.

The fight was brief, with only one gengar Agatha defeated Ash's entire team easily.


Mr. Fuji's House

Several angry glances fell on the old Mr. Fuji, who accepted them as the punishment he believed he deserved. Blaine was also there, as he had secretly gone to visit his friend. He didn't imagine that he was going to meet the boy who was giving Team Rocket so many headaches and on top of that accompanied by two gym leaders.

"You helped create Mewtwo so that Team Rocket could control him?" Ash asked Mr. Fuji angrily. He couldn't believe that this kind, scarred old man was a scientist for a criminal organization.

"Calm down, child!" said Blaine. "I also participated in that project. He isn't the only one guilty of creating a monster."

"The real monsters were us, monsters who played to be God," Fuji said in a tired voice. "When I lost my daughter Amber everything stopped making sense to me, I needed to get her back at all costs. I needed a lot of money, so I allied myself with Madame Boss, the founder of Team Rocket. Her son Giovanni acted as intermediary. Everything I did was so I could clone Amber and have her back."

Misty put her hands over her mouth at that revelation.

"… C-clone his own daughter?… but how could you…?"

"Yes, another monstrosity to add to the list…a man like me doesn't deserve to continue living. No wonder my own wife abandoned me."

"Please don't say that." Blaine begged his friend.

"Blaine's right," Ash said suddenly. "I'm not going to let you run away from his problems like that. Don't you want to correct your mistakes, don't you want to do something good for once in your life? Those from Lavender Town say that you spend all day taking care of Pokémon that have been hurt by other people. That means you haven't given up yet and you never should. Your family, Mewtwo... Do it for them, stop being a coward and try to create a world where there are no monsters playing to be God!"

Those words, so simple and spoken by a child, reached Mr. Fuji's heart.

"Wow, you said something right for once," Brock joked, who was surprised. "I thought you hated Mr. Fuji."

"I can't say I like him but I understand how he feels bad about himself," Ash admitted. "In the casino I got carried away by my hatred and I didn't pay attention to you. I wanted to avenge Cubone's mother, Gary's Raticate, and all the Pokémon who had suffered because of Team Rocket, but in the end my Pokémon and I almost died. I've learned the hard way that hate isn't part of the path of a Pokémon Master."

"Ash..." Misty murmured sadly.

"Then you're already wiser than both of us," Blaine told him. "Both Fuji and I hate ourselves and that's why we have had a hard time moving forward in this life...maybe we should follow your example."

"I agree," Fuji said as he wiped tears from his eyes. "I promise you, young man, I will try to never give up."


A haunter who lived in the lavender tower became attached to Ash after seeing how he managed to bring peace to the spirit of Cubone. So he decided to accompany them but without being an official part of his team.

Still Ash saw this as an opportunity to get revenge on Sabrina so they returned to Saffron City.

Haunter didn't want to fight Sabrina, he preferred to enter her soul and solve part of her childhood traumas, and then make her laugh with his ghostly tricks. The serious and somewhat cruel gym leader changed completely that day and she ended up staying with that haunter.

"Since I was the one who brought that haunter, you could at least give me the Badge." Said Ash.

"I give you my gratitude and that of my family for the joy you have brought us."

"B-but the Badge..."


Fuchsia City: Happening and Passing City

In Fuchsia City Ash participated in the Pokémon Safari, capturing thirty Tauros by mistake. Soon the entire city knew him as "the man who whispered to the Tauros."


"Uahahaha! How dare a child challenge me? As a ninja master, I will teach you what fear is! You will feel the despair of the poisoning and dream techniques!"―Koga, the Poisonous Ninja Master.

Pidgeotto and Charmander vs Venonat and Golbat.

Luckily his battle against Koga for the Soul Badge was much better. First he had to pass several tests that consisted of discovering and avoiding ninja traps. Then he had to face the leader's younger sister, Aya and was finally able to fight Koga.

"I see great potential in you, young man," Koga said after handing him the Badge. "Even so, you must continue working, since potential without training is nothing."

Those words made the young man from Pallet Town quite emotional. This was the second Badge he had gotten legitimately so he felt invincible.

"I will do that!" Ash said very determined.

"By the way, I heard that you have faced Team Rocket several times."

The three nodded at the same time while giving various sighs.

"Yes, those three never give up." Misty said.

"Still, they are no match for us." Brock said.

"I see... Well, be careful, I think there are several of them making trouble in the area. I've dealt with a few, but you never know..."


Koga was right. Just outside the city they had a run-in with Jessie, James and Meowth, who this time had help from the Biker Federation. Apparently Jessie and James had been members of said group for 2 years before fully dedicating themselves to the mafia.

Even with all that help, Ash and his friends didn't have any problems. Receiving the gratitude of the inhabitants, especially two in particular who turned out to be the grandfather and older sister of Bill the Poké Maniac.

Saffron City:The bright, golden land of commerce- Silph Co,

"I knew you'd come back... but you're not here to challenge me for the Badge, are you? What you want is to destroy Team Rocket. I don't like fighting, but my duty is to protect my city and its inhabitants. I will show them my psychic powers."―Sabrina, the Master of Psychic Pokémon.


Team Rocket had invaded the capital of Kanto. All its inhabitants hid in their houses while they saw the criminals patrolling the streets through their windows. They didn't hesitate to use their strongest and cruellest Pokémon to strike terror into the hearts of the citizens.

However a rebellion was formed by Ash in a very short time. Misty, Brock, Sabrina, Mr. Psychic (Sabrina's father), the Copycat (child prodigy), several members of the Dojo-Karate and some brave citizens fought and got Ash to reach Silph Co.

Ash was surprised to see his rival Gary already inside the building, leaving a trail of defeated Rocket grunts in his wake.

"I'm not here to help you," Gary told him with a sad smile. "I have come to avenge Raticate. You can go after the boss if you want, I'm going to destroy everyone else."

It didn't take Ash long to reach the company president's offices, although the entrance was guarded by the Trio and their Pokémon Arbok and Weezing.

"Stay there, brat!" Jessie said.

"Our Boss is in a meeting!" James said.

"It can't be bothered!" Meowth said, taking out his claws.

A lightning bolt from Pikachu was all it took to get rid of them.


Giovanni stomped on Ash's hand, making the boy scream in pain.

"Humiliate me at the Rocket casino, steal the Silph Scope, render the TRio useless and interfere with my plans for weeks... If it weren't for the damned International Police, I would have eliminated you a long time ago," growled Giovanni. "This time I'm not going to hold back, and your gym leader friends won't be able to-"

"Boss, boss!" a voice suddenly shouted in Giovanni's ear.

"What happen?" asked Giovanni, answering the call. He walked away from Ash and with a wave of his hand signalled for his Pokémon to attack him.

"We have been betrayed!"


"Surge, Sabrina and Koga have joined the other gym leaders and the police have cordoned off the entire building! Even the traitor Blaine has invaded the building!"

"…I'm beginning to understand how the International Police knew about our secret lairs and plans…I always suspected Blaine, but I never imagined there would be more than one mole."

Giovanni looked out the windows and he didn't like what he saw at all. The champion himself and the Elite Four had arrived in the city and were laying waste to their grunts. Despite using eighty percent of their members, they were losing ground in just a few minutes. It was the brat's fault, who had accelerated the counterattack by infiltrating the city.

Giovanni would have liked to continue talking to his executives, but when he stopped hearing the sound of his Pokémon, he turned around and saw something unexpected. Ash's Pokémon had defeated his Nidorino, Rhyhorn, Persian, and Nidoqueen. Not having been receiving instructions from him, they had ended up being overwhelmed.

"You are the next one!" shouted Ash furiously. The boy and his Pokémon could barely stand because they were sweating and bleeding. His heavy breathing could be heard throughout the office.

"No boy, don't continue risking your life!" pleaded the president of Silph Co.

Giovanni laughed at the brat's audacity.

"You and your friends have ruined my plans for Silph Co, but Team Rocket won't fall so easily." was what Giovanni said before escaping from there with the help of several grunts.


Saffron City Gym

Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion, International Police and several others had gathered to discuss very serious matters.

"Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket?" Several people asked surprised.

"That's right," Surge assured. "It also seemed strange to us at first but stranger things have been seen."

"That explains why there are so many problems in the Viridian forest lately," Misty commented, remembering her trip with Ash through that area. "Ash and I saw Pokémon that shouldn't be there invading other Pokémon's territories. Some of them appeared to have suffered torture at the hands of humans."

"Team Rocket's "failed" experiments used to be discarded in that forest." Sabrina explained. The rest of those present could only frown and hurl insults at Giovanni.

"From now on, Giovanni won't be a gym leader." Leaf, the strongest member of the Elite Four, said. "We must inform the press of this so that everyone is on alert, anything more than adding a champion?"

"…" Red said. His inspiring words filled everyone present with joy and encouragement so much that they felt like nothing could stop them.

Shortly after, Sabrina gave Ash the Marsh Badge as a symbol of his bravery and skill during the invasion.

M1: Mewtwo vs Mew

"The circ*mstances in which one is born are not important, it is what one does with the gift of life that determines who we are."―Mewtwo.

With six Badges under their belts, Ash, Misty, and Brock headed to Cinnabar Island. However, along the way they had an adventure with the legendary Mew and his clone Mewtwo.

After years of horrible genetic engineering experiments Mewtwo was created to be the most powerful Pokémon in the world. However, he had great intelligence and was unable to understand the meaning of his existence.

Such unease made him create his own army of clones with which he wanted to invade the world. To do it, he sent challenges to trainers who had caught his attention, among them it was Ash.

After numerous confrontations and the "death" of Ash, Mewtwo understood that the meaning of life is what you give it yourself. And that all life has the same value. Therefore Mewtwo decided to take his clones to a place where they could live in peace and erased the events that occurred from everyone's memory.

Just as they were heading to Cinnabar Island, Ash and his friends received a call from Professor Oak.

"The Pokémon Snap project is very important for my research," the professor told them. "Near Cinnabar Island there's a virgin island to which I'll be sending a photographer named Todd Snap. The island contains a wide variety of places and climates, it's a place where Pokémon live freely undisturbed by humans."

The three friends liked all that quite a bit but for different reasons.

"Surely there are strong Pokémon." Ash said.

"Strong and cute water-type Pokémon!" Misty said.

"You can always learn something new from unexplored places." Brock said.

Professor Oak laughed as he watched their reactions.

"I would like you to accompany Todd as his bodyguards. From what those at the Pokémon Association have told me, you are very good at protecting people."

Ash didn't hesitate for a second to accept the offer.

"You can count on us, professor!"Ash said.

Thus Ash, Misty and Brock spent the next two weeks in the company of Todd Snap, exploring the island in depth and even discovering that Mew and the legendary birds used to sleep and nest there sometimes.

As a gift for the help, Todd ended up giving Pikachu a surfboard, which the Pokémon really liked because of how much he got to use it.

Cinnabar Island (Formerly New Island): The Fierce City of Burning Desire

-July 5, 1990. A mysterious Pokémon was discovered in the thick of the jungle in a distant region.

-July 10, 1990. We have identified the Pokémon as the legendary mew. We got D.N.A. samples from her before she escaped.

-February 6, 1996. We have managed to clone Mew. We call the little one: Mewtwo.

-September 1, 2014 Mewtwo is too powerful. His strength is slipping out of our hands." ―Blaine's diary.


The Cinnabar Island gym was inside a volcanic cavern, which seemed dangerous to everyone. Their gym leader, Blaine, was waiting for them there.

At first it took Ash and his friends a little while to recognize Blaine, since he had a new look. Instead of being a man with little hair he was now bald, he had a long moustache and sunglasses covering his fiery gaze.

"I am free from Team Rocket so I have decided to change both my life and my appearance. I have even thought about building a hotel near the hot springs to increase tourism on the island," the hotheaded quiz master explained happily. "Now we'll see if you can quench my fiery spirit!"

Squirtle, Pikachu and Charizard vs Ninetales, Rhydon and Magmar. Ash faced Blaine in a Pokémon battle after solving several of his puzzles, with the help of Misty and Brock, and thus obtained the Volcano Badge.

Viridian City – Gym

"Ahahaha! We meet again, brat! I didn't want to leave Kanto without first crushing your dreams. This time I plan to use my strongest Pokémon, you and your friends will not leave here alive."―Giovanni, the Self-Proclaimed Strongest Trainer.

"How is it possible that Giovanni is here?" Brock asked as he and Misty fought the eight trainers protecting the gym.

"Yeah! The international police told us that they had seen him leaving Kanto." Misty said as she gave orders to her Pokémon.

"I have my methods of distraction, brats," Giovanni said with a malicious smile. "I did everything in my hands so that no one could bothers us. My revenge against you, Ash Ketchum, is the most important thing right now."

Giovanni's words only made Ash angry.

"Revenge? When I'm done with you, no one will talk about Team Rocket again!"

"Big words for a twerp! This is the last time you will face the great Giovanni, the strongest trainer!"

Giovanni brought out Persian, Dugtrio, Rhydon, Nidoqueen and Nidoking at the same time.

"You can do that!" Misty shouted when she saw that. "I still can't believe they accepted you as a gym leader!"

"Do you have no honour left even as a gym leader?" Brock asked furiously. "You are a disgrace to the position of leader!"

"Honour and shame are for idiots, we are the Pokémon mafia!" said proudly Jessie, James and Meowth, who had come to observe the fall of the twerps.

Ash smiled widely. If Giovanni wanted to fight with everything then he would also do the same. Without a second's hesitation he took out five of his Pokémon: Pikachu, Charizard, Wartortle, Bulbasaur, and Pidgeot.

"For Cubone, for Raticate and for all the people you have made suffer… Today Team Rocket is going to fall! "Ash said.

The battle was so intense that half of the gym was destroyed in the process. Ash, Misty, Brock, and their Pokémon had to be sent to the hospital and the Pokémon Center respectively due to their injuries.

The International Police arrested all the gym's trainers and closed it for the moment. Giovanni, Jessie, James, Meowth and several members of Team Rocket were still on the run.

Still Ash later realized that he had the Earth Badge in his jacket pocket along with a message.

"The boss is furious with us but we think you deserve this, twerp. Congratulations for having done the impossible, even so this won't be the last time we see each other. It's seems Team Rocket blast off again!" ―Signed by the TRío.

"You should stop getting into trouble, kid," said Gentleman, the member of the International Police in charge of monitoring mafia activities in Kanto. "On behalf of the police, I thank you and your friends, but you could have ended up dead."

"We couldn't just let them run away like that." Ash complained. His friends nodded at the same time.

The Agent Gentleman took a long sigh as he put on his trench coat and hat.

"At least you'll be happy to know that almost the entire organization has fallen. The few that remain free will try to flee to Johto, the Orange Archipelago or the Sevii Islands. They won't get very far."

Mount Hideaway

In an attempt to train some more before the league started, Ash and his friends went to a hidden place where they met Bruno from Elite Four, a fighting and rock type specialist.

"Please tell me how you are so strong!" Ash asked him, because he wanted to reach the top as soon as possible.

Bruno, who was sitting on top of his giant onyx, opened his eyes and stared at him.

"There is no secret. Know your Pokémon, know yourself and help each other. Start with that and you'll be halfway there. The rest is pure training and experience. Or at least that's how it has worked for me."

"…At least help me train."

"Well, I have free time so okay."

Indigo Plateau - Kanto Pokémon League

The fire of Moltres had lit the torch, the league had begun.

-"I wonder if you are strong enough for me!"

-"I see you're good! Let's see exactly how much!"

-"I'll beat you up!"

-"Only the chosen ones can win here!"

-"I will show you how good I am!"

"Assunta, Melissa, Jeanette Fisher, Pete Pebbleman and Mandi. Rivals defeated by Ash.

The moment that many had been waiting for had finally arrived. Ash Ketchum vs. Gary Oak. Both from Pallet Town, the same place the Elite Four Leaf and champion Red came from.

Murmurs and gossip filled the room of the Pokémon Center where the Pokémon trainers were resting.

Gary looked with some pride at his three Pokémon: Blastoise, Arcanine, and Alakazam.

"This team is enough to defeat you, Ash."Gary thought very seriously.

"Your team seems very strong." Ash said after getting closer to Gary. His rival immediately turned around. He still had a sad look but he seemed to have regained some fire.

"Charizard, Wartortle and Bulbasaur, huh? Do you really think you're going to beat me with a team in which only one is fully evolved?" Gary commented mockingly.

Ash was a little annoyed by the comment.

"Not all my Pokémon want or need to evolve. They are strong as they are."

"… You know? Unlike you, I have never considered you my rival," Gary confessed. "I have always seen you as someone lazy, dense, too dreamy and with very bad luck."


"But you ended up surprising me. Not only do you have some Pokémon that love you very much, but you have also defeated the leader of Team Rocket three times."

Gary felt that Ash had avenged his Raticate in a way by being the main cause of the Pokémon mafia's downfall.

"Well, the first two times I won thanks to a lot of luck and certain coincidences." Ash confessed, somewhat embarrassed.

"It doesn't matter. A victory is a victory. During our trip we have fought four times and we are tied two to two. Today, in front of all these people, we will find out who is the best. And since you're my number one rival, I'm not going to hold back!"

"Same here, Gary!"

Misty, Brock, Delia, Amarillo, Daisy and Oak looked at the couple with a smile. There was a certain respect between them and a great desire to show what they had grown during their trip. What no one knew was that they were also being watched by other even stronger trainers.

"Those two are from Pallet Town like you, right?" Lorelei asked curiously.

They were all sitting in a VIP area that allowed them to see the trainers in the Pokémon center room.

"Well yes, and the one with the cap is a very good friend of ours!" said Leaf excitedly. "Despite having grown up, he still has that baby face, how cute!"

"I suppose you'd be interested in Oak's grandson, right?" Bruno said to Agatha. Despite her closed eyes an exciting smile graced her face.

Agatha hit the ground hard with her cane, making Bruno open his eyes.

"Bah! Let's hope he suffers a humiliating defeat!"

"Are you still not over your defeat against Oak?" Lorelei asked, trying not to laugh. "How many years have passed since that?"

"Not enough! Not only did he defeat me, but he also retired to be a Pokémon researcher! How are we going to have the legendary rematch I promised him?"

Leaf ignored the old woman's complaints and spoke to her boyfriend.

"Who do you think is going to win, Red?" Leaf asked the champion.


"Wise words." Bruno said.


That last seismic move by Charizard against Blastoise ended the epic fight between the two rivals. Gary could barely get over the shock of it. Ash had improved a lot and had won very narrowly, but a victory was a victory.

After the defeat, Gary looked at the half Poké Ball that he always carried with him, a symbol of his rivalry with Ash for years. As a reward for his victory, Gary gave his half Poké Ball to Ash, this way he could complete it and move forward as a trainer.

For Gary, that fight was an unexpected turn of events, since he never imagined losing to Ash. He needed to change a lot to be able to continue being his rival, or at least that's what he felt.


Sadness, surprise, shame, fear and despair. All those feelings came together inside Ash after his fight against Richie.

He had been overconfident. After beating Gary he believed that no one could stand up to him. The victory had completely blinded him, making him more reckless and reckless.

He only managed to defeat five of Richie's six Pokémon and with this he was among the sixteen best in the Kanto league.

The reflection he made after that only made him bitterer. He had won half of the Badges in unconventional ways and his arrogant attitude wasn't good for a trainer.

Delia, Amarillo, Misty, Brock and Professor Oak cheered him up and kept him from falling into depression.

"You have defeated Giovanni, you have saved several cities and helped many people during your journey," Delia told him with a kind smile. "The only thing you need is to train more and not let the victories blind you. A strong mind is the third part of being a great Pokémon trainer."

"We'll always be here to help you." Misty said.

"You'll see how soon you recover and come back stronger than before." Brock said.

"Don't give up little brother." said Yellow.

"Many times you learn more from defeat than from victory." professor Oak said.

Ash could only nod, knowing that he had such good people supporting him made the pain disappear little by little.


Richie was the one who ended up winning the league with his Pokémon team: Pikachu, Charizard, Buterfree, Tentacruel, Fearow and Eevee. However when he challenged the Elite Four he lost completely against Lorelei.

"This defeat only shows that I still have a lot to improve," he explained to Ash with a sad smile. "I couldn't beat a single Pokémon of Lorelei... The Elite Four really is another level..."

Ash gave him a strong pat on the back, preventing his friend and rival from falling into a depression similar to the one he had had.

"Then we just have to train until we have that level... No, until we are stronger than the champion himself!"

Richie just smiled at those words of encouragement. While in the distance Red and Leaf watched both children.

"It's a shame Ash couldn't get further," Leaf complained. "Although he has done very well for being only ten years old."

Red adjusted his cap and smiled happily.


"Interesting, we'll see if your prediction about Ash is true."


The Orange Archipelago were a large chain of tropical islands located south of Kanto, and were considered by some to be their own region to the point that it had its own league.

Taking advantage of the fact that Ash wanted to go there to train, professor Oak asked him to do him a favor. It was about bringing him the GS Ball that Professor Philena Ivy, who lived on Valencia Island, had.



"No, you're only eight years old," Ash answered tiredly. It was the tenth time they had that conversation with Amarillo. The girl had been living with her mother in Pallet Town for months. "You can come when you are ten, like me."


"You're not coming on a trip with me! Let me go!"


"Ash! Don't yell at your sister," his mother scolded him. Ash couldn't believe what he was hearing. His mother acted as if they had really adopted the girl. He honestly didn't care since he loved her as if she were his real sister.

"It's his fault," Ash said angrily. "Se won't leave me alone."


"He wants to go with Brock, Misty and I on a trip to the Orange Archipelago."

"I don't think it's such a bad idea for her to accompany you and your friends." Delia commented.

Both Ash and Yellow stopped instantly.


"That place is beautiful and you can learn a lot before starting your own journey. Also, Team Rocket has been disbanded so I don't think there are many dangers."

"And wild Pokémon?"

"Aren't you going to protect her if some wild Pokémon attacks you?"

"W-well yes, but…"

"Then I don't see any problem."

"Yeah!" Yellow shouted very happily. "I really want to show you the female pikachu I found the other day in the forest."

"Don't forget to tell your uncle Wilton." Delia reminded the girl.

With that, Yellow joined the group and together they set out for the Orange Archipelago. There they met the beautiful professor Ivy, with whom Brock ended up staying so he could study Pokémon better... or at least that was the excuse he used.

"We have lost a great cook…the only cook in the group." Ash and Misty complained with tears in their eyes.

Yellow gently patted them both on their backs.

"Mom…I mean, Mrs. Delia taught me many recipes when I was with her. According to her, I did it very well."

"Oh really?! We are saved!" Ash and Misty shouted, their tears of sadness turning into tears of joy.

Viridian Forest - Team Rocket Secret Base

"Prepare for trouble... and make it double! Here's our mission, so you better listen! To infect the world with devastation! To blight all people in every nation! To denounce the goodness of truth and love! To extend our wrath to the stars above! Cassidy! And Butch, of course! We're Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and night! Surrender to us now or you will surely lose the fight! Raticate!"―Cassidy, Blizt and Raticate.

The witch hunt. This is what it was called when the International Police captured almost ninety percent of the members of Team Rocket. After the consequent defeats in the Rocket casino, the Lavender tower, Silph Co. and in the Viridian gym, no one doubted that the Mafia Pokémon was going to disappear from Kanto.

The main culprit? A ten-year-old boy named Ash Ketchum. And to that they had to add traitors among their ranks, changes of allegiances, failed missions, erroneous reports... Without a doubt, Team Rocket had not blasted off well that year.

"Team Rocket is disbanded?!" exclaimed the remaining members of Team Rocket without being able to believe what they heard.

"Yes, those were Giovanni's last orders," Matori confirmed. "His last battle against Ash Ketchum not only destroyed his gym but also his spirit."

"Are you implying that that kid is stronger than our great leader?" A tall man with purple Mohawk hair asked sharply.

Matori replaced her glasses and gave her a cold look.

"If I remember correctly, you lost to that kid on Nugget Bridge when you were recruting new members, Sergeant Viper."

"That was..." Viper didn't know what to say to avoid losing even more prestige, so he closed his mouth.

"And what about Blaine, Surge, Koga and Sabrina? We haven't heard from them in a while." asked a young blonde named Domino, who was one of the best agents in the organization.

Matori frowned and after giving a small sigh she prepared to reveal everything she had kept secret.

"Blaine fled months ago but it wasn't reported because we didn't want to spread panic. Surge was an infiltrator of the International Police. Koga was planning to betray us from the beginning since he worked with the Kanto Pokémon Association. As for Sabrina, it seems that after facing Ketchum in a gym fight she had a change of ideals. We should have never recruited her, she was too unstable and unpredictable."

Both Domino and Jessie giggles a little at how stressed Matori looked.

"So we had five gym leaders on our side and we are down to zero. It's incredible that this happened while you were present, Matori." Domino said, openly mocking the secretary.

Matori, for her part, completely ignored her and continued talking to the rest of the agents.

"I'm afraid that right now our "great leader" is unable to think clearly. However, I have managed to convince him to take refuge in the secret hideout of Tohjo Falls. There, I and the elite of Team Rocket will be able to protect him better."

In the back of the room, Jessie, James and Meowth exchanged looks of fear and concern.

"Boss..." the TRío murmured sadly.

"It's true that the brat beat him three times, but I never thought it would affect him so much,"Meowth thought as he remembered the fight in the Viridian gym."We told him not to underestimate that twerp's pikachu and he didn't listen to us. Look how we are now!"

"While recovering, I want all remaining members to disperse and await further orders." Matori continued saying.

"Aren't we going to disband like the boss has asked us?" Jessie asked confused.

"Dissolve? Ha! It's obvious that, as Matori said before, our "great leader" is not right in the head," Domino said. "We cannot dissolve an organization like ours."

Matori nodded slightly. Even though she didn't like agreeing with Domino.

"I must clarify that the International Police, the police and the Kanto Pokémon Association have been emboldened. They are destroying all our hideouts and businesses. Still, we cannot allow this witch hunt to continue. Remember, we are Team Rocket, the whole world is our rocket and we will blast off again!"

The entire Team Rocket roared with joy and excitement. They weren't finished yet, Giovanni would return stronger than ever and everyone would fear them again!

"I have a question," a member with green hair said when ervyone calmed down. "What are we going to do with Ash Ketchum? We can't allow a kid to humiliate us like that."

"Good question, Basil." said Matori adjusting her glasses.

"My name is Butch!"

"You and your partner Cassidy will be in charge of eliminating Ketchum." Matori said.

The members of Team Rocket, except the TRio, smiled upon hearing his words.

"Did you hear that, Bitch? We're going to be able to get revenge!" Cassidy exclaimed excitedly, slapping him hard on the back.

"My name is Butch!" He said crying, "how is it possible that you don't remember if we have been companions for years?"

"According to his stalkers," Matori said, taking a quick look at the TRio, "Ketchum is headed toward the Orange Archipelago. You can take as many members as you want and use whatever methods are necessary, but remember, Team Rocket no longer "exists," so if you get caught, you'll be on your own. Do you still want to complete the mission?"

"You're so smart that you ask really stupid questions," Cassidy said, winking at her. "Did you hear that Jessie? They have given us one last and important mission. It shows that we are the elite."

"What did you say, witch?!" Jessie roared.

James and Meowth looked at each other and gave a long sigh. For having been in front of both of her rivals, Jessie had held up pretty well without exploding.

Tangelo Island - Pokémon Center

"Who are you looking for?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Professor Oak's new assistant," Yellow answered. "He told us he would be here."

"And so it is." Said a voice behind her. The three turned around and saw a boy of about twelve years old smiling at them.

"My name is Tracey Sketchit and I'm the person you are looking for." said the boy, shaking Ash's hand.

"Pleased to meet you! I'm Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town and this is my friend Pikachu," Ash said, greeting him back.


"And you must be Yellow of the Viridian Forest and Misty, am I wrong?" Tracey asked the girls.

"How do you know?" Misty asked, frowning slightly.

"The professor gave me photos of you." Tracey responded.

"Mrs. Delia was also the professor's assistant for a few years, why do you want to be his assistant?" Yellow immediately asked.

"I have always liked to research everything about Pokémon. Since I got the highest grade in the Pokémon School, the professor has given me the opportunity to study under his tutelage."

"Pokémon School? Did you just get out of it?" Misty asked in a less aggressive tone.

"That's right," Tracey confirmed. "But the professor wants me to travel with you, he thinks it will be a good experience before working with him."

"I agree!" Ash exclaimed excitedly. "There is nothing better than traveling and meeting new Pokémon. Much better than spending all day reading boring books at school!"

"You say it as if you knew how to read." Misty commented.

"What have you said!"

"What you have heard."

"Repeat it if you dare!"

"I'll say it as many times as you want!"

Tracey watched in surprise as they both got into a loud and crazy argument.

"Are they always like this?" He asked, somewhat scared and astonished.

"Unfortunately, yes," Yellow responded with a long sigh. "Don't worry, they will stop when they get hungry."

"Pika..." Pikachu confirmed, also giving a long sigh.

During the trip to the islands Ash and his friends had to suffer several assassination attempts by Cassidy and his companion. Some of these attempts were sabotaged by the TRio, although Ash never knew this.

On the other hand, to win the Orange league, Ash had to beat the Orange Crew. Which was made up of four members and the leader Drake. Beating all five of them meant becoming champion of the Orange League.

After passing Cissy's two tests on Mikan Island, Ash earned the Coral Eye Badge.

Danny from Navel Island imposed three tests on him to get the Sea Ruby Badge.

Mandarin Island

"You're Ash Ketchum, the boy who lost in the Pokémon League, right?" A woman said to Ash when he and his friends were eating quietly.

What the woman said bothered Ash a lot.

"And who are you? Do you want a fight?"

"Ash, she's Lorelei from Elite Four, the ice and water type specialist!" explained an excited Misty. "Forgive my friend, Miss Lorelei."

"Don't worry, it's normal to get upset when a stranger reminds you of your worst moments." Lorelei said apologetically. "You're the new Cerulean gym leader, right?"


"I once trained your sisters for a few months."

"I know, they just brag about how lucky they were."

Lorelei stayed with them for a day, advising Ash and Misty, tasting Yellow's food, and letting Tracey draw her Pokémon.

M2: The power of one

Halfway through his journey, Ash was forced to fulfil an ancient prophecy involving the legendary Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia. If he didn't do it the whole world could be destroyed.

The famous collector Lawrence III didn't make things easy for our hero, as he sought to capture the legendary birds and lugia without caring at all about the balance of the world.

Despite the pressure, with the help of his friends and the maiden Melody he managed to fight alongside Lugia and save them all. Also, perhaps, there was something more than friendship forming between Ash and Misty...

After the adventure he faced Rudy from Trovita Island in several battles and won the Púas Badge.

Finally she had a double match against Luana from Kumquat Island and obtained the Jade Star Badge.

TCG Island

Upon arriving at the TCG Island, they met Doctor Manson, who was an old friend of Professor Oak.

"Would you like to participate in the TCG championship?" He asked the travellers. "At the moment it's a national championship but one day I hope it'll be a world championship. But in order to participate you must defeat the eight club masters."

Much to Misty's chagrin and Tracey's curiosity, Ash and Yellow quickly agreed. So they stayed on the island for a whole week.

And the truth is that they were both very good at playing with Pokémon cards, because soon they, a boy named Ronald and James...yes, James from Team Rocket, got the eight medals.

-The Grass medal from Nikki, leader of the Grass club.

-The Science medal of Rick, leader of the Science club.

-The Fire medal of Ken, the leader of the Fire club.

-The Water medal from Amy, leader of the Water club.

-The Lightning medal from Isaac, leader of the Lightning Club.

-The Psychic medal from Murray, leader of the Psychic Club.

-The Rock medal from Gene, leader of the Rock Club.

-The Fighting medal from Mitch, leader of the Fighting Club.


Ash, Amarillo, Ronald and James were in front of the door to the Pokémon Pantheon, where the top of the TCG was.

"What are you doing here James?" Asked Ash when he saw that one of the four winners was his enemy.

"I swear I'm not here to cause trouble!" James shouted scared at the twerp's fierce gaze. "I've been a fan of Pokémon cards since I was a kid!"

"That must have been a long time ago, old man." Ronald laughed with his hands in his pockets.

"Old?! I'm only seventeen years old!" James complained.

"You should put down the cards, old man," Ronald continued saying. "Losing against younger people is embarrassing."

"Then I hope no one loses to me." Amarillo said with a smile that hid how unpleasant Ronald was to her. Ash laughed as he saw the sour look that formed on Ronald's face. Even James smiled slightly.


In the pantheon they had to face the grandmasters, who were the five best players in Kanto. However, only one could do it, so they fought among themselves and James ended up winning.

Shortly after, James defeated Courtney, the fire queen. Then to Steve, the great master of thunder. He began to have difficulties against Jack, the ice man. And he almost couldn't beat Rod, the dragon master.

Finally he had the final battle against Mark, Kanto champion in the TCG. Ash was surprised to realize that a part of him wanted to see James win. Even his friends thought the same.

Despite the support James had from his friends and enemies, he couldn't do anything against Mark and lost. Jessie and Meowth, to encourage him, convinced him to steal all the cards on the island. Unfortunately for them the twerps made them blast off again.

Pummelo Island Stadium

Pikachu, Wartortle, Charizard, Tauros, Lapras and Bulbasaur vs Dragonite, Ditto, Gengar, Onix, Venusaur and Electabuzz.

"The Orange League is more than 300 years old," Drake commented to Ash when they were face to face on the battlefield, "and has had many champions... However, since I have been the leader of the Orange Crew, I have never been defeated."

Those words made Ash's friends nervous and excited the public who adored Drake. However, they also excited Ash.

"That's better, because it'll make my victory much greater!"

Drake gave a small laugh.

"Everyone says that...But none of them can get past my first Pokémon... Let's go, Ditto!"


After a series of intense battles, the final was decided in a Pikachu vs Dragonite, but Ash's Pokémon once again showed its potential and defeated the feared dragon/flying type Pokémon.

Drake and almost the entire stadium were surprised, not only by the fact that Ash had made history, but that a pikachu had defeated a dragonite.

"Congratulations on your victory."

"Thank you so much! It was a great fight." Ash said very happily as he shook Drake's hand.

"Thanks to you I can finally see that I am a goldeen in a small pond. If you are that strong, the Kanto Elite Four must be made up of monsters."

Ash scratched his head while laughing.

"Well yeah, they are very strong!"

"Good, now you will receive the Winner's trophy and they will take a photo of you that will hang in the Palace of Victory," he explained as he guided him off the battlefield. "This way future generations will know your feat."

Ash and Pikachu looked at each other smiling, feeling that at least they had gotten rid of some of the shame they had suffered in the Kanto League. Soon his friends came to him to congratulate him and give him hugs and pats.

"You're the best little brother!"

"Do you see how you can do it if you don't trust yourself, Ash?"

"Your imagination when it comes to combat is very inspiring."

"Thanks guys." Ash responded, feeling his pride increase by the second.

Pikachu could only sigh when he noticed that. Both his trainer and him still had a long way to go.

After receiving the trophy and the photo, Ash and his Pokémon put their hand/paw prints on a clay tablet that was kept in the Victory Palace.

A Time Later - Tohjo Falls

Matori drummed his fingers on the table as she waited for Cassidy and what-his-name to give her a report on what happened on the Orange Archipelago.

Jessie, James and Meowth watched their rivals with expressions of evil and satisfaction. They knew perfectly well what they were going to say because they had witnessed the mission.

"And?" Matori asked impatiently.

"W-well you see...W-we've had c-complications..." Cassidy began to say.

"Complications? What kind of complications?"

Jessie's smile was so wide it practically deformed her face.

"….We couldn't kill Ketchum." Beard finished saying while sweat bathed his entire body.

For several minutes, which seemed like hours, Matori said nothing. She simply picked up a paper from the table and read it calmly. Cassidy and company could only wait nervously and watch the TRio's mockery out of the corner of their eye, bitterly.

Finally, Matori put the paper back on the table and turned her cold gaze towards them.

"Misty, Tracey Sketchit and Yellow of the Viridian Forest...Those have been his companions during his trip through the Orange Archipelago" each word was loaded with hidden anger and those present in the room trembled when they detected it. "A rookie gym leader, a Pokémon watcher, and a savage... And you couldn't kill him."

"Well," Cassidy began, "the savage has some strange abilities."

"I thought the TRio were the ones with the excuses," Matori interrupted. Cassidy closed her mouth instantly. Meanwhile, the TRio was about to complain about that comment but they thought better of it and remained silent.

Matori took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes.

"The villains of the Kanto Rangers are more competent and they don't even exist. Team Rocket is in its lowest hours, for that reason alone I will forgive you for this great failure."

"T-thank you for your kindness!" Cassidy and her partner shouted instantly after kneeling and bowing their heads.

"They have too much luck." Jessie complained softly.

"And I'm glad of it," said Meowth. Jessie and James looked at him somewhat confused.

"Since when do you care about those two?" James asked him.

"Well, if it had been the boss instead of Matori, right now we would have seen a disgusting and bloody execution...The last time we saw that we were vomiting all day and had nightmares for a week."

An unpleasant, deep shiver ran down Jessie and James's spine. Meowth was right, they had to be happy about Cassidy and what-her-name's luck.

"Hum… who wants to play Pinball?" James asked, trying to change the subject.

"Pinball? We've played too many times already," Meowth complained. "When are we going to play Picross?"

"Never, I've heard that they cancelled it." Jessie revealed to a dismayed Meowth, "but we can play Puzzle League!"

Pallet Town - Professor Oak's Laboratory

"The Stadium Tournament is a new competition in which any trainer can participate as long as he is from Kanto, this includes territories such as the Orange Archipelago and the Sevii Islands. From gym leaders to Elite Four, champion included. The winner would receive the Stadium Trophy and if he is among the top 5 he will be considered an Elite trainer by the Kanto Pokémon Association. That's if it isn't already, of course. Trainers, sign up now and prove that you are the strongest in Kanto on the Indigo Plateau!"

"Such an impressive tournament deserves an equally impressive winner." said Ash watching how the tournament was announced on television.

"Since you won the Orange League you have become unbearable." Misty said worried.

"You're just envious because I'm better than you." Ash said. The boy narrowly dodged a blow from Misty.

"Misty is right, little brother," said Yellow. "Last time you were so confident you lost the Kanto League."

Ash growled slightly and his proud smile disappeared instantly. There were things he preferred not to remember.

"That doesn't matter anymore! The important thing is that I'm going to win this tournament!"

"So much positivity." Tracey said, willing to support his friend in anything. Misty and Yellow however looked at each other.

"We're also going to participate." Misty said after several seconds.

"Wait, really? Yellow, I thought you didn't like tournaments." Ash said surprised.

"If I want to become the protector of the Viridian forest, I need to get stronger," she explained. "This tournament will make me see what my true level is compared to the rest of Kanto."

"I just want to have the opportunity to humiliate you." Misty said very sure of herself.

"You wish!"

"…I'll pass, fighting is not my thing. In any case, I will support you from the stands." Tracey said.

"We have to tell Brock to participate." Ash suddenly remembered.

"True, with the depression that professor Ivy left him, he needs something to distract himself." Misty said.

Just then professor Oak entered the room with several documents in his hands.

"Well, I'm going to participate."

"Are you also participating, professor?" Asked Ash, Misty, Yellow and Tracey, confused and surprised.

The professor laughed before nodding his head.

"That's how it is. I haven't fought in a tournament in a while but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I don't think I'll do it again as this is more about remembering old times." the professor explained.

"I'm afraid your chances of going far in the tournament are getting slimmer." Misty said with a condescending smile as she patted Ash's head.

"What are you saying? The stronger rivals, the better it'll be when I win."

No one believed his words because they could see his nervous smile and sweat running down his face.

"Pika…pi." Pikachu said worried.

If the tournament was already causing a lot of talk, when the public found out that the first champion of the old Indigo League was going to participate, there was a stir at the national level. The number of participants, which was already high, multiplied.

"Finally I will be able to have my long-awaited revenge..." Agatha murmured after learning the great news.


The professor's Pokémon team consisted of: Tauros, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Jolteon and Nidoking. Despite their age, they managed to defeat rival after rival.

Ash faced a mysterious moustachioed guy named Mr. G, who used ground-type Pokémon brutally and effectively. He wasn't talkative and his voice seemed distorted.

For some reason Ash had a very bad feeling about it but luckily he was able to beat him. The look of hatred that G gave the boy from Pallet Town didn't go unnoticed by anyone.

Oak vs Agatha, Gary vs Sabrina, Erika vs Koga, Amarillo vs Surge, Lorelei vs Blaine, Rojo vs Misty, Leaf vs Brock...

The rest of the tournament was very intense and Ash only managed to make it to the top sixteen before being defeated by Bruno of the Elite Four. He couldn't even beat a single one of his Pokémon.


"The Poké Ball Trophy for Bruno for his fifth place. The Super Ball Trophy for the fourth place: Agatha. The Ultra Ball Trophy for the third place: professor Oak. The Master Ball Trophy for the second place: Leaf. The Stadium Trophy goes to the first place: Red. Congratulations to all the Stadium tournament participants!" Stadium commentator said."To finish, here is a song sung by the artist Jigglypuff."

"Don't worry, Ash," Leaf told him as she tried not to show off her trophies too much, "with how successful the tournament has been, they'll surely repeat it. You will have more opportunities."

"…" Red said to him.

"I don't think the cult of god Helix can make me stronger." Ash said confused.


"Johto? You're right, I'm sure I can get stronger there." said Ash excitedly thinking about a new trip through a region unknown to him.

Professor Oak, who had heard everything, approached them.

"So you are thinking about going to Johto with, huh? It comes in handy because I need someone to do me a favour."

"Whatever you ask professor!"

"What a nice fella, but at least wait for me to tell you what it is."

Soon after everyone fell asleep due to Jigglypuff's song.


After the tournament Misty and Brock returned to their respective gyms. Tracey was staying on as professor Oak's official assistant. And Yellow had had the idea of traveling alone through Kanto.

-Misty:The next time you stop by my gym I will force you to fight until the end. Only then will I accept that you deserve my Badge. Good luck with your trip and I hope you bring me water Pokémon from Johto!... I'm going to miss you Ash...

-Brock:I can't let my brothers and my useless dad to take care of the gym all the time. Visit me when you can and I'll make you something delicious!

-Yellow:Our trip to the Orange Archipelago has made me want to get to know all of Kanto better. The next time we meet I'll be a guardian of the Viridian Forest.

-Gary:I have decided to take the gym leader exam in Viridian City. I'm still not sure what I want to do but at least I hope to get stronger. When you return from Johto I will challenge you to a fight and I'll defeat you! The eevee that Bill gave me is burning with the desire to beat Pikachu.

-Tracey:I have learned a lot from you, I wish you luck with your travels. But don't forget to visit me in professor Oak's laboratory!


"Alright Pikachu, it's time to go!" Ash exclaimed excitedly as he left his house.

"Pikachu!" His friend exclaimed just as excitedly.

"Be careful and don't forget to change your underwear!" Her mother reminded him with a smile.


End of the first generation

-Ash's Pokémon in Kanto:Pikachu, Charizard, Wartortle, Bulbasaur, Tauros (x30), Muk, Kingler, Snorlax, Primeape (In training), Lapras (Released) and Pidgeot (Released).

-Misty's Pokémon:Togepi, Psyduck, Starmie, Poliwag, Horsea and Goldeen.

-Brock's Pokémon:Onix, Graveler, Ninetales and Golbat.

-Yellow Pokémon:Rattata, Doduo, Buterfree, Graveler and Omanyte.

-Tracey's Pokémon:Venonat, Marill and Scyther.

-Gary's Pokémon:Eevee, Blastoise, Arcanine, Nidoking, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Pidgeot and Alakazam.

Save game… Saving data… Game saved!


-Games: Yellow, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Stadium, Snap, Let's Go Pikachu and Eeeve, Picross, Pinball and Puzzle League.

-Anime: Seasons 1 and 2; Movies 1 and 2.

-Manga: Pokémon adventure arcs Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.


This whole story is a tribute to Ash, who has been one of the heroes of my childhood. Watching him go from a child who knew nothing to world champion has been a very happy odyssey. Each chapter will cover a generation, with eight in total, with a chapter nine and an epilogue.

A little advice for those starting to write fanfics: Always have several chapters done before publishing the first one in case it‘s going to be a fic with more than three or four chapters. If not, fatigue and stress will accumulate. And you won't have to worry about not publishing on time if you impose a deadline on yourself.

And always be clear in which part and how you want to end the story. For example, I have already done the chapters and it has taken me about three months or so because as you can see this fic is going to be an amalgamation of anime, games and manga and there are many characters and information to read and adapt to my story.

And last piece of advice, rest frequently if you write a lot or you will end up bored with your own work.

Until the next chapter!

Chapter 2: Second Generation


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

2nd Generation

Pichu and Wooper watched in confusion as Suicune ran across the meadow while being chased by those strange floating letters with eyes. Those beings surrounded Suicune and emitted an intense light that blinded them. When they opened their eyes there was nothing.


Zzz...! What...? Oh, what a hit! What time is it? I-I mean... Welcome to the Pokémon world! I'm Professor Elm and I specialize in the study of Pokémon breeding. Pokémon are very mysterious creatures and we still have a hard time figuring out how and when they lay eggs. Something incredible! There are still many things we don't know. Well, I hope you have fun with this colourful world full of adventures.

See you!


In the distant past...

Pryce was born in Mahogany Town, where he had a fairly normal childhood with his friend Sheila. Years later his talent as a trainer allowed him to meet and confront Samuel Oak and Agatha, becoming friends with both in the process.

During those years he became fascinated with the beauty of ice-type Pokémon. He liked them so much that he even had two Iapras in his main team. They were called Lapris and Laprusd. Together with them he won numerous tournaments and even several important tournaments.

He was eventually named gym leader, the strongest in Johto. Thanks to his Iapras, winning in his gym was a very difficult task even for veteran trainers. A few years later both Iapras died in an avalanche.

Before they died, they had left an egg from which a baby Iapras hatched, which Pryce named Glacier. Unfortunately, the death of his two favourite Pokémon caused something to break inside him. One day a couple of friends, who worked at a Pokémon Day Care, gave him a baby swinub, which he raised as if it were his own child.

Over time, his broken heart healed little by little and he regained his happy and competitive spirit. He evolved his swinub into a powerful piloswine and together with Glacier obtained an unstoppable and icy duo.

When he was thirty-five years old he suffered severe burns during a fierce battle against a Kanto trainer. That day Piloswine disAppeared. He searched for him for days, weeks, and years until he accepted that his Pokémon had abandoned him.

"First his two Iapras and now Piloswine." Sheila said with a sad voice as she held back tears. Seeing how her friend's heart was going cold wasn't pleasant at all.

"We have to do something," Oak said very seriously. "We can't let Pryce stay locked up in that damn icy cave."

"And what can we do?"

"And the song we composed for him? Did he heard it?" the Pokémon Day Care couple asked.

Sheila shook her head. Agatha, seeing that, let out a sigh of despair.

"Bah! We cannot save someone who doesn't want to be saved. It's best that we leave it alone once and for all."

"I disagree. There must be something…" Oak very said seriously. Agatha looked at him sadly. Unfortunately, her friend wasn't one to give up.

That third loss made the enthusiastic gym leader become empty. He never cared for any of his Pokémon again, treating them as if they were simple objects. That way, if he lost someone again, he wouldn't feel that pain that threatened to break the little sanity he had left.

His students were the ones who suffered the most from his rudeness and scolding. Pryce demanded too much of them and barely allowed them to rest, wanting to turn them into strong trainers who wouldn't lose their loved ones...They only saw a cruel teacher who was destroying them.

Little by little his students abandoned him until there were only trainers just as cold as him defending the gym. To top it off, Pryce ended up cutting off all contact with his friends and never saw them again except on rare occasions.

Year 2013 - Pryce's House in Mahogany Town.

"Huh? What is this?" Pryce asked after taking the box that Sheila handed him.

"A package from Unova, although it doesn't have a return address," she replied, shrugging. "Don't worry, we have checked it many times and it doesn't seem to have anything dangerous inside."

Pryce nodded his head slightly and opened the package. Inside there was a kind of wrP. that protected a white object. When he took off the packaging he saw that the object was some kind of mask.

"Wow...it looks like one of those masks they sometimes use in operas," Sheila commented when she saw the object.

"What a load of bullcrP.A.," Pryce muttered, tossing the mask onto his bed. "Why would I want something like that?"

"The truth is, that it is a very curious "gift."" Sheila admitted.

"Bah! I'll throw it in the trash tomorrow," Pryce said as he motioned for Sheila to leave his room right away. "I'm tired, tomorrow we'll continue talking."

That night he had terrible dreams because ghosts from the past came to visit him. His friends, his students and his Pokémon. In the few moments in which he managed to relax he heard a soft yet cold voice whispering things in his ear.

The next day Pryce woke up in the middle of the night, right in front of the Lake of Rage. Totally unaware, he was tightly gripping the Mask of Ice in his left hand.

Goldenrod City - Headquarters of the Johto Pokémon Association

A young redhead and his signature Pokémon were waiting patiently for someone to explain what they were doing in that huge, empty room. At least they could see the beautiful city from the huge windows.

Sitting opposite to him was Charles Goodshow, the leader of the P.A.

"I want to make you a proposal," Charles explained. "Johto is still without a champion or Elite Four, something that Kanto has quickly corrected. Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, Leaf and the champion Red. It is a very powerful Pokémon league that Kanto has formed."

"No doubt," Lance declared with a small smile. "A while ago I faced Red and Leaf, both are young but very formidable. Agatha, Bruno and Lorelei are in good hands."

"Yeah. As for Johto, the politicians are very desperate."

"Desperate to show the world that the region hasn't lost military strength after the schism with Kanto?" Lance asked, crossing his arms.

Dragonite let out a small growl. He didn't like politics very much.

"…You could say so. They have been putting quite a lot of pressure on me on the subject." Charles said after taking a sip of tea.

"Let me guess, you want me to be part of Johto's new Elite Four?" Lance looked out the window again. "If I left the Kanto Elite Four it was so I could help my home region at any time, so I don't mind returning to that position."

Charles gave a small smile and stared at him.

"Lance, we don't want you to be part of the Elite Four, we want you to be the new champion of Johto."

"…Champion? I?" Lance's eyes were wide open, even Dragonite opened his mouth upon hearing Charles' words.

"You're the strongest trainer in Johto and the next leader of the Dragon Tamer Clan," Charles said. "It's obvious that you're the best suited for such a position."

Lance and Dragonite exchanged looks of surprise and concern.

"There are more elite trainers in Johto."

"But no one would be able to live up to such a position."

Dragonite placed his right claw on Lance's head, in an attempt to give him support. After several seconds, Lance rubbed his face and stared at Charles.

"If I accepted, who would be chosen for the Elite Four?"

"If you accept, you'll have to choose," Charles responded after letting out a small laugh. "They're going to be your Elite Four after all."

"So they leave all the work to me?" Lance growled as he rubbed his forehead.

"Anyway..." Charles began as he put a folder on the table. "Here you have several elite trainers who could help you. They are all natives of Johto, although not all of them live in the region."

Year 2014 - Old karate dojo of Saffron City

Someone was knocking insistently at the door of his house.

"Leave me alone!" Shouted Kiyo, who was lying on the couch in his house, surrounded by bottles of wine and beer. The doorbell kept ringing.

Tired, he got up as best he could and headed towards the door.

"I hope they're not... I'll kill those H-Helix witnesses with my own hands," he swore as he fought against his drunkenness. He opened the door with some difficulty to see that the person knocking was a tall, intimidating, red-haired young man.

"…Y-you're not…y-you're the new champion of Johto" Kiyo asked somewhat surprised while he tried not to fall to the ground. Even drunk he was able to recognize a big celebi when he saw one.

"And you are Kiyo Kochi, right? Bruno's friend who everyone calls the Karate King." Lance wanted to confirm after observing him better.

"Karate King... Ha, I'm just a loser who didn't know how to accept his defeat in front of a girl," the martial artist laughed bitterly after taking another sip from his bottle of wine. "Although I have admitted that I feel honored to receive the visit of such a Pokémon trainer."

"What're you doing in such a deplorable state?" Lance asked.

"Wow, that's direct hit," Kiyo laughed again. "Haven't you heard the latest news? A demon with psychic powers took away my position as leader. What state should I be in?"

"Do you want to spend your entire life being a loser? You have more than enough talent to be in the Elite Four, you just need to focus your goals and train better."

Maybe it was the drunkenness, maybe it was the firm and strong voice of that young man, but Kiyo felt like listening to what he had to offer him.

Year 2015 - On the outskirts of Viridian city

In the middle of the cold night, a boy confronted a man who seemed to want to be anywhere but there. His nervous gaze was directed everywhere except towards the red haired boy to whom he had his back turned.

"The best… You said you wanted to be the best trainer in the world! And now you plan to abandon? And what do you plan to do then?" The boy was getting upset with every passing second.

"…A man who doesn't know how to accept defeat cannot progress. I must be alone for a while so I can create a more powerful organization."

The boy didn't believe his words.

"Bah! An organization full of minions that at the moment of truth let themselves be defeated by someone who's only a year older than me. Pathetic!"

The man ignored the hatred and resentment in the boy's words.

"A well-structured organization with sufficient numbers should be capable of exercising great power. That's the objective of an organization. I haven't known how to take advantage of the potential of my subordinates, plus I've let the raticate infiltrate my house... I swear that one day I'll resurrect Team Rocket!"

The boy furiously grabbed the man by his black trench coat.

"I don't understand all that nonsense! I don't understand any of your ramblings!"

"…You'll understand it too one day." said the man, shaking him off and leaving in a hurry.

In the distance you could hear the sound of police car sirens. Numerous areas of the city and the forest were being surrounded by Agent Jenny and the International Police. But the boy didn't care about all that.

"I prefer not to understand it... I don't plan to end up like you! With miserable minions around you, who join your organization to feel important just because they are nobodies. I'll be a strong man on my own, without anyone's help! Alone, I'll do it alone!

After releasing all his pent-up rage, the red-haired boy walked away from there, but not before realizing that there were about four people nearby.

"Get out of my way!" He said without giving them any importance. If he had done it, he would have met his future rival ahead of time...

Year 2016

"The articuno of the Seafoam Islands, the zapdos of the abandoned power plant and the moltres of Mount Ember… I would have preferred the Trio of birds of the Orange Islands but it's not worth putting the world in danger yet… So these will have to do despite being less strong... Ho, ho, ho... Prepare for the attack my grunts!"


Former Team Rocket lair

Team Rocket's lair was completely covered in thick, piercing ice. The members who hadn't been captured by the International Police or Agent Jenny had gathered again to plan what villains usually plan. Nobody expected a surprise attack perpetrated by a group of teenagers with half their faces covered by ice masks.

There were about twenty of them but they and their Pokémon fought like demons, destroying and knocking out anyone who got in their way. Team Rocket's elite would have acted accordingly and destroyed those fools, but a mysterious guy with his face completely covered by a mask of ice took care of them.

His agility, strength and speed were superhuman. His long old black cloak covered his large body making him look like a nightmare creature. Next to him, an articuno, zapdos and moltres protected him and defeated all enemy Pokémon they found.

"I should have stayed on the TCG Island!" James complained as he ran for his life. "At least there they respected me and treated me like a celebi!"

Jessie grabbed him without warning by his uniform and threw him to the ground just as they were going to hit him with a flamethrower.

"Shut up, hearing your stories about cards before we die is the last thing we want!"

"Meowth, that's right!"



Several hours later…

"He has lost Mewtwo not once but twice. He was defeated three times by a ten year old boy. He has lost all his businesses, companies, contacts and position as a gym leader. Giovanni is a useless person who has allowed the organization that Madame Boss built with so much effort to be destroyed."

The members of Team Rocket were tied up and on their knees. Most with injuries and the rest had simply been given up in time. To prevent anyone from doing anything stupid, several ice spears were aimed at his vital organs.

"Who the hell are you?!" roared a burly grunt named Tyson.

The guy just laughed and bowed gracefully.

"You can call me Mask of Ice. From now on I'll be the leader of Neo Team Rocket and I'll lead you to an era of power and prosperity. I'll give you several days to think if you want to remain loyal to a loser...or if you want to succeed. You have seen my power, you have seen that of my apprentices. With only twenty men we have conquered your base."

Jessie and James wanted to mention that having three legendary Pokémon and attacking them by surprise when they were at their lowest was what had given them victory, but upon seeing that guy's sad*stic look they decided to remain silent.

"We will never betray the boss!" Meowth said, making the other grunts also shout with fervour. "We are cowards but never traitors."

The Pokémon's words gave courage even to Jessie and James. Courage that disappeared when hearing the loud laughter of the masked man.

"And where is your dear boss? Enjoying his vacation with Matori, Domino and the rest of what's left of your elite?"

With just those words he made doubt, envy and anger settle in the hearts of many of the grunts.

"Among all of you there're only four who can give a gym leader or the police problems. The rest of you wouldn't last anything against them. Even knowing about Team Rocket's bad situation, Giovanni didn't hesitate to flee with his best men to feel safe in his new hideout. I want you to think carefully about it during these three days. This's the time I'll give you to decide if you're winners or losers."

Mask of Ice snapped his fingers and his men began to move.

"Lock them all up. They'll only come out as members of Neo Team Rocket."

"Do you realize that the initials NTR sound like netorare?" James said as they were taken to the cells.

"I had thought about it too." Jessie laughed.

"Just one day as boss and he has already left Team Rocket's name in tatters." Meowth said disappointed.

The rest of the TR members could only feel rage and helplessness. It was one thing to be locked up by a maniac, and another to be locked up with the TRio.

"I want to join you!" said a teenager quickly.

"Mondo, how quickly you betrayed Team Rocket." Jessie scolded him.

"Leave me alone. With Team Rocket I spent the day being your servant and getting you and the idiots you call friends out of trouble," Mondo confessed furiously. "At least with this new boss I'll gain power."

"Wow, so much resentment." Jessie said offended.

"Although everything he said is true." James said.

"Especially about being Jessie's servant." Meowth murmured.

"You'll be the first of many who'll open their eyes to the truth, young Mondo." Mask of Ice laughed.

Soon a huge N made of ice appeared next to the R at the highest part of the lair. Neo Team Rocket was born.

"Good morning Johto, your favourite DJ has very good news! The Johto Elite Four has finally been formed! Our first member lived in Kanto but is originally from this region, Kiyo, thirty-eight years old and a fighting type specialist! The second member is Tōkichi, a fifty-three year old poison type specialist! In the third place we have Will, who is eighteen years old and specializes in the psychic type! And finally the fourth and strongest, Karen of eighteen old years too, this woman uses the mysterious sinister type!

Leading them all will be our new and first Johto champion, Lance of twenty years old! Let's hope they bring Johto into a new era of peace and prosperity!" DJ Mary, host of Goldenrod TV.

New Bark Town: Winds of a New Beginning

"Hello Ash! It's good to see you here. The technology is truly amazing. Now you can trade Pokémon with people from neighbouring regions. What a thing!"―Tecno, the fat boy.

At the age of eleven, Ash travelled alone to the Johto region to participate in its Pokémon league, meet Professor Elm, and give the GS Ball to a certain Kurt. Professor Oak advised him that he should also take the opportunity to use the rainbow feather and investigate Ho-oh, since he was a legendary native of Johto.


Professor Elm was a man whose appearance could be disappointing His clueless face, his poorly organized laboratory despite the efforts of his assistants, and his clumsiness when handling the laboratory machines... All this made many believe that he didn't deserve the title of best Pokémon researcher in Johto. Furthermore, many doubted that he was a former student and current rival of the great Professor Oak.

The numerous awards he received for his research on Pokémon reproduction made his detractors have to keep quiet and look for another victim.

"So this's the famous Elm's laboratory... What are you looking at?" A mysterious boy who was spying through a window inside the laboratory snapped at Ash and Pikachu.


Pokémon Laboratory

The doorbell rang twice, interrupting Ethan's nap. The boy gave a loud yawn as he opened his honey eyes.

"I wonder who it's." Professor Elm commented.

"I hope it's a pretty girl." Ethan said hopefully as I blushed.

When I opened the door I was greatly disappointed. Before him was a child and on his right shoulder was a pikachu.

"Hmm? Who the hell are you?" Ethan asked in a disinterested voice. "If you're a Helix witness, you can get out of here."

"I'm not... My name is Ash Ketchum and I'm from Pallet Town."

"Pallet Town? Isn't that Kanto?" Ethan asked confused.

"Eh? Oh yeah! You must be the boy professor Oak told me about, right?" Professor Elm said while he tried not to let the papers fall to the floor.

"Yes, and this's my friend Pikachu," he said, pointing to his Pokémon.


"A Pikachu, one of my favourite Pokémon without a doubt, it's a shame they are almost impossible to see in Johto," Elm mentioned. "You've come to get the new Pokédex model, right?"

"Yes, professor."

"Before all that, can I ask you in favour?"

"What favour?"

"I'm doing a new Pokémon research right now. I was wondering if you could help me, Ash."

"Of course, professor!

From the speed with which Ash responded, Ethan believed that he couldn't be very smart. Or maybe he was too naive. He didn't look like someone who was going to survive alone in that wild world.

"Look... I'm preparing a speech I'll give at a conference," Elm explained, "but there are some things I still don't understand. Could you help me?"

"A-a speech?" Ash asked confused and scared. "B-but I don't know how to make speeches..."

Luckily for Ash, the teacher's assistant stepped in to stop the conversation.

"Professor, focus!" Ethan shouted exasperatedly, putting a hand to his head. "It's Kris who helps him with the speeches and other boring things, remember?"

"True, what a mistake!" said Elm embarrassed. "Ahem... Okay... Hey, listen. I know someone named Mr. Pokémon. He investigates strange things and is excited by his discoveries. Well, yesterday he sent me an email telling me that he needs me to come to his house to pick up something. Could you go get it for me?"

"If it's just that, yes I can." Ash said sighing in relief.

"By the way, I need you to bring him this bag. It contains Poké Balls with Pokémon that are very important for our joint investigations." Elm said, handing him a brown bag.

"Wow, it's heavier than it looks..." Ash said as he picked it up with both arms.

"For someone capable of carrying a pikachu on his shoulder, that bag should be nothing." Ethan commented quietly.

Ash didn't listen to him, as both he and Pikachu were already running out of the laboratory.

"Wait Ash!" Professor Elm stopped him. "Do you even know where Mr. Pokémon lives?"

"…Well no."

Both Elm and Ethan slapped their palms on their foreheads.

"I suppose that for this mission you will need a guide, what better guide than my best assistant?" Professor Elm explained. Ethan puffed out his chest with pride as he heard the professor's words. "But Kris isn't here, so you'll have to go with him, Ethan."

The furious and offended boy began to shout insults but the professor completely ignored him.

"Ethan is ten years old and helps me, so to speak, with the laboratory tasks".

"The thing with the burned computer and the lost magazines were accidents." Ethan said immediately.

"…Kris is also ten years old but she helps me with field work. My assistant Dude used to do it, but he's recovering from the flu," Elm finished saying as he closed his eyes. "When you leave you'll pass through Cherrygrove City. Hopefully you'll see Kris there working. She's a responsible person, not like others."

Hearing nothing, Professor Elm opened his eyes. Ash, Pikachu, Ethan, and the egg were no longer there.


Cherrygrove City: The City of Fragrant Flowers

"That clueless old man thinks I'm useless... I'll make him regret it!" Ethan shouted.

"More than angry you seem excited." Ash commented with a smile.

"It's just that this's the first time he's sent me on such an important mission," Ethan said, looking at the bag. "I didn't even want to be his assistant, you know?"

"And how did you end up working for him?"

Ethan forced a smile and began to sweat lightly.

"Let's say I was playing with my mother's Pokémon and I ended up breaking several windows and other valuable objects." He explained with a nervous laugh.

"And he forced you to work in his laboratory?"

"Yes, otherwise my mother would have had to pay for everything," Ethan confessed embarrassedly. "But over time I have realized that I like taking care of Pokémon...Maybe one day I'll dedicate myself to this professionally."

He said this last thing, looking at the bag again.

"I hope that when I become a Pokémon Master you will stop being a bad assistant." Ash said jokingly.

"You? Pokémon Master? I don't know what that's but it sounds like you're crazy." Ethan laughed loudly.

"What did you said?!" Ash roared furiously.

"What you just hear!" Ethan replied in the same tone.

Pikachu shook his head from side to side as he saw how those two began to bump their heads as they clumsily moved along the path.

After crossing Route 29 they arrived at Cherrygrove City and the two stopped when they saw that a girl with blue hair and sports clothes sitting on top of a house.

"Ethan, what took you so long?" The girl asked with a smile.

"Hello Kris! What are you doing up there?"

"So I could see you when you arrive."

"I was going to call you with the Poké Gear."

The girl just made an incredible jump and landed next to the boys.

"How did you do that?/Pika?" Asked Ash and Pikachu, amazed by the agility of that ten year old girl.

"That doesn't matter now!" Ethan interrupted them. "Let's finish the professor's task and return to the laboratory."

"Hey Kris, is it true that there is no one better than you at capturing Pokémon in all of Johto?" Ash asked, interrupting a very upset Ethan.

"No, what an exaggeration. Who told you that?"


Ash, Pikachu, and Kris looked at Ethan, who had blushed slightly.

"Well, okay, maybe I exaggerated a little."

"It doesn't matter, I want to be the best at catching Pokémon anyway," Kris said excitedly. "Someday there will be no Pokémon that could escape me."

"Well, I want to be a Pokémon Master." Ash said, ignoring the small laugh that Ethan let out.

"Pokémon Master? I don't know what that is but it sounds like you're going to have to work hard." Kris said.

Later Ethan and Kris made him buy a Poké Gear just in case and headed to Mr. Pokémon's house. Kris made them take the path through the tall grass because she wanted to take the opportunity to catch some Pokémon.

They met Mr. Apricorn who claimed to be Kurt's relative and finally arrived at Mr. Pokémon's house. The elegant man took the bag of Poké Balls that Ash gave him and gave them a Pokémon egg.

Seeing Ethan's excited look, his two companions decided to give it to him. On the way back they were talking about what Pokémon would be inside when Ethan received a call from Professor Elm.

"Hello? Ethan? What a disaster! Please, come back as soon as possible! He's stealing the Pokédex!"


On the way to the Pokémon laboratory…

"…You're the one who bothered me earlier in the lab, right? You and your Pokémon don't seem like a big deal. ...I do have good Pokémon. Get out of my way!" ―Silver, the mysterious passerby boy.

When leaving Cherrygrove City they ran into the thief and after a brief Pokémon battle they managed to recover the Pokédex. During the fight the thief dropped the trainer token and Ash managed to read what he said on it.

"Not even the stolen sneasel has helped me...I'll have to look for stronger Pokémon." Silver said after recovering his ID and escaping from there, but not before swearing revenge.

Unfortunately one of Pikachu's lightning bolts had destroyed Kris' bike. Luckily the girl didn't take it too badly.

When they arrived at the laboratory, Professor Elm was being interrogated by Agent Jenny. Ash and his two companions told them everything they knew, including the thief's name: Silver.

Thanks to Kris' calming words, professor Elm's annoyance went away. As a thank you to Ash for defeating Silver, he gave him the new Pokédex.

Professor Elm then convinced Ethan and Kris to travel with Ash around the region. That way they would get more experience and would be able to help him better in the lab, or maybe they would discover what they wanted to do with their lives. He then kept the Mr. Pokémon's egg much to Ethan's chagrin.

After discussing it with their parents, both children began their journey with Ash. Although it didn't take long for him and Ethan to start arguing again.

"Hey, guys," said Kris, who was losing her patience. "Stop."

He said that last thing in such an icy tone that both boys stopped and even Pikachu lowered his ears in fear.

"I have worked with many children at the Violet City daycare and you two are the same...no, worse. My little sister is much more mature than both of you. Don't think that I don't know how to treat bad children. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am!/Pika!" the three shouted at the same time. Angering the only one in the group who knew how to cook well was the same as committing suicide, so they would accept all of her orders without question.


Kris's House

The girl was sad as she would not see her sister for a while. However, her sadness turned into surprise and confusion when she saw two Pokémon enter through the window of her room. He recognized one despite having a somewhat peculiar spiked ear, but the other was completely unknown to her.


Route 30

In this area they met a trainer that everyone in the place talked about non-stop. The youngster must have been about nine years old and yet he walked as if he were an adult ready to take on the world.

"I'm Joey and I'm not going to let you pass unless you beat me in a Pokémon battle!" He exclaimed enthusiastically. "My rattata is not like other rattata! Mine is in the top percentage of all rattata! He'll become the king of the rattata!"

"A rattata..." Ash said with a lost look. From the way his face darkened, he seemed to be remembering something unpleasant.

"What happens?" Joey asked him curiously. "You don't want to fight a rattata? Don't underestimate Rattata!"

"No... It reminds me of the one a friend of mine from Pallet town had," Ash explained with a certain sadness in his voice. "Although his evolved into raticate"

Two minutes later…

"My rattata has lost..." Joey said without being able to believe it.

He quickly asked Ash for his Poké Gear number so he could ask for a rematch one day. And when he found out that Ash was going to participate in the Pokémon League, Joey ran to his house to get ready. They would face each other in the Johto league! After that they continued their journey.

Violet City:The City of Nostalgic Scents

Upon arriving in the city Kris exchanged one of the bellsprout she had captured for an onyx and sent it to the professed Elm. Then the girl advised Ash to go to the Pokémon Academy, since there they could teach him something about Pokémon fighting.

Apparently Kris used to help out at the academy before becoming Professor Elm's assistant and knew the teachers and students very well.

Ash wanted to go directly to the gym but in the end they managed to convince him. There they met director Earl Dervish, who suggested that Kris participate in his dance classes again, but she rejected him with some regret.

"A shame, you were the best dancer in the entire academy." Earl Dervish said somewhat sadly.

There was also professor Priscila, who asked Ash and his friends to help her teach about Pokémon to the younger children.

Finally they went to the gym but the leader was busy patrolling certain streets in the city, since apparently his father was the chief of police and he used to ask him for help. To calm a nervous Ash, Kris suggested that he go train to the famous Sprout Tower.

The ancient and unique tower was supported by a central column that moved imitating the behaviour of the bellsprout. There Ash faced several sages as he advanced to the top of the tower. At this summit they met Silver, the mysterious redhead, and the Elder, leader of the sages.

Apparently Silver had overcome the challenge of the tower and left in a hurry, but not before mocking the old man, Ash and his friends.

"Bah! He claims to be the Elder, but he's very weak. I would never lose to those who say you have to be good with your Pokémon. I'm only interested in strong Pokémon. I don't need weak Pokémon."

Ash didn't have much difficulty defeating the Elder either. After resting all night at the Pokémon center, they went straight to the gym.


Before the confrontation, Ash and his friends helped Falkner stop some Pokémon thieves who had half their faces covered by ice masks.

"Strange, they have the Team Rocket symbol but with an N." Falkner commented.

"So Team Rocket is also in Johto?" Ash asked confused.

"They're Kanto criminals, right?" Ethan asked. "I remember when they said that a kid beat up their boss last year or something like that."

"I heard that too, it was on TV." Kris stated.

Ash tried to explain to them that that kid was him but his friends laugh at him. If it hadn't been for Falkner, who had connections with the International Police, he would have been a laughing stock for days.

After that revelation Ethan began to look at Ash with a little more respect.


Violet Gym

"They say an electric shock can knock out flying Pokémon. I won't let them make fun of them like that! I will teach you the true power of the magnificent bird Pokémon!"―Falkner, the great expert on flying Pokémon.

Chikorita, Pikachu and Charizard vs Hoothoot, Dodrio, Pidgeot. At the end of the fight with Ash's victory, he received the zephyr badge.

When they left the gym they received a call from Professor Elm, telling them that his assistant Dude was waiting for them at the Pokémon Center to give them Mr. Pokémon's eggs. Elm believed that traveling with three children would make the Pokémon in the egg grow much healthier and stronger.

Of course Ethan ran and took possession of the egg without giving Ash or Kris time to say anything.

Anyway, they didn't care much because they knew that Ethan was the best of the three at taking care of Pokémon eggs.

"This egg… It's a togepi egg!" Ash said as he recognized the patterns on the egg. The first time they received the egg it was placed in a capsule with very opaque glass, but this time it was transparent glass.

"How do you know?" Ethan and Kris asked.

"A friend from Kanto, Misty, had one just like this."

When they left the store, they met a mysterious girl with purple hair. She was dressed in an elegant black kimono with golden lines and circles.

"Oh! That egg...!" said the girl.

"A kimono girl!" Kris exclaimed fascinated.

"A kimono girl!" Ethan exclaimed in a loving tone.

"Do you know me?" asked the smiling young lady.

"I-I'm a big fan of yours. Whenever I could I went to see her performances in Ecruteak City." Kris embarrassed revealed.

"I am also a big fan of her beauty…I mean her performances!" Ethan said.

The girl laughed softly.

"Thank you both for your words," the girl said before looking at Ash and Pikachu. "Interesting, you have seen the rainbow..."


"Forgive me, my name is Zuki and I wish you a good trip. Please, take care of that egg. Can I trust you to do it?"


"Anything you wish, beautiful lady!"

"…I guess/…Pika."

"Then don't let me down." "Zuki responded smiling as she left there, leaving Ash and Pikachu confused, but Ethan and Kris delighted.

NTR secret base

"Sham and Carl... from now on you are my two executives," Mask of Ice said to the young man and woman who knelt before him. "While the other members act as bait and do the hard work, you will be the shadow that is responsible for tying up any loose ends."

"Understood, sir!" they said at the same time while putting on the Mask of Ice. Their black suits were made to be as practical as possible and their belts bore the NTR symbol in the middle.

"Now go to Violet City and find out why the grunts I sent haven't returned."

"Yes, sir!/Wobbuffet!"

Ruins of Alph

"Prepare for trouble. And make it double. To freeze the world with evil. To electrocute all peoples within our nation. To burn the friends of truth and love. To extend our evil beyond the stars above. Sham! Carl! Neo Team Rocket controls the planet! Surrender now or prepare to die! Wobbuffet!" ―The NTrio, former TRio fans. And Woobuffet the double agent.

Unfortunately for Ash, Sham and Carl were just as insufferable as Jessie and James, just a little stronger and more competent. Because of them, they were separated in the Ruins of Alph, which were being investigated by Foster, a former student of Professor Oak at Celadon University.

Ethan and Kris met a boy named Bugsy, while Ash met a girl named Whitney. After numerous mysteries, puzzles and traps, they managed to get out of the ruins and defeat the NTrio.

Sham and Carl's next attack was in the Charicific Valley. The valley was led by Liza, an expert in bringing out the potential of charizard. Ash left Charizard, who wanted to become stronger for his trainer.

Sham and Carl's third attack before reaching Azalea Town was at the Union Cave. Of which it was rumoured that there were lapras in the deepest areas and the NTrio wanted to capture some as it was still an endangered species.

Azalea Town: Living Happily with Pokémon

Kurt was a renowned craftsman and expert on the subject of Poké Balls. He lived with his granddaughter Millie and used different colored apricorns to make special Poké Balls.

Ash wanted to give him the GS Ball but Kurt told him that he needed his help first. Apparently Neo Team Rocket was around the area kidnapping slowpoke and robbing people. The gym leader, Bugsy, had not yet returned from his investigation in the Ruins of Alph so the town was defenseless.

Ash and his friends managed to drive out Neo Team Rocket in less than a day, discovering that they were being led by the NTRio, who had hidden in the Slowpoke Well.

"With how good the slowpoke's tails were." Sham said as they fled in a hurry, dodging Pikachu's attacks.

"Those brats has given us a good beating," Carl complained. "Jessie and James and Meowth weren't exaggerating."


Kurt gave a Lure Ball to Ash, a Fast Ball to Ethan, and a Heavy Ball to Kris as a prize. The latter stayed for a few days living with Kurt, watching how he worked and learning more about the history and methods of capturing Pokémon. She also get along with little Millie.

Three days later Bugsy returned and after thanking Ash and his friends for protecting his town, he accepted the gym battle.


Azalea Gym

"I'm invincible with bug Pokémon. My studies are going to make me an authority on bug Pokémon! I will teach you what I have learned."―Bugsy, the Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia.

Chikorita, Pikachu and Cyndaquil vs Spinarak, Metapod and Scyther. Despite Bugsy's effective tactics, Ash managed to win and take the Hive badge. The boy laughed as he wistfully thought about how bad Misty would have had it in this gym.

The group said goodbye to Kurt and Millie, but on the way out they met a very worried man. His name was Yosaku and apparently his son Silvester and his farfetch'd Pokémon had not yet returned from collecting wood from the Ilex forest.

Ilex Forest Shrine

While searching for Silvester and farfetch'd Ash and his friends encountered Silver again, but instead of fighting him, they had to save him from the leader of Neo Team Rocket himself, Mask of Ice.

They didn't know the reason, but apparently he wanted to kidnap Silver. However Silvester and his Pokémon had intervened, taking a beating in the process.

"Well, well, well...So you're the infamous Ash who made Giovanni flee with his tail between his legs..." that guy said with a deep and sinister voice. Silver looked at Ash with surprise and anger upon hearing that.

"Don't laugh so much since you'll be next." Ash said very confidently.

"Idiot, don't be co*cky, he's much stronger than you!" Silver shouted too late.

Everyone's fear and surprise at seeing the trio of legendary birds emerge from the villain's Ultra Balls made him burst out laughing.

"Do you still think you can beat me?" Mask of Ice said in a mocking tone.

Ash, Ethan, Kris and Silver had to team up because it was the only way to get out of there alive.

For some reason Mask of Ice didn't use the full power of the birds, he even seemed afraid of accidentally destroying the shrine. A detail that Ash and his friends took advantage of thanks to Silver's observations.

Bugsy, upon hearing the commotion that was going on in the forest, came to help despite having a type disadvantage. They were also lucky that a kimono girl named Naoko stopped by and helped them with her powerful Espeon.

"Bah…I can't keep wasting my time with such weaklings," Mask of Ice growled. "I'll take care of you another day, Ash and Silver."

The villain fled with the help of Articuno just as the police under the command of Agent Jenny arrived. The policewoman asked the relevant questions and made sure that no one was hurt after taking them to the Pokémon Center.

Yosaku thanked them for rescuing his son Silvester by giving them a lot of coal and wood. They had to reject most of it but in exchange they received food for themselves and their Pokémon.

"I thought we were going to die," Kris said scared. "Someone capable of capturing legendary Pokémon is no small fry…"

Ethan put a hand on her shoulder. She smiled and gently grabbed his hand.

"Is this the kind of thing you faced in Kanto?" Ethan asked Ash with a smile, in an attempt to relieve the tension.

"More or less…The truth is that I'm just as surprised as you."

Silver, who was next to him, made a small sound of disdain.

"And what's wrong with you?" Ethan growled. "We shouldn't have saved your life!"

"I didn't need your help!"

"What did you say?" Ash asked. Both he and Ethan prepared to face the boy but Kris stopped them instantly.

"Not worth it." She told them, making them both calm down a little.

"Don't get in my way again." Silver said, fleeing from there quickly, because he didn't want to be near the police for a long time.

"I noticed the darkness surrounding that young man." Naoko, the kimono girl, suddenly said, scaring the three friends because she had appeared suddenly and without warning behind them.

Kris was instantly praising the girl and her espeon, while Ethan tried to show her how much he had fallen in love with her within seconds of meeting her. Although he stopped when he saw the furious look... and jealousy? of Kris. Ash wanted to fight Naoko when he saw how strong she was but her friends stopped him.

Together with Naoko they went through the Ilex forest, where Ethan's newborn togepi learned headbutt. Ash noticed that Ethan's togepi seemed significantly more aggressive than Misty's. Nothing strange seeing that Ethan was a person with less patience than the Kanto mermaid.

At the exit of the forest they separated from Naoko, but not before receiving a warning from her.

"That villain is making the legendary birds suffer. Be careful because his evil is such that I could notice it even from afar."

M3: Spell of the Unown, Entei

Despite what they experienced in the Ruins of Alph, Ash and his friends still didn't know the true extent of the Unown's power. These mysterious creatures took professor Spencer Hale to another dimension. Then they used the wishes and traumas of his daughter Molly to create a false kingdom of Kris and even gave life to a legendary Pokémon as an entei.

Ethan and Kris had the opportunity to meet Delia, Ash's mother, when she was kidnapped by said entity, since apparently Molly believed she was her mother.

During the rescue of Delia, Ash got the help of Charizard and together with all his friends they managed to convince Molly to stop using the power of the Unown. With Entei's sacrifice the unown spell was broken and Molly was reunited with her parents, while Ash recovered her mother.

Pokémon Day Care

A pretty house with red roofs was where Kris's grandparents lived, whom everyone called the Daycare couple. It was said that they knew even more than professor Elm about Pokémon breeding, but no one had gotten them to reveal their secrets.

That place was heaven for Ethan. Ash and Kris watched with joy and tenderness respectively as his friend asked all kinds of questions to the Daycare couple. He even got to work with them the three days they were there.

The couple was very happy to see someone so young excited about raising Pokémon. And on top of that he was Elm's assistant, whom they knew very well. They liked him so much that they ended up giving him a Pokémon egg.

"It was from a pair of pikachu but it hasn't opened for a long time, maybe it needs someone like you." they explained to Ethan.

"They almost look more like Ethan's grandparents than mine." Kris said jokingly.

"Kris, your boyfriend is very nice." His grandparents said.

"He's not my boyfriend!"

Kris' blush lasted so long that she didn't even want to be in the same room as Ethan for hours. Although he didn't even notice.

Ash, for his part, began to confront every Pokémon trainer who passed through the area while Kris looked for Pokémon to capture or observe.



A few days later they arrived at a city where bullfights were held. Apparently they were a tradition brought from a distant region called Paldea. Pokémon exchanges were also famous in that city.

Goldenrod City: A Happening Big City

The capital of Johto had it all. The three friends had a snack at a bar and then dinner at a restaurant. They visited the shopping center, which they almost never left thanks to Kris, and went to the famous Wheat Tunnel.

There Ash met again with Whitney, the girl who helped him in the Ruins of Alph. Pikachu and his cleafairy had collided so Whitney kissed Pikachu on the forehead to heal him. Ethan tried to hit his head on a wall to get a bump but Kris' furious look stopped him instantly.

Whitney took them to a Pokémon hair salon where twin brothers worked. There Pikachu and the rest received great service that left them quite happy.

When they left the hair salon, NTrio was waiting for them to steal their Pokémon. Ash and his friends chased them to the Magnet Train, which was still under construction, and defeated them there.

"Hey Ash, you're a very good trainer," Whitney told him when she saw how Pikachu sent the criminals flying. "Would you like to have a Pokémon battle?"

Ash was tempted but his friends reminded him that he had to rest to be at his best tomorrow.

"I'm sorry but tomorrow I'm going to have a gym fight."

Instead of being disappointed, Whitney smiled broadly.


Goldenrod Gym

"Here I'm! Just like I promised you! It shows that you take good care of your Pokémon. I love them too! They are so cute! Do you really want to face me? Whatever but I warn you that I am very strong!" ―Whitney, the Incredibly Pretty Girl.

Ash couldn't beat a single Whitney's Pokémon the first time. Her miltank was so strong that she overwhelmed Ash's Pokémon without much effort.

"Fun fact: I'm the only Gym Leader who has been chosen by a member of the Johto Elite Four themselves." Whitney told proudly after beating him. Those words discouraged Ash, but with the help of Ethan and Kris he managed to return to the gym with a new strategy.


The next day…

Cyndaquill, Totodile and Pikachu vs Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Miltank. It was difficult but Ash managed to get the Plain badge.

Whitney looked like she was about to cry but in the end she held back her tears and gave him the badge.

"I can't believe you defeated my miltank...you're lucky I couldn't use my full power."

"Don't be a sore loser" Kris asked annoyed.

"No, she's right," Ash said after making the victory pose with the badge. "My friends Brock and Misty told me that gym leaders have to use Pokémon according to the badges the challenger has. If they always used their strongest Pokémon it wouldn't be fair or something."

"Wow, I didn't know that…"

Whitney puffed out her chest with pride as she heard Ash's explanation.

"Exactly! The next time we face each other I'll use all my strength!" Whitney said as she hugged Pikachu.

"That's the spirit!" Ash said just as excited.

"Anyway, if you ever want to visit Moo-moo Farm, give me a call. It's from my family." Whitney told them.

"We have to visit that farm right now!" Ethan said. Kris could only sigh before arguing with Ethan. It reminded the boy from Pallet Town of his arguments with Misty for some reason.


Ethan wanted to visit the casino despite Kris' complaints. Ash for his part didn't have good memories of casinos but maybe there was something shady so he went too.

The only shady thing about the place was how Mr. Game manipulated people to continue spending money. Or how there were people moving like zombies from machine to machine, looking for a prize that never came...or maybe it came and they wanted more.

Even Ethan began to notice the sinister atmosphere of the place and decided to leave there as soon as possible. They went to the bike shop but the bikes were too expensive.


Radio Tower

In the afternoon Ethan convinced them both to visit the Radio Tower to meet the famous radio host DJ Mary. She had fans in both Johto and Kanto and Ethan was one of them of course.

They wouldn't have let them meet her if it weren't for Whitney being there. Apparently the leader had been friends with DJ Mary for years.

DJ Mary had a smeargle and a drowzee, but she wanted to switch the latter since it made her sleep all the time, preventing her from working. Kris traded it for a meowth, which DJ Mary immediately accepted. Kris would later trade her meowth for a man's machop at the mall.

During the guided tour of the tower Ash met up with professor Oak, who apparently had an internationally broadcast radio show called "Oak's Pokémon Talk." He used to do it with DJ Mary and that's why he had come to Johto.

Everything was going well until the NTrio attacked the tower. Apparently they wanted to kidnap DJ Mary and his assistant DJ Ben to give a message to all of Johto.

"Hear us Johto! We are Neo Team Rocket! Surely you have heard of Team Rocket, the infamous Mafia Pokémon of Kanto. Surely those of you who know us think that we are the second and worst part, but no! We are the reboot, the remake, we surpass the mafia! We are supervillains and we will rule all of Johto, whether you like it or not!"

They couldn't continue talking because Ash and his friends defeated them and made them blast off again. Even so, all of Johto had heard the message and concern was beginning to spread little by little. The International Police had already contacted the Johto police.

However, the politicians didn't want to panic to spread even more, so they only put obstacles in place despite knowing how bad Kanto had it last year with Team Rocket.

"Leave everything in the hands of the champion and the Elite Four" was what the politicians said after washing their hands.


DJ Mary gave the three of them a silk scarf for defeating NTrio. Before leaving, professor Oak told Ash that Bill was at his house in Goldenrod City and that he should visit him.

Ash did it and the three spent the night at Bill's house. The young Poké Maniac told them things like that his mother was a kimono girl in the past, that his grandfather was taking care of his house in Kanto or that his sister couldn't blink...

The next day Bill introduced them to his friend Celio. It was with his help that he created the Pokémon storage system. While Bill was in charge of the Kanto system, Celio was in charge of the Johto system.

"When the Magnet Train is finished, Goldenrod City and Saffron City will be connected," said Celio excitedly. "That way Bill and I can travel between regions in a matter of hours. What a progress!"

After delivering a very important letter to a girl from a guard, Ash and his friends arrived at the famous national park. They participated in the bug contest and Ash won, receiving a Sun Stone as a prize. However, he gave his newly captured beedrill to his new rival Casey, a fan of Team Electabuzz.

Unknown place…

"I am the great Vicious, the best Pokémon hunter on Team Rocket," the man said arrogantly.

"The infamous Iron Masked Marauder, right?

"So you've heard of me? I'm not surprised. Who are you masked man?"

"My name is Mask of Ice and I have come to make you my slave."

Vicious stared at him for several seconds until he couldn't take it anymore and started laughing maniacally. This was the guy who had conquered what was left of Team Rocket while Giovanni was away? The level of the mafia had really dropped if that was the case.

"After the message your wimps gave on the radio, Giovanni has started sending his elite to see what's happening in Johto," Vicious explained while taking out several black Poké Balls. "It's not that it is our territory, but it's next to Kanto and on top of that you are using our resources and men... Prepare to die!"


A minute later…

"M-mercy, please don't kill me!"

"Silence, idiot! I have a little job for you."

"Whatever you wish!" Vicious was grateful that the Articuno behind him hadn't frozen him to death as well as his Pokémon.

"You're going to capture a celebi."

Vicious's eyes widened and he would have fallen to the ground if not for the ice covering his body.

"D-do you want me to capture a celebi?"

Mask of Ice nodded his head and then clenched his fists tightly.

"The celebi I'm really interested in lives hidden in the Ilex. He's very elusive... that's why I'll use another celebi to attract him. But I'm too busy to waste my time looking for another.

"And what is the difference between the Ilex celebi and other celebi."

"That's not your concern."

"…T-then what celebi do you want me to capture?"

"Any other. It is said that Johto is the place where it is easiest to spot this species.

"But celebi are capable of time travel. Of all the legendary Pokémon, it's surely one of the most difficult to capture." Vicious complained.

However, when he saw how the ice spear went a few millimetres deeper into his neck, he knew he had no choice.

"Okay, okay, I'll do what you tell me! I'll capture a celebi for you."

"I like it that way." Mask of Ice said after raising his hand so his moltres could destroy the prison of ice spears with flamethrowers.

"Giovanni is going to kill me if he finds out I'm working for someone else." Vicious murmured after being freed.

"Don't worry about Giovanni, and worry about what I'll do to you if you fail me."

M4: Celebi, the voice of the forest

Ash and his friends met a boy named Sammy. Apparently he came from the past and wanted to save a celebi. Said celebi was being chased by Vicious, a Pokémon hunter and an executive of Team Rocket.

The cruel Vicious used Dark Balls to capture and control Pokémon, depriving them of their consciousness and will. By doing this to celebi, the little legendary lost control and was about to destroy an entire forest.

With the help of the legendary Pokémon suicune, Ash and his friends managed to save the celebi, send Vicious to prison, and Sammy returned to his time.

For some reason Ash felt the need to tell Professor Oak about this whole adventure and how sad he was about not being able to see Sammy again.

"Don't worry, Ash," the professor told him via video call. "The friendship between you and Sammy will last forever. Of that I'm sure."

After finishing the call Kris noticed that professor Oak knew Sammy's name even though they hadn't told him.

"Remember that professor Oak is a know-it-all genius." Was what Ethan said, making it clear that he wasn't going to think much more about the subject. However, the whistle of the boat they had to catch distracted them and made them forget about the topic.

Later in Pallet Town, professor Oak took out a drawing book identical to Sammy's, only older.

"It seems as if my adventure with them had been just yesterday…" Samuel Oak murmured with a certain nostalgia and joy.

Shortly after Ash and his friends met Attila, Hun and professor Sebastian. Three Team Rocket traitors who were now working for Mask of Ice as members of Neo Team Rocket.

They were a group created specifically to capture the three legendary beasts and they already had a raikou and an entei in their possession. However, the intervention of Ash and his friends managed to free the raikou and the entei and destroy all of professor Sebastian's research on them. The three criminals managed to flee and decided to hide from Mask of Ice's wrath.


Along the way they arrived at a Pokémon Jiu-jitsu academy, which was run by Tōkichi of Johto's Elite Four. Here Ash met again with Aya, Koga's younger sister from Fuchsia City.

Ecruteak City: A Historical City

An ancient and quiet city, the complete opposite of the avant-garde Goldenrod City. Ash and his friends really enjoyed feeling the mystical air that the city had.

During their stay at the Pokémon Center they met up with Bill, who was apparently finishing reviewing a new machine he had created.

"I've come to Ecruteak City to see how well my new invention works," Bill explained over dinner. "The time capsule!"

"You have invented a time machine?/Pika?" Asked Ash and Pikachu excitedly. "Tecno was right, technology is incredible! / Pika piiii!"

"Can we travel to the past?" Ethan asked curiously.

"I'm interested in knowing more about the future." Kris said excitedly.

"No, it's called like that because it sounded cool!" Bill explained quickly before they got the wrong idea. "With it, people from Kanto and Johto will be able to exchange Pokémon without having to be in the same region."

"I remember Tecno telling me something similar." Ash said.

"He probably read about me in a magazine or saw me on TV," Bill deduced. Tomorrow all the Pokémon Centers in Kanto and Johto will have activated my machine."

After the talk, Bill gave them three tickets to the famous Dance Theater, where the kimono girls worked. Apparently I have seen the show many times already.


The next afternoon Ethan and Kris grabbed Ash's hands and before he knew it they were running towards the theater. Pikachu almost flew through the air due to the speed with which they carried his trainer.

"Let's go to the theater!" Kris shouted very happily.

"Let's go to the theater!" Ethan shouted, very in love.

"They really like kimono girls." Ash murmured as he tried to keep his feet on the ground.

The five kimono girls were really beautiful and elegant. Zuki with her umbreon, Sayo with her jolteon, Naoko with her espeon, Miki with her flareon and Suki with her vaporeon. After seeing them dance, Ash understood why they had so many fans, because the theater was packed to the brim.

Just when the most important moment was going to arrive, the NTrio along with many grunts invaded the theater. Apparently they were looking to kidnap the kimono girls as revenge for what Naoko did in the Ilex and to gather information about legendary Pokémon.

Ash had never seen so many angry people at the same time. Neo Team Rocket couldn't even get close to the kimono girls because the public took it upon themselves to beat them all up. Kris was the one who led the defense and assault, doing it all over in a matter of minutes.

"We shouldn't be wasting time here," Sham said, scared as she saw how her grunts fell one by one. "We are in the middle of an important mission."

"Right, if they catch us we'll spend the rest of our days peeling potatoes," Carl said. "That is if the boss doesn't kill us first."


The three fled from there, leaving the grunts at the mercy of Agent Jenny and the police. Although to their surprise the grunts didn't resist because they wanted to be away from Kris and the angry public.

Ash reminded himself again that he shouldn't put Kris in a bad mood. While Ethan's heart began to pound every time he saw his friend.

As a thank you, the kimono girls allowed Kris to participate in the show as a background character. They even dressed her up as one of them and gave her an eevee. For Kris that was the best day of her life.


During their dance and using various Pokémon behind the scenes to create special effects, the Kimono girls told the most important legend of the city:

Seven hundred years ago, two towers were built to foster friendship between Pokémon and people. The Brass Tower, which was said to wake up the Pokémon, and the Tin Tower, in which the Pokémon slept.

One hundred and fifty years ago a lugia decided to make its nest at the top of the Brass Tower. Unfortunately, lightning struck the tower shortly afterwards, engulfing it in fierce flames for three days and three nights. That lugia caused a downpour and thus ended the fire. The Brass Tower became known to the people as the Burned Tower. Only 32 silver bells and 4 glass bells survived. The sages took them to the Tin Tower, which would become called the Bell Tower.

However, the biggest tragedy was that three Pokémon were burned to death during the incident, so a ho-oh with its rainbow wings descended from the sky and brought the Pokémon back to life. Raikou who represented the lightning that started the fire, Entei who represented the flames of the fire and Suicune who represented the rain that calmed the fire.

When the three legendary beasts appeared, they struck terror into those who saw their rise. And some even attacked them in vain. The legendary Pokémon, disappointed, fled and abandoned the scared people.

According to legend... when the souls of Pokémon and humans unite, Ho-oh will descend from the heavens and give them eternal youth.


After a loud applause that lasted minutes, the show ended. Ash and his friends had dinner with the kimono girls, who without their traditional clothes no longer looked like young adults but rather teenagers.

They gave the eevee to Kris and listened with surprise as how Ash and his friends had already encountered the three legendary beasts on their travels. But what surprised them most was knowing that Ash had seen a ho-oh and that he even had a rainbow feather in his possession.

The kimono girls quickly looked at each other after seeing the rainbow feather and after nodding they gave Ash a silver feather, which they said belonged to a lugia. The kimono girls almost fell to the ground when Ash happily told them that he had also met a lugia on the Orange Islands.

"It's like he attracts legendary Pokémon," they murmured to each other. "Have you been blessed by Ho-oh?"

After dinner the kimono girls advised them to visit the Burned Tower. It used to be closed to the public but they would ask the gym leader, Morty, to give them a tour. It seemed perfect to Ash, he even thought that he would want to fight Morty inside the tower, an idea that the kimono girls quickly put out of his mind.

Ash and his friends returned to the Pokémon Center while discussing the eventful day they had had.

"Capturing Pokémon is fun...but I've always liked shows more," Kris confessed while looking at her new kimono and the Poké Ball with her eevee. "Since I was little I wanted to be a Pokémon idol but my parents told me that working with professor Elm would ensure my future."

"But we always see you excited when you capture Pokémon and talk about Poké Balls." Ash remembered.

"Because you should always give your all when you do something, that's what they taught me." Kris said with a smile.

"How pathetic, Kris!" Ethan said, startling Kris. "What's the point of giving your all to something you don't like? You're just wasting time of your life! If you have a dream, go for it, no matter what anyone says!"

"Not all of us can be as unconscious as you, Ethan."

"Excuses! The thing is that you are a coward."

"What did you said?!"


The next morning - Burned Tower

A long time ago there was a very famous Firebreather who everyone called Face because of his funny painted face, Morty told them as he took them inside the tower. People say that it was him who actually started the fire in the tower and not lightning. That's why as punishment he and his two Pokémon, Horsea and Seadra, were burned to death. It's said that their souls live in torment on a ghost island, the Glitch Islands. Nobody knows how to get there, but if by some misfortune you end up there you will have to fight Face. If you lose you'll be forced to escape from his sad*stic and bloody Pokémon... If you win you will reappear at your house, but be careful, if someone calls on the phone, don't pick it up... or you will be in a coma forever!

Ash, Ethan, Kris and Pikachu gave a loud scream as they jumped and hugged each other due to the fear they were going through. Morty laughed loudly having gotten the reaction he was looking for.

"Don't worry, kids, it's nothing more than a silly urban legend that Infernando the Firebreather told me."

"W-well it sounds very real!" said Ash, who no longer liked the darkness of that tower so much.

"S-stop p-playing j-jokes on us!" Ethan complained while still hugging Kris.

"T-that's right!" Kris said.

During the visit to the tower they met Morty's best friend, Eusine, a young man obsessed with capturing Suicune. The poor man almost died of envy when he found out that the three friends had already met one before.

"Of the three legendary beasts, Suicune is said to be the closest to Ho-Oh," Eusine explained with a certain pomposity and with his eyes closed. "Furthermore, I have heard that there may also be a connection between him and the Unown."

Eusine opened his eyes when she saw that no one was answering him and saw that they were already walking away while Morty continued with his explanations.

"Hey!" He shouted, very offended. "Wait for me!"


The view had to be interrupted as Ash once again found himself face to face with his Johto rival, Silver. Who, as soon as he saw him, show him his Pokémon.

"Oh, it's you. I came to see if there were any legendary Pokémon around, but all I see is a loving Pokémon loser and his friends! After all the trouble I've had getting to this dump..."

"You can't fight in this place!" Morty warned them when he saw that Ash also showed his Pokémon.

"It's time we know who's the best of the two." Ash said, ignoring Morty.

"You can't fight here!"

"It doesn't feel good when they ignore you, does it?" Eusine said to his friend with a malicious smile.

"Beat him, Ash!" Ethan encouraged his friend.

"…Watch out Ash, Silver!" Kris shouted suddenly.

Luckily Morty had already gotten ahead of the girl and grabbed the boys just in time. Ice Beam, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt struck the place where they had both been.

Morty's gengar came out instantly and stood in front of his trainer.

"What happened?!" Ash and Silver asked at the same time.

"I happened." said the sinister voice of Mask of Ice, who was riding on top of Articuno. He was covered in sunlight coming through the wall that his Pokémon had just broken.

"The infamous Mask of Ice who leads Neo Team Rocket, right?" Morty said with a smile, despite being sweating inside.

"So the gym leader of this city knows me? Admirable." said the criminal, making a mocking bow.

"You tried to kill Bugsy in the Ilex forest. Now all leaders are warned. We know everything about you!"

"Hu, Hu, Hu…I highly doubt it. Tell me where the legendaries of this tower are hiding or you will suffer a cold as intense as that of Mahogany!"

"I'm not very good at fighting..." Eusine said trying to flee from there but was stopped by Ethan and Morty.

"If we are going to die we'll die together, my friend." Morty joked.

Ash, Ethan, Kris, Morty, Eusine and Silver fought Mask of Ice, but soon the tower was surrounded by Neo Team Rocket grunts.

"Coward!" Ash said. "Giovanni always fought alone against me."

"And that's why he lost! I won't make the same mistake!"

Agent Jenny and the rest of the police tried to enter the tower but the unstable structure and the number of grunts were a problem.

Right at the worst moment the three legendary beasts appeared and drove the three legendary birds back. Everyone present was surprised to see that.

"They are the entei and the raikou that we saved." Ash and Ethan said.

"And the suicune who helped us against Vicious…" said Kris.

"Suicune, my beloved Pokémon, be part of my team!" Eusine shouted excitedly when he saw him.

In a matter of seconds the battle was completely lost to the criminals and Agent Jenny dedicated herself to arresting them all.

"D-damn legendary beasts!" Mask of Ice said as he fled. The grunts watched with rage as his boss abandoned them to his fate.

After this Suicune and Kris exchanged glances and for a moment seemed to be able to communicate with each other. Something that many noticed, including the jealous Eusine, who became even more jealous when he saw how Suicune let himself be caressed by Kris just before he disappeared from the tower.

For his part, Raikou looked at Ash and Entei at Ethan before following Suicune.

"...Interesting..." Morty murmured as he observed all that. Then he asked Ash to rest and that they would have their gym match in the afternoon. Silver on his part let out a couple of insults and left quickly when he saw agent Jenny approaching.


Ecruteak Gym

"It is said that legendary Pokémon appear before trainers of great value... I believe in those legends and, since I was born, I have trained here in secret. And thanks to that I can see things that others don't see... Try to show me what those legendaries have seen in you."Morty, the mystic seer of the future.

Noctowl, Pikachu and Cyndaquil vs Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. After winning the fight Ash received the fog badge.

"Be careful on your travels," Morty said. "My sixth sense tells me that many tribulations still await you."

Ash didn't know what "tribulations" meant but he nodded while smiling when he saw his new badge.

After that Ash and his friends went to Summit Stadium to watch a lecture by professor Elm about the pichu, the pre-evolution of Pikachu. At the entrance they gave away a small doll of pichu that Pikachu loved.

Before leaving town, the kimono girls treated them to a tea ceremony and listened to what had happened at the Burned Tower.

Route 39

Here Ash met up again with an acquaintance from Kanto, Mr. Baoba. This elegant old man was the owner of Safari Pokémon and remembered Ash very well for being the boy who captured thirty tauros. Ethan and Kris looked at a very embarrassed Ash in shock upon hearing that.

"Even I haven't caught that many Pokémon of the same type yet." Kris commented, covering Ethan's mouth to stop him from laughing.

"It was unintentionally." Ash said in a low voice, not wanting to continue talking about the topic.

"If you ever stop by Cianwood City, I hope you visit the new safari zone I created for Johto. Maybe this time you will capture thirty miltanks. Who knows" Baoba laughed.


Moo-moo Farm: Enjoy our fresh and tasty milk

Speaking of miltanks...Ash and his friends arrived at the most famous farm in Johto. There they met Whitney again, who was helping her family that day. One of the miltanks was a little sick, but with Ethan's help they cured her right away.

"Since I've been doing nothing but taking care of baby Pokémon lately, I always bring berries of all kinds." Ethan said very proudly after giving the miltank orange berries.

Whitney gave them several bottles of the highest quality moo-moo milk before they left.

Olive City: The Port with Sea Breezes

The maritime city was full of fishermen and boats that didn't seem to have much desire to move. In the distance you could see a soft fog that covered the sea and made the atmosphere seem sad and desolate.

"It hasn't always been like this. A few days ago my dear Amphy became ill and he cannot use his powerful energy to illuminate the Lighthouse. The sailors are used to sailing using the light of this lighthouse so they have refused to continue working. Jasmine, the gym leader, explained to them.

They had met her after looking for her at the famous Olivo Lighthouse. Of course Kris had warned Ethan what would happen to him if she tried to flirt with the beautiful leader.

"Ethan's berries haven't worked/Pika..." Ash and Pikachu said, worried when they saw that they couldn't cure the ampharos.

Jasmine gave a soft sigh.

"Nurse Joy told me that only a medicine made in the pharmacies of Cianwood City will do, but I don't dare leave Ampy alone."

"Don't worry, we'll bring the medicine!" Ash decided immediately. Receiving a loving smile from Jasmine.

"…And, why don't you put Amphy in a Poké Ball and we'll accompany you to Cianwood City?" Kris suggested.

Cyanwood City: A Port of Crashing Waves

Using a small boat owned by a girl named Luka, our heroes passed through the Whirl Islands and arrived at Cianwood City. The first thing they did was go to the pharmacy, where the herbalist gave them the secret potion for Amphy.

Jasmine, very happy, thanked her new friends. Before leaving Ash took the opportunity to go to the city gym and Ethan accompanied him. Kris for her part of her said that she had something to do.

Jasmine went back to her city because she needed to turn on the Lighthouse as soon as possible.


"Uoooohh! You're going to see how tough I am! I meditate every day under this waterfall. What? You don't see the relation with Pokémon? ...Maybe you're right... ... ...Okay. Get ready to fight!" Chuck, his roaring fists do the talking.

Pikachu and Bayleef vs Poliwrath and Machoke. Thanks to Bayleef Ash was able to defeat Chuck's two Pokémon and receive the storm badge.

"My teacher Greta won't forgive me for how weak I have become." Chuck muttered scared.


Meanwhile Kris listened to her sixth sense and walked along the beach feeling that someone was calling her. She finally met Suicune, whom she hugged with joy. However, the meeting was interrupted by Eusine, who had managed to follow the legendary. Without warning Suicune left the area and began running through the sea.

"Hello Kris! Wasn't that Suicune?" Eusine said very cheerful. "Seeing such a beautiful Pokémon run through the waves...Wonderful. Hell yeah!, I will fight you to earn Suicune's respect!"


Misdreavus, Jigglypuff and Marowak vs Drowzee, Haunter and Electrode.

Eusine wasn't a bad fighter, but compared to Ash he wasn't much of a problem for Kris. Ash and Ethan arrived in time to see Kris win. Eusine, with a downcast look, could only leave there but not before swearing that Suicune would be his.

They later saw Silver walking by after stealing some poor man's Pokémon. Ash defeated him and returned the Pokémon to its owner. He gave him a shuckle which Ash gave to Kris, which she sent to professor Elm.

They avoided, or rather Ash did, going through the safari. Even so, they saw an old friend of Ash's come out of the entrance: Todd Snap, who was looking to take photos of the three legendary beasts.

He had already taken photos of raikou and entei, tracking them after the rumors of what happened at the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City. When she found out that Suicune had been close to her she almost had a heart attack.

"Let me travel with you a little, Ash," Todd asked. "I have the feeling that if I stay by your side I'll see something interesting."

"Hey Ash. The Whirl Islands Cup will be held soon. It is a famous competition that takes place every three years. Kris told me that you are close there so you might be interested. Of course, only water-type Pokémon can be used in the tournament." ―message from Professor Elm.

Whirl Islands

With the help of Luka and her boat, Ash and his friends travelled on the boat throughout the area.

Blue Rock Island

Here Ash signed up with other trainers for the Whirl Cup. Later Ash and Pikachu met up with their Kanto friend, Misty. The three of them gave each other a big hug and talked for hours about how things had gone since they last saw each other.

Ash introduced Misty to his new friends. She liked Kris a lot, saying that it was about time Ash has another responsible girl as a friend.

"You can't go two seconds without getting in trouble, huh?" Misty said worriedly upon hearing his battles against Neo Team Rocket.

"It's not my fault that problems haunt me." Ash complained. Misty smiled fondly when she heard that because it was true.

"Still, I'm glad to see that you're okay."

Ash scratched his cheek nervously.

"…Thank you."

"You two... are you dating or something?" Ethan asked suddenly, making both of them blush instantly.

"O-of course not!" they said at the same time. Although the answer didn't seem to convince Ethan and Kris at all.

"They remind me of us." Kris told to her friend.

"I don't see how." Ethan responded, earning a sigh from his friend.


Yellow Rock Island

Ash and his friends went to this island to train and Misty took the opportunity to capture a pretty cute corsola. They also met those who would be their biggest rivals in the tournament: Christopher, Harrison, Marcelo, Trinity and Kevin.

On this island Ash wanted to fight Misty in case they were unlucky enough to not be able to do so during the tournament.

Pikachu, Chikorita and Bulbasaur vs Togepi, Starmie and Politoed. Ash won but Misty told him that he wouldn't have it so easy in the tournament.

For their part, Misty's togepi and Ethan's togepi got along well despite having very opposite personalities.


Red Rock Isle - Scarlet City; Whirl Cup Headquarters

The inauguration of the tournament took place in a ceremony performed by the Mayan priestess, a woman who also participated in said cup. There were many trainers but in the end only the eight strongest were left.

-Quarter finals:Misty vs Harrison, Ash vs Christopher, Maya the Sea Priestess vs Kevin and Trinity vs Marcelo.

-Semifinals:Misty vs Ash and Maya Priestess vs Trinity.

-Final:Misty vs Mayan the Sea Priestess.

Misty ended up winning the tournament and received the Whirl Cup and Mystic water as a prize, an item that strengthened the power of water-type Pokémon.

Without anyone expecting it, Suicune appeared momentarily to the surprise of everyone present, including a very happy Todd Snap who took the opportunity to take several photos before he vanished. After that it was Todd who left after thanking a confused Ash.


Silver Rock Island

Sea Priestess Maya invited Misty and her friends to her house for dinner. On this island the entire culture revolved around Lugia. The priestess was shocked to learn that Ash and Misty had an adventure with the lugia of the Orange Islands. That made her trust them enough to tell them that she needed their help. She have had a premonition that something bad was going to happen soon on the Whirl Islands.


Ogi Isle

It was a supposedly desert island that was connected by caves to Silver rock Island. Sea Priestess Maya told them that it was actually the home of a lugia.

"It is the same Lugia that lived at the top of the formerly known as Burned Tower," Maya explained while taking an object out of her pocket. "This is the Tidal Bell that was awarded to me by the kimono girls of Ecruteak City. With it I can summon Lugia."

The priestess used the bell and two lugia appeared, one adult and another baby named Silver. She was in charge of taking care of them from any danger but her premonition told her that she was going to need help soon.

Ash's rival, Silver, wanted to capture Lugia but NTRio, along with Professor Namba, beat him to it. So Silver, the human, was forced to help Ash, Misty, Ethan and Kris.

In the end they saved both lugia from a strange machine created by Professor Namba, which allowed him to control Pokémon while enraging them. Apparently it was this professor who gave Vicious his Dark Balls, which used similar technology.

Silver, seeing how close the father and son Lugia were, decided to leave them alone to the surprise of Ash and the rest. While the Sea Priestess Maya thanked them greatly for their help and wished them a safe journey.

Misty wanted to stay a little longer on these islands and said goodbye to Ash.

"Take good care of him, he doesn't know how to do anything if he doesn't have good friends by his side." Misty said to Ethan and Kris, ignoring Ash's constant complaints of her.

"Don't worry, your boyfriend is safe with us." Ethan said.

"Yeah, don't worry about him." Kris said.

"W-we're not dating!"

South of Azalea Town - Altomare City

"Are you sure we should do this favour for Giovanni?" Annie asked without much interest. "The guy no longer has Team Rocket and he's a more wanted fugitive than us. I don't think he can pay us."

"He gave us already some money and his mother was always very good to us. Also, if he can't pay us the rest we can always sell the soul dew to this Mask of Ice." Oakley said.

M5: Heroes Latios and Latias

To rest from so much adventure, our heroes decided to visit the city of Alto Mare. There they met the legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias, who were the guardians of the city after their father died.

Both Pokémon in turn were protected by a girl named Bianca and her grandfather Lorenzo. However, Giovanni, leader of the TR, had hired two famous thieves: The sisters Annie and Oakley. Their mission was to obtain the Soul Dew, an object that contained the power of the city's previous guardians and with which Alto Mare's Defense Mechanism could be activated.

Ash and his friends managed to stop the sisters but Latios ended up sacrificing himself to save the entire city, creating another Soul Dew with his body since the previous one had been destroyed.

Before leaving, Ash received a kiss from Bianca...or maybe it was Latias disguised as Bianca. He never knew.

Olive City

After returning to Olive City they saw that the Lighthouse illuminated the entire port with great force. Happy that Amphy was okay, Ash headed to Jasmine's gym to challenge her to a match.


Olive Gym

"Thank you for helping us with the Lighthouse thing... For that reason alone I'll tell you that I'm an expert in the use of Pokémon of the... Guess what! Steel. Do you know anything about the Steel type? They're very tough and cold Pokémon with overwhelming strength. Don't you think the same?"―Jasmine, the steel-clad defense girl.

Pikachu and Cyndaquil vs Magnemite and Steelix. After Ash's victory, he obtained the mineral badge.

Our heroes spent the night at Jasmine's house, where they met her grandfather Myron and her apprentice Janina. Jasmine also told them that she really liked Pokémon contests but in Johto there were few and they weren't very popular, that's why she used to travel to other regions.

The next morning they said goodbye to her and decided to go to Mahogany Town for the next badge.

Eggseter Village

In this small town, an annual race was held in which trainers showed their skill using a skateboard tied to a Pokémon. There they met up with the Pokémon Day Care couple, who had gone to visit the Pokémon Day Care in the area.

Ash entered the race with Bayleef upon learning that Silver was also participating. The NTrio tried to steal the participants's Pokémon but Ash stopped them and ended up winning the race. As a reward he received a trophy and an egg from which a phanpy would later hatch.

"I've trained all over the world to improve my psychic-type Pokémon. And I have finally been accepted into the Elite Four. I can only continue to improve!"―Will of the Johto Elite Four.

During their trip they met Will, who was going to visit a woman named Calista.

"Calista? The weather woman capable of predicting the future?" Ethan asked, recognizing her immediately.

"Yes, apparently her xatu is giving her headaches by sharing his prediction powers with her." Will explained. "So I have come to see if I can fix my dear girlfriend's problem."

"And then we can fight?" Ash asked.

"Of course, I've heard about you and I want to see how you fight."

The NTrio attempted to kidnap Calista so they could use her predictions to their advantage, but they were defeated by Will and Ash. After this Ash fought Will, losing miserably.

Mount Mortar

"I used to train here when I was little." Kris commented when they arrived at the mountain. "My mother helped me a lot with Pokémon catching practices."

"Wasn't this where you broke your arms?" Ethan asked.

"Yes, it was a difficult time but thanks to that I learned to throw Poké Balls with my legs."

"A very cool skill." Ash commented.

"Pika!" Pikachu said in agreement.


"Hello! Do you want to train with me in this cave?"―Kiyo Kochi, the Karate King.

That member of Johto's Elite Four was obsessed with showing how strong he was, to the point that he wouldn't let anyone cross the mountain unless they fought him in a Pokémon battle. Ash, Ethan and Kris did it and lost.

Kiyo ended up giving Ethan a tyrogue after seeing how well he took care of his baby Pokémon. He then helped them out of the cave.

Mahogany Town: Home of the Ninja

Something was happening in the Lake of Rage, there were more and more magikarp evolving into gyarados and they seemed very angry. Pryce used his Ice Pokémon to freeze certain areas of the lake and prevent them from advancing towards populated areas. Still, that was just a band aid but Pryce had no intention of continuing to help.

"Pryce, please. At least call even another gym leader." Sheila asked him.

"Bah! For what?"

"What if something or someone is harming the Pokémon?"

"I doubt it, surely they are already tired of humans. After all, humans and Pokémon can never be friends."


Ash was the complete opposite of Pryce and that drove him crazy. He reminded him too much of him when he was young and optimistic. For that reason alone he refused to fight him even though he couldn't do it. The scold that Sheila gave him was legendary.

Even so, Ash ignored Pryce when he learned that a red gyarados was leading the other gyarados, destroying the ice on the lake and putting people in danger.

Ash's bravery and courage at that moment somewhat surprised Pryce, who secretly followed him.

North of Mahogany Town - Lake of Rage

Our heroes saw how the herd of gyarados was causing great damage to the lake. However, nearby they saw a red-haired young man with a dragonite next to them. This young man had defeated several gyarados with great ease and the people around applauded him enthusiastically.

The young man quickly approached our heroes upon seeing them.

"You're the famous Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, right?"

Ash nodded in surprise. He had seen this guy before on TV and couldn't believe he knew him.

"That's right and this is my pal Pikachu."


"Nice cape… I-I mean, I'm Kris!" Said the blushing girl with a shy voice because she knew who the young man was.

"And I Ethan." The boy said while looking at him with jealousy.

"I've also heard about you two, although less," Lance admitted. "The boy who defeated Giovanni and now faces Mask of Ice. What a record and with only eleven years old, Ash Ketchum."

"Thank you!"

"…Ah, I know who you are!" Ethan exclaimed, surprising everyone.

"It must been difficult for you to recognize the most important person in our region." Kris commented.

"You're the one from the potions ads!" "You can't become a champion without knowing how to use full restore!" "

A long and uncomfortable silence formed in the place. A slight blush could be seen on Lance's face while Kris put a hand to her head. Even Ash and Pikachu gave a long sigh knowing that they weren't the dumbest of the group.

"I thought no one remembered that old ad anymore." Lance muttered embarrassed.


Lance left the topic of the gyarados to Ash and his friends. Meanwhile, he went to a store that had caught his attention because next to it there was a tree with a kind of antenna inside.

What he didn't know is that Mask of Ice showed up to try to capture the red gyarados. However, not even his three legendary birds could take on an entire pack of gyarados, the Pokémon of our heroes, and the Pokémon of the Mahogany gym trainers at the same time.

That's without taking into account the surprise appearance of Suicune and his pursuer Eusine. Without thinking twice Mask of Ice ended up fleeing from there. Even so, thanks to his indirect help, our heroes were able to calm the few gyarados left standing and capture their leaders.


Tyson, commander of Neo Team Rocket, wasn't sure the plan was that good. Even after using the latest version of Professor Namba's machine things had gone very wrong. Right now he and his men had barely managed to escape and only had about five healthy Pokémon left.

"This lake was already full of magikarps," Tyson complained. "Why did you use the ones we stole from Celadon University last year?"

The man on the screen laughed as he saw the concern on Tyson's face.

"Since when have you been such a coward?"

"Don't you see that we can't control them?! They only follow the orders of the red Gyarados!"

"Interesting...Maybe if I adjust certain frequencies...yes, I could...Hee hee hee, it seems to me that soon I'll be able to control even legendary Pokémon, just as Mask of Ice ordered."

"Can you hear yourself, damned bastard?! Do something before me and my men die!"

"Bah! Do you want to shut up…"

"Professor Sebastian? Professor Sebastian?!" Tyson asked when he saw that the connection had been cut.

"If I were you, I would worry about myself." Ethan said in a mocking tone. Tyson and his men turned around and saw three children and a pikachu.

"Not only do you steal, but you also make hundreds of innocent Pokémon suffer." Kris said.

"Neo Team Rocket, your misdeeds are over!/Pika!" said Ash and Pikachu.

"Ash Ketchum!" exclaimed the grunts upon recognizing the child.

"The damn twerp who followed us to Johto to further ruin our plans." Tyson roared furiously.

"Ruin your plans? It's you who never learn!"

"Kill them all! Let's avenge Team Rocket!" Tyson ordered immediately.


Lance had taken care of all the members of Neo Team Rocket who were hiding in the store's secret base. Soon the police would arrive and they would only see defeated grunts and Pokémon. The Johto champion was barely breaking a sweat and had only needed to use two of his Pokémon.

"Ash and his friends might be in trouble, let's go!" He said to his dragonite.


Leaving the dirty work in the hands of children wasn't ideal at all and he felt very bad about himself. But Ash Ketchum had shown great talent when he came to deal with criminals so perhaps he shouldn't worry so much. Things like age and gender were irrelevant in Pokémon battles...

Even so, Lance was very surprised to see that Ash and his friends had not only defeated the grunts and calmed the gyarados, but that Kris had captured the red Gyarados.

"I'll give it to my sweet little sister," said the girl, very excited. "It will be her birthday soon."

"A Shiny Gyarados and you're going to give it away? Are you stupid?" Ethan said laughing.

"Not all of us are selfish like you, and this gyarados only wanted to protect his friends. Someone so noble deserves to be with a noble person."

"What a lot of nonsense."

"What did you said?!

"I see that everything has turned out well for you." Lance said to Ash. He smiled and gave him a victory sign.

"We've had help from Pryce." Said Ash pointing to the older man who was on the edge of the lake, observing the already calm gyarados. Lance approached the man and gave him a slight bow.

"Thank you for helping them…You are the gym leader of Mahogany Town, right?"

Pryce nodded his head slightly.

"There's nothing to thank, Johto champion. Furthermore, as the guardian of the lake I should have realized that those scoundrels were the ones behind such a ruckus."

"…By the way, haven't you seen the mysterious Mask of Ice?"

"…No, when I arrived he was already gone."

"I have heard that despite having three legendaries, the one he uses the best is Articuno."

"It makes sense, with that name of his," Pryce laughed. "It's unfortunate that someone with the same specialty as me is so evil."

After seeing Ash's actions at the lake, Pryce told him about his past. While doing so, they both walked and ended up falling down an ice cave. Apparently the commotion from before had created said entrance.

Inside the frozen cave they manage to see a huge block of ice in which Pryce's piloswine was encased. The Pokémon carried herbs in its fangs that healed burns, so Pryce deduced through tears that Piloswine never left him. He simply went to look for herbs to cure Pryce's burns but he must have had an accident.

Using Quilava's flamethrower and Pikachu's lightning bolt, they managed to revive the Pokémon, bringing happiness back to Pryce's heart and face. All of his negative ideas about the friendship between humans and Pokémon were shattered as he hugged Piloswine. Grateful to Ash, he wanted to give him the badge but Ash refused because he wanted to win it in combat.


Mahogany Gym

"Pokémon live all kinds of experiences. I have also seen and suffered a lot in my life. I've been into Pokémon since before you were born and I won't lose easily. I'll show you my power!"―Pryce, the Teacher of Winter's Harshness.

Quilava and Pikachu vs Dewgong and Piloswine. The match ended in a draw even though Ash was sure that Pryce hadn't given it his all. The old man didn't want to force Piloswine because he wasn't yet fully recovered. With this he also taught Ash a good lesson about always worrying about your Pokémon even at the cost of your goals.

Even so, Pryce gave him the Glacier badge and showed him and his friends his museum with ice statues he built himself. Our heroes were especially drawn to the numerous ice masks on the wall.

Mewtwo Returns

"You can break my body, but you won't break my will."―Mewtwo.

Giovanni, in a vain attempt to regain his former power, decided to look for Mewtwo again. With his elite team led by Domino, he discovered where the legendary clone of Mew was located.

What the mafia boss didn't expect is that Ash and his friends had also arrived at Mount Quena. Not only that, but Brock and Misty were also in the area since they were the bodyguards, at the request of the Kanto Pokémon Association, of two Pokémon researchers named Luna Carson and Cullen Calix.

Domino infiltrated the team of investigators, while the TRio returned only to steal Pikachu again. They also confessed to Ash that the NTRio woobuffet was a spy passing information to them.

During the adventure, Ash and his friends saved the clones that Mewtwo was protecting, recovered all the memories that the legendary had erased, and defeated a furious Giovanni again. Just in case Mewtwo erased Giovanni and Team Rocket's memories, although he spared Jessie, James, and Meowth.

Mewtwo finally understood that cloned Pokémon had the same right to be part of the world as normal Pokémon and decided to let them go. He said goodbye to our heroes and flew away from there.

The next day Brock and Misty said goodbye to Ash, Ethan and Kris. Ethan and Brock had become very good friends so they exchanged information about Pokémon breeding and pretty girls...the latter earned them a strong scold from Misty and Kris.

"Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled Trainers should try to win with the Pokémon they love best."―Karen of the Johto Elite Four.

On the way to Blackthorn City they met a mysterious woman, who was surrounded by an umbreon, a houndoom, and a murkrow. Dark-type Pokémon, a type that is very difficult to see in Kanto, so Ash was excited to know that the woman was from the Elite Four and specialized in that type.

Karen's mentality was the same as Ash's when it came to Pokémon battles so they got along quite well. They even had a Pokémon battle although Ash couldn't beat any of Karen's Pokémon.


Ice Path

That place was an ice labyrinth in which people could easily get lost and never come out. Luckily they had the help of the kimono girl named Sayo... Although first they had to help her warm up since the poor girl had become immobile due to the cold.

Sayo and Kris spent the rest of the trip talking about Pokémon shows while Ash and Ethan watched out for wild Pokémon.

Blackthorn City: A Quiet Mountain Retreat

"You're Ash, Ethan and Kris, right?" an imposing looking woman asked them when they arrived at the city.

"How does a beauty like you know us?" Ethan asked immediately.

"My cousin Lance and my friend Liza told me about you three. By the way, my name is Clair."

"Lance is your cousin?" the three asked surprised at the same time.

Clair nodded.

"The most famous dragon tamers of Kanto and Johto were born in Blackthorn City and we are part of a clan."

"Wait, you said before that the beautiful Liza is your friend, right?" Ethan asked, ignoring Kris's murderous look.

Clair nodded again.

"We are childhood friends…She usually comes with her charizard so I can train them. What's more, right now she's in my house with two charizard."

One of those charizard was Ash's, who got so excited when he saw it that he burned them all with flamethrowers. Liza told them that Charizard had a romantic relationship with her charizard, Charla.

They had come to visit the Dragon Holy Land, a Pokémon paradise with more than five hundred years of history, always protected by the city's gym leaders and a dragonite that belonged to the first gym leader.

After eating with Clair and Liza, they wanted to go to the gym for the Pokémon battle, but NTRio appeared to steal the dragon fang, a very important item for Clair's family. Not only that, but they stole the Flame of Prayer, a flame that had been burning since a shrine was formed on the sacred land, angering the old dragonite in the process.

Ash and his friends defeated the NTrio and managed to calm the dragonite with the help of Clair, Liza and the charizard.


Blackthorn Gym

"Let us begin! But I warn you that I don't hold back before any Trainer!"―Clair, the blessed user of Dragon Pokémon.

Snorlax, Pikachu and Charizard vs Gyarados, Kingdra and Dragonair. Thanks to the intense training that Charizard had undergone, Ash was able to defeat Clair and obtain the Rising badge.

After that Charizard returned to Charicific Valley. Now Ash could participate in the Johto league, which would take place in Silver Town, right at the base of Mt. Silver.


Before leaving town, Clair advised them to visit the Week Siblings' house.

Mona, Tuscany, Wesley, Arthur, Frieda, Santos and Sunny.

"We actually live in Kanto, more specifically on Route 26," they said when they met them. "But we usually come here to get items that boost Pokémon's elemental types. We only sell it to exceptional trainers, of course."

Ilex Forest

"Time to test my power, Karate King!"

Kiyo howled in pain as he felt the ice spear penetrate his flesh and a stream of blood stained the grass.

"Burn! Burn! It burns!" Kiyo shouted through tears of pain.

"Yes, ice burns and soon all of Johto will burn before my power," said Mask of Ice, laughing with pleasure. "Compared to Kanto's Elite Four, Johto's is nothing more than a bad joke. The only ones I have to worry about are Karen, Will, and Champion Lance. Don't you find it curious that Karen and Will, being practically kids, are a bigger threat than you will ever be?"

Mask of Ice laughed sad*stically as he watched Kiyo and Tōkichi writhe in pain on the ground, with all their Pokémon out of combat and unable to defend their owners.

"…Dam it all." Kiyo murmured as he concentrated to avoid feeling pain.

"As much as it hurts to admit it, this villain is right," Tōkichi acknowledged. "We do not possess the power necessary to be members of the Elite Four and we are paying the consequences for that."

"N-no…we can still…" Kiyo fell silent when he saw his comrade's sad look. The truth hurts too much.

Mask of Ice didn't kill them, it was enough for him to have left his Pokémon on the brink of death and to have broken their spirits. After so many defeats, rage and hatred had invaded him, so he had decided to attack two trainers who could pose a threat in the future. In his cowardly heart he knew that one day he would have to get revenge on Ash, but that kid was too lucky...

No, no more pity, if there ever was any! He would gather all of Neo Team Rocket and invade Goldenrod City. One last assault to conquer the capital of Johto and make it clear to the entire region who was their new leader...


Goldenrod City - One week later...

"You're Mask of Ice, right?" Lance asked Pryce. After the attack on his two Elite Four companions, his patience had reached its limit. The rest of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four were gathered there as well.

"The ice masks in your museum, the fact that you allowed a suspicious store to be built so easily in your own town, Mask of Ice's mention of Mahogany Town, your numerous absences throughout the year… And of course, no one has ever seen the villain and you in the same place at the same time!"

Lance's accusations made Pryce look guilty, but the other leaders had their doubts. It was true that recently until Pryce was someone unpleasant who almost never had good words for others, but that didn't mean that he was a crazy man eager to conquer.

Giving a heavy sigh, Pryce prepared to give his explanation. He told them how he received a Mask of Ice a long time ago and how since then he suffered from sleepwalking. In addition to the numerous dreams he had about the masked man, that's why he carved so many masks. He soon discovered that some Neo Team Rocket grunts were using a hypno to manipulate him, so Pryce defeated them.

"How interesting! It's true that Pokémon hypno can do such a thing." Will commented.

"According to the report you made, there were several drowzee and hypno inside the secret base, right?" Karen said to Lance, who nodded.

"And they did manipulate you into committing crimes?" Chuck asked worried.

"That doesn't make any sense, Pryce isn't someone who can move like the masked man...No offense." Bugsy said.

"Don't worry, you're right, I'm too old to go with legendary birds from here to there," Pryce laughed. "What is true is that they manipulated me to do whatever they wanted in my town without me putting up much resistance."

"So, if that's true, Mask of Ice made sure you were absent whenever he appeared in public." "Morty deduces.

"I guess."

"So who the hell is that masked guy?!" Whitney asked tiredly.

"He must be someone who holds a lot of grudge against you if he has bothered to create evidence that points towards you." Falkner commented.

They couldn't continue talking since bad news reached everyone's ears. Goldenrod City had been completely surrounded by Neo Team Rocket. All of his agents were invading the streets and attacking anyone who resisted.

"Come on, we can't stand by while those scoundrels attack innocent people!" Clair shouted, quickly getting up from the conference table and jumping out of a window as she pulled her dragonair out of the Poké Ball.

"Wait cousin, we need a plan!" Lance told her, but Clair was already far away.


"When the capital of Johto falls, the rest of the cities will too, even if it is one by one… No one will be able to stop me! Giovanni, Pryce, watch as I surpass all your expectations and become the regent of these inept people!"―Mask of Ice.

The final battle against Neo Team Rocket had begun. Agent Jenny and the rest of the police were in charge of the evacuation of civilians. Gym Leaders protected them and prevented damage to important structures. Meanwhile Karen and Will mercilessly defeated the grunts and elite agents without much problem. Lance on his part used his Pokémon to surround the city and prevent any criminals from escaping or hiding.

There were even trainers helping in any way they could.

"Suffer the wrath of the strongest rattata in Johto!" Young Joey shouted, jumping on top of an unsuspecting grunt.

"Rat! Rat!" Rattata shouted after defeating several enemy Pokémon using quick attack.


Mask of Ice attempted to kidnap the most important people in town, including DJ Mary, professor Elm, and Bill who cursed having come to visit just then. The kidnapping attempt was interrupted by a furious Silver.

"I'm already fed up with you and your big ego. You're just as pathetic as Giovanni and just like him you'll be defeated by a child." Silver said.

"Killing you would be too merciful, besides, I can use you as a hostage against that pathetic man." Mask of Ice said.

Luckily something unexpected happened. Suicune, Entei, and Raikou appeared, with Kris, Ethan, and Ash riding on top of them. The three legendary beasts, sensing what was going to happen, had gone to our heroes to ask for help. Suicune mentally communicated with Kris and together they led the other two to Goldenrod City.

"We look like the Johto Rangers!" Ethan shouted excitedly.

"You're right!" Ash said just as happy.

"Children, please concentrate, there is a city to save!" Kris said with a smile. "Although it is true that we look like the Johto Rangers."

Our heroes weren't the only ones who had come without an "invitation", because when Karen and Will seemed to be in trouble, they were saved by Bruno and Koga.

"Who the hell are you two?" some grunts asked while the rest trembled when they recognized them.

"I'm Bruno from the Kanto Elite Four," the hulking man explained. "I have come to avenge the defeat of my friend Kiyo Kochi, the Karate King, I'll fight alongside the Elite Four of Johto!"

"I was just a mere gym leader in Fuchsia City but thanks to my friend Tōkichi I reached a new level," Koga said with a calm voice but a furious look. "Mask of Ice... You will regret leaving such an honourable man in a coma!"

"Honour? I thought you ninjas didn't know that absurd concept," Mask of Ice commented with a laugh. Then he glanced around to see all of his enemies. Ethan, Kris, Silver, Ethan, Ash, Will, Koga, Bruno, Karen and Lance. "Time for all of you to join Tōkichi and Kiyo!"

Mask of Ice not only used the legendary birds but also a delibird, a hypno, and a gengar. And to everyone's surprise he put the three birds together inside a Dark Ball and when he took them out they were fused and you could clearly see the suffering in their eyes.

"Ha ha ha! Professor Namba and Sebastian's special Dark Ball has worked" the villain laughed madly. "Now I have an invincible Pokémon!"

"You monster!" Ash roared furiously when he saw that. The others also shouted insults at the villain.

After almost half an hour of battle, Mask of Ice's Pokémon were defeated and the fusion of the three birds was undone. When it seemed like the villain was finally going to lose, he took out a shiny object and started waving it in the air.

"With the Soothe Bell I stole from Ecruteak City I'll be able to control the legendary beasts!"

Pikachu launched two thunderbolts in a row at such speed that it surprised even Ash. The first one broke the bell before the villain could use it power took. The second hit the villain in the face, knocking him back and breaking his mask into pieces.

The villain stood up from the ground furious. His face finally revealed. A man with short black hair with a look of pure evil.

"Damn you! How dare you keep getting in my way?!"

"Who the hell are you?" Ash asked.

"It's Grey, one of my former students." revealed Pryce, who had arrived recently. The gym leader quickly explained how during his time of apathy he treated his students and Pokémon very badly, causing many of them to leave.

"You made me think for years that I was talentless and would never amount to anything," Gray said, removing his cape and revealing a Team Rocket suit underneath. "I decided to join Team Rocket to gain enough power to take revenge on you. I reached the position of executive, however Giovanni lost against a damn child and abandoned me along with the rest of the grunts while he fled with his elite guard... I swore I would take revenge on him too. It took me more time than I thought but I got the three legendary birds. Although they weren't even half as strong as those of the Orange Islands, it was enough for my plans.

"Is all this for revenge? You're crazy!" Ash said.

"Hu, maybe, but I'm the crazy man who has put an entire region in check."

"I have been a bad person and a bad teacher. I gave you the darkness that invades and corrodes you," Pryce said sadly. "But I'm afraid forgiveness is the last thing you want from me, right?"

"Forgiveness? I don't even care about you anymore. Ash Ketchum prepare to die!"

"You wish!" Ash responded, accepting the challenge.


Grey's defeat was televised by many networks so that the entire region could know that the threat had been defeated. In a few days, normality was restored.

The grunts were locked up in prison. The NTrio narrowly escaped but Woobuffet abandoned them to return to the TRio. Ash asked Agent Jenny not to lock away Silver, at least not until the Pokémon League ended. The woman accepted only because Silver had helped in the final battle.

Entei and Raikou left but Suicune stayed with Kris and agreed to be captured by her, much to Eusine's misfortune.

Bruno and Koga returned to Kanto after checking that their friends were fine and would recover without problems, although Koga had a long and secret conversation with Lance.

Professor Elm then gave Ash an egg from which a frightened Larvitar hatched. Apparently they had the mission to take him to his home, which was near Mt. Silver, so that's what our heroes did.

Silver Town - Hospital

"I'm very sorry, Lance, but I must leave," Tōkichi said. "I don't have the strength to be someone in the Elite Four, especially when there are people more qualified than me out there."

"But, what are you saying?" Lance asked confused and surprised. "You are one of the best Pokémon trainers I have ever met."

"And yet I still suffered a big defeat against Mask of Ice. That he used legendaries is no excuse." the ninja remembered bitterly.

"Do you think the same, Kiyo?"

The karate king slowly nodded his head.

"It has been a pleasure to be able to help you, but to think that I was up to the challenge just because you managed to make me stronger… pure arrogance on my part. I'm sure you'll find someone better very soon..."

"I'm sure we can find good candidates in this year's league." Will joked, he didn't want to think too much about the subject.

Karen gently nudged her friend while using her hair to hide her sad gaze.

Johto Pokémon League

Ho-oh's fire had lit the torch, the league had begun.

Salvador, Macey, Jackson (Ethan and Kris' childhood friend) and Harrison. Ash defeated them all and prepared to face his rival Silver.


"I know that if I can participate in the Pokémon League it's thanks to you, but don't expect me to thank you for that," Silver said very seriously. "If I'm going to thank you, it's for getting rid of that useless Grey. You've come far but it's over. Get ready because I plan to tear you to pieces right here!"

"I'm not going to lose you. Finally we'll see once and for all who's the best," Ash said with a big smile. But in the end you have to go to jail, you promised."

"Shut up, don't remind me of that! Plus, I won't go to prison just for stealing!"

Pikachu, Heracross, Bayleef, Quilava, Totodile and Donphan vs Sneasel, Gengar, Crobat, Magneton, Alakazam and Gyarados.

Their first matchup in the past had been Pikachu vs. Sneasel, so it was poetic that their last matchup was also Pikachu vs Sneasel. Pikachu's thunderbolt was what gave Ash victory over his rival, ensuring his place among the top eight in the league.

Silver for his part couldn't believe it.

"I have lost... I did everything I could... What you have and I don't... I'll find out why I can't win and be stronger... I'll challenge you as soon as I discover it. And I'll crush you with all my power. Until then, keep training and winning!"

"You bet I'll!" Ash said excitedly, especially when he finally saw a sincere smile on Silver's face.


Ash didn't expect Whitney, the gym leader, to be participating in the league but she was. This time the girl used her best Pokémon and destroyed all of her rivals, Ash included. Whitney won the league but lost to Will when she challenged the Elite Four.

"I'm sorry Karen, even though you chose me as leader, I haven't been able to reach your level." Whitney cried. Karen laughed as she stroked her head.

"Don't worry, you can still try next year. There will soon be two seats in the Elite Four so don't be in such a hurry."

During the celebration for the end of the league, DJ Mary from Radio Goldenrod tried to do several interviews with the participants, with Ash being the one she spoke to the most since she also wanted exclusive information about his adventures against Neo Team Rocket. Unfortunately, Lance, upon seeing this, intervened and said that that information was classified.


Ethan and Kris decided to accompany Ash to Kanto since they had never left their home region. Upon arriving in Pallet Town, at Delia's request, they settled in Ash's house. Ethan spent the day helping Tracey take care of the Pokémon in the lab, while Kris studied more about Pokémon with professor Oak.

Daisy Oak, the professor's granddaughter, also worked as her grandfather's assistant and liked to wash the Pokémon's hair. According to Ethan, the girl was very talented.

Viridian City

Meanwhile Ash went to check on Yellow, who had already completed her trip through Kanto. Ash told all of his adventures to his impressionable "little sister", who couldn't believe so many things had happened to him.

The girl, for her part, was now much stronger and knew how to handle her healing and telekinesis powers a little better. She could even raise the level of her Pokémon but only in extreme situations.

Yellow was the one who prevented some members of Team Rocket, especially TRio, from returning to their secret base in the Viridian Forest. Both the Pokémon and the people in the area adored her, which made her happy but also a little uncomfortable.

Gary, for his part, was very busy as the new Viridian gym leader and dedicated his free time to studying Pokémon.

"Until recently Agatha was covering the position of gym leader. Now the trainers enter the gym very happy thinking that since they no longer have to face someone from the Elite Four, getting my badge will be very easy. Their faces of despair when they see that this isn't the case are glorious!" Gary laughed.

Of course Ash soon challenged him to a Pokémon battle. He didn't feel comfortable knowing that he got his Earth badge from fighting Giovanni.

"Do you need to make a call to Grandpa?" Gary asked, because he didn't know if Ash was ready or not.

"Don't worry, I was recently at the professor's ranch and since I was expecting a fight against you, I came prepared." Ash said with a competitive smile.

"Hu, typical of you to only think about Pokémon battles."

Pikachu, Charizard, Wartortle, Bulbasaur, Snorlax and Muk vs Umbreon, Arcanine, Blastoise, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Pidgeot.

Yellow acted as the battle judge of the fight and without a doubt what she saw left her mouth open. Both Ash and Gary had improved a lot. It was a close fight in which they used all the strategies they had learned.

Neo Team Rocket, Silver...Those victories didn't make Ash confident because he knew how dangerous Gary was. At the end, only Pikachu and Umbreon were left, with the victory being for the electric mouse.

"I see you haven't been lazing around." Gary said with a smile.

"Of course not! I still have a lot to improve if I want to fulfil my dream."

"Dream, huh?" Gary murmured thoughtfully.

Ash had the feeling that his friend and rival didn't seem particularly happy being a Gym Leader.


A few days later professor Elm came to visit but the poor guy was kidnapped by Cassidy and his partner. Apparently professor Namba, who had once again been loyal to Giovanni, wanted to know the secrets of the Pokérus and Elm knew a lot about the subject.

Ash, Ethan and Kris rescued him and Elm was able to give his speech alongside professor Oak in Viridian City.

A few days later Ash and Yellow received an urgent call from their friends on TCG Island. Apparently something serious was happening just when the new competition was going to take place. Even though they went in a plane, by the time they arrived the damage had already been done.


TCG Island

James from Team Rocket had many fans thanks to his skills with the Trading Card Game, some of those fans had become his apprentices. When they learned of his defeat at the hands of Mark last year, they swore revenge. To do this, they formed Team Great Rocket and spent a large sum of money to buy an airship and an island next to the TCG Island.

Team GR had stolen players' cards and kidnapped several club leaders and grandmasters. Now they were hiding on GR Island. All this was told to Ash and Yellow by a girl from Johto. Her name was Mint and she had gone to the TCG Island to become the best player.

Ash, Yellow and Mint went to GR Island. There they faced the GR commanders and thus obtained information about James' most diehard fans.

Ronald (James' former rival in the TCG), had gone undercover beforehand as the mysterious commander GR X, which made things much easier.

Parker, Catherine, Bernard, Brooke, Brutus, Claire, Avery and King GR Villicci. All of them were the biggest enemies to beat in a card duel. They succeeded and peace returned to the world of TCG.

James apologized on his knees for the actions of his fans and did everything, many illegal things, so that they wouldn't end up in jail.

Pallet Town - Ash's House

"Hello everyone, I'm DJ Mary and I have great news for everyone! Due to the great success of the first tournament. The Pokémon World Association has decided that the second Stadium tournament will take place in White City, which is located on a small island between Kanto and Johto.

Therefore now trainers with Johto nationality will also be able to participate. More trainers, sixteen gym leaders, two Elite Four, and two champions! This second Stadium tournament promises to be a thousand times better than the first! Trainers, sign up now and prove that you are the strongest in Kanto and Johto!"

Ash stopped playing Pokémon Puzzle Challenge with Yellow when he heard that news.

"Yes, an even more intense tournament than last year! I plan to win it!" He shouted super excited, scaring his mother, who ended up laughing.

"It seems interesting, do you want to participate, Kris?" Ethan asked his friend.

"…I guess it could be fun. I'll call professor Elm to get him involved too!"

"It's going to be a difficult competition" said Yellow. It's not that she was very enthusiastic about Pokémon battles, but she wanted to be even stronger for her city and forest.

"I'm going to call Agent Jenny so she lets Silver participate." Ash said quickly going for the phone. Ethan and Kris could only observe this without being too surprised, since they were already used to the craziness of his friend.


White City


The young woman watched him for a few seconds until her gaze lit up slightly.

"You are professor Oak's grandson, right?" said Sabrina, breaking into a smile that stirred something inside Gary. "I remember when you challenged me to a gym fight the last year. And also our matchup in last year's Stadium tournament. You made a big impression on me, I must admit. So now you're the new Viridian Gym Leader?"

"That's how it's. If you're going to ask why you haven't seen me at gym leaders meetings... It's because I'm sure they're very boring."

Sabrina laughed a little when she heard that.

"Why do you Viridian gym leaders always do whatever you want?" She said jokingly.

Gary just shrugged and smiled too.


Ash faced Sham and Carl, who looked like other people without their Neo Team Rocket half masks and suits. He also saw the mysterious Mr. G again, who continued to look at him with great hatred, especially when he lost again.

Almost everyone Ash knew was giving their all in the tournament, even youngster Joey was killing it with his rattata.

Ash was lucky enough to face Red in battle, but he still couldn't defeat a single one of his Pokémon. That made him see that he still needed a lot to reach the elite level. Yellow for her part was defeated by Lance while Ethan lost to Silver, who rubbed the victory so many times that Ethan was about to commit a crime right there.

Joey vs Dorian, Jasmine vs Brock, Whitney vs Misty, Surge vs Morty, Pryce vs Erika, Falkner vs Sachiko, Sabrina vs Bugsy, Blaine vs Clair, Gary vs Chuck, Karen vs Agatha, Bruno vs Silver, Koga vs Kris, Leaf vs Will, Oak vs Elm, Red vs Lance…


"The Poké Ball Trophy goes to professor Oak for his fifth place. The Super Ball Trophy goes to Karen for her fourth place finish. The Ultra Ball Trophy goes to Leaf for her third place finish. The Master Ball Trophy goes to Lance for his second place. And the Stadium Trophy is for Red, the winner of the tournament. Congratulations to all the Stadium tournament participants!" Stadium commentator."W-wait, no Jigglypuff, you can't sing this year... No, don't!"

After waking up from the long collective nap produced by Jigglypuff, Ethan and Kris returned to Johto. While Silver returned to jail.

-Ethan:In the end you weren't as stupid as I thought. I have learned a lot with you. I hope you come visit us, pal... I say this because my shiny pichu starts to cry when he thinks that he isn't going to see Pikachu! Eh? No, I don't plan to stop showing off my shiny pichu!

-Kris:Thanks for everything Ash. If we meet again, you will be closer to fulfil your dreams, although I'm still don't know what mine are. And learn to cook, because without Brock or me you're going to starve! And don't forget to call us, that's why you have our number!

-Silver:You're not as useless as I thought. And maybe you were right about being friends with my Pokémon... Even so, the day will come when you kneel before my strength and that of my Pokémon!


Ash and Pikachu saw Ho-oh again after a brief confrontation against the TRio. Apparently the legendary was heading to the Hoenn region. Ash and Pikachu decided that they wanted to continue their journey and that new region would be next. So professor Oak gave them the tickets to take a boat to the Seafoam Islands.

"Alright Pikachu, it's time to go!" Ash exclaimed excitedly as he left his house.

"Pikachu!" His friend exclaimed just as excitedly.

"Be careful and don't forget to change your underwear!" Her mother reminded him with a smile.

"Mom, please stop saying that!"

End of the Second generation

-Ash's Pokémon in Johto:Pikachu, Heracross, Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, Noctowl (Shiny), Donphan, Charizard (In training).

-Ethan's Pokémon:Pichu (shiny), Togetic, Hitmontop, Jynx, Magmar and Marill.

-Kris' Pokémon:Suicune, Jolteon, Misdreavus, Hitmonchan, Jigglypuff and Marowak.

-Silver's Pokémon:Sneasel, Gengar, Crobat, Magneton, Alakazam, Gyarados.

-Misty's Pokémon:Togepi, Psyduck, Starmie, Politoed, Horsea, Seaking and Corsola.

-Brock's Pokémon:Steelix, Crobat, Golem, Forretress and Vulpix (Returned to its owner).

-Yellow's Pokémon:Raticate, Dodrio, Buterfree, Golem and Omastar.

-Tracey's Pokémon:Venonat, Marill and Scyther.

-Gary's Pokémon:Umbreon, Blastoise, Arcanine, Nidoking, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Pidgeot, Alakazam, Nidoqueen and Scizor.

Save game?… Saving data... Game saved!


-Games:Crystal, Heart Gold, Soul Silver and Stadium 2.

-Anime:Seasons 3, 4 and 5; Movies 3, 4 and 5.

-Manga:Pokémon adventure arcs Gold, Silver and Crystal; Pokémon the Golden boys.


I didn't want to use Misty and Brock because I think each generation should have their own companions. That doesn't mean that Misty and Brock aren’t very important characters that marked my childhood, which is why I will feature them in the fic whenever I can. Although there will be chapters where I cannot do it for various reasons (Unova and Kalos).
I hope you at least liked the characterization of Ethan and Kris a little, although Ethan is quite inspired by Brock, he is much more impulsive and less serious.

Since Pryce is a gym leader in other games and remakes, I didn't want to go the manga route and make him a villain. So after reading several Pokémon mangas I decided to use Executive Gray from the manga Pokémon the Golden Boys.
I hope you liked the surprise if there are any fans of that manga. The pairing of Sham and Carl are based on Mask of Ice’s henchmen, who are in turn based on the Rocket admins from the Gold and Silver games. What's more, Carl and Gray are based on the same character (Archer from Team Rocket, but the three are different people in this fanfic).

As for Kiyo and Tōkichi being part of the Elite Four, in my fic Kanto and Johto have their own leagues and policies so they don't share Elite Four. Who will be the two new members now that Kiyo and Tōkichi have resigned?
Fun fact: In the Pokémon Adventures manga, they gave Ice Mask that long hair so that fans would believe that he was Clair in disguise. XD

I hope you liked this second chapter.

Until the next chapter!

Chapter 3


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

3rd Generation

The soft morning dew fell across the tall grass. The young woman ran with her bicycle as she passed by numerous Pokémon. None of them imagined that far from there, both in the depths of the sea and the magma, two titans were waiting to be awakened. And high in the sky, another titan watched over them.


Hello! Sorry for making you wait. My name is professor Birch and I’m an expert in the field of Pokémon habitats. Pokémon are everywhere, in tall grass, in caves, mountains, seas, skies and even volcanoes. Their relationship with nature and how they affect each other is really fascinating…There’re so many places that I want to investigate…

Go ahead and enjoy this dream world, full of adventures and great friends!


“The origin of life is in the sea. Almost our entire body is water. Water can adapt and take different shapes depending on the situation. We’re water and we must return to water, only in this way will we achieve perfection.” ―Archie’s Book.


“It was on the earth where humans and Pokémon were able to reach our full potential. To avoid the lack of land, the lack of resources and to be able to continue discovering our world better, we must make the earth move forward.” ―Maxie's book.

In the past…

Archie and Maxie grew up together in the same city, the same neighbourhood and went to the same school. Archie was a master at adapting to circ*mstances while Maxie always wanted to have it all planned out. They liked to compete a lot, whether in sports or knowledge.

Their Pokémon battles were legendary, because if one entered a tournament the other followed. For years there was no clear winner as both had the same number of defeats and victories. Their lives were summed up in draws in one way or another.

Their friendship lasted until they were adults. They both loved Pokémon and their goal was to create a better world for them. They formed a team together, surrounded by people who thought the same as them. His ecological fight cost money and time, but with their brilliance neither was a problem.

The problem was how each person faced the planet's problems...

"We need more water! Every year new islands of garbage form in the seas," Archie said furiously. "Because of this, many Pokémon that live in the sea die or have to move to other places."

"We need more land! More than forty Pokémon have drowned on the beaches this week," Maxie said just as furiously. "And a war has broken out in another region due to the lack of farmable land."

They had been discussing for days what direction the team should take but they still came up with nothing. The discussions became increasingly heated, reaching the point of having Pokémon battles that destroyed parts of the building. Little by little the grunts were positioned with Archie or Maxie until two defined groups were formed that were always in constant fights.


Year 2015

They both received a visit from a mysterious girl. Her entire body was covered by a huge sand-colored cloak. She left them both a different document with which they could fulfil their most cherished wishes. It was that day that Archie and Maxie decided to stop being friends and partners. Their objectives simply couldn’t coexist, so each would go their own way, and if the other got in their way, they would have to eliminate them.

Year 2017 - Mauville City - Hoenn Ecosystem Conference

"…Many efforts are made to protect the Pokémon habitat but the situation isn’t improving. Lately some Pokémon have been forced to invade cities in order to survive and that’s creating problems that I’ll detail right now..."

People listened to Maxie's words sadly or at least pretended to be. At that conference there were many wealthy people who claimed to be great environmentalists. Maxie was disgusted by all of them. He knew the real reason they were there. Money, reputation and being able to appear in the news as if they were good Samaritans. When Maxie finished his speech everyone applauded loudly. The dinner that followed was full of meals prepared by the best cooks in Hoenn but Maxie didn't eat a bite. He apologized to everyone and said that he had to make some arrangements that were too important to delay.

When he left that place he could finally breathe. His driver was waiting for him with the limousine door open.

"What a bunch of idiots," he muttered as he got into the limo. "It's as if their intelligence is inversely proportional to their money."

"I'm glad you finally realize it, great leader Maxie," said a female voice. In front of Maxie was Courtney, the very young Admin of Team Magma. She was wearing the organization's uniform but thanks to the tinted windows of the vehicle, no one could see her.

"How's the mission going, Courtney?" Maxie asked without altering his expression in the slightest.

"We already have all the materials we need located. Apart from a couple of fights with Team Aqua, there isn't much else to tell."

"…It seems that Archie is also on the move. I guess it's inevitable that we end up facing each other." Maxie said as he took a box of pills out of his pocket.

"What’s that, great leader Maxie?” Courtney asked curiously.

"They are for my constant headaches, although their effect is less and less," Maxie responded after swallowing several of them. "My doctor is going to give me a new treatment, although it has the disadvantage that it’ll make me lose part of my sight."

"It doesn't matter, I'm sure you'll look very handsome with glasses, great leader Maxie." Courtney said with a smile.

Lilycove City - Hoenn TV

Gabby had never been so angry in her life. She was about to take out her magneton to attack the man in front of her but she restrained herself. That man was her boss and she was a rational adult. Ty put his hand on top of her to calm her down.

"Director, could you explain to me again why you don't want people to know what’s happening?" Gabby asked.

Archie, director of the Hoenn TV network, looked at them both with a tired expression on his face and sighed.

"Your theories that there are two eco-terrorist organizations causing problems will only cause panic."

"They’re not theories, director."

"Do you realize what you're saying, Gabby? Eco-terrorists blackmailing famous fishermen, geologists and researchers into telling lies? And on top of that, they don't hesitate to destroy factories and steal Pokémon? None of that is related, it's ridiculous!"

"I know it may sound crazy but we have proof," Gabby said. "Ty has a recording of grunts from both organizations. They even come out shouting their names. They are Team Magma and Team Aqua! If that doesn't seem like enough proof, we also have the testimony of several trainers reporting the acts of vandalism of these guys to the police."

Archie's face tensed for a few seconds, a gesture that neither Gabby nor Ty missed.

"Gabby, Ty, you're both our best journalists, but I think the awards have gone to your heads," Archie said. He recovered his calm face but his voice and look conveyed a feeling of imminent danger that Gabby didn’t like at all, nor did Ty, who was behind her trembling with fear. "Even if you have evidence, there’re matters in which it’s better not to get involved and ignore them."

"What?!" Gabby shouted furiously.

"Gabby, you better keep looking for dirt on politicians, businessmen and other people, you were very good at it. For example that Maxie that has become so famous lately. There are rumours that he doesn't have much sympathy for water-type Pokémon."

With that last sentence he made it clear that the conversation was over. Gabby and Ty left his office in a hurry. When they closed the door, Archie grabbed a bottle of water and drank unceremoniously as the liquid poured down his mouth and neck.

"Gabby and Ty…If you keep sticking your nose where you're not called, I'll have to eliminate you myself." The bottle in his hand broke due to the pressure exerted by filling her desk with water.

Archie looked at his arm and saw that his once pale skin was now darker.

"Heh, maybe I shouldn't sunbathe so much," he murmured. A faint sound that he knew very well began to sound. Archie pulled out a circular device hidden behind his huge fish tank. The device had a large A drawn in the center. "Huh, what do those useless bunch want now?"


"The director is hiding something and I don't want to know what." Ty said once they were outside the building.

"As cowardly as you are, you're right," Gabby said. "It’s not normal that he insists so much that we abandon the investigation..."

"Gabby, I don't think we're getting into anything very shady and I'm too young to go to the other neighbourhood." Ty said, scared to death.

“Stop whining!" Gabby said, patting him on the back. "We are journalists and our job is to inform people of the truth!"

"We’re the only ones doing it and look where it's gotten us," Ty said. "The best thing is to follow the director's advice and go back to what we’re good at. Investigate powerful people like Maxie."

"Then let's investigate Maxie and secretly our boss."

Ty's face turned so pale he looked like a ghost.

Littleroot Town: A town that can't be shaded any hue

“There's a movie on TV. Two men are dancing on the keyboard of a grand piano… Well, I better stop watching TV.” ―Brendan, son and assistant of Professor Birch.

"Please help, my Pikachu needs help!"

Those words were the first Brendan heard Ash Ketchum say as he hurried into his father's laboratory.

The curious boy was carrying a badly injured pikachu in his arms. While he and his father attended to him, the agent Jenny who accompanied him told them what had happened. Apparently Pikachu had gotten a little sick during his boat trip. And to make matters worse the ship had been attacked by Amber, Admin of Team Aqua, with the excuse that the ship was polluting the seas of Hoenn.

The Admin was accompanied by many grunts and in the end Ash was forced to fight. Due to the fighting Pikachu had gotten worse.

"Don't worry, leave your Pokémon in our hands." Brendan said when he saw how Ash didn't want to leave Pikachu.

They finally managed to convince him to go rest and began to treat the Pokémon. A few hours later, a girl named May arrived on a bicycle. She was there to receive a starter Pokémon to begin her journey.

What no one expected is that a Team Aqua grunt had followed them to avenge Admin Amber's defeat. The grunt was a tall woman with dark skin and blue eyes who seemed very sure of herself. She carried a machine capable of stealing electricity from Pokémon. It was a prototype created by Team Aqua in case they needed it against some of the police Pokémon.

The Aqua Grunt used it with Pikachu...And things turned out the other way. Pikachu was sick because he had too much electricity stored up, so the machine only served to cure him. And not only that, but the grunt realized that Ash's pikachu had much more energy than an average pikachu. So much so that the machine exploded, sending it flying through the air.

"My bike!" May shouted as she saw how one of Pikachu's thunderbolts hit her only means of transportation, destroying it beyond repair.

"I think this is becoming a bad habit.../Pika..." Ash and Pikachu murmured.


Professor Birch's Laboratory

Ash and Pikachu were resting on a couch while talking to Brendan, May, and Professor Birch.

"So you're twelve years old... You're practically a kid." Brendan commented, offending Ash a little.

"And? How old are you anyway?"

"My friend is fifteen, although with his baby face it’s not easy to guess." May laughed.

"How lucky to seem young for so many years." Birch said.

Brendan blushed slightly as the veins in his head began to show.

"Dad, wasn't May coming today to pick up her starter Pokémon?"

"It's true! I have to prepare everything! Ah, the lab, I have to call someone to fix the mess that Team Aqua grunt made!"

His father ran out of there while he tried not to trip over his own robe.

"He seems like a very busy man.../Pika..." Ash and Pikachu said.

"Can I go with him? I would like to see the Pokémon I’ll have to choose." May said a little unsure.

"Are you going to start your own journey?" Ash asked excitedly.

“It was supposed to start last year… My family lived in Olivine City, in Johto, but since we moved I had to delay my journey…"

"At least you didn't have to come in a moving truck…" Brendan murmured.

"There’s nothing more exciting than starting a Pokémon adventure." Ash's words didn't seem to convince May at all. On the other hand, Brendan smiled when he saw Ash's enthusiasm.

"You're from Kanto, right?"

“Yes, from Pallet town." Ash said proudly.

"Sounds like a nice place." Tell me, have you travelled before?"

"Yes, trough Kanto and Johto. Now I want to participate in the Hoenn Pokémon League."

Brendan then had the idea of ​​Ash and May traveling together with him. Since none of them knew Hoenn, he could guide them.

"My father asked you to watch me, right?" May asked with a suspicious look. Brendan looked away uncomfortably.

"Why would your father do that?" Ash asked confused.

"Our parents have been friends for many years." May explained.

"Well, it's not my fault you can't take care of yourself," Brendan finally joked. "I'm sure that of the three of us I'm the only one who knows how to cook. Plus I can prevent any wild Pokémon from harming you. Hoenn is a more dangerous region than Kanto or Johto."

"And who’s going to help the professor?" May asked.

"Joshua will have to work twice as hard, I guess."

“Ash, you're a little far from home, aren't you? The technology is truly amazing. Now you can trade Pokémon with people of distant regions.” ―Tecno, the fat boy.

May received a torchic as a starter. Professor Birch then gave her and Ash the Hoenn Pokédex. Brendan said goodbye to his mother and after taking his backpack he went with Ash and May to the next town.

Ash and Brendan were walking too fast for May, who began to complain, which started an argument between her and Ash until the girl brought up the bike. Then Ash, to change the subject, and taught her how to catch a Pokémon.


Oldale Town: Where things start off scarce

Upon arrival Ash made a call to professor Oak and his mother to tell them that he was fine. May and Brendan were excited to meet the famous Pokémon researcher. May because his little brother was a big fan of him and Brendan because his father talked a lot about him.

In the town there were some ruins, which were being investigated by professor Alden. However, a group of Team Magma grunts led by Admin Blaise had invaded these ruins. They kidnapped professor Alden as they wanted to discover the secrets of the ruins.

After several fights, Team Magma fled after not finding what they were looking for. However, one of his grunts, short, chubby and with small eyes, memorized the face of Ash and his friends. Because of them the operation had been at risk.

In the end the secret of the ruins was a pond in which relicanth, Pokémon that were believed to be extinct, swam.

Petalburg City: Where people mingle with nature

"Your father is the gym leader?!/Pika?!" Ash and Pikachu asked surprised. May nodded slightly sheepishly.

"I guess she's tired of people only wanting to talk to her because of her father, am I wrong?" Brendan deduced. May nodded again.

Ash and Brendan met May's parents, Norman and Caroline, and her little brother Max, who recognized Ash right away since the six years old used to watch all the Pokémon leagues from other regions. Much to Ash's chagrin, the boy made fun of him just for placing in the top eight of the Johto League.

Norman asked Ash for a favour when he found out that he was a trainer with two years of experience. He wanted him to help Wally, a boy Ash's age who was suffering from a respiratory illness. The poor boy was going to move with his uncles to a town with a purer and cleaner environment, so he wanted to take some souvenirs with him. In this case, a Pokémon.

Ash accompanied Wally and together they captured a ralts. The Pokémon immediately adapted to a very smiling Wally, who tearfully thanked Ash.

"If you want to thank me, let's have a Pokémon battle." Ash told him.

"M-my first Pokémon battle... O-okay, I'll try it!" said a very nervous Wally. Even though he lost, he liked the experience to the point that he promised to be stronger the next time they met.


"With your current Pokémon team you have no chance of winning," Norman said very seriously. "Besides, I like to fight seriously and not hold back too much. Why don't you get…about four badges first?"

Ash happily accepted the challenge and together with his companions they left the city. Although this time May's brother, Max, also joined the trip.

Right at the exit they passed a somewhat obese man with sunglasses who looked Ash up and down.

"Sorry! Let me guess. From the way you dress, it's obvious that you train Pokémon, right?"

"…Well yes." Ash said strangely. May stood in front of Max out of pure instinct while Brendan watched the stranger curiously.

"Of course... Maybe I'm wrong. You don't have much dirt on you. So you must have little experience... or even none. I'm scouring the region looking for great trainers. I'm sorry I wasted your time."

Everyone was confused about what had happened but preferred not to say anything about it.

Rustboro Forest

The Aqua Grunt who had attacked them in Birch's laboratory and one of the Magma grunts who had attacked them in Oldale Town. The two were fighting in the middle of the forest while a cowering scientist was in the middle of his Pokémon. Despite Brendan's warnings and May's protests, Ash rushed to the scientist's aid.

After asking Max to hide with the scientist, May and Brendan went to help Ash. Between the three of them, they defeated the two grunts.

The scientist thanked them a thousand times and told them that both criminals had tried to rob him since he was a researcher for Devon Co. Luckily they had been more interested in destroying each other as soon as they saw each other.

The scientist gave them several Super Balls and they accompanied him out of the forest.

Rustboro City: The city probing the integration of nature and science

May met a girl named Janet who was a Pokémon coordinator and had a Beautifly. May and Max helped her in a presentation during a Pokémon contest exhibition. This experience made May realize that she did not want to be a Pokémon trainer, but rather a Pokémon coordinator.

The next day Ash wanted to go to the gym but there they told him that the leader was at the Pokémon School. At said school Max felt like he was in paradise, especially when he found out that professor Oak was giving a video conference. During this videoconference, professor Oak and Ash were able to greet each other and tell each other some things.

Ash and his friends met Roxanne, the gym leader. She was such an intelligent and diligent teenager that teachers often let her teach the most difficult classes. Making outsiders believe that Roxanne was actually a teacher or perhaps the director of the Pokémon school herself.

After classes Roxanne spent hours talking to Brendan when she learned that he was professor Birch's son. This continued until Ash got fed up and asked for a Pokémon battle. Roxanne accepted but on the condition that she let him record the fight so that the other students could use it as a studio.

Right at the exit Ash met the mysterious man with the sunglasses again.

"Hello, do we know each other?"

"Well yes…We saw each other in Petalburg City." Ash answered doubtfully.

"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Scott. I have been traveling the world in search of great trainers or rather I’m looking for experts in Pokémon battles."

“Well, I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and this’s my friend Pikachu. We are both very good at fighting."


"…First defeat Roxanne and we'll see if what you say is true."


Rustboro Gym

"As a leader I always apply everything I have learned at the Pokémon Trainer school. Would you do me the favour of teaching me your Pokémon and your combat techniques?” ―Roxanne, The Rock-Loving Honors Student.

Treecko and Pikachu vs Geodude and Nosepass. At first it was a little close but Ash managed to beat Roxanne without losing a single Pokémon.

"According to the rules, trainers must receive this if they defeat a leader. I give you the official Stone badge of the Pokémon League." Roxanne said.

At the exit of the gym they met Scott again, who smiled when he saw the badge in Ash's hands.

"I'm impressed, really," Scott said. "I loved seeing you in action. Even so, you still have a long way to go to have the level I expect from someone experienced. See you later!"

Before they could say anything Scott left there. Ash and his companions looked at each other confused.

"I think you have a stalker." Max said, earning a small bump on the head from May.

"Maybe he's just a fan." May said.

"He doesn't speak like a fan... although I don't think he's dangerous either." Brendan said.

"I wonder if he's a very strong Pokémon trainer." Ash said smiling.

"Help, a thief! Someone catch the thief!" A man suddenly shouted in the middle of the street. The man was the researcher they saved in the Rustboro forest. And the fleeing thief was the Magma Grunt who had assaulted him in said forest.

Route 116 - Verdanturf Tunnel

A tunnel was being built to connect Rustboro City with Verdanturf Town. However, construction had been stopped because noise and environmental pollution were causing problems for the Pokémon in the area. That's why there was only one Black Belt left chopping rocks.

"Get out of my way, damn Aqua!" M. Grunt said while he tried not to let the stolen Devon parts fall.

"Get away, you useless Magma!" A. Grunt answered as she tightly held the recently stolen wingull from her.

"My parts!" the Devon Co. researcher shouted in fright.

"My Peeko!" Mr. Briney, owner of the stolen wingull, shouted desperately.

"Team Magma, Team Aqua, you won't get away with this!" Ash said, blocking their way.

"Wasn't the tunnel supposed to be empty?" May said, remembering what some workers had told them before. "Plus it's very dark, I don't like it!"

"I don't think it's a good idea to fight here." Brendan commented looking around.

"B-but what? W-what are all these people doing in the tunnel?" The Black Belt asked, very confused as he left his pickaxe on the ground. Stop making noise, you're going to disturb the Pokémon!


"Defeated by some brats, Dam it all!" the two grunts shouted after blasting off. They saved Peeko, recovered the parts, and left the tunnel.

"If anyone needs my services, call me." said Mr. Briney, who was an old sailor.

"This’s the second time you've helped me, come with me and I'll introduce you to my boss." said the researcher.

Along the way, the scientist boasted a little about his research.

"We are competing with other Unova scientists to see who can first build a machine capable of visualizing Pokémon dreams." He said very proud.

"That sounds like science fiction." Brendan said.

"Well, I want to see it when it's finished!... Although I wonder what the Pokémon dream about..." Ash said looking at Pikachu.

"I didn't even know they could dream." May commented.

They got a surprise when they arrived at the Devon Co. building, as Max was already there talking to a man who seemed very important. Mr. Joseph Stone, owner of the company. For some reason he and Max had become friends within a few minutes.

Mr. Stone took them all to his office, where he gave Max a PokéNav and thanked the rest for saving his researcher.

"Mr. Stone, the letter." A red-haired woman suddenly said as she handed him a white envelope.

"Oh, of course, thanks! This lady is Shelly and she’s my assistant. The man who’s next to her and speaks so little is Tabitha, my bodyguard." He said pointing to a tall man with an aggressive look.

"Hello and thank you for your help." Shelly said with a smile that Brendan didn't like at all, while Tabitha simply shook his head.

Mr. Stone asked them for two favours: Give a letter to his son, who was in Dewford Town, and take the Devon parts to Slateport City.

Brendan didn’t agree as he believed that it was dangerous to leave such things to children. And May wanted nothing to do with all that, especially on her first journey.

However, Ash didn't care and accepted the mission right away, saying that he was already used to dealing with criminals. No one would have believed him if Tabitha hadn't read a report about how Ash had helped dismantle Team Rocket and Neo Team Rocket.

"Now I’m sure that you’re the one for the mission." said Mr. Stone very happily. Brendan and May were very surprised by the information while Max was beginning to regret making fun of Ash for not winning any leagues.

"Those twerps do nothing but interfere with our plans." said Magma Grunt.

"And fighting among ourselves doesn't do us any favours." said Aqua Grunt.

"What if we join forces?"

"Just to put an end to the twerps of course."

"And without our bosses knowing."

"That doesn't even need to be said."

Magma Grunt and Aqua Grunt stared at each other and shook hands very slowly. As soon as Ash and his friends disappeared from the map, they would be enemies again.

"Poo!" said enthusiastically a poochyena who had been following them since they landed near him.

Dewford Town: A tiny island in the blue sea

Using Mr. Briney's ship they crossed the Hoenn Sea and reached their destination. After asking around at several houses, they discovered that Mr. Stone's son, Steven, was investigating Granite Cave.

"This cave isn’t for weaklings, I won't let you enter unless you defeat me." said a surfer to our heroes.

"And who are you, the owner of the cave?" Ash asked a little annoyed.

"This man is the gym leader, show some respect!" said a fighter named Shauna.

Ash didn't feel like respecting someone who seemed like he just wanted to be on the beach so he challenged him to a fight and he lost. Realizing that he needed to train his team, Brawly gave them permission to enter Granite Cave as long as he accompanied them.


In the cave they met Steven Stone, a young man obsessed with strange rocks in general or at least that's what Ash understood after the speech he gave them about how beautiful the cave and the stones that made it up were.

Just as they handed him the letter they were attacked by Team Magma and Team Aqua. Courtney's squad and Matt's squad had come for the same thing, the Devon parts. How they had known where Ash and his friends were was a mystery.

A three-way battle ensued and our heroes ended up separated into two groups: Ash, Max and Steven in the first group and May, Brendan and Brawly in the second.

"As a thank you for giving me my father's letter, let me take care of Team Aqua." Steven said to Ash and Max.

"Ha ha ha! This handsome guy thinks he can beat the great Matt," said Admin Aqua. "After the boss there is no one stronger than me!"

Steven not only defeated Matt but also all of his grunts single-handedly, leaving Ash and Max stunned by his strength.

"…H-he's just as strong as a champion!" Ash said excitedly.

"That's because he's the champion of Hoenn, you fool!" Max revealed proudly. "He has nothing to envy the champions of other regions."

"Fight me, please!" Ash asked him.

Steven smiled a little nervously.

"Let's go check on your friends first."

Meanwhile Brawly, May and Brendan had defeated Courtney's squad.

"How strange that this Courtney person didn't want to fight, she seemed strong." Brawly said.

"And where has she gone?" May asked worried.

"She disappeared as soon as the fight started." Brendan said.

"Well, I hope she doesn't appear again. I don't like her look at all." May said.

Without warning, Courtney approached Brendan from behind and before they realized it, the boy had received a kiss on the cheek from the Magma Admin.

"You're too cute, I hope we can see each other again," Courtney whispered in his ear. "This way I can “analyse” you more thoroughly."

Courtney jumped up and climbed on top of her ninetales, who quickly left the cave. Brawly and May looked at a Brendan who was blushing so hard that smoke was literally coming out of his head.

"That was radical, strange, but radical!" Brawly said laughing.

Everyone left the cave safely by the time Agent Jenny arrived. The grunts were arrested but Matt and Courtney had escaped.

After giving Ash a couple of tips about Pokémon, Steven said he had unfinished business and left right away.

Ash trained for a day and then went to challenge Brawly to a rematch.


Dewford Gym

“I moved from Kanto to Hoenn in search of the best, fierce waves. Here I have tempered and strengthened my character. The equipment at this gym has also helped. Do you want to challenge me again? Let's see what you're capable of..." ―Brawly, a big wave in fighting

Corphish and Treecko vs Machop and Hariyama. It was a radical combat inside a small cave. Ash won because of his training and because he didn’t underestimate Brawly.

"Okay, you've earned it. Take the Knuckle Badge! I can see that your talent will grow so much, like a giant wave that it’ll leave all the trainers in Hoenn stunned! And I will wait impatiently for the moment to surf its crest!"

"Thank you very much Brawly, you'll see how strong I become!" Ash said happily.

"By the way, you're from Kanto, right? Then you must know Bruno from the Elite Four, he's a good friend of mine."

"A little, I faced him but he was very strong/Pika." Ash and Pikachu admitted.

"… One moment! A boy with a cap and his pikachu. Both with fierce and untamed looks... Chuck told me about you!"

"Chuck, the gym leader of Orchid City?" recalled Ash, who was starting to get used to the topic changes that Brawly used to make in a matter of seconds.

"The same one. We were partners when we trained under the tutelage of our master Greta."

"…I think Chuck said something about his master too. He looked scared."

"The poor guy must still be traumatized by the training she gave us." Brawly laughed.

Route 107, 108 and 109

During the trip on Mr. Briney's ship, they were attacked several times by M. Grunt and A. Grunt. For some reason they seemed to be working as a team or at least trying to when they weren't arguing.

And for some reason unknown to Ash, May found those discussions very romantic and said that they made a good couple, a comment that almost made both grunts vomit. Honestly, the poochyena who accompanied them was the one who did almost all the teamwork.

Abandoned ship

Mr. Briney wanted them to visit a very mysterious ship that had been shipwrecked many years ago.

"Be careful with Charlie." Briney warned.

"Who is that?" our heroes asked.

"…The ghost of a Tuber …he has been seen passing through walls…


Apart from seeing this Charlie, they also saw Team Aqua, not the Admins but the leader himself. Or at least he seemed like the leader from the way the grunts spoke to him. Apparently he wanted an object, a scanner that Max had just found.

"You guys look like the children who bothered my men in Dewford Town." Archie said after observing them.

"What does Team Aqua want?" Asked Ash very annoyed. Archie looked at him with a rather sinister smile.

"The sea is the origin of life and it’s everything. Its importance is capital, which is why Team Aqua is dedicated to extending the sea. This way we’ll encourage the evolution of new species of Pokémon. And we’ll return the world to its natural state for the sake of Pokémon. This’s the vision of Team Aqua! I can't allow someone as insignificant as you to interfere. I, Archie, will kill you here and now!"

Archie was very strong and Ash, Brendan and May's Pokémon could barely stand up to them. If it weren't for Pikachu they wouldn't have been able to escape from the place alive. However, they had to leave the scanner behind to distract Archie.

"Ho, ho, ho...with this we can find the orbs..." Archie laughed. He quickly left because he was sure they would call the police.

Slateport City: The port where people and Pokémon cross paths with nature

"We fight for the peaceful coexistence of Pokémon, nature, and people!" ―Hoenn Rangers Coexistence Force.

"Look, Hoenn Rangers dolls and figures!" said Aqua Grunt excitedly when they visited the city market.

Magma Grunt and Poochyena left Energy Guru's stall upon hearing her and ran to see.

"It's true, and on top of that they are limited editions! What are they doing here?" M. Grunt asked as he carefully picked them up.

"I can't believe they're lying here in the middle of the market." A. Grunt said as she showed the dolls to an excited Poochyena.

"If I remember correctly, the show lost popularity because it aired at the same time as the Pokémon contests."

"You know a lot about the subject."

"Of course, I'm the number one fan in the fandom!" exclaimed M. Grunt proudly. "Littleroot Crimson, a brave but laid-back hero, Mauville Yellow, a powerful yet absentminded hero, Rustboro Ivory, a sensitive and smart heroine, Fallarbor Bordeaux, a quick-moving but pessimistic hero, Lilycove Viridian, a heroine who is able to fly through the sky—yet suffers a fear of heights and Pacifidlog Cobalt, a self-conscious but cool heroine!"

Aqua Grunt laughed when she saw how his “partner” made ridiculous poses while naming them. Soon she and Poochyena joined him and did the same poses. People walked past them and smiled at seeing them so happy, even the children began to join them. Within a few days, sales of Hoenn Rangers figures increased.


When Mr. Briney dropped them off at the port city, the first thing Ash did was look for trainers all over the beach to fight. May began training for her first pageant while Brendan and Max helped her.

Later they went to deliver the Devon parts to the shipyard but a certain Mr. Dock told them that Captain Stern wasn’t there, but in the Oceanic Museum.

"B-but what? Once again the jerks of Team Aqua getting in our way!" Admin Blaise said when he saw that his enemies were crowding the museum.

"The same could be said for you, Team Magma. Don't you have anything better to do?" Admin Amber said when he saw his enemies filling the entrance to the museum.

For once Agent Jenny and the rest of the police arrived on time and there was a three-way Pokémon battle. Meanwhile our heroes rescued Captain Stern, who was being kidnapped by M. Grunt, A. Grunt and Poochyena.

"I hope our bosses don't catch us working together!" Aqua Grunt said while she stole a model titled “Royal Unova”.

“If they do it, we'll fake a fight and that's it." Magma Grunt said as he gagged Captain Stern.



After rescuing Captain Stern and giving him the Devon Parts, May wanted to prepare for her first Pokémon contest. While she was training a young lady approached her and told her that she could help her.

There was something familiar about this woman called Coraline, but she didn't know what. Coraline was very kind and she took her to a house called the Pokémon Fan Club. There she taught May how the contests worked and what she liked about them. In addition to that Coraline gave her a Pokéblocks tube and several berries.

"Thank you so much! I don’t know how to thank you." May said, feeling sorry for not being able to return the favour to her new friend.

Coraline simply laughed and patted her on the head.

"Become a great Pokémon coordinator and I'll be satisfied."

"You know a lot about this... Are you also a coordinator?" “May asked.

Coraline's gaze turned darker and her cheerful smile turned into a grimace.

"I was once but...I found something I liked better, I guess."

May's friends came to greet her and it was at that moment that Coraline apologized and said she had to leave. But first she winked at a confused Brendan.

Before anyone could say anything, the mysterious Scott appeared again out of nowhere.

"Hey? Your face sounds very familiar to me. Have we already introduced ourselves? If not, my name is Scott."

"I'm Ash and we've known each other before." said the young man from the town of Pallet. That guy was mysterious but he also had a very bad memory."

"Oh yeah! You are the little group that has helped the police against Team Aqua and Magma in the museum... Mmm... Maybe, but it's only a possibility... Very good! I think this’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. So I'm going to give you my number. Let's see... I would love to follow you closely, but I must not lose sight of other talented trainers. So I'm going to continue exploring routes and towns a little more. Until next time, Ash!"

"That guy is getting weirder and weirder." Max said as they watched him leave.


During the Pokémon contest, May used Beautifly and met who would be some of her rivals in Hoenn. The nice but confident Jessilina and the unfriendly but talented Drew. It was against the latter and his roselia that May lost the contest.

Despite her defeat, Ash, Brendan and Max didn’t stop encouraging her and telling her not to give up, because there would always be another chance. Even her teacher Coraline invited her to dinner, not knowing that May ate like a snorlax, so that she would stop being sad. At the end of the night the one who ended up sad was the woman's purse.

They left the city to continue their trip and on Route 110 they met professor Birch. Brendan hugged his father and asked how he was doing. The professor told them that he had gone to see Trick Master, an extravagant man who liked to do challenges at his house once a year.

The winner of these challenges obtained a large supply of one year's worth of Pokéblocks. Even though everyone participated, a dark-skinned girl named Zinnia and her whismur ended up winning. Although they all ended up sleeping because of the singing Jigglypuff, who had floated in from Johto.

M06: Jirachi, wish maker

The Millennium Festival was approaching, so Ash, Brendan, May and Max decided it was time to have some fun. They camped nearby and the next day they entered the festival and enjoyed the attractions. The best was the magic show performed by Butler the magician and his assistant Diane.

Butler gave Max a stone from which a voice came out that only the boy could hear. A legendary Pokémon called Jirachi ended up emerging from the stone, which was said to be able to grant wishes every thousand years.

Max and Jirachi became friends but discovered that Butler was a former Team Magma scientist who wanted to use the legendary to revive a groudon with the Millennium comet's energy. With the help of Diane and an absol, Ash and the others decided to return Jirachi to the mountains where he was found.

Unfortunately Butler's plan ended up being fulfilled and he created a monster similar to groudon but more aggressive and without mercy for the fauna or flora. Butler, remorseful, helped our heroes save Jirachi and destroy the incomplete monster.

After the adventure Jirachi returned to his long dream taking the form of a stone. While Butler and Diane would remain as guardians of the mountain correcting the disaster caused.

Mauville City: The bright and shiny city of fun!

May and Max were curious about the casino but Ash told them about his misadventures in the casinos, which put them off going. In any case, Brendan wouldn't have allowed it either, since he was somehow the adult of the group.

The capital of Hoenn had other things they could entertain themselves with, such as restaurants, clothing stores, specialized stores for Pokémon, ect... Paradise for May and Brendan.

Finally, and to Ash's joy, they went towards the gym, but at the entrance they met Wally. The boy seemed in better health and was arguing with his uncle about challenging the gym leader.

Ash, eager to see Wally's strength, challenged him to a fight. Pikachu vs Ralts. Wally lost but his uncle, upon seeing the joy on his nephew's face, agreed for him to go on a trip to become a Pokémon trainer... but first he had to prepare well so they returned to his town.

When Wally and his uncle left, Scott appeared.

"Heh heh... I have witnessed that confrontation! You're friends with that guy Wally, right? Well, you haven't had any mercy. That's the true spirit of Pokémon battles, yes sir! I admire people who train like you! I’ll continue to encourage you!"

Neither Ash nor his friends could say anything to him because he had already left.


Mauville Gym

"Oh? Now, what are you doing here? Wahahahah! I shall electrify you!"―Wattson, the cheerfully electrifying man.

Pikachu and Torkoal vs Voltorb and Manectric. Ash's victory was very fair but he managed to win the Dinamo badge.

"Hahaha! It was a high-voltage fight, yes sir!" Wattson laughed after giving him the badge. "I hope you continue on this good path, kid."


New Mauville

"Prepare for trouble! And make it double! To expand the sea and reduce the land. To expand the land and reduce the sea. To return to a better past. To move towards a better future. Stop... Stop saying the opposite of what I say! I could tell you the same thing! Aqua Grunt and Magma Grunt. Team Aqua and Team Magma make an alliance at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare for the slaughter! Poo, poochyena!" ―Aqua Grunt, Magma Grunt and Poochyena (TAMio).

Wattson had asked our heroes for a favour. Help him inspect the operation of New Mauville. Of course the TAMio was causing trouble around the area, trying to make a secret base and capturing electric Pokémon.

It took them all several minutes to blast them off and they were able to deactivate the main generator.

Verdanturf Town: The windswept highlands with the sweet fragrance of grass

Wanting to see how Wally was doing, our heroes headed to his town since it was quite close to Mauville City. Once there they stayed at Wally's house for a day.

The young man asked them for help as he wanted to break some rocks that were obstructing the Rusturf tunnel. With this, Wanda, Wally's cousin, was finally able to meet her boyfriend from Rustboro City, the Black Belt Riley... Oh, and the tunnel that connected Rustboro City with Verdanturf Town was also completed!

Seeing something so romantic made May try harder to win the Pokémon contest that was held in the town. Thanks to her skitty, May was able to beat Timmy's dusclops in the final, winning her first ribbon. Her teacher Coraline congratulated her greatly and helped her train for the next contest.

"You are very good, teacher." May said when she saw her tricks. Coraline smiled at her words.

"How many times have I told you not to call me teacher? I don't even participate in Pokémon contests, anymore…"

"Why’s that?"

"…Things just happen," she said with some bitterness. "I prefer to see how girls like you shine in those places."


During that time Ash taught Wally a couple of tricks and gave him advice on how to better train his Pokémon. Of course Scott had to appear at that moment, tell him that it was very inspiring that he helped his rival from Hoenn and disappear from there immediately.

Route 111, 112, Igneous Path and Route 113

Ash and his friends met the famous Winstrate, known in those parts for being a powerful family of Pokémon trainers who destroyed any unwary person who dared to pass by their house.

None of those rumours scared Ash, who challenged the whole family to a Pokémon battle. One after another they lost against Ash, although he had difficulties against the grandmother...

"Aiyah! You're a lot stronger than I expected!" the father Victor said.

"Oh, gosh! I can't get over how strong you are!" the mother Victoria said.

"Huh? Did I just lose?" the daughter Vivi said.

"Kwah! You are strong... My granddaughter was right..." the grandma Vicky said.

Despite having lost, the family warned Ash that the strongest of them all, the son Vito, was traveling and would surely see him as champion of the Hoenn Pokémon League very soon.


Journalists Gabby and Ty had seen the fights and recorded it. They asked Ash for an interview and when they saw that he was the boy who had saved Stern, they didn't stop until they got all the information he had about Team Magma and Aqua.

When our heroes left Gabby and Ty exchanged glances.

"If what they said is true…" Gabby said, her skin white as snow.

"O-our boss is the leader of Team Aqua…" said a trembling Ty. "But we have no proof..."

"We should follow them, I have the feeling that they are important." Gabby said suddenly. Ty wanted to argue but upon seeing the burning gaze of his partner he decided to remain silent. It was impossible to argue with her when something was strongly stuck in her head.


Mirage Kingdom

A mysterious and mystical place that could only be reached by airship or other method of flight. The kingdom maintained a connection or symbiotic relationship with the Togepi Paradise. The kingdom was sometimes reflected in a lake, and on the other side of the “mirror” could be found the entrance to the Togepi Paradise.

Jessie, James and Meowth, in an attempt to earn money for Team Rocket, decided to work as mercenaries for Colonel Hansel, an unscrupulous man who desired the power of the Togepi Paradise. To do this, the Trio sent a letter of invitation to the kingdom to Misty and Ethan, since they both had a togepi and a togetic respectively.

Misty and Ethan, taking advantage of the fact that they were in Hoenn, called Ash and they all met together to board an airship. This’s how Ash's new friends met his old friends.

"I'm glad to see you were okay. I had heard that you guys keep getting into a lot of trouble." Misty said lovingly as she petted Pikachu.

"No matter where I go, problems always follow me." Ash said smiling.

"I'm glad I'm no longer your traveling companion." Ethan joked.

However, once in the kingdom they had to help princess Sara stop Colonel Hansen's evil plans. Ethan of course tried to flirt with the princess before, receiving a good slap on the wrist from Misty.

"It hurts as much as Kriss's disappointed look!" Ethan complained.

Ethan's togetic helped evolve the togepi of the paradise, including Misty's, and together they defeated Hansel and the TRio. Finally Misty's togetic stayed there to protect paradise from any evil. While Ethan's togetic, with a more warlike nature, preferred to stay with his trainer since he didn’t want a peaceful life.


There was ashes everywhere, to the point where it was sometimes difficult to breathe. The good thing about so much ashes is that it could be collected and taken to a glass workshop where a man could make flutes from said ash. Brendan got five different flutes.

In that area they also met Aarune, the adventurer from a distant region, who was obsessed with secret bases to the point that he had formed a club around that concept. The guy knew very well the best places to build bases but he was complaining that both Team Magma and Team Aqua had been occupying those places lately. A problem that Ash and his friends quickly solved.

Fallarbor Town: A farm community with small gardens

May celebrated and won her third Pokémon contest by using Beautifly against Greta's medicham, thus earning her second ribbon. Her teacher Coraline congratulated her and gave her a list of things she should improve for the next contest.

Later Ash and his friends met Lanette, who was taking care of Hoenn's Pokémon storage system. The messy woman was very happy to know that Ash was also a friend of Bill, the creator of said system.

They also met their older twin sister, Brigette, who was busy trying to create a massive Pokémon storage system. She had rare Pokémon like a swablu with false swipe, a zigzagoon with extreme speed, a skitty with payday and a pichu with surf.

"Being able to pass Pokémon to people from distant regions without problems… Excitement invades me just thinking about how far humans and Pokémon have come!" Lanette said excitedly.

"I hope that emotion doesn't make you forget that you have to eat, again." her sister Brigette warned her when she saw that her food from the previous day was still on the table.


Max really enjoyed talking to the Fossil maniac, who was a little crazy because he believed there was a mysterious civilization hidden nearby.

What they did find at the Meteorite waterfall was the admins Courtney and Blaise from Team Magma fighting the admins Matt and Amber from Team Aqua. All to see who would kidnap professor Cozmo. For the first time Ash wasn’t sure if they would win as the admins and their grunts were too much for them.

"We have to get out of here!" Brendan said, alarmed when he saw that they were greatly outnumbered.

"Take May and Max, I'll entertain them!/Pika!" said Ash and Pikachu. Brendan grabbed May and Max but they resisted.

"We're not going to leave you alone, Ash!" May told him, getting Brendan off of her.

"And Steven, where is Steven Stone?!" asked the frightened professor Cozmo. "He was supposed to look inside the cave just for five minutes!"

"Is Steven here?" Matt asked, scared, remembering his crushing defeat in the Granite Cave of Dewford Town.

"That's how it is. And it seems that our last fight wasn’t enough of a lesson for you." Steven said appearing behind everyone.

"Get him before he beats us up again!/Quickly, kill the champion!/No mercy my grunts!" Matt, Amber and Blaise said respectively and at the same time.

Both Team Magma and Team Aqua focused on Steven, who with only four Pokémon kept them all at bay. Meanwhile Ash and his friends took professor Cozmo to the exit of the waterfall but Courtney was there.

"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

"Ninetales, flamethrower!"

Fire and electricity collided, creating a small smoke that Courtney took advantage of to throw herself on top of a surprised Brendan.

"Hello handsome! You missed me?"

"Y”, no! Back off!" said the boy. Courtney laughed just before dodging an attack launched by May's skitty.

"I would like to fight you but I have to take something very important to Mt. Chimney... Oops, I shouldn't have said that! Hahaha!"

Steven had defeated the grunts but all the Admins had escaped.

"Well, one less problem." He said happily.

"You're wrong, they took my meteorite and I don't know what they're going to use it for!" Cozmo shouted desperately.

"Brendan's girlfriend said they were going to Mt. Chimney." Max said. Brendan shot him a menacing look but the boy ignored him.

"Then let's go after them, we can't let them get away with this!" said Ash furious for not having been able to do much in the battle.

"I would like to accompany you but there is something I have to investigate in this place," Steven said. "Don't worry, I have already called Agent Jenny and she’ll take you to that place."

Mt Chimney

"The power contained in the meteorite... By amplifying its power with this machine, Mt. Chimney's volcanic activity will instantly intensify... Fufufu... The volcano will erupt, spewing lava that will cool and harden. It will expand the landmass..." Maxie murmured.

Ash and his friends arrived just in time to see Courtney hand the meteorite to the man and he put it into a machine. On the ground were Team Aqua grunts and their Pokémon out of combat.

"What bad luck you have, if you had arrived a little earlier you would have seen how Courtney and I put the leader of Team Aqua in his place." said Maxie, who had taken advantage of the fact that Archie had come without any of his Admins.

"Are you the leader of Team Magma?" Ash asked, recognizing the madness in that guy's look. "What do you want?"

Maxie looked at Ash, May, Brendan, Max, and Agent Jenny.

"Listen to me well. People live on land and the land is everything. Which is why Team Magma is dedicated to expanding the mainland. This way there’ll be more room for new species of Pokémon to evolve. And there’ll be more space to facilitate the progress of humanity. This is the vision of Team Magma!

"…Mask of Ice wasn’t so insane."

"I don't understand anything."

"Someone has taken ecology too seriously."

"This guy is completely mad."

"You’re under arrest for eco-terrorism!"

Maxie, furious, ordered his grunts and Courtney to finish them off. Courtney didn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea but she ended up listening to him. Meanwhile Ash faced Maxie, who looked at him with a sinister smile.

"My Pokémon are very tired because of Archie... but even so, a brat like you won't be any problem. I, Maxie, will bury you by my own hand. I hope you appreciate this honor!"


"What?! Have I, the great Maxie, been taught a lesson?!" Maxie couldn't believe the strength and will of that boy and his Pokémon, especially that Pikachu. "I don't give a damn. I will abandon my plans for Mt. Chimney, but only for the moment... No one can stop us! Team Magma is the best! That you will not forget!"

He was forced to return the meteorite and run away before the police arrested him. Courtney blew a kiss to Brendan, who earned laughter from his friends.

Gabby and Ty had been there. And even though the police wanted to keep it a secret, the next day everyone knew that the famous environmentalist and Pokémon defender, Maxie, was the leader of Team Magma.

Archie was laughing in his office when he saw that the news was everywhere. He hadn't been able to stop Maxie on Mt. Chimney but others had taken care of that. Not to say that now Maxie would have a harder time carrying out his plans.

How he would have liked to use the meteorite to stop the volcanic activity of Mt. Chimney. The crater would have cooled, filling with rainwater and creating a new habitat for water-type Pokémon...

However, Team Magma was no longer his only problem...This Ash Ketchum guy could be a headache in the future if he let him loose. He had to eliminate him before it was too late because he knew who Archie was.

Lavaridge Town: An excellent place for relaxing!

"Welcome! No, wait. I mean… puny trainer, you've done well to make it this far! Let's see. I'm, uh, honored to be serving as the Gym Leader of… No, I mean… I'm Flannery, and I'm in charge here! Uh… You'd better not underestimate me just 'cause I've only been leader a short time! With the skills inherited from my grandfather, I'm gonna, uh, demonstrate the hot moves we've honed in this land! Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" ―Flannery, one with a fiery passion that burns!

Flannery had just received her Gym Leader title. It was very important for her to be able to have the position once held by her grandfather Moore, who had also been a member of Hoenn's Elite Four years ago.

Corphish, Treecko and Pikachu vs Magcargo, Slugma and Torkoal. Despite his impulsiveness Flannery was a very good strategist and made things difficult for Ash, but in the end the child from Pallet town won.

"I guess I was trying too hard to be someone I'm not. When I don't act like myself, no wonder Pokémon that battle at my side get confused. Thank you for teaching me that. You deserve this, the Heat Badge." Flannery said very seriously.


After the fight Flannery took them to the hot springs for which Lavaridge Town was known. Her family had been taking care of them for generations, and our heroes felt brand new after bathing in them.

In that place an old lady gave Brendan a Pokémon egg from which a Wynaut would later hatch. Then Flannery gave each of them Go-Goggles in case they wanted to go to the desert since it was a dangerous place.


Route 111 Desert

They met the Fossil maniac again, who showed them the mysterious Mirage Tower, which hid fossils of ancient Pokémon. During the investigation they were attacked by the TAMio (A. Grunt, M. Grunt and Poochyena) and the Pokémon battle they had ended up collapsing the tower. Luckily no one was hurt, although Ash and company were beginning to notice that their enemies were fighting in an increasingly coordinated manner.

Petalburg City

“I see that you have become much stronger. And thanks to you my children have also gained experience. As a reward I’ll give you the fight of your life. Get ready!” ―Norman, a man in pursuit of power!

Ash finally had four badges and a good team to face Norman. Brendan supported him unconditionally, May just wanted them to have a good fight while Max wanted to see her father win.

Pikachu, Torkoal and Grovyle vs Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking. Ash's victory wasn’t easy but he achieved it after a fierce final battle between Grovyle and Slaking.

However, Max didn’t accept this and steals the Balance Badge from his father so that Ash couldn’t have it. The boy didn’t want to accept that his father wasn’t invincible, but after a talk given by his parents and sister, Max accepted that fact and gave the badge to Ash after asking for his forgiveness.

Later Wally came to Norman's house and upon seeing Ash challenged him to a fight. The boy had improved a lot in a short time but he still couldn't beat Ash.

Archie was furious. If it hadn't been for her admin Shelly the police would have caught him. Gabby and Ty had received information from Maxie himself, in which he gave evidence about Archie being the leader of Team Aqua.

A revenge to basically level the playing field. And that way Maxie wouldn't have all the police on him so Archie was forced to flee Hoenn TV.

The real war between Team Aqua and Team Magma had begun.

City Rubello

May participated in her fourth contest using Beautifly and Bulbasaur. However, her desire to win prevented her from seeing that she was harming her Pokémon and she ended up losing to Savannah, who in turn lost to Drew. May's biggest rival already had four films under his belt.

May became sad and even wanted to cry, but her friend and mentor Coraline encouraged her and made her realize that she learned more from defeats than from victories.


Shortly after they saw that there was a lot of commotion in one of the city squares. Apparently a woman was quickly defeating the trainers who challenged her and instead of money she forced them to prepare quality food for her.

The woman was Glacia of the Elite Four, the Ice-type specialist. Next to her were a walrein and a glalie, and in her arms was a newborn snorunt who watched the fights with enthusiasm.

"I'm not going to waste this opportunity!" Ash said enthusiastically.

"Wow, what a lively young man," Glacia said, laughing lightly. "Although you don't look like someone who knows how to cook."

"Don't worry, miss, I can cook for my friend." Brendan, who was getting ready to cook, assured her.

Several minutes later Glacia and May were devouring Brendan's food.

The Weather Institute

Due to a call from professor Birch, Ash and his friends had gone to visit Bart, the researcher who discovered the castfrom Pokémon. What they didn’t expect is that Team Aqua and Magma had invaded the building and started a Pokémon battle.

The real surprise though was seeing Tabitha and Shelly. The burly man and the red”haired woman were the best Admins of Team Magma and Aqua respectively and had worked undercover in Devon Corporation for years.

"Ahahahaha! You're going to meddle in Team Aqua's affairs? You're either absolutely fearless, simply ignorant, or both! You're so cute, you're disgusting! I'll put you down, kiddy!" Shelly said.

"Hehehe! So you've come all the way here! But you're too late! All the secrets of the institute will be of Team Magma!" Tabitha said.

"We'll see about that!" Ash said. His Pokémon team was no longer weak nor was his friends.

They just had to hold them until the police arrived. May sent Max to hide with the other scientists. The boy did this while he notified professor Birch and the police.

Route 119

After the adventure at the institute, Ash and his friends headed to the next city but were intercepted by the TAMio. They were defeated so easily that their enemies became furious and completely lost their composure.

"Hyahyahya?! D-d-do you intend to get in my way once more? Unngh! You're really... really, really, really, really, really... reeeallllyyyy... an obnoxious child, aren't you?! Ahh... Ah... I will...crush you someday. So that you…never get in my way...again." said Magma Grunt, throwing himself on the ground and kicking.

"You've made a lot of progress since the last time... You're a terrible boy..." said Aqua Grunt as she dragged his “companion” away. "Neither my Pokémon nor this good-for-nothing's Pokémon have any strength left... Keep going, Archie will take care of you one day."

"Poo, Poochyena!"

Then Scott appeared behind our heroes, just when the criminals left.

"Hahaha! Way to go, Ash! They have really lost their temper... But anyway, we see each other every now and then, are you going to Fortree City? I'm sure you'll do well in the gym. See you later!"

Fortree City: The treetop city that frolics with nature

The houses were built in trees in that city surrounded by forest. Ash and Pikachu played with the vines and went from tree to tree screaming. Brendan, Max, and Wally, who was passing by, ended up joining him until May scolded them for disturbing the neighbours.

Ash and Wally had a fight and this time Ash noticed that Wally's level was advancing by leaps and bounds. The boy really had talent even though he lost again.

Later Ash and his friends ran into Steven Stone, who was giving a device called the Devon Scope to a very pretty woman. The woman was Winona, the gym leader, and she wanted to use the machine to catch some kecleon who were causing problems for both citizens and tourists.

Ash and his friends helped her and so Winona was able to finish early and accept Ash's challenge.

"How's Wallace?" Steven asked Winona before leaving town.

"As happy as always," Winona said with a slight smile. "He already has the five ribbons and now she spends her days dreaming of new possible combinations.

"Having such a fabulous boyfriend can't be easy." Steven laughed.

"Just like you having such a fabulous best friend." Winona laughed.


"I have become one with bird Pokémon and have soared the skies... However gruelling the battle, we’ll triumph with grace... Witness the elegant choreography of my bird Pokémon and me!" ―Winona, the bird user taking flight into the world.

Grovyle, Pikachu and Swellow vs Altaria, Pelipper and Swellow (Shiny). After a high-flying battle, Ash won the Feather badge.

Winona then invited them all to the Feather Carnival, an annual event held in honor of flying-type Pokémon. During the festival Ash saw Scott again, who was participating in an eating contest against May, which he lost.

"How does this girl eat so much?... Ah, hello Ash! As I thought, you have won the badge. Your strength is exceptional... You may be the person I was looking for. I’m an unconditional fan of yours. I’ll continue to support you in all your fights. You keep it up!"

M07: Destiny Deoxys

Four years ago the legendary Rayquaza faced a space Pokémon called Deoxys and the latter lost, mysteriously disappearing at the bottom of the sea. However, over the next few years, Deoxys began to regenerate and went in search of his mate.

Currently Ash and his friends arrived in the technological city of LaRousse, place of birth of Drew. In that city they met Troy Lun, a boy who was traumatized by Pokémon after having seen the battle four years ago. He was also the son of professor Lund, the most important man in the city.

However, Troy used to talk every day with a mysterious gem, which was the heart of another Deoxys. The arrival of the first Deoxys to the city caused a breakdown in the machines and there were many incidents. Rayquaza returned to try to eliminate his space rival again.

Ash and his friends, along with other people (Rafe, Sid, Rebecca Audrey and Kathryn), managed to calm Rayquaza, save the city and reunite the two deoxys. And finally Tory managed to befriend the Pokémon and overcome his fears.

Safari Zone

Ash wanted to pass by without visiting the area, but received an unexpected call. Kris, her friend from Johto was there for a job from professor Elm.

Then Ash introduced Kris to his new friends.

"The owner of the safari, Mr. Baoba, is interested in bringing Pokémon from Johto and Kanto to Hoenn. So he contacted professor Elm and Oak and they in turn asked me to help him."

"I'd heard my father talk about it before," Brendan said. "He told me that they asked him to review the environment and climate of the safari."

"Your father? professor Birch?" Kriss deduced.


"He is a very peculiar man."

"I know." Brendan laughed.

"All that work sounds exhausting." Ash said.

"You only say that because of what happened to you with the tauros." Kriss laughed.

"What happened to you with the tauros?" May asked.

"Yes Ash, tell us." Max said maliciously when he noticed how nervous Ash got.

Our heroes spent the afternoon helping Kriss and, unfortunately for Ash, visiting the safari. When they said goodbye to her, Kriss made Ash promise to visit her and Echo one day.

Mt. Pyre

The entire area had been invaded by Team Aqua and Team Magma. Their objective was to obtain the legendary Red and Blue orbs, with which it was said they could control the seas and the land.

The Pokémon trainers in charge of taking care of the place kept the grunts at bay but the situation was getting worse. The elderly guardians of the orbs begged them to please not take the orbs, but the villains had no intention of paying attention to them.

Archie and Admin Amber were fighting Maxie and Admin Blaise. Meanwhile Ash fought Matt for the red orb and Brendan fought Courtney for the Blue orb. Although in this last case Courtney seemed to be playing with him when she could have beaten him a long time ago. May, for her part, protected Max and the elderly couple from the grunts.

Without anyone being able to stop them, Tabitha took the red orb and Shelly took the blue orb. Ash wanted to scream with rage when he saw that nothing was going well. Just at that moment a green orb ended up rolling to his feet. With curiosity, he took it…

However, a loud explosion caught everyone's attention. Many grunts were flying into the air while screaming in terror.

"Please don't let it be Steven Stone again…" Matt murmured when he saw that. Luckily for him the cause of the commotion was Phoebe of the Elite Four, who specialized in the ghost type.

"How dare you make such a fuss in my home and hurt my grandfather and my friends?!" She shouted furiously. At her side Dusclosp, Banette and Sableye laughed as they thought about how they were going to make the villains suffer.

Before long Archie and Maxie realized that the battle was lost, but at least they had the orbs. They would have liked to kidnap the elders to obtain more information but it wasn’t good to tempt fate.


After helping with the disaster, Ash and his friends told Phoebe what had happened. The worried girl said that she would warn the rest of the Elite Four and the gym leaders because what was coming wasn’t good.

Ash wanted to return the green orb to the elders but they told him to keep it and not tell anyone until the right time came.

"By the way, thank you for saving my grandfather." Phoebe said to May.

"You’re welcome, I couldn't let them hurt your grandfather hurt, nor your grandmother."

"My grandmother?"

"… Yeah?"

"But my grandmother has been dead for years."

The red orb controlled the kyogre that created the seas of the world. The blue orb controlled the groudon that created the world's continents. Archie and Maxie had the orb that the other wanted, so after arranging a meeting on neutral ground, they came to the conclusion that they needed each other.

Team Aqua was going to steal Captain Stern's submarine. Team Magma was going to steal special suits made by Devon Co that would allow movement in extreme climates and places.

The war between the two would only delay their plans. So they made a truce that they would break once they had gotten the legendaries.

Lilycove City: Where the land ends and the sea begins

May participated in the city's Pokémon contest using Combusken. And she got her third ribbon after beating Kelly's grumpig.

Although May noted that it was the first time that Coraline wasn’t there supporting her in the audience.

"I'm sorry I couldn't go but I had things to do." Coraline told her when she contacted her by calling her from the Pokémon Venter.

"It's okay, although I would have really liked you to see me winning, teacher!" May said very happily. Coraline laughed seeing her so excited.

"If you have time, go to the Berry Master's house."

"The what?"

"Berry Master, he’s a berry expert capable of creating Pokéblocks of the highest quality," Coraline explained. "He can surely help you improve your Pokémon."

"Thank you for the advice, teacher."

"Don't call me teacher." Coraline laughed.

Later our heroes rested at the Cove Lily Motel, where they found Scott sleeping.

"Zzz... Zzz... Huh? Oh sorry! I was taking a nap! I came to take a look at this Pokémon Contests thing. I must admit that they seem very entertaining, but... you’ll say that I am a purist, but I prefer a good fight against a tough trainer."

"We think alike." “Ash said until he saw the look May was giving him. "A-although Pokémon contests are also very exciting!"

"Of course, different things for different trainer. Ash, I hope you like Gyms, Contests, Battle Shops, everything!"

They couldn't continue talking as suddenly terrible news came on the motel television given by the reporters Gabby and Ty: Captain Stern's submarine had been stolen in a joint attack perpetrated by Team Aqua and Team Magma.

Shoal Cave

The TAMio was hidden in that remote place with other grunts from Team Aqua and Magma, waiting for orders from their leaders. Although from the little information they had received, things seemed about to explode.

The tension between both teams was more than palpable.

"Hey…" Magma Grunt began to say to her partner…no, friend.

"What'?" Aqua Grunt asked as she petted Poochyena.

"I heard the other grunts say that you and Archie are childhood friends."

Aqua Grunt looked at him with a mischievous smile.

"Jealous? Don't tell me you like the enemy now?"

"Don’t be a fool!" said M. Grunt. "I just wanted to know why you're a simple grunt instead of an Admin if you're her friend."

"Nepotism isn’t my thing. I wanted to reach the top on my own." She said sadly, "but I still had a long way to go to be really strong."

Magma Grunt smiled slightly as he opened his half-closed eyes.

"Then you and I must promise to become even better Admins than the current ones."

"…My goal is to surpass Shelly."

"Mine is to surpass Tabitha, I hate him and all that muscle mass he has."

"Heh heh... And why don't we do something that will earn us a promotion instead of wasting our time here?" Aqua Grunt suggested.

"…It's not a bad idea…I think there is a space center near here…" Magma Grunt said.

Mossdeep City: Our slogan: Cherish Pokémon!

Although Ash wanted to go to Slateport City to help captain Stern, his friends convinced him that it wasn’t worth it, and that they would never arrive in time. The best thing was to get stronger and for this a gym fight would be the best.

They met twin siblings Tate and Liza, who were the children of Jin, Hoenn's most famous astronaut. The twins showed them the space center, which unfortunately had been raided by the TAMio. Ash and his friends made them blast off without the rocket they had come to steal.


"Heh heh heh... Were you surprised? Tee hee hee... Were you surprised? That there are two Gym Leaders? That there are two Gym Leaders? We're twins! We're twins! We don't need to talk because...we can each tell...what the other is thinking...all in our minds! This combination of ours...Can you beat it?" ―Tate and Liza, the mystic combination!

Pikachu and Swellow vs Solrock and Lunatone in a double battle. Something unexpected but exciting for Ash. Rachel, the twins' mother, judged the fight, which was so intense that they had to finish it outside the gym. In the end Ash won the Mind badge.

Later the brothers showed them Steven's house. The young man was studying rocks when he saw them and invited them all to eat.

"Did you know that the space center was going to be built in Sootopolis City instead of here?" Steven told them.

"But they realized that our city was much cooler, right?" Tate said very convinced.

"…How is it possible that we are twin brothers?" Liza asked herself very embarrassed.

Izabe Island

May defeated her rival Harley's cacturne in the finals of the Pokémon Contest using Bulbasaur and winning her fourth ribbon. They then spent a day there until they met Sidney from the Elite Four, a specialist in the sinister type.

"You're the kids Steven is always talking about, right?" said the man with a wide smile. "He speaks of you even more than of his stones."

"Yes, we are." Brendan responded for the rest of the group.

"I'm very sorry to interrupt your adventure, but we need your help."

"The Elite Four needs our help, how cool!" Max said.

Sidney's smile disappeared a little when he heard that.

"Kids like you should enjoy life and youth, not help veterans save the world," Sidney said. "I'm afraid the world is really ending..."

After making various preparations and ignoring the politicians's orders, the Elite Four ordered the Gym Leaders to simultaneously attack Team Aqua and Team Magma's hideouts.

They knew their locations thanks to information obtained by Agent Jenny while interrogating captured grunts and the help of Gabby and Ty.

Roxanne, Brawly, Flannery and Wallace went to the Magma hideout. While Wattson, Norman, Winona, Tate and Liza went to the Aqua hideout. The Elite Four, for their part, began looking for the legendary Registeel, Regirock and Regice, because if the worst situation arose, having them on their side could help even a little.

The battle in both hideouts went well, until they discovered that Archie and Maxie, along with all the elite of both teams had already fled with the submarine. What no one knew is that thanks to Steven, Ash and his friends had infiltrated said submarine.

Abyssal Cavern

Steven took care of the six Admins at the same time while Ash and his friends advanced towards Archie and Maxie. On their way they met grunts from both teams, who were very scared and didn’t seem willing to stop them.

"You have to stop them. They've gone completely crazy," said Magma Grunt, who was sweating as if his life depended on it. "It's as if the orbs control their minds!"

"Groudon and Kyogre…the power of these two is too much…They’re going to destroy the world…" said a confused and scared Aqua Grunt.

"…Poo…" said the scared poochyena.

At this point, not even the Admins seemed convinced of their bosses' plan, they were just fighting out of pure loyalty. Once the legendaries were awakened, there would be an epic final battle to decide which team would change the world.

However, Archie and Maxie had changed their minds when they had the legendaries nearby. They seemed to think of only one thing, using Groudon and Kyogre to wipe out all life in front of them.

"Fuhahaha! Just as I predicted. Even I, the great Maxie, have found myself wishing for something I cannot justify. And the illogical desire that I harbored was to have you present here at this moment. Hahaha... And now that fool's wish has come true. Fantastic!" Maxie said as they saw Ash running towards them. "Nothing could please me more! I suppose I should make introductions... I present to you my incomparable partner, who will assist Team Magma in driving humanity forward to its next level! The super-ancient Pokémon... Groudon! Behold! This great form slumbering in defiance of even the broiling lava surrounding it!"

"Bwahahaha! Well, if it isn't my little adversary! I can't even find the words to praise you as you deserve, Ketchum. Sometimes it's best to keep things simple. All I'll say is you met my expectations, scamp! And I'm not just talking about today, but everything you've done up till now." Archie said. "And that's why you'll get the honor of meeting my new partner before anyone else living in this world! The super-ancient Pokémon… Kyogre!!!" How 'bout that?! That beautiful form so long resting at peace within the azure sea!"

"They seem completely unhinged." Brendan noted.

"And now you realize?" Max said.

"For once I agree with my brother, they have always been crazy." May said.

"Crazy or not I'm going to stop them!/Pika!" said Ash and Pikachu.

Maxie's eyes turned blood red as he held the blue orb tightly and Archie's eyes turned navy blue as he held the red orb just as tightly. They didn't even seem to be listening to anyone but themselves.

"This foolish world has held back humanity's progress out of misguided idealism regarding the coexistence of humans and Pokémon. But this ancient creature can bring that to its rightful end, creating a new land upon which humanity may stride freely forward." Maxie said. "Ash, you’re the final obstacle remaining between me and my goals. Brace yourself for my ultimate attack! Fuhahaha!"

"I've been waiting so long for this day to come. We humans have disregarded Pokémon and nature both in our endless pursuit of our own desires and needs… And in the process, we've created this broken and disordered world… But this’s the day when I finally obtain the power to return everything to how it once was, to return to our beginnings!" Archie said. "And now, you’re the last token resistance that's trying to ruin my day. I'll use everything my team and I have to crush you once and for all!… This is the true power of my team! Graaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!"


Ash took care of the villains' Camerupt and Sharpedo while May and Brendan took on the rest of their Pokémon, allowing Ash a chance to win.

"Team Aqua and Team Magma are finished, give up already!" Ash demanded. "Your plans are pointless and you’re only going to cause pain to people and Pokémon."

"Ash’s right, even your men have given up on fighting me." said Steven, who was accompanied by the six admins.

However, the sad, embarrassed and worried looks of his men didn’t faze Archie and Maxie at all. The two only had eyes for Ash. And to the surprise of everyone present, the orbs ended up getting inside the bodies of both villains without them even seeming to notice.

"Hah... Hah... Hahhh... Ah… Aha... Fuhahaha... Kahahahaha!" The groudon symbol appeared on Maxie's face. "Splendid. Just splendid, my young Trainer. No, it is more than that! I should be calling you my young hero! Believing until the very end that a world where humanity and Pokémon coexist must be the best... Rejecting my ideals without a second thought... Yes, watching you struggle desperately to halt the beginning of the world's end... You are undoubtedly a hero! So noble... And yet. I will not yield! I will not bend! I will use the Red Orb to awaken Groudon and put an end to all else!"

"Hah… Hah… Ahh … Ah… Aha… Ahahahaha… Bwahahahahahaha!" The Kyogre symbol appeared on Archie's face. "Perfect! You're just as great as any little hero trying to save the world ought to be! But it changes nothing! I can't give up now! I can't! I’ll use the power of this Blue Orb to awaken Kyogre at last! Then I'll return everything in this world to its original, pure state!!"

Everything that happened next happened in a matter of minutes. Maxie and Archie woke up the legendaries and rode them out of there. The cavern began to collapse and thanks to Steven, almost everyone present was able to get out of there alive.

One of Courtney's legs was trapped under a rock but Brendan rescued her and carried her from there. Tabitha and Shelly were not so lucky and ended up disappearing among the rocks without anyone being able to do anything. Ash tried to save the criminals who were trapped but the rest stopped him because it was too dangerous.


Torrential rains accompanied by tidal waves. Burning drought accompanied by earthquakes. All at the same time or at constant intervals. Pokémon and humans fled in terror as they saw how Groudon and Kyogre advanced, destroying everything in their path. Their destination was Sootopolis City, where they would have their long”awaited legendary battle.

The gym leaders and the Elite Four, with the help of the three Regis, were in charge of the evacuation and rescue of both people and Pokémon. The members of Team Aqua and Magma, still devastated by the supposed loss of Tabitha and Shelly, saw in horror what their evil actions had caused to the Hoenn region.

However, Magma Grunt, Aqua Grunt and Poochyena took charge and forced them to stop crying to focus on helping. Chasing Ash throughout Hoenn had earned the trio virtues such as patience, tenacity, and endurance. Their dreams of leading had been fulfilled even though the situation wasn’t the best.

Steven, for his part, called Wallace, since he apparently had a vague idea of ​​how to stop the titans. Wallace said that they needed someone capable of using the green orb, which would allow Rayquaza's power to be used.

At first Steven wanted to be that person but Ash confessed that he had the green orb. Not only that, when someone else wanted to take the orb it burned them.

While everyone headed to Sootopolis City, Steven and Wallace accompanied Ash to the Sky Tower, where the rayquaza were said to sleep. During the trip and while climbing the tower, the three felt that someone or something was watching them but they didn’t have time to find out.

The walls of the pillar were covered with blankets and moss, which covered the ancient paintings. However, what interested Ash was the rayquaza they found at the top. The legendary, after observing Ash, roared loudly, causing the green orb to enter the body of the kid from Pallet town.

From that moment on, a connection was formed between the legendary and him. They were one and together they were going to save the region. During those moments of connection, Ash thought he saw something strange, Rayquaza with a different, more powerful form... but it was only for a few seconds.

Sootopolis City: The mystical city where history slumbers

It was like the old legends. Gabby and Ty recorded everything so that all of Hoenn could see how a rayquaza descended from the skies. On his head was a child that no one could identify because the camera did not have that much power.

Ash and Rayquaza fought Maxie, Archie, Groudon, and Kyogre at the same time. They were finally able to stop the legendaries and both Maxie and Archie expelled the orbs from their bodies. Although no one could find them again so they were considered lost items.

Rayquaza returned to the Sky Tower while the green orb flew away on its own. Leaving Ash stunned.

"W-what have we done?" Maxie said when remembering what happened. His face was full of tears and sadness.

"W-we almost destroyed the region... even though we wanted to improve the world..." Archie said after getting down on his knees and crying for all the damage and madness caused.

Thanks to the quick action of the police, the gym leaders, and the Elite Four, no human lives had been lost and very few Pokémon haven’t been able to escape. Tabitha and Shelly were still missing and for the next few days people called for the heads of the members of Team Aqua and Magma.

However, the Hoenn government considered that the brilliant minds of those eco-terrorists would serve better outside than inside prison. So they became a community group. They had to fix the entire mess caused even if it took them years while being watched by the police.

It was in those days that Courtney, who was being cared for by Brendan, confessed to May that she was her “teacher” Coraline. That affected May a lot at first but with the help of her friends she managed to overcome it. She thanked Courtney for her constant help in the contests but she found herself unable to forgive her… at the moment.

Courtney accepted her decision but didn't say anything, because from then on her actions would have to speak for her. And she planned to do anything to compensate for all the damage caused.

TAMio was now in charge of the image of both teams and seemed to like the fact that they had so much power.

Meanwhile Matt went on to work with Captain Stern, Blaise in the hot springs of Lavaridge Town and Amber accompanied him out of pure inertia, since he felt empty after everything that had happened.

Maxie and Archie went on to work under professor Birch and other times at the space center or even the Weather Institute. None of them received good words or good gestures from the other scientists but it was the least they deserved. Even so, it seemed that the broken friendship they had was beginning to be restored little by little.

Everyone kept it a secret that Ash had fought alongside Rayquaza because they didn't want the kid to have all the politicians after him. The fact that he was involved in the downfall of so many evil organizations already gave him too much unwanted fame. Gabby and Ty were promoted but they still didn't betray Ash's trust.


Sootopolis Gym

“My student Wallace surpassed me a long time ago, but don't get co*cky. Please, you shall bear witness to our artistry. A grand illusion of water sculpted by Pokémon and myself!" ―Juan, the Gym Leader with the beauty of pure water!

Wallace, the artist and lover of water, was busy with many matters and delegated the position of gym leader to his master Juan. So Ash had to face the former gym leader and Pokémon coordinator for the last badge.

Snorunt and Pikachu vs Sealeo and Seaking in a double battle. Then move on to individual battles: Grovyle, Corphish and Pikachu vs Luvdisc, Whiscash and Milotic.

"You lack Wallace's elegance but I have the feeling that you’ll reach even higher places than him." said Juan after giving him the Rain badge

Juan had been a Grand Festival winner in the past so May trained with him for several days.

Meanwhile Ash and Max visited a beautiful tree that was in the middle of the city. According to the inhabitants, it was brought by a very tall man from the Kalos region. At the foot of the tree you could find flowers that supposedly belonged to a Pokémon.

Pacifidlog Town: Where the morning sun smiles upon the waters

In that place they learned from an old man about the legend of Mirage Island, where a mysterious treasure supposedly lived. Apparently the island only appeared at certain times of the year in the middle of Route 130.

May earned her fifth ribbon by defeating Erica's Jynx using Skitty in a Pokémon contest. Although her victory didn’t taste good to her at all, since for a moment she wanted Courtney to be there watching her.


Mirage Island

There were only wynauts everywhere and Liechi berries, of which they took some. At least Brendan's wynaut enjoyed the island.

Drew, May's rival was also on the island. Just before they left they met Roderick, an old man who was a Pokémon coordinator in the past and was now the unofficial guardian of the island. Apparently his goal in the past had been to get Liechi Berries to make perfect Poké Cubes.

They soon realized that they did not know how to get out of there, since the boat they arrived with had sunk.


“In their natural state, Pokémon are wild living things. They are free. At times, they hinder us. At times, they help us.” ―Drake of the Elite Four.

Our heroes and Drew were able to get off the island safely thanks to Drake’s ship.

"It's a good thing I decided to stop by, huh?" Drake laughed. "There are always crazy people who want to find Mirage Island."

"Thank you for rescuing us." Brendan said. Drake laughed without giving it much importance.

"The Pokémon League will be coming soon, can I fight with you?" Ash asked excitedly. "It’ll be a good training."

"Why do you always pick a fight with the Elite Four?" May complained.

"Of course I accept your challenge, boy, but if you lose you have to help me look for a treasure that’s said to be near here." Drake asked him.


The next day Ash and his friends helped him and found a treasure.

M08: Lucario and the mystery of Mew

Many years ago two great Pokémon armies (Red and Green) were going to face each other but were stopped by the guardian of the aura Sir Aaron. His Pokémon partner Lucario mysteriously disappeared after such a heroic act...

Currently Ash and his friends, taking advantage of the fact that there was still time until the Pokémon League, went to the city of Rota. A large Pokémon tournament was being held there in commemoration of Sir Aaron and wearing a medieval costume was a requirement. Without anyone knowing, the TRio sneaked into the kingdom.

Ash won the tournament by defeating Kidd Summers in the finals and was proclaimed guardian of the Aura of that year by Queen Ilene. However, during the celebration party, the legendary mew that inhabits the Tree of Beginning took Pikachu and Meowth. In addition, Ash, touching Sir Aaron's staff, released his Pokémon Lucario.

According to Lucario, Sir Aaron wasn’t a hero and all his exploits were lies. With the help of Lucario and Kidd Summers they went to the Tree of Beginning to rescue Pikachu.

During the adventure they learned, thanks to the flowers of time, that Sir Aaron was a hero and that he sacrificed his life to save the kingdom, in addition to locking Lucario in the staff to protect him. Ash discovered that he possessed the ability to manipulate his aura and that his aura was identical to Sir Aaron's.

Ash and his friends reunited with Pikachu and Meowth, saved Mew and the Tree of Beginning, but Lucario had to sacrifice his life to do so. At least he was able to reunite with his best friend in the afterlife.

Ever Grande City: The paradise of flowers, the sea, and Pokémon

When a trainer carried the torch, which was said to have been lit with Groudon’s fire, the Hoenn Pokémon League began.

Ash defeated people like Gilbert, Dominick, Clark, Katie, Morrison and Tyson in the preliminary and subsequent rounds. He even had to face Tate Strategist, who he had heard quite a bit about.

"I have trained with my entire family, all of them. I'm not going to lose!" said the Ace Trainer Vito Winstrate. Five minutes later Vito had been defeated, although his defeat tasted worse when he learned that Ash had defeated his entire family in the past. After this, Vito swore to follow his dream of being a Pokémon breeder.


Ash had to face Wally to be among the best eight. His Hoenn rival seemed nervous at first but a few words of encouragement from Ash, Brendan, May and Max helped him relax and give his all.

"Ash, you should see the look of surprise on my family's faces when they found out how far I've come in less than a year." said Wally happily.

"I’m not surprised, in each fight you improved a lot." Ash responded just as happily.

"It’s thanks to you that I could make it this far. Your passion for Pokémon is contagious."

"Heh, heh, I just like them a lot."

Wally's face became much more serious.

"Losing to you all the time has taught me a lot and has helped me understand my Pokémon better." Wally stared at the Poké Ball in his hand and then looked at his rival and friend. "I can feel that you have become much stronger too."

"Of course, I can't stay behind when I have rivals like you!" Ash said as if he were the most logical thing in the world.

Wally laughed lightly again.

"Standing here facing you again gives me chills… …But I won't give up! I won't lose anymore. My Pokémon have given me the courage and strength to fight. I have to win for their sake! So get ready… Here I come!"

"That's how I like it, let's give it our all!/Pika, pikachu!" Ash and Pikachu said, completely accepting the challenge.

Pikachu, Grovyle, Swellow, Corphish, Torkoal and Glalie vs Kirlia, Altaria, Delcatty, Magneton, Roselia and Azumarill. It was an intense fight but in the end Ash prevailed over his rival and won after a fierce final battle between Pikachu and Kirlia.

"… I've lost…" said a very sad Wally when he saw his initial Pokémon fall.

"You did it well!" Ash shouted suddenly, preventing Wally from falling into a depressive state. "It was the best battle my Pokémon and I have had in this league! You really have become very strong!"

The rest of the people in the audience began to applaud loudly and give him words of encouragement. Wally watched all this with tears in his eyes.

"I think I should thank you because you and your Pokémon have faced me with all your strength. You have never treated me like someone weak... And thanks too to Kirlia and my other Pokémon... having gotten this far is a dream come true!"


“Your exploits, which cannot be told, have touched my heart very deeply…You seem different, more determined and stronger. Even so, today you are not facing a gym leader, but rather a rival for the cup of this league. Winona, Steven and my master Juan are supporting me… Come on, show me what you and your Pokémon team are capable of!” ―Wallace, artist and lover of water.

The real surprise for the league was learning that Wallace was also participating. The powerful gym leader had defeated all of his rivals using only two Pokémon. Ash was the only trainer there who was looking forward to facing him because he was never able to do so in the Sootopolis City gym.

Pikachu, Grovyle, Swellow, Crawdaunt, Torkoal and Glalie vs Milotic, Sharpedo, Walrein, Ludicolo, Swampert and Starmie.

Ash only managed to beat one of Wallace's Pokémon and finished in the top eight, just like in the Johto league.

At the end of the league Wallace was the winner and took the cup. Over the next few days Wallace challenged the Elite Four and when he faced Steven, he lost after defeating four of his Pokémon.

"I've been close but I guess you're still better than me." Wallace admitted between laughs. However, Steven didn't say anything, because he seemed to be thinking about something very important.

Hoenn Grand Festival

It was May's time to shine. The girl was very nervous but to her surprise Courtney appeared to cheer her up.

"When I was younger I really liked participating in contests with my vulpix," Courtney revealed while petting her ninetales. "I even had a friend and rival named Daisy Oak. She was better than me in contests and she always beat me. The spring edition of the Pokémon contest in Pallet town...That was the last straw."

"What happened?" May asked. Her story was a lot like her, always losing to Drew.

"I took the biggest defeat imaginable in the final. The level difference between Daisy and the rest of us was too much… Even her clefairy seemed invincible. I felt so bad that I abandoned contests forever and ended up dedicating myself to Pokémon research..."

"It must have been very hard..."

"Yes, but after seeing the courage that you and your friends have shown...Fighting against the impossible and winning...I have realized that perhaps I should never have given up," Courtney said, looking at her with a smile. "Don't give up May, show the world that us “losers” can also go far too."

"I plan to reach the top, for me and my Pokémon!... And also for you, master.

"I've already told you not to call me... it doesn't matter."

The two laughed as they were watched by Ash, Brendan and Max, who seemed happy to see May in a better mood.


A qualifying jury made up of five members: Raoul Contesta, Mr. Sukizo and three nurses Joy, who talked to each other about what they expected to find in the contest.

Meanwhile, the presenter Vivian Meridian cleared her voice and psyched herself up for what was going to come.

May was still nervous but seeing her brother and friends supporting her made her feel better.

After the first and second round of exhibitions, May managed to qualify for the combat round along with thirty-one other coordinators. Among these coordinators was Wallace who, unfortunately for the participants, was very good.

"Is there anything this man doesn't know how to do?" It was what was heard the most when Wallace and his Pokémon appeared on the scene.

Still, May remembered her training with Courtney and continued forward, defeating Harley, Anthony, and even her long-time rival Drew and reaching the semifinals.

However, in the semifinals he lost against Wallace, who showed him the level of a master Pokémon coordinator, something that helped May see that her goal was not yet close.

The final was won by Wallace by beating Roberto. During the Ribbon Cup award ceremony, he dedicated words of love to Winona, friendship to Steven and joy to Juan.

"Are you going on a trip, my friend?" Wallace asked Steven. The news had greatly surprised everyone, especially the Elite Four.

"Perhaps I should also return to my home region for a few days," Glacia said. "Hoenn is beautiful but my home even more so."

"You can use my ship if you want," Drake suggested. "I had also planned to return to the sea with my friends Stern and Briney."

"Wow, at this rate I'm going to be left alone." Phoebe said laughing.

"And me? Don’t you dare forget about me?" Sidney complained between laughs.

"I... I have realized that the world is too big and I want to explore it further," Steven confessed with a small smile.

"I understand you perfectly, but I hope you don’t abandon your duties as Champion of Hoenn." Wallace said worried. The rest of the Elite Four seemed to agree.

"Well, I'll have to do it since right now my attention is on other things," Steven admitted, "but don't worry, I have someone in mind to replace me."

"Me, me, right?" Phoebe asked excitedly.

"Wallace, the man who managed to make me nervous during the Pokémon League." Steven revealed.


Steven couldn't help but laugh when he saw his friend's surprised face.

"If it's a joke it's not funny." Wallace complained.

"No, it's not," Steven said after stopping laughing. "Your strength as a gym leader and coordinator is too overwhelming. Furthermore, all of Hoenn has seen that you have the necessary level to defend my position for as long as necessary. Your master Juan can continue being a gym leader of your gym, right?"

Wallace sighed before breaking into a wide smile.

"I'll have to talk to him, but I'm sure he'll be delighted at the thought of not having to retire yet."

After finishing the trip, Brendan decided to accompany Courtney in her training with the legendary Berry Master. Max returned to Petalburg City to learn from his father how to be a good gym leader. May accompanied Ash to Kanto, as she wanted to participate in the region's contests.

Ash, for his part, went to his house in Pallet town and found a big surprise as soon as he entered. International Police agent Lucy Fleetfoot had an important mission for him.

They needed a strong Pokémon trainer, but not so strong that he was known worldwide. Someone who had experience fighting criminal gangs and his number of successes was greater than failures. Someone like Ash.

"Meanwhile I have to take care of the criminal organization Phobos in the Sol region, and we are short of personnel since everyone is busy with the disaster that Team Magma and Aqua caused," Lucy explained very tired. "Not to mention that more criminal organizations are emerging even under the stones..."

After explaining what Ash's mission was, his mother wanted to refuse but Ash managed to convince her after telling her about his new adventures in Hoenn.

"At least let one of your friends should accompany, please." Delia asked him.


The region was suffering from an epidemic of shadow pokémon. Pokémon whose hearts had been closed, becoming fighting machines without feelings, capable of even killing humans. They had been created by the Cipher organization and delivered to trainers from the Orre region to cause chaos and destruction.

Wes had been the best Pokémon thief on Team Snagem, but when he discovered the dirty plans of Cipher, an organization that has an alliance with Snagem. Wess eventually defected and decided to purify any shadow pokémon he came across. To do this, he didn’t hesitate to use the Snag Machine stolen from his former criminal team.

With the Snag Machine Wes could turn Poké Balls into Snag Balls, allowing him to capture Pokémon from other trainers, and thus capture the shadow Pokémon scattered throughout the region.

After partially destroying Team Snagem's hideout, Wes headed to Oasis City, where he saved and met Rui. The girl possessed the ability to manipulate and use aura, so she could detect shadow pokémon. Wes and Rui became companions and decided to stop Cipher. However, the mission was too much for both of them, and despite Wes's protests, Rui ended up contacting the International Police.

Ash only knew that the Orre region was famous for its Pokémon coliseums and for being a no man's land. There the law didn’t usually work outside the cities, and often not even inside them.

When he and Yellow got off the plane of the International Police, they immediately noticed the smell of corruption.

"I guess I shouldn't have brought my new game, this place seems full of thieves." Yellow said while she held the new edition of Pokémon Pinball.

"I already told you to leave it at home." Ash scolded her.

"But it’s a gift of your mother and I hadn't had time to play it," Yellow complained.

"That child has a very powerful but warm aura at the same time… I have never seen anything like that." Rui confessed, surprised to see someone like Ash. Next to him was a girl with a ponytail whose blonde hair shone like gold.

"Hello, I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and this’s my friend Pikachu!/Pikachu!" Trainer and Pokémon said enthusiastically when they saw them.

"And I am Yellow of Viridian Forest, a pleasure to meet you." said the girl with a slight bow of her head.

"When they told me they would send help, I didn't think they would send a child." Wes said, not very happy at all.

"My brother has faced the leaders of Team Rocket, Neo Team Rocket, Team Magma and Team Aqua." Yellow said in an attempt to defend his friend. Ash puffed out his chest proudly, while Pikachu looked suspiciously at both of them until Rui started petting him.

"That's what the Interpol report says," Wes said with a somewhat mocking smile. "But you don't seem like a big deal, are you sure you're not one of those people who takes credit from others? When you fought against all those villains you always had help from powerful people, right?

"And what’s the problem with that?" Asked Ash, very upset with Wes's attitude.

Wes walked up to Ash and stared at him.

"In this region you won't be so lucky. There are no champions here or anyone from the Pokémon Association to help you. Your strength better not be a lie."

"I don't think he's a weakling, he also won the Orange League and has done quite well in other more important leagues." Rui read suddenly.

"What are you talking about, Rui?" Wes asked confused.

"Haven't you read the entire report?" She asked surprised as she waved the papers in front of his face.

"..I just wanted to know if he had experience against criminals so I skipped the other details." Wes confessed embarrassed.

Ash laughed at Wes's change of attitude.

"What’s so funny?"

"You seemed like someone very confident, but in the end you are quite clueless." said Ash, feeling that he has the upper hand.

"It seems that this kid needs to learn to respect his elders." Wes said, taking out a Poké Ball.

"Kid? You say it as if you were much older!" Ash shouted as he also took out a Poké Ball.


Oasis City - A few days later…

"Instead of sending us elite trainers, they send us you. I don't care if you have experience against criminals. As always, the government and the Pokémon Association don't care what happens in this damned region." Wes commented.

“What are you talking about?" Ash asked.

"You really don't know anything, huh? Why did you agreed to come here?"

"Because I like to help others!" Ash said happily.


"The Orre region didn't used to be this horrible," Rui began telling before those two fight again. "Guardians of the aura used to live and train here, however today very few remain."

Ash then remembered his experience in the kingdom of Rota with Lucario.

"With the passage of time, this region became a place full of outcasts and criminals of the worst kind." Rui continued.

"Most of us are descendants of villains," Wes said. The shadows that the fire produced on his face and his smile gave him a sinister appearance. "We have managed to establish laws and even have human rights. However, the other regions continue to ignore our problems."

"But they have sent us." Yellow said very seriously.

"As long as these shadow pokémon don't go outside of Orre, it's not our problem," Wes recited. "That's what the other governments must be thinking right now. They don't even hesitate to put two children in danger."

"You don't look much older either." Ash said offended.

"I'm seventeen years old, here that's being an adult."

"Well, I've already experienced many more things than most adults," Ash said with a smile. "Even if no one wants to help you, I’ll do it without hesitation."

For a small moment, Wes wanted to believe those words were true.


The rest of the month was spent fighting muggers, bikers, scoundrels, members of Team Snagem. In addition to rescuing and purifying shadow pokémon.

Ash of course couldn't resist the challenges of the coliseums in which all the battles were double, while Yellow helped Rui's grandfather, Eagun, purify the Shadow pokémon in the Relic Stone of Agate Village. Ash's pikachu and Yellow's pikachu loved going to that place because Eagun had several pikachu and pichu that they played with.

Finally they had the final battle against Cipher defeating their administrators Dakim, Venus, Ein and the charismatic Miror B, with whom Yellow became very good friends.

Then Ash, with the surprising help of Ho-oh, defeated the leader of Cipher, the evil mayor Es Cade, whose real name was Evice, in the Colossal Tower. He was to blame for many of the region's problems. For his part, Wes defeated the mysterious Nascour, Evice's right-hand man.

Chief Sherles, in collaboration with the International Police, arrested all of Cipher and thanked our heroes. Thus ending what would be called in the future, the Dark Incident.


"It has been the most stressful month of my entire life." Rui confessed.

"Well, I liked being able to help so many Pokémon." Ash said very happily.

"Same." Yellow said.

"Anyway, I admit it's been fun having someone like you around." Wes said with a wide smile. His dark gaze had become brighter.

"Thank you very much for everything,” Rui said just as happily. "Without your help it would have been more difficult for us to solve all this mess."

"Thanks to you I have been able to find out more about the aura. It has been a great experience." Ash said.

"And I have been able to develop my healing powers better," Yellow said with a big smile. "And I can even understand the hearts of Pokémon better thanks to Eagun."

"What are you going to do now?" Ash asked.

"I suppose we’ll help capture some fugitives and make sure there’re no more shadow Pokémon." Rui said.

Ash and Yellow, after promising to see them again in the future, said goodbye to Wes and Rui.


Rayquaza was flying calmly when he saw something passing at high speed in the distance. A kind of fortress ship called Phoboorb, in which all the members of the Phobos Battalion were screaming, after having been defeated by agent Lucy Fleetfoot.

Phobos, Buzz, Avery, Grock, Aquarella, Boolum were going to spend a lot of time together, reflecting and repenting of their misdeeds in space. Although the legendary dragon didn't know any of that nor did he care in the slightest, so he continued flying as if nothing had happened.

Below, Lucy, Professor P. and Mr. Who were happily watching the stars after having saved the entire region with the help of Link Beamer.


“One day, a human being angered Ninetales by touching one of her nine tails and she cursed him. However, his Gardevoir took the curse on herself to save her master. The human being, in an act of selfishness, abandoned Gardevoir to her fate. Ninetales prophesied that the selfish human would be reborn as a Pokémon, and when that happened, the balance of nature in the world would collapse.” ―Xatu of the Hill of the Ancients.

Ash had the strangest dream of his life. One day he turned into a Pikachu and appeared in a mysterious world in which Pokémon were apparently its only inhabitants.

That world was suffering from a lot of daily natural disasters. Ash, in Pikachu form, joined up with a female eevee and they formed a rescue team.

Between the two of them they carried out numerous missions where they rescued Pokémon or found treasures. In a short time they became so famous that their names reached the ends of the Wind continent.

All this aroused the envy of Team Meanies, formed by Medicham, Ekans and the leader Gengar. The latter was also like Ash, a Pokémon transformed into a human.

Manipulating the visionary Xatu's words, Gengar made everyone believe that Ash was the human from Ninetales' cursed prophecy. Ash and Eevee had to flee while being chased by other teams to solve the mystery and rescue the world.

Sadness and disappointment didn’t shake Ash's heart thanks to Eevee and an absol who sought to help them.

After facing the legendary ACT team (Alakazam, Charizard and Tyranitar), they managed to reach Ninetales, who revealed that Gengar was the real human he cursed.

Ash and Eevee later went to the Magma Cavern to rescue the teams that had been defeated by Groudon. After this came the last mission, saving the world from a meteorite, which was causing the imbalance in nature.

"Ash, it was I who transformed you into a Pokémon and erased your memories as humans," Gardevoir confessed to Ash in a dream within a dream. "Please, you have to save the world..."

Ash and Eevee reached the end of the Sky Tower and asked Rayquaza for help, as they needed him to destroy the meteorite. The most surprising thing was how Gengar helped Ash survive the explosion that Rayquaza caused when he destroyed said meteorite.

Then, through tears, Ash said goodbye to his friend Eevee and everyone else because his time to return to the human world had come...

While Eevee tried to convince him not to leave, Ash sadly remembered all the places they both used to go every day.

The Kecleon store and Kecleon Warehouses where they bought what was necessary for each mission. The Kangaskhan storage room where they kept the objects that they didn’t fit in the house or in their bags. The bank where Persian kept the adventurers' money. Pelipper Post Office where they received missions or could send letters. The Makuhita Dojo, Ash's favourite place since he could train there. The Whiscash Pond where the wise old Pokémon lived…

"I-I will never forget you Ash... Because you are my best friend!" Eevee shouted, sobbing.

All that was erased from his memory little by little when he woke up from the best dream of his life...Although some nights, he seemed to return to that world and continued living adventures with his friend Eevee.



Ash was only able to rest for three days at home because he received a message from Red. Apparently he wanted him and all the gym leaders to go to the Sevii Islands, since he had received an S.O.S. from Bill the Poké Maniac. Red and the Elite Four would stay in Kanto in case something happened.

The gym leaders were all in the same boat, talking to Ash and telling him stories about things that had happened that year.

-Brock: My useless parents take care of the gym while I'm traveling... I'm sure there’re a lot of beautiful women on the Sevii Islands!

-Misty: My sisters are taking care of the gym although that doesn't make me feel better... Did you seriously see a kyogre?! How lucky!... If you want we can go to Treasure beach later when the mission is over. You and me alone…

-Surge: Watching the boats that enter and leave my city isn’t an easy task, but I must prevent illegal traffickers from doing whatever they want... Who takes care of my gym? Well my new apprentice, Visquez!

-Erika: The picnicker Tanya is my best student so she’ll receive the challengers while I am gone… I heard that there’s a place full of flowers in the Sevii Islands. I would like to visit it.

-Koga: My sister Aya is back from Johto and is taking care of my gym. I will soon be named a member of Johto's Elite Four so... My daughter Sachiko is even more talented than me, she’s obsessed with inheriting my gym.

-Sabrina: I have personally trained my substitute, the psychic Franklin... Your gaze seems different Ash, I feel that there has been someone or something powerful inside you...

-Blaine: The Cinnabar Island volcano recently erupted and I’m left without a home or gym. Luckily no one was hurt…I've been thinking about relocating to the Foam Islands. I don't know when I'll build another gym. My friend Derek will receive the challengers at the Pokémon Center... Brock and Misty have told me about your two adventures with Mewtwo. I’m glad to see that humanity’s evil hasn’t tarnished his heart.

-Gary: Well yes, lately Sabrina and I meet up a lot to talk about everything... My gym? I would have liked Yellow to replace me since people love her, but she doesn't have a license so I asked Agatha to do it in the meantime. She seemed happy to be close to my grandfather even though she pretended it wasn’t like that.

On One Island, a very badly injured Bill was waiting for them. He seemed to be running away from something. Ash recognized the Pokémon that was chasing him. It was a Deoxys. They fought against him and together they barely managed to scare him away.

Bill explained that Giovanni was back and seeking revenge against anyone who got in his way. He was apparently hiding on some island and planned to use two deoxys to regain his lost power.

Giovanni was using to control the Deoxys a Sapphire and Ruby, which he had apparently found drifting in the Hoenn Sea after the fight between rayquaza, groudon and kyogre.

Bill knew all this because they had kidnapped him to help them in their experiments. Luckily for Bill, his watchers had been the TRio, which had allowed him to barely escape and quickly send a message to Red. Even so, there were members of Team Rocket infiltrated on the islands and Bill didn't know who to trust.

Ash immediately explained to his companions that the Sapphire and the Ruby must be the remains of the red and blue orbs, and also what had happened in that battle of Hoenn.

"If what you say is true, maybe we have a way to found Team Rocket." said Sabrina. Her plan was to use her powers to locate energies similar to what Ash was emitting due to his previous fusion with the green orb.

After doing so, Brock, Misty, Erika and Gary headed to Mount Ember. There they defeated the members of Team Rocket who were guarding the Ruby. The grunt Ariana fought with courage and bravery but she ended up losing and fled before being captured.

"Better to run and fight another day." Ariana said with a cruel smile.

"Don't run away, you coward!" Misty shouted, but she was stopped by Brock and Erika.

"We can't waste time with her." Brock said.

"Besides, we already have what we wanted." Erika said holding the Ruby.

"Hopefully we have been faster than the other team." Gary said bringing out the competitive side of him.

Surge, Koga, Sabrina and Blaine went to Floe Island's Icefall Cave where they found Lorelei of the Elite Four battling Team Rocket. The woman was furious because Team Rocket had invaded her home. Lorelei revealed to the leaders that she had seen the villains take the Sapphire to Chrono Island. There they found the Rocket Warehouse, protected by the grunt Archer.

"Damn you, you dam traitors!" Archer roared furiously when he saw them. "How could you stop being Team Rocket Admins and betray the great Giovanni?!"

"Working with Giovanni was the worst mistake of my life," Blaine said, adjusting his sunglasses, "and I hope that one day you too will get smart enough to abandon him."

"The rest of us never betrayed him because we were never on his side." Surge laughed.

"Giovanni took advantage of my mental instability and is doing the same to you." Sabrina told him.

"Don't waste your time on him," Koga warned them, seeing the madness in Archer's eyes. "Words will not break his loyalty to Giovanni."

Archer and the rest of grunts lost and fled after swearing that Team Rocket would regain its former glory.



Ash stayed as Bill's bodyguard until a man came running to the Pokémon Center. The poor guy was very scared saying that his daughter had been kidnapped by a hypno. The rest of the people seemed to know what he was talking about because they said that a hypno had been causing problems on the islands for weeks but that no one had managed to capture him.

Bill, knowing Ash's sense of justice, told him to go rescue the girl. Besides, her father was a friend of his. Bill would just hide in some area of ​​the Pokémon Center.

On his way to Kin Island, Ash came across the Kanto Biker Federation, who were harassing people and beating up the unwary. Ash and his Pokémon taught them a lesson and as a thank you, the people told him that maybe the hyno was in the Berry forest.

Passing through the Union Bridge, Ash reached said forest.


"Whimper... Sniff... Oh! Please, help! A scary Pokémon appeared there a while ago. It kept scaring. It made Lostelle scared. I'm too scared to move! But I want to go home... Oh! Here it comes again! No! It's scaring me!" ―Lostelle, the lost girl.

Ash defeated and captured the hypno, thus saving the girl. Later he returned to the Pokémon Center and gave the hyno to the nurse Joy so she could do with it whatever she wanted.

"I’ll send it to the Aether Foundation," said nurse Joy. "Surely they can rehabilitate him."

Lostelle's father thanked Ash for his help and told him that he had seen members of Team Rocket on Birth Island a few days ago.


Birth Island

Giovanni had stopped using Ruby and Sapphire as their power hurt him and had even burned his hands. Not only that, but according to Bill they were very unstable. That's why he had ordered his men to keep it protected in other places.

Seeing that our heroes had said Ruby and Sapphire, Giovanni went into a rage. He had no choice but to use a meteorite fallen on Mount Moon as a power source for the machine with which he would control the two deoxys.

Finally Ash recognized said deoxys as the ones he met in LaRousse City during his trip through Hoenn.

Giovanni was accompanied by the Three Beasts, Team Rocket's new elite guard since the previous one (Ken, Harley and Al) was still in prison. The new members were Sird, Carr and Orm. There were also many grunts surrounding them.

Lorelei arrived just at that moment along with many trainers from the islands, all ready to expel the mafia from that place.

To everyone's surprise, Mewtwo also appeared.

"Him too? Tch, just what I need." Giovanni murmured as he saw him floating in the air.

"I have noticed the strong psychic presence of the deoxys from very far away," Mewtwo revealed, worried and furious. "They are crying out for help, unable to free themselves from Giovanni's control... I will save them!"

Mewtwo, Misty and Brock vs the two controlled Deoxys. Lorelei vs Sird. Surge and Koga vs. Carr. Sabrina and Blaine vs. Orm. Erika, Gary and the rest of the trainers vs Rocket Grunts.

Meanwhile Ash and his Pokémon ran towards Giovanni, who was next to the machine with the meteorite inside. However, they were intercepted by the TRio and blasted them off again. They were then intercepted by two grunts who looked at him with pure hatred.

"Who are you?" Ash asked angrily.

"Don't you remember me, brat?" the grunt Archer asked. "You and Erika humiliated me in front of the great Giovanni at the Celadon city casino."

"We aren’t going to let you ruin our plans again," said grunt Ariana. "If we kill you, Giovanni will surely give us a place above the Three Beasts."

"I can't waste my time with you, get out of the way!"

He defeated their Pokémon in a matter of seconds and faced Giovanni, who was waiting for him with a crazy look.

"Hee, hee, hee... You did me a great favour by defeating that Mask of Ice loser, he deserved it for stealing my grunts and resources... but I'm not going to let you interfere with my plans ever again!"

"And I'm not going to let you hurt anyone ever again!"


After the battle the two deoxys were freed and left with Mewtwo. Giovanni managed to flee, leaving all of his men behind, a few of whom also managed to escape.

Lorelei was unable to stop Sird from fleeing along with a briefcase that seemed to contain very valuable information.

"I guess it's time to return to Sinnoh..." Sird murmured with a little smile.

The police took care of the rest while Ash, Bill, and the gym leaders took a much deserved break.

They visited places like the Joyful Game Corner (the owner was Lostelle's father), the Lost Cave, the Memorial Pillar, the Sevault Canyon, the Gorgeous Resort, the Trainer Tower, Navel Rock and Lorelei's house, which was full of teddies.

Misty, who was Lorelei's number one fan, spent the day talking and training with her. To the point where Lorelei accepted her as her new apprentice.


On the Sevii Islands there was a competition called Dash in which Pokémon races were held. Pikachu insisted to Ash that he wanted to participate because he was proud of his speed.

In the end Ash signed him up and after an initial test Pikachu was placed in the champion category, the most difficult. There Pikachu competed against Treecko, Marill, Aipom, Mightyena and Blaziken in intense races both on land and by sea (with the help of a lapras).

Pikachu ended up winning the champion's cup and was given some balloons with which he could float several meters in the air.

"Pikachu!" The Pokémon shouted happily as he flew above Ash and his friends.

The Mirage Master

In the middle of her trip through Kanto, May decided to visit Ash. What she didn't realize was that Brendan and Max had come to Kanto to do the same thing. Just then Ash received an invitation from Dr. Yung, a friend of professor Oak.

Professor Oak, Misty, Brock, Echo, and Kriss had also been invited to the castle to see a new battle system. This system consisted of creating mirage Pokémon, which could perform any Pokémon attack that Doctor Yung programmed.

Doctor Yung battled our heroes, showing them the power of his Mirage Pokémon, but ended up being kidnapped by a villain called Master Mirage. The villain also took Pikachu and professor Oak.

With Pikachu he used a machine that allowed him to observe all the legendaries that the electric mouse had seen during his travels. While he used professor Oak to steal his research. Thanks to all that he was able to complete Mirage Mewtwo. It was then that the villain revealed to be actually Doctor Yung.

With the help of Mirage Mew, the only Pokémon Yung couldn't control, Ash and his friends managed to defeat Yung and destroy his battle system. Unfortunately the Mirage Mew sacrificed himself to save our heroes.

Then Agent Jenny arrived and Ash explained what happened to her. All our heroes agreed that the mirage Mew had the heart of a real Pokémon.


“I hereby commit to helping those in need and protecting nature as a Pokémon Ranger within my possibilities, with great pride and courage.” ―Ranger Oath.


The world was full of people willing to harm Pokémon and also Pokémon willing to harm humans. That is why Lamont, Erma and professor Hastings founded the Ranger Union and the Ranger School years ago, with the aim of saving humans and Pokémon, helping to improve coexistence between them.

The Pokémon Ranger were police officers trained to capture Pokémon using a device called a capture styler, with which Pokémon could be calmed and used temporarily on missions.

In the Ranger Union only the best received a capture styler since it was a recent invention. Team Go-Rock Quads, a criminal organization, wanted these capture stylers at all costs to be able to control the Pokémon in the region.

Luckily the Pokémon Ranger Lunick and Solana managed to stop them. To do this, they faced the Go-Rock Quads Brothers: Violin Tiffany, Drum Clyde, Guitar Garret and Electric Guitar Billy.

Finally, the Rangers Lunick and Solana, with the help of professor Hastings, defeated the brothers' father and leader of the organization, Gordor.

After their defeat, the Go-Rock Quads Brothers decided to form a band and take their music elsewhere. To get money they decided to sell to a pirate a mysterious Pokémon egg that their father Gordor had kept locked away.


M09: Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

The Pokémon Ranger Lunick and Solana stole a Pokémon egg from a famous pirate called The Phantom, as the criminal needed it to reach the treasure of the Sea Temple.

For their part, Ash, May, Brendan and Max were returning together to Pallet Town when along the way they came across a water show offered by Lizabeth, Kyle, Meredith and Shep. Lunick and Solana were undercover with the group but never anticipated that the Pokémon egg would open in May's hands.

A manahy emerged from the egg, which became attached to May and therefore everyone had to go take the Pokémon home. During the trip, May and Max discovered that they were descendants of the Sea people, who had been very close to water Pokémon, including legendary ones. Ash, Brendan and Max found this very ironic, considering May's fear of tentacool and tentacruel.

Being chased by The Phantom and the TRio, Ash and his friends managed to reach the Sea Temple so that Manaphy could become the prince and rule the seas alongside his people.

Finally Manaphy returned to the sea after saying goodbye to May and The Phantom was locked up by Lunick and Solana after being defeated.


Some time later…

May continued her journey to get the Kanto ribbons, while Max had returned to his parents again. Brendan, for his part, stayed in professor Oak's laboratory to learn different things and Ash continued training his Pokémon.

One day Scott appeared in Pallet town. He had been looking for Ash for a while and wanted to propose something to him. He accepted the challenge of the Battle Frontier, a kind of contest in which the trainers chosen by Scott had to face six trainers called Frontier Brains.

Whoever succeeded would have to face the seventh Frontier Brain, whose identity was secret to everyone except Scott.

Frontier Brains were trainers who had won at least one Pokémon League and were said to be stronger than the Gym Leaders, perhaps even close to the Elite Four.

"How can I say no to such a challenge?! When can we start?!" Ash shouted super excited, because all that sounded too fun.

"Battle Frontier is located on a huge island between Kanto and Hoenn," Scott explained with a smile. "By the way, you might see your friend May there, since this year the Kanto Grand Festival is happening right there."

Ash and Brendan went to the island, but to their surprise, Scott gave them a guide. It was a boy on stilts named Emerald. Apparently his mission was to make sure everything was going well on the island and evaluate the Frontier Brains. However, Scott had only asked him to travel with Ash because he had the feeling that wonderful things would happen near him.

Emerald wasn’t amused by any of this but Scott was his boss and he had to obey him.

"How many people are participating?" Brendan asked.

"Every few months Scott invites about fifty trainers," Emerald explained. "So far, in the three years that the Battle Frontier has been open, there has been no one who has overcome all the challenges."

"Then I'll be the first." said Ash, completely convinced. Emerald looked at him with some pity. He had only been working for Scott for a year, but the number of times he had heard trainers say that was too high.

Most end up broken and with no desire to continue training. The rest simply gave up after uttering insults and expletives and saying that no one would waste their time in such a place.

Battle Factory

Noland, the Factory Head, was a man capable of having friends like an articuno whose life he saved in the past. Seeing that, Ash wanted to fight against Articuno and not against the other Pokémon in the factory.

After a skirmish with Jessie, James and Meowth, Ash saved Articuno. Then Noland, with Scott's permission, agreed to use Articuno to fight Ash.

Charizard vs Articuno. Ash's Pokémon returned from its training to battle the ice bird, winning in the process.

Noland gave the Knowledge symbol to Ash, but soon after they noticed that there was a lot of commotion inside the factory. Apparently someone had broken in and was stealing the Pokémon from the place.

The mysterious guy was wearing armor and a sword. The armor was capable of withstanding Pokémon attacks and his sword reflected said attacks.

"It seems like that Pokémon isn't here..." the guy murmured, "but at least I'll be able to use these."

"Who are you and why’re you stealing Pokémon?" Ash asked furiously. They had cornered him and forced him to drop almost all of the stolen Poké Balls, yet the guy simply laughed while he threw several smoke bombs and escaped from there.

Noland later said the guy had stolen a masquerain and a walrein.

Dojo Battle

In this place Ash finally met the woman that both Chuck and Brawly had told him about in the past. Only that she wasn't a woman but a teenager of the same age as Brendan.

Greta, the Arena Tycoon, was very energetic and fun, so she and Ash hit it off right away.

"I'm glad to see that the guy who defeated my two favourite students has such a powerful aura." Greta said after shaking his hand tightly.

"Well, I'm glad to know that the teacher of those two is a powerful elite trainer."

"I guess people who don't use their brains much get along wonderfully." Emerald commented, earning a smack from Greta. "Oh!"

"You will never be able to inherit Scott's job if you continue to be so unpleasant." Greta warned him with a smile.

"Leave me alone!"

"Then your goal is to be like Scott," Ash said. "We’ll both have to work hard for our dreams."


Scott, who had already arrived to watch the fight, laughed when he saw that scene.


Grovyle and Snorlax vs Hariyama and Medicham. After a fierce battle in which Snorlax excelled, Ash won the Guts symbol.

"Don't you think Ash is interesting?" Scott asked Emerald. The boy simply shrugged.

"Many trainers get two symbols. If he gets four I'll start to be a little bit interested."

Battle Dome

Tucker the Dome Ace was a vain person who liked to have reporters after him all day. He had even invited the now famous Gabby and Ty to watch him beat up Scott's most promising contender.

Emerald and Tucker got along badly because as soon as they saw each other they started arguing and Scott had to stop them so the fight could start.


Swellow and Crawdaunt vs Arcanine and Swampert in a double battle that Ash narrowly won. At first the audience was disappointed by the loss of their star, but Tucker immediately congratulated Ash and asked the audience to give him a standing ovation.

"I don't remember you being so kind." Emerald complained when he saw all that.

“Well, I'm kind to everyone except you." Tucker laughed.

Finally he gave Ash the Tactic symbol.

A few days later May arrived on the island accompanied by Wally. To Ash's surprise, the two had met while traveling through Kanto and had decided to stay together.

"Do you already have the five ribbons? How fast!" Ash said surprised when May showed him her ribbon case.

“Well, this time I didn't have to stop at every gyms and I won all five in a row." May explained. "Luckily I haven't crossed paths with Drew or Harley in any contest."

“You'll probably do it at the Great Festival,” said Brendan, very happy to see how far his childhood friend had advanced. "Although you already defeated them once."

“Still, I would prefer not to have to face them again."

“With how much you have improved, you are sure to win again. —said Ash with a smile.

"Thank you." May said, blushing slightly.

"Blergg…If this keeps up I'm going to vomit." Emerald said.


Mintale Town

Ash and his friends met Rufus, the creator of a new show called Pokémon Channel.

"It's an idea that professor Oak gave me a long time ago," Rufus explained. "A program made by Pokémon for Pokémon!"

"It’s incredible the things that people can invent." Brendan murmured surprised.

"Can our Pokémon participate in the program?" May asked enthusiastically.

"Yes, it seems very fun." Ash said.

Rufus accepted and Pikachu ended up becoming the star of the next episode, which had a large audience as Rufus told them on the phone days later. What's more, Rufus captured a pikachu to make it the program's mascot.

"As a thank you, I give you a secret episode of the famous show: Pichu Bros."

"I watched that show when I was little!" May exclaimed happily.

"Me too, they helped me forget the headaches I used to have." Wally commented.

"My father was crazy about that show, I think it was made in Johto." Brendan remembered.

"Yes, I saw it with my mother every day," Ash said. "We laughed a lot."

“I'm glad I got it right, heh, heh, heh. You just have to wait at the next Pokémon Center and it will arrive in a box” Rufus said. "The episode is titled: Pichu Bros: In Party Panic"

Battle Pike

Wally had decided to go to other areas of the island to fight against strong trainers, so Ash, May, Brendan and Emerald continued the trip until they reached where Lucy the Pike Queen lived.

There they met Brock, who had seen Ash's fight against Tucker on TV and had come to cheer him on. However, he had fallen in love with Lucy so he was going to stay helping her instead of traveling with his friend. Lucy didn't seem bothered by any of that.


Donphan and Pikachu vs Seviper and Milotic. Ash defeated Lucy and won the Luck Symbol.

Battle Palace

Spencer the Palace Maven was attacked by the guy in the armor. Ash and his friends arrived in time to stop him but the guy escaped without fighting them.

"I'm Guile Hideout and if you get in my way again I'll eliminate all you!"

When they spoke with Spencer, the old man explained that Guile was looking for information about the legendary Pokémon jirachi. Spencer and Emerald were surprised to discover that Ash and his friends had already met a jirachi in the past.

And to top it off Spencer could see that Ash had had the green orb inside him at some point in his life.

"How do you know that?" Ash asked confused. Was he a psychic like Sabrina?

"Because I had the red orb in my possession many years ago," Spencer revealed. "I was one of the trainers who protected Mt. Pyre but in my desire for greatness and power I took the red orb. I was fused with it for entire days...The visions that Kyogre gave me during that time almost drove me crazy...The cataclysm that Hoenn suffered recently... I was able to see it thanks to the fact that the connection between that kyogre and me is not completely broken."


Spencer helped Ash's Sceptile recover from his heart being broken by a Meganium. After that Ash and Spencer faced each other.

Sceptile, Heracross and Swellow vs Shiftry, Venusaur and Claydol. After the battle Spencer gave Ash the Encouragement symbol.

By then Emerald was already very interested in Ash and didn't mess with him as much. Especially when discovering that he was friends with Kriss. In the past Emerald had been one of the children that Kriss took care of when she worked at an orphanage.

It was she who taught him how interesting the world of Pokémon was and helped him with the abuse he suffered from other children, since he was very short for his age.

Battle Tower

Anabel the Salon Maiden was very strong. According to Scott, in the future she could be the leader of the Battle Frontier.

Ash and Anabel became friends immediately and the girl confessed that she could mentally communicate with her Pokémon. Ability that gave her a great victory against Ash the first time they faced each other.

After Ash's defeat, Guile reappeared, as he was sure that Anabel had a legendary Pokémon, probably jirachi. In the end the legendary turned out to be Raikou and Guile fled from there furious.


Ash and Anabel spent some time together and the maiden ended up falling in love with the boy from Pallet town. However that didn't make their second match any easier.

Ash had been training for days and wanted to see the result of said training. He would have liked to fight Raikou but Anabel said that his legendary Pokémon wasn’t for official battles since she didn’t know how to control his strength very well yet.

Crawdaunt, Tauros and Pikachu vs Alakazam, Metagross and Espeon. Ash had to do his best but he ended up winning and obtaining the Ability Symbol.

"Your strength is beautiful and overwhelming." Anabel commented blushing after shaking Ash's hand.

"You’re one of the very few people who go this far." Emerald told him surprised.

"I already told you that I'm going to win all the symbols!" Ash said. Emerald would have liked to believe his words but...

Battle Pyramid

Twice Ash lost against Brandon the Pyramid King. His strength and strategy were overwhelming. The man had all three regis at his disposal and despite only using one of them per combat, he had no problems crushing his rivals.

Brandon was the reason why even the most talented trainers left the Battle Frontier in sobs and depression. However, Ash didn’t give up. Together with Brandon, he and his friends learned a lot about ancient civilizations and Pokémon from the past.

Unfortunately Guile Hideout attacked and this time he was right. Inside the Pyramid, Brandon guarded a stone containing a sleeping jirachi. Which would wake up soon...


All of Ash's friends had gone to the pyramid, invited by Scott upon learning that Ash was going to face his greatest challenge yet. What Misty, Brock, Yellow, Ethan, Kriss, Max and Wally found was the final battle against Guile,

That madman had forced jirachi to create a huge monster that looked like a fusion between groudon and kyogre. However, together they all managed to rescue Jirachi and defeat Guile, whose true identity was...

"Brodie from Team Magma?!" Ash, Brendan, May and Max said when they recognized him. The guy had a tired look and without the armor you could see that his body was in poor condition and malnourished.

"I-it was…a woman named Sird…who gave me this stupid armor and the sword…

"Sird, from the Three Beasts of Team Rocket?" Ash said while remembering his trip to the Sevii Islands.

Brodie nodded slightly and coughed up some blood.

"Tabitha and Shelly weren't the only ones who disappeared... when groudon and kyogre woke up in that cave...I was dragged by the waves for days... I thought I was going to die...but I ended up on s-solid ground and that woman was there... My body was broken and I was going to die, but she told me that the armor would save my life... in exchange, I just had to bring the jirachi that lived on this island... B-but I thought about betraying her and keeping the Pokémon and its wishes. …I didn't know that the armor would stop protecting me if I betrayed it… damn…"

Brodie was rushed to hospital but the doctors said he would probably never be completely healthy again.

At the Gran Festival of Kanto, May defeated Harley, Drew and Solidad, reaching the finals for the first time. She unfortunately lost to Lisia, a rising star in the world of Pokémon contests.

Apparently Lisia was Wallace's niece and he had trained her since she was a little girl.

Battle Pyramid

Charizard, Wartortle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu vs Dusclops, Ninjask, Solrock and Regice. Ash's final fight against Brandon was televised in both Kanto and Hoenn, as Scott was sure it was going to be epic and he was right. It ended with Pikachu defeating Regice, leaving everyone speechless.


With the Brave Symbol in his hands Ash celebrated the great victory with his friends. Scott planned a big party that even the other Frontier Brains attended.

The band known as the Go-Rock Quads played their music while everyone danced, sang or ate (especially May and her munchlax).

Being the first person to conquer the Battle Frontier, Scott proposed Ash to also be a Frontier Brain but Ash rejected it as he wanted to continue traveling around the world.

Ash and May participated in an unofficial Pokémon contest. Ash using Pikachu and Sceptile and May using Eevee and Blaziken. The two friends reached the final and were tied, so they decided to cut the ribbon in two, one for each as a souvenir of that day.


Scott had told him about another Battle Frontier between Johto and Sinnoh, but Ash was more interested in this region that he had never heard of. The fight against Brandon had made him see that trainers much stronger than him were waiting out there, so he wanted to go to Sinnoh.

May and Wally would travel to Johto together. Max would return to his parents to continue studying and Brendan would return to professor Birch’s laboratory. Yellow, for her part, was going to prepare to take the gym leader exam because she wanted to have the license in case something happened to Gary.

Speaking of Gary...the young gym leader had obtained an electivire with which he defeated Ash's Pikachu, showing him that he should never let his guard down, no matter how strong he was.

-May: Thanks to you I have learned a lot and Pokémon no longer seem like something that should scare me. I plan to become the best Pokémon coordinator in the world so support me wherever you go!

-Brendan: Traveling with you is quite a danger, heh. heh... but I wouldn't change anything I've ever done. You have shown me a world beyond the laboratory and for that I’ll always be grateful.

-Max: When we meet again, maybe I'll be a Pokémon trainer. I hope you are prepared because if not I’ll defeat you very easily!

-Wally: I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met you. I know I still have a lot to improve, but at least I hope I have been a good rival. Me and my Pokémon will become much stronger, I promise you.

-Emerald: You’re a really amazing guy. You've made me swallow all my words... Hell, you've made me want to be like you, look the things I’m saying... I'm going to train more to be worthy of being able to handle the Battle Frontier in the future. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll see each other very soon.


Ash and Pikachu spent a couple of days in Pallet Town before deciding to go to Sinnoh.

"You can visit my friend professor Rowan," Professor Oak advised him. "He lives in Sandgem Town and is an expert in Pokémon evolution."

"Expert in evolution? That sounds very interesting, right Pikachu?"


Delia gave new clothes and a new backpack to Ash.

"You get into more dangerous situations every time," Delia said, giving him a hug. "I know you like to help others but please be more careful. I don’t want to lose you."

"Don't worry, mom, I promise I'll be more careful," Ash said, returning the tight hug. "Plus, I don't think there are any more crazy people out there trying to destroy the world."

"Don't joke about those things." Her mother scolded him affectionately.

"Well, mom, we're leaving."

“Pika, pii."

Delia watched her son and Pikachu proudly march through the door of the house.

"Bye... Don't forget to change your underwear, okay?"

"Really, mom?!"

End of the Third Generation

-Ash's Pokémon in Hoenn: Pikachu, Swellow, Sceptile, Torkoal, Crawdaunt and Glalie.

-May's Pokémon: Blaziken, Beautifly, Skitty, Bulbasaur, Munchlax, Wartortle and Eevee.

-Brendan's Pokémon: Swampert, Mightyena, Breloom, Machamp and Woobuffet.

-Wally's Pokémon: Kirlia, Altaria, Delcatty, Magneton, Roselia and Azumarill.

-Emerald's Pokémon: Castform, Milotic, Dusclops and Snorlax.

-Wes' Pokémon: Umbreon and Espeon.

-Misty's Pokémon: Azurill, Psyduck, Starmie, Politoed, Horsea, Seaking, Corsola and Togetic (Released).

-Brock's Pokémon: Steelix, Crobat, Golem, Forretress, Ludicolo and Sudowoodo.

-Yellow's Pokémon: Pikachu, Raticate, Dodrio, Buterfree, Golem and Omastar.

-Gary's Pokémon: Umbreon, Blastoise, Arcanine, Nidoking, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Pidgeot, Alakazam, Nidoqueen and Scizor.

Save game?… Saving data… Game saved!


-Games: Emerald, Omega Ruby, Alfa Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Channel, Pinball, Colosseum and Mystery Dungeon 1.

-Anime: Seasons 6, 7, 8 and 9; Movies 6, 7, 8 and 9.

-Manga: Pokémon adventure arcs Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire; Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 1.


In the third generation we have the first remake: Red Fire and Green Leaf. Since the story of the games is similar to those of the first generation, I have simply used the new things like the Sevii Islands.
My first Pokémon game was Pokémon ruby so I have a special affection for this generation. I've tried to give a little more importance to characters like Wally since he simply doesn't appear in the anime (although there are theories that Drew is a version of Wally).

The Brendan and Courtney pairing has always been one of my favourites since I played Omega Ruby. And the fact that Courtney was a coordinator is from the manga. By the way, Brendan's Pokémon are a reference to the Pokémon that chase Professor Birch in the games.

Aqua grunt and Magma grunt are based on Tabitha and Shelly from ORAS whose designs are not at all the same as those of the original game. Will the original Tabitha and Shelly appear again after disappearing with the awakening of Groudon and Kyogre? Who knows!

Guile Hideout is a villain that I didn't really like in the manga for the simple fact that he was just Archie in armor and his goal was basically the same. That's why I used Brodie, who is a more disposable character and has his own objectives.
As for Pokémon Colosseum, I remember playing it every afternoon and crying because I couldn't advance because it was so complicated. Luckily years later I was able to complete it. (My favourite villain in the game is still Venus).
Although of all the games of this generation, mystery dungeon is without a doubt my favourite. The story, the characters and the gameplay are unsurpassed in my opinion.

Well, I hope you liked this new mix of different canons to create the third generation of this fic.

Until the next chapter!

Chapter 4: Fourth generation


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

4th Generation

The region was beautiful seen from above. Even when good and evil planned tirelessly in the shadows, youth dedicated themselves to Pokémon battles. Infernape, Torterra and Empoleon were the most acclaimed. However, an even more sinister shadow lurked behind the face of evil...


Hello there! It's so very nice to meet you! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! I am proffesor Rowan and I specialize in Pokémon evolution. Pokémon are fascinating creatures capable of changing appearance, acquiring new abilities and attacks in the process. Humans also have the ability to evolve, although the changes are more spiritual and mental than physical...

Now, go on, leap into the world of Pokémon!


Year 2000 - Sunyshore City

"Why don't you go play with Cynthia?" the old man asked worried. His grandson had been obsessed with those machines for too long, machines about which he understood nothing.

"I never know what that girl is thinking," the boy said without even looking at him. "Machines and programs always behave in a logical and predictable manner. Its strange perfection and accuracy are more beautiful than anything out there."

"…Don't you think your friend is going to feel alone?" grandfather tried again. "Plus she likes to play in tall grass a lot, which can be dangerous."

"…She has a gible, nothing will happen to her."

"Does she already have her first Pokémon? Excellent! Now your zubat won’t be alone."

His grandson didn't say anything for a while until he finally put down those machines and stared at him. His grandfather almost cried when he saw so much pain in that childish look. No child should experience what his grandson was experiencing.

"When are you going to get me out of here?"

His grandfather made an effort to keep his voice steady.

"…I can't…I shouldn't…Your parents…"

"Do you really care about me? When was the last time those bastards spoke to me as if I were their son?"

His grandfather wanted to tell him not to curse his parents like that, but he had done the same thing in the past, and being hypocritical was something he would never teach his grandson to be.

“I'm sorry, but I can't do anything. As long as you are a minor you will continue to be under their guardianship."

His grandson lowered his head slightly and picked up one of his machines again. His nervous zubat rested on his right shoulder.

"Do you know, grandpa? The other day, they were at home... They said that they wish I were like Flint or Volkner... that those two are children of whom a parent can be proud..."

"I'm sure they don't mean it," his grandfather said quickly. "All parents say stupid things sometimes."

His grandfather stopped when he saw the look of pure hatred that his grandson was giving him. It lasted milliseconds but was so strong that his grandfather felt his body lose strength and fall to the ground trembling. His grandson got up and walked slowly towards the door.

"I'm going for a walk... Don't wait for me."

Year 2015 – Cinnabar Island

"Damn it!" Blaine thought furious and scared.

His office was a mess and all the papers and documents were on the floor. But that wasn't the important thing, the important thing was that all the research on Mewtwo was gone.

"And not only that, this morning someone entered the laboratory, deactivated the security cameras and stole samples of Mew's DNA."

Who could have been the culprit? Luckily he had copies of those documents and no one from the scientific team had informed Giovanni yet.


Far away, a beautiful woman was carrying a suitcase in her hands. Her steps were slow but she did not stop at any time. Suddenly, her Poké Gear rang and she grabbed it.

"The mission?" asked a voice devoid of emotion. The woman felt a little chill every time she heard it. She adored it.

"I did it. I have everything we need."

"Will they discover you?"

"No. They all want to keep their heads so they will never tell Giovanni the truth."

"Do they distrust you?"

"A little, but I haven't given them any reason to believe I'm a double agent. Furthermore, those who were most distrustful have suffered “accidents” during their missions."

"Do you know what to do now, Sird?"

"Of course." Sird lifted the suitcase and looked at it with an evil smile. "We have two buyers in Unova and Ferrum, they’re more than willing to spend their entire fortune to have a mewtwo. There's plenty here for both of them."

"And with that money we’ll have managed to get one step closer to our goal. You have accomplished a great mission, Sird. You will be compensated for it."

A wide smile spread across the woman's face.

"Everything is for the glory of Team Galactic."

Year 2017 - Mount Coronet

Soft drops of water ran over the rocks and walls of that cave. The darkness wasn’t total due to the small rays of light that timidly slipped through the cracks. That reddish, sickly-looking light was reflected in the water and in some precious stones, highlighting the sinister and gloomy touch of that place.

He could feel his mind relaxing and freeing himself from worldly concerns. Was this what he really wanted? The tranquility and serenity that solitude provided? Why did people hate loneliness so much? Were their lives so empty that they needed others to feel complete? Were they so afraid of being silent?

Maybe that great incoherence called emotions had something to do with that fear... Or maybe, because if they were silent they would be forced to reflect. If they reflected, they would realize that their lives had no meaning and that they were only living for the sake of living... Then, they would have no choice but...

A noise interrupted Cyrus' thoughts and made him open his eyes. An onyx had just emerged from underground and was in full battle against a golem. Very close to them were several zubat, rattata, geodude, dunsparce and even bidoof. Everyone was running from one side to the other in an uncontrolled manner while hitting each other.

Cyrus didn’t move from his spot as he watched the onyx and the golem destroy the cave during their fierce battle. He simply threw a Poké Ball from which Weavile emerged. A single look from Cyrus was enough for Weavile to understand what his mission was. Moving at high speed he approached both Pokémon and used ice fist, freezing them instantly.

Ice covered not only the two rock-type Pokémon but also part of the ground they were on. The sudden drop in temperature in the cave made the other Pokémon stop to contemplate what had happened.

The ice would eventually melt. Whether onyx and golem survived or not was no longer his concern. He just wanted the silence to return and he knew that the rest of the Pokémon had gotten the message very well.

Soon his most cherished wish would be fulfilled in that place. A world where existence itself would be eternal silence.

Year 2018- Twinleaf Town: Fresh and Free!

"Ash! Have you also come north? The technology is so incredible that you can now trade Pokémon with anyone in the world. Look at the porygon someone from Kanto gave me!" ―Tecno, the fat teenager.

That town was beautiful but Ash hadn't come for the views, so as soon as he could he set off. Looking for trainers to defeat and Pokémon to capture. One of those trainers told him that route 201 was full of low-level Pokémon.

On this route Ash, Pikachu and Aipom met a tall man who was staring at the center of the lake. Hearing them arrive, the man turned around slowly. His gaze seemed like an empty well and his expressionless expression gave shivers to Ash and his Pokémon.

"The time that flows... The space that expands... One day all of that will be mine... Until then, sleep while you can, legendary Pokémon of the lake..."

"Excuse me... Are you okay?" Ash asked worried. That guy was in some kind of trance from which he came out when he heard Ash.

"Have you also come to see Mesprit? I have heard that it is customary in these parts..."

"Mesprit? I don't know who it’s, plus I'm from Kanto." Ash said a little calmer, because despite his appearance he seemed like someone kind. Pikachu and Aipom on the other hand didn’t want to get close.

"...I see..." the man said as he left there.


"Listen, is that a twerpish voice I hear? It's shrieking to me loud and clear. Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace. Dashing hope, putting fear in its place. Bi, bi! To end the enemies of lies and apathy. To gain the power of space-time. Mitsumi! Hareta! Bidoof! In any universe where there’s peace. Team Galactic will destroy it in your face. Bi, bidoof!" ―Mitsumi, Hareta and Bidoff (TGio).

Ash didn’t expect that as soon as he arrived in the new region he would find problems. And on top of that, who had attacked him were a couple of people with futuristic suits and short pastel green hair.

Team Galactic… Another criminal organization? Ash hoped that at least they weren't as crazy as Team Magma and Team Aqua.

Ash asked them several things. Who were they? What did they want? And why were they attacking him with a giant robot?

"Haven't you heard our motto? We're Team Galactic and that's why we wear these cool outfits!" Hareta said offended. Mitsumi put a hand on her partner to calm him down.

"Our very kind commander has told us about you and we have decided that defeating you and taking your Pokémon will make us look good with the boss," Mitsumi revealed with a smile. "As for the giant robot, it's simply to make sure you don't make us take off early."


Ash, Pikachu and Aipom managed to win but Pikachu and Ash ended up separating. Luckily, the young man from Pallet town met a boy who was having a picnic nearby.

The boy was gorging himself on food when he saw Ash and Aipom injured. Without thinking twice he helped them because he had a first aid kit with him and shared his food.

"So Team Galactic, huh?" said the boy while they were looking for Pikachu. "I've heard about those guys but I didn't know they attacked people."

"Thanks for helping me." Ash said.

"You're welcome... By the way, my name is Lucas and I'm proffesor Rowan's assistant."

"I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and this’s my friend Aipom!"


"How cute." Lucas said caressing her.

"Are you helping Rowan? Proffesor Oak told me about him, apparently they are old friends."

"So you know proffesor Oak...Well, being from Kanto..."

While they were talking Ash captured a starly so he could better search for Pikachu. However, they had a run-in with a boy their same age named Paul.

Paul was the complete opposite of Ash, as he only believed that useful Pokémon were competitive and had great potential. His method was to capture several Pokémon of the same type and using the Pokédex he decided to keep the one with the best statistics and/or attacks.

"Training and using weak Pokémon is a waste of time and a waste of space and money," Paul said when he saw Ash's starly.

"A woman once told me that good trainers are able to win with their favorite Pokémon." Ash replied.

"Surely that woman was just as inept as you."

"What didyou said?!

Lucas stopped Ash before he lunged at Paul.

"Aren't we supposed to look for your Pikachu?"

Ash swallowed his anger and continued searching for his friend.


Dawn Berlizt didn't expect that on her first day as a Pokémon trainer she would have to help proffesor Rowan pick up three lost starters. Of which she ended up choosing the proud but cute piplup.

Nor did she expect to see a strange pink Pokémon floating in the middle of Lake Verity or later encounter an injured pikachu.

While wearing it he met his trainer Ash Ketchum.

"Dawn? Shouldn't you be with proffesor Rowan?" Lucas asked the girl as soon as she saw him.

"A lot of things have happened." Dawn said with a nervous laugh.

Sandgem Town: Town of Sand!

They took Pikachu to proffesor Rowan's laboratory, where he recovered thanks to the proffesor's care. A serious but kind man, who had heard many things about Ash from proffesor Oak.

"Thank you very much for rescuing Pikachu." Ash said to Dawn. The girl simply smiled as she waved her hands rapidly.

"Don't worry, anyone would have done the same thing."

"I highly doubt it," Lucas said while eating some pastries. "In that laboratory we have seen Pokémon very mistreated by people."

"Well, we're lucky Dawn is better than those people!" Ash said very happily, getting a slight blush from the girl.

"You're very red, cousin." Lucas commented.

"Is not true!"

"You two are you cousins?" Ash asked curiously.

"My mother Casilda and her mother Johanna are twin sisters." Lucas explained quickly.

"Are you still calling your mother by her name?" Dawn asked, somewhat stunned. Lucas just shrugged and continued eating.

"And what are you going to do now Ash?" Proffesor Rowan, who had approached them recently, suddenly asked.

"I'm going to participate in the Sinnoh Pokémon League!"

"I see, what about you Dawn?"

"I'm going to participate in the Sinnoh Pokémon Grand Festival!"

"Are you a Pokémon coordinator?" Ash asked. "One of my friends is too."

Dawn scratched her cheek a little nervously.

"Not yet, but I want to become a very good one like my mother."

"I know that no one asked but I want to be the best cook in the world." Lucas said raising his hand.

The others laughed as they saw how Lucas's peaceful and good-natured face became one full of ambition and pure fire.

"Food is the happiness of this life. If everyone can eat everyone will be happy." Lucas continued saying.

"I agree! Eating makes everyone happy." Ash said with the same enthusiasm. Lucas stared at him before starting to share his food with him.

Dawn wrinkled her brow and put a hand to her head.

"What's wrong with these two and with their strange philosophy?"

Pikachu and Piplup imitated the girl's same gesture, although the mouse Pokémon was already used to it.

Proffesor Rowan suggested the three of them to travel together. Ash already had experience so the trip would be easier for Dawn, and since neither of them looked like they could cook very well, they could take Lucas. In this way the young chef would also gain much more experience than being in a laboratory.

Before leaving, proffesor Rowan gave the three Pokédexes. And of course he passed the information from Ash's old Pokédex to the new one.

"Hum...You've seen a lot of interesting Pokémon," Rowan noted interestedly. "Many people would pay a fortune to have this information."

"Luckily I only give it to people proffesor Oak trusts." Ash said.

"Well done indeed. Good luck with your journey, children."

"Thank you!/Pika!" the four said at the same time.

And so thirteen-year-old Ash and Pikachu of unknown age left along with twelve-year-old Dawn and Lucas on the new adventure. Although they met Paul again, who challenged Ash to a Pokémon battle.

"As I supposed, someone who believes that they can win with any Pokémon is only a loser." Paul said with disdain after defeating Ash.


A little in the distance three pairs of eyes were watching the twerp and his friends.

"Why is the commander so obsessed with killing him, Mitsumi?" Hareta asked confused. "It's true that his Pikachu is strong but he doesn't seem like an above average trainer to me."

A small laugh escaped Mitsumi upon hearing those words. Although she couldn't blame her partner for her ignorance, since only three people on Team Galactic, including her, knew the truth.

"Giovanni, Grey, Magno and Achilles believed the same." Mitsumi said before explaining all the exploits of that twerp. Hareta was speechless upon hearing the twerp's adventures.

"...I take back what I said, he's too dangerous," he said, very alarmed. "We have to warn the leader!"

"It won't be necessary."


Mitsumi interrupted him with a look.

"The commander has asked me to take care of him long before he has a chance to cross paths with the boss. I was playing with him before but next time I'll be serious."

Hareta and Bidoof looked at each other, very unconvinced.


Shortly after, Ash crossed paths with Paul again, with whom he had another fight and lost again feeling humiliated. However this time he noticed how he treated one of his Pokémon in particular, a chimchar, badly.

Jubilife City: City of Joy

In the capital of Sinnoh, Ash and his companions met an international police officer named Looker. The guy attracted a lot of attention with his elegant trench coat and his look of being suspicious of everything and everyone.

He took the three to a room and there he explained to Ash that he knew who he was and that if he had problems with Team Galactic that he should not hesitate to contact him.

"Why are the international police interested in Ash?" Dawn asked, very confused by all that.

"Please let the explanation be quick," said Lucas. "It will soon be dinner time at the Pokémon Center and I don't want to miss it."

"But you have eaten half an hour ago." Ash said surprised.

"Well, I feel like it was at least two hours ago."

"I have a lot to do, let Ketchum give the explanations." Looker said, leaving there but not before looking in all directions.

Ash told them a very brief summary of his history with criminal organizations while they had dinner. Dawn seemed a little scared and Lucas… it was difficult to know what he was thinking since if he wasn't eating or cooking nothing would upset him.


Dawn met two of her future rivals at the Pokémon contests. Zoey, a rookie Pokémon coordinator who already had a ribbon, and Jessilina, a mysterious Kanto coordinator.

During the contest Dawn lost to Zoey and her glameow, but vowed to beat them next time.


Dawn received a call from her childhood friend, who was at the Pokémon Dojo at the time. Ash and Lucas met the hyperactive, impatient and somewhat loud Barry, who greeted Dawn, his two companions and ran out of there.

Until he realized that Ash was a Pokémon trainer and then returned to fight him. He lost and after threatening to give Ash a fine, he ran out of there again.

"What was that? A human whirlwind?" Ash asked, confused and worried.

"I guess you can describe Barry that way, yeah." Dawn laughed.

"Even I’m surprised." said Lucas, who had stopped eating because of how nervous Barry had made him.

"Well, your face remains the same." Dawn noted.

The next day Dawn took them to a manga convention where she bought the new volumes of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7. Apparently she had been a die-hard fan for several years.


Pokétch Co.

Ash and his companions saved the president of an important company, his son Landis, and three clowns from some Team Galactic Grunts. Apparently the criminals were planning to manipulate their latest version of the Pokétch for evil purposes

As a thank you, the president gave each of them the new Pokétch, which had not yet been released on the market.

"You are travelers so you are going to advertise my invention me for free." said the president between laughs.

Afterwards, the president gave them a guided tour on Jubilee TV. Ash prayed that the owner of the TV wasn't the leader of Team Galactic or something like that. Luckily for him, his only surprise was seeing his Johto friend Kriss on a promotional poster for the Pokétch.

Later they met reporter Roxy and her assistant Oli, who challenged Ash to a fight since they wanted to do a live report.

Oreburgh City: City of Energy

Despite his friends' protests, Ash went straight to the Pokémon gym, where he found that Paul was already fighting Roark, the gym leader. Ash watched with some envy as Paul got the badge and decided that he wasn’t going to be left behind.

Ash, wanting to show Paul how strong he was, ended up losing to Roark.

"How pathetic can you be?" Paul said before leaving. Meanwhile Lucas held Dawn, who was trying to pounce on the unpleasant boy.

Lucas later made a special feast for Ash and his Pokémon in an attempt to cheer them up.

"Thank you, this is very good!" said Ash devouring everything that was on the table. His Pokémon did the same while Dawn and Lucas watched smiling.

The next day they went to visit Roark at the Oreburgh mine, since the leader used to work there looking for fossils or strange objects.

Roark then showed them where these fossils went, the Oreburgh City Mining Museum run by his friend Dr. Kenzo. Unfortunately Hareta, Mitsumi and Bidoof were trying to steal the fossil resurrection machine, but their mission ended in failure.


Oreburgh Gym

“I have strengthened my Pokémon by digging up fossils non-stop. Will you allow me to show you again how strong they are?”―Roark, they call him the the rock.

Aipom, Pikachu, Turtwig vs Onix, Geodude and Rampardos. Using techniques he had learned from training with Dawn, Turtwig defeated Roark's rampardo and thus earned Ash the Coal Badge.

"If you go to Eterna City, visit the Underground man's house," Roark suggested. He’s my grandfather and he’s very good at finding treasures.

On the way to Floaroma Town they met the TGio again.

"Did you really think we weren't going to get revenge for Oreburgh City?" —Mitsumi said with a malicious smile. "This time there’s no gym leader covering your back."

"But there's me!" Barry shouted, who had seen all that and came running without even asking what was happening. Ash, Dawn, Lucas and Barry managed to keep them at bay until the commotion caught the attention of more people. So the TGio decided to withdraw for the moment.

"Thank you Barry." Ash, Dawn and Lucas told him, but the boy had already left after swearing that he would give those villains a huge fine.

The first encounter between Ash's group and the evil Pokémon Hunter J was near Floaroma Town. That woman was dedicated to theft, kidnapping and illegal trafficking of Pokémon.

She had a strange ray that turned Pokémon into statues and a flying ship in which she moved throughout the region. Ash and his companions, with the help of the young and talented police officer Marble, prevented her from kidnapping Melodi's Gardevoir and Pikachu, but she ended up escaping.

Floaroma Town: Vivid & Scented

As its name indicated, it was a place decorated everywhere with flowers and berries. Ash, Dawn and Lucas visited the Rainbow flower shop, the most famous in Sinnoh.

There they met their owner Forsythia, who taught them how to prepare Poffins in the floral plaza. However, only Lucas managed to master the technique perfectly.

“According to legend, this town was born when Mr. Fuego and his wife asked a shaymin to flourish,” Forsythia explained during classes. Who knows if it will be true?

"And why don't we ask Mr. Fuego and his wife?" Ash said curious.

"I don’t think it could be. The two left when the Fuego Ironworks where they worked was closed due to the pollution it produced... Although I think someone bought it recently..."

After that Dawn participated in Floaroma's Pokémon contest, winning her first ribbon. To do this she had to defeat her childhood friend Kenny and Jessilina using Piplup and Pachirisu.

As a reward for winning, Ash gave her some flowers and Lucas gave her some Poffins.

Valley Windworks

It had all started with a girl, Paige, being kidnapped by a drifloon. After rescuing Paige she told them that she had gone looking for help because her father Karsten was kidnapped at the wind power plant by Team Galactic.

The villains sought to steal the electrical energy stored there and wouldn’t hesitate to harm all the workers if they didn’t cooperate.

After calling Agent Marble, Ash and his companions didn’t wait any longer and attacked Team Galactic. Defeating the grunts was easy but then Mars and the scientist Charon showed up.

"Do you really want to face me? I'm one of the four commanders of Team Galactic," Mars laughed, until she heard Charon cough lightly. "Oh, wait, I forgot. We’re actually five commanders. My name is Mars!"

"I don't care about that, release all the people you have captured!" Ash said.

"The police will be here soon so give up!" Dawn warned them. Lucas couldn't speak because he needed energy and was eating chocolate bars.

Mars laughed again when she saw them so determined.

"We’re trying to create a new world that is better than this one... But people don't quite understand what we are doing. You don't understand it either, do you? It's very sad... Well, let's fight then. If I win, you go. If you win, we'll go!

"That seems fine to me!" said Ash after taking out his Pokémon. "Time to teach you a lesson."

"To decide everything with a Pokémon battle, how absurd." Charon murmured.

"Don't get involved, old men!" Mars snapped.


Mars ended up losing to Ash but she didn't seem sad at all. She was even laughing more than before.

"This isn’t what I expected! It doesn't matter either. I have enjoyed our battle."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... So you lost to a kid," Charon said, pushing up his glasses as he stared at Ash and his companions. "Bah! We have gathered a lot of electricity. With the energy we have obtained we will do something spectacular. Indeed, I am Charon, the genius. Mars, we should leave now."

Mars's smile disappeared instantly.

"Shut up! The boss is the only person in the world I take orders from! So be very quiet! You’re nothing but a newbie! Don't give yourself so much importance!" she turned around and blew Ash a kiss. "I guess it's time for me to say goodbye and leave... for now!"

When the police arrived there were only a few unconscious grunts left but at least the plant workers were unharmed. Karsten returned with his wife, nurse Joy, and his two daughters, Marnie and Paige, after thanking our heroes.

Eternal Forest

“Hello, my name is Cheryl. And you...? I'm sincerely glad to meet you, Ash, Dawn and Lucas. May I ask a big favor of you? I want to get through this forest, but I'm afraid of doing it alone. I've heard that there is a sinister group of people called Team Galactic about. I think there'd be safety in numbers. Please, may I go through with you?”―Cheryl.

Cheryl was a young lady who wanted to get her hands on legendary honey made by a hive of combees. She needed it to complete her grandfather's treasure collection.

Ash and his friends accompanied her and were surprised to see that Cheryl was very good at fighting with her Blissey. Her surprise was even greater when Cheryl revealed that the Sinnoh Pokémon Association had recently named her a top trainer.

"Proffesor Rowan says that right now there are only seven Top trainers in Sinnoh, if we don't count the gym leaders and the Elite Four, of course," Lucas explained.

"Is it so difficult to get that rank?" Dawn asked.

"You have to be recognized as someone strong enough to respond to a regional crisis." Explained Cheryl, who was hiding behind Ash, scared by the noises in the forest.

The three of them laughed nervously as they saw how the strongest of the group was the one who seemed to need protection the most. They soon stopped laughing when they ran into a lively, lively orange-haired woman in front of a mansion.

The woman's name was Gardenia and apparently she wanted to enter the mansion to investigate some strange events. She was very afraid, so in exchange for helping them find the legendary honey she asked them to help her with the mystery of the mansion.


Old Mansion

"Our encounter was a sudden one. It was when I found my toy robot, one that I had earlier misplaced. At that instant, a Pokémon startlingly emerged from the lawn mower's motor! Clutching my robot, I stared, transfixed by the peculiar Pokémon.

Finally, I came to realize that the Pokémon only wished to be friends. I have decided to name this most wondrous Pokémon 'Rotom.' Simple though it may be, Rotom emerged to me from the motor of a lawn mower. Motor and Rotom... Surely the link is obvious?

Rotom can turn invisible and has the ability to enter and operate machinery! The tow of us became fast friends. The electricity from its body forbade contact, however. We could not touch, let alone hug or hold hands, but we cared not. For we were bonded on a much deeper, incorporeal level.

A feeling of mischief got the better of me one day. Seeing Rotom hovering, I decided to startle it--normally I would not. Perhaps frightened, Rotom discharged power beyond its usual range. I fell, stunned, into the arms of unconsciousness...

When I came to, to my horror I realized that Rotom had disappeared. I searched high and low for my friend in dismay and desperation. 'Don't chastise yourself. The fault is mine. No harm done. Let us play as we always have.' Though my words poured out, my friend could not be found to hear them...

My search for Rotom carried me far from home. It was in the town's rubbish heap that I again found my old toy robot. Curiously, our eyes met, then the robot waved a hand as if in greeting. I knew then that I had found my lost friend. I ran to it and hugged Rotom tight, talking on and on.

The robot's eyes lit up happily as I held it. I'm certain that, within it, Rotom was emitting lots of electricity. Somehow, I felt I could understand Rotom's thoughts better than before. Also, I realized that we would remain friends throughout our lives..."―Old notebook.

After getting the legendary honey, they were so tired that they couldn't help but rest in the old mansion. The atmosphere, the service, the food and the rooms... Everything was perfect, until Lucas realized that the food was fake.

It was then that the butler transformed into an angry ghost, a ghost girl began to appear everywhere and a giant gengar came out of a painting to devour them.

Luckily they were saved by a rotom who helped them get out of there just in time. Lucas captured that rotom later.

“That's why I didn't want to come to this forest alone!" Cheryl shouted scared as they ran for their lives towards the exit of the forest.

Eterna City: History Living

It was the oldest city in Sinnoh. When Cheryl left them Ash and his friends went to see the main attraction of the city, the statue of a supposed legendary Pokémon.

There Gardenia complained about the vandalism suffered by the statue.

"Someone has erased the inscription that was on it… There is no longer respect for anything." Gardenia said.

"What a strange statue... It looks like someone mixed two or three Pokémon..." Dawn noted.

"Oh really? To me it just seems like a very cool Pokémon." Ash said.

"Yes, like the drawings we made of legendaries when we were children." Lucas said.

"Right?" Ash laughed. Soon Lucas started laughing with him too.

Dawn sighed but preferred not to say anything, she was already getting used to her two friends sharing a neuron.

Gardenia later took them to the Sinnoh Historical Museum, which was next to a rather sinister-looking tall building. In the museum was Agent Jenny, who scolded Gardenia a lot for spending so much time outside her gym.

Gardenia was saved from further vilification because she used to do her job of protecting the forest very well.

Later the TGio stole a valuable object from the museum called Adamant Orb while leaving clues that incriminated a man named Nando.

Nando was a Pokémon trainer and coordinator at the same time, just like Wallace from Hoenn. With the help of Agent Jenny they managed to prove his innocence but the TGio had already escaped with the Adamant Orb.

As a reward for helping him, Nando told our heroes the original story: In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos. At the heart of chaos, where all things became one, appeared an Egg. Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One. From itself, two beings the Original One did make. Time started to spin. Space began to expand. From itself again, three living things the Original One did make. The two beings wished, and from them, matter came to be. The three living things wished, and from them, spirit came to be. The world created, the Original One took to unyielding sleep...


In the building next door…

“Well done, another successful robbery in record time." Saturn said.

Despite their praise the TGio could sense the disdain Saturn felt for them, as they were the only grunts allowed to have free will. However Mitsumi smiled and bowed her head.

"It is an honor to be able to be useful." Mitsumi said, while in her head was already planning what she would do to Saturn when she was promoted to commander.

"I heard that the twerp who confronted Mars was in the museum."

Mitsumi glanced at Hareta, who shrank slightly in his chair. Saturn always asked him for reports on missions, he couldn’t contradict a commander even if he wasn’t under his command.

"That's right, but he hasn't been a problem."

“Well, I wouldn't want your record to be tainted by a twerp." Saturn said before cutting the communication.

"And what about Mars's record?" Hareta complained now that they were alone.

"Bi, bi!"

Mitsumi's smile remained in place.

"Mars is very well placed in the organization and although it may not seem like it, she gets along very well with the other three commanders."

"Three, don’t you mean the other four?"

"…Right, that old man is also a commander."


Eterna Gym

"You kept me waiting! When I first saw you, I was convinced you'd find your way to me. You have a winning aura about you. So, anyway, this will be fun. Let's have our battle!" ―Gardenia, Master of Vivid Plant Pokémon.

Staravia, Turtwig and Aipom vs Cherubi, Turtwig and Roserade. After overcoming her obsession with Ash's Turtwig, Gardenia lost the fight and gave the Forest badge to the young man from the Pallet Town.

"I might've said it before, but you're really tough! Wasn't it hard for you to raise your Pokémon to be so good? I guess that's a measure of how much you love your Pokémon." Gardenia said as she hugged Ash's turtwig.


Ash and his friends visited Roark's grandfather, the Underground man who everyone now called the Underground man. At first he was nice and taught them how to move underground but they soon discovered why the man no longer had assistants and apprentices.

The Underground man was a rogue and scoundrel who didn’t hesitate to make our heroes work too hard and then keep any loot or treasure they had obtained.


The Underground man wasn’t the only disappointment our heroes had. They were intercepted by a grunt from Team Galactic, who was actually Looker in disguise.

“Rad Rickshaw, the owner of the bike shop, is in trouble,” he explained quickly. "He discovered that Team Galactic has been stealing Pokémon. And on top of that, they recently took away his clefairy. The man has followed them to that ugly building next to the museum. I must continue undercover as Grunt B-2 so I can't help you. But I can help you sneak in. I'm counting on you!"

"Why don't you call the police? We're just kids!" Dawn said confused.

"We're going to save that man and the Pokémon! Right, Pikachu?" Ash said to his friend as he ran out to the building.


"Wait, I haven't told you how to sneak in yet!" Looker said, running after the boy and his Pikachu.

"…Are they serious?" Dawn asked in disbelief. "Are you and I the only sane ones?"

Lucas shrugged and after finishing his sandwich he ran after Looker.

"We're like the Sinnoh Rangers! Go, go Sinnoh Ranger!" Lucas said with his eyes shining with excitement.

Dawn ended up running after all of them because she didn't want to be left alone.


Team Galactic Eterna Building: We Want Your Pokémon!

“This world does not interest us. We have our sights set further."

“Do you came to donate your Pokémon?"

“We are researching new forms of energy and would like to use the power of Pokémon as an energy source."

“Ordinary people like you cannot understand Team Galactic's vision. In fact, now that I think about it... I don't understand it much either."

The more the grunts and scientists talked, the angrier Ash and his friends became. Those criminals would do anything for an intangible objective that they didn't even know what it was. Most of them didn't even know who their leader was.

Finally they reached Commander Jupiter, who had Rad Rickshaw and the Pokémon kidnapped.

"Hey! Did you want something?" the woman asked in a mocking tone.

“Free Rick and the Pokémon!" Ash ordered her.

"Make me!"

They both took out their Pokémon at the same time and the battle began.


"How could I lose against a child!" Jupiter said without being able to believe it. "Being careless cost me too much."

Jupiter fled from there but first gave some information to our heroes.

"I'll let you in on one little thing. Our boss is researching the myths of ancient Pokémon. With the power of mythical Pokémon, he will become the ruler of Sinnoh... I suggest you keep out of Team Galactic's affairs from now on. This is your last warning!"


"Rotom has the incredible ability to enter and merge with special motors. It is not a known fact that Rotom can be inside a motor almost indefinitely. Rotom may forget certain movements when abandoning a motor. It will be necessary to analyze and observe this Pokémon carefully. To ensure I get all the credit, my Rotom research must be kept secret. They will come to recognize me as the scientific genius Char..." Mysterious notebook.

Before leaving the building, Lucas found the second part of the mysterious notebook they found in the Eternal Forest Mansion.


Before leaving the city a blonde woman intercepted them and thanked them for running Team Galactic out of the city.

"Those guys must have friends in high places if the government hasn't classified them as terrorist group yet." said the woman worried.

Routes 206

They crossed paths again with the evil Hunter J, who this time was after a shieldon, which Gary Oak was taking care of.

Dawn and Lucas met Ash's rival in Kanto and helped him take the shieldon to a fossil Pokémon reserve that proffesor Rowan was creating.

After trying to kill our heroes, Hunter J ended up retiring. Gary said goodbye to our heroes and they continued their journey.

Wayward Cave

“Hello, I got lost while looking for my Sandslash...And I'm really scared... Could you help me find him, please?” ―Mira.

The TGio had taken one of a girl named Mira's Pokémon while she was distracted. Luckily Ash and his friends didn’t hesitate to help her and after cornering the villains at the end of the cave, they managed to recover her Pokémon.

Although something that surprised the three friends was seeing how strong Mira was, since she alone defeated the cave Pokémon that crossed her path.

"My strength? I'm a Top trainer, haven't I told you that?

"Top trainer? But you’re so small?" Dawn said stunned.

"I'm not that small!"

“Red told me that age doesn't matter when you're a Pokémon trainer." Ash laughed.

"Well, your friend is right," Lucas said. "Even a child can beat a veteran in a Pokémon battle, so you should never let your guard down."

After leaving the cave they said goodbye to Mira.

Mount Coronet

In said cave they found the mysterious man that Ash met near Twinleaf Town.

"The man without eyebrows!" Ash said upon recognizing him. Dawn hit him on the head.

"Forgive our friend!" “Dawn said immediately, bowing her head several times. Lucas, for his part, noticed how the Pokémon in the cave avoided being close to the man at all costs. Even his own Pokémon seemed nervous.

The man stared at them before starting to talk about how fragile living beings were and how vast the universe could be. After leaving them confused, the man left the cave.

Shortly after Ash received a call from Bill. The young man knew that Ash was in Sinnoh so he told him to visit his friend Bebe when he could. The woman was the creator of the Sinnoh Pokémon storage system and lived in Hearthome City.

M10: The Rise of Darkrai

Dialga, god Pokémon of time and Palkia, god Pokémon of space met and began to battle. However, Palkia ended up very injured and was forced to hide in Alamos town.

Shortly after, our heroes, watched by the TGio, arrived in town because Dawn wanted to participate in a Pokémon contest. In the town they met Alice and her friend Tonio, who showed them the towers of time and space designed by the brilliant architect Godey.

Due to Dialga and Palkia, numerous space-time anomalies occurred. The conceited Baron Alberto blamed the legendary Pokémon Darkrai, which only wanted to protect the town.

However, Darkrai's powers gave people and Pokémon nightmares, which made everyone believe that he was the culprit behind all the town's problems.

Ash and other people managed to see the real culprits in their nightmares. When Dialga and Palkia appeared and began fighting again, almost the entire town disappeared from existence.

Darkrai's sacrifice, the song that Alice inherited from her grandmother, Godey's notebook and the help of our heroes managed to calm the two gods and save the entire town. As thanks for the trouble caused, Palkia returned everything to normal and Darkrai was able to return to life.

Hearthome City: Warm & Kind

An elegant city full of festivals that was said to be the best to raise a family. It was also the home of the most popular Pokémon contests.

What caught Ash's attention was the cathedral, since it was the first time he had seen one so full of people. Dawn and Lucas explained that people in Sinnoh had been quite religious for a long time.

At the Pokémon Center Ash met a hiker who claimed to be a friend of proffesor Elm.

“He was always very quiet and attracted little attention. He mustn’t be having a bad time now that he’s the most famous proffesor in Johto."

“Well, the last time I saw him, he was very happy with his work, although he’s quite absent-minded." Ash said.

“…Wow, I'm happy for him." said the hiker with a sincere smile.

Taking advantage of the fact that they were in the city, Ash and his friends visited Bebe, who already knew who they were thanks to a call from Bill.

"You can stay at my house while you're in town." She told them with a smile.

"Thanks!" Ash said happily.

"Indeed, although I will miss the food at the Pokémon center." Lucas commented.

"Won't it be too much trouble for you?" Dawn asked Bebe.

"Not at all, it's the least I can do for the boy who saved my friend Bill from Team Rocket."

When they accompanied Dawn to register for the Pokémon contest, they encountered an elegant woman wearing a purple dress talking to Dawn's mother, Johanna.

Dawn ran and hugged her surprised mother, who wasn't expecting to see her daughter there.

"You must be Ash, right? Dawn told me a lot about you,” Johanna said. "Thank you very much for taking care of my daughter."

“Actually I'm the one who takes care of them." Dawn murmured and then proudly told Ash that her mother was a Top coordinator.

Oops! Excusez-moi. Are any of the three going to participate in the contest?" the woman in purple interrupted.

"Me, Mrs. Fantina!" Dawn said when she recognized her.

"Well, as an expert on the subject, I advise you to have fun!"

Fantina revealed herself to be the city's gym leader and Ash wanted to challenge her right there but Fantina refused. Apparently she had to make a very important trip at that time and it would take days or weeks to return. Dawn's mother also had to leave so she wished her daughter luck.


Amity Square Ruins

"When one life meets another life, something new will be born." ―Cynthia

The next day they learned that the blonde woman they met in Eterna City was Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh. Paul challenged her to a six-on-six battle, but ended up losing without being able to defeat a single Pokémon of Cynthia.

Cynthia then left with Ash and his friends, telling them stories about Sinnoh's past and the many legends there were.

That's how they learned about Cynthia's passion for archaeology. Later, Cynthia left when she saw how Roxy was talking about the lustrous Orb that archaeologists had found in Celestic Town.


It was her third contest and Dawn was very nervous because she didn’t want to disappoint the trust that her mother had placed in her. She used Piplup and Pachirusu but she still lost.

That night Dawn didn't want to talk to her friends even though they tried to cheer her up. Zoey asked them to leave Dawn alone for the moment because she, the girl, needed solitude.

Ash and Lucas were the ones who spoke to Dawn's mother, telling her what happened...


Tag Battle Competition

To cheer up Dawn and on Zoey's advice, Ash enrolled himself and his friends in the Tag Battle, sponsored by the city's mayor Enta.

The winning couple of the tournament, which would be formed randomly, would take a pair of soothe bells. Ash's partner was Paul, Dawn's partner was Conway and Lucas got Holly.

The tournament was a disaster for Ash and Paul. They didn't know how to work as a team, they didn't like each other, and Paul's mistreatment of Chimchar made Ash a lot angry. To top it off, Paul ended up abandoning Chimchar as he was not able to bring out his full potential, so Ash took him in as his new Pokémon.

Lucas, who had seen it all with proffesor Rowan, had a serious talk with Paul about his harsh way of training Chimchar. It was the first time they saw the young glutton so serious and somewhat angry.

In the end Ash and Paul won the tournament, which was very ironic for everyone present because the tournament was about forming bonds between people and Pokémon.

Route 209

As they left the city they bumped into Barry, who was furious because Fantina was not in his gym, so he fought Ash to vent all his fury. Ash defeated Barry and Barry left even angrier than he already was.


The Lost Tower

"They have taken away my Pokémon... Team Galactic... I’l never forget their faces."

“I will never forget the time I have spent with my Pokémon...Never."

“When you live a long time, you suffer some sad farewells. Although there are also many new meetings."

“Although their graves are in the Lost Tower, he is right here, in my heart... This is the place where my Pokémon rest."

That place reminded Ash of the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. They had entered after hearing the story of how Cynthia got a very rare Pokémon in that area when she was a Pokémon trainer.

However, the heavy atmosphere took away their desire for adventure. He and his friends paid their respects to the dead Pokémon and left right away.


Solaceon Ruins

Our heroes saved Ruin maniac Karl from the TGio, who managed to steal a strange cube guarded by the furious Unown. Thanks to Ash, who already had experience with those Pokémon, they managed to get out of there alive.

Solaceon Town: Free of Worry!

As soon as she arrived, Dawn participated very enthusiastically in the Pokémon contest using Ambipom, but she also failed to make it past the exhibition round. In the end Jessilina won the contest.

Ash and Lucas tried their best to cheer Dawn up but in the end they asked Zoey for help, who gave her advice on how she could improve.

The next day Ash had the idea to visit the Pokémon Nursery, because seeing Pokémon babies always cheered everyone up... Or that's what his friend Ethan used to say.

At the Nursery they met a girl named Angie, who ran the business with her parents. The girl, whom Ash mistook for a boy at first, showed them how they worked there. Dawn ended up noticing that Angie seemed to have some interest in Ash beyond friendship.

Later Lucas insisted on visiting the Poké Ranch, because they had the best quality food according to the boy.

"It’s also said that they have seen a mew around that ranch." Lucas said, convincing Ash and Dawn.

At the ranch they met the owner Hayley and saw a mew appear at night and transform into one of the Ranch's Pokémon.

The news that the Mew rumor was true spread throughout the town and our heroes were interviewed by the local Pokémon newspaper, run by Belle and pa, the editor-in-chief.

As Father and daughter asked them questions, a small smile finally formed on Dawn's face.

Veilstone City: Hewn from Rock

As soon as he arrived in the city, Ash went straight to the Pokémon gym. To her surprise, Maylene wanted to retire despite only being gym leader for six months.

Reggie, Paul's older brother and Pokémon breeder, explained to them that Maylene had a battle with Paul and he made fun of her after defeating her without problems. All of this made the martial arts prodigy completely depressed.

Dawn and Lucas decided to train with Maylene, slowly restoring her confidence. Dawn even challenged the girl to a gym fight, losing but enjoying the experience.

Meanwhile Reggie helped Ash train his Pokémon.

"Were you a Pokémon trainer?" Asked Ash curiously seeing how he knew a lot about the subject.

Reggie nodded.

“I have all the medals from the gyms of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. And I also participated in the Battle Frontier between Kanto and Hoenn."

"And how did it go?" Ash asked, happily remembering his own trip.

“I got all the symbols except the Brave one."

“…Yeah, Brandon is very strong."



Despite Maylene's strict diet and training, the young woman couldn't help but devour all the food Lucas made that night. What's more, she seemed to want to compete with the chef to see who could eat the most.


Veilstone Gym

"I don't really know what it means to be strong. But I take battling very seriously. Whenever you're ready!" ―Maylene, the Barefoot Fighting Genius!

Staravia, Chimchar and Buizel vs Machoke, Meditite and Lucario. The fight between Ash and Maylene ended in a draw when Buizel and Lucario were knocked unconscious at the same time. Even so, Maylene gave the Cobblestone badge to Ash as a thank you for the good fight and for helping her regain her trust.

"I would have liked my father to see the fight, but he spends all day in that damn casino." Maylene complained.

"… Casino?"

"Yes, he has become obsessed with a new game that they have installed there... Pokémon Battrio I think it's called."


Veilstone City Shopping Center

It was the most popular place in the city, where there was everything you wanted and what you didn't know you wanted...yet.

Ash, Dawn and Lucas spent the whole day there, enjoying seeing and buying things they needed for the trip... Well, Dawn bought things that maybe they didn't need much but it wasn't every day she went to such a famous place.

There they met Wake, a famous fighter who made television shows giving combat lessons to children. They also saw proffesor Rowan, who seemed somewhat depressed.

"I should have come earlier, the Rage Candy Bars are already gone!" the old proffesor complained.

"Better, his refrigerator was only full of those candy bars." Lucas said happily.

"And now it's not because you ate almost all of them." Rowan scolded him.

“Proffesor, what do you know about about the lakes and those mysterious Pokémon?" Ash asked immediately, to prevent his friend from getting a good reprimand.

Proffesor Rowan scratched his whiskers for a few seconds before answering.

“It has always been said that there are three beings that protect those lakes and that they are legendary Pokémon. Each one represents something but I don't want to say anything more until I'm completely sure... I think I'll take a trip to the Canalave City library. There I’ll be able to clarify some doubts I have."


The TGio, along with numerous Team Galactic Grunts, stole the city's meteorites. When Ash and his friends went to stop them, commander Saturn appeared and managed to hold our heroes long enough for the Grunts to flee with what they had stolen.

M11: Giratina and the Sky Warrior

Giratina was furious. The battle between Dialga and Palkia had caused chaos in his chaotic universe. The Distortion World was suffering so the legendary sought revenge by attacking his brother Dialga.

Giratina managed to drag Dialga into his world using a portal but a shayman accidentally ended up in the middle of the fight. Shaymin defended herself against Giratina using Seed Flare and Dialga took the opportunity to remove his ability to leave the Distortion World. All this was observed by the evil Zero.

Even more furious, Giratina swore to capture Shaymin, but Ash and his friends encountered the little legendarie and decided to protect her. During the adventure Ash and Dawn entered the Distortion World, where they met Newtwon Graceland, a Pokémon researcher who was Zero's teacher before he became obsessed with capturing Giratina and controlling his universe.

Finally Ash and his friends, with the help of the legendary Regigigas, stopped Zero and saved Giratina, making him stop being angry with Shaymin.

After recovering from what Dialga did to him, Giratina rebuilt the broken parts of the Distortion World before going for revenge against his brothers.

Shaymin, for her part, managed to reach the Flower Paradise and leave happily with a herd of shaymins.


Pokémon Ranger Kellyn and Kate were enjoying a well-deserved rest after saving the region from Team Dim Sun, who had attempted to hypnotize the region's Pokémon for their evil purposes.

However, they couldn’t rest much because both of them soon had their next mission.

“Rangers Kellyn and Kate, this is proffesor Hastings. I have an urgent mission for both of you. The infamous Hunter J has been sighted in the Sinnoh region. Her objective this time is to capture a special riolu that had already been kidnapped before. Your mission is to take him to his home no matter the cost.”

The next time Ash and his friends crossed paths with Hunter J was when she tried to steal a Riolu capable of using Aural Sphere. The Rioulu was the heir to a kingdom and Ash was able to sense his pain thanks to his abilities with aura.

With the help of the Pokémon Ranger Kellyn and Kate, Ash and his friends were able to return the riolu to its owner and make Hunter J flee.

Ash had another run-in with Paul. The two decided that their ideals were completely opposite and therefore they could not be friends. Ash then challenged Paul to a three-on-three battle, but Ash's chimchar ended up losing control of his blaze ability and causing destruction to the area.

Ash managed to calm Chimchar down and promised him that they would manage to control his power and beat Paul fairly next time.

Lake Valor

At the port of Lake Ash he was able to meet up with his friend from Hoenn, Aura. Happy to see her again, he introduced her to her new friends. Aura brought gifts for the three of them. A teddiursa statue for Ash, Johto food for Lucas, and a piplup necklace for Dawn.

“Ash has told me a lot about you two."Aura said, explaining how she had known what gifts to give them.

“The princess of Hoenn is indeed impressive." Dawn said, a little intimidated by having a Top coordinator so close.

"Please, call me Aura." said the girl laughing.

"I guess you're hungry, so first I've chosen a restaurant where we can eat." Ash said.

"How well you know me!"

"And on top of that you have to have Pokémon battles and win if you want to eat."

“Typical Ash, choosing a battle restaurant." Lucas said, trembling with fear at the mere thought that he wouldn't be able to eat.

"You’re still the same Ash!" Aura laughed.

At the Seven Stars restaurant, everyone, except Ash, was amazed at the voracity of the Hoenn princess.

"How much she eats!" Lucas said, surprised to see how Aura devoured plate after plate and didn't seem to get full at all.

The boy's eyes lit up brightly, he couldn't lose the position of the group's eater!

"Waiter, another dish!" Aura and Lucas shouted at the same time. Roman and Kylie, the owners of the restaurant, looked at each other with a smile. They finally had clients who would force them to use all their power in the kitchen.


Wallace, current champion of Hoenn while Steven was absent, had come to inaugurate a Pokémon contest in Sinnoh: The Wallace Cup. The Aqua ribbon that was awarded to the winner was valid as a universal ribbon, meaning it was valid for any Grand Festival in any region.

Despite the encouragement of Ash and Lucas, Dawn didn’t seem very convinced about participating in the contest. Aura and Zoey spoke with her privately, and the former told her that she had also gone through a similar experience, especially in Johto.

“I have come to this contest to regain a little confidence." She revealed to Dawn and then showed her half of the ribbon that she shared with Ash.

The conversation between the three was interrupted by the screams of Ash, who swore he had seen a strange bluish Pokémon floating in the center of Lake Valor. Dawn told him that she also had a similar experience at Lake Verity.

Zoey then told them that in their home, Snowpoint City, there were legends about a Pokémon in Lake Acuity. Lucas said that he would ask proffesor Rowan about it.

The next day Ash met up with Wallace and he met Ash's friends. Wallace seemed to see something special in both Dawn and Aura but he kept his opinion to himself. What he didn't keep to himself was to ask Ash to also enter the contest, which greatly surprised everyone.


For not being a Pokémon coordinator, Ash did quite well, losing in the quarterfinals against Ursula and finishing in the top eight.

"I'm sure that if he dedicated himself to contests he would go very far." Wallace commented very happily. "And then we wouldn’t be rivals only in battle."

Dawn then avenged Ash by defeating Ursula and moving on to the finals. Aura on her part defeated Zoey and also went to the finals.

Everything was decided in a final between Dawn and Aura, Piplup vs Glaceon. With her increased confidence Dawn managed to narrowly beat Aura and take the Aqua Ribbon.

“You were wonderful,” said Wallace, approaching Dawn, “performing a display of elegance. A nice ending to a nice contest. You are a true coordinator and it’s a privilege for me to award you the Aqua ribbon for your victory in the Wallace Cup."

Everyone cheered as tears streamed down Dawn's face. The girl was so happy that she even gave Ash a hug, a detail that a smiling Aura and Lucas noticed.

At sunset Aura said goodbye to everyone, but not before congratulating Dawn and telling her to never give up on contests.

“Ash, I wish you luck in the Sinnoh League." said Aura after giving him a hige hug.

"Thank you! I also wish you luck in the Johto Grand Festival!"

Route 212

Here Ash met up again with a former worker at the Hoenn Weather Institute. Apparently last year's attack by Team Magma and Aqua had made her quit and go to work in Sinnoh. Seeing Ash agaian made her very nervous because he reminded her of that fateful day so our heroes left her alone.

At least they got to visit Mr. Blacklot's famous Pokémon Mansion, where they fought his maids and his sons Liam and Celeste. As a reward they were allowed to visit the Trophy garden.

Pastoria City: The Marsh City

Our heroes were watching on the news how there had been a blackout in Sunyshore City when Barry desperately entered the Pokémon center.

"My master! Have you seen himt?!" the boy shouted.

"Who?" Asked Ash and his friends.

"Crasher Wake! Have you seen him? No?! If you lie I will fine you! Let's have a Pokémon battle!...Wait, I don't have time for this, I have to find the master and challenge him to a gym battle! Bye bye!"

In the end Wake was celebrating at the Croagunk Festival, which was held every year in the city. Wake remembered seeing our heroes in Veilstone City and accepted Ash's challenge.

However, Barry also wanted to face his master, so he and Ash fought to see who was first.

"I would give you a fine for beating me in front of the master!... But a victory is a victory." said the sad boy after losing.


Pastoria Gym

"I don't get challenged very often! My Pokémon were toughened up by stormy white waters! They'll take everything you can throw at them and then pull you under! Victory will be ours! Come on, let's get it done!" ―Wake, the Torrential Masked Master!

Pikachu, Turtwig, Buizel vs Gyarados, Quagsire and Floatzel. After a fierce finish between Buizel and Floatzel, Ash took the victory.

"It seems the undertow pulled me under... But I had a great time battling with you! You've earned the Fen Badge!"


Just as they left the gym they ran into Barry, who seemed to have something important to tell them.

“Master, master!"

“Hey, kid... I know your father, I don't deny it. And I trained you a little, but that doesn't mean he's your master,” Wake laughed. "Besides, you no longer need me to be stronger."

"You are my master and nothing or no one changes that! But that doesn't matter now! Something big is brewing! There is someone from Team Galactic in front of the Observatory door. He said I don't know what about a bomb!"

Everyone present trembled when they heard that. And they shook again because a huge explosion was heard.

Wake, furious, went to the scene of the attack accompanied by our heroes and Agent Jenny.

“No one touches Pastoria City and gets away with it!" Wake shouted when he saw the TGio at the entrance to the Great Swamp.

"You again!" Ash said very angry. "What have you done?"

"Wow!... We've messed things up a bit..." Hareta said worriedly.

"A bit? You've set off a bomb!" Dawn said. If it weren't for Lucas, she and Ash would have already pounced on them.

"Well, technically it wasn't us," explained Mitsumi, who didn't seem very happy. "We were told to keep an eye on the area while other grunts carried a pack."

"Yeah, we didn't know it was proffesor Charon's famous galactic bomb!" Hareta defended himself.

“Bi, bidoof!" Bidoof said offended.

“You don't need to say more, Hareta! Let's report the mission, quickly!" Mitsumi said, using smoke bombs to escape from there quickly.

"By the way, that mask is ridiculous, geezer!" Hareta said as they left.

"Damn you!" Ash and Dawn shouted at the same time.

"I guess now the government won't be able to hide that Team Galactic are terrorists." Lucas said very seriously to Agent Jenny.

"…I hope not."

"The Great Swamp is of incalculable value..." Wake said, almost crying. "Hey! Don't even think about following me! And don't let anyone else in! You would die if there was any piece of the bomb left!"

After Wake's investigation he found nothing. It didn't even look like anything had exploded there. For his part, Ash and his friends had chased the TGio to make them pay but they ended up encountering Looker disguised as Grunt B-2.

“Something strong is brewing, so I must ask you to stay out of it for the moment."

"Now you don't want to use children to fight terrorists?" Dawn said.

“…Well… I never thought they would get this far without using legendaries… See you later!"

A few days later they met Cynthia, who helped them with some psyudck that were blocking the road. Cynthia gave them a old charm to give to her grandmother, who lived in a Celestic Town.

Rowan Research Center at Mount Coronet - Pokémon Camp

Ash, Dawn and Lucas met Angie again, who had signed up for a summer camp created by proffesor Rowan. Our heroes also entered the camp, where friendship between people and Pokémon was encouraged.

Over the next six days, everything happened to them, from Angie falling in love with Ash and Conway becoming obsessed with Dawn to almost being killed and/or eaten by ghost Pokémon. Meanwhile, the different teams in the field were gaining points, until the victory went to the Red team, where our heroes were.

In the end everyone received a Summer Pokémon Academy certificate.

Celestic Town: The Past Lives

Upon arriving at champion Cynthia's home, they met her grandmother.

"Are you the children my granddaughter has told me so much about?" Proffesor Carolina asked.

“Hi, I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!/Pika!"

“I'm Dawn Berlitz from Twinleaf Town!"

“I'm Lucas from Sandgem Town."

Proffesor Carolina smiled a lot when she saw the excitement in the eyes of those children. Suddenly a tall man appeared next to her.

"The man without eyebrow-!" Ash received a smack from Dawn before he could finish the sentence.

"We meet again, children." said the man.

"Do you know them?" Carolina asked surprised. The man simply nodded.

“My name is Cyrus, I'm a Pokémon researcher and right now I'm helping the proffesor." the man explained.

"Is that why you were at that lake?" Ash remembered.

"That's right, I investigate everything that has to do with time and space."

Then our heroes gave Cynthia's old charm to the teacher.

“A gift from my old friend Matthew." said the proffesor, explaining the origin of the object.


Celestic Ruins

The five went to the ruins of the town, where Cynthia was waiting for them. The champion was surprised that Cyrus already knew the children.

“Cyrus and I have known each other since we were little,” Cynthia explained as they advanced towards the deepest area of ​​the ruins. "He has helped me a lot when deciphering the murals in these ruins. Have you already seen the giant painting at the entrance?"

“Yes, they are Dialga and Palkia, right?" Ash said proudly.

"How do you know?"

“We have seen them during our travels." Dawn explained. The surprised faces that the adults made, Cyrus included, forced her to tell about her adventures with the legendaries.

“Even a third legendary who lives in another world?” Cyrus murmured, a small smile forming on his stony face. "Those three idiots weren't lying..."

"...It seems that you have something that attracts Pokémon considered gods," said Cynthia, astonished. "I don't know if you've noticed, but the paintings say: Three beings of time, space and anti-matter set free from the Original One."

In the background there were some cave paintings: Three strange figures surrounded by three bright lights that formed a triangle, and in the middle of these a shiny sphere.

Carolina told them that those paintings represent Dialga, Palkia and Giratina trying to control another much stronger and more powerful Pokémon. And the lights to the guardians of the lakes: Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf.

After this, everyone had dinner at Cynthia's house, where they met her little sister. There Cyrus challenged Ash to a Pokémon battle.

“I would like to know what those legendaries saw in you. You're a trainer so a Pokémon battle will do." Cyrus said.

Of course Ash immediately accepted and everyone watched as Pikachu faced Cyrus' crobat. Pikachu won but Ash was left with the feeling that Cyrus had not gone all out.

One of the people who watched the fight with interest was Grandma Ela, a former dragon tamer originally from Blackthorn City. It was she who taught Ash's gible draco meteor.


A few days later Dawn participated in the Pokémon contest, having to face her mother's friend and rival, Lila. She ended up winning and called her mother very excited about what she had achieved.

However, the joy didn’t last long. Taking advantage of the fact that Cynthia was gone, Team Galactic, led by commander Saturn, stole the Lustrous Orb that proffesor Carolina had.

On their way to the next gym, they ran into Aaron, a member of the Elite Four specializing in the Bug type.

The young man defeated Ash in a Pokémon battle and spent the rest of the day bragging about how strong bug-type Pokémon were.

“A few years ago I was a gym leader but look at me now. Soon I’ll face Cynthia and my bug Pokémon will take away her champion title."

The following week our heroes saw on television how Aaron lost against Cynthia after managing to defeat only two of her Pokémon.

Hearthome City

Ash trained alongside Dawn to prepare for their gym match. Meanwhile Lucas talked to Paul, who was passing by. Thus he discovered that Paul resented his older brother for abandoning Pokémon training after losing in the Battle Frontier.

Later Paul's Torterra helped Ash's grotle and the village boy Pallet thanked Paul.

"Bah! That was Torterra's doing, not mine."


Hearthome Gym

“Oh là là! Since I moved here, I try to discover something new about this region every day. Since pageants are popular in this city, I decided to dress comme ça. I also spent a lot of time studying Pokémon and ended up becoming a leader. Anyway, I guess you came here to challenge me. “I warn you, I will win.” ―Fantina, the Alluring, Soulful Dancer!

After spending a long time away, Fantina had returned and Ash was able to have his rematch. Buizel, Chimchar and Pikachu vs Gengar, Mismagius, Drifblim.

Using the counter-defense strategy learned with Dawn, Ash was able to take the victory. Dawn literally jumped off the stands to congratulate Ash.

"I am dumbfounded! So very, very strong! You, your Pokémon, so strong! Your power is admirable! I shall honor it with this Relic Badge!"

Canalave City: Cargo Port

Upon arriving in the city they met Roark, the gym leader of Oreburgh City. He was arguing loudly in the middle of the street with another man who turned out to be his father, Byron.

Lucas managed to calm them both down thanks to his cooking skills. Once at the Pokémon Center, Roark explained that Father was previously the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City, but that one day he was informed that a Gym Leader was needed in Canalave City.

Despite the protests of his wife and son, Byron immediately accepted just so he could search for fossils on Iron Island.

A Pokémon battle later between father and son made them reconnect again, to the point that they decided to prepare for a trip to Iron Island together. Ash's gym battle would have to wait.

“Come with us to Iron Island!" Roark said.

“You can train there all you want!" Aceon assured him.

“…It doesn't seem like a bad idea,” Lucas said, looking at Ash.

“Maybe we'll see some rare Pokémon." Dawn said.

“You're right, an island full of steel-type Pokémon sounds like a tough challenge!" Ash said excitedly. However, the trip to Iron Island would also have to wait…


A serious case of narcolepsy affected the entire city. A darkrai was causing nightmares and making both people and Pokémon suffer.

“It doesn't look anything like the darkrai from Alamos town." Dawn noted, who needed to lean on Ash to keep from falling asleep.

Things got so serious that Agent Marble had to intervene.

“The Harbor inn, that place has been closed for years,” Byron explained, showing Marble and our heroes an old house. It is said that its owner was killed by a darkrai that gave him many nightmares. Poor guy.

—And the darkrai villain came out of there? Marble asked, pretending to be taking notes but actually drawing doodles.

"That's what Eldritch the sailor says. His son was one of the first victims."

After several investigations in the Canalave City library they discovered that there was an island where the legendary crescelia, the counterpart of the darkrai, lived. So our heroes went on sailor Eldritch's ship to Fullmoon Island.

There, in a sanctuary, they found a crescelia that was being attacked by the TGio. After saving her, she returned their favor by defeating the darkrai and forcing him to flee the city.

Darkrai reached a clearing in the forest where a woman was waiting for him with a completely red Poké Ball in her hand. Next to her was a man who looked at the legendary with distrust.

"You have done it very well." said the woman, making the Pokémon return to the Glory Ball.

“Darkrai is very dangerous, we should free him or give him to someone stupid." said the man.

“Dear Amadeus, we still need it if we want our plan to go forward."

Amadeus crossed his arms while frowning.

“Speaking of plans… Those three fools have failed. They couldn't stop the twerps from asking a crescelia for help."

“Their failure was expected,” said the woman. "All this testing has only served to see Darkrai's limits... I guess it's time for me to go for my last two gym badges."

“Huh, I'm looking forward to seeing the faces people will make when they see your Pokémon team in the league." Amadeus said. The woman smiled evilly.

“My Pokémon team? Darkrai is the only one they will see."


Iron Island

The island had a very hard subsoil that could only be excavated with machines and steel-type Pokémon, as well as by the digletts that lived there.

Ash, Dawn, Lucas, Roark, and Byron had no time for sightseeing, training, or digging. Team Galactic had invaded the island and with one of their machines they were driving the steel-type Pokémon crazy.

Our heroes ended up separating due to the Pokémon battles that took place all over the island. Lucas ran into Barry, who had gone there to train. Roark and Byron, for their part, advanced like crazy against Team Galactic, attacking anyone who got in front of them.

Meanwhile Ash and Dawn met Riley, a Top trainer capable of manipulating his aura. Between the three of them they managed to defeat the grunts and get the information from the TGio, who was also there.

"Enough! I cann’t stand you anymore! I'm sick of you and your Pokémon!... Come on Mistumi, let's get out of here!" Hareta shouted.

"You said it! We don't even know what Team Galactic's big plan is!"

"Don't run away!" Ash tried to go after them but Riley stopped him.

"They weren't lying, they don't know anything," Riley said after using her aura on them. "So many grunts in one place... there must be a commander nearby. That should be our goal."

There was something about that man that reminded him of Sir Aaron, Ash thought. Accepting his plan, the three followed the TGio. Finally all our heroes found themselves in front of Commander Mars.

"Idiots! It's too late, I've planted explosives all over the island!" Mars said between laughs.

"Damn you!" Byron exclaimed furiously. "How can you be so evil?!"

"You are nothing more than damned terrorists!" Roark said.

"We can't waste time with her, we have to look for the explosives!" Riley ordered.

"I called the police a while ago," Lucas revealed very seriously. "They should arrive soon."

"We have to help in case they don't arrive on time." Ash said.

"I agree, come on!" Dawn said.

Riley, using her aura, was able to detect where Mars or other grunts had been and thus found the bombs, which they deactivated with the help of the Pokémon.

Later, the police arrived with proffesor Carolina and her research team to examine whether the Iron ruins had suffered any damage.

“Team Galactic's machine wasn't meant to enrage the Pokémon, that was just a side effect." Detective Marble said, her face covered in dirt because she had tripped over a diglett.

"It seems that the machine emitted waves that allowed them to detect the famous spear pillar," Carolina said worriedly. "I don't know what they're up to but it can't be anything good."

Before leaving the island, Lucas felt a presence similar to Regigigas but different. He didn't say anything but for some reason he wanted to see the legendary giant again.


Canalave Library

"Look not into the Pokémon's eyes. In but an instant, you'll have no recollection of who you are. Return home, but how? When there is nothing to remember? Dare not touch the Pokémon's body. In but three short days, all emotions will drain away. Above all, above all, harm not the Pokémon. In a scant five days, the offender will grow immobile in entirety." A horrible myth.

Cyrus closed the book and left it in its place. As he left the library he passed Lucas and greeted him before leaving there. On the way he received a call.

"The experiment has been a success, great leader!" Mars said.

"And we have found the location of the Spear Pillar." said another commander.

"…Saturn, you will be in charge of the excavation."

"I will do so, great leader!" Saturn said.


Ash, Dawn and Barry had taken the brunt of their last adventure so they were resting in a hotel. While their Pokémon received medical attention at the Pokémon center.

After making them soup, Lucas told them a story he had taken from the library. The Sea’s legend:

"Once upon a time in the East Sea, there was a Pokémon known as the prince. A brave human asked Pokémon living in the sea to let them see the prince. Mantyke, Buizel, and a Qwilfish with huge spikes acknowledged the human's bravery and joined them. Together, they set off in a boat over the sunset-streaked sea, sailing through the ocean gate stretched over the waves. News of this reached the ears of the prince, who went to meet the brave little party at the Seaside Hollow."


Canalave Gym

“So you have defeated my son? He should have trained more on Hierro Island like me. I took over from my son and challenged you!” ―Byron, the Man with the Steel Body!

Chimchar, Buizel and Gliscor vs Bronzor, Steelix and Bastiodon. After an intense fight in which Ash had to overcome the resistance of the steel type, he defeated Byron, leaving him depressed.

"Argh... Came up short again... Do I talk to my son Roark to train together...? No, that's too embarrassing... Hmm... This is a dilemma... Here, take the Mina badge."

Chocovine Village

Dawn participated in the contest, facing off against Ursula. With a large point difference, Dawn's pachirisu defeated Ursula's gabite. With that Dawn already had four ribbons and a new rival who was eager to finish her off.

They also encountered Primo and Kate, the Pokémon Rangers, who were guarding a pack of Phione. One of them became so attached to Lucas that he had to keep it.

Sandalsstraw Village

Continuing her journey, Dawn participated in the Alpargata contest, but this time she lost to her rival Kenny in the finals.

Even so, she wasn’t discouraged since she still had time to get his fifth tape. Meanwhile Dawn left Ambipom with the Ping Pong champion, who wanted to bring out the Pokémon's full potential.

Squallville Town

Here Ash had his second Poké ring contest and showed Dawn what the thing was about. Ash's staravia evolved into staraptor and defeated Paul's honchkrow.

After the contest they ran into Maylene, who was almost frozen. Gym leader Veilstone had gone to visit her friend Candice, but she wasn't wearing winter clothes since she wanted to train her stamina.

“A normal human would have died of cold." Lucas commented while he put a blanket over her and gave her hot soup.

Snowpoint City: City of Snow

Zoey, Dawn's rival, was from there and introduced our heroes to Candice. The ice type specialist was the complete opposite of said type. She was very happy, always on the move and eager to fight.

“I had almost forgotten how tiring it’s to be your friend." Zoey said when she saw how our heroes had difficulty keeping up with Candice.

"Her enthusiasm is the best thing about her!" Maylene commented. Zoey looked at her for several seconds.

"Hey... Aren't you going to put on winter clothes?"

"My training isn't over yet, so no!"

Zoey later told Dawn that she had her starter Pokémon, glameow, thanks to Candice and it was what started her love for Pokémon contests. She also told them that she hated people like Nando, who wanted to be Pokémon trainers and coordinators at the same time.

“Doing both things at the same time means that they are not seriously applied to either." Zoey said.

"But Wallace is a champion and Top Coordinator." Ash remembered.

"Wallace is a talented person… but I don't know many others who can do both and be successful at both." With that Zoey ended the conversation.

Meanwhile, Lucas was talking to Candice about different recipes for Pokémon, until the young man noticed something strange in the environment.

"Is there any problem?" Candice asked worried.

"…No." Lucas lied. He didn’t dare to say that he noticed the presence of a regigigas in the area.


"You want to challenge me? Sure thing! I was waiting for someone tough! But I should tell you, I'm tough because I know how to focus. Pokémon, fashion, romance... It's all about focus! I'll show you just what I mean. Get ready to lose!" ―Candice, The Diamond Dust Girl!

Grotle, Staraptor, Gliscor and Chimchar vs Sneasel, Medicham, Snover, Abomasnow. After the long gym battle, Ash achieved victory for him.

"Wow! You're great! You've earned my respect!" Candice said, giving him the Icicle badge.

While Ash celebrated with his Pokémon after getting his seventh badge. Paul appeared to challenge Candice but she refused since her Pokémon were tired. Paul agreed to postpone the fight and left, not before arguing with Ash and belittling his achievements.

Both Candice and Zoey noted the tough rivalry between the two trainers. Zoey especially didn't like the way he treated Ash, as if he were someone inferior.

“Candice, I hope you beat that idiot tomorrow." She told her friend.

"I don't know... He seems like someone strong..."


The next day Paul's brother, Reggie, showed up as he had to run an errand in the area. At the same time the Battle Pyramid appeared flying through the skies and the Frontier Brain, Brandon, descended from it.

Ash told his friends about his adventures on the Battle Frontier and how hard it was for him to defeat Brandon.

"W-wait!" Paul said stunned when he heard that. "Did you beat Brandon?"

“W-well yes." Ash said nervously as he saw the aggressiveness that was forming on his rival's face.

Knowing that someone like Ash had done what his older brother couldn't filled him with rage. Paul then challenged Brandon to a six-on-six match.

"I accept with pleasure!" Brandon said before addressing his assistant. "Maria, you can go with Candice to the ruins."

"Understood." Maria said.

During the fight Paul increased his aggressiveness with each defeat he suffered, remembering the humiliation he felt when Brandon told his brother that his fighting style was old-fashioned and lacked internal power.

“You're obsessed with the past, kid,” Brandon said to Paul. "What is your reason for being a trainer?"

"Shut up!" Paul shouted. The fight continued but the result was as expected. Paul lost completely, not being able to defeat a single one of Brandon's regis. After this Paul left without saying anything.

“Brandon has three regis…” said Lucas, as if immersed in a kind of trance.

Meanwhile Reggie told Paul that he would like to see a six-on-six match between him and Ash. The two accepted and agreed to meet in six days at Lake Acuity.


“A long time ago a volcano erupted violently, causing the Snowpoint forest, rich in natural resources and beauty, to transform into a sea of ​​liquid lava. Then, from a bright blue light, the legendary Pokémon Regigigas appeared and with the help of the legendary giants they stopped the volcano from erupting. They saved Snowpoint City from destruction, then Regigigas transformed into stone and fell into a deep sleep. The three giants ended up protecting him by simultaneously transforming into pillars of rock, ice and steel.” ―Maria, Brandon's assistant.

The TGio, along with the Hunter J, had entered the Snowpoint Temple and had awakened the wrath of the regigigas that had been inside it for centuries. Stopping the criminals and appeasing the legendary's wrath became the top priority.

While Ash, Dawn, Candice and Maylene fought the villains, Brandon and Lucas went for the regigigas. For some reason Lucas was able to communicate with the giant and calm him down.

“You seem to get along well with him, kid." Brandon said surprised. A small smile formed on Lucas's face as he petted the legendary.

Lake Acuity

Ash vs. Paul.

Pikachu, Grotle, Buizel, Staraptor, Monferno, Gliscor vs Magmortar, Ursaring, Electabuzz, Torterra, Weavile and Honchkrow.

Even though Chimchar evolved and Ash gave his all, he lost to Paul, again. His rival didn't even deign to say anything to him and left there, heading towards Sunyshore City.

Ash could only cry while hugging his Monferno. Even so, Dawn was the only one who noticed that despite his sadness, Ash didn’t hesitate to congratulate his Pokémon.

Lucas didn't know what to say to his friend, so he went for a walk to think about what food could cheer him up and his Pokémon. He never expected to see a strange yellow Pokémon in the middle of the lake.


“Is this where Uxie lives?” Commander Jupiter asked.

That cold place was giving him chills. Her grunts nodded as they brought in some kind of cage.

“Bring the galactic bomb,” she ordered his Grunts. "We have to prepare everything for the appointed day."

Lilypad Village - Southeast lake Acuity

Dawn participated in the Water Lily Contest but was defeated by James disguised as Jessilina and his Carnivine. Since Jessie was sick, James and Meowth did their best to get her another ribbon.

M12: Arceus and the jewel of life

"For the kids of the future who help this planet to be a more beautiful place." ―Damos.

At the lake in Michina town, our heroes saw how a woman named Sheena summoned Dialga and Palkia to save some Pokémon, however Giratina also appeared to fight his brothers. Thanks to Sheena's mysterious powers, the three calmed down.

Sheena and her husband Kevin were the guardians of the ruins of the place and their mission was to return to the Pokémon God, Arceus, the Jewel of Life that was taken from him centuries ago.

However, when Arceus returned he did so with the intention of destroying the world as revenge. So Dialga sent our heroes back in time to find out the cause of Arceus's anger. Meanwhile Dialga, Palkia and Giratina would buy time trying to stop Arceus.

In the past our heroes met Sheena's ancestor, Damos, who also possessed the power to connect with the hearts of Pokémon. However the man was being hypnotized by a bronzong belonging to Emperor Marcus.

Marcus wanted the power of the Jewel of Life to bring prosperity to his lands and he was not going to let Arceus meddle. Luckily our heroes, along with Damos and his Spiky-eared Pichu, managed to stop the emperor and save Arceus.

In the present Arceus' fury disappeared.

“Be careful,” Arceus told them before leaving. "A great darkness will devour the region soon. The man with an ice soul cannot create anything, only destroy."

Our heroes didn't quite understand the message but Arceus was already gone. Then Sheena taught them the gesture necessary to connect with the hearts of the Pokémon.

"But we don't have your power." Lucas said confused.

"Well, I have the potential to be a guardian of the aura." Ash said with some pride.

“I don't think that has much to do with it,” Dawn scolded.

"I don't understand it either but Arceus has asked me to show it to you," Sheena revealed. "He said you're going to need it."

Daybreak Town

Dawn participated in the town's Pokémon contest, however her rivals in the final were Ursula's Plusle and Minun. Dawn had very bad childhood memories with said Pokémon, but thanks to her Cyndaquil and Mamoswine she was able to win her fifth and final ribbon.

The TGio tried again to steal the Pokémon of Ash, Dawn, Lucas and Paul, who was passing by. All of this provoked Monferno's anger and caused him to evolve into Infernape.

Infernape defeated the TGio and saved them all, finally controlling his flame sea ability.

"I see, so he's finally shown his full potential," Paul said in surprise. "Ash, it seems that in the end you and I will fight in the Sinnoh league."

Pokémon Center

"Are you the children that Cynthia talks so much about?" asked an old woman they met.

"You are Bertha from the Elite Four!" Dawn said excitedly.

“Sssssh! Please keep your voice down,” the old woman asked with a smile. "I don't like to attract attention and people tend to get very annoying when they see me."

"I'm sorry."

“It's okay, your reaction is quite normal."

"What is someone from the Elite Four doing here?" Ash asked.

Bertha laughed when she heard that question.

“My Pokémon need to rest too, young man. I've also been training my nephew Roland for days."

"You didn't just come to greet us, did you?" Lucas noted.

“You have a good eye, young man. I would like to challenge the three of you at the same time to a Pokémon battle,” Bertha revealed. "There is no better way to get to know a person than by watching how they train their Pokémon."

Not even the three of them together could beat a single Bertha's Pokémon. Although the old woman seemed satisfied to see how well taken care of their Pokémon were.

Sunyshore City: Solar Powered!

“I knew Flint and Volkner when they were kids. I was a pretty strong Pokémon hunter, yet those two twerps didn't hesitate to confront me with their Pokémon, a pichu and a chimchar. Imagine using that against my houndoom! That’s some Poké Balls indeed! Their willpower and tenacity made me change. Now I am the proud owner of the best bar and restaurant in the city.” ―Bartender.

Ash and his friends met up with Flint of the Elite Four, a fire-type specialist. Upon seeing Ash's pikachu he had approached them very interested. And after knowing that Ash was going to challenge Volkner, his happy face lit up even more.

"Lately he's lost his enthusiasm, because he can't find opponents who are equal to him," Flint explained while everyone was eating in a bar-restaurant. "He’s so bored that he spends all his time renovating the gym. One day there was a blackout, which made things even worse. You know where I'm going, right? Why don't you make him enjoy a fight so fierce that it restores his passion for fighting? But first fights me, I want to see if you have what it takes."

"Right now? Yes!" said Ash getting up from the table with a big smile.

“He has already lost against three others from the Elite Four and he still wants to continue." Dawn said with a nervous smile.

Lucas would have said something but if he wasn't stuffing himself with food, he was asking the Bartender for the secrets of his recipe.

Flint called Volkner, who seemed absent the entire time, to watch the fight. Although his eyes lit up a little when he saw Ash’s Pikachu.

"Hello. I'm Volkner, the gym leader of Sunyshore City..." he said without any enthusiasm.

The young blonde watched Ash's fight with Flint, and even though Ash lost, his willpower and tenacity made something awaken a little inside Volkner.


Sunyshore Gym

“Hello, Ash, Not many people come to challenge me. I hope you can give me a fight that will take away my boredom and make me sweat.” ―Volkner, The Shining, Shocking Star.

Torterra, Pikachu, Infernape vs Electivire, Jolteon and Luxray. It was the most intense gym battle Ash had ever had... Not counting the one he had with Giovanni in Kanto, of course. People had told him that Volkner was Elite Four level and they were right. If it weren't for the fact that as a leader he shouldn't use all of his strength, Ash would have lost.

"I see there’re still trainers like you out there," Volkner said with a smile after giving him the Faro badge. Thanks for reminding me that Pokémon battles can be a lot of fun.

"Of course there’re, especially those who trust their pals! Right Pikachu?"



Pokémon Center

"Now we can go to the Great Festival." Ash said to Dawn.

"Yes, I really want to compete!"

"With the number of rivals you've faced, you and your Pokémon are going to need a lot of energy to win," Lucas commented. "Luckily I have learned many energy recipes."

"Thank you so much. With your food we won’t have problems winning."

"And Pikachu and I will cheer you up a lot!" said Ash not wanting to be left behind.


"Will you dress up as cheerleaders?" Dawn asked with a mischievous smile.

"…Eh, w-well that's…"

"But I did it when you needed it most." Dawn complained, although she was joking, seeing the faces Ash made make her smile.

Lucas watched fondly as the two began to argue when suddenly a big commotion broke out in the Pokémon center. Someone had turned on the television and horrible news was told by the presenter Rhonda:

“Three bombs have exploded in lakes Verity, Valor and Acuity. The culprits seem to be the infamous members of Team Galactic who had been causing inconvenience to the population of Sinnoh for years. This new terrorist act makes the population wonder, when are our politicians going to act and stop the criminals who don’t seem to stop at anything or anyone when it comes to carrying out acts as terrible as these…”

Lake Valor

"The gym leaders and the police have tried to arrest them at Lake Verity and Lake Acuity, but those scoundrels have taken the legendaries who lived there," Agent Marble informed them as she took them on her mother's (Agent Jenny) private plane. "We are going to Lake Valor."

"Why would they want the lake trio?" Dawn asked. "They are legendary but compared to others like regigigas they don’t seem capable of a high level of destruction..."

"It's true, the other villains I've fought always capture legendaries that can destroy many things." Ash remembered.

"I doubt their goal is anything like destroying or dominating the region," Lucas said thoughtfully. "Nothing they've done so far seems to point to that."


When they arrived at the place they saw a lot of water-type Pokémon suffering and dying as part of the lake had disappeared due to the bomb. Ash and Dawn became so enraged that they immediately attacked despite Lucas's warnings.

"The famous twerps again," Commander Saturn said when he saw them. "What a good opportunity to eliminate you once and for all."

"You're going to pay for what you've done!" Ash and Dawn shouted at the same time as they took out their Pokémon.

Lucas and Marble tried to stop Hunter J but her men and the grunts of Team Galactic prevented them.

“I finally have the lake trio,” J said after capturing Uxie. "You twerps have been a pain in the ass but your luck has run out."

Hunter J handed Uxie over to Team Galactic, unaware that the legendary had used future sight. That's why when the hunter got on her ship, she suffered an accident and fell into the depths of the lake in a strong explosion.

Our heroes watched in horror as all the people on board that ship died.

"What a finale for the best Pokémon hunter in the world," Saturn said before activating the cage and nullifying Uxie's powers. "Grunts, we're leaving!"

Veilstone City - Team Galactic Base

They chased Team Galactic to Veilstone City, where Looker and the rest of the Gym Leaders were waiting for them.

"This huge building was Team Galactic's secret base?" Maylene asked.

"That's right, they've been using it for years to hide all their dirty business." Looker confirmed.

"How come you've never noticed?" Candice asked her friend. Maylene lowered her head in shame.

"…I'm sorry…"

"She hasn't been a gym leader for that long either..." Dawn said, trying to defend her a little.

"Don’t worry!" Gardenia said, laughing as she slapped her partner on the back. "I didn't know they had a secret base in my city either!"

"That's no laughing matter!" Byron scolded her.

“You say it as if you hadn't let them get to Iron Island and make such a fuss." Roark reminded him. Father and son soon began to argue while the rest ignored them.

"If we're all here that means we can finally beat these guys up, right?" Wake said to Looker. The international policeman nodded.

Qui! We will show them what happens to those who harm our region!" said Fantina.

"And where are Cynthia and the Elite Four?" Volkner asked.

“Calming politicians and helping with lake restoration." Marble said as she watched her and Volkner's luxray caress each other.

"What are we waiting for then? Let’s Go!" Ash said. Before anyone could stop him, the boy had already thrown himself through the front door of the building where a bunch of grunts were waiting for him.

"Protect Ash, don't let anyone get in his way!" Lucas ordered with such conviction that everyone obeyed him. They launched an attack, forming a barrier around Ash and destroying any grunt and Pokémon that got in their way.

"Wait, I'm the leader of the operation!" Looker shouted.


"Damn traitor!" Commander Jupiter shouted furiously when she saw that Grunt B-2 was actually an agent of the International Police.

“I can't be a traitor since I was never part of your team." Looker said.

"You were my favorite Grunt!"

“W-well, I admit that of all the commanders you were my favorite."

"Were all those nice things you said to me very night a lie?" The woman seemed like she was going to cry at any moment. "All men are the same!"

“That's very sexi-, watch out!" Looker narrowly dodged the attacks of Jupiter's Pokémon, who were even more furious than their trainer. "Croagunk I think we're in big trouble!"

"Croak (You don't tell me)!" His scared Pokémon said.


Lucas and Dawn were fighting Mars and Saturn while Ash couldn't believe what he had in front of him.

"…You, are you the leader of Team Galactic?"

Cyrus looked at him as if he were seeing something insignificant. Pikachu, for his part, didn’t even wait for Ash's orders and launched himself at him, but was stopped by Crobat.

Ash and Cyrus brought out all their Pokémon at the same time while still looking into each other's eyes.

"All this time you've been making fun of us."

"...To make fun of you, I would have had to care even a little," Cyrus said. "The end always justifies the means, everything is for my ultimate goal."

"You've hurt a lot of people and Pokémon! What kind of ultimate goal justifies that?!"

Cyrus closed his eyes for a few seconds.

"An inferior mind will never understand that emotions are what make this world rotten... A world, no, a new universe without emotions is a universe without wars, hunger, poverty or living beings that contaminate everything...

"… Are there Pokémon battles in that world? Contests? Friends to eat and learn with? Pokémon that make friends with humans?"


"Then we don't need a world like that!"

"I do need it, and no one is going to stand in my way."

At that moment Ash and Cyrus' Pokémon attacked each other. During the battle Marble rescued the lake trio, although Cyrus did not seem to care.

"My plan is almost complete." Cyrus said, who despite his efforts still couldn't finish off Ash and his Pokémon. Soon a few grunts arrived and stood between him and the boy.

"Go Mr. Cyrus, you must get to Mount Coronet as soon as possible!" said one of the grunts.

In the end Cyrus and his commanders, along with a few grunts, managed to escape from there. Our heroes, along with the lake trio, Marble and Looker, got on the plane to head to Mount Coronet. Meanwhile, the gym leaders dedicated themselves to capturing all the grunts and scientists of Team Galactic.

Mount Coronet

The lake trio had been used to create the Red Chain. With this chain Cyrus managed to trap Dialga and Palkia.

"Finally, my ideal world will be created!" Cyrus said euphorically. "A perfect world without emotions, just for me! I will be a god!"

"Cyrus, stop this madness!" Cynthia, who had been warned by Looker, pleaded. Behind her was a trail of grunts and defeated Pokémon.

Ash and his friends had already taken care of the commanders, except for Charon. The scientist was hidden, observing everything with a worried expression. There was something he didn't like at all, especially when he used his machines and saw that space-time was breaking.

“Never, my power will rise to the heavens and reach even Arceus himself! Nothing and no one can stop me!"

Dialga and Palkia roared in pain and frustration, as they couldn’t escape. A mere human was manipulating them as he pleased... no, an evil human wanted to use them to obtain the power of their father.

"Such arrogance." said Mesprit.

"Your madness blinds you completely." Uxie said.

"Are you so afraid to accept your own humanity?" Azelf asked.

Everyone could hear the words of the legendaries, even Cyrus. Although the latter ignored them as he raised his arms and advanced towards Dialga and Palkia. The energy that both emitted didn’t allow our heroes to get close. Cyrus, for his part, had the necessary protections for the occasion.

"There will be no one but me... Only me, in silence with my ideal world..." Cyrus said, ignoring the horrified looks of his subordinates.

"B-but I thought we were going to conquer the world," Jupiter said. "A perfect world that we would all create together."

"Have you lied to us, Mr. Cyrus?" Mars asked confused.

"…" Saturn didn't seem to know what to say.

It was then that the lake trio asked our heroes for help.

"Let's use the technique Sheena taught us!" “Lucas remembered.

"Right, we have to connect with their hearts!" Ash said.

"Together we will save them all!" Dawn said.

Saturn, Jupiter and Mars tried to stop them as they were still loyal to Cyrus but Cynthia stood in their way.

"I won't allow you to hurt those children." Cynthia said very seriously. Her Pokémon roared at the same time showing that they very much agreed with her.

Ash connected with Azelf, Dawn with Mesprit, and Lucas with Uxie. Thanks to the bond formed with the humans, the lake trio managed to break the chains, freeing Dialga and Palkia.

"No, no, no, no, no! My ideal world! I’ll kill you all"

Neither Cynthia nor anyone else had ever seen Cyrus so angry and desperate. He seemed to have gone crazy when suddenly a portal black as night opened at his feet. A shadow with blood-red eyes appeared and grabbed Cyrus, carrying him through the portal. A few seconds later the portal closed.

"Mr. Cyrus!" His subordinates shouted when he saw him disappear from that world.

"…Cyrus…" said Cynthia. She even couldn't believe that her childhood friend had come this far. She always knew that he had a difficult childhood but...

For a few minutes Cynthia wondered if they ever were real friends. If maybe she could have done something more to help him...


The lake trio were each returned to their home. Team Galactic was dismantled and almost all of its members captured. All their secret bases were destroyed and peace soon returned to Sinnoh. Of course the politicians took it upon themselves to say that it was thanks to their quick action that everything was solved, which infuriated many.

Cynthia, with the help of Roxy and Oli from Jubilee TV, made sure that at least people knew that the gym leaders, the Elite Four, the Sinnoh police, the Interpol and some anonymous trainers were responsible for saving the whole region.

"Hello everyone, I brought you ice cream!" Cynthia said as she entered the Pokémon center where everyone was resting while sharing anecdotes.

"Cynthia, fight me!" Ash said as soon as he saw her.

"Show us your Pokémon and what you use to make them look so good!" Dawn asked her.

"Ice cream please!" Lucas said.

Cynthia smiled widely as she exchanged glances with her Garchomp.

“I'm glad to see that you're all still the same. Although with so much going on I almost forgot that I have to go to the final rounds of the world tournament."

"World Tournament? What's that?" Ash asked interested.

"The Pokémon World Tournament is held every four years. The strongest trainers in the world participate."

"That's cool, I want to participate too!"

"I'm afraid it's too late," Cynthia laughed. "Registrations are made at the beginning of the year."


"Well, you can still participate in four years." Dawn told him.

"I'm sure you woul win with how strong you are." Lucas said to Cynthia.

"Thank you for your trust but I always come second. I hope I have better luck this year."

"Hum... If you're not in a hurry, I could have prepared a good dish for your Pokémon," Lucas suggested. "You'll see how they get stronger with my food."

"I have heard that you are a very good chef so I am delighted to accept the offer." Cynthia said with a smile that made Lucas blush. Fact that Dawn used to make fun of her cousin for several days in a row.

While Dawn was practicing with Ash for the Grand Festival, Lucas found a girl named Marley carrying a shaymin in her arms.

Apparently the girl was a Top trainer who had been given the mission by the Pokémon Association to escort that shaymin to a secret garden. The mission had been requested by proffesor Oak himself, who had been researching several Sinnoh legendaries with Rowan.

Our heroes told her that they already had experience with another shaymin so they could help her. And a lot of help needed the girl, because despite wanting to be a Pokémon breeder, she still had a lot to learn.

“You know a lot about raising Pokémon." Marley said to Lucas when she saw how after cleaning Shaymin he prepared a special meal for her. Shaymin seemed very happy to no longer have to eat what Marley had been giving him before.

"I work with proffesor Rowan and I've learned a few tricks." Lucas said.

Ash and Dawn walked behind talking to each other.

"Lucas and Marley are equally expressionless." Ash noted.

"But unlike Lucas, Marley seems like she's fed up with the world or something." Dawn commented.

The two fell silent when they saw the look that Marley gave them, not very different from how she looked at them before but this time it was even more fed up.

Along the way they suffered an attack from the TGio, who wanted revenge for the fall of Team Galactic but ended up blasting off again.

After arriving at the secret garden, Shaymin joined up with others of his kind and they flew to other places.

"Thanks for your help." Marley said before leaving and without waiting for a response.

Lake Valor - Sinnoh Grand Festival

"They have chosen me to do an interview because I’m a former winner of the Festival." Johanna revealed. Both Dawn and Zoey were happy for her.

“Soon they will interview me too." Dawn said in a dreamy tone.

"Not if I win the festival."Zoey said with a competitive smile.

Johanna smiled widely when she saw that her daughter had a rival who would make her improve.

"By the way, one of my friends and former rival, Keira, is one of the judges."

"And that’s bad?" Dawn asked curiously.

"She’s very strict."

"Better, that way my victory will be more spectacular." Zoey said.


The big day had arrived for Dawn. In the stands Ash, Pikachu (dressed as a cheerleader), Lucas, Forsythia and Lila watched her and cheered her on.

Her mother had given her a new dress for the festival, although she wasn’t the only one who had changed her style as all the contestants had dressed as elegant as possible.

Judges Raoul Contesta, Mr. Sukizo, Johanna (Dawn's mother), Fantina and nurse Joy were talking to each other as they prepared to evaluate the participants. And host Vivian Meridian thrilled the audience as she talked about the different coordinators and their strengths.

After the exhibitions, Dawn advanced, leaving Kenny behind and confronted Ursula and then Jessilina. In the semifinals she faced her eternal rival Zoey and to the surprise of many she managed to win, although it was by very few points of difference.

"You surprised me Dawn," Zoey said after congratulating her on her victory. "You have grown a lot in a short time."

"If it has been like this, it’s thanks to all the advice you gave me during my journey,” Dawn said happily. "You’re the best rival anyone could ask for."

Zoey smiled but her smile only lasted a few seconds.

"Be careful Dawn, your rival in the final is too strong."

"Don't worry, everything will be fine!"

Despite Dawn's assurance, both Zoey and Johanna knew that Dawn wasn’t going to win the final. Her rival was Jasmine, the gym leader of Olivine City, in Johto.

Ash had recognized her and told Dawn everything he knew about her. Still, her being a coordinator was a surprise even to Ash. In the end Dawn lost by a lot.

"You've done better than any coordinator I've faced this year," Jasmine said. "You, Zoey and Jessilina will become much stronger, some of you may even surpass me sooner than I imagine."

"I plan to work hard to make it happen," Dawn said. "Next time I’ll be much stronger."

Jasmine smiled as she saw the conviction on Dawn's face. Later Johanna and all of her friends congratulated Dawn for making it this far.

Sunyshore City

Ash needed to take Eldritch the Sailor's ship to get to the island where the Pokémon League was being held. Jasmine also had to catch a boat back to Johto so she accompanied them to the city.

When they arrived in the city they saw Volkner talking to a woman with glasses and purple clothes who couldn't stop writing in a book. After finishing talking with her, Volkner greeted them and invited them to eat.

Jasmine, curious to know what the Sinnoh gyms were like, challenged Volkner to a Pokémon battle. She lost but she had a lot of fun and when her boat arrived she said goodbye to everyone, promising to return for some other festival.


“What a pair of losers you are." Amadeus said to the TGio.

"Don't think so, you damn stupids person!" Hareta shouted, trying to pounce on him but being stopped by Mitsumi.

"What are we going to do now that Team Galactic is finished?" Mitsumi asked, without hiding the disdain she felt for Amadeus.

The guy smiled as he looked at the gym door. They were all dressed in civilian clothes so as not to attract the attention of the police.

Before Amadeus could say anything, a man came out of the gym and walked towards them.

"Bi, bidoof?" Bidoof asked.

"Is that any way to talk to your commander?" the man asked. The entire TGio trembled upon hearing his voice.

"I-it's not possible..." Mitsumi said surprised.

"Y-you are…!" Hareta said with a nervous smile.

"B-biii!" said Bidoof.

The man put a finger to his lips to signal them to be quiet.

"Now that I have the eight badges, I can have fun in the league. Then we will start my personal plan."

Lily of the Valley Island - Sinnoh Pokémon League

After lighting the sacred torch with fire supposedly coming from Heatran, the league began. Ash faced off against Jeffrey, Nando, Conway and Barry.

Finally it was their time to face Paul, who didn't even bother to speak to Ash until they were inside the battle field.

Dawn and Piplup, dressed as cheerleaders, kept giving Ash luck, while Lucas could only eat to calm his nerves.

"I'm not going to lose Paul." —Ash said very seriously.

"You haven't defeated me even once, so your words are just as empty as you." Paul said.

The combat began. Pikachu, Infernape, Staraptor, Buizel, Torterra and Gliscor vs Aggron, Gastrodon (Eastern Form), Drapion, Ninjask, Froslass and Electivire.

Paul's strategies put Ash in more of a bind, who had to do his best. However, the star of the fight was Infernape, who managed to extract all his power and defeat three of Paul's Pokémon. The final fight between rivals Infernape and Electivire was so fierce that even the judge at one point thought about stopping the fight. Finally Infernape defeated Paul's last Pokémon, ending his cruel relationship with his former trainer.

Ash later met up with Paul, who was leaving the island.


"…What do you want?" His rival asked, although this time his tone of voice was no longer one of disdain or malice.

"Thank you so much!"


"Without you I wouldn't have improved so much, losing to you taught me a lot," Ash said with a smile. "I may not stand the way you train, but you have been one of my best rivals and I hope we can fight again."

"...I can't stand your way of training either, but I can't deny that it works," Paul admitted with a small smile. "Next time I won't lose, Ash."

Cynthia watched them from afar with a smile on her beautiful face. A rivalry full of hate and darkness had died to make way for one with a bright future.


A mysterious trainer named Tobias had devastated all his opponents. And he had done it using only one Pokémon, a darkrai. What's more, not even the Gym Leaders he defeated could see others of his Pokémon.

Nobody knew anything about him and the guy barely spoke. In the semifinals Ash was the only one who managed to beat his darkrai, but then Tobias pulled a Latios.

"But how many legendaries does this guy have?!" Lucas said. Dawn had taken away his food because with his nerves all he did what stain everything, but without food he got even more nervous. A vicious cycle.

"That doesn't matter, Ash is going to win." Dawn said very seriously despite knowing that there was no truth in her words.

Pikachu defeated Latios but fell at the same time. Ash had no Pokémon left so he lost.

"You are the only trainer who has been able to defeat two of my Pokémon." Tobias said with a smile after shaking Ash's hand.

The young man from the Pallet Town felt a small shiver but attributed it to his imagination.

"Thank you for this incredible fight!"

Ash had placed among the top four in the league, one place above his previous league in Hoenn.

The final was won by Tobias and then he went to challenge the Elite Four. He almost beat Aaron but ended up losing.

After finishing the league, Cynthia and proffesor Rowan suggested that our heroes go to the Battle Zone to enjoy a vacation. And there were also strong trainers in that area.

M13: Zoroark: Master of Illusions

At the end of the league, our heroes wanted to see the start of the Pokémon Baccer World Cup in Corona City. However, they ended up discovering that Grings Kodai, the richest businessman in the city, had kidnapped a Zoroark from the Unova region.

His ultimate goal was to kidnap a celebi so he could use his powers and see the future, so he could continue to get rich. Kodai used Zoroark and her ability to create illusions to create chaos in the city to ward off any suspicion of him and his plans.

Our heroes learned all this thanks to Zoroark's little son, Zorua. And with the help of Rowena, Karl and the shiny versions of the three legendary beasts, they stopped Kodai's plans and exposed him as the criminal he was to the population of Corona City.


The Pokémon Ranger Ben, Summer and Ukelele Pichu had saved the region after defeating the Pokémon Nappers and preventing the evil Societea from gaining the power of immortality. However, a Ranger's job is never done and they both received an urgent call from their bosses.

“Rangers Ben, Summer and Ukelele Pichu, this is Proffesor Gobies. I have an urgent mission for both of us. I know that you are aware of the crisis that recently occurred in the Sinnoh region. However, it seems that the few members of Team Galactic who are on the loose are seeking to capture a heatran. Normally we would leave the matter to the police, but this heatran is much more powerful than the others of its kind and they want to sell it on the black market. “They must prevent it at all costs.”

Battle Zone

Ash visited the fight area where trainers from all over Sinnoh gathered to test their skills. There he found Barry and teamed up with him to fight Volkner and Flint.

Dawn went to the sruvival area, where she met several gym leaders who helped her improve her combat strategies. There she heard the dark legend of a girl who ended up trapped in the house of a mysterious and evil hiker named Meister...

Meanwhile Lucas went to the resort area, where he and his Pokémon received massages while enjoying a good tropical meal. He also met a rich guy from Hoenn who was obsessed with stones in general.


Stark Mountain

“Are you sure you want to help me? You all seem pretty wimpy… Well, okay, you won't regret teaming up with me!” ―Buck.

In the most dangerous area of ​​the zone, they met a boy named Buck. He was the little brother of Flint of the Elite Four. The boy was a Top trainer and had been searching for a treasure called Magma Stone.

The treasure hunt ended up being a fight against Team Galactic's Charon, who was with Mars and Jupiter in search of a powerful heatran to make money.

And luckily for our heroes, there were also two Pokémon Rangers there, Ben and Summer, who had the mission of protecting that heatran.

"Ok! That's it for me! I'm going to look for Master Cyrus myself." Mars complained after being defeated by Ash and Dawn.

"Cyrus is in the Distortion World and you are going to go to a prison." Ash said, although Mars only heard the first part and that made her face light up.

"The Distortion World, was it called? I should go there, right? I'm quits with Team Galactic. Jupiter, you can deal with it!"

Her companion gave a long sigh.

"Following Mars's lead at anything irks me, but... I'm quitting to do my own thing, too." she finally said. "Team Galactic's just no fun without Look-, I mean, without Master Cyrus, So, old-timer, go ahead. Do what you want with Team Galactic."

Charon gritted his teeth and the veins on his old face stood out even more as he heard all this.

"There you have it. We're going back to being ordinary girls." said Mars, laughing. "You can mop up whichever way you want."

Jupiter looked at Mars as if she were a crazy.

"...Says you. An "ordinary girl" you're not. What should I do now? Is leaving on a journey the right idea?"

"You're not going anywhere except jail!" Dawn said, but the remaining Grunts stood in the way, letting the two commanders escape from there.

"Sigh... So impressionable and impetuous. What do they see in Cyrus? Immature, overthinking buffoon." Charon said with disdain. "He goes through the trouble of assembling Team Galactic for what? Ultimately, he destroys his own creation for his ludicrous vision. It's no thanks to him that I have to struggle with the pieces... But that's fine. The young can live with their dreams. I prefer to remain firmly in reality. And for that, money is paramount.

"And that's why you're going to capture Heatran?" Lucas asked.

"And I will also get the Magma Stone that that dwarf talks so much about. It's all for the money!"

"I'm not a dwarf!" Buck shouted furiously.

“With the Magma Stone, I will control the legendary Heatran! Then I will control the volcano's eruptions to extort money by the millions! Fear me! For I am Charon! The boss of the reborn Team Galactic!"

While Ben and Summer protected Heatran and returned him to his home, Ash and his friends defeated Charon and his grunts just as Looker arrived with other police officers.

"You’re all under arrest!" Looker said happily after coming out from behind some rocks with his croagunk. "I would have liked to capture Jupiter, I mean, all the commanders but at least we have Charon."

Charon, tired, did nothing when the handcuffs were put on him.

"Cyrus disappeared... Sird is nowhere to be found. Mars and Jupiter quit. My grandson Saturn has said that he’s he would look after what remains of Team Galactic but he won’t join me…" The sadness and disappointment could be seen in the scientist's old voice.

"Come on old man, the International Police wants you to collaborate!" said Looker. "I'm sure you have a lot to say."

"What are you saying? I know nothing! A new Team Galactic? Extorting with Heatran? Merely the blathering of this harmless old man! All said in jest! Besides, among Team Galactic's Commanders, I was the most junior..."

"Right, right... Don't worry, we have plenty of time to get the information out of you."

After that mini adventure, Ash decided that it was time to return home. After saying goodbye to Dawn and Lucas, he boarded the S.S. Aqua and left for Carmine City.


Vermilion City

Upon arrival Ash had a run-in with Eusine, who was on the trail of another suicune since the one he wanted had already been with Kriss for a year.

After greeting Liutenient Surge and helping him with some errands that the Pokémon fan club had asked of him, Ash returned to Pallet Town.


Viridian City - A few days later…

"You rhydon? You would give it to me?" Silver asked, somewhat confused. "Why?"

"For three reasons. One: You have helped me a lot during these months. Two: If you want to continue down this path you are going to need it more than me. And three: This Pokémon is unable to go for a long time without fighting or training to become stronger. With me he won't be able to develop his full potential, that's why I want to give it to you. It pains me to say goodbye to him but it is for his own good."

"And he agrees?"

"Not at first, but he has understood that he’ll only get strong with a trainer who has the same combative spirit as him. He carries an item called a protector, so it’ll surely evolve when we trade it." Gary explained.

"Then I'll end up getting a rhyperior," Silver said with a small smile. "Without a doubt, a Pokémon like him will come in very handy on my team."


Eager to see how his friends were doing, Ash went to the city but neither Yellow nor Gary were there. The girl had gone to Ranger School and Gary had just gone to Cinnabar Island to study the fossils.

Although the biggest surprise was meeting Silver, his old rival from Johto.

"I'm working... I'm a slave to the Kanto police," Silver explained to him as they walked towards the Pokémon gym. "If I don't want to end up in a reformatory, I have to help them thoroughly investigate Team Rocket's secret bases."

"Giovanni is still missing, right? “Ash remembered then. For a moment Silver's expression hardened.

"Yes... But I'm sure I'll find that bastard and make him pay."


"Nothing, forget what I said."


Pewter City

Kanto had changed a lot, there were trains that quickly took you from one city to another in a matter of hours or minutes. Ash went to Pewter City by train and met Brock at the museum.

"Thanks to my parents finally maturing, I have more free time for myself," Brock said happily when he saw his friend. "My little brother Forrest says he wants to take over for me when he's older, he’s the best! And tell me Ash, have you been eating well?"

“Kriss and Brendan were very good cooks, and in Sinnoh I traveled with Lucas who wanted to be a professional chef. His food was just as good as yours!"

"I would like to meet this Lucas and share recipes if he’s that good." Brock said excitedly.

During the museum visit, they saw Steven Stone. Ash introduced Brock to the former Hoenn champion, who told them that he was really enjoying the Kanto stones.

"It has a less “watery” touch." Steven said. Neither Ash nor Brock understood what he meant but they were happy to see him so happy.


Cerulean City

Ash and Misty were spending the day together at the Cerulean Cape while Brock cooked at Misty's house, accompanied by his friend's beautiful sisters.

During their walk, Ash and Misty defeat a member of Team Rocket who was causing trouble at the Power Plant. They also saw Eusine trying to capture a suicune and failing.

“Suicune is a water type, right?"Misty said after seeing the legendary flee, with Eusine chasing him like crazy.

"Yes, and it can purify the waters of any place."

"How beautiful! Now I understand why that guy wants to capture him. I also want one!"

"They usually live in Johto," Ash said, remembering his trip. "Although I saw a shiny one in Sinnoh."

"Oh really?! How can you be so lucky?" Misty said devastated.

They continued walking and Ash didn't realize that Misty was very close to him, close enough to be able to hold his hand, but in the end Misty didn't dare. For some reason Ash felt the same way about Misty as he did about May and Dawn, although he couldn't express how. He just knew that Kriss didn't give him the same feeling.

"Tell me, have you met many pretty girls on your travels?" Misty asked suddenly. Her loose, ponytail-free hair looked pretty good on her, Ash thought.

"Yes, I have met many girls."

"I see…"

"They were very strong! They had some amazing Pokémon."

Misty breathed a sigh of relief and joy upon hearing that. During dinner Brock revealed to everyone his future plans.

"I'm thinking about becoming a Pokémon doctor," he said very happily. "It's not that I'm going to stop being a gym leader, but I'm going to focus more on my dreams."

“No wonder you want to be a doctor, you have always been very sensitive when it comes to taking care of Pokémon." Misty said.

"I'm sure you'll be the best in the world!" Ash said. "Right, Pikachu?"

"Pikachu, Pika!"


Celadon City

The three friends helped Erika investigate the Celadon Mansion, as it was said that there were ghosts there. However, the only thing they found was members of the famous Game Freak Company, who wanted to buy the mansion.

Then Ash met up again with Jasmine, who was apparently a good friend of Erika.


Fuchsia City

Koga was already officially a member of Johto's Elite Four, so the gym leader was his daughter Janine. Ash, Misty and Brock already knew her thanks to the second Stadium Tournament two years ago. Her aunt Aya helped her run the gym but from the fight she and Ash had, it was clear that Janine had talent.

Later Janine gave him good news.

“We have removed the safari and replaced it with the Pal Park." said Janine.

Both Misty and Brock were holding back their laughter when they saw Ash's happy face.

“But don't worry, the legend of the boy obsessed with Tauros will continue to be told for generations." said Janine.


Lavender Town

Lavender Tower had been converted into a Radio Tower and the cemetery had been moved elsewhere. Now Mr. Fuji lived in the new cemetery and seemed much happier.


Saffron City

Sabrina was becoming famous in the world of advertisem*nts and shows. Which surprised Ash, since he never saw her as an actress.

Our Kanto heroes crossed paths again with Steven Stone, who as a representative of Devon Co. was doing business with Silph Co.


Cinnabar Island

Blaine had a new gym inside the Foam Islands and seemed eager to create new puzzles and mazes. Ash and his friends met up with Gary, who seemed to want to dedicate himself completely to the study of fossil Pokémon.

“I promised Yellow that I would train her to be a gym leader when she came back from Ranger School." Gary informed Ash before returning to Viridian City.


Mt. Silver

With Leaf as referee, Ash faced Red. He used his strongest Pokémon and to everyone's surprise he managed to defeat one of Red's Pokémon and almost another.

"Incredible Ash, if you continue like this you’ll soon be at the level of an Elite Four." Leaf told him.

“I'm going to train so much that I’ll become the very best like no one ever was" Ash said very determined.

“…” Red said, making both Ash and Leaf very happy.

Red ended up giving Ash a Legend Ribbon, with which Ash would be considered a Top trainer by the World Pokémon Association.


Pallet Town

While eating with his mother, Ash received an unexpected call from his new Poké Gear.

"Hey Ash, Pikachu! How are you?" Asked a smiling Ethan and Kriss.

"Very well! And you?"

"Very well, as well!" Ethan said laughing.

"Your mother told us that you were coming back soon from your trip, so we thought that you could come to Goldenrod City to participate in the Pokéathlon." Kriss explained.


Using the newly completed Magnet Train in Saffron City, Ash quickly reached Goldenrod City. His friends Ethan and Kriss were waiting for him there, although they were accompanied by a girl he didn't know.

"This is my little sister Lyra!" Kriss said very proudly as she introduced her to Ash. "She is the winner of this year's Pokémon League! She defeated all of her rivals, including Whitney, using only three Pokémon! And when she faced Will of the Elite Four, she defeated two of his Pokémon! Lance has said that he’s going to train so that she can be the fourth member of Johto's Elite Four!"

“…Sister…” Lyra murmured embarrassed. There were even people who had stopped to see what all the fuss was about.

Meanwhile, Ethan's shiny pichu was playing with another pichu whose left ear had three spikes. Pikachu joined them and the three began chasing each other.

"Yes, yes, your little sister is very talented, can we go to the Pokéathlon now?" Ethan said quite tiredly, because he had already heard all that too many times. "Even I don't boast as much about the ninja training that Koga gave me. By the way Ash, do you know that Koga gave me ninja training?"

"Lyra, let's have a fight!" Ash said, ignoring his friend completely.

"Yes, the best way to get to know someone is with a Pokémon fight!" Lyra said just as excited.

"No, if we do that, we will never get there in time!" Ethan complained.

“Ethan is right, we have to hurry if we want to sign up." Kriss said without stopping hugging her little sister.


The Pokéathlon Tent

Youngster Joey, the kimono girls, the gym leaders, the Elite Four and Johto champion were there participating with their favorite Pokémon. Ash greeted some of them as he and Pikachu got ready.

-Falkner: Hello Ash, long time no see... Have you been with Janine? That girl is really amazing, although she still thinks her father is better than mine. If she weren't like that she would be perfect... My swellow? I've had it since he was a taillow.

-Bugsy: Hey Ash, I hope this competition is better than the bug-catching contest. I always won it so I stopped participating because it was boring. By the way, do you know that the tenth anniversary of the investigations of the Alpha ruins will be soon? How time flies!

-Whitney: You're just as cute as always Ash!...That Lyra girl has taken my place in the Elite Four... It bothers me to admit it but she's just as good as my miltank's Moo-moo milk... At least I've got my status as an Top trainer.

-Morty: How are you Ash?... Is Eusine still obsessed with capturing a suicune? Well, all that remains is to wish him good luck…My favorite legendary beast ​​is Entei, he seems more ferocious to me.

-Chuck: How are you doing kid?... Did you meet my teacher Greta? And on top of that you beat her?! Boy, you’re incredible!

-Jasmine: We meet again sooner than expected, Ash. Did you know? I previously specialized in the rock type, until I saw how little research the steel type was next to the sinister type... That my beloved Onyx, Rusty, evolved into a steelix was quite a surprise.

-Pryce: …What do you want, can't you see I'm busy? What's so strange about an old man wanting to exercise? Leave me alone!

-Clair: Hello Ash, good to see you! How is your charizard?... My cousin Lance is having a terrible time because they don't let him wear his cape with his running clothes. Now he’s complaining to the organizers… I'm starting to feel embarrassed…


Magnus, owner and founder of the Pokéathlon, walked happily and proudly with his Poliwrath, observing all the participants.

"I haven't felt this good since that time I beat a machamp in an arm wrestling match."


"Your Pokémon seems even more excited than you." said Maylene, leader of the Veilstone gym in Sinnoh. The girl had come at Magnus' request to be a judge and in exchange, she could eat at any junk food restaurant in Johto for a year, all free.

Magnus started the games and watched as trainers and Pokémon gave their all to win.

In the Speed ​​category, Whitney stood out, Primo in Power, Komomo in Skill, Jasmine in Stamina and Falkner in Jump.

"Don't you think it's strange that Pryce moves so well?" Lance suddenly said to the others.

"Enough Lance, you can't always suspect Pryce." Clair said tiredly.


"But nothing."

“Well, your cape-man cousin is right." Pryce said with an evil smile.

Before anyone noticed, Pryce removed his face and revealed himself to be a member of Team Rocket. And he wasn’t the only one because other participants also took off their suits and surrounded the venue.

"I am Commander Petrel, Team Rocket's master of disguise!" said the man with purple hair and a mischievous look.

"And I am Commander Proton, Team Rocket's new master recruiter." Said a man with a cap who stood next to him.

"I knew it!" Lance exclaimed, happy to be right.

Petrel and Proton went up to the box and took Magnus's microphone. They also took him hostage to prevent Maylene from doing anything.

“Wow, just when things were getting more interesting…” Magnus murmured.

"First Neo Team Rocket and now this…" Ethan complained.

"These are the guys who tried to hurt you two years ago, sister?" Lyra asked furiously.

"No, but I'm sure some of them worked for Neo Team Rocket." Kriss said with a sigh.

"What do you want, Team Rocket?!/Piii, Pikachu?!" Ash and Pikachu asked.

"You may be number one on Team Rocket's list." Jessie said.

“But you're not our number one priority right now." James said.

"Meowth, that’s right!" “Meowth said.

Petrel looked at everyone present without stopping smiling.

"Right now we have surrounded the entire Goldenrod city. So you better give up."

"After our defeat at the Sevii Islands, Giovanni disappeared but we didn’t surrender,” Proton explained. "We've spent a year threatening, bribing, stealing, blackmailing, rounding up grunts both inside and outside of prison, all for our grand master plan!"

"None of that would have been possible without my cool costumes, I must say," Petrel said proudly. "It's very easy to sign important papers when everyone thinks you're a big-name politician."

"And what is that great master plan that you boast so much about?" Lance asked without getting the least bit upset.

"To use the Radio Tower to send a message to Giovanni! To tell him that Team Rocket still exists and we’re stronger than ever!" Petrel said ecstatically.

A deep and long silence settled in the place. Those present looked at each other confused. Even the villains began to get a little nervous and their evil smiles fell at times.

"All that just to send a message?"

“What a waste of time and resources."

"Were they always this pathetic?"

"Well, they were defeated three years ago by a kid in Kanto."

"Why always Goldenrod City? Maybe I should go back to Opelucid City."

"Can we end this now and get back to the competition?"

"Silence!" Petrel shouted furiously when he saw that they weren’t afraid of them.

"You think you're very smart, but we already knew you were up to something," Silver said very seriously. "If the police haven’t done anything it is because they wanted to have you all in one place. You have made our task much easier."

“Silence traitor! You maybe be the son of G-” Proton couldn't say much more because Magnus punched him hard, throwing him to the ground. Petrel tried to help him but Maylene kicked him so hard that she sent him flying several meters.

"Ash, you and I are going to the Radio Tower!" Lance said as battles broke out around them between both trainers and Pokémon.


"We're going too!" said Ethan, Kriss, Lyra and Silver.


The new battle of Goldenrod City ended much faster than the one of two years ago. Commanders Archer and Ariana caused problems but were ultimately defeated, but not before sending their message to Giovanni. Although they never received a response.

"What a waste… not to use your strength to do bad things! Feh… People like you will never in a million years understand our brilliance! It's too bad… I've really come to respect your strength." Ariana said to Ash after losing.

"Pokémon are not tools that you can use, especially to do evil." Ash said very seriously.

"It's not possible... the houndoom that Giovanni gave me when It was a houndour... has lost against a Pikachu..." said Archer, who was completely gone while the police took him away in handcuffs. "No! Forgive me, Giovanni! Why have you abandoned us? Why?! We have done everything for you!"

"I think this one needs a psychiatric hospital instead of prison." Agent Jenny commented.

"Is this the kind of people you face on your travels?" Lyra asked Ash, somewhat scared.

"No, there are even crazier ones." Ash said as if it were something common.

"Our work is becoming a risky sport…What news we’re going to give this afternoon." DJ Mary said to his partner DJ Ben, who seemed fed up with everything.

"If they gave me a PokéDollar for every time we've been kidnapped, I'd have two," said DJ Ben, "which isn't much but it's worrying that it happened twice."

Later everyone found out that the real Pryce was fine but his gym was full of frozen Rocket grunts.


The next day, Lyra gathered Ash, Ethan, Kriss, and Silver to make a confession to everyone. Two years ago, when her sister Kriss travel around Johto with Ash, a celebi and a Spiky-eared Pichu visited her.

The celebi told her that he needed her although Lyra didn't know why. Not wanting to disappoint the legendary, Lyra trained for the next two years. Meanwhile Celebi used her powers to make her travel back in time so she could see Team Rocket's plans. It was Lyra who passed secret information to the police through Silver.

"Did you know all this?" Kriss asked Silver angrily.

The boy raised his hands in a sign of peace.

“I didn't know about time travel, I just knew that her information was correct. I kept an eye on her just in case but nothing more."

"Isn't time travel dangerous?" Ethan asked when remembering his adventures with another celebi.

"I made sure not to do anything that could change the timeline." Lyra said proudly.

"If Dialga hasn't done anything, then everything is fine." Ash murmured.

Finally, Celebi wanted Ash and his friends to go to Ilex Forest, so they did that after taking a bus to Azalea Town. In the shrine the celebi was waiting for them.

They traveled three years into the past, just to see how Giovanni argued with nine-year-old Silver. Upon learning that the redhead was Giovanni's son, everyone had many questions, but Silver's sad face made them not want to ask him those questions.

Then they all traveled to the future, more specifically to the day in which Team Rocket had hijacked the Radio Tower. However, Celebi sent Silver to the present and led the rest to a cave where they found the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni.


Tohjo Falls

“Here is the Goldenrod City Radio tower. Here is the Goldenrod City Radio tower.

After three years of effort, we are here to proclaim, the true return of Team Rocket! Giovanni! Can you hear us? Have we finally did it?... Listen to us! Where are you, Giovanni? Can you hear this message wherever you are?..." ―Archer, Giovanni's most loyal member.

"My time has come." Giovanni said putting on his raincoat and hat with a wide smile.

Turning around he saw Ash, Ethan, Kriss and Lyra.

"…B-but what? What are you doing here?!" Giovanni shouted surprised, scared and very, very confused. "I can't even get rid of you here?! Move aside, my old associates need me!"

The fight didn't last as long as Ash expected. When he was ten years old, Giovanni had seemed like an almost unstoppable monster, but he had fought against him because the rage he felt was greater than his fear. Now with thirteen years old, Giovanni seemed like someone without dreams or illusions.

Ethan, Kriss, and Lyra watched in silence as Ash's Pokémon defeated Giovanni's.

"How this is possible...? Three…four…five…six…seven and now eight defeats against the same kid… Has everything I've done been in vain?! Am I destined to always lose to the twerp? Forgive me mother... The precious dream of Team Rocket has become little more than an illusion..."

For a few moments Ash, Ethan, Kriss and Lyra even felt sorry for Giovanni. His evil look had become one of pure sadness and desolation, as if something had finally broken inside him. The mafia boss fell to the ground and stopped moving. He almost looked like a body without a soul.

Before the child could say anything, the celebrity took them back to their time.


"If you ever need to talk about something..." Ash started to say but Silver stopped him.

"Don't worry, I know you're good people but right now I don't want to talk about that." was all Silver said after hearing Giovanni's latest defeat.

The children thanked Celebi, who wanted to stay in New Bark town, more specifically at Kriss and Lyra's house.


DJ Mary from Goldenrod Radio had given Ash a ticket as a reward for saving her. A trip to a large Pokémon theme park located on a southern island. And best of all, there were colosseums everywhere!

The receptionist Anna, who adored Pikachu, explained that each coliseum had a very strong leader who could challenge to get Poké coupons, which would be exchanged for money.

The leaders of the colosseum were: Gateway Joe, Main Street Taylor, Waterfall Sunyshore, Neon Rosie, Cristal Voldon, Magma Terrell, Sunset Dusty, Sunny Park Sashay, Courtyard Kruger and Stargazer Master Mysterial.

Ash defeated them all and was allowed entry to the Atoll, a secret coliseum in which those who had defeated the ten coliseum leaders could compete.

At the Lagoon Colosseum Ash faced Nate, Cyndy, Tommy, Daisy, Natalie and Joel. The seven of them learned a lot from each other and as a reward for being the only ones to complete the Pokétopia challenge, they were each given a different gift.

Ash got a surfboard for Pikachu, courtesy of the receptionist Anna.

One day Pikachu was playing at proffesor Oak's ranch with the other Pokémon when a mew appeared and transported them all to PokéPark. There he gave them the mission to defeat the guardians, find the fragments of the Celestial Prism and save the Poképark.

"This’s the kind of thing that always happens to Ash," Pikachu complained. "Well, I guess I get to be the hero without him."


"I always end up coming to this place when I feel sorry for myself. But once here I feel good, as always. Coming here encourages me." ―Shinx.

It had been a while since Ash had dreamed of becoming a Pokémon but it happened again. This time he was a riolu and his new friend was a female shinx with a big heart despite her cowardice.

Together they became part of a Pokéguild, the leaders were Wigglytuff and his assistant Chatot. They became explorers alongside the clumsy Bidoff, the whiny Sunflora, the restless Loudred, the curious Corphish, the friendly Chimeco, the miserly Croagunk, the sentinel Diglett and their father Dugtrio.

However, they had problems with the Team Skull, formed by Skutank, Koffing and Zubat. Despite being explorers, they had no ethics and enjoyed doing evil to the weakest. Ash and Shinx had to teach them a lesson more than once.

Soon Ash discovered that he had powers because he was able to see “pieces” of the past or future of people and objects. Using that ability called Dimensional scream, he and Shinx solved several mysteries and accomplished numerous missions, gaining great fame for themselves and the guild.

They were also forced to stop Grovyle, the thief who was looking for the time gears. According to the mysterious Dusknoir, he and Grovyle came from the future but Grovyle was evil and sought to steal the gears to destroy the world.

Dusknoir was eventually revealed to be an evil Pokémon working for Primal Dialga, a corrupted version of the legendary Dialga. Ash, Shinx and Grovyle ended up in an apocalyptic future where time was almost completely paralyzed. With the help of a shiny celebi, they managed to return to the past and there reunite the missing time gears.

After several adventures with Grovyle, they managed to save the Temporal Tower and thus prevent the apocalyptic future. Still, Ash had to say goodbye to Shinx and the rest to return to his world...

"Ash... When you left... When you said goodbye to this place... I could see... all your regret," Dialga said. If that's what you still feel... and if Shinx felt the same... I will grant your wish. This world needs you. That's why... I'm going to give you something very special. I offer you... The future! This is my way of saying thank you! Don’t waste this second chance!"

With his powers Dialga allowed Ash, or at least a version of him, to stay in that world.

Thanks to that, Ash and Shinx continued with their adventures, the last of which led them to meet Palkia, because someone was giving him nightmares and causing problems with space.

The culprit of all the evils that occurred in the region was the evil Drakrai. It was him who caused the destruction of the Temporal Tower and who gave Palkia nightmares. With the help of Cresselia, who joined the team of explorers, they managed to defeat Darkrai and save the world again. And so Ash, Shinx, Cresselia and Manaphy continued with their adventures...


Another even stranger dream Ash had was when he dreamed that he was going to a world of Pokémon toys and had to make them fight each other. And he also had to prevent the battle between Dialga, Palkia and Giratina from destroying that dimension...


One day when Ash returned from roffesor Oak's ranch, he found a surprise at his house.

"Hello there!" Emerald said. He was no longer on stilts so he needed cushions to sit well at the table. Luckily, Delia didn't hesitate to lend them to him.

"Hi Ash," Scott said while drinking tea. "I come to tell you if you want to participate in the Battle Frontier that is on an island located between Johto and Sinnoh. Just as difficult as the previous one, but I'm sure you're looking for a good challenge right now, am I wrong?"


As Ash was leaving for his new adventure, he received a worried call from Dawn and Lucas. Apparently they had both been watching him on television when he participated in the Pokéathlon. Therefore they knew about Team Rocket's attack.

Ash told them that he was fine and that he was going to participate in his second Battle Frontier. Dawn and Lucas then decided they wanted to accompany him since they missed him.

Before leaving Pallet Town, proffesor Oak gave him the green Orb or Jade Orb as he called.

"Bill found it on the Sevii Islands in the form of an Emerald and hid it from Team Rocket. Over time, the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald have repaired themselves and returned to their original forms. You were already attached to the Jade Orb so I leave it to you. I’ll give the red and blue Orb to Mr. Pokémon so he can return it to Mount Pyric. Apparently he’s a friend of the guardian...

Sinjoh Island

"These are your new companions?" Emerald asked upon meeting Dawn and Lucas. "Were you bored of the others?

"Don't talk nonsense, they are just doing their things." Ash explained.

"You're so cute!" Dawn said, hugging Emerald tightly. "My name is Dawn, how old are you, five?"

"N-no... Ugh!"

Emerald was about to drown if it weren't for Ash and Lucas separating them right away.

"Ugh… Are you crazy?! I'm not a stuffed animal!" Emerald said with his face red like a tamato berry. "Plus I'm twelve years old!"

"Like Dawn and me?" Lucas said raising an eyebrow as he gave the boy a sandwich. Emerald took it with a serious gesture after several seconds.

"Now is when you say I need to eat more to grow, right?"

"Not at all," Lucas denied, confused. "You look healthy so it's obvious you eat well. Furthermore, everyone grows at their own pace and if you not, don’t worry too much."

His words and how good the sandwich was made Lucas become Emerald's second favorite person, Kriss being the first and Ash the third. Although he would never admit that last thing to the teen from Pallet town.

"So this’s the Battle Frontier?" Dawn asked as they moved around the island with Emerald as their guide. "Will there be people as strong as Brandon?"

"I'm sure Ash is looking forward to it." Lucas said with a smile.

"You know me very well!" Ash said very sure of himself.

"I'm sorry, but there's only one as strong like Brandon here," Emerald said after devouring another of Lucas's sandwiches, "although that doesn't mean that the rest are weak. They still have a level close to the Elite Four."

"I already won the one between Kanto and Hoenn. You don't know how much I want to challenge the Brains of this Battle Frontier!" Ash exclaimed, getting so excited that Pikachu, Dawn and Lucas had to move away to avoid being burned by the flames coming out of his body.

"Calm down, Ash. Or we're going to have to call in the Squirtle squad." Emerald said with him typical mocking smile.

The island wasn’t very big and the five battle facilities spread throughout the place were close to each other. And instead of symbols they gave Gold Prints to those who won in each facility. However, almost no one had managed to complete the challenge.

Emerald took them to a mansion located east of the largest Pokémon Center on the island. It had a garden and pool included.

"It was Steven's but he gave it to Scott when he got bored of looking at the stones on the island." Emerald explained while the three friends looked in amazement at the place where they were going to live for a month or so.

"Interesting place," Looker said as he looked at a small screen. "But proffesor Carolina was right, something is distorting space-time on this island."

"It's definitely Cyrus!" Agent Marble said furiously. "Leaving that guy in the Distortion World was a very bad idea."

“Let's not rush with such theories. Let's go undercover first and see if it's Cyrus or someone else who's causing trouble."

The two took a green cloak from their backpacks and crouched with it to camouflage themselves in the tall grass as they advanced through the area.


Battle Factory: Win Consecutively with Rental Pokémon

"Bzweeeeep! Let's see what I can see about you through my data-analyzing machine. So, what Pokémon do you have for this match...? I see! You've Donphan, Gabite and Staraptor. I have to say, that's a good setup. It's a combination of friendship with everyone around… I'd say it's like 99 percent? Oh, don't let that number concern you! All right, let's get going! ―Thorton, factory Head.

Before the fight, Emerald asked Thorton to stop by the mansion later because the television and other devices were failing a bit.

"Don't worry, you're not the only one this is happening to." Thorton said very seriously. "Something is making the machines on the island go crazy, but I'm slowly fixing them."

Thorton then asked Ash if he could use his Pikachu as a battery. The answer was no, until they saw that he was building robots for PokéWood. Then it was Lucas, who strongly asked Ash to help Thorton.

"He’s a big fan of the Mecha genre." Dawn explained.

"Interesting." Thorton said smiling for the first time.

The match was Donphan, Gabite and Staraptor vs Ledian, Bronzong and Magnezone. Ash won and got his first color badge.

"Hmm... I got handed another loss. It's not making me happy at all, this. In fact, I'm stewing here. I thought I learned a lot about Pokémon since I lost to you. But that's all right. Some things you learn from winning. But some things you learn by losing."

"I'm glad you're as strong as I imagined!"

"Wow, I haven't heard anyone say that in a while."

Ash and his friends couldn't celebrate much as the TGio attacked the factory and tried to steal several items. Although they were stopped, Thorton discovered that in the meantime someone had stolen a prototype of one of his machines.

A space-time anomaly detector that he created with the help of proffesor Rowan after what happened in Sinnoh.

Battle Arcade: Where Events Sway Outcomes

"No need to worry. Let chance do what it does. Like surprises from the game board, life goes through twists and turns. No need to worry. Things will go as they will. But, enough of that. I know one thing for certain. You have arrived here not merely because you were lucky. Let us not waste any time." ―Arcade Star Dahlia.

When they entered the facility, Dahlia was already waiting for them while she was talking on the phone with Fantina. Through the screen Fantina saw our heroes and greeted them, warning them that Dahlia wasn’t only an admirable dancer, but also very strong.

"Ash and Dawn, you’re the ones who used that famous counter-defense that Fantina told me so much about, right? I'm impressed." Dahlia said.

"Yeah!" they both said proudly at the same time.

Sceptile, Swellow, Crawdaunt, Glalie and Torterra vs Blaziken, Togekiss, Ludicolo, Medicham and Dusknoir. After a long and intense battle in which Ash had to overcome Dahlia's rhythmic techniques, the teen from Pallet Town was able to obtain the Gold Arcade Prints from him.

"Truly, it was so very fabulous of all of you! Bad luck, you cast aside, and good luck, you netted. That you did so is evidence of your abilities. By defeating me, Dahlia, you have proven your mastery brilliantly! I am sincerely happy for having this battle against you!" Dahlia said.

"I’m too, I have learned a lot from you." said Ash, who was sweating a lot due to the tension suffered.

"The way your Pokémon moved was incredible, could you show me?" Dawn said excitedly.

"Of course, whenever you want, I'll stop by your mansion!" Dahlia said delighted.

“So much dancing has made me hungry…" Lucas murmured.


"The next place we go to tomorrow is something special." Emerald said while they were having dinner.

Every time Ash won, Lucas made a lot of food to celebrate and this time was no different. Everyone, Pokémon included, was eating in the garden while watching the stars.

"Special? Why?" said Ash after swallowing a large piece of meat.

"The Frontier Brain of Battle Castle can’t fight due to how powerful she is,” Emerald explained.

"Is she that strong?"

"…Let's see, Brandon was very strong but what put him at the level of the Elite Four were his legendaries. However this girl is Elite Four level without needing legendaries, and on top of that when she gets angry she can destroy the entire place."

"She seems very dangerous…" said Dawn worried. Emerald nodded bitterly.

"Scott has been wanting to send her to a place where she can better use her talents for a long time. Luckily she has been accepted to be a member of Unova's Elite Four. She leaves this month."

"Unova? I've already heard about that place several times," Ash said curiously. "Is it another region?"

"Yes, and it's quite far away." Lucas said.

"…I think I know where I'm going to go when this Battle Frontier is over!" Ash said excitedly.

"And I can accompany you, I want to see what kind of contests there are there." Dawn said just as excited. Lucas was the only one who saw how the girl looked at Ash, and that's why what he said next hurt him a lot.

"There’re no Pokémon contests in Unova."

Dawn's smile disappeared instantly.


"Pokémon contests aren’t as widespread as they seem. They were born in Hoenn and spread to Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh, but they are something very new or non-existent in other regions." Lucas explained.

"How do you know so much?" Emerald asked.

"Lucas always knows a lot." Ash said.

"I just like to find out things about my friends' tastes," Lucas explained embarrassed, "so I can help them better."

That night Dawn had a lot to think about what she wanted to do when the trip was over.

Battle Castle: Manage Battles with Castle Points

"Welcome. Lady Caitlin, my employer, is not one to accept defeat willingly. However, for a reason I'm not at liberty to disclose, she cannot battle. Consequently, I will do battle in her ladyship's place. ...Let assure me that you won't be shortchanged by facing me." ―Castle Valet Darach.

Floatzel, Gliscor, Heracross and Gabite vs Staraptor, Empoleon, Houndoom and Gallade. It was an exhausting fight, more so due to the fact that Darach spent the entire time trying to show off in front of Caitlin, who was busy talking to Dawn about rich girl things.

Darach's strategies were very defensive but Ash managed to break through this defense and defeat him. Then Ash received the Gold Castle Prints.

"I am humbled... What I'd perceived to be a weakness was only illusory... Or, perhaps you corrected it in the course of our battle. Regardless, your performance was stunning again. Although she cannot say it, Lady Caitlin appears quite taken by her style. For her sake at the very least, please do return to our Battle Castle!" Darach said.

Ash just wanted to get out of there quickly but someone stopped him. The TGio, along with another grunt named Amadeus, attacked them in the middle of the castle. However, Caitlin destroyed them in seconds. When they were going to hand them over to the police, they were restrained by…

"Tobias!" Ash, Dawn and Lucas said at the same time. The mysterious darkrai-man smiled evilly before releasing the grunts and fleeing from there.

"Is the winner of this year's Sinnoh League in cahoots with Team Galactic?" Looker said surprised after hearing the news from our heroes.

"I knew he wasn't trustworthy. Someone appearing out of nowhere with two legendaries was too suspicious." Marble said.

"Let's go find him and interrogate him."

"Yes sir!"

Battle Hall: Let Each Pokémon Seek No. 1

"My Battle Hall allows trainers to mount challenges with their one favorite Pokémon. I imagine there were tense moments getting here with your chosen one. But understand that one shines the brightest when a challenge is overcome. I am your final and most daunting challenge. I dare you to overcome my challenge." ―Argent, Hall Matron.

Charizard, Feraligatr and Pikachu vs Dragonite, Skarmory and Suicune. Ash didn't expect the legendary on her team. Luckily he was able to count on Pikachu giving his all to defeat Argent’s suicune. Apparently she had captured him very recently after defeating a guy in a cape who was chasing him.

"You must never forget there’s a place where everyone can shine. That goes for any kind of Pokémon, too. Spread that message in your own words. It's one everyone should hear. And now, having lost, this lady has nothing left to say at all, but... Bye-bye!" Argenta said after giving him the Gold Hall Prints.

Battle Tower: Never Lose! Keep Winning!

Ash only had one Gold Print left to complete the Battle Frontier. He was very confident after his last victory even though Emerald told him to be careful because the last Frontier Brain was just as strong as Brandon.

In the Battle Tower they met Barry, who revealed himself to be the son of Palmer, the master of the Tower. Barry wanted to challenge Ash but his father appeared and stopped him.

"Ash already beat you in the Pokémon League," Palmer said with a big smile. "Now is my turn."

Ash lost his fight. Palmer didn’t mess around and gave his all. It was like fighting an adult version of Barry.

After several days of rest and plan strategies. Ash returned to challenge Palmer, while Barry assured that no one had defeated his father and that his rival wasn’t going to be the first.


"So, you've come this far! I'll have to give you my best effort. That's how the best Trainers show respect to each other. By battling all out as dedicated students of Pokémon! Show me the bond you've built with your Pokémon. Show me the skill you've acquired as a Trainer! ―Palmer, Tower Tycoon.

Pikachu, Torterra and Infernape vs Milotic, Rhyperior, Cresselia. The final battle of the Battle Frontier was televised throughout the island and in certain areas of Johto and Sinnoh. This time Infernape was the star that managed to defeat Cresselia after an intense fight.

Palmer gave him the Gold Tower Prints as he grabbed his shoulder and told him his thoughts.

"Bravo! I feel inspired in my heart! It brings back a memory of that day long ago... I went out to the lake with Dawn's father that day... We were attacked by a wild Pokémon. We defeated it, but I don't remember how. It was that desperate. That was my first step as a trainer. I wonder if the proffesor is doing well... That's enough reminiscing. Go on, you can be all that you desire! There is no limit to where you can go!"

An ecstatic Scott gave Ash a diploma for finishing his second Battle Frontier and told him that the position of Frontier Brain would always be available to him.

"You are the first person in all of history to complete two Battle Fronts! I knew you were someone special!" Scott said very happily.

"…I-I'm going to fine you for beating my father… Although I'll surpass you first!" Barry swore.

Johto Region – Cherrygrove City

"Those guys came out of some kind of portal and stole my red and blue Orbs," said Mr. Pokémon desperately. "They tortured me and managed to get the information out of me...I told them that there’s a tower in which a groudon, a kyogre and a rayquaza sleep. Now they can control two of them...I'm so sorry."

"Don't be sorry, you did well," Silver said immediately. "Those guys could have killed you."

"True, he held up very well for an old man." Ethan commented.

"Ethan!" Kriss scolded him.


"We have to tell Ash." Silver said worried. Lyra, for her part, dedicated herself to treating the old man's wounds while they waited for the doctors to arrive.

That same afternoon Tobias attacked the island using Palkia. He apparently possessed a prototype of the red chain that Cyrus had discarded because it only with Palkia but not Dialga. Having Palkia held in the island's ruins was what had caused the space-time problems.

"Tobias! Why are you doing this? What do you want?" Ash asked confused.

"Tobias is nothing more than a disguise that the prideful Petrel made for me when I asked him," said the mysterious man as he began to tear off his clothes and skin. "I used it so I could take away your victory in the Sinnoh League, as punishment for the Sevii Islands and the defeat of the traitor Brodie. But I don't need this costume anymore!"

An elegant and sinister woman appeared before them.

“Sird, of the three beasts of Team Rocket!" Ash said when he recognized her.

"Team Rocket? But his suit is from Team Galactic!" Looker noted.

"I was never part of the Mafia Pokémon, I was only infiltrated to be able to get the maximum information and resources from them, which I passed on to Team Galactic. " Sird revealed.

"How did you get those two legendaries?" Palmer asked.

"I got Darkrai on Newmoon Island and Latios thanks to the information I stole from Annie and Oakley." said Sird. She no longer cared about telling everything because she thought she was going to win.

"And we helped her!" said the TGio.

"We have already used Palkia's powers twice and we can still do it one more time before he escapes this red chain." said Amadeus with a cruel smile.

"Enough to make me the Goddess of the Distortion World." said Sird.

"Aren't we going to save Cyrus?" Mitsumi asked confused.

"Why should I?" Sird laughed. "I have a groudon and a kyogre in my possession, with them I can capture a giratina and destroy anyone who gets in my way!"

Hareta and Bidoof looked at Mitsumi worriedly. That wasn’t what they expected. Amadeus for his part drooled just imagining his boss becoming a goddess.

Sird used the Red and Blue Orbs to summon the groudon and kyogre that she had hidden in the depths of the island and ordered them to attack everyone. The Frontier Brains managed to keep them at bay with the help of Dawn, Lucas and Emerald. Luckily they weren't as strong as the groudon and kyogre alphas that attacked Hoenn last year.

Meanwhile Sird forced Palkia to open a portal to the Distortion World. After that Palkia managed to free himself from the chain and left. Before they could stop Ash, the young man lunged at Sird and they both fell through the portal. Groudon and Kyogre followed shortly after.


Distortion World

“It's not your first time in the Distortion World, right?" said the man. "Maybe that's why all the giratina have left you alone... Or maybe it's because the Giratina Alpha is your friend. They treated me pretty badly until they got bored. At least my Pokémon are still alive...

"I knew you were alive, Cyrus!" Ash said when he saw him. He hadn't seen Sird or the legendaries anywhere in a while, but he and Pikachu didn't let their guard down.

A loud and chilling roar was heard throughout the area.

"Alpha Giratina is furious, that's why the others of his species have moved away." Cyrus explained.

"It's Sird's fault. She has used a groudon and a kyogre to hurt him." Ash said. "I don't understand why Dialga and Palkia haven't helped him."

“Surely they are afraid to fight in this world, because they could cause serious damage to all dimensions. Anyway, I don't think Giratina Alpha will have any problems getting that kyogre and groudon out of here."

"… And what are you doing here? Weren't you going to create a world with no one but you?"

"…Controlling space and time makes you God. Being God allows you to create supreme beauty. Arceus is God, does that mean that this universe is more beautiful than the one I want to create?"

Ash and Pikachu looked at each other somewhat confused.

"I really like this world. It's very special and full of Pokémon and people I haven't met yet." Ash said with so much happiness that for a moment Cyrus smiled, a little.

"The Distortion World is chaotic, everything is upside down and the laws of nature are almost nonexistent. I'm wrong? The fact that I hesitated, the fact that a kid like you has made me so angry in the past, the euphoria I felt when I thought I had won at Mount Coronet. All of this just shows that I am imperfect."

"My mother always says that no one is perfect, but who wants to be no one?" Ash laughed as Pikachu gave a small sigh.

"Your willpower, Lucas's knowledge and Dawn's emotions... You three have known God and even became his friends. Is this universe trying to tell me something?" Cyrus said, staring into the abyss, as if it were calling him...

Ash slapped him hard on the back, snapping him out of his deep trance.

"Friends! What you need is friends to help you!" Ash said very convinced. "You have to pay for your crimes but at least if you have friends you can be a better person."

"…Huh, what a simple way to see life."

For the first time in years, Cyrus's smile was completely sincere and without a trace of malice.


Sird was very strong. Not only his darkrai and latios but his other Pokémon also had a high level and experience. Luckily, help appeared through the portal just at that moment.

"Riley, Cheryl, Mira, Buck and Marley!" Ash said, surprised and happy to see them there.

"Exactly, we are the Sinnoh Top trainers!" said Buck, burning with emotion.

"After what happened with Team Galactic, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to do much alone," Riley explained. "Especially if there wasn't a gym leader or police officer nearby, so I decided to reach out to other Top trainers."

"And together we have formed a group that will protect Sinnoh from criminals!" Mira said.

"Now that I have fulfilled my grandfather's dreams, I can dedicate myself to returning the happiness that Sinnoh has given me." Cheryl said.

"…I'm not with them just because I feel alone." Marley said without looking anyone in the eyes.

Together they defeated Sird's Pokémon. Giratina Alpha defeated Groudon and Kyogre and returned them to the Embedded Tower. Ash recovered the red and blue Orbs and when he was going to return through the portal that Giratina had opened, he turned around.

"You’re not coming?"

"Don't worry, I’ll go out through a portal that leads to the Turnback cave in Sinnoh. As you said, I have a lot to pay but first I must talk to my grunts and decide what we’ll do in the future... "

"How pathetic you are, Cyrus," said Sird, who was being carried by Riley and Buck. "I always knew that your ambition was less than your madness..."

"Sird, what do you really want? I doubt all this madness was just to control Giratina Alpha and his world."

Sird smiled but said nothing.

"Are we really going to let Cyrus leave?" Mira asked.

"Right!" said Ash remembering that Cyrus was a highly wanted criminal, but it was too late. He had disappeared and surely he knew the place better than all of them so it was risky to follow him.

The Orbs were returned to their place except the jade one that Ash kept. Somehow Sird managed to escape with his Pokémon, except darkrai and latios, and was missing. The TGio was also missing. As for Sird's assistant, Amadeus, he had apparently been under hypnotism and strong brainwashing, so in the end he was cured and released... Although he was placed under police surveillance for a few months.

Scott held a grand party at the mansion to celebrate Ash's victories. Almost the entire island was at the party. And it was probably his imagination, but Ash thought he saw Paul and Zoey drinking together at the party.

What was no one's imagination was when Lucas revealed that weeks ago he had captured the Regigigas of the Snowpoint Temple. The poor giant had to dance in a sparsely populated area to avoid accidents.

A few days later our heroes had to separate...

-Dawn: I'm going to Hoenn, I wants to know the origin of Pokémon contests and become a Top coordinator. I'm going to miss you a lot and I hope you don't forget me when you go on new adventures. I'm not going to forget all the trouble you've gotten us into, hee hee hee... Ash, I... Remember that everything will be fine and there's nothing to worry about!

-Luke: I'm sorry I can't continue cooking for you but it is what it is. Don't worry, I've prepared several snacks for you and Pikachu. When we meet again I’ll be one step closer to being the best chef in the world. Eat healthy and sleep a lot if you want to reach the top!

-Emerald: Every time we see each other you improve. Kriss was right, you are a box full of surprises. Next time I'll probably see you fighting aliens or something, ha ha ha ha.

-Barry: You are very strong, super strong! I plan to leave you in the dust and make you pay a lot of fines! You better train like a mad man because I will too!

-Paul: No, I wasn't at the party. I simply came to do the Battle Frontier challenge. I'll complete it and we'll meet again someday. I hope you don’t you to lose to anyone weaker than me.


Pallet Town

Ash and Pikachu returned home just in time to stop the Trio from stealing Pokémon from Proffesor Oak. After talking to her mother about her new plans, she and Proffesor Oak decided to go with him to Unova.

"I have unfinished business there." Oak said.

"And I want to accompany the proffesor," Delia said while petting Pikachu. "And in this way I can remind you to change your underwear every day."


"Pi, Pi, Pikachu!"

"Stop laughing Pikachu!"

End of the fourth generation

-Ash's Pokémon in Sinnoh: Pikachu, Infernape, Torterra, Floatzel, Staraptor, Gliscor and Gabite.

-Dawn's Pokémon: Piplup, Togekiss, Lopunny, Pachirisu, Quilava, Mamoswine and Ambipom (In training).

-Lucas' Pokémon: Munchlax, Bastiodon, Lickilicky, Rotom, Phione (Gifted by Pokémon Rangers) and Regigigas.

-Barry's Pokémon: Chatot, Luxray, Floatzel, Skarmory, Roserade and Heracross.

-Paul's Pokémon: Electivire, Ninjask, Aggron, Gastrodon, Drapion and Froslass.

-Ethan's Pokémon: Pichu (shiny), Togekiss, Hitmontop, Jynx, Magmotar and Azumarill.

-Kriss' Pokémon: Suicune, Jolteon, Mismagius, Hitmonchan, Wigglytuff and Marowak.

-Silver's Pokémon: Weavile, Gengar, Crobat, Magnezone, Alakazam, Rhyperior (given by Gary).

-Lyra's Pokémon: Pichu (Spiky-eared), Meganium, Girafarig, Steelix, Houndoom and Gyarados (Shiny given by Kriss).

-Misty's Pokémon: Azurill, Psyduck, Starmie, Politoed, Horsea, Seaking and Corsola.

-Brock's Pokémon: Steelix, Crobat, Golem, Forretress, Ludicolo and Sudowoodo.

-Yellow's Pokémon: Pikachu, Raticate, Dodrio, Buterfree, Golem and Omastar.

-Gary's Pokémon: Umbreon, Blastoise, Arcanine, Exeggutor, Alakazam and Nidoqueen.

Save game?… Saving data… Game saved!


-Games:Platinum, Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, Rumble, Battle Revolution, Mystery Dungeon 2, My Pokémon Ranch, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

-Anime: Seasons 10, 11, 12 and 13; Movies 10, 11, 12 and 13.

-Manga: Pokémon Adventure saga Diamond, Pearl and Platinum; Phantom Thief Pokémon 7; Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!


In the fourth generation we have the second remake: HeartGold and SoulSilver. As the story of the games is similar to those of the second generation, I have simply used the plot of the radio tower and that of the Ilex Forest’s celebi. Also a little review of Kanto. Luckily for some and unfortunately for others we will not see Kanto again until the seventh generation and Johto until... oops, I almost gave a spoiler!

Diamond and Pearl were never my favourites because of how slow they were but Platinum nevertheless I loved it and played it a thousand times. The Johto remakes are everything that's good about remakes and I wish the rest were just as good.

Team Galactic is full of mad men in my opinion but they always made me laugh with their uniforms and hairstyles. Sird is a very interesting character in the manga and even today we have no idea what is going on in her head.
I think that the fourth generation is the one that made the most Pokémon games, they basically tried a new boom of Poké mania in my opinion, if that worked or not I don't know anymore but today Pokémon is stronger than ever.

This chapter is the longest along with the eighth (curiously the remake of the fourth is in the eighth... huuuuummm). Also the anime was long in this generation, and it was the last time a generation spanned four seasons.
And to advance events, my favourite Poké girls are: Misty, Anabel, Dawn, Iris, Lillie and Marnie.

Until the next chapter!

Chapter 5: Fifth Generation


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

5th Generation

Inside the golden palace, the wise men and the muses watched the coronation of the savior, the one who grew up surrounded by Pokémon. Now the devil placed the heavy crown on his innocent head. Hope, dreams, discoveries...New adventures await you and your Pokémon.


Hi there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is professor Aurea Juniper and I’m dedicated to researching the birth and origin of Pokémon. If you know where you come from, you’ll know where you are going. The past of this mysterious world is fascinating and the numerous legends and myths told are even more so. Places to discover, new Pokémon to capture…

Welcome to the Pokémon world and enjoy all its secrets!


Many years ago - Black City

That red-eyed boy always seemed to look at them all as if they were idiots and useless. But when they talked to him, his polite tone, his soft words, and his calculated gestures always made the people around him end up doing what he said.

"Your way of playing is intoxicating, aggressive, hypnotizing and at the same time chilling," his music teacher used to say. You could see her admiration and that of her companions on her face. "It's as if you seek to subjugate us all with your musical notes and take us to your kingdom... you are like a musical devil!"

The red-eyed boy just smiled.

Year 2009 – White Forest

The green-eyed boy played with those special Pokémon every day. Special because they had suffered the consequences of the darkness that some people harbored. His closed hearts had been reopened, but only to the boy.

Any other human was an enemy or someone to be wary of. Yet there was a human even worse than those who hurt them. That human man always came to observe the child in silence. The Pokémon tried to ignore him but that man exuded so much evil that all they wanted to do was get away from there.

The child, in his infinite innocence, followed them everywhere, ignoring the devil who whispered in his ear when playtime was over.

Year 2016 – Vertress City

"Liberation!" Ghetsis exclaimed before his men. “To free all Pokémon from human oppression. That must be our goal, and the future of Unova."

“Human greed knows no limits." Ryoku said.

"Humans subordinate the existence of Pokémon to the empire of their desires, reducing them to the mere condition of objects," Bronius said sadly. "We must protect them, because they are capable of understanding."

“Living beings treated as tools…” Gorm began to say.

"…but they live an existence of slavery..." Giallo finished saying.

Zinzolin was the only one who remained silent, knowing better than anyone that all this was nothing more than a foolish errand. Was he really the only one who realized Ghetsis' true nature?

Ghetsis, for his part, nodded with a false smile upon hearing the words of his cultists.

"We must spread our message...but for it to penetrate all hearts we need a symbol for this new justice." Ghetsis clenched his left fist tightly, his words reaching the hearts of those who heard him. "Someone who embodies and inspires majesty. Someone worthy of being the king of Team Plasma."

"Makes sense." Bronius said.

"But where will we find it?" Gorm asked.

"Look," said Ghetsis as he turned on a huge screen, on which a boy appeared playing with two other girls who were watching him attentively. "His name is N, a boy capable of connecting with the hearts of Pokémon. He was raised alongside Anthea and Concordia. N is a pure soul."

For a fleeting moment a sinister smile was reflected on Ghetsis's face, but only Zinzolin and Rood were able to see it. The latter ended up attributing it to his imagination.

“Three more years and he’ll be ready. And at that moment Team Plasma will be ready to rise. The curtain will rise on a new stage: The glorious liberation of the Pokémon."

Ghetsis then proceeded to give each of the sages a mission: Bronius was to spread the values ​​of Team Plasma among the people. Gorm must find out everything he could about the legendary dragon that represented the ideals. Ryoku had to capture the volcarona who was hiding in the desert. Giallo for his part would capture Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. Rood had to find a Victini to ensure Team Plasma's victory. And Zinzolin…

"I don't understand why Gorm must look for the legendary dragon," Zinzolin complained. "Wasn't it me who gathered information about its existence?!"

"I'm the one who decides." Ghetsis said in a tone that didn’t give rise to arguments.


“And now move towards the release of the Pokémon, slowly but surely."

Later, Ghetsis approached with a smile a man who was sitting looking at a screen with a bored expression.

"What did you think of our little meeting?"

“…It's a waste that you use your potential for such nonsense." said the man adjusting his glasses.

Ghetsis's smile never disappeared.

“I thought your thing was studying Pokémon potential, not human potential."

“They are both more connected than I thought. Anyway, I just came to say that I'm leaving, you don't need me anymore nor do I need you."

"You're sure? The new world that I am going to, that we are going to create, will need people like you, Colress."

Colress looked him straight in the eyes before getting up and leaving with a smile on his face.

Year 2017 – Aspertia City

Hugh watched helplessly as those criminals took his sister's Pokémon, a purrloin, being unable to do anything to stop it. His little sister screamed and screamed but it was no use.

“We've done it, we've released another Pokémon!" those men and women shouted happily after having used their Pokémon to beat up a child and his trapinch.

"They won't hurt this Pokémon again!"

"The new era of Team Plasma has arrived!"

Hugh, furious, got up from the ground as best he could with the help of his little sister.

“I won’t forget this day! I’ll never forgive you! I’ll take revenge on all of you Team Plasma!"

Year 2019 - Nuvema Town: The Start of Something Big!

“Now you're far from home, Ash! The technology is truly amazing. They say you can catch Pokémon even in your dreams!” ―Tecno, the fat teenager.

Arriving at the quiet town, Ash, Delia, and professor Oak met Professor Juniper. Who according to Oak, possessed great talent and knowledge despite her youth.

However, the presentations had to wait, as a huge electrical storm formed nearby. Out of the storm came a Pokémon black as night and attacked them. Pikachu tried to defend them and ended up taking most of the attacks. The black Pokémon, which professor Juniper called zekrom, ended up leaving.

After healing Pikachu, Ash realized that his Pokémon could no longer do volt tackle but still had the rest of his attacks.

"Perhaps side effects from the zekrom attacks?" Juniper theorized. "Fascinating, it's the first time I've seen something like this."

After finishing several tasks, professor Oak and Delia returned to Pallet Town. Meanwhile Ash accompanied professor Juniper to see how she gave three initials to three young people from the town.

They were accompanied by a girl who always seemed nervous and fell all the time, probably because of the long, tight skirt she was wearing. Her name was Bianca and she had a Minccino, which was apparently the daughter of professor Juniper's shiny Cinccino.

"Are you from Kanto? That's very far away! Although you are lucky to have many pikachu!" Bianca said, squishing the electric mouse's cheeks.

"Don't do t-!" Ash couldn't finish the warning because Pikachu ended up electrocuting them all.


Hilbert, Hilda and Cheren were the boys who were going to receive the starters.

Hilbert was a boy who seemed ready to explode due to the emotion and enthusiasm he possessed. The first thing he did as soon as he received the oshawott from him was challenge Ash to a Pokémon Battle.

“Next time I’ll win and fulfill my dream of being the Unova champion!" Hilbert promised after losing the fight.

Cheren was calm, calculating and always seemed in control. At least when he wasn't casting indirect glances at Bianca, which she never found out about. He received a tepig and also challenged Ash.

“I have lost…but it is logical since I have just started. You clearly have experience, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town." Cheren said after adjusting his glasses.

Hilda was cheerful but seemed to always have her head somewhere else. When it came to fighting she was the least enthusiastic and she ended the fight before there was a winner.

“I'm sorry but I don't like to see Pokémon get hurt...I prefer to see them in shows." Hilda said as she hugged her snivy.

Among the few people who watched the three battles was one named Trip, who mocked Hilbert, Hilda, and Cheren for losing to someone from Kanto before leaving there.

Later professor Juniper gave them all new Pokédex for their travels. Ash and the new trainers left the town at the same time and then each went their separate ways. Bianca went with them because she wanted to do her own journey to learn more about Pokémon.

Along the way Ash saw new Pokémon that fascinated him, he even mistook a girl for one of those Pokémon. After asking for forgiveness, he realized that the girl was one of the people who had seen his fight in Nuvema Town.

"Those weren’t battles. Your pikachu defeated them without even trying," the girl concluded. "I didn't know that pikachu could be so strong..."

"Eeeeh...Thanks, I guess," Ash replied. "But Pikachu and I have worked hard to get to that level, I'm sure my new rivals will do the same."

—"Ah, I haven't introduced myself! I'm Iris and this little guy is Axew... And who are you?" Iris asked him, getting very close to him.

"I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and this is my friend Pikachu."


"What a cutie!" Iris exclaimed. Before she knew it, Iris had picked up Pikachu and was caressing his cheeks. "What soft cheeks you have!"

"You shouldn’t do that." Ash warned, somewhat alarmed. She looked at him strangely.


His question was answered when an angry Pikachu unleashed a powerful thunderbolt that electrocuted both trainers.

Don George's Battle Club

“Our goal is to free your Pokémon from your evil. Because ours, you know, is pure goodness. Bringing the blinding white light of truth of the future! Thrusting the hammer of ideals down onto the black darkness of the past! Carving our names in the Rock of Eternity! The fiery savior, Rosa! Fiercest defender, Nate! And the wisest of the wise, Purrloin! And now gather, under the name of Team Plasma!” ―The TPio (Rosa, Nate and Purrloin).

Iris had wanted to teach Ash the battle clubs. The two really enjoyed fighting and helping a small tepig that Ash ended up capturing. However, a couple of kids dressed as medieval knights attacked the place.

They claimed to be Team Plasma and had come to free Pokémon from human evil and oppression.

“This place is an ode to Pokémon violence." said Rosa angrily.

"How can you make such wonderful creatures fight each other?" Nate said sadly.

“All humans are equally cruel and offensive…No offense." Purrloin said immediately.

"Don't worry because you're right." Rosa and Nate said at the same time.

"You're a just couple of kids," Iris said, laughing. "You can't be more than twelve, that explains all the nonsense that comes out of your mouths... Has that Purrloin spoken?!"

“It's not that strange to see a Pokémon talking." Ash said.

"How can it not be?!"

"My gift of speech is courtesy of Team Plasma's science," Purrloin said with some disdain. "Now release your Pokémon!"

"You wish! You are nothing more than thieves." Ash said preparing his Pokémon for battle.

The TPio let out a sigh when they saw that.

Accumula Town: The Fast-Growing Town!

After defeating the TPio and blasting them off, they arrived at the next place. They had already forgotten the words of those criminals when they met professor Juniper at the Pokémon Center.

After a brief chat, the three went out into the street when they saw that a commotion was breaking out in the town square. They went there and saw several guys from Team Plasma going up on a stage to give a speech.

Among the people listening to them were Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren and Bianca. Ash, Iris and Juniper approached them and after greeting them they paid attention to the speech.

"My name is Ghetsis. I am here representing Team Plasma. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about Pokémon liberation." said a man with a kind smile who had his entire body covered except for his left arm.

"Could he be the boss of those three?" Ash said curious.

"I don't know, but at least he seems smarter than those kids." Iris said with a suspicious look.

"I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokémon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other. However... Is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that perhaps we humans... only assume that this is the truth?"

The curious atmosphere became tense and guilty. Many began to look at their Pokémon while others avoided meeting their eyes.

"Pokémon are subject to the selfish commands of Trainers... They get pushed around when they are our "partners" at work..."

"That's a lie!" Hilbert shouted, earning Ghetsis's intense gaze, which made more than one swallow.

"What expression do your Pokémon show when they receive an order and act? Ghetsis asked. "Look closely... remember it, okay? Unlike humans, Pokémon are living beings with unknown potentials. They are noble creatures from whom we have much to learn. Pokémon do not exist to serve our selfish desires. We have to do something as soon as possible for them."

"Do what?" asked an old man.

Ghetsis smiled widely before raising his arms to the sky.

“Well, we should… Freeing them!!"

After those words everyone remained silent for several seconds until…

"Are you crazy?"

"”Free them”, he says, what a fool!"

“Go back to the asylum, you old man!"

"Pokémon aren’t slaves, they can leave whenever they want!"

"But it is true that there are people who treat them badly."

"And? I'm not going to free them just because some guy on the street tells me so."

“Pokémon are not objects!"

"I captured them and I can do what I want with them!"

Despite the fuss that arose, the number of people who rejected Ghetsis's message exceeded those who accepted it, however the seed of doubt had already been planted by the devil.

Both Ash and his companions watched worriedly as the people argued. Luckily Team Plasma left and everyone returned home.

Before they could do anything, a mysterious young man with green hair approached Ash and began petting Pikachu. To everyone's surprise, Pikachu didn't do anything to him and even seemed to be enjoying it.

"Your Pokémon... Just now, it was saying..." the young man began to say.

"What?" Ash asked confused.

"Yes, they're talking. Oh. Then, you two can't hear it, either... How sad. My name is N."

"I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town."

Before the others could introduce themselves, N continued speaking.

"I'm a Trainer, too, but I can't help wondering... Are your Pokémon really happy? Well, Ash, is it? Let me hear your Pokémon's voice again!"


Ash defeated N in a Pokémon battle but everyone realized that the young man didn’t carry his Pokémon inside Poké Balls. Ash and Iris said goodbye to the others and left for the next city. Before leaving, professor Juniper gave him an Xtransceiver to maintain contact.

Striaton City: Three Stand Together as One!

Ash had a brief battle with Cheren at the entrance to the city and then went straight to the gym. However, he received a call from Professor Juniper asking him for a favor.

Apparently his childhood friend, professor Fennel, who was one of the creators of the famous Pokémon Dream World, lived in the city. Fennel needed the dream mist of a munna to continue her experiments, so Ash and Iris went to find one.



There Ash and Iris stopped the TPio, who were attacking Bianca to take her newly captured munna. After saving her, they collected remains of the dream mist left by the munna of the area with a device given by professor Fennel.


Fennel House

After giving him the dream mist, they met his little sister Amanita, who was the creator of the Unova Storage System and a friend of Bill. Knowing that Ash was also Bill's friend, she told them that they could stay in the house as long as they needed.

Despite being a little girl, Amanita boasted of having improved Bill's system. Ash and Iris listened to everything she said without understanding anything while they enjoyed dinner.


Striaton Gym

“We welcome you to our gym! I like Grass type Pokémon. I use Water type Pokémon. Well, I'm on fire with my Fire-type Pokémon! The three of us will be your opponents since you have requested it.” ―Cilan, Chili and Cress, Triple Trouble!

The gym was also the most famous restaurant and bar in the city. There the diners enjoyed watching battles while eating the most exquisite food of all.

The gym leaders were triplets, each specialized in a type, grass, water and fire respectively. Usually one was challenged, but Ash challenged all three at the same time, surprising everyone, Iris included.

Pikachu, Tepig and Osawhott vs Pansear, Panpour and Pansage.

Ash defeated all three at the same time after getting Osawhott to overcome his fear of fighting rivals who surpassed him.

"What a surprise! You’re really strong!" Cilan said.

"You beat me... I can't believe I lost!" Cress said.

"Wow! You are amazing!! You're going to make it to the Pokémon League!" Chili said.

Cilan, the eldest of the brothers, was so impressed that he wanted to accompany him on his trip to find out more about his combat style. Cilan was a sybarite and the mysteries of people and Pokémon caught his attention.

Having earned the Trio badge, the new trio of heroes set off on their journey.


Upon leaving the gym…

"And this is supposed to be the famous Striaton gym? What a joke." said an elegant woman who carried a riding crop in one hand and an Xtransceiver in the other. "Taking down those triplets is a job far below my abilities, Ghetsis."

"I know Morana," said the man who had hired her, "even so you won't do anything until I say so, understand?"

"Of course, after all you pay."

Along the way Ash and his companions met other strong trainers, among them Burgundy, Cilan's rival obsessed with being a better sybarite than him and beating him in a Pokémon battle.

There was also Georgia, Iris's new rival. She was a trainer obsessed with defeating any dragon tamer she encountered along the way. Apparently her desire for revenge derived from having suffered a heavy defeat in the Dragon Village, Iris's home.

Later in the Wellspring Cave they stopped TPio, who had "released" a girl's Pokémon. Karen, the director of the day care where the girl was, gave Ash a Pokémon egg as a reward from which a scraggy would emerge.

Afterwards, Ash had a brief battle with Hilbert, who was passing by.

Luxuria Town – Battle club

In this place Ash competed against Trip, the boy who seemed to believe that the inhabitants of Unova were superior to those of other regions. After a double battle Ash defeated him, making Trip promise to humiliate him next time.

Nacrene City: A Pearl of a Place

“I... want to see things no one can seen. The truths of Pokémon inside Poké Balls. The ideals of those who call themselves Pokémon trainers. And a future where Pokémon have become perfect… Do you feel the same" ―N.

That mysterious N challenged Ash to a Pokémon battle as soon as he saw him. Ash won but for some reason he didn't feel any joy, which Iris and Pikachu noticed instantly.

"I can't see the future yet... The world is still to be determined..." N murmured, worried.

"What’s the matter? Are you hungry?" Ash asked, confused when he saw him so absorbed.

"I doubt hunger is his problem." Iris murmured. Without warning N petted both Pikachu and Axew and then left.

"Right now, my friends aren't strong enough to save all Pokémon. Maybe I can't solve the equation that will change the world. So, I need power... Power enough to make anyone agree with me. Maybe Alpha Reshiram can help me…" N murmured.

"Hum…What an interesting guy." Cilan commented with a strange smile on his face.


After that battle, Cilan gave them a guided tour of the city since he had been there before.

The so-called city of art was full of avant-garde artists, vintage cafes, art galleries, a cultural and historical museum, furniture designers, a library and street vendors of paintings.

In addition to having an old train track, which was a vestige of the city's industrial times. After eating at the Alma cafe, Ash and his companions headed to the gym.


Nacrene Museum/Gym

"Welcome! Well then, challenger, I'm going to research how you battle with the Pokémon you've so lovingly raised!" ―Lenora, an archaeologist with backbone.

After saving Cilan from the possession of a yamask, Lenora accepted Ash's challenge.

Tepig and Osawhott vs Watchog and Herdier. The teen from Pallet Town lost but the next day he returned with a new strategy and won.

"Your fighting style is so enchanting. It is charming. You are a Pokémon Trainer worthy of receiving this Basic Badge!" Lenora said very happily.

"Thank you so much!" Ash said. "I hope I can get stronger with my Pokémon and bring out their full potential. This way I won't have problems like when you beat me yesterday."

"If my Pokémon are so strong, it is thanks to the advice Whitney gave me."

"The Gym Leader of Goldenrod City?"

"The same! Do you know her?"

"I fought her when I travelled through Johto. She also gave me some good advice on how to train my Pokémon."

"You remind me of a guy I fought the other day. I will tell you the same thing that I told him: “Some problems you can't solve even if you think about them your whole life. Some problems have different answers depending on the person. Still, the reason I can't keep my curiosity down is this: I want to figure out the truth, but I also have a desire for adventure!”"


Iris put a hand on Ash's shoulder as she looked at Lenora.

"Using complicated words with Ash isn’t a good thing." Iris said almost laughing.

"A very big truth for an idealist like Ash." Cilan said.


Lenora gave them a guided tour of the museum, telling them that her most precious discoveries were made after investigating the Gray Ruins, where she found a black stone and another white. Her husband Hawes was investigating them right now.

Just then a man named Burgh came. He was a famous artist in Unova, a gym leader, a friend of Lenora, and a native of the city. He was accompanied by Hilda, who was a big fan of his works.

After a while Hilbert, Cheren and Bianca appeared to challenge Lenora to a fight but they couldn't continue talking, because Hawes came screaming that they had stolen a fossil. The culprits: the TPio along with a group of Plasma grunts.

Ash, Iris, Cilan, Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren, Bianca and Burgh chased them until they reached the forest. Meanwhile, Agent Jenny called for reinforcements.


Pinwheel Forest

That place was a natural labyrinth so they divided into pairs to search better: Ash and Iris, Cilan and Burgh, Bianca and Cheren, Hilbert and Hilda.

Between the four groups, they managed to defeat the grunts and corner the TPio, who was desperately clinging to the fossil. However, a mysterious old man named Gorm appeared and ordered them to return the fossil, as it wasn’t what they were looking for.

"B-but our lord's wishes must be fulfilled." said Rosa distressed. Nate gave him a gentle hug and shot an angry look at our heroes. Purrloin for her part was hiding behind the boy.

"Your great fidelity to our lord is commendable," Gorm said to Rosa. "If you feel so much frustration, make yourself stronger so as not to tolerate anyone getting in our way."

"We will do so, wise Gorm." Nate said.

“Wow, it seems that grandpa is someone important." Burgh joked.

"Be careful with your words before me, for I am Gorm of the seven sages."

"And what are you going to do to us?" Lenora asked after running there. "I've heard of Team Plasma. Your boss Ghetsis preaches non-violence towards Pokémon, but you're a bunch of thieves."

"It's true, you always talk about liberation but you are just like Team Rocket!" Ash said.

"Do you dare compare us with the Mafia Pokémon?" Roared Nate, who had to be stopped by Rosa so that he wouldn't throw himself at Ash.

"You look more like a sect." Iris said. This time it was Nate who stopped Rosa.

"Lenora the Normal-type expert and Burgh the Bug-type expert,” Gorm said. "When you know your enemies as much as you know yourself, you will always be able to avoid danger..."

“Nice words, it's a shame they come from you." Cilan said.

Using more grunts as decoys, Gorm and the TPio managed to escape after abandoning the fossil.

Castelia City: A City of Grandeur

To say that the capital of Unova was large and luxurious would be an understatement. Ash laughed as he watched Iris gape at what he saw. She had already been to other cities but never in one so big, bustling and with so many people running from one place to another without stopping or even saying hello.

Nurse Joy told them that if they wanted to battle there were several buildings dedicated to Pokémon battles between workers and Pokémon trainers. Cilan had to run like crazy after Ash and Iris to not be left behind, as they both ran in search of said battle buildings.

The Battle Company wasn’t the only place where they could fight. In the central area was the famous dancing trio who challenged our heroes with an intense rhythm battñe. They also went through certain alleys... In which Cilan tried to ensure that none of his companions saw what some people were up to. Iris felt chills as she saw how certain people were looking at her up and down, so she stood behind Ash, who shot warning glances at said people.

Ash and his friends decided that they wouldn’t go into those places again. At least the Café Sonata that Cilan took them to was nice and cozy. An oasis in that dirty place. And to lower the food Cilan bought them some Casteliacones.

The tour had to wait when they saw TPio stealing Pokémon and fleeing to the sewers. Luckily Burgh had found out about Team Plasma's activities and guided them through said tunnels. After facing a gang made up of a bald man, a breakdancer and a guitarist, they caught TPio and recovered the Pokémon.

"No! Not the Pokémon that we were going to release!" Nate said furious.

"How awful! We’re so bad that they’re going to call us Team puss*cat! —Purrloin said.

"Let’s go! We have to inform the Seven Sages as soon as possible." said Rosa.

The three ran out of there, being chased by our heroes until they reached a very tall building. There they saw Bianca, Cheren, Hilbert and Hilda.

Hilbert and Hilda were traveling together while Cheren and Bianca did the same. Bianca and Hilda had been in the Castelia Gallery when some grunts broke in and stole their Pokémon.

"They took my munna!" Bianca cried.

"Don't worry, we'll save her." Hilda reassured her as she patted her back.

"Damn, how dare they..." Cheren muttered. Hilbert very much agreed with his friend.

"Why would they go inside this skyscraper?" Cilan wondered.

"What difference does it make? Let's go get them! Ash said.

"I agree, let’s go!" Iris said with the same enthusiasm.


The skyscraper was a secret base filled with members of Team Plasma. Right at the entrance were three of the seven sages. Ghetsis, Bronius and Rood. The latter, unlike his companions, seemed quite nervous about the situation.

Bronius taunted Burgh by revealing that they made their secret base in front of the Castelia gym as a mockery.

"Tell me, do you know the legend of how Unova was formed?" Ghetsis suddenly asked, preventing a battle from breaking out in the building.

"Yes, I know it!" Iris said raising her hand. "It's a legend about two dragons, one white and one black, right?"

"Indeed... In a land convulsed by constant wars between nations, two heroes undertook their own crusade with the purpose of restoring peace. The black dragon and the white dragon appeared before each hero, offering to help them with their relentless power and wisdom. The four managed to unite the hearts of the people. This is how the Unova region originated. And now, we set out to revive that hero and one of the dragons here in Unova to capture the hearts of the people."

"Are you going to use a Pokémon? Aren't you supposed to want to free them?" Ash reminded him.

"Damn hypocrites!" Hilbert shouted.

"Don't you dare talk to Great sage Ghetsis like that!" Nate said.

A simple hand gesture from Ghetsis silenced everyone instantly.

"When the will of the legendary became m-... Ahem, with the help of the legendary we can build the world that and-, I mean, that Team Plasma desire."

"I don't understand anything." Hilda said scared.

"I-I don't either, I just want my Munna." Bianca said.

"I don’t believe you at all." Ash said.


"You're mad man!" Iris said.

"You have the eyes of a liar," Cilan said.

"I agree." said Cheren, who had picked up Munna when no one was looking and gave it to a very happy Bianca.

Honestly, there's something about what you're saying I don't quite understand." Burgh said.

At such words spoken by Ash and his companions, anger invaded the grunts and the two sages who accompanied Ghetsis.

"You’re really interesting people, even though you don't seem very smart... although no one is compared to me, of course."

Not wanting to get into trouble, Ghetsis asked them to leave his skyscraper. Burgh accepted that truce and got our heroes out of there. It was best not to endanger the Pokémon when they were at a numerical disadvantage. Furthermore, Burgh felt that Ghetsis was much stronger than all of them combined.

After solving the problem, everyone returned to their routine. The next day Ash, Iris and Cilan went to the gym. Hilda wanted to accompany them to see her idol Burgh fighting, so her traveling companion Hilbert went too.


Castelia Gym

“My Bug-type Pokémon are looking forward to facing you in battle. Have I told you how fabulous my team is?... And now let's stop with the preambles and jump into battle!” ―Burgh, Premier Insect Artist.

Tepig and Swadloon vs Dwebble and Whirlipede. After a fight in which Ash's Swadloon shined, victory came for the challenger.

"Aww... I lost. Whatever! Losing to you doesn't bug me because you are a-MAZ-ingly strong! This is the Insect Badge! You beat me, so it's yours!"

"It's very bright," Ash said happily as he looked at it. "With this I already have three badges."

"Burgh, why did you become a painter?" Hilda asked, a little sad at having seen his defeat.

Burgh looked thoughtful for several seconds.

“When I was little, I discovered the beauty of Bug-type Pokémon. They stole my heart. Since then, I've been drawing them and fighting with them, over and over again... Even now, after all this time, I'm still discovering things about them. Living in a world with Pokémon is something magical..."


Liberty Garden

Hilbert and Hilda were going to stay longer in the city, because Hilbert wanted to get the badge. Ash and his friends decided to stay one more day and all go visit the Liberty Garden. They called Cheren and Bianca to all go together.

Unfortunately, the entire island was full of Team Plasma grunts, who wanted to capture the legendary Victini who had inhabited the lighthouse for a long time.

With the help of Agent Jenny and professor Juniper, who was nearby investigating, they managed to save the Victini and take the Team Plasma grunts to jail. The Victini ended up becoming attached to Hilda and becoming part of her Pokémon team.


Finally, to relax, everyone went to the Royal Unova cruise ship. There Ash fought against his friends and other passengers. Later he and Iris watched the beautiful sunset together on the deck of the ship while Cilan watched them with a warm smile.

On the way out of the city, Ash, Iris and Cilan met a scientist named Colress, who told them about his dream of extracting the hidden potential of Pokémon. After a brief fight against Ash's pikachu, Colress left satisfied.

"If a pikachu can be so strong with the right trainer, ho, ho, ho...Team Plasma is very wrong in its ideas of liberation." Colress murmured.

M14: Victini and the dragons

Professor Juniper called Ash to tell him that she knew where was the zekrom that attacked them when they arrived in Unova. So Ash, Iris and Cilan went to Eindoak town to investigate.

There they met the owner of said zekrom, Damon, who wanted that his people, the people of the Valley, returned to the promised land. Although her mother Juanita and her sister Carlita didn’t seem to share his ideals.

In the town there was a victini who could not leave the place due to a barrier generated by some protection pillars. Using Victini, Damon wanted to move a castle known as the Sword Valley to the promised land, reviving the valley of his ancestors with his magic.

Ash, upon connecting with Victini, knew that if Damon continued with his plans he could destroy the planet in the process. So Ash, with the help of a reshiram, confronted Damon to show him the truth of his actions.

Our heroes freed Victini and convinced Damon and Zekrom to help them fix the problem caused. In the end Victini was able to leave the barrier and live a new life.

Desert Resort

Right at the entrance to the desert, they met a man who was playing cards with a group of workers. They were betting on things like objects or supposed treasures found in the desert.

The man who ended up winning almost everything was Grimsley of the Elite Four and a Dark-type specialist. Grimsley recognized Cilan as a gym leader and invited him and his friends to eat.

"Do you come from Castelia City? It's a shame what has happened to that city." Grimsley said sadly.

"And what happened to it?" Iris asked confused. "Apart from certain streets, it is a beautiful place."

"Those streets are where you can make the most money," Grimsley said with a small smile. "There used to be casinos all over the city but due to the new international laws of the Pokémon World Association, almost all of them have closed. Finding a casino today is a miracle."

"That's fine with me, I never liked those places!" Ash said very happily. Grimsley raised an eyebrow somewhat displeased by his words.

"I'm with you Ash," said Iris, smiling at him, "those places are houses of evil... Or so grandma says."

Grimsley's eyebrow twitched harder.

"If I remember correctly," Cilan said thoughtfully, "the casinos began to be removed because they were used by criminal organizations, or they let children in, claiming that they were adults according to the laws of certain regions."

"Yeah...well...Playing in casinos saved me from poverty..." Grimsley didn't know what else to say, so he retaliated by challenging the three of them to a Pokémon battle.


Several hours later…

"I think we're lost." Cilan said.

"It's Ash's fault for running off to look for Pokémon." Iris said, looking angrily at her friend.

"…I'm sorry." Ash said, avoiding looking at her, because he knew she was right.

Cilan gave a long sigh.

"It doesn't matter, at least I know that in desert areas there are always nurses or booths to rest," Cilan reported. "At least we won't starve."

"That’s if a maractus or a sandile doesn't capture us…” said Iris worried.

"If they do, we'll beat them and that's it, right, Pikachu?" Ash said.


While they were walking they met a man in a suit and with sunglasses who tried to sell them “soft sand” but Cilan refused and quickly took them out of there. After a while they saw a backpacker on the ground and they helped.

"…I-I wanted to enter that castle over there because it reminded me of a place in Hoenn." the tired backpacker revealed. "But that place is cursed... I pray to Arceus that it falls like the Mirage Tower..."


Relic Castle

That place was full of Pokémon that wanted to eat them, kill them or possess their bodies. And to top it off there were Plasma grunts everywhere, suffering the same as our heroes or trying to finish them off.

"It’s not your strength that has defeated us, but that of your Pokémon!"

"The world cannot change without pain!"

"If people released their Pokémon there would no longer be winners or losers!"

"We fight for our young lord... and for no one else!"

"There will be no mercy for those who oppose our ideas!"

Finally our heroes cleared the place of Plasma grunts. Especially when they said that the Pokémon they were looking for was no longer there.

"The rumors that the champion captured him years ago must be true… Damn it! Plasmaaa!" a recruit shouted before fleeing.

"Can we leave this desert now?" Iris complained. "Too many crazy things for one day."

“I agree,” said Cilan.

"Well, I had a lot of fun." Ash said happily. Iris wanted to yell at him but only a small laugh came out.

Nimbasa City: Lit by the Flash of Lightning!

As soon as they arrived at night, they went to the Pokémon Center, where their friends were waiting for them. Hilda specifically told them that she had signed up for a Pokémon Musical after being recruited by a blonde woman. The girl seemed very happy because she had always been attracted to that kind of things since she watched Pokémon contests on TV.

The next day they went to the Musical Theater where they saw Hilda dress up her Pokémon and give a show similar to the contests, only this time the music and rhythm of the Pokémon were very important. The ovation that Hilda received was thunderous, because she really had talent.

"…Even she knows what she wants to do with her life…" Cheren murmured.

"How lucky…" Bianca murmured.

Later they all went to visit the stadiums, where there were athletes of all kinds training. Ash, Iris, and Hilbert spent the entire day going from stadium to stadium challenging players to Pokémon battles until Cilan stopped them, as they had to rest.

"Besides, there's a Battle Club tournament coming up soon," he informed them, "you don't want to be exhausted and lose, do you?"

"They're like kids." Bianca said laughing.

"What have you said?!" Iris exclaimed offended.


The joy was short-lived as they had to confront the TPio, who were robbing the elderly owner of a day care. Bianca's father, who was passing by, saw his daughter in danger and became furious.

"I knew we shouldn't have let you go, you're only fourteen, for Arceus's sake! Unova is no longer what it was, it has been filled with crazy cultists and on top of that the routes are fuller than ever of wild Pokémon... You are coming home with me right now!"

Bianca didn't want to obey her father but she didn't want to disappoint him either, so she was going to accept but Cheren got in the way and challenged Bianca's father to a Pokémon battle. Elesa had gone to meet Hilda when she saw all that and she intervened, acting as a mediator.

"Sweetie, you keep going on your travels." Elesa said firmly.

"But...! Who do you think you’re?" Bianca's astonished father asked. "This is a conversation between father and daughter..."

"My name is Elesa. I'm this town's gym Leader. I also happen to be a model. You know, there are many people in this world. There are people whose way of thinking may be completely different from yours. Sometimes, this means you may get hurt."

Bianca's father nodded quickly.

"That is! Very well said! That's precisely what worries me!"

"But it's important to keep trying, to learn about the differences between yourself and others... To learn that being different is ok. And you shouldn't worry. Trainers always have Pokémon at their side. Pokémon are wonderful. It's not only how cute they can be, but also how much you can depend on them..."

In those seconds of reflection that her father had, Bianca took the opportunity to give her opinion.

"Please! I know you care a lot about me, dad... I really know! But... I want you to know that there are also good people in the world and that, thanks to my Pokémon, I am stronger now."

In the end Cheren and Bianca would face her father in combat together, since alone they had no chance against him. Bianca's father wiped out both of them using only his darmanitan, yet he let Bianca continue with her journey when he saw how strong she had become with her Pokémon and all of her friends she had supporting her.


A few days later… - Battle Club

A tournament in which any trainer could participate regardless of age or number of badges, obtaining a box of Pretty Feathers.

Ash and all his companions entered said tournament. There were all kinds of trainers and Pokémon ready to win.

"N? What are you doing here?" Ash asked confused when he saw him among the participants. "I thought you didn't like Pokémon battles."

"And I don't like them... but I should know more about them before judging them... Besides, this is just a preview of the Pokémon league."

"Are you going to participate in the Pokémon league? The maximum representation of what you don't like? You are very weird." Iris said.

"My friend may have little tact but her words are no less true." said Cilan in an attempt to apologize.

N smiled a little.

"Don’t worry. I know that my actions may be contradictory but they always have a purpose."


After several elimination rounds, the real one-on-one battles began.

-First round: Ash vs Burgundy, Georgia vs Trip, Cheren vs Hilda, N vs Stephan, Iris vs Cilan, Hilbert vs Bianca, Colress vs Dino and Luke vs Scooter.

-Second round: Ash vs Georgia, N vs Cheren, Iris vs Hilbert and Colress vs Luke.

-Third round: Ash vs N and Iris vs Colress.

-Fourth round (Final): Iris vs Ash.

Winner: Iris


Ash congratulated Iris for winning the tournament and they all went to eat at a restaurant. They invited N even though he didn't seem confident at first, but he accepted.

For the first time they saw him smile continuously when he saw how happy the Pokémon of the people around him were, especially Ash's.

Bianca, Cheren and Cilan wanted to ask him all kinds of questions but surprisingly Ash and Iris stopped them, as they didn’t want to make N uncomfortable. He appreciated the gesture and continued enjoying the delicious dinner.

When Ash, Iris, and Cilan told them that they had seen the legendary dragons, N almost choked. His though returned to normal upon deducing that they weren’t the alpha dragons he was looking for. However he began to notice Ash more.

The next day everyone went their separate ways. Cilan told his two friends that he had to buy food, so Ash and Iris went to the amusem*nt park alone and even went on the Ferris wheel together.

On said Ferris wheel they met a couple of lovers named Yancy and Curtis.

"Are you also dating?" Yancy asked.

"You seem very in love." Curtis commented.

"We aren’t!" Exclaimed an embarrassed Ash and Iris.

"They remind me of us when we were young." They both said after hugging each other in a lovey-dovey way.

"But you're only one or two years older than us..." commented an irritated Iris.

When Cilan returned, Ash and Iris went with him straight to the gym.


Nimbasa Gym

“Congratulations, you have reached the main stage. My dear Pokémon team or yours? Which one shines with its own light? Now we’ll know!” ―Elesa, the Shining Beauty.

Palpitoad, Snivy and Pikachu vs Zebstrika, Emolga and Tyamo. Unlike other fights, the gym this time was packed to capacity. Almost everyone, except four people, were Camilla fans.

Even Ash, with his little interest in that sort of thing, could understand why. Camilla was stunning in more ways than one. The pressure that Ash suffered was enormous but he managed to overcome it and win.

"My, oh my... You have a sweet fighting style. I mean, you're a great Trainer! Excuse me, I...uh... Oh, here! I want you to have this, the Bolt badge!" Camilla said very happily.

To finish, they did a photo session to have a memory of the battle. Camilla became especially fond of Pikachu, since he was an electric Pokémon that was almost non-existent in Unova.

During the photo session, Nancy and Christop, the two most famous presenters of Unova, appeared. Their fame even reached international levels like Elesa, so that place was filled with many people willing to kill themselves to get an autograph.

The ones who got these autographs were Ash and Iris for some reason that both of them didn’t know. In these autographs were the images of the Pokémon that always accompanied Nancy and Christop: Meowth, wobuffet, shieldon, mawile, ralts and spiritomb, mankey, sableye, cranidos, Phanpy, teddiursa and togepi, spinda, rhyhorn, shellos and snorlax.


Battle Subway

That place was the dream of any Pokémon trainer obsessed with fighting while also wanting an adrenaline rush. Ash and Iris paired up to board the train and face numerous trainers in a row.

Sometimes there were brave or stupid people sitting in the carriages, watching the battles with the risk of receiving a Pokémon attack. One of those people was Marshal of the Elite Four, a Fighting type specialist.

The burly man seemed to be looking for something but couldn't find it. In the end he stopped searching for it to watch Ash and Iris fight the Subway Bosses, the brothers Ingo and Emmet. While Cilan, a train sybarite and friend of Ingo and Emmet, gave his opinion on the combat.

Ash and Iris won but just then the station was hacked by Team Plasma. The TPio, with the help of someone, took many kidnapped Pokémon on a ghost train.

“It's a ghost because technically it doesn't exist or it's not official." Marshal explained as they moved through the cars full of Plasma grunts. "They had given me a tip and I see that it was true, damn thieves!"

"We will help you!" said Ash, Iris and Cilan.

"Thank you."

“What a shame that this happened in our guard." said Ingo.

"We still have time to fix it." Emmet said.


Anville Town

In the end they arrived at the town from which all the trains left. There they detained the TPio and while they escaped, Marshal captured the rest of the grunts.

"Thank you for your help," Marshal said to our heroes as he took the grunts to the police. "It's obvious that you have potential, especially you two, Ash and Iris. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon."

“Thank you very much, Marshal! Give my regards to grandpa Alder!" Iris said.

"Of course, I'm sure my master is happy that you remember him."

“Next time we'll have a Pokémon battle!" Ash said. Marshal just smiled.

Later Ingo and Emmet told them that they could spend the day in the town, since they still had to fix the problems caused by Team Plasma.

In the town our heroes crossed paths again with N, who had returned a pansage to a girl.

"Thank you very much sir!" said the girl.

"You're welcome...I think your pansage wants to be the train manager's assistant," N explained with a smile. "That's why he had run away and hidden here."

"Can you talk to the Pokémon, sir?"

“…You could say so."

"How cool!"


Ash and his friends watched that interaction with a smile on their faces. N seemed a little more relaxed than other times and wasn't mumbling to himself as much.

After spending the day with N, our heroes returned to Nimbasa City.

Route 5

There was a large group of people around a red-haired man who looked affable but somewhat intimidating. Iris and Cilan recognized him immediately, that man was Alder, the Unova Champion.

"Champion?! Fight with me!" Ash asked him immediately. However, the rest of the people began to insult him and push him away.

"Get in line, kid!"

"Yeah, yeah, don't sneak in!"

"Don’t be a cheater!"

"He has a Pikachu!"

Alder laughed as he calmed the people down and then looked Ash in the eyes.

“It's the first time in a long time that someone challenges me without starting to shake after a few milliseconds,” Alder said. "And I see that you are accompanied by a gym leader and… Iris! Little girl, how are you?"

"Good morning, champion." said Cilan making an elegant bow.

“Hello Alder,” said Iris very happily. "I'm fine and I'm not a little girl anymore!"

"Do you know him?" Ash asked. Iris nodded.

"He's a friend of Grandpa."

Ash didn't know who Iris's grandfather was but he couldn't ask because people interrupted them again. Soon Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren and Bianca arrived at the scene.

"And what the hell is the champion doing here, lost in the middle of nowhere?" Cheren asked as soon as he arrived.

"Cheren!" Bianca scolded him.

"I can't believe what I hear. I’m not lost. I'm on a trip! I know every corner of Unova like the back of my hand."

"And what does that matter? Let's fight!" Hilbert said excitedly.

"Hilbert!" Hilda scolded him.

Alder, seeing that tempers were very heated, decided to fight everyone at the same time. Using only a bouffalant he quickly ended the battle.

He later invited Ash, Cilan and Iris to eat with him at the house of a pastry chef friend of his named Jenn.

Ash quickly noticed that Alder was very laid back and didn't seem very enthusiastic about Pokémon battles. Playing with his Pokémon, observing nature and thinking about future trips were his greatest hobby.

“Battles are not the only way to connect with Pokémon. Contests, shows, sports, simply living with them... Pokémon are creatures just as complex and unpredictable as humans. It's a shame that many of us are forgetting it."

Driftveil Bridge

The TPio, along with a large group of grunts, had sabotaged the famous bridge, forcing Elesa and Agent Jenny to ask Ash, Iris and Cilan for help. The villains' objective was to control transportation between Nimbasa City and Driftveil City, with which they could blackmail the Unova government. Luckily their plan only lasted a few hours before Pikachu sent TPio to blast off.

Driftveil City: A City of Billowing Sails

“I know you Ash Ketchum." said a motorist who stopped Ash, Iris and Cilan when they went to the market.

"Well, I don't know you." Ash said confused.

The muscular man laughed as he roared his motorcycle.

“I'm Charles, the man in love and you're the kid who beat up my colleagues from the Kanto Motorcycle Association."


"Two years ago."


“On the Sevii Islands."


"Enough, I challenge you to a triple and rotation battle, I’ll avenge my friends!"

Five minutes later, Charles' six Pokémon were out of action and the bike had been indirectly destroyed by Pikachu's thunder bolt.

"I'm sorry about the bike..." Ash said.

“… it serves me well. In the end, you have taught me a lesson."

Charles picked up his motorcycle and his Pokémon as he left there humming sadly.

"I am... a man in love. You can call me Charles. I love riding a motorcycle and feeling like the wind…"

Shortly after, a man in a cowboy hat approached our heroes.

"My name is Clay and I’m the gym leader of this city. I've seen how ya fight and the other leaders have told me about ya and yer little group," Clay said. "I need yer help, Team Plasma has hidden in my city and I’m not going to allow it."

"You can count on us!" Ash said without a second's hesitation. Iris gave his shoulder a gentle tap.

“Don't make decisions without us."

"But there was only one option."

“I love your simplicity,” said Cilan.


Cold Storage

The group found TPio almost frozen, along with several Plasma grunts and one of the seven sages. Next to him were many stolen Pokémon that were also suffering from the cold.

"How cold!" the sage Zinzolin shouted. "Come closer to me, my grunts, I can't stop shivering."

"Don't worry, we'll warm you up right away!" Ash said.

“The prison has very good heating." Clay said.

"You haven't been very smart choosing a hiding place, have you?" Cilan said.

“Let's end this quickly, please!" Iris shouted, who hugged Ash so as not to get cold.

"D-damn, I'm not going to let you stop the release of these Pokémon... Finish them off!"

“A-as you w-wish, sage Zinzolin,” said the TPio and the Plasma grunts.

There were many grunts surrounding them, but just at that moment a biker appeared breaking a window with his motorcycle and next to him was a Pokémon.

"How cool! Who is that?" Ash and Iris said at the same time with their eyes shining with excitement.

“We are Accelguardian and his faithful companion Accelgor!/Acce! Said the Superhero and his Pokémon.

"How cool!" Ash and Iris shouted again.

“Just what I need, a clown." said Clay, who knew him very well.

"That voice... Charles the man in love?" said Cilan confused.

"I don't know who Charles is, I'm... Accelguardian!"

"It's Charles." Ash and his friends thought.

"A super hero? How cool, I mean, oh no!" Nate said excitedly. "Like the Unova Rangers!"

“No one is cooler than the young master." Rosa said, although deep down he did seem cool to her.

“The bike is cool, no one can deny that." Purrloin commented.

Ash and his allies quickly took care of all the grunts. Capturing even Zinzolin. Accelguardian left as soon as the police arrived.

“What do we do with the stolen Pokémon?" Asked Ash when he saw so many.

"I'll tell the Aether Foundation to take care of everything, I’ve to go talk to Agent Jenny," Clay said. "You guys have done a good job, thank you. And you Ash, you can challenge me whenever you want. I would like to give you the badge as a reward but something tells me you wouldn't accept it."


Things didn't go well. Ghetsis appeared in person at the gym and took his men away. Clay asked Agent Jenny not to do anything, since Ghetsis came with a large entourage and there were too many innocent people nearby that could get hurt.

“I get the feeling that this Ghetsis guy is more than he seems." Cilan said worried.


Driftveil Gym

“Well, well... Why don't ya show me what ya're capable of?” ―Clay, the Underground Boss.

Oshawott, Snivy and Boldore vs Krokorok, Palpitoad and Excadrill. After a fight in which Ash did not hesitate to use “dirty” strategies (according to Clay), he defeated the gym leader.

“You fight very well fer yer age. Ya would even give my daughter problems. I wonder what kind of journey you've taken to become this strong. I'm curious and, at the same time, I don't like it one bit! Anyway, take the Quake badge!" Clay said.

Chargestone Cave

"Chargestone Cave... I like this place. Formulas express electricity and its connection to Pokémon..." ―N.

Ash and his friends found themselves in the cave with professor Juniper being helped by Bianca. Cheren, Hilbert and Hilda were nearby, fighting with other trainers.

“My father and I are here,” Professor Juniper said. "He apparently has discovered something important."

As they all travelled together through the cave they noticed that there were many galvantula webs everywhere.

"There are many more than normal, don't you think, professor?" Bianca said worried.

"It seems so, I wonder if the Galvantula are nervous about something." said Aurea Juniper.

Along the way they met N. He was fascinated with the cave and its operation.

“Ash, I’ll tell you a very important secret related to the cave if you beat me in a Pokémon battle."

"You don't need to promise me anything," said Ash as he petted Pikachu even though he was very charged with electricity from the effects of the cave, "I'm always ready to fight."

Iris, for her part, felt as if someone was watching them. Whenever she looked out of the corner of her eye she seemed to see the shadow of someone with white hair...


"N, are you okay? It's okay to lose." Ash said worriedly when he saw N distressed.

"Tsk! Why? As if I could pursue my ideals or truth with something as meaningless as a battle! As if that could make me worthy to become friends with the legendary Pokémon!" said N.

“Legendary Pokémon?" Professor Juniper asked curiously. N looked at her with some disdain.

"Professor Juniper, what are you thinking? You appear to have no qualms about the relationship between Pokémon and people. You put Pokémon into categories using arbitrary rules and think you can understand them like that..." N said, slowly losing his temper. "The very idea of a Pokédex revolts me. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Wow, you really hate me, don't you? On the one hand, I recognize that your personal opinion is totally valid. But, on the other hand, I think ours is too. Don't you think that everyone should reflect and decide for themselves if they want to be with Pokémon?"

"You're saying I should just allow people to think whatever they want and treat Pokémon however they want, no matter whether the Pokémon suffer? I refuse to tolerate the existence of a world like that!"

Everyone looked scared and confused as N left in a hurry, only to return several seconds later.

"…Eh…Ash, you won so I'll tell you the secret,” N said without looking him in the eyes. "Team Plasma is in this cave and they have kidnapped professor Juniper's father. They are a little further ahead."

N gave them a couple more tips and left without looking back.


Rescuing professor Cedric Juniper was easy thanks to N's instructions. Professor Juniper's father had recently found two stones, one white and other black. Ash, Iris, and Cilan recognized them as the zekrom and reshiram orbs. However, they were larger than normal and emitted more powerful energy than those seen by our heroes in the past.

According to Cedric they were the alpha stones, the original ones. Although luckily Team Plasma didn't know anything about that, because they had tried to kidnap him just because they knew that he was an expert in legendary Pokémon.

After leaving the cave, everyone went their own way, except for Professor Juniper and her father, who accompanied Ash, Iris and Cilan.

Mistralton City: Strewn with Windblown Leaves

It was a city from which almost all of Unova's planes left. There Cedric Juniper caught a plane while his daughter stayed in the city.

After resting at the Pokémon Center, Ash headed to the gym. On the way he talked to Iris and Cilan about N and his furious attitude towards the professor. He almost seemed like a person, as if something was tormenting him inside. Also, how did he know so much about Team Plasma's plans?

When they arrived at the gym they met Skyla, a very attractive and lively girl who loved airplanes. Skyla told them that she could not accept challengers because she had to solve a problem. Ash and his friends offered to help her with this problem.


Celestial Tower

Ash, Skyla, Iris and Cilan reached the top of the tower, where there was an injured Pokémon, but not just any Pokémon but a mesprit. Ash recognized her immediately and after briefly telling them a part of her adventures in Sinnoh, they cured the Pokémon and watched as it moved away from the Tower.

“I saw it fall from the sky several hours ago from the city,” Skyla explained. "I thought it would be a bird Pokémon, not a legendary native to Sinnoh."

"And what is she doing here if she is from Sinnoh?" Iris asked confused.

"There are Pokémon that migrate from other regions," said Cilan, "I've heard of legendaries that do that."

"Like suicune or moltres!" Ash said.


Shortly after, when they were going down the tower, they crossed paths with the champion Alder and Miles, Skyla's grandfather. Skyla and Iris were the only ones who weren't surprised to see Alder there.

“I always go up several times a year to ring the Wishing Bell in honor of my first Pokémon,” Alder said, his constant cheerful smile was somewhat waned. "He died a long time ago and I buried him in this tower."

“It must have been very strong if he was your first Pokémon." Ash said. He and Pikachu looked somewhat sadly at each other. Alder nodded his head slightly.

“He and I were obsessed with being the strongest, but I realized too late that strength isn’t something that lasts forever. I left the Pokémon League for a while and embarked on a long journey to make everyone understand it."

After a brief moment of reflection, Ash promised Alder that he would face him one day. Then Skyla, out of pure curiosity, asked Ash to ring the bell. Ash did so and after hearing the sound...

“Ash, let's fight right here please." Skyla asked him.

"Of course!"


“Hu, hu, hu... Your sound tells me that you’re a tough person, who isn’t daunted by a good wind. Now you're going to have a blast with me, you'll see!"Skyla, the Highflying Girl.

Krokorork, Pikachu and Unfezant vs Swoobat, Unfezant and Swanna. Miles acted as judge and ended the fight when Ash's female Unfezant defeated her granddaughter's swanna.

"You have defeated the commander of the Unova airport and the best pilot. Here's the Jet badge," Skyla said.

"My sixth badge!" Ash said very enthusiastically.


In celebration of the victory, Cilan gave his two friends sweet hearts. While they were eating them, they met Hilbert and Hilda, who told them to sign up for the Wishing Bell Festival.

The tournament was divided into 6 small competitions where each participant had to team up with one of their Pokémon. Whoever won would have the opportunity to ring the Wishing Bell, so that one of their wishes would come true.

Neither Ash nor his friends mentioned that the teen from Pallet Town had already rung said bell and they signed up for the tournament anyway. In the end the winner of the tournament was Hilda.

Lentimas Town: Where Rough Mountain Trails Lead

Professor Juniper needed to do a job in a distant town and took Bianca with her. Mentioning that there were rumors of a strange Pokémon in that town, Ash wanted to accompany them. Anyway they would return to Mistralton City after finishing the job so Cheren promised to wait for Bianca while training.

Ash, Iris, Cilan, Bianca and Juniper arrived at the dusty place in a plane piloted by Skyla. It reminded the young man from Pallet Town a lot of the Orre region, where his friends Leo and Rui lived.

While the professor and Bianca worked, Ash and his friends went to explore the surroundings in search of rare Pokémon.

Reversal Mountain

That place was full of lakes at first, but the deeper they went, the more lava they saw. Until they came across lava lakes in which a pair of heatran were resting.

Ash explained to his friends what he knew about those Sinnoh legendaries, which fascinated Iris and Cilan, but Ash was expecting some other, rarer Pokémon.


Strange House

“This house is a whirlwind of fear, sadness, resignation... Of feelings that converge to form an unknown energy.” ―Psychic Lynette.

“Don't you think that in this house things move by themselves? Hey, it wasn't me! I haven't moved anything, I swear!” ―Backpacker Boone.

Walking a little further they came to a mysterious house. Iris didn't want to go in since she felt something was wrong but Ash and Cilan didn't think anything of it and convinced her to go explore it.

The objects moved every few minutes. Whispering voices could be heard coming from the walls. A thick negative atmosphere made it difficult for them to walk...At first they blamed it on ghost-type Pokémon, but they soon realized that even they were uncomfortable.

There were other people just as scared as them but none of them wanted to leave because they said there was a treasure hidden in the house.

In the library, after getting a tremendous scare, they met Shauntal of the Elite Four, a specialist in the Ghost type. The woman was reading a book so calmly while she drank tea.

“What brave young people you are." Shauntal said leaving his book on the couch and writing something down in her notebook.

"What is that book?" Asked Ash curious, because the cover had a black rayquaza.

"You don't know it? It's Pokémon Conquest, the most popular novel series in all of Unova!" Iris said excitedly. "My favourite character is Nobunaga, the “demon” who dominated the black dragons."

"True, there are very few people in Unova who haven't read it!" Cilan said, trying in vain to hide his emotion.

"The best part are the love subplots between Hero and Heroine, Hero and Oichi, Hero and Ginchiyo, Hero and Nō, Hero and Nene..." Iris continued.

"What?..." Ash said, somewhat confused.

“It's a harem story subgenre." Cilan explained. Although Ash still didn't fully understand it. Iris, for her part, continued talking like crazy about the novels.

“The rivalry between Shingen and Kenshin. Nobunaga destroying the Hero and Heroine's home. Nobunaga learning that his sister is part of the harem of his greatest enemy. Nene abandoning Hideyoshi for Hero. Mitsuhide's betrayal to protect her daughter Grace from her, when she becomes devoted to the religion of Arceus. And especially the Infinite Tower saga, with the final battle between Hero and Nobunaga!"

“I'm glad you like it so much, because I'm the writer." Shauntal revealed very happily.

"Oh really?!" Iris and Cilan exclaimed at the same time.

"Is something imaginary so good?" asked Ash, who had never been one for books.

“My novels are based on real events,” Shauntal revealed. "They are a collection of legends and true events that happened in the distant region of Ransei. And even if it were totally fiction, that doesn’t mean that books aren’t a whole new world in which you can to immerse yourself and explore. Here, the first volume of the novel!"

Ash accepted it a little hesitantly and put it in his backpack.

“I'm rereading my novels because PokéWood has sent me an offer to make movies of them." Shauntal explained.

Both Iris and Cilan put on bitter expressions.

"I hope it's decent." Iris said worried.

“True, movies are not usually better than the books they adapt." Cilan remembered.

“Don't worry, I will try to make the actors and the plot as faithful as possible, although knowing how the industry works..."

Soon Ash and his friends noticed that the heavy atmosphere had disappeared. Shauntal then told them that she had recently been to the Marvelous Bridge, where people claimed to see the ghost of a young woman and after several investigations he ended up arriving at this house.

Unfortunately for our heroes and Shauntal's joy, they ended up meeting the young ghost.

“Dad, Mom, Abra... Where are you...? In the dark dream... I heard my dad's voice... Forget about the Lunar Wing... Please stay here with me..."-said the young woman as she guided them little by little through the house until she took them to her room, where there was a Moon Feather. And then, it completely disappeared.

“It’s the feather of a cresselia, a legendary from Sinnoh." Ash said when he recognized it.

“Lately we see many legendaries from that region." Iris commented.

"Maybe her parents died because of a darkrai and the young woman tried to give them a Moon Feather but it didn't arrive in time?" Shauntal deduced while she wrote non-stop in her notebook. "Or maybe she wanted to summon a cresselia to defeat the darkrai?"

"Or maybe Darkrai killed her using his nightmares and her parents didn't arrive in time with the moon feather..." Cilan deduced after putting on a detective hat.

After returning by plane to Mistralton City, Ash and his friends continued their journey.

Ambiga Town

In the Clubsplosion tournament participants had to register with only one Pokémon, which was the one they would use throughout the competition. The winner would get a set of vitamins for their Pokémon.

Ash tried to talk to N and he apologized for his attitude in the past, promising that he would take his next defeats better... if there were any.

Iris noticed that next to N was a tall man with white hair and a mask covering his mouth.

"That guy... Have we seen him anywhere? In a cave…?"

“It doesn't matter where we've seen him because I'm going to beat him too." Ash said, earning a long sigh from Iris.

"What a kid you are..."


-First Round: Ash vs Hilbert, Colress vs Stephan, Bianca vs Trip, Cilan vs Burgundy, N vs Cheren, Roxie vs Marlon, Shadow vs Montgomery and Iris vs Georgia,

-Second Round: Ash vs Colress, Bianca vs Cilan, N vs Roxie and Iris vs Shadow.

-Third Round: Ash vs Bianca and N vs Iris.

-Final Round: Ash vs N.

Winner: Ash.

After winning the tournament, Ash and all his friends, including N, went to dinner. The mysterious Shadow spoke with N for a bit before disappearing without a trace. On the other hand, the competitor Colress seemed very interested in Ash's Pikachu and after talking to him he left with a wide smile on his face.


N wanted to talk to Ash alone, so the two left the restaurant for a walk. Of course Pikachu accompanied them.

“After this tournament one thing has become clear to me,” N began to say, “the trainers force the Pokémon to fight and hurt them just to show that they are the best. Am I the only one who is deeply saddened by this?"

"I disagree. It's true that there are trainers like that, but most of us just want to enjoy our Pokémon,” Ash said with a smile. "Plus, battles are a good way to bond with Pokémon."

N stared at him for a few seconds.

“Let me talk to your Pokémon team. I've been raised around Pokémon since the day I was born and I enjoy talking to them more than people. And at least you know that a Pokémon is never going to lie to you."

“…So, is it true that you can talk to Pokémon?"

N didn't say anything and picked up Pikachu in his arms.

“Hello, Pikachu."

"Hello N, how are you?"

"Very well, thanks. What can you tell me about Ash?"

“He's very annoying and is obsessed with being a Pokémon Master, although I don't know if he knows what it’s. He always gets into trouble and doesn't hesitate to fight criminals to help people. He has saved a lot of people but I wish he cared more about himself... Still I wouldn't abandon him for the world. I would give my life for him."

N returned Pikachu to Ash and stood silently looking at the stars.

“…For some strange reason…” said N. His gaze fell on Ash and Pikachu again and this time he had a smile on his face. "This Pikachu believes in you! Very good! I wish all humans and Pokémon were as friendly as you! Then it wouldn’t be necessary to free them from the clutches of the heartless! And we could all live in harmony forever.

"Release them? You sound like Team Plasma." Ash laughed nervously.

“That's because I'm the leader and king of Team Plasma, Ash. And when I have made friends with the alpha Reshiram, I’ll be a hero and show the world the truth of trainers and Pokémon. Although it must be done by force."

“…W-what?... I don't understand anything… You’re the leader of Team Plasma?"

“Evil trainers will suffer when they see that their Pokémon no longer want anything to do with them. They will have to confront the hard truth, the truth that… Pokémon deserve better than to be people's puppets! Although also... It also saddens me that humans and Pokémon that are as friends as you are have to separate."

Before Ash could say anything, three shadows appeared and took N away into the darkness of the night. Later his worried friends went to see him and found out what had happened.

Everyone was disappointed in N. Hilbert, Cheren and Hilda believed that he was a madman and a traitor, while Ash, Iris and Bianca weren’t sure that N was a bad person. Cilan for his part didn’t say anything and remained thoughtful for the rest of the night.

Icirrus City: Sky Glittering with Flowers of Snow

Cilan was eager to get to this city, since the gym leader was in the past a famous PokéWood actor who made martial arts movies.

“All the children of Univa grew up watching hus movies! He and his beartic were known as the icy duo, the Fists of the North, the legs of the South!"

Ash and Iris watched with a smile as Cilan left so excited that fire came out of his body, making the cold go away.

Luckily for Cilan, Brycen and his Pokémon were nearby beating up Team Plasma grunts for trying to rob the town's people. Knowing that Cilan was a fan of his, Brycen gave him an autograph along with one of his famous phrases: “Don't limit yourself to the cold or the heat. Control them both at will.”

Cilan almost fainted right there.

"Why did you stop making movies? If I can ask." said Cilan excitedly.

“I got bored, and then I met Alder, who convinced me to be a Pokémon trainer." Brycen said without much interest.

“Wow, I imagined a more epic story full of pain, suffering and personal improvement." Iris said disappointed.

"Me too." Ash said.

"Don’t talk like that, you’re in the presence of a legend!" Cilan scolded them.

"But they're right," Brycen said. "I'm thinking about going back to PokéWood and making a more legendary past for myself, so to speak."

"B-but that's..."

“In the film industry, most actors have false names and pasts. At least you can be glad you're the only fan who really knows the truth about me."


Brycen had things to do so Ash and his friends took the opportunity to visit the city. In one of these Ash came across a person he almost didn't recognize.

"You're the guy Misty and I beat!" Ash said pointing to him. "The Power Plant thief."

"I-I'm Pierce... And n-no, I'm not part of Team Rocket anymore!" the guy swore. "I only did what I did because I wanted Team Rocket to regain its former glory, but after seeing how Giovanni abandoned grunts like me without hesitation...well, I decided to leave him and lead an honest life... Please don't say anything to my wife…"

"Does Brycen know who you are?"

"Yes and also Agent Jenny. They both usually visit me from time to time..."

Ash decided not to insist and leave that man in peace. Along the way he told Iris and Cilan about his adventures with Team Rocket. Right in the middle of the street he stopped when he recognized a man and a woman coming out of a store.

The hard-eyed man and the red-haired woman also stopped when they saw him. The looks of both adults no longer had the evil of the past.

“Tabitha and Shelly!" Ash shouted very confused.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted.

"Ash Ketchum!" Tabitha and Shelly said at the same time. Everyone became tense, not knowing what to do.

"Do you know these two?" Iris asked confused. "Don't tell me they are also ex-criminals?"

"From Ash's reaction it seems that way." Cilan deduced.

"I thought you were dead. Everyone in Hoenn believes it." Ash finally said.

"And we almost did it, but by some miracle we were saved from dying in that damn cave." Tabitha revealed.

"Our Pokémon helped us get to a desert island, where we spent a couple of months," said Shelly. "In the end we realized how stupid Archie and Maxie were and we swore never to work for them again."

“We know that Team Magma and Aqua have changed for the better, but we don't want to have anything to do with them anymore." Tabitha said very seriously.

“And if you're worried about what we might do, Brycen and Agent Jenny know who we are and make us do community work every week." Shelly said.

To Ash's surprise, the two invited him to have dinner with them. Despite his initial hesitation, Ash accepted. Especially when he found out that Pierce and his wife would also be at the dinner. Ash later told his friends about Team Magma and Aqua and what they did in Hoenn.

“I'm starting to get nervous, especially after what happened with N,” Iris said. "Are you going to get us into some big trouble?"

“It's not my fault that I'm always at the middle of mad men." Ash complained.

“What surprises me most is the number of criminals hiding in Unova,” Cilan said. "Although I understand it, since it is so far from his native regions..."

Before they could continue talking, they saw a group of four children dancing in a circle next to the Pokémon Fan Club.


Icirrus Gym

“It seems like you have enough spirit to challenge a gym Leader. Come on!"“ ―Brycen the Ice Mask.

Scraggy, Pignite and Krokorok vs Vanillish, Cryogonal and Beartic. After an intense battle between Krokorok and Beartic, Ash's Pokémon managed to win.

“You and your Pokémon team make an outstanding combination! A touching friendship! Here, the Freeze badge badge." Brycen said.


That night Ash, Iris, Cilan, Brycen, Agent Jenny, Pierce and his wife had dinner at Tabitha and Shelly's house. It was a little awkward at first, but Ash could see that the criminals were truly remorseful and using their knowledge to improve the city.

They should be in prison but living their entire lives being watched and forced to help others was a good punishment, Ash thought.

Dragon Spiral Tower

Upon leaving the gym they had found Hilbert, Hilda, Bianca and Cheren being surrounded by three mysterious guys in black. One of them was the one who had spoken with N in Clubsplosion. They called themselves the Shadow Triad and they left a message for Ash, he had to go to the Dragonspiral Tower to witness the birth of a legend.

Almost instantly Ash and his friends received a call via Xtransceiver from professor Cedric Juniper, saying that Team Plasma had stolen the Light stone.

Ash, his friends, Brycen and the strongest trainers in the city, after calling the police, quickly headed to the tower, which was filled everywhere with Plasma grunts. All directed by the sage Giallo.

"How could you get this far?! Attention! Rosa and Nate! Stop his feet immediately!" Giallo exclaimed as he saw Ash, Iris and Brycen approaching down the stairs.

"We won't let them touch master N!" Rosa shouted furiously.

"For the new era!" Nate yelled.

“For the separation of humans and Pokémon!" Purrloin shouted.

“Plasmaaaa!" the other grunts shouted.

While Iris took care of the grunts, Brycen confronted Giallo. What the sage didnt expect was that Brycen would use his own fists to beat up an old man and his followers.

Ash reached the top and there he saw N next to the legendary white dragon Pokémon. He had been awakened from his orb and was bowing before his new lord. N had a grin from ear to ear as he turned to look at Ash.

"What do you think, Ash? You have before you the hero who must guide the world towards the Truth." N said while he caressed the legendary. "And, fighting alongside him, the powerful silhouette of a Pokémon! Now, Reshiram and I¡ll participate in the Pokémon League, defeat the rest of the challengers, the Elite Four, and then the Champion!"

“You may want something good, but you talk like a villain." Ash said worried about his friend. "Having a legendary doesn't make you invincible!"

N didn't even seem to be listening to him. Little by little he was drowning in his own power.

“And with this we’ll put an end to the battles, which cause so much damage to the Pokémon. A world just for them... will finally be a reality. In order to stop us, you too must demonstrate heroic qualities! Yeah! Earn the respect of Zekrom Alpha, and face us! Try to stop us!"

“If you continue down this path, rest assured that I will, N!"

“Perfect, because your Pokémon team believes in you! The formula to change the world... Will you be his unsolved mystery? If you want to protect the bonds between humans and Pokémon, look for zekrom! I'm sure it's waiting for you in a dormant state in the Black stone. I already have the eight badges, the next move is yours, Ash."

A great commotion arose in the region. That the leader of the most controversial sect in Unova had the alpha reshiram in his power was disturbing to everyone. The politicians, not wanting to make the population nervous, covered up the matter and left it in the hands of the Elite Four.

The Elite Four would go, with police support, to attack the bases of Team Plasma, both legal and illegal. Gym Leaders were only supposed to monitor their respective cities and not do anything unless necessary.

Despite Ash's protests, Alder would be in charge of guarding the Black stone. And Cedric Juniper and his daughter would have police protection for the moment.

M15: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice

As our heroes headed towards the next town, they saw the legendary Kyurem chasing a Keldeo. Keldeo was the apprentice of Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion, three legendary Pokémon who used their exceptional abilities to look after the well-being of humans and Pokémon.

Keldeo, full of pride, had challenged Kyurem and was now paying the consequences. Thanks to Iris' knowledge of dragon Pokémon, they were able to save Keldeo from certain death.

With the help of Ash and his friends, Keldeo learned the true worth of a warrior, thus reaching the Resolute Form, becoming the sword of Justice and surprising Kyurem with his strength.

Along the way, Ash and his friends met a meloetta who had been following them for some time. The Pokémon could turn invisible and was very shy, so it only approached the three of them when they were alone. She seemed to have taken a liking to Ash after seeing how he treated his Pokémon.

Undella Town: A Town of Rippling Waves

When they arrived at the beach they found that a family, the Riches Family, didn’t let people enjoy the beach unless they defeated the entire family. Ash, Iris and Cilan accepted the challenge.

However, someone joined them by surprise. Dawn, Ash's friend in Sinnoh, had come to Unova with the champion Cynthia. Apparently Dawn wanted to participate in a tournament that was going to happen soon in Lacunosa Town.

Together with Dawn, defeating the Riches family wasn’t a challenge. Later they all ate together at Cynthia's beach house, who let them stay as long as they needed. Cilan along with the butler Jervis took charge of the meals.

During dinner Dawn explained to Iris and Cilan what Pokémon contests were, which interested the latter quite a bit.

"Sounds complicated but fun." Iris said.

"It's so much fun!" Ash said. "I participated in a couple of them. I really had talent."

“I'm glad to see that you still have a big ego, Ash." Dawn laughed.

"It’s not true!"

"Yes it is, you're such a kid." Iris laughed.

After dinner they took out all their Pokémon to get to know each other. Being that a rivalry was formed between Ash's Oshawott and Dawn's Piplup for Meloetta's love. Meanwhile Dawn's lopunny was still obsessed with Pikachu.

They spent a couple of days enjoying what the town had to offer, and then the four of them left for the next city. Meanwhile Dawn met Meloetta and she even showed our heroes her Pirouette Form.

White Forest

In this forest, Iris captured a violent-looking dragonite that had strayed into the area. They also saw species of Pokémon that weren’t from Unova and very strong trainers who were preparing for the Pokémon League.


Black City

In the sinister city they met Benga, the grandson of the champion Alder, who was also going to participate in the league, since his dream was to defeat the Elite Four and become the new champion. Benga knew Iris very well and they maintained a kind of rivalry.

"I hope Drayden has trained you as well as my grandfather has trained me."

"Rest assured that thanks to grandpa Drayden I’ll beat you up!" Iris said. It was at that moment that the girl revealed that the Opelucid City Gym Leader, whom she called Grandpa, was her master.

"So, are you training to be a gym leader?" Ash asked surprised.

Iris nodded shyly.

"Although Grandpa thinks I have the potential for more."

"I believe it." Cilan said.

"Ha, I doubt it." Benga said.

"What did you say, you damn kid?!"

That night, Iris told Ash that she hadn't said anything about being the next gym leader because she was afraid of not exceeding other people's expectations.

"Well, I think you're already very strong," Ash said. "The strongest of all the friends I have had."


Ash nodded his head quickly while smiling.

"You're already stronger that many gym leaders. And you can beat anyone who says otherwise to prove it."

"…Thank you."


"N-nothing!" Iris said trying not to show how red she was.

Opelucid City: Time's Dividing Line

The areas far from the gym were very technologically advanced with light blue houses, while the areas closer to the gym were more traditional with houses made of stone.

A double melody could be heard in the area when seeing a man playing a keytar and his twin brother playing an erhu.

Iris told Ash, Dawn and Cilan how she used to live in the Dragon Village, but because of her talent, Drayden took her to the city. Little Iris had a hard time adapting to school and the city to the point of falling ill.

That's why Drayden decided to take her into his home and make her his apprentice. When Iris turned fourteen he told her to travel across Unova to gain the necessary experience.


Opelucid Gym

Drayden was out of town at the time. Apparently he had a very urgent matter. Even so, he had left a message for the gym trainers when he found out that Iris was going to arrive. She would be the one to face his friend Ash for the Legend badge.

That caught Ash and Iris by surprise at first, but then they both smiled and accepted. Cilan and Dawn watched expectantly at the gym battle that was about to take place.

"That's right…Now I'm the gym leader of Opelucid City," said the girl who knows the hearts of Dragons. "Grandpa made me travel to get stronger and gain experience. And I plan to use that experience against you, Ash."

"I didn't expect anything less from you, Iris!" Ash responded.

Scraggy, Pikachu and Krookodile vs Axew, Deino and Dragonite.

Ash had never seen Iris fight with such intensity, not even in tournaments. When she used dragon-type Pokémon she seemed to come into some sort of trance with them, making her movements more precise and her strategies more complex. She was beautiful. Even so, Ash managed to win and get the badge.

"Phew... I gave everything I had, but still... I just couldn't win... Thanks, though! We're going to keep aiming higher!" Iris laughed as she petted her Pokémon. "Here Ash, you've earned the Legend badge."

“It was the best gym battle I have had in Unova, thank you Iris."

"Yes, it has been spectacular." Drayden said, surprising everyone.

He had been hidden watching the battle, not wanting to make his apprentice nervous.

"I'm very proud of you, little one." Drayden said, placing a hand on the head of a tearful Iris.

Lacunosa Town: Methodical and Orderly for Safety

After hurrying, our heroes managed to arrive in time for the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup. After an exhibition match between Cynthia and Caitlin, whom Ash and Dawn recognized from the second Battle Frontier, the tournament began. The winner would have the opportunity to fight one on one with the champion Alder.

After defeating Dawn, Iris went to the semi-finals but lost against Benga, which made her very angry. Ash, for his part, defeated Trip and went to the finals, losing against Benga.

People said that it was normal that the final had been between two Top trainers, with the grandson of the champion being the winner. After this Benga received a trophy for winning the tournament and the exhibition match between Benga and his grandfather Alder began.

"I'm going to show everyone that my strength is mine and that being the grandson of the champion has nothing to do with it." Benga said with a fierce look on his face. Cilan wanted to comment that being the grandson of the champion did have a bit to do with it but he kept quiet.

Everyone was surprised when Benga took out a latios from his Ultra Ball.

"And where did you get that latios from?" Alder asked his grandson.

“I captured him at the Dreamyard."

"It has always been said that it’s a place where dreams come true."

"Well, my biggest dream has always been to defeat you! This fight is just a preview to what's going to happen when I win the league, grandpa." Benga said with intensity.

“Show me how much you've improved, boy." Alder said with a kind smile.

Volcarona vs Latios. Benga ended up losing but Alder congratulated his grandson for having captured such a Pokémon and for having won the tournament.

Ash and Dawn greeted Caitlin, who was happy to see them, although with her sleepy appearance it didn't seem that way.

"I've only been in Elite Four for a short time but they've treated me very well," Caitlin told them. "Unova is a less conservative region than Sinnoh so it took me a bit to adapt."

"And how is your butler Kokuran?" Dawn asked.

"Very sad because we can't see each other that much in person."

"A shame indeed." said Ash, who deep down was very happy not to have to see Caitlin's obsessive butler.

Ash later ran into Colress, who praised his Pikachu again.

"As far as possible, I would like to continue studying the mutual trust between trainers and Pokémon." Colress said.

The next day Dawn said goodbye to our heroes, as she wanted to go to Johto to participate in that year's Wallace Cup.

"Good luck, I hope you win like last time!" Ash told her. Dawn high-fived him and then gave him a hug.

"And I hope you see me even if it's on television."

"We’ll all see you on television." Iris said after giving her a hug.

"Good luck with your contests." said Cilan, who had begun to study on the subject.

"Thanks to all of you!" Dawn said before leaving on the plane.


Before leaving town, they met professor Juniper, who invited them to eat while telling them a famous legend of the town:

“A long time ago, a large meteorite arrived with a terrifying monster. The monster appeared at night in the town, along with cold winds, and took both humans and Pokémon to devour them in its lair. A wall was created on the outskirts of the town to prevent the monster from entering. A law was even established that forced the inhabitants to stay in their homes at night.”

"Nowadays the inhabitants don't believe in the monster, but still no one leaves their house at night..." Professor Juniper finished saying in a mysterious tone. Aurea looked at the three with a smile, thinking they would be scared or excited, but rather they seemed thoughtful.

After looking at each other, the three came to a conclusion and told it to the professor.

"The monster must be a kyurem, perhaps the original." Iris deduced. Between the three of them, they explained to the surprised professor their adventures with Keldeo and Kyurem.

"…Wow, the one who ended up getting a surprise was me," the professor laughed.

Village Bridge

“I am a geezer standing in the dusk, mesmerized by the gulls.

I am a geezer standing in the dusk, mesmerized by the gulls.

I am a geezer standing in the dusk, mesmerized by the gulls.

I am a geezer standing in the dusk, mesmerized by the gulls.

Gazing fixedly into the blue sea, I bemoan with shed tears,

as I yearn for the lovely gulls soaring above the blue harbor.” ―the Dark musicians of Village Bridge

They had passed by here before, but since they were in a hurry because of the tournament, they didn't have time to stop long. Now that Ash had eight medals and there was still time left for the league, they decided to explore the place.

Ash defeated an old man who dressed in expensive clothes in a Pokémon battle.

"I've been here for two years adding victories... All for nothing. It doesn't matter! I’ll start from scratch again to achieve a thousand victories in a row. Believe it! But I won't fight against you again, no way." Gentleman Stonewall laughed.

The old man then told our heroes that the village was originally built under the bridge, but the river flooded it and destroyed all the houses. After that the houses were rebuilt, but instead of being built back in place they were built on top of the bridge to prevent the city from being destroyed again.

"My family, since my great-great-great-grandfather, have been in charge of taking care of this bridge." said Stonewall proudly.

"So much interesting information," Cilan said with admiration as he took out a book about bridges.

"Where does that beautiful music come from?" Iris asked suddenly.

"They are Ridley's band, the Dark Musicians. A group of descended from the guardians of Meloetta." explained Stonewall.

"Do you know Meloetta?" Ash asked surprised.

"They say that in the past the region was full of them, but that the alpha Meloetta used to live around here. If you want to know more ask Ridley."


Ridley was a man who had been searching for Meloetta for a long time and at first believed that Ash had kidnapped her, but the misunderstanding was soon cleared up. Ridley then told them a legend about his ancestors:

“Only Meloetta can activate the power of the Reveal glass, whoever possesses the Reveal glass also possesses the strength to control forces of nature. For generations the only one who commanded that power was the chief protector of the people who lived next to Meloetta, however Evil fought constant battles trying to obtain that power; When Meloetta realized that she was the reason for the battles, she sank the temple deep into the ocean, disappearing from history along with my ancestors.”

The rest of Ridley's friends were very nice and didn’t hesitate to dedicate several songs to our heroes for having protected Meloetta during her trip.

They were Derleth, Aickman, Russo and Koontz. Ridley wasn’t a musician but he was in charge of maintaining their instruments and the group's finances.

They also met professor Fennel's famous friend, professor Burnet, who was studying the forces of nature.

"I'm sure Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus have something to do with Meloetta. With the radar I can find them but I need the reveal glass, which is said to be in another dimension... Perhaps it can be accessed with Fennel's Dream World..." the professor murmured excitedly as she tried to explain her research. "Or maybe I should use the new Tretta Scanner…"

“You can tell she's Fennel's friend." Iris commented.

Our heroes told her that they had already seen those three legendaries in the past when they needed to call Landorus to stop Thundurus and Tornadus. A little adventure they had on the island of Milos, where the Abundant Shrine was.

Upon hearing that, professor Burnet became even more excited about the matter. However, her joy faded when Team Rocket attacked and took Meloetta away by plane.

Undella Town - Underwater Ruins

Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket, in an attempt to gain power and conquer the Unova region, had devised a new plan. The plan was to kidnap Meloetta and use her song inside the underwater ruins. With this he managed to obtain the reveal glass and invoke the Forces of Nature.

Ash, Iris, Cilan, Ridley, professor Burnet, and Cynthia, who was swimming around, confronted Team Rocket. However, Giovanni ended up being possessed by the power of the Reveal glass after getting the legendaries to show his true form.

That, added to the hatred he felt towards Ash, made Giovanni almost destroy everything, including his own grunts. Jessie, James and Meowth managed to take the mirror from him and make him return to normal. Still our heroes won, calming down the legendaries in the process and Team Rocket was forced to retreat.

Finally Meloetta returned to Ridley's care and said goodbye to our heroes.

Ash, Iris and Cilan later received a call from Drayden, he wanted to have a fight with his student.

Opelucid Gym

"I'm glad you're back. As mayor and trainer, seeing promising young trainers grow and become stronger is priceless. I hope you show me your bright and hopeful future, Iris.” ―Drayden the Spartan Major.

Dragonite vs Druddigon. Iris didn’t manage to defeat her master, yet he didn’t seem disappointed at all.

"At this rate and with more training you will be at the level of Elite Four." Drayden said happily, although his fierce gaze was still intact.

"Thank you Grandpa!" Iris said feeling that she was really getting stronger.


Drayden House

That night Drayden told our heroes that he had been researching more about the legends of Unova so he could help professor Juniper.

"Millennia ago, there was a single legendary dragon that served both heroes. However, one hero pursued the Truth while the twin sought the Ideals. The philosophical fight between both heroes caused the original dragon to split his soul in two. Reshiram, the white dragon of Truth and Zekrom, the black dragon of Ideals. The empty carcass they left behind in the skies was known as Kyurem, the gray dragon."

Ash and his friends told Drayden about N and his obsession with showing the Truth of the Pokémon world to people.

"A shame, because truth and ideals don’t have to be opposite concepts. I honestly can't stand people who try to impose their opinion on others by force." Drayden said upon hearing the whole story. After letting out a sigh he stared at Ash. "Young man, it seems that N wants to repeat history by forcing you to confront him."

"I don't care, if I have to stop him I’ll do it without hesitation." Ash said very convinced. "Pokémon aren’t slaves and you can change the world without hurting anyone."

"…Very idealistic, yes."

Tubeline Bridge: Unova's famous railway bridge

Drayden learned that the Black Empoleons, an infamous biker gang, were causing trouble. Annoying and attacking people, preventing them from passing safely across the bridge... So Drayden asked Iris to investigate.

Ash confronted leader Jeremy while Iris and Cilan fought the rest of the bikers. The beating they gave to the motorists was such that none of them dared to return over that bridge.

"You'll see when Charles, the man in love, finds out." the bikers whimpered as they fled.

The applause from the people was deafening, praising the heroes who had expelled those hooligans.

"Here, the first three volumes of Pokémon Try Adventure." Drayden said, giving them the reward for completing the mission.

“…” none of the three knew what to say.

“It's my grandson Levi's favourite manga,” Drayden said without losing his smile. "Although Pokémon RéBurst is probably more popular, they say it’s based on real events."


M16: Genesect and the Legend Awakened

On their way to the Pokémon League, our heroes encountered a Mewtwo that had been created by Team Plasma after receiving information stolen by Team Galactic.

Ash, being friends with another Mewtwo, noticed that she was less aggressive and also had the ability to acquire a new form (Mega-Mewtwo Y) that none of our heroes could recognize.

They also met five Pokémon called genesect, led by a shiny genesect. The group was created by a mysterious scientist from Team Plasma from the fossils of ancient Pokémon. Team Plasma had converted them into biomechanical weapons but they had escaped from the laboratory.

The Genesect wanted to return to their home but the anger and confusion over their new forms after being “resurrected” caused them to become very violent and cause destruction in the city of New Tork.

With the help of Mewtwo and one of the genesect, Ash and his friends managed to calm the rest of the genesect. In the end Mewtwo left with them, taking them to his old home.

Cilan received a call from his brothers, apparently a woman, along with Team Plasma, was causing trouble in Striaton City. Worried, Cilan had to say goodbye to his friends and return to his city.

Vertress City – Unova Pokémon League

"Are we really going to let that N participate? This’s so thrilling!" Shauntal said without stopping to describe.

"We should crush him right here, right now," Caitlin said, opening one of her eyes. "Legendary or not, together we can put him and his Pokémon in their place."

"I agree, he's too dangerous to let him loose," Marshal said very seriously. "But I’ll still respect his wishes, master."

"We're taking a big risk letting him do whatever he wants… I like it!" Grimsley said with a smile.

Alder laughed at the different opinions of his Elite Four.

"I'm sorry you have to put up with my whims," Alder said, scratching his head. "I know N is dangerous, but from what Ash and his friends have told me, he's not a bad person. I want to see how he battles in the league, since there’s no better way to know a Pokémon trainer."

The Elite Four exchanged glances with each other.

"I still think it's a bad idea." Caitlin said.

"Don't worry, if something goes wrong I'll take responsibility," said Alder, a little more seriously. "That boy has obtained the eight badges legally and hasn’t committed any crime..."

"Except being the leader of Team Plasma." Marshal reminded him.

"True, but if necessary I’ll take care of him and Reshiram myself." Alder said, taking out the Black stone from his pocket.

"That stone still doesn't react." said Shauntal, excited to have such an object nearby.

"The odds keep changing…and I hope they’re in our favor." Grimsley commented as he tossed a coin into the air.


Hilda wasn’t going to participate in the league, but she used her Victini to light the torch and start the Pokémon league. Together with Iris, the two watched their friends participate in a tournament that was going to be seen throughout the entire region.

Iris watched with great joy as Trip lost to Ash in the elimination rounds. She disliked that boy from the first day she saw him. Luckily, so many consecutive defeats in different tournaments had managed to humble Trip, who accepted that he was no better than Ash and left promising to improve as a person and trainer.

After the elimination rounds, the real tournament began:

-The best 16: Ash vs Cheren, Bianca vs Cameron, Hilbert vs Dino, Roxie vs Luke, N vs Virgil, Colress vs Burgundy, Benga vs Georgia and Marlon vs Stephan.

-The best 8: Ash vs Bianca, Hilbert vs Roxie, N vs Colress and Benga vs Marlon.

-Semi-finals: Ash vs Hilbert and N vs Benga.

-Final: Ash vs N.


There were funny moments, like Cameron losing to Bianca for only bringing five Pokémon to a six vs six battle. And tense moments like N using Reshiram to defeat all of his opponents without any problem.

"Don't worry, Ash, I'm sure you can win!" Iris said.

"Thank you..." Ash said nervously.

"I'm not going to lie to you Ash..." Cilan said through the Xtransceiver.

"Hey, I haven't lied to him either!" Iris complained.

"…but it’s impossible for you to beat N, he’s too strong and on top of that you are very nervous." Cilan said very seriously.

"I know he's very strong but that's not what's worrying me." Ash said looking at them both. "I have the feeling that something is wrong...but I don't know what."

"Pika…" Pikachu said, feeling the same.

Iris put a hand on Ash's shoulder and he smiled a little.


N didn't even look at Ash or talk to him. He alone was focused on Reshiram, who seemed bored… or perhaps disappointed. Even so, the fight never took place, because just at that moment several people took off their clothes, revealing their Team Plasma uniforms. Soon panic spread among the people but the huge screens changed the channel, showing Ghetsis's face.

His sinister and cruel voice made everyone in the stadium instantly shut up and listen to his words.

"Bravo Ash Ketchum for making it to the finals! However, this fight is neither worth it nor necessary, who N must defeat right now and in front of everyone is Alder. If the champion isn’t able to awaken Zekrom, that means that he isn’t the great person that all of Unova believes him to be. Since his childhood, N received the proper education to be the hero. As a result, the legendary Pokémon has recognized his strength. He’s a person with a pure heart! The liberation of Pokémon that Team Plasma preaches leads us to protect Pokémon from people's ignorance, separating them completely and absolutely! When we manage to carry out our plans, it’ll all start with one, or perhaps, a couple of those stupid Pokémon Trainers who are trying to uselessly oppose Team Plasma. Once those two Trainers release their Pokémon, hundreds will follow, and then thousands. Even the Elite Four itself and the gym leaders will join the movement. Then people like that ungrateful Bianca, whose Pokémon we almost released in Castelia City, will realize their mistake and release their Pokémon. And the world will finally change! The advent of that world is near!”

Ghetsis's face disappeared and only the Team Plasma symbol remained on the screen.

"Ash…This isn’t what I wanted…” said N confused. "I mean yes, but not like this…"

"Then stop them! Help us stop them!" Ash asked. Iris and the rest of her friends had come down from the stands to stand next to Ash.

"I-I can't…" he said, climbing onto Reshiram. "I must make everyone see the Truth... just as my father taught me... I'm sorry."

Suddenly, the entire stadium and nearby areas began to shake. The ground opened everywhere and a huge building emerged from the bowels of the earth. N's Castle rose completely, covering the city with its sinister shadow.

Pokémon and trainers helped each other, preventing anyone from dying due to earthquakes. N saw all this and asked Reshiram to help those who were in danger.

"I’m sorry" N said to everyone before leaving.

The six sages appeared in several of the palace towers. Reciting philosophical phrases:

-Giallo: Those in accord with Fate are preserved, and those who rebel against Fate perish.

-Bronius: When the Way is forgotten, duty and justice appear.

-Ryoku: One can lose the forest for the trees.

-Gorm: If you make a mistake and do not correct it, that is a second mistake.

-Rood: Superior men understand what is right. Inferior men understand what will sell.

-Zinzolin: There are not two suns in the sky, nor two sovereigns over the people.

"N!" Ash shouted, watching as his friend went straight to where Alder was. Soon the gym leaders and the police arrived. Together they organized the trainers and attacked the sages and the Plasma grunts.

The battle had begun. Gym Leaders vs. Sages. Elite Four and trainers against grunts, police saving people and Pokémon while preventing any criminal from escaping the area.

"Where is Cilan?!" Iris asked very worried. Her friend wasn’t among the gym leaders and she wasn’t answering the Xtransceiver either.

"I’m sure he's okay, now we have to stop these crazy people." Hilbert said.

"Hilbert is right, we can't let N defeat Alder in front of so many people." Hilda said.

Those words made Cheren a little angry.

"Alder won’t lose, he’s the champion!"

"We can't know what will happen, Cheren." Bianca said very seriously.

"Please help me get to N," Ash asked his friends. "I have to stop him anyway."

They looked at him intently and little by little they all smiled.

"Well of course!"

N's Castle

"Surrender, I won’t allow your truth to continue threatening this region," said Alder. For the first time in his life there wasn’t a smile on his affable face. You could even see the fire of anger in his eyes.

"I can't give up...Not until I have made my truth the only one that no one can refute," N said just as seriously. "You are the top, the living proof of the slavery to which Pokémon are subjected."

Alder let out a sigh.

"I guess this old man will have to teach you a lesson."

Alder then threw his six Poké Balls into the air and they opened showing six powerful Pokémon eager to fight.

"Your arrogance will be your downfall. It's time to let the past die and make a new way." said N raising his hands towards the heavens. With a powerful roar, Reshiram came down from the cloudy skies and landed hard, shaking the entire place.

Alder's Pokémon didn't back down and even growled at the legendary. He roared again, only louder.

"...What a pressure..." Alder murmured nervously. "Accelgor, Bouffalant, Druddigon, Vanilluxe, Escavalier, Volcarona attack!"


The huge screen turned on so everyone could see the fight between N and Alder.

"Alder," Iris murmured. She and Ash had almost entered the palace.

"Don't worry," Ash told him with a smile. "He won't lose that easily. Trust me!"

"Ok" Iris responded somewhat more cheerfully.


Several minutes later…

Trainers, gym leaders, Elite Four and the police watched Alder's defeat on the big screen in horror. The rest of Unova also saw it on television.

"No...grandpa..." Benga said horrified.

The camera landed on N, who looked directly at the spectators.

"It's over... No human will ever hurt or subjugate a Pokémon again. I will assume command of the entire Unova region and order all trainers to release their Pokémon. Alder, you and I have fought fair, with strength, honor and mutual respect. But I have emerged victorious. You have nothing more to tell me."

Alder barely heard what was happening. He had failed as a champion. He had failed all of Unova and now that sect was going to bring a great change. A change that would destroy the foundations of society.

Meanwhile Ash and Iris had gotten quite far but so many battles against Plasma grunts were taking their toll on their Pokémon. They soon ended up meeting the TPio.

"Our Master N has won, you can't do anything now!" said Rosa very happy.

"…Only we can have Pokémon and guide them into the new era." Nate said.

"Surrender now or prepare to die!" Purrloin said.

"Get out of our way, I have to see N!" Ash said.

"We don't have time to waste with some kids." Iris said.

Before they could fight, two teenagers appeared and stood in the way. Both Rosa and Nate instantly knelt when they saw them appear.


“I am Anthea, let me heal your Pokémon/I am Concord, my mission was to calm our brother N.” ―Anthea and Concordia.

Anthea and Concordia told Ash, Iris and the TPio about N's past. And secrets, like that the palace was built by Pokémon enslaved by Ghetsis himself, who was a trickster capable of manipulating anyone to carry out his master plan.

The TPio reacted in different ways. Rosa was furious because her master was just a puppet of Ghetsis. Nate, disappointed with the truth, began to think about all the times he had seen or heard suspicious things and ignored them. Purrloin, for her part, knew very well the darkness of Team Plasma, so Anthea and Concordia had only verified her suspicions.

"Team Rocket, Neo Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galaxia…" Anthea said. "They all attracted too much attention, which is why they encountered so much opposition."

"Ghetsis found the perfect formula, manipulating hearts and wills little by little with beautiful speeches about freedom and progress, about a future where we are all equal... A future in which he never believed." said Concordia.

"Please save our brother from Ghetsis and himself." they both asked him.



"Ash," N said without taking his eyes off the defeated champion. "You have managed to get here after defeating many grunts, just as I anticipated."

"Everything has been thanks to my Pokémon and my friends."

"Your friends?" N glanced at the battlefield. "I see... all united to stop my utopia. An impossible ideal."

"No, it’s not!"

N smiled slightly and asked Ash and Iris to accompany him. Alder threw the Black stone at Ash, asking him to please stop N. Along the way, N showed them the place where Ghetsis raised him.

He also told them about how his sisters were descendants of a nearly extinct Kanto clan. Ash in turn told him about Yellow and his strange powers. Iris watched as the two chatted calmly while Reshiram followed closely. They soon arrived at the throne room, where Ghetsis was waiting for them.

N's father could hardly hide his devilish smile.

“Just a little more, just a little more and I’ll finally be able to end this farce... Soon the whole world will be mine.” Ghetsis thought. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the battle on the numerous screens that he had placed. Team Plasma was going to lose, but that didn't matter because with N and the legendary it was enough to turn the tables.

N told Ash to give up, that there was nothing more to do. However, Ash completely refused, saying that he would never give up on saving Unova or him.

The strength of Ash's ideals made the Black stone react. In a matter of seconds, said orb shook strongly and transformed into pure energy that, when released, gave rise to Zekrom alpha.

Just then Hilbert, Hilda, Bianca, Cheren, Alder, the Elite Four, and the Gym Leaders arrived at the throne room.

"Well... It's time for the final battle! I'm ready!" N said, proud of what Ash had achieved. "And even if that means hurting my Pokémon friends, I have complete faith in my victory! I imagine you have it too, since you've come this far. Come and show me!"

"No, I'm not going to fight you N." Ash said, surprising everyone.

"W-what?" N asked confused. It's the only way you can stop me!

"I'm sorry, but I don't really like making two Pokémon that are like brothers fight like this," Ash said with a nervous laugh. "Pokémon battles are fun because they allow trainers and Pokémon to get to know each other and improve together. I only fight in this cruel way against criminals and only when my Pokémon agree. Zekrom doesn't want to fight and neither do I."

"Typical of Ash." Iris murmured with a smile. Every day she felt more admiration? for that boy from Pallet Town.

N, stunned, watched as Zekrom approached Reshiram and spoke with him, about the past, present and future. About everything they said and did, joys and regrets... Even Ash's Pokémon came out of their Poké Balls to talk to N.

-Pikachu: No matter what you do, we’ll never give up or separate from Ash even if it’s the end of the world. The bond that unites us is unbreakable and will last even after our deaths. Together we’ll the very best, like no one ever was!

-Emboar: Ash saved me from a trainer who treated me badly and even abandoned me. Ash understood me and never forced me to fight. If I’m this strong now it’s thanks to his kindness, compassion and courage. If you free us, you’ll be taking away many Pokémon's chance to find someone like Ash.

-Servine: You are a hypocrite. You say you want to free us but you have used Pokémon to achieve your goals, haven't you? If you’re going to fight to impose that truth at least do it with your own hands and not hidden behind a legendary!

-Oshawott: W-we're not afraid of you! W-we’ll fight alongside Ash and defeat you and that ugly dragon even if it costs us our lives! I won't be a coward again and it's all thanks to Ash!

-Unfezant: You don't know how happy I was when Ash captured me. I had seen so many of my kind be treated like pests by humans... however Ash treated me like we were family from day one and thanks to his training I have been able to reach the top. I’ll do anything for him.

-Leavanny: Ash is your friend, please don't force him to fight. Remember all those tournaments, all those meals, walks... All those moments in which you weren’t the leader of Team Plasma, but just another Pokémon trainer in search of answers about life and the world. Remember how happy you were in those fleeting moments.

N heard each and every one of those words before looking at his hands. A small tear fell down her face. He could finally feel what he had tried to hide during the entire league, the pain of hurting other Pokémon, his friends, himself...

"Ash, you were with a reshiram and now with zekrom... Is that the answer to my formula? Truth and ideals... united are the answer..."

“I have no idea, but I know that if we unite instead of fighting you can make the world a better place for Pokémon." Ash said, happy to see that his friend's gloomy gaze was bright again.

N looked at the screens around him, where he saw his grunts and Pokémon falling defeated one by one.

"Denying contrary thinking has led us to harm Pokémon…to use them as tools…we have become the same thing we swore to destroy…"

"It's all Ghetsis's fault," Ash revealed. "He doesn't want to save anyone, just-"

Suddenly Iris pushed Ash away just in time, and the girl was attacked by Ghetsis' hydreigon.

"Iris!" Ash shouted, grabbing his friend so she wouldn't fall to the ground.

"D-don't... shout so much, it... my ears hurt," Iris joked. "Besides, I’m okay."

"Father!" N said, disgusted when he saw how Ghetsis had tried to kill his friend.

"After all of that, do you think you're still worthy of sharing the name Harmonia with me? You good-for-nothing boy! To start with, I spurred N into pursuing ideals and the truth, even your obsession with summoning the legendary Pokémon... To rule my great Team Plasma with an iron fist! Power to control the fearful masses! I was about to get it! But your obsession with facing the other legendary Pokémon, to fight for your beliefs and prove your worth as a hero... All for what? There hasn't even been a fight, his pathetic words have defeated you!

The anger and evil were completely reflected on the villain's face to the point that most trainers and Pokémon backed away out of pure instinct.

"…F-father…" the words didn't seem to want to come out of N's mouth.

"I'm afraid that being raised among Pokémon was a mistake," Ghetsis murmured. "Ash! Not even in my wildest predictions had I conceived that a Kanto brat would stand in my way. But my goal remains intact! Immovable! I desire absolute control over the world! Manipulate the hearts of ignorant humans! N was the puppet sitting on the throne and I was the puppeteer, the true king in the shadows. For daring to turn you against me... I must eliminate you!"

"B-but...Team Plasma's goal was to free the Pokémon..." said N, cowed by his father's harsh and cruel words. Ghetsis's face expressed only disdain.

"That was just a convenient lie that I needed to create Team Plasma. Use your head. What's to be gained from letting go of useful things like Pokémon? Certainly, manipulating Pokémon helps people expand their possibilities. That much, I can agree with. So it naturally follows that only I should be able to use Pokémon!"

"Anthea and Concordia were right, you are a twisted being." Ash said angrily.

"You can say whatever you want. A Pokémon, even if it's revered as a deity, is still just a Pokémon. Come on! You'll face me in battle! I can't wait to see the look on your face when you've lost all hope! I won't allow anyone to stop me!"


Pikachu, Emboar, Servine, Oshawott, Unfezant and Leavanny vs Cofragius, Bouffalante, Eelektross, Seismitoad, Bisharp and Hydreigon.

As Zekrom and Reshiram watched along with the rest of those present, Ash defeated the furious Ghetsis in a battle that everyone in Unova saw. Team Plasma had been defeated, the false king had surrendered, and the true king had been defeated.

"What does this mean? I am a perfect man! The creator of Team Plasma! Has my plan to change the world completely failed?!" Ghetsis said in an unhinged tone.

The TPio observed everything from the shadows. Nate and Purrloin were trying very hard to stop Rosa from lunging at Ghetsis.

"Well, N?" Alder asked. There was no resentment or anger in his voice. "Do you still think that humans and Pokémon should be separated?"

"Mwa ha ha! Since I couldn't become the hero and obtain the legendary Pokémon myself... I prepared someone for that purpose--N! He's nothing more than a freak without a human heart. Do you think you're going to get through to a warped person like that?!" Ghetsis interrupted cruelly.

"Shut up, you're the only one who doesn't have a heart!" Ash shouted angrily. "N is a good person, that's why Reshiram has chosen him, not you!"

"Exactly, you don't deserve to be anyone's father!" Iris said.

"The more I listen to this guy, the more he annoys me!" Cheren said.

“I never trusted him, he always gave me a bad feeling." Hilda said.

"I hope a bastard like you rots in jail." Hilbert said.

“Your plans are evil, you’re evil. You’re an irredeemable monster!" Bianca said so furious that she scared everyone, including her friends.

"What took you so long you stupid brat?” said Ghetsis, his face completely disfigured in a rictus of evil. "To me, my Shadow Triad!"

Before anyone could do anything, the Shadow Triad suddenly appeared, throwing smoke bombs everywhere and using their Pokémon to rescue Ghetsis.

“You should check on your friend Cilan." Ghetsis suggested to Ash in a mocking tone before fleeing from there.

N and the two legendary dragons had disappeared without a trace after saying goodbye to Ash and his friends.

The seven sages, the Shadow Triad, and several grunts had escaped. The police took most of the grunts to jail, who hung their heads in shame before the insults and mockery of the people.

However, Alder asked people to be more polite and respectful towards the defeated. Many didn’t agree, as there were already people who had abandoned their Pokémon after spending months listening to Team Plasma's message. These people had ended up in depressive states and/or looking like for their Pokémon to come back to them.

Like it or not, Team Plasma had managed, even on a small scale, to have its actions have consequences in Unova. Luckily these consequences would disappear little by little.

The Pokémon League had been interrupted so there was no win or victory ceremony. Ash and his friends called Cilan, who had been questioned by the police because the Striaton City triplets hadn’t helped in the final battle.

Cilan explained that a woman named Morana had been causing trouble for his brothers. And to top it all off Team Plasma had attacked his city. When Cilan went to see what was happening, he and his brothers were attacked by the Shadow Triad and ended up in the hospital along with their Pokémon. That's why they couldn't arrive on time.

The most surprising thing had been the speed with which the Shadow triad went from Striaton City to Vertress City. The Striaton City police claimed to have seen them flying on top of a strange gray Pokémon...

In any case, the national police would carry out an exhaustive investigation, as evidence had been found that Team Plasma had a secret base in Striaton City, more specifically next to the Pokémon gym.

Cilan, knew that this would make it very difficult to work in the gym and the restaurant, but there was nothing to do. At least the gym leaders had pleaded for his and his brothers' innocence.

Nuvema Town – Professor Juniper's Laboratory

Ash, Iris, Cilan, Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren and Bianca returned to Nuvema Town together. In the laboratory they met Hilbert's mother.

"What are you doing here, mom?" Hilbert asked confused.

“Ha, I'm still a master of disguise!" Her mother said, tearing her clothes. Iris, Hilda and Bianca covered the eyes of Ash, Hilbert and Cheren respectively although it wasn’t necessary.

“This’s Handsome, the agent that the International Police put me as a bodyguard after Team Plasma's attack on my father." Professor Juniper explained when he dropped the costume.

Handsome gave a brief explanation of Ash's exploits in other regions so that everyone would understand why he was asking for his help. His friends, astonished, ignored Handsome to ask Ash all kinds of questions.

“Why have you never told us that you were some kind of hero?!” Hilbert said excitedly.

"That explains a lot of things." Cheren said adjusting his glasses.

“Your life is like a deadly spectacle." Hilda said worried.

"How do you withstand so much pressure? And I'm not talking about the Pokémon ability." Bianca joked.

Iris and Cilan, for their part, already knew all that so they didn't say anything. They just smiled when they saw how uncomfortable and nervous Ash was getting.

Handsome coughed lightly to get their attention.

"The commanders of Team Plasma, the seven sages, have escaped and are missing," he said very seriously. "Although we have already found Ryoku in the Relic Castle, Bronius in the Chargestone Cave and Gorm in the Dreamyard. Only Ghetsis, Giallo, Rood and Zinzolin remain to have the complete collection."

"And you want a child to help you look for them?" Professor Juniper asked.

“Yes, I say, no! Just let me know if you see anything suspicious,” Handsome said. "Surely some of them have escaped from Unova but I plan to catch them all!"

MM3: Gates to Infinity

Ash had a feeling this wasn't the first time he'd dreamed about turning into a Pikachu. That time his companion was a fun Axew, who wanted to form a Pokémon paradise on the Fog continent.

In said paradise they would both create a place where they would live with other Pokémon, carry out missions and save lives. It would be an oasis in the middle of that cruel world that was going to hell.

Over time, the beautiful Virizion, the brave Emolga, the shy Dunsparce, the investigative couple Espeon and Umbreon, the good-natured Hydreigon and the adventurer Keldeo, joined the team. All together they formed a strong friendship and earned the fame of the strongest team on the continent.

In paradise were Beartic, Starmie, Kecleon, Woobat, Victini, Gurdurr, Timburr, Quagsire, Azumarill, Scraggy, Cofa*grigus, Foongus, Rampardos, Cinccino, Meloetta and Swanna. Each one working on different things and helping our heroes with their paradise.

As time passed, Ash and his team were forced to face Kyurem and his evil minions Munna, Toxicroak, Purugly, and Salamence. Its objective was to fulfill the fateful destiny of the planet. However, Ash and his friends managed, with their willpower, to defeat them and change their minds, saving the planet together.

Before waking up from the dream, a version of Ash was left behind in the form of Pikachu, living alongside his new friends in paradise.


Another strange dream that felt like Déjà vu was when Ash had to stop a Cobalion and his army, who were stealing the Glowdrops that Pokémon toys used to heal themselves.

Although in the end Cobalion turned out to be a hero who sought to save Toyland from Dark Rust and his army…

Ash didn't know if he should start worrying about such dreams...


Ash decided it was time to return to Pallet Town, but his friends wanted to spend some more time with him. Professor Juniper told them to take a cruise to Kanto that made several stops around the Decolore Islands.

“It will be a good vacation and a way to relax after so much adventure and intense battle." Professor Juniper said.

Ash, Iris, Cilan, Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren and Bianca boarded the Queen Decolora cruise ship together, led by Porter. Each one would go their own way but they decided that at the last stop they would get together to have one last group fight.

Queen Unova

"N?!/Pika!" Ash, Iris, Milo and Pikachu exclaimed at the same time.

"What are you doing here?" Cilan asked. "Didn't you say you were leaving Unova? "

"And my plans haven't changed."

"Are you going to travel through the Decolore Islands then?" Ash asked with a wide smile, because she was very happy to see him again.

N approached them closer and began to caress Pikachu's and Axew's chins, who gladly received that gesture.

"Not quite."

"What do you mean by “not exactly”? Speak more clearly!" Iris demanded with a frown.

"I want to ask you a favor… I would like to travel with you." N revealed. Ash, Iris and Cilan almost fell to the ground due to surprise.


N gave a nervous smile as he clenched his fists slightly.

"Ash, you told me that it wasn't just Pokémon that changed you during your travels, but also people. I also want to travel with humans and better understand what I want to do with my life."

"Wait a moment..." Iris and Cilan began to say, who still didn’t completely forgive N's actions.

"Of course you can travel with us!" Ash exclaimed suddenly. Iris and Cilan nodded their heads out of pure instinct.

"Yes…Wait, what?!" Iris grabbed Ash's jacket and looked him straight in the eyes. "You're still making decisions on your own! Remember that we are a team."


"Do you really want me to travel with you?" N interrupted them.

"Of course, I don't see anything wrong with that."

"Stop making decisions as if you were our leader." Iris complained again.

"Come on Iris, I'm sure it’ll be a lot of fun," Ash said with a pure, wide smile. Iris blushed slightly.

"W-well, I don't think there's anything wrong with letting him accompany us." Iris said turning around to avoid looking at her friend.

"How easy to convince you are..." Cilan murmured with a mischievous smile. "Although I'm not much different."

"Ash, are you able to accept me despite all the problems I have caused you?" N already knew that Ash had a big heart, but even seeing him in person it was difficult to assimilate.

"We all make mistakes," Ash answered a little more seriously. "You admitted yours and are trying to improve as a person. Plus, having someone at our side who understands the heart of Pokémon is amazing!"

"…Thank you." said N.

No one noticed a small but important detail. N was being watched by Agent Tedesco of the International Police, as he was still the former leader of Team Plasma. And they also didn't know that TPio was also following N, because with Team Plasma dissolved they didn't know what else to do with their lives.

Honey Island

A place known for its delicious products made from the honey that the Combee people produced. Cilan learned quite a few recipes while Ash and Iris dedicated themselves to eating honey, desserts and dairy products. N spoke with the Combee, learning from their daily lives working alongside humans.

“The Combee say there’re one hundred and fifty-one types of honey on the island." N commented to his friends.

"I don't know if I'll be able to try them all." Iris said completely full.

"Well, I can still do more! Right, Pikachu?" Ash said, licking his lips just thinking about so much honey.



That same afternoon, Pikachu, Emboar, Servine, and Oshawott were playing when Reshiram and Zekrom appeared and transported them to the PokéPark.

"Wow, kidnapping me again against my will!" Pikachu complained, remembering his past experiences with that place.

"This place looks like fun." Emboar observed.

"Everything seems funny to you," Servine scolded him. "I guess that naivety is what I like about you."

"I'm going to vomit." said Oshawott, very dizzy from the trip.

The PokéPark was different from last time or at least that's what Pikachu noticed. Dawn's piplup was also there, who helped them solve the mystery of the Park. To no one's surprise, a darkrai was behind all that and it wasn't just any darkrai, but the one that had been in the possession of Sird from Team Galactic.

Scallop Island

The island was shaped like a scallop and was filled with trainers from Oshawott and Dewott. Everything on the island revolved around the concept of scallops, both parties and food. Ash's oshawott loved the place. Participating in several tests and winning the Scallop King tournament. He also tried to flirt with Osharina, queen of the Oshawott, but she was in love with a Dewott.

Grand Spectrala (Island and Islet)

Numerous mysterious events were happening on this tourist island. Thick fogs, giant Pokémon... However, it was all due to the illusions of a Zoroark. N's Zoroark and Cilan's sybaritic detective skills managed to solve the mystery.

The relationship between the island's Zoroark and Nurse Joy moved N quite a bit.

Torom Island

An island inhabited by Rotom. One of which was captured by professor Oak, who was out there investigating Rotom's properties alongside professor Rowan.

"Lucas's rotom, along with the notes he found about the Pokémon, aroused our curiosity." Professor Serbal explained.

"And with the rotom that you have helped me capture we’ll be able to know even more." said Professor Oak.

"…Rotom seems very happy." N noted as he watched him fly around the teachers at high speed.


Elite Typists' Club

In the afternoon they accompanied both professors to visit one of their former students, professor Quentin Werty, who boasted of being the man who wrote the fastest on a keyboard in the world.

"My dream is to study all the rare Pokémon that exist in the world, such as Reshiram and Zekrom." Quentin Werty explained.

They also met his assistant Paige Down and his two apprentices the Typists.

Unnamed Island

Thanks to the information provided by the TPio, Ash, Iris, Cilan and N learned that Zinzolin was using his grunts and Pokémon to steal food from tourists.

His goal was to stay hidden until the storm passed and the police gave up their search.

Together they arrested him and handed him over to the police.

"With how warm it was... I don't want to go back to the cold jails of Unova!" Zinzolin complained. "You are a traitor, N! I swear I will get revenge!"

"How bad it is for some to lose." Iris commented.

Wayfarer Island

An island full of caterpie, which evolved into butterfree and migrated to other regions of the world. Ash told his friends that his first Pokémon was a caterpie and how he let it go during mating season.

Capacia Island

The largest island of the Decolore Islands. Here Ash and his friends crossed paths with the sage Giallo, who was trying to capture a jirachi to fulfill his wishes.

However, the inhabitants of the island needed jirachi to bring water back to a valley that was very important to everyone. Giallo didn't care about any of that and he wanted to kidnap jirachi, but our heroes stopped him and sent him to the police.

"I could have brought glory to Team Plasma…" Giallo said desolately.

"There was never glory in our actions... but perhaps in our motivations..." N thought.

As thanks for saving him, jirachi returned water to the valley, saving it from drought.

A few days later Ash and his friends met Pokémon from space, who used Team Plasma's Purrloin to communicate with them.

Harvest Island

The Pokémon sumo tournament was held on this island, which was a commemoration of the traditional folklore of the island. Ash won the tournament using his emboar and got a focus band.

Here our heroes met the beautiful Alexa, a famous journalist from the Kalos region. Alexa decided to accompany our heroes to Kanto for work reasons.

Frond Island

Alexa possessed the map to a legendary treasure and asked our heroes to help her search for it on this island.

However the treasure, which was a chest full of evolution stones, was protected by the Pokémon of the long-dead pirate captain. N spoke with said Pokémon and after a short debate, our heroes decided to leave the treasure in the cave.

Cave Island

While N rested in a hostel and Alexa did a report, Ash, Iris and Cilan met with Clair, the leader of the Blackthorn gym in Johto.

Ash told his friends a little about his adventures in Johto, while Deborah explained that she was looking for a shiny druddigon that was hiding on the island.

Iris, excited to have a famous dragon tamer by her side, didn’t hesitate to help her and even learned a few things from her.

"I'm going to Unova to meet Drayden, although first I'll stop by the Dragon Village." Debora reported.

"If you do, say hello to grandpa and grandma for me!" Iris said.

"I will, and if you ever stop by Johto don't hesitate to visit me."

"You bet, I really want to meet the Dragon clan and Lance."

Conley Island

“A long time ago this peaceful island was suddenly attacked by a group of Pokémon, but then a young man arrived from the other side of the sea, his name was Conley; So to save the exhausted islanders from further distress, Conley skillfully led the group of angry Pokémon to the top of the mountain. And when he and the Pokémon got there, he raised his hand towards the night sky and a bright comet suddenly appeared and illuminated the place. The Pokémon were amazed since for them it was as if Conley knew of the comet's existence before it appeared; The fury within the Pokémon dissipated, they became friends, and peace was restored to the island. Soon trainers began coming from all over the world to challenge Conley and after the news broke, he decided to stay on the island with the Pokémon.” ―Report by Alexa, from Lumiose TV.

Paladin Island – Marine Cup Tournament

The cruise was organizing a small friendly tournament and Ash wanted all his friends to participate, taking advantage of the fact that the trip was already ending.

First round: Ash vs Cilan, Hilbert vs Cheren, N vs Bianca and Iris vs Hilda.

Second round: Ash vs Hilbert and N vs Iris.

Third and final round: Ash vs N

The final was between Pikachu and Zoroark, with Ash's Pokémon barely winning. Although there was no prize, Ash and his friends had a great time, including N.


On the island they met the sage Rood, who didn’t resist and allowed himself to be taken to the police.

"I'm ashamed of Team Plasma and myself," Rood said sadly. "We were manipulated and even knowing that Ghetsis wasn’t a good person, we followed his orders."

"You're not the only one who feels bad about himself, Rood," N said. "And I don't know how we will achieve our redemption, but we must seek it at all costs."

They finally arrived in Kanto and everyone had to say goodbye to Ash.

-Iris: I'm going to Johto to challenge Clair and Lance. It’ll be a little sad to travel alone but at least I have my Pokémon. Be careful and never give up. When we meet again I’ll be much stronger and I hope you will too. Remember that I’ll always be supporting you. Ash… I… you…You have my best wishes!

-Cilan: I'm going to Hoenn to participate in a fishing contest organized by Mr. Briney. Our adventures have given me so much experience and happiness that I don't even know if being a gym leader will continue to fulfill me. Thank you very much for everything Ash, you have my best wishes!

-Hilbert: I'll be in Kanto for a while, but then I plan to return to Unova and train with Benga. You have opened my eyes and I have seen that there’re very strong people in the world. Next time we meet I'll beat you!

-Hilda: I'm going to create a Pokémon talent agency. I want to make everyone happy by showing them that there are other ways to be with our Pokémon. I've met a girl who does shows with her patrat, so at least I have someone else. I hope you come see my shows!

-Cheren: …If I'm honest, I still don't know what to do now that I've already participated in the Unova league. Alder has made me an offer to train with him at Floccesy Town, and of course I'm going to accept. Being the best trainer is no longer my dream but I want to continue getting stronger. Until next time, Ash!

-Bianca: After so much travel and adventure it has become clear to me that my job is to work as professor Juniper's assistant! Yes, I'm going back to where I started but it's what makes me happiest. I plan to become a professor Pokémon just as good as professor Juniper. You’ll see! Goodbye Ash!

-Natural Harmonia Gropius: When I first met you in Accumula Town. I was shocked when I heard what your Pikachu was saying. I was shocked because he said he liked you. He wanted to be with you. I couldn't believe there were Pokémon that liked people. Because, up until that moment, I'd never known a Pokémon like that. The longer my journey continued, the more unsure I became. All I kept meeting were Pokémon and people who communicated with one another and helped one another. That was why I needed to confirm my beliefs by battling with you. I wanted to confront you hero-to-hero. I needed that more than anything. There's no way a person like me, someone who understands only Pokémon… No, actually… I didn't understand them, either. No way could I measure up to you, when you had met so many Pokémon and were surrounded by friends… The Champion has forgiven me, and… What I should do now is something I'll have to decide for myself. Ash! You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Truth and ideals can change the world! If anyone can, it's you! Well, then… Farewell!"


Pallet Town – Ash's House

Ash and Pikachu decided to go with Alexa to Kalos.

"My sister is a gym leader and Kalos is a very competitive region." Alexa told him during dinner.

"That's all Ash needs to convince himself to travel again." Delia said with a smile.

"Of course! Alright Pikachu, let's go to a new region!" Ash exclaimed excitedly as he left his house. "This time we will win the league!"

"Pika, pii, Pikachu!" exclaimed the Pokémon excitedly.

"So much energy." Alexa said laughing.

"You have no clue," Delia laughed. "Ash, you're older now but I still have to remind you to change your underwear every day."

"Mom, not in front of other people!"

End of the Fifth generation

-Ash's Pokémon in Unova: Pikachu, Emboar, Servine, Oshawott, Unfezant, Scrafty, Leavanny, Palpitoad, Boldore and Krookodile.

-Iris Pokémon: Emolga, Dragonite, Haxorus, Excadrill, Zweilous and Gabite.

-Cilan's Pokémon: Simisage, Crustle, Stunfisk and Maractus.

-Hilbert's Pokémon: Samurott, Simisear, Conkeldurr, Braviary, Galvantula and Reuniclus.

-Hilda's Pokémon: Serperior, Simipour, Archeops, Eelektross, Vanilluxe and Victini.

-Cheren's Pokémon: Emboar, Liepard, Unfezant, Stoutland, Gigalith and Castform.

-Bianca's Pokémon: Cinccino, Musharna, Chandelure, Mienshao, Bisharp and Carracosta.

Save game?… Saving data… Game saved!


-Games: Black, White. Black 2, White 2, Mystery Dungeon 3, Dream World RAdar Pokémon, Dream World, Super Pokémon Rumble, Learn With Pokémon Typing Adventure, PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond, Pokémon Tretta, Pokémon Tretta Lab.

-Anime: Seasons 14, 15 and 16; Movies 14, 15 and 16.

-Manga: Pokémon Adventure arcs Black and White, Black and White 2; Pokémon Try Adventure; Pokémon RéBurst.


In the fifth generation there’re no remakes so we only focus on Unova. The Decolore Islands are part of the anime and have served as a kind of post-game for Black and White.

Black and White are one of my favourite games and their story is legendary in my opinion, with a well-intertwined story and characters. Especially with a villain like Ghetsis orchestrating everything like Mephistopheles.

I have put Black and White 2 elements, although very few of course. And you may be wondering, where will you put the rest of the elements of black and white 2 if we have already finished the fifth generation? Remember that the story of black and white 2 takes place two years after black and white 1, so we’ll see Unova again in the seventh generation even though in real life the sequel was not part of that generation, but in my fanfiction the seventh generation happens two years after this chapter.

Rosa in the Adventure manga was part of Team Plasma and I've used that to make her be part of the plasma trio along with Nate and Purrloin (who is a kind of female Meowth). I've made the three of them more or less a sectarian version of Jessie, James and Meowth, since the theory that the fifth generation was a kind of soft reboot of the first was always an interesting theory.
Iris, along with Lillie, have always been my favorite Poké girls, so I really enjoyed writing her. I also really liked Ash and N's relationship, let's hope they see each other again soon.

At first I wanted Cilan and his brothers to be the Shadow Triad but canonically this is not the case and in my story I tried to make everything as close to canon (anime, game or manga) as possible.
I think this is the generation with the most interactive games since it was the time of the Nintendo 3DS.

Until the next chapter!

Chapter 6: Sixth Generation


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

6th Generation

X and Y. The fairy deer with multicolored antlers and the sinister bird with red wings. With their trainers the skiddo advance jumping across the green meadows and the rhyhorn through the rocky mountains. Many Pokémon enjoy the affection of their trainers and adventure is the new fashion. Fly off!


I welcome you! My name is Sycamore and I’m a professor specialized in the study of Mega Evolution. The union of feelings between humans and Pokémon is capable of causing this mysterious and attractive phenomenon. Humans and Pokémon need each other to be able to evolve beyond their limits.

And now you must be the one to break its limits to enter the wonderful world of Pokémon!

See you soon!


Year 2013

“People live their lives mercilessly trampling on others. They’re unable to stop for a few moments and observe the beauty of the world around them. Unfortunately that beauty will eventually disappear, leaving a meaningless world behind... I won’t allow it. Only the chosen ones will live in a world of eternal beauty and then we too will be eternal.” ―Lysandre's Diary.


Lumiose City - Professor Sycamore's Laboratory

Sitting on his couch was a large man with a penetrating gaze and overwhelming presence. His long red hair gave him an elegant and fierce touch at the same time. Next to him was a male pyroar with a cunning and calculating look.

“I am glad that you have allowed me to participate in your investigations,” Lysandre said in a firm and authoritative voice. "I’m sure that together we can discover the secret behind Z."

“I hope so too,” said Professor Sycamore. "Thanks to Lysandre laboratories I have been able to find out many things about mega evolution, but I’m still not sure about its relationship with Z."

“It doesn't matter if there is no relationship. The fact that you have advanced in your research is already a great achievement for society."

“I am flattered, Mr. Lysandre. I still wonder what you saw in a scientist like me."

“Talent, vision of the future and ambition."

“…It was a rhetorical question, but thank you." Professor Sycamore laughed. "Lysandre laughed with him."

“You and I are part of the chosen ones, professor. That is why we must continue helping each other."

"You always talk that about the “chosen ones” but never explains to me what it is." Sycamore said curiously.

"When the time comes you’ll understand."

At that moment the professor's three assistants entered. Sina and Dexio of twelve years old, and Alain of ten years old. They left him several documents and left, although Alain exchanged glances with Lysandre, who found something interesting in that boy's eyes.

Lysandre said goodbye to professor Sycamore and when he left the laboratory many journalists were waiting for him outside. The bustle was such that he had to make his pyroar return to the Poké Ball so that he wouldn't get nervous.

"Mr. Lysandre, can you tell us what you talked to professor Sycamore about?!"

"Mr. Lysandre, is it true that you have a big secret project on your hands?!"

"Lately he has been seen a lot in the company of Malva, a member of the Elite Four and also a famous director of Kalos TV, are you having a secret affair?!"

"I'm afraid I won't answer any questions today, thank you very much." Lysandre told them as he got into his private limousine.

"Many of your workers were seen in the Allearth Forest and there have also been rumors about a project called XYZ, could you tell us what it is?"

Lysandre's brow furrowed as his eyes flashed with anger and surprise, but it was so fast that no one noticed. Lysandre looked at the journalist who had asked him the question. He recognized her right away. Brown hair with a long strand of hair sticking out from her forehead and green eyes. Alexa, a very young promise in the world of journalism.

Lysandre, without deigning to answer that last question, simply rolled up the window of his limousine while showing a false smile.

Year 2018 –Laverre City

"Are you seriously not interested in my project?"

"We may be friends, Lysandre," Diantha said with a smile as she stirred her coffee, "but we have different ways of understanding beauty."


"Yeah. For you it must be something that remains in the same state forever. However, I see it as something that changes and adapts little by little to life. Children, for example, are a form of beauty."

"You're right. We don't see things the same way."

"Having different points of view, that can also be another form of beauty."


"By the way, I've seen you spending a lot of time with Malva lately, anything I should know?" Diantha asked with a smile.

"I didn't know you were her babysitter." Lysandre laughed.

“It is my duty as a champion to worry about my Elite Four."

"Then stop worrying because the only thing between her and me is business," Lysandre explained. "Lumiose TV is the best medium to promote my inventions and upcoming projects. As director of the network, her influence and knowledge will be very useful to me."

"Are you sure there is only business between the two of you?" Diantha laughed. Although it might not seem like it, she really liked the tabloids, even when they talked about her.

Lysandre gave a soft sigh.

“I recognize his attractiveness and charisma, but yes, just business."

Lumiose City – Lumiose TV

Malva looked with a mischievous smile at the three nervous people in front of her. Two women and one man.

“I have managed to obtain an important position in Team Flare,” the woman said, looking at them intently. "Now it's going to be a busy few years, so I hope you don't disappoint me and give it your all...Of course, do everything I tell you, understand?"

The three of them nodded quickly.

“Well…Amelia, be attentive and keep an eye on both the Lysandre Café and the laboratories. I'll tell you when the best time is."

"Of course boss." Amelia Shuffle responded.

"Phil, follow the routes that I have asked you and place the cameras in places where no one can find them... And don't attract attention."

"Understood!" said Phil the Photo Guy with enthusiasm.

"Alexa...You attract too much attention and your recent awards make everyone have their eyes on you. In a few months, retreat to Unova for a while and return when things have calmed down. For now, review all the information I have given you about Looker."


Year 2020 – Vaniville Town: A town whose flower is about to bloom

“Hello Ash! How’s life going for you?... I'm calling to tell you that technology is the future. Now you can trade Pokémon without even knowing which one you are going to receive, what a surprise!” ―Tecno, the fat teenager.

Serena had heard the word “Ash” from her window, but she was half asleep so she put it down to her imagination. Soon her mother's fletching pecked her awake.

At noon Serena went to see her friends Calem, Shauna, Trevor and Tierno, when she remembered that they had already gone to Lumiose City the day before to choose their starter Pokémon.

"What am I going to do here alone?" the girl asked herself.

His mother, Grace, wanted her to participate in rhyhorn races but she didn't like any of that.

Aquacorde Village: Water and civilization in harmony

“Prepare for rich troubles. And make it rich double. To protect our chosen lives from devastation. To bring death to the not chosen nation. To denounce the enemies of imperishable beauty. To extend our existence to infinity. Yvonne! Xavier! Team Flare brings a bright future! Pay us now or prepare to disappear. Espurr, that’s right!” ―The TFio.

In a bar a man, a woman and a Pokémon were drinking coffee.

"Yvonne, why do we have to steal strong Pokémon? Isn't that a loser's job? We’re the Top of the grunts!" Complained a red-haired teenager.

"Speak lower, Xavier! No matter how strong we are, we’re still grunts. The two Administrators are the boss's bodyguards and those stupid people from the scientific team outrank us," Yvonne explained. "So it's just us left to do the dirty work."

"In what kind of organization do scientists command more than Administrators or grunts?" Xavier asked himself, annoyed. "I'm sure that if we manage to do something impressive, the boss will promote us."

His redhead fiancée wrinkled her forehead trying to think.

“Professor Sycamore sure has strong Pokémon. Let's steal them," Yvonne suggested.

"Isn't Sycamore a friend of the boss? On the red list his photo is not yet crossed out with an X."

"And? I don't think he would cares if the mission goes well. Isn't that right, Espurr?"



“E-eh, ah yes, yes! I agree." said the female spurr who was dozing on top of Yvonne. "Enter, steal and leave. Nobody has to know that it was us, but right now I would like to do something else..."

"Like what?" Xavier and Yvonne asked. The Pokémon's psychic powers had been increased in an experiment by the Team Flare scientific team, allowing it to communicate with humans by telepathy.

“They have put a machine to play Pokémon Ga-Olé right here next door. I've always wanted to try it!"

Lumiose City: The City of Light

After arriving in the Kalos region, Alexa left Ash near professor Sycamore's laboratory. Alexa would go ahead and go see her sister in the next town.

On the way to the laboratory Ash met two brothers. Fifteen-year-old Clemont was an ingenious inventor. Eight-year-old Bonnie was lively, always looking for a girlfriend for her shy older brother.

Bonnie couldn't help but hug Pikachu tightly when she saw how cute he was, causing him to electrocute them all.

"At least there’re not bikes this time." Ash said grateful to Arceus.

Ash wanted to challenge Clemont when he learned that he was the leader of the Lumiose gym, but he was busy, as there was someone trying to sneak into the Prism Tower. They were the TFio, who wanted to rob the gym before going to the laboratory.

They stopped them with the help of a froakie who was passing by, but the Pokémon was badly injured so they took it to professor Sycamore's laboratory. There the professor asked his assistant, Sophie, to cure the Pokémon.

"You're Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, right?" Sycamore said. "Professor Rowan has told me a lot about you."

"Do you know professor Rowan?"

"Yes, he was my professor when I studied in Sinnoh," Sycamore remembered happily. "His studies on evolution inspired me to study mega evolution."

“Mega Evolution? What is that?/Pika, pii?" Ash and Pikachu asked each other at the same time.

"You don't know what mega evolution is?!" Bonnie said surprised. "It's the coolest thing in the world! Everyone in Kalos wants to get a Pokémon that mega evolves!"

Clemont covered his sister's mouth and let professor Sycamore explain to Ash, showing him images on his Holo Caster.

“It is a phenomenon by which some Pokémon acquire a more powerful form, sometimes gaining or losing an elemental type and the same thing happens with their abilities. To carry out this transformation, a Key Stone and the specific mega stone of each Pokémon are needed.

It took the young man from the town of Paleta several minutes to understand all that, but when he did, his face lit up completely.

“Pikachu! What will your mega evolution be like?" Ash asked himself excitedly.


Sycamore, Clemont and Bonnie smiled at his innocence.

“Pokémon that have not completed their evolutionary stage cannot mega evolve." Clemont told him.

"Well, that's a shame.../Piii..." said Ash and Pikachu.

They later suffered an attack from TFio, who, using a necklace that controlled Pokémon, accidentally caused professor Sycamore's garchomp to go crazy and attack the city.

At the top of the Prism Tower, Ash, Pikachu, and Froakie managed to calm the garchomp down. However, Pikachu ended up falling from the tower, so Ash set out to save him, risking his life in the process. Luckily the city hero Lumiose, Blaziken Mask, saved them both using his Mega Blaziken.

All of this was televised by Lumiose TV and many people saw it, including Serena, who recognized Ash.

The next day Froakie joined Ash's team and Ash received the new Pokédex from professor Sycamore.

"Can I accompany you on your trip?" Clemont asked him. "I feel like as a gym leader I need more experience and strength."

"I'm going too, my little brother doesn't know how to do anything without me!" Bonnie said very happily.

"I-it's not true!"

Lumiose TV

In a well-lit office, Malva was viewing numerous documents on her computer. Her inquisitive gaze and mischievous smile only increased the more she read.

“What a history you have...I think I finally have the Ash up my sleeve that I needed.

The woman pressed a button on her communicator and called someone. In a few minutes, a plump, dark-skinned man arrived with a camera in hand.

"Hey, here I am!" Phil the Photo Guy at your service, what can I do for you boss? -said the man.

“There is someone I need you to follow and who you must keep me informed of at all times. And this should remain between you and me, understand?

Santalune Forest

Ash and his new companions crossed paths with Calem, Shauna, Tierno and Trevor. The group had been training in the forest and picking fights against other trainers. Ash faced Calem and won but noted that the boy was very talented despite being a rookie.

"You're good, have you been a trainer for a while?" Calem asked with a smile.

"About five years." Ash responded as he petted Pikachu.

"Five years? That explains how strong your pikachu is." Trevor said analysing Ash's Pokémon.

"I want one too... I think there are pikachu nearby." said Tierno with a little envy.

"Please, beautiful lady, marry my brother!" Bonnie yelled to a surprised Shauna.

"What are you doing, Bonnie?!" Clemont exclaimed, anguished and ashamed.

Shauna recovered from her surprise quickly and said with a mischievous smile.

"But first we would have to have a date and be boyfriend and girlfriend, right?"

"… You’re right!" Bonnie exclaimed astonished.

"Don't play along with my sister, please!" Bonnie asked Shauna.

Santalune City: A traditional city

Upon arriving in the city and after resting a little, Ash and his companions went to the Pokémon gym. There they saw Alexa and her little sister Viola, who was the gym leader.

Of course Bonnie couldn't help but ask the two beautiful women if they wanted to be her brother's girlfriends. After that, Pikachu and Fletchling lost and Ash had to retreat to the Pokémon center.

"Is that the trainer you told me so much about?" Viola asked while she was cleaning her camera. "He doesn't seem like a big deal if I'm honest."

“If you continue to underestimate him, you are going to find yourself with an ugly surprise." Alexa warned her. Viola just laughed.

The next day Ash was training with his Pokémon with Alexa when a blonde girl his age approached him. The girl returned his backpack, which he had left at the gym.

"Thank you so much." said the boy happily. "My name is Ash Ketchum and I'm from Pallet Town."

"I know."


"Don't you remember me?" Serena asked him sadly.


Serena told him that they met as children at professor Oak's Pokémon Summer Camp. Serena got lost in the woods and hurt her knee. However, Ash appeared and healed her wound with a handkerchief, then took her back to camp.

"I will never forget your words: “on't give up, until the end.”"


Santalune Gym

“Are you coming back for revenge? Last time I took very good photos of your defeat. Whether it's the tears of frustration that follow a loss or the blossoming of joy that comes with victory... They're both great subjects for my camera! Now come at me! My lens is always focused on victory. I won't let anything ruin this shot!" ―Viola, the camerawoman who never lets a single smile escape her focus.

Pikachu and Fletchling vs Surskit and Vivillon. After overcoming Viola's strategies, Ash defeated her.

"I'm sorry for underestimating you. At least I have been able to take photos of both your defeat and your victory. Here's the Bug badge!" Viola said.

“What a start you've had Ash." Alexa said.

"And I plan to continue winning until I win the Kalos league." Ash said very determined. This time there would be nothing and no one to prevent him from reaching the finals.

Odyssey Town

Serena joined Ash on his journey at her request and the four arrived at a town where rhyhorn races were held. Serena taught the rest how it was done and it was clear that the girl had some talent. They also met Serena's mother when she called her to talk to her about racing.

Lumiose City

Upon returning to the city, Ash wanted to confront Clemont, but he explained that the gym was under the control of his best creation, Clembot. The robot only allowed trainers who had four badges to pass.

"I built it because I wanted more time for myself but in the end it didn't turn out very well..." Clemont lamented.

"Don't worry, we'll help you get the gym back." Ash said.

"Of course, you don't have to worry about anything." Serena said.

“Thank you very much for solving my little brother's problems!" Bonnie said.

Between the four of them they managed to defeat and fix Clembot after recovering the gym. However, Ash didn’t want to fight Clemont until he had four badges.

In the evening they had dinner at Clemont and Bonnie's house, and met his father Meyer, who was a famous electrician in the city.

The next day they had breakfast at Café Introversion and ate at Restaurant Le Yeah restaurant where they could fight for the food.

"Thank goodness Ash and Clemont have a lot of money..." Serena thought, because food was not cheap in that city.


Pokémon Art Academy

In the afternoon Ash wanted to visit the art academy when he found out that the drawings for the TCG came from there.

He met professor Andy, who knew who Ash was because on the TCG island everyone was talking about him and “his little sister” Yellow. Professor Andy introduced them to his best students, Lee and Lily, who showed them the new drawings for the new TCG letters.


The next day Ash and his companions met up with Tierno. Who greeted Serena and fought Ash, losing of course. Bonnie noticed that Tierno seemed a little smitten with Serena and that was good because Bonnie loved drama.

Lacy’s Mansion

"Are you sure you don't want to visit her granddaughter Elise?" Xavier asked Espurr.


"We don't mind if you take your time,” Yvonne assured her. "The twerps who got in our way aren't going to leave Kalos anytime soon."

“…Yes, I think I'll go visit her.” Espurr said "… Can you come with me, please?"

"Of course, we wouldn't be Team Flare if we didn't do everything together." Xavier and Yvonne said at the same time with a smile.

Along the way, Ash and his companions met a ninja named Sanpei and his frogadier. The two came from a ninja village and Sanpei wanted to be a better ninja than his older brothers Ippei and Nihei.

Sanpei and Frogadier taught Ash and Froakie tricks to improve their combat style. The next day, Bill called Ash, telling him that since he was in Kalos he could visit his friend Cassius.

Camphrier Town: A town where you can taste the ages

There was a huge snorlax blocking the way and according to Lord Shabboneau, the only way to wake it up was to use a Poké Flute, which was owned by the pampered Princess Allie of the Parfum Palace.

The princess became infatuated with Clemont and thus they managed to recover the flute and wake up the snorlax. Although later Clemont had to flee from the princess on his own.

At night Ash and his friends met Shauna, Serena's friend, who wanted to see the town's fireworks.

Lord Shabboneau let them see them from his castle as thanks for removing the snorlax. Bonnie made sure her brother was very close to Shauna during the show.

“You know, it's the first time I've seen fireworks with a boy." Shauna said to Clemont with a wide smile.

Shauna was so amused to see how nervous Clemont became, he almost looked like he was going to have a heart attack.


The next day Ash's group visited Cassius, Bill's friend and creator of the Pokémon Storage System in Kalos. He was a young man who lived in a messy house.

Clemont and Serena were a little nervous when they met him, but seeing how well he treated Bonnie and Ash, they relaxed and saw that he was a nice guy who liked to pretend to be a bad boy too much.

On the way to the next gym they found themselves involved in a trap created by a mysterious woman called Madame X. Apparently she had a machine capable of hypnotizing humans and Pokémon.

Ash and his friends had to join forces with the TFio in order to destroy said machine. In doing so they discovered that Madame X was actually an agent Jenny controlled by an evil Malamar.

"That malamar is like me, an experiment of professor Xerosic," Espurr from Team Flare explained to them, "but he wants to take revenge on humans by completely dominating them. That hypnotism machine must have been something he learned from the professor."

"Don't tell the twerps anything more!" Xavier said worried.

"That's it, our truce is over and we are enemies again!" Yvonne said.

“…Right, anyway thanks for helping us clean up a Team Flare mess.” Espurr said, tilting her head slightly.

"You’re welcome I suppose." Ash said, frowning.

Battle Chateau: Show your strength with a title!

Our heroes were stopped by an imposing man in silver armor. His name was Wikstrom of the Elite Four, a Steel-type specialist.

"Hello, lad! You seem like someone strong and used to combat." Wikstrom said to Ash.

“Well, I've been training Pokémon for a while now." Ash said, scratching his cheek nervously.

"What does lad mean?" Bonnie asked.

"Young, I believe." Serena responded.

"Oh, and you're with a gym leader," Wikstrom observed when he saw Clemont. "Perfect, you must participate in the Battle Chateau!"

"What is that, Mr. Wikstrom?" Clemont asked.

"It has a battle in its name so it must be something good." Ash said. Wikstrom laughed at the teen's enthusiasm and led them to an elegant castle.

"The Battle Chateau is a place where people engaged in Pokémon battles to obtain noble titles. For example, those of us in the Elite Four have the rank of duke and the champion has the rank of Grand duch*ess. Here the values ​​of chivalry are elevated through battles."

At Wikstrom's side appeared the maid Molly and the butler Turner, who explained the rest of Ash and his friends.

The trainers were called knights and after a certain number of victories they were granted a rank: Baron, viscount, count, marquis, duke and grand duke.

Ash wanted to participate and achieved the rank of Baron after a couple of battles. To everyone's surprise they saw Viola, Alexa's sister, again. She was on a date/battle with Grant, the gym leader of Cyllage City. He was a man who liked to climb any wall he saw, which seemed to amuse Viola.

Ash and his friends saw a fight between Grant's onyx and Viola's surskit. Grant won, surprising Ash with his strength.

“Viola told me about you recently,” Grant said. "I hope you arrive in my city soon so we can fight."

“I also really want to beat you." Ash said.

"Don't underestimate my boyfriend like I did with you." Viola warned him with a smile as she grabbed Grant's arm.

“I never underestimate my rivals." Ash assured her with another smile. Pikachu looked at him as if he had told some lie.

Ash and the others watched several Poké-vision videos at a Pokémon Center in which they met Aria, an artist who had recently become famous throughout Kalos. Feeling inspired, Serena with the help of her friends made her own Poké-vision video.

Ambrette Town: Where amber dust dances

Serena had already been to the town as a child, so she told her friends about the aquarium. There they met Rodman, the owner of the aquarium and owner of a shiny magikarp. Rodman showed them how the aquarium had water-type Pokémon from all over the world.

Ash told Rodman about the Shiny Gyarados he saw in Johto and how Lyra of the Elite Four now had it.


On the way to the gym they saw Alexa again, who was making a documentary about fossil Pokémon at the Paleontological Institute.

Thaddeus, the director of the institute, gave them all a guided tour, telling them that the fossil Pokémon that Grant owned were resurrected by him.

Cyllage City: The city of peaceful strolls

They stayed in a hotel where they met a curious guy called Mr. Bonding, who came from Hoenn and claimed to be able to grant mysterious powers to Pokémon trainers. Clemont spent hours arguing with that guy and they almost got into a fight between them.


Cyllage Gym

“I've been waiting in eager anticipation after what Viola told me about you. I have a feeling that our battle will turn out to be worth the wait! I hope you'll show me that your skill as a Trainer surpasses even mine." ―Grant, the wild, yet cool and collected, rock climber.

Froakie and Pikachu vs Amaura and Tyrunt. Grant's two fossil Pokémon gave him trouble at first but Ash managed to overcome them and win.

"Right now a great wall rises in front of me: it is you, yes." Grant said after handing him the Cliff badge.

“With this I only have six badges left to enter the league." Ash said very happily.


Grant invited them to eat at a famous and expensive place.

"I usually come with Viola or Valerie from time to time," Grant began as they sat at a large table. "This place belongs to Gena, the second best chef in Kalos and Poké Puff expert."

“I know her, I always watched her cooking shows." Serena said excitedly. She immediately became more excited when Gena appeared to serve them in person.

She was very beautiful and Bonnie couldn't help but ask her if she wanted to marry her brother.

"Have you come to buy Poké Puff for Viola?" Gena asked Grant after rejecting Bonnie's proposal.

"No, well yes, but also to invite these guys." Grant said.

Serena couldn't help but ask Gena for an autograph and she accepted. The second surprise of the night was when a blonde man appeared and caught the attention of the entire restaurant.

Siebold of the Elite Four, water type specialist and the best chef in all of Kalos. He is also a great friend of Grant and Valerie. Ash challenged him to a fight as soon as he knew who he was.

"Before that, I would like to ask you a question,” Siebold said. "Do you think Pokémon battling can ever be worthy of being called an art?"

"I don't know, but I know people who consider them art." Ash said thoughtfully.

Indeed. You see, cooking is the type of art that disappears as soon as it is completed. Pokémon battles are the same. Even memories of sweet victory soon fade after the battle ends. To devote yourself entirely to such a life, made up of fleeting experiences--that is truly artful."

"Well, I will never forget the fights I have had. All of them have helped me get to where I am." Ash said with a smile.

After this they had a brief fight in which Ash lost but Siebold seemed pleased to have met him.

Before leaving Siebold gave Ash some advice.

There are no weak Pokémon in a Pokémon battle. There are only weak Trainers. Find the good in every one of your Pokémon. Draw out the unique strengths they possess."

"I think the same! Any Pokémon can become strong if you train it with care and effort." Ash said looking at Pikachu.


Route 10

“It says here that the menhirs were cast three thousand years ago." Serena said reading her map. Around her and her friends there were many tourists, most of them mediums who claimed that there were strange energies in that place.

Ash looked at the menhirs with great intensity, noticing something strange about them although he couldn't explain what. A backpacker who was next to him, seeing him so interested, told him something curious.

"A few years ago I met a very peculiar guy named Colress. He told me that these huge stones emit some kind of energy."


"Yeah. I don't know if he was kidding or what, but he was a very strange guy."

Ash later told his friends what he knew about the strange scientist he met when he travelled through Unova.

“You've met some very interesting people on your travels,” Clemont noted. "I would like to know more about this scientist."

"The truth is that I don't know much about him, but he was very good at fighting."

And speaking of battles, they ran into TFio who tried to steal their Pokémon but ended up losing and blasting off again.

"Bah, I'm getting out of here! Let Xerosic's stupid harem investigate these rocks." Yvonne said with disdain.

"Since when does the professor have a harem?" Xavier asked curious.

“I think Yvonne is just insulting the professor's scientific team without using stronger words to show her frustration with them for giving us this mission.” Espurr explained.

Brackish Village

Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie saw champion Diantha on television announcing one of her new movies. Serena was a big fan of the champion's acting side and always bought magazines about her.

Ash and his friends went to a stadium knowing that Diantha was going to face a challenger very soon. During the fight, which lasted less than a minute, they watched as Diantha's gardevoir dominated Magnus's absol, who was the best trainer in the town.

Then professor Sycamore, who had come to see Diantha, met our heroes and introduced them to Diantha and her secretary Kathi Lee. Later Diantha sneaked out to eat some desserts with Ash and his friends.

"I would really like to fight with you." Ash said.

Diantha smiled slightly.

"For that you have to win the league and beat the Elite Four. Or if what you want is a Showcase or friendly match like the one you just saw, you have to win an important tournament or be a Top trainer. I'm the champion so I can't go around accepting fights, plus my secretary would be very angry with me."


“Pika, pii!" Pikachu said remembering something. The Pokémon searched through Ash's backpack until it found an object.

“The Legend Ribbon!" Ash said.

“W-wait, only Top trainers are supposed to have that!” Clemont said.

“Are you a Top trainer? I didn't know that." Diantha said a little surprised.

“Red, the champion of Kanto, gave it to me."

"If that quiet prodigy gave it to you, he must have been quite impressed." Diantha said.

After a brief conversation, Diantha agreed to fight Ash, but despite Pikachu's great speed he was unable to do anything to Gadevoir. The TFio interrupted the fight and Diantha took the opportunity to show Ash her Mega Gardevoir.

After saying goodbye to the champion, Ash promised to win the Kalos league so he could fight her again.

Ash and his friends were walking through the forest when they met Korrina, a lively and cheerful girl who was always ready to fight. The girl had a streak of ninety-nine victories and challenged her Lucario, obtaining victory number one hundred.

“I'm actually the leader of the Shalour gym." Korrina revealed during the meal.

"Really? How lucky we are, right Pikachu?" Ash said to his friend. Pikachu was gorging himself on ketchup so he couldn't respond.

"Has Mr. Gurkinn retired?" Clemont asked as he remembered the former gym leader, as he had seen him at some gym leader meetings.

"Do you know my grandfather?"

"My brother is the leader of the Lumiose gym," Bonnie boasted. "And if you are thinking of having a boyf-"

Clemont had covered his sister's mouth with one of his inventions before she could talk too much.

“Nice to meet you,” Korrina said with a smile. "And yes, my grandfather has retired. However, to be a gym leader he told me that I have to win a hundred battles and then get my Lucario to mega evolve."

"Is it so difficult to be a gym leader?" Serena asked curiously.

"All the Shalour gym leaders have been able to mega evolve a Lucario, it's like a family tradition," Korrina explained, showing them the key stone in her left glove. "Now I just need to find the Lucarionite."

Korrina then showed them a book in which she had the fingerprints of all the Pokémon she had defeated, as proof of her hundred victories. She also told them that one of her ancestors was the first to mega evolve a lucario.

Korrina later joined Ash's group, who wanted to accompany her in her search for the Lucarionite.

Geosenge Town: Quiet stones speak volumes

A small town decorated with several menhirs and dolmens. It had a quarry full of stones, many evolutionary, and jewels. That's where they would supposedly find Korrina's Lucarionite.

Along the way, Serena told Ash that in this town, three thousand years ago, an evil king fired an ultimate weapon that almost destroyed the region. A legend that was told to all the children of Kalos.

With the help of a journalist named Amelia Shuffle, Ash and his friends headed inside a cave at the top of the mountain. There the Lucarionite was protected by a blaziken that attacked them. Korrina used Lucario and defeated the blaziken, which turned out to be a Pokémon of her grandfather Gurkinn, the legendary Mega Guru.

Gurkinn had put her to the test and thus Korrina had obtained the Lucarionite. Wasting no time, Korrina mega evolved into her Lucario, but the Pokémon lost control and was about to mortally wound Pikachu.

"The power of mega evolution affects some Pokémon differently,” Gurkinn explained when they were all at the Pokémon center. "Some become more serene and controlled like Diantha's gardevoir, others acquire great strength but lose mental control. To prevent this from happening again, Lucario must train more with Korrina."

Korrina and her Lucario later faced Gurkinn and his Lucario, losing completely, as her grandfather's Lucario was able to stay calm and focused when mega evolving.

“You are both too confident in your own strength. You have neglected your mental training." Gurkinn said to his granddaughter.

Mega Guru advised his granddaughter to go to Mount Pomace to train with an old woman named Mabel, who had a mawile capable of mega evolving.


"Shall we attack the twerps now?" They seem distracted looking for stones. Xavier said. The TFio was spying on them from behind some menhirs.

“They are in our territory so we can ask for reinforcements and heavy machinery." Yvonne said very happily.

"No, if those at the laboratory find out that we have used their resources to defeat some teenagers, they will skin us alive." Espurr warned them. "It's best not to do anything until they're far from here. We can't let them suspect our secret base."

“…It makes us angry to admit it but you are right." Xavier and Yvonne said, clenching their fists.


Mount Pomace

They all accompanied Korrina in her training with Mabel, her grandfather's friend.

After a fight between Mega Lucario and Mega Mawile, Mabel asked them to make flower arrangements. With them Mabel was able to guess the personalities of people and their Pokémon. The patience, determination, and concentration it took made Korrina and Lucario appreciate the beauty around them more and not be so impatient.

Korrina and Lucario managed to reconcile their different points of view and learn to trust each other even more. After finishing the training Korrina returned to her gym while Ash and his friends continued with their journey, as Ash knew that he had to become stronger if he wanted to beat Korrina.

After passing through the Kalos Canyon and learning about aerial combat, Ash's group arrived at professor Sycamore's Pokémon summer camp. There they met Calem, Shauna, Tierno and Trevor.

Professor Sycamore convinced Ash's group to join together and take part in the activities. Serena wanted to spend time with her hometown friend Vaniville, Bonnie wanted to find girlfriends for her brother, Clemont wanted to show his new inventions to the professor and try them out, as for Ash...

“When Diantha was your age she won the camp prize." Sycamore said.

“Guys, we have to participate and win!" Ash said immediately.

“A simple mentality." Calem noted.

"But it works for him." Serena said with a big smile. Calem noticed how his friend looked at Ash.

"Is that the boy you've liked since you were little?"

“W-what?! I don’t know what you are talking about!"

“Well, you should know that the childhood friend never wins." Calem said with a mischievous smile, receiving a strong blow on the arm from Serena.


During the following week they carried out several activities in groups:

-Test matches so that the trainers could get to know each other better.

-Pokémon fishing.

-Make a video for Poké-vision.

-Pokémon Orientation: Bonnie claimed to have seen the legendary Pokémon Xerneas, but that day it was so foggy that they blamed it on her imagination.

-Pokémon battle between teams.

Calem didn’t participate in the tests as he was dedicated to helping the tutors and professor's assistants. In addition to making and designing clothes for people and Pokémon. Which was his biggest hobby.

Shauna told Serena about the artist Aria, who was winning numerous Pokémon shows with her Pokémon.

“Pokémon shows?" Serena asked curiously.

"These are events in which the most beautiful and charismatic trainers in all of Kalos participate," Shauna explained excitedly. "With each event won you get a different Princess Key and if you get three, you can participate in the Pokémon Master Class! The winner is chosen as Queen of Kalos and given a huge trophy!"

Shauna's words and the fact that she still doesn't know what to do with her life made Serena consider participating and becoming a Pokémon star.

At the end of the camp Ash's team, Team Froakie, won the competition. Afterwards Serena said goodbye to her friends and Bonnie got Shauna to give her number to her brother Clemont.

M17: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

Diancie, the jewel Pokémon, was the princess of the Diamond Kingdom. Her assistants were four carbinks named Dace, Merrick, Carbon and Graphite. The kingdom depended on the energy of a huge diamond known as the Heart Diamond, but this energy was running out so Diancie escaped in search of the legendary Xerneas to help boost her powers.

Ash and his friends came across Diancie and decided to help her. However, they had to face the thieves Millis Steel, her father Argus Steel, Merilyn and Riot. Not to mention TFio, who had the mission of catching Diancie because of her ability to create diamonds.

Unfortunately for our heroes, the thieves weren’t the biggest threat but the legendary destruction Pokémon, Yveltal, who wanted to eliminate all life in the Kalos region. Thanks to Xernas, who stopped Yvetal and Diancie who was able to mega evolve, the Diamond kingdom was saved.

Reflection Cave

"I wish I could face my reflection. Let's see who’s stronger!"

“I've been here so long that some think I'm a ghost."

“Mirrors have always been considered mysterious objects."

“You could say that Pokémon are the reflection of their Trainer."


Mirror World

“I-I hope I never have to face my reflection. I-I know who’s stronger!"

“I've been here for such a short time that everyone thinks I'm a tourist."

“Mirrors are always considered normal objects."

“We cannot say that Pokémon are a reflection of their Trainer."

Shalour City: A city of awakening

The spiritual capital of Kalos. The air that was breathed in the city was filled with very ancient secrets, legends and myths.

Korrina met up with our heroes and gave them a quick tour of the city before taking them to the Master Tower, which could only be visited in the afternoon, when the Tidal was low.

At the entrance was a huge statue of a Mega-Lucario.

"It symbolizes the link with the first Mega-Lucario," Gurkinn explained. "Centuries ago one of my ancestors came to this island from Hoenn with his lucario. Together they found two particular stones, with which they achieved the first mega evolution in the history of Kalos. Since then our family has been in charge of protecting this city."

"How cool!" said Ash upon hearing the story.

"Right? My family is quite an expert when it comes to mega evolutions,” Korrina said proudly. "Professor Sycamore himself studied here for several years."

“Still, there are so many mysteries to solve about mega evolution…” Clemont murmured.

"I would like to have a mega dedenne!" Bonnie said.

“I don't think that can be possible…” Serena laughed nervously.


Shalour Gym

“You don't know how much I wanted to face you. There is no need for more words between friends and rivals, so… Let the show begin!” ―Korrina, the Evolution fighter!

Hawlucha, Fletchinder and Pikachu vs Mienfoo, Machoke and Mega Lucario. After defeating her first two Pokémon without much trouble, Ash had to use all three in order to defeat Korrina's mega lucario. Luckily Pikachu gave his all and managed to defeats Lucario.

"Wow, you defeated me! I have to try even harder." Korrina said, happy to have given it her all against her rival. After this she gave Ash the Rumble badge, her third already.

They spent the next day with Korrina, with Bonnie trying to get her and her brother alone. In the afternoon they went to the next gym.

Lagoon Town

Shauna and her bulbasaur took Ash's group to the Pokémon Showcase, where Aria was going to do her special Showcase

“Ladies and Gentlemen, before you the queen of Kalos: Aria!" said Monsieur Pierre, presenter of the Pokémon Showcase.

In the audience, Ash thought he saw Jessie, James and Meowth for a few seconds but Aria's performance took all his attention. Her and her braixen shined with their own light and brought joy to people's hearts, making them smile just by being on stage.

After Aria, the rookie class performances began. Shauna explained the phases of the show to Serena and revealed that she had already signed up. Serena, convinced after seeing Aria in person, also ended up signing up.

Skiddo Ranch

“In this place there are skiddo, gogoat, mareep, doduo and dodrio,” Serena explained. "The ranch is famous for its products made with Skiddo milk."

"Wow, you know a lot about this ranch." Ash said surprised.

"M-my mother used to bring me here when I was younger." Serena said, blushing slightly.

At the ranch, and after stopping the TFio from stealing ice cream, they met Grace, Serena's mother, in person. This time Clemont stepped forward and shut her sister's mouth before she asked her friend's mother to be her girlfriend.

Grace wanted her daughter to follow in her rhyhorn racing footsteps but Serena told her that she wanted to be a Pokémon Performer. The two decided to have a skiddo race to solve the problem.

Serena managed to win the race by very little, so Grace decided to let her continue with her trip when she saw how strong her daughter had become.


In the middle of a forest, the Malamar appeared, wanting to dominate humans, accompanied by two other Malamar, whom he had convinced to be his minions. Knowing that the Pokémon could cause problems in the long run, TFio asked our heroes for help again. Also joining was Agent Jenny, former Madame X, who had been following the evil malamar for a while.

“Those three Malamar have been using their psychic powers to manipulate Kalos scientists,” Agent Jenny explained. "They have built a weapon to rebuild the region and make it more habitable for them."

“It looks like something out of a PokéWood movie." Bonnie commented.

"Only if they succeed, their plan to dominate the world will be easier," Espurr said. "Professor Xerosic has created a monster beyond his understanding."

"It wouldn’t be the first time." Xavier said.

"And it probably won't be the last." Yvonne said.

Together they detained the Malamar but he managed to escape.

Coumarine City: The city where bay and butte are bound

The Pokémon gym was at the top of a huge tree. When they reached the top they were able to see the leader Ramos, who offered them a cup of tea. Ash was very impatient to fight, even so Ramos asked them for help to take care of his garden.


Coumarine Gym

“If you let yourself be carried away by what you have before you, you will lose sight of what is important. You must calm down and observe carefully what’s the most important thing, especially during gym battles.” ―Ramos, the old growth is still in bloom!

Fletchinde, Hawlucha and Frogadier vs Jumpluff, Weepinbell and Gogoat. Thanks to Ramos's advice, Ash was able to win the fight.

"Your Pokémon trust you, and you trust them... It was a battle that will take your breath away." said Ramos after losing and giving the Plant badge to Ash.

“It has been thanks to your advice that I have been able to realize my defects." Ash said picking up the badge.


"A long time ago there was a trainer and his Pokémon, together they began a journey and lived countless adventures, finally settling on this earth and living happily ever after. In honor of their eternal friendship, the trainer gave his Pokémon a small tree as a beautiful reminder of everything they had been through together. Soon the little tree grew and grew and became the largest tree in Coumarine City, and that tree was called the "Pledging Tree." Ramos told them the next day, as an annual festival was being celebrated.

"Is that tree where the gym is now?" Clemont asked. Ramos nodded as he smiled.

Our heroes, following the customs of the festival, decided to buy gifts for their Pokémon and themselves. Shauna joined them as she was there preparing for the Pokémon Showcase.

At the end of the day Serena received two surprise gifts, a dress from her mother and a blue ribbon from Ash.


Due to an oversight in styling her fennekin, Serena didn’t make it past the first round and lost the Showcase. After a close vote with Jessilee, Shauna won, getting her first key.

Serena, in an attempt not to give up, cut her hair and changed her clothes to show her new self.

Palermo, a former queen of Kalos and current producer, observed Serena, noticing something special about her unlike the other contestants.

Before leaving the city Ash faced Calem in a Pokémon battle. The boy had gone to see Serena and Shauna at the Showcase.

Kalos Central

It was an ecological power plant that supplied electricity to the entire Kalos region and especially Lumiose City, using solar panels above all.

However, Team Flare, led by scientist Aliana, had invaded the place, kidnapping the workers and Pokémon. Ash, Clemont, Shauna and Calem managed to make their way through the grunts and reach Aliana.

Meanwhile Serena and Bonnie called the police but were attacked by several grunts, who cornered them. Luckily Sina and Dexio, dressed as masked heroes, appeared and saved them. Apparently professor Sycamore had sent them to investigate the mysterious blackouts in Lumiose City.

"I'm carrying out a very important investigation... that you wouldn't even remotely understand," Aliana said as she saw how Ash challenged her. "And now my main task is to get rid of you. Ah ha ha!"

After defeating the Team Flare, Agent Jenny arrived along with other police officers but Aliana had already escaped. Luckily there were no injured workers or at least that's what Alexa, who had gone to investigate the news, told them.

“I had to give up my research on Blaziken's Mask,” Alexa complained, “but this is more important."

Seeing how strong Ash was, Clemont left the group along with Shauna to head to Lumiose City and prepare for battle against Ash.

On the way to the gym Ash's group met Aria, the current queen of Kalos. The beautiful and charismatic young woman went incognito so as not to be recognized by her fans, because she wanted to have a quiet day just for herself.

Aria not only gave Serena advice, but also taught her through Pokémon battles to trust her Pokémon and herself more.

Prism Tower - Lumiose Gym

“…Even if you are my friend, I’m not going to hold back. No, precisely because you are my friend I plan to go all out!” ―Clemont, the inventor lighting up the world.

Pikachu, Hawlucha and Goodra vs Bunnelby, Heliolisk and Luxray. The ferocious Luxray was unable to take down Goodra due to his high resistance and defense, causing Ash to end up winning over his best friend from Kalos.

“It has been an electrifying fight. The inspiration I needed!" Clemont said very happy, feeling how new strategies and inventions appeared in his head.

"The best fights are always against your friends." said Ash after receiving the Voltage badge.

After this Clemont rejoined the group, leaving Clembot in charge of the gym. While Calem stayed in the city.


Lysandre Café

For some reason that completely red place gave Ash chills but he couldn't say why. Professor Sycamore had called them over the Holo caster because he really wanted them to meet someone.

Professor Sycamore introduced them to Lysandre, a huge, elegant red-haired man. The professor seemed to admire him a lot because of the way he talked about him. Apparently Lysandre was a famous philanthropist and owned laboratories in which research was carried out and devices such as the Holo caster were created.

"And on top of that he’s of royal blood." Sycamore said.

"True. I'm a descendant of the king's younger brother." Lysandre said proudly. "That being said, that story is 3,000 years old, so it might not be entirely reliable."

"That doesn't matter, since Lysandre is always giving money to researchers so we can improve the region and our relationship with Pokémon." said the professor.

"People can be divided into two groups. Those who give... And those who take... I want to be the kind of person who gives...," Lysandre said very seriously. "But in this world, some foolish humans exist who would show their strength by taking what isn't theirs. They're filth! Long, long ago, the king of Kalos sought to take everything for his own, and he created a terrible weapon. Then the fire of destruction was unleashed..."

"The weapon that’s in Geosenge town?" asked Ash, who was the only one not intimidated by the anger in Lysandre's words.

Lysandre nodded, although he seemed a little annoyed at the interruption.

"Kalos is beautiful right now! There’ll be no foolish actions if the number of people and Pokémon don’t increase. That being said, the future isn't decided. You can't be sure each day will be like the one before. What the king of Kalos did was reprehensible, but... The ultimate weapon did manage to wash the world clean of that era's filth."

After saying this, Lysandre apologized because he was in a hurry and left the cafe while the people who had heard his speech applauded him.

However, our heroes could only look at each other in bewilderment.

"What an intense guy." Bonnie commented.

"And arrogant." Serena noted.

"I would say that he’s simply very passionate," the professor clarified. "Although what he has said is only his opinion, no one is in possession of the absolute truth except Arceus."

"The truth..." Ash murmured as he remembered Reshiram.

Along the way our heroes met a very tall man with long gray hair. The man saved Bonnie from a pack of wild Pokémon when she got lost in the middle of the forest.

Clemont thanked the man for saving his sister and invited him to have dinner with them. The man called himself AZ

"This is the best food I've had in decades." He said with a serious expression.

"No need to exaggerate." Clemont laughed. The others also laughed although they didn’t hesitate to praise the culinary abilities of his friend.

"If you come to Sinnoh you have to try my friend Lucas's food," Ash advised the hermit. "He’s studying to be the best chef in the world and be able to make everyone enjoy his dishes no matter who they are."

"A noble and good objective, the world has improved a lot although there are things that never change..." said the man, leaving the plate on the floor. "As a reward for this delight, let me tell you a story from Kalos' distant past..."


A long, long time ago... There was a man who felt immense love for his Pokémon. Then, a war broke out. That Pokémon that that man loved so much had to take part in it. In the end it was returned to the man in a small box. But he wanted to bring his Pokémon back to life. He had to achieve it at all costs. To do this, he created a machine capable of reviving his Pokémon. And it was in this way that he managed to reunite with his beloved Pokémon.

But that man heart was still boiling with rage. He couldn't... he didn't want to forgive the world that had caused so much damage to his Pokémon. For this reason, he decided to transform that machine into an ultimate weapon. Thus, that man became the herald of the destruction that ended that war. His Pokémon, that now had the gift of eternal life, must have sensed something. She realized that she was brought back to life thanks to the energy of other sacrificed Pokémon.

The resurrected and inmortal Pokémon left the man forever. The man was overcome with enormous sadness. Why just now that he had achieved eternal life? And so, after days of loneliness, the man lost everything that made him human. Cursed by the light of the weapon, that man was doomed to wander aimlessly for all eternity... In the same way, his Pokémon, Floette was also destined to wander until the end of time... Would they ever be together again

Scary House

A mysterious old man named Lon lived there with a gastly, a haunter, and a Gengar. The four of them invited our heroes to dinner, allowed them to bathe in hot water and sleep in soft, cozy beds. Bonnie took a photo with Lon and his Pokémon.

Ash felt that he had already experienced a similar situation in Sinnoh but he didn't give it any importance. Not even when he saw an old photo of Lon as a child. The photo was more than a hundred years old.

The next morning they all woke up in the middle of the field, hungry and very cold. But at least Bonnie had the photo she took with Lon.

Laverre City: The city of otherworldly dreams

Ash met Sawyer, a boy from Hoenn who had come to participate in the Kalos league. The green-haired boy was very enthusiastic and always had a notebook to write down everything he learned about Pokémon and rival trainers.

Later Serena suggested everyone go to Valerie's store, a famous fashion designer and gym leader. While Serena and Bonnie were looking at Valerie's beautiful designs, Ash and Sawyer had a Pokémon battle in which the latter lost.

When the fight ended they went to check on Serena and Bonnie. Valerie had hired them both to replace two models who hadn’t been able to participate in Valerie's new show.

The Furisode girls, Kali, Blossom, Katherine and Linnea had helped in preparing everything.

“Each of my designs have been made to be used perfectly in battle,” Valerie said proudly. "True beauty is only found in nature."

Valerie then allowed Sawyer to challenge her to a match in the middle of the catwalk. Valerie won and the parade ended.


Laverre Gym

“Hello young trainer. The elusive Fairy may appear frail as the breeze and delicate as a bloom, but it is strong." ―Valerie, the maiden from a land with history.

Fletchinder and Hawlucha vs Sylveon and Spritzee. Despite not having effective moves against the Fairy type, Ash managed to overcome Valerie and defeat her much to the chagrin of the kimono-clad young girls.

"Yes... That was a fine battle. I shall reward you for this great victory. This’s the Fairy Badge. It is yours now. Its beauty is captivating" Valerie said.

The next day, during lunch, Sawyer told them that he came to Kalos on the advice of Steven Stone, the Hoenn champion. Ash was surprised that Steven had become champion again and told Sawyer that he knew him quite well too.

"Wait, aren't you the guy who helped Steven during the Hoenn crisis?" Sawyer asked, stunned. "Nobody knows who you are because the Hoenn P.A., the press and the police covered it up, but what you have told me has given me many clues."

Ash scratched his head nervously, not knowing if he should continue talking about the topic. But upon seeing the looks that everyone was giving him, he gave a small sigh and briefly recounted his relationship with Steven and professor Birch, who had given his initial to Sawyer.

His friends were quite surprised by what they heard, Serena even got scared when thinking about all the dangers that the teen from Pallet town had gone through.

"You are a hero, Ash." Sawyer said proudly. Ash blushed slightly, trying not to let the fame go to his head.

Shortly after, Ash and Sawyer had a three-on-three battle in which Ash won, but Sawyer vowed to get stronger next time.

Poké Ball Factory

Team Flare, this time led by scientists Celosia and Bryony, had invaded the factory to control the production of Poké Balls and monopolize them.

Calem, Shauna and Trevor were in the area so they helped our heroes stop Team Flare. While Calem stayed protecting Serena and Bonnie, Ash and the rest advanced through the grunts until they reached the president's office.

"Collaborate with Team Flare!" Celosia said to the frightened director. "Or, with a contribution of just five million, you could become a member of Team Flare. It's a no-brainer!"

"H-honestly, I don't know what you guys from Team Flare have going on!" said the president. "I'm not supporting anyone whose goal is to monopolize Poké Balls!"

“I'm afraid we'll have to blow up this factory," said Bryony, who immediately noticed the arrival of our heroes. "Well, well... Do we have intruders?"

"The audacity! The only intruders here are you! Hey child! Please help me!" the president shouted when he saw Ash, Clemont, Shauna and Trevor.

"Don't worry, sir, we'll save you right away!" Ash said with a confident smile. At this point he was already an expert fighting criminal organizations, unlike his new friends who were very nervous.

"Wow, look at how many nuisances together!" said Celosia.

"I'm afraid your chances of winning are zero now that we're here." Clemont said trying to sound confident in front of Shauna.

"You're just kids! We, on the other hand, form an invincible team! We will take victory." Bryony said angrily.


"I’m so angry. We’re so lame! But one cannot improve by infused science." Celosia complained as she saw how her Pokémon fell defeated. "At least we have all the Poké Balls, Super Balls, and Ultra Balls we wanted."

"Probability is just probability, after all... Absolutes do not exist." Bryony said.

"Wow, they talk like Clemont and Trevor." Shauna commented.

"T-that's not true!" Clemont and Trevor said at the same time.

"But Clemont, you're always saying, “The future is now, thanks to science!" Ash reminded him.

"And what does that have to do with what these crazy women say?!" an embarrassed Clemont complained.

Celosia and Bryony escaped along with a few grunts. They tried to blow up the factory but the police had already defused the bombs.

The president gave a Big Nugget as a prize to each of our heroes before they left.


“Latest news: The attack on the Poké Ball Factory has ended, it seems that Kalos's supply has not been affected by the attempted attack. The alleged culprits appear to be members of the infamous criminal organization known as Team Flare…”―Lumiose TV News.

Lost Hotel

Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie arrived at a hotel that was in very bad shape. According to Weston, the owner, the culprits were his rival Macario and her gang of teenagers whom he had convinced to vandalize the hotel.

Ash and his friends helped defeat Macario and his gang. In addition, Weston managed to convince the gang members to work for him instead of being unemployed criminals. In the end even Macario ended up as a hotel bellboy.

Dendemille Village: A town where fluff dances on the wind

"This town is dedicated to agriculture, that's why it has so many mills." Serena informed.

"Do you know that cause you were here as a child?" Ash asked.

"No, it said it on my map." Serena said.

"With how cold it is, I don't know how they want to be farmers." Clemont complained.

"Not everyone is lazy like you, little brother." Bonnie said sighing.


Dendemille Village Pokémon Showcase

Wearing the dress that Valerie had given her, Serena participated in the Showcase alongside Braixen and Pancham. Serena won, leaving her rival Miette second and Jessilee fifth.

Monsieur Pierre then gave Serena her first key to the princess. As revenge Miette later flirted with Ash in front of Serena to annoy her before leaving.

Frost Cavern

To cross the place they needed to ride a mamoswine, but the boy in charge of renting them said that the Pokémon did not dare to move forward since something was happening in the grotto.

Our heroes went to investigate and ran into Trevor, who just took a photo of Articuno. Together with the boy they advanced until they met Mable, a scientist from Team Flare who was capturing the Pokémon in the area.

"This Abomasnow is a fine specimen! It's absolutely brimming with energy. The more we agitate it, the stronger its Snow Warning Ability becomes, making the snow fall even more furiously. Let's catch it swiftly and get out of here." Mable said as her grunts cornered the scared Pokémon.

"Hey! Poké Ball Thieves! What are you doing here?" Trevor asked.

"What does it look like? We're catching Pokémon. Why else would we have grabbed all of those Poké Balls? It was all so we could catch powerful Pokémon like this Abomasnow. It's full of potent energy!"

"Energy?" Clemont asked curiously.

"And that's why you're hurting him?" —Serena said angrily.

"You are despicable!/Pika, pii!" said Ash and Pikachu.

Mable laughed at their angry expressions.

"You're not the brightest one, are you? Whoever has the most Pokémon and the most energy will come out on top! Lazy people who just wait for things to be handed to them don't get to have these resources!"

The heroes looked at each other in confusion.

"And why does Team Flare intend to gather so much money, Pokémon, and energy? In other words, why have you decided to monopolize everything?" Trevor asked.

"Allow me to spell it out for you! It's so Team Flare--and only Team Flare--can survive! After all, why should we care about saving people who aren't on our side? Anyway, I don't mind a healthy curiosity, but I'm afraid I just don't have any more time for you."

"...These people are crazy!" Bonnie said, announcing out loud what everyone was thinking.

"Bah, grunts, kill those twerps!" Mable ordered.


Ash took care of Mable while his friends took care of the grunts.

"Hmm... You're more powerful than you look. I wonder how much energy there is inside you." said Mable after losing. "Come on, let's get out of here my grunts!"

M18: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

A long time ago a Hoopa in his unbound form appeared in a town in the middle of the desert. Bragging about his power, Hoopa summoned several legendary Pokémon through his rings, fighting them and returning them to their homes in the middle of the fights. During the fights Hoopa ended up destroying the town, so a wise man named Ghris sealed almost all of his power in a prison bottle, causing Hoopa to become small and almost harmless.

Over time the village became Dahara City and the sage's grandsons, Mihrimah and her brother Bahir became Hoopa's caretakers. Our heroes befriended Hoopa, who could bring objects, people, and Pokémon through his rings, but he couldn't travel through them as he had his power sealed.

Xavier, Yvonne and Espurr stole the prison bottle containing Hoopa's powers and ended up accidentally breaking it.

"I'm afraid we just lost our promotions." the TFio said.

Hoopa's power went out of control, acquiring the form of Hoopa's Shadow that sought to destroy the city by controlling legendary Pokémon.

The normal Hoopa then summoned his own legendaries and a battle between legends took place in the city. Our heroes helped Bahir create a new prison bottle. Hoopa ended up fusing with his power and thanks to Ash she managed to overpower him and return to his true form. With his powers restored and with the help of Arceus, Hoopa was able to save the city.

Anistar City: The starry city marking the hours

When everyone arrived in the city they met Calem, Shauna and Tierno. Calem challenged Ash to a fight again and lost. Then they all went to eat while Calem gave them information about the city.

“This large pink mineral is the Sundial, the most important structure in the city,” Calem told them when they reached the coast. "At eight in the afternoon the sun shines on the clock and then it emits a bright light and starts working, but only for an hour."

"…What a curious thing." said Clemont, approaching the clock and looking at it intently.

"Yes, it seems like he has a lot of energy inside..." Ash noted, also approaching.

Later in the cafeteria, Serena asked Calem why he had been sad all afternoon. Ash, Clemont and Bonnie were the only ones in the group who hadn't realized it because they hadn't known him for years.

Calem explained that a few days ago he met an old man who had lost his wife and seemed very sad, so Calem gave him a Pokémon so he wouldn't be alone. In the end the old man died a week later, leaving a farewell note to Calem.

“Dear Calem: Thanks to your generosity and the company of Absol, my last days have passed in a cloud of happiness. Unfortunately and as I know you will understand, the time has come for Absol to return to where he belongs. I know he will be in good hands and I hope he brings you at least half of the joy he gave to this old man. As a token of gratitude, I ask you to accept this gift: a Comet Shard.” ―Note left by the deceased old man.

Calem never told them how the old man had died, but from the dark look he wore, none of them wanted to ask him.


Anistar's Pokémon Showcase

Serena participated in the Showcase, winning her second key, while Shauna came second and Jessilee third. Serena was very happy because thanks to Eevee's dance, her Pokémon had greatly improved her rhythm and coordination.

Now both Serena and Shauna had two princess keys and only needed one more.

"Your new eevee, where did you capture it?" Shauna asked Serena.

“A maid in a hotel gave it to me, she told me it was from a rich man named Backlot,” Serena explained. "I fell in love with Eevee as soon as I saw her dancing in a garden."

"She’s really pretty." Shauna said, caressing her.


"And this rock came from space three thousand years ago, professor?" Sina asked as she looked at the sundial.

"That's right, and I think it's related to the mega-stones." Professor Sycamore responded.

"…Watch out!" Dexio shouted as he pulled the professor and his girlfriend away from an espurr attack.

"Wow, he knows how to dodge." Espurr said as he hovered menacingly above them.

"A talking Pokémon?... Team Flare!" Sycamore deduced as he remembered what Ash and his friends had told them.

And speaking of them... Our heroes arrived alerted by the noise and defended the professor. However, the villains weren’t alone. They had a large group of Flare grunts helping them kidnap the professor. Luckily Olympia, the gym leader, appeared to help them and together they held them until Agent Jenny arrived. Although the TFio escaped.

"I had an unclear vision that something horrible was going to happen in Kalos..." Olympia explained worriedly. "So I came here since the clock always helps me concentrate."

"I thank you very much for helping us." said the professor.

Suddenly, Olympia had another premonition related to Ash's frogadier. She saw his life as a little froakie born from a Pokémon egg inside professor Sycamore's laboratory, where instead of playing with the other froakies, he dedicated himself to training alone. This caused conflicts between the froakie and Ash’s froakie wanted a trainer to get stronger.

Unlike other starters, this froakie wanted to choose his trainer instead of being chosen by one. However Olympia detected that what Froakie really wanted was "Love".


Anistar Gym

"Create your own path. Let nothing get in your way. Your fate, your future." ―Olympia, the person who makes paths with starlight.

Frogadier and Talonflame vs Meowstic (Male) and Meowstic (Female). It was an intense double battle in which Ash happily remembered all the double battles he had during his travels through Hoenn three years ago.

Just before her defeat, Olympia was able to see with her powers a mysterious form that Ash's frogadier would achieve in the future if he continued on the path of combat.

"With your Pokémon. Countless stars light your way forth. You have no limits." Olympia said to Ash before giving him the Psychic badge.

Professor Sycamore later asked the leader if she already knew why Kalos was going to be in danger.

"I have seen a flashing green fire that devoured Kalos and threatened to consume people and Pokémon in that whirlwind of fire," Olympia said, scaring them. "Everyone, leaders, Elite Four, champion, yourselves and part of Team Flare will be forced to participate in saving the region..."

Secret base in Lumiose city

Lysandre was sitting in his chair next to his pyroar. On both sides a bald man with sunglasses and a red-haired woman with sunglasses. Both dressed in white suits. The only two Administrators of Team Flare and their bodyguards.

"And Z1?" Lysandre asked through the Holo Caster.

"We have lost him sir, his power is greater than we could imagine," Mable responded. "I just sent you a video about the operation."

In the video he could see the Flare grunts attacking a zygarde in the Terminus Cave. Also like the zygarde he easily got rid of everyone and escaped from there.

"So much power... Only worthy of being possessed by a chosen one." Lysandre said with an evil smile.


Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie found a strange green Pokémon by chance. Bonnie became attached to him and named him Squishy. Along the way they crossed paths with the leader of Team Flare's scientific team, professor Xerosic, who revealed that Squishy was Z1, one of the cores of the legendary Pokémon Zygarde.

Despite Team Flare's efforts our heroes managed to escape with Squishy.

"Those twerps... Are they the ones who have caused problems for that trio of idiots?" Professor Xerosic asked Celosia.

"That’s right, they are also the same ones who have been bothering our plans for some time."


"Shall we inform Mr. Lysandre, professor?" Bryony asked.

"No, now that we know who they are, I'll send Agent Essentia after them," said Xerosic, replacing his red glasses. Let's focus on Z2.

Ash and his friends met up again with Calem, Shauna, Trevor and Tierno, who were surprised to see Squishy. However, during the group meal, they were attacked by a girl in a rather technological black suit. The girl had no mercy and she even tried to kill Ash with her own hands.

His Pokémon team consisted of Persian, Jellicent, Volcarona, Whimsicott, Mega Mawile, and Granbull. All trained to eliminate the enemy or subdue them in the most brutal way possible.

Squishy had to be forced to use his powers by changing into his ten percent form and attacking the girl and her Pokémon. In the final part of the battle the girl made her Pokémon return to the Poké Balls, saving them from the terrible explosion caused by Squishy.

The girl's helmet fell off and her body seemed to break against the rocks. Serena, Shauna, Trevor and Bonnie gasped when they saw this, thinking they had killed her.

The TFio, who had seen and recorded everything, sent the video to professor Xerosic.

"...What a disappointment Essentia, dying like that..." said professor Xerosic, turning off the video. "At least now we know a little more about Z1."

"Aren't you going to see it to the end?" Aliana asked. Xerosic didn’t respond and left there. She thought she saw something transparent falling from one of his eyes but it was so brief that she attributed it to her imagination.


Luckily the girl was alive. She was taken to a nearby hospital while the police were called. Calem decided to stay with her when he saw that he had not suffered serious injuries. The suit she was wearing was very durable.

Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie arrived at the famous Ninja Village thanks to Sanpei and his greninja. The two ninjas wanted to invite them to a very important festival. In the village they were received by the ninja's brothers, Ippei and Nihei, by the head of the ninja village Hanzo and his centenarian assistant Shinobu.

Unfortunately the village was attacked by Kagetomo and his ninja squad. Sanpei took our heroes to a cave where there was a painting showing a strange greninja whom the village considered a legendary hero.

Kagetomo sought revenge for not being chosen as the next village leader. That's why he used renegade ninjas to destroy his enemies and conquer the ninja village.

During the battle Frogadier evolved into Greninja, and not only that, he somehow connected with Ash's soul and acquired a form similar to that of the legendary greninja.

Everyone was perplexed by such a transformation, Ash included. In the end our heroes helped defeat Kagemoto and saved the village.

During the festival, Hanzo appointed Ippei as the new leader of the village, while Kagetomo and his assistant Heidayu left to continue training and see more of the world.

Couriway Town: A town connecting differences

“To whoever reads this letter: What are you right now? Have you become the person you wanted? What kind of person did you set out to be? I don't know the answer, but it would be wonderful to know that you’re enjoying life and that you proclaim it from the rooftops every day. To professor Sycamore of the future from the dreaming professor Sycamore of the past.”


Couriway Village Pokémon Showcase

Palermo, Aria's master, watched Serena participate in the showcase. She could see how Serena's eevee was distracted by the audience's applause and almost spoiled the show. In the end Jessilee was the winner getting her first Princess key.


Before leaving, our heroes met a friend of professor Oak, professor Tetra. Ash noticed that her laboratory was very similar to Samuel Oak's.

Professor Tetra was the creator of the famous game Picross, in which people and Pokémon worked together to complete complicated puzzles in national tournaments. As a reward to the winners, the professor gave them picrites, mysterious stones that energized the Pokémon.

Terminus Cave

Squishy was reunited with Zygarde's other core, Z2. However, professor Xerosic along with Mable and Aliana tried to capture them both. Ash and his friends protected the two cores, who also fought against Team Flare.

“Leave Squishy alone, you evil people!" Bonnie yelled angrily.

"Evil? Didn't you mercilessly kill Essentia recently?" Xerosic asked, not being able to completely hide his anger.

"Essentia? The girl you sent after us?" Clemont asked.

"The same one."

"She's alive! We are not like you!" Serena said.

"…Alive?… Emma? —Xerosic murmured in relief.

The professor's distraction allowed our heroes to escape from the cave along with the two cores. Although Z2 later left, telling Squishy that his goal was to destroy humans if they continued abusing nature and the world. However, Squishy assured him that humans deserved to live and that he would fight for them.

Ash's Greninja and Sawyer's Sceptile were fighting when a mysterious trainer named Alain noticed the energy emitted by Greninja with his Holo Caster.

"It's similar to the energy emitted by a Pokémon when it mega evolves..." Alain murmured as he watched Greninja's strange transformation.

Later Alain contacted Lysandre by Holo caster.

"How are Mairin and Chespie?" He asked worried.

“Mairin is still taking care of Chespie, but he still hasn't woken up,” Lysandre reported. "The accident at the Xerosic laboratory was more serious than we thought."

"What was Professor Xerosic investigating that caused such an explosion of energy?"

"…It’s a new experiment that will allow the flora to grow much faster. It will serve to create future oases."

After finishing the talk, Alain met Ash's group because he was curious to know more about Greninja. Alain told them that he was professor Sycamore's assistant when he saw that they knew him and thus he gained their trust.

Ash's greninja and Alain's charizard had a battle in which Ash was able to see Mega Charizard X for the first time. Greninja lost but Alain realized that his transformation wasn’t really a mega evolution even though the bond between Ash and Greninja was very strong.


In a few days Alain met with the entire Team Flare scientific team. Together they managed to capture Z2 in a very violent way, but Alain believed it was necessary to save Mairin's chespin. Besides, he was sure that Lysandre would free him when they finished investigating him…

Xavier and Yvonne looked at Espurr worriedly, as the Pokémon never seemed to enjoy seeing how they captured and experimented with other Pokémon. Understandable but being a member of Team Flare she couldn't and shouldn't complain.

Fleurrh City Pokémon Showcase

Serena was very nervous because this was her last chance to get her third and final Princess Key.

“Don't worry, Serena, we support you." Ash told him, getting him to smile a little.

“No matter what happens we will always be by your side." Clemont said.

"You're the best and you’re going to win!" Bonnie encouraged her.

By then Serena's smile was already wide and happy.

"Thank you so much…"


Her biggest rival was Amelia, a beautiful girl with a shiny dragonair. Amelia wanted Palermo to be her mentor but she rejected her and waited to see her performance.

During the vote, Serena managed to win and take her third key. Even Palermo seemed surprised by her evolution as a Pokémon Performer.

"Tell me, did you like your performance?"

“Yes, I've had a lot of fun with my Pokémon!" Serena said happy and proud of her team.

"...You still lack something to be queen of Kalos," Palermo said very seriously. "As long as you don't know what it is you will never be able to get over Aria."

Gloire City Castle

After several days of travel they had arrived at the headquarters of the Pokémon Master Class Showcase, where Serena had to face her rivals Shauna, Miette, Jessilee and Nini in order to compete against Aria, the queen of Kalos.

"Are you nervous?" Grace asked her daughter. Her mother had come from Vaniville town to see her compete.

"A little…"

“It's okay, but don't forget that you have to take risks if you want to win!"

“…You're right! Thank you mom."

Monsieur Pierre introduced the candidates, who each showed their three princess keys while greeting their fans. Pierre then introduced Palermo, the most famous former queen of Kalos, and Aria, the current queen of Kalos.

Palermo and Monsieur Pierre would be the commentators and Aria would greet the competitors and then see who would be her rival.

Serena, Shauna and Jeesilee made it to the semi-finals, with Serena being the winner. However, she had injured her wrist during her presentation. Palermo went to visit her in her dressing room.

"You should leave it, you won't be able to beat Aria in that state." Palermo warned him.

"I know but… I've come too far to give up now!" Serena said very seriously. "For my Pokémon, my family, my friends... I won't stop until this is over!"

Hearing that phrase, Palermo remembered a young Aria saying the same thing.

"…You and Aria are really the same… Okay, you can continue but when the show ends go to a hospital." Palermo asked him.



Despite the efforts of Serena, Braixen, Sylveon and Pancham, they could do nothing against the performance of Aria, Delphox, Aromatisse and Vivillon. Finally Monsieur Pierre announced Aria as the winner, maintaining her position as Queen of Kalos by having the majority of votes.

After being examined by a doctor, Palermo told Serena that Aria had won because she had the gift of making people smile and giving them strength and hope.

"That's what you need to be Queen of Kalos," Palermo said. "Tell me, would you like to come with me and be my apprentice?"

Serena ended up rejecting his offer because she wanted to continue traveling with Ash and gain more experience. In the end Palermo ended up giving her personal card so Serena could call her whenever she wanted.

Alain met up with Ash's group again, helping the young man from Pallet town to better master Ash-Greninja transformation. Ash even convinced Alain to participate in the Pokémon League upon seeing how strong he was, wanting to face him at the top of Kalos.

Battle Chateau

After speaking with Olympia about her visions and Ash, Diantha had gathered the Elite Four.

“I have already passed all the information to your modified Holo casters." Malva reported.

“Who would have imagined that a teen would have so many feats under his belt." Wikstrom said astonished.

"So young and with so much experience... Now I understand the way he sees Pokémon battles." Siebold commented.

"Well, I really want to meet him, I think I'm going to look for him to see if he’ll really be key in the salvation of Kalos." Drasna said.

"If I remember correctly, your new student is a friend of his, right?" Diantha said after taking a look at the information.

A few days later, Drasna and her new student found Ash.

"Iris?!" Ash exclaimed when he saw his friend from Unova.

"What a surprise, eh?" Iris said with a big smile after giving Ash a hug, making Serena nervous.

"Who is she?" Serena asked quickly.

“Iris, a friend I travelled through Unova with last year,” Ash said before looking at his friend. "What are you doing here?"

"I have been training with dragon tamers from different regions and now I am finishing training with Drasna. She is from the Elite Four."

“Elite Four?! Can I fight with you?" Ash asked Drasna.

"Hello! Would either of you like to be my little brother's girlfriend?" Bonnie suddenly asked Iris and Drasna.

"…E-eh?" both responded at the same time.

"Please don't pay attention to her!" Clemont shouted, grabbing her sister while he blushed with embarrassment.

“What a lively group." Drasna laughed. "Ash Ketchum, so you'd like to have a battle with me even though you know I'm from the Elite Four?"

“That is precisely why I want to fight with you." Ash said excitedly.


Ash lost the fight of course, but his Ash-Greninja did quite well, putting Drasna's dragline in a bind.

Iris was surprised by Ash's new Pokémon but was delighted to see that he also had a noivern.

During the meal, Drasna told them everything she knew about zygarde and its power to protect nature. Then Ash's noivern and Iris's fraxure had a fight, with Fraxure winning as he had more experience.

After finishing the fight Drasna asked Ash a question.

"Is it true that you saw Dialga and Palkia in Sinnoh?"

"Yes, it was surprising although they were a little scary at first."

"…You met the space-time gods and they just scared you a little?"

"They’re very nice once you met them."

Drasna laughed because it was the only reaction she got after hearing that.

"Did you know? I was born in Sinnoh, in Celestic town to be more precise." Drasna revealed.

"Like Cynthia!" Ash noted.

"Yes. Although she was still a very insolent girl when I left," Drasna recalled wistfully. "The numerous legends we heard about the legendary dragons were what prompted me to travel and become a dragon tamer."

In the afternoon Serena showed Iris Poké-vision and the Pokémon shows. Iris wasn't very attracted to the idea but they reminded her a little of Pokémon contests. Finally our heroes said goodbye to Iris and Drasna and continued their journey.

Snowbelle City: The city of everlasting winter

Accompanied by Sawyer, Ash and his friends finally arrived at the city. Sawyer already had the eight badges and had become so strong that his sceptile was already able to defeat Ash's greninja. For their part, Ash and Greninja were having trouble synchronizing.

As they walked through the city, Ash could hear music similar to what he heard in Jubilife City in Sinnoh. Apparently the music belonged to a famous pianist from Sinnoh who had moved to Kalos.

Finally our heroes arrived at the gym. However, Ash, impatient not to be outdone by Sawyer and confident in Greninja's strength, ended up losing.

Sawyer left to prepare for the league, saying he would wait for Ash. Meanwhile, the young man from the Pallet town, ashamed and saddened by his defeat, went to the Wandering Forest to reflect.

Serena went to look for him and encouraged him.

“The Ash I know doesn't give up because of a simple defeat." Serena said affectionately.

"...I'm worried about Greninja more than my defeat," Ash confessed sadly. "It's not the first time I've lost against a gym leader, but Greninja has already had two important losses in a row..."

"Then go find him and tell him not to worry." Serena suggested.

"…You're right, thank you Serena, you're the best." Ash said with a smile, making Serena blush so much that she melted the snow around her feet.

After looking for Greninja and asking him for forgiveness for not paying more attention to his feelings, the two decided to return to the gym the next day as a team. Of course the TFio appeared to spoil the moment, but thanks to them Ash and Greninja managed to master the emotional metamorphosis, Greninja's ability.


Snowbelle Gym

“Are you challenging me again? That's how I like it! Our be will be like ice, hard and fragile at the same time. Everything will depend on your new strategy.” ―Wulfric, a frigid exterior that hides a red-hot spirit.

Pikachu, Talonflame and Ash-Greninja vs Bergmite, Avalugg and Mega Abomasnow. After an intense finale between Ash-Greninja and Mega Abomasnow, Ash managed to take the Iceberg badge, surprising Wulfric with his tenacity.

"Outstanding! I'm tough as an iceberg, but you smashed me through and through!" Wulfric said giving him the Iceberg badge.

"It has been a difficult fight but I have learned a lot." Ash said accepting the badge.

P19: Volcanion and the mechanical marvel

The evil Alva was a man who mastered the arcane arts and knew the history of the kingdom of Azoth. His objective was to manipulate the little prince Raleigh and gain the power of the kingdom and the legendary Pokémon magearna.

With his science Alva created a technique called Mega Wave with which he forced Pokémon to forcefully mega evolve and serve him without question.

Ash and his friends, with the help of princess Kimia and the legendary Volcanion, protected Magearna and defeated Alva, destroying her plans for domination. In addition, princess Kimia and her brother Raleigh destroyed all the research on the mega wave.

Lumiose City – Kalos League

The league had begun and was full of trainers who relied heavily on mega evolution to crush their rivals. Ash had a lot of experience that didn't depend on that. And also Greninja's transformation was something new for everyone. Luckily the Kalos Pokémon Association, after analyzing it, saw nothing illegal and allowed it to be used.

Calem, Tierno, Trevor, Sawyer and Alain, they were all there, accompanied by their loved ones and wanting to win. Professor Sycamore, Sina and Dexio had also come.

Ash defeated Tierno and his Mega Blastoise, Trevor and his Mega Charizard Y, and Calem and his Mega Absol, reaching the semi-finals.

"You have had some very intense battles." said a pink-haired woman to Ash.

He and his friends were eating at the Pokémon Center when the woman had approached them.

She was accompanied by Alexa, Phil the Photo Guy and Amelia Shuffle. Alexa greeted our heroes and told them that her boss Malva was from the Elite Four.

"Elite Four?! Pleas-!" Ash couldn't finish the sentence because Serena covered his mouth.

"Remember that you must save your strength for the league." She said very seriously.

"Your girlfriend is right, save your strength for the next fights." Malva said.

"G-girlfriend?!" Serena said, almost fainting from her excitement upon hearing that word.

"She's not my girlfriend, she's my friend." Ash said with a smile, making Serena's heart break into pieces.

"Speaking of girlfriends, be my little brother's girlfriend!" Bonnie said to Malva, who smiled with a mischievous look.

"Maybe one day."


"Please don't play along with my sister!" Clemont said almost fainting from embarrassment.


"Ash, since I met you, you have always been my goal." Sawyer said when the time came to face his hero. "Beating you’ll bring me closer to my goal of being a better Pokémon trainer. You’re the peak that I must overcome to leave behind my weak self!"

"I admit that I didn't take you very seriously at first and I apologize for that," Ash said. "I know how it feels to have someone you want to beat barely notice you. However, seeing how you approached me was exciting and worrying. Now I can only say that I’m very happy to be able to face you as equals. I don't plan to lose!"

Pikachu, Hawlucha, Goodra, Noivern, Talonflame and Ash-Greninja vs Slaking, Clawitzer, Aegislash, Salamance, Slupuff and Mega Sceptile.

After a brutal ending between rivals Ash-Greninja and Mega Sceptile, Ash defeated Sawyer, who accepted the defeat with a smile but later when he was alone he cried because he hadn’t been able to surpass his hero.


Before the final, Lysandre appeared accompanying Alain and Mairin. Lysandre spoke to Ash again and seemed interested in her greninja.

"Perhaps you too are a chosen one too…" Lysandre murmured.

Mairin told everyone that her chespin, Chespie, was sick due to an accident and couldn't wake up yet.

Calem later told our heroes that Emma was fine and had confessed her crimes. Apparently she had voluntarily subjected herself to professor Xerosic's experiments in order to support the orphans of Lumiose City. However, she didn’t remember all of her actions, as the helmet she used to wear as Essentia left her in a state of unconsciousness when Xerosic required her to do difficult jobs for Team Flare.

"They’re monsters," Ash said angrily. "Taking advantage of someone like that..."

"Yes, they are monsters but at least Emma is being taken care of by the police," Calem said happily. "Plus with her improved physical abilities she could help a lot and get money legally. Anyway, professor Sycamore has promised to help her with the orphans."


Pikachu, Talonflame, Goodra, Hawlucha, Noivern and Ash-Greninja vs Tyranitar, Metagross, Weavile, Bisharp, Unfezant and Mega Charizard. Even Ash-Greninja couldn't beat Alain's best Pokémon, falling after a fierce battle.

Alain, satisfied with having been able to give his all against Ash, received his trophy from Diantha and was crowned champion of the Kalos League 2020.


AZ approached the city slowly as a floette floated near him.

"Is my punishment over, my friend? That can only mean one thing… My moment of redemption has begun. We’ll stay here and prevent my brother's descendant from reaching the ultimate weapon."

“I’m addressing all users of the Holo Caster to convey a message of utmost importance. Team Flare is set to change this world forever. We have in our power the legendary Zygarde, guardian of nature and with his power we will control Kalos. Then we will capture Xerneas and Yvetal to activate the ultimate weapon that will wipe out all but the chosen ones from the face of the planet, thus returning the world to its state of supreme beauty. Greed and laziness consume us and corrupt our future. If nothing changes, the world will be devastated by bloody conflicts between brothers. I'm sorry, those of you who are not members of Team Flare, but this is adieu to you all." ―Lysandre, leader of Team Flare.


“I am addressing all users of the Holo caster to convey a message of utmost importance. I'm Malva from the Kalos Elite Four and director of Lumiose TV. I finished sending you all the information necessary to put an end to Team Flare's plans. These are years of research carried out by my best workers, who have risked their lives for this moment. Don't lose hope or let panic take over. The new world that Team Flare wants to create is nothing more than a lie created by Lysandre, who is unable to bear the fact of having to live with people he considers inferior. To carry out his plans, he has sacrificed hundreds and hundreds of Pokémon to achieve immortality alone. He now wants to sacrifice Xerneas and Yvetal to eliminate the “non-chosen”. Let us avenge all the people and Pokémon who have suffered at the hands of Team Flare!” ―Message from Malva.

People couldn't believe what they were seeing and reading on the Holo caster. Lysandre, the great philanthropist and researcher, was an elitist madman who had killed hundreds of Pokémon, was immortal, and wanted to kill almost everyone.

Even so, Malva's information was very good and accurate, so the Pokémon Association and the police quickly coordinated to attack Team Flare's secret bases.

Meanwhile, huge vines covered the entire Lumiose city, causing people to panic. Team Flare grunts attacked anyone who tried to flee the city.

Lysandre was controlling Z2 in his fifty percent form. Squishy also used the same form and confronted his friend in the middle of the city.

Alain, furious and sad to see that he had been manipulated and deceived, couldn’t move. He need Ash's words to wake up and realize that he had to protect Mairin.

"This is my moment! No matter how many traitors or idiots try to stop me, I have won!" Lysandre said between laughs.

"Lysandre, you're finished!" Ash shouted after having climbed with Alain and Calem to the top of the Prism Tower.

"Ketchum... It's a shame that, being a chosen one, you have chosen to oppose my new world!"

"You call destroying everything a new world because you don't like it?!"

"This rotten world must be purged so that a new and hopeful one can be reborn! Only I, together with the guardian of order, can make this utopia a reality! Just me!"

“Damn crazy man…” Calem muttered.

"You used Mairin so you could continue manipulating me, right?" Alain asked devastated. Lysandre just laughed, not even looking at him.

Soon the three boys were surrounded by many grunts.

"Kill them except Ketchum, I want him to see my new world before I kill ihimwith my own hands!" Lysandre ordered.

"You won't win, villain!" Shouted Sina and Dexio, who were accompanied by several police officers.

"Tch… So many pest." Lysandre snapped.


The gym leaders, the Elite Four, Blaziken Mask, Clemont, Shauna and Trevor were dedicated to protecting people from the vines and defeating the Team Flare grunts, who were dropping like flies before them and other angry Pokémon trainers.

Squishy, ​​with the help of Bonnie, transmitted to Z2 by telepathy all his feelings and memories accumulated with Bonnie. All the kindness received by Ash's group and other people and Pokémon... That made Z2 break Lysandre's control and agree, at least for the moment, to help stop Team Flare.


Lysandre Laboratories

Xavier and Yvonne had taken off their Team Flare uniforms and were helping Diantha, professor Sycamore, and Emma destroy the labs so they could never use the Ultimate Weapon again.

Their change of attitude was due to having discovered the atrocities of his leader Lysandre. They knew of certain experiments, but a genocide of people and Pokémon... That was too much even for them. Espurr had asked them to help her get revenge, and they weren't going to leave a friend of hers hanging on, especially when she was so cute.

"Emma, why do you betray me like this?!" Xerosic exclaimed when he saw his “protégé”.

"I am very grateful for all the help you gave me to take care of the orphans... But I can’t allow you to continue using me and others for your evil plans," Emma said. "I know deep down you’re not as bad as Lysandre, so please give up."


"Listen to her or you won't like the consequences!" Said a grunt, taking off his disguise and revealing himself to be Looker. "In the name of the International Police, everyone is under arrest!"

On the outskirts of Lumiose city

"Let’s go Z!" Lysandre shouted like a maniac.

Their Pokémon and grunts had been defeated, Z2 was free and fused with Squishy taking on the complete forme of Zygarde. So Lysandre had used the vines to create a false zygarde and head towards Anistar City.

He would use the Sundial's energy to create his own Ultimate Weapon and kill them all. It was a desperate plan but the only one he had left.

Gym leaders, Elite Four, Champion, AZ, Ash and his friends... All together they stood in front of Lysandre and his pseudo zygarde, using their Pokémon to attack him with everything.

The final assault was formed by Zygarde, Ash-Greninja and Mega Charizard X. Together they attacked the heart of the pseudo zygarde destroying it in a strong and powerful explosion.

"N-no, I'm the chosen one, I can't lose, not like this!" Lysandre shouted before his body was almost completely destroyed.

Everyone watched in horror as Lysandre's body was slowly healing thanks to his new immortality.

"It’ll take a couple of years for him to be able to move again,” AZ reported. "And after a decade his immortality will leave him and he’ll return to being a normal human. The amount of Pokémon that he sacrificed wasn’t as much as… as the number of humans and Pokémon that I sacrificed in the past."

“I suppose we should thank you, former king of Kalos." Diantha said somewhat nervously.

"Don't do it, girl. Give them to young Ash and his friends, they’re the ones who have bothered Team Flare the most."

"What about me?" Malva asked annoyed. The others just laughed. Kalos was safe and the bad guys had been defeated.

“A-Ash Ketchum,” Lysandre suddenly said with the little strength he had left, surprising everyone. "Y-you have everything to be a chosen one. Your c-connection with the greninja of legends is more than enough proof."

"If being a chosen one means having to follow your nonsense then I don’t want to be one!"

"…I-I see, even you are unable to understand my vision…" Lysandre said before closing his eyes.

Serena, on Palermo's advice, decided that she wanted to learn more about the world and they would travel to Hoenn to participate in Pokémon contests.

Clemont was once again a full-time Gym Leader and Bonnie would of course stay by his side.

Alain would travel throughout Kalos with Mairin in search of mega stones.

Calem, Shauna, Trevor and Tierno would help with the reconstruction of Lumiose City.

Sawyer would return to Hoenn, his home region, to get stronger and improve as a trainer. His new mission was to become a Top trainer.

Xavier, Yvonne and Espurr lived with Emma, helping her take care of the orphans after using the money they had to build a good orphanage in Lumiose City. The children had named Espurr Mimi, who seemed happy with her new nickname.

Calem used to visit Emma quite a bit to see how she was doing, a detail that everyone was beginning to notice. Emma for her part had received an offer from Looker to be her apprentice in the International Police.

Kiloude City: A kind, sweet, and exquisite city

Before parting ways, Ash and his friends used the Mega-Speed ​​Train to reach a remote city.

They had heard that in that city they ate, drank and breathed Pokémon battles. According to rumors, only those capable of winning a Pokémon league could survive the pressure of that place.

Serena, Clemont and Bonnie wanted to go to the new Friend Safari created by Mr. Baoba, much to Ash's dismay.

“It's a pleasure to see you again Ash, I already thought you wouldn't want to know anything about my safaris." Mr. Baoba laughed.

"And I don’t…"

"Is something wrong with safaris?" Serena asked curiously.

"Nothing important."

"“Nothing important,” he says, this guy is a safari legend." said Mr. Baoba, telling the famous story of the thirty tauros.

His friends took Ash away before he tried to attack the safari owner. Meanwhile, Pikachu laughed when he saw such situation.

In the afternoon our heroes met up with Xavier and Yvonne, who were on their honeymoon after leaving the Lumiose orphanage in good hands. They seemed very happy.


Battle House

Ash found Wally fighting other strong trainers. The boy seemed very focused and somewhat depressed.

"What’s wrong? Are you ill?" Ash asked worried. After a few seconds of silence, Wally shook his head.

“In the end I had the courage to ask May to be my girlfriend... But she told me that although her feelings for me were deep, they didn’t go beyond friendship..."

“…I'm not very good at those things, but I'm sure Serena knows how to cheer you up." Ash said, asking her friend for help.

"I don’t know anything about love." Serena said, blushing.

"Oh really?" Bonnie said with an incredulous look. "It's okay Ash's friend, I'll get you a girlfriend in this place, you'll see."

Wally wanted to tell her that he wasn't looking for girlfriends but Bonnie was like a miniature tornado that grabbed him by the hand and dragged him all over the place.

Meanwhile Ash began to fight other trainers. He did so well that he managed to meet the combat ladies Morgan, Dana, Evelyn and Nita, who were Top trainers of Kalos chosen by Diantha herself a couple of years ago.

They all had some legendary Pokémon on their team and each had their own fighting style. The elegant and calm Morgan dominated the rotation battles, the fierce and arrogant Dana the triple battles, the shy and clumsy Evelyn the double battles and the cheerful and lively Nita the single battles.

To everyone's surprise, Bonnie managed to get Wally to get the attention of all four sisters at the same time.

“Wow, this can only mean that if I can't find girlfriends for my brother it's my brother's fault." Bonnie deduced.

"Please, stop getting into my love life..." Clemont asked depressed.

A few days later, Ash had to leave Ash-Greninja with Squishy and Z2, as they needed him to detect the vines that still remained throughout Kalos. It hurt Bonnie to say goodbye to Squishy but she promised him that when she was older she would come back for him.

After saying goodbye to their friends, Ash and Pikachu returned by plane to Kanto.


As a Top trainer, Ash received an invitation from the Pokémon World Association to participate in the Pokkén Tournament. A tournament between the Top trainers from different regions where they always fought in a one versus one. Of all of them, only one would be chosen to enter the Iron league, in which they would have to face the five strongest trainers in the region and win the Iron cup.

The tournament was in Ferrum, a large island in the middle of the ocean that had several ruins belonging to ancient civilizations.

Ash of course accepted and went to Ferrum without hesitation to participate in the tournament. Being a Top trainer wasn't easy, so there were only three to five at most per region. Ash got to see some like Whitney from Johto, Riley from Sinnoh or Morgan from Kalos.

To his surprise, Ash won the tournament and was chosen for the Iron league. Without realizing it, his level and that of his Pokémon had increased a lot. According to what other candidates said, he had the necessary level to be someone in the Elite Four.

When participating in the Iron League challenge, he was given a personal guide named Nia, who was a woman who liked to wear extravagant outfits every day to the despair of her Pokémon Weavile.

With Nia's help he was able to prepare well and learn to use Gaia's energy that connected him with his Pokémon in a synergistic way.


With Infernape Ash defeated Travis' Garchomp on Phos Volcano. With Meganium he defeated Keith's Suicune at Thalia Beach. With Hawlucha to Elinn's Braixen in the Mystery Carnival. With Charizard to Glenn's Machamp in the Ferrum Dojo. And with Pikachu to Alyssa the Grandmaster's Pikachu at Ferrum Stadium.


When Ash won the cup, he was visited by four people, a girl named Anne and three adults named Walter, Nora and Jake. He had already seen Anne on other occasions and they had even spoken, not much since the girl seemed somewhat shy and mysterious.

“This tournament was nothing more than a farce to select someone worthy of helping us." Walter explained.

"What the old man means," Nora said, ignoring her partner's angry look, "is that we wanted the help of someone strong enough to defeat the shadow mewtwo."

"Mewtwo? Is there a Mewtwo here?" Ash asked.

"Do you know the clone of the legendary Mew?" Jake asked surprised. Ash briefly told them about his encounters with two different mewtwo, leaving them quite impressed and murmuring among themselves that they had been very lucky.

"A few years ago Mewtwo was created by some scientists from Ferrum, but my masters rescued him and taught him that not all humans are the same," Anne told him sadly as she remembered the good times. "Mewtwo saved me from the shadow synergy stone. It’s a special stone that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family. Very few people know its existence. They say that these types of stones are the antithesis of the synergy stones that you used in the tournament. The shadow stone seeks to absorb all of the island's Gaia energy, using Mewtwo as a mindless puppet."

“We need your help to confront Mewtwo in the Shadow Colosseum, where he’s gathering strength right now,” Nia explained. "Ferrum has always been a very independent region, which the Pokémon World Association has never liked very much. They have always wanted to take advantage of any opportunity to get their hands into our affairs. With the mess we had we were forced to ask for help but under our conditions. That is, no Elite Four or champions from other regions."

Anne bowed her head in shame before him.

“On behalf of everyone, I apologize for having deceived you. We didn't want to scare the candidates or draw more attention than we already have..."

"That doesn't matter, we have to help Mewtwo as soon as possible!" Ash said worried. "I'm sure the poor guy is suffering a lot."

Everyone looked at him astonished and after a few seconds they smiled slightly.

“You’re right, thank you for your understanding." Anne said.

“Well, actually the only thing I understood from the whole explanation is that Mewtwo is in danger."

"Classic Ash." Nia laughed.


Before fighting Mewtwo, Ash had to train with Walter and his gengar in the Regi ruins, with Nora and her gardevoir in the Blue Vault, and with Jake and his lucario in the Dragon's Nest.

Finally Ash and Pikachu attacked Shadow Mewtwo before he gathered all his forces in the Shadow Colosseum. Meanwhile Anne and her teachers performed a ritual with which they purified the Shadow synergy stone.

In the middle of the fight Mewtwo Mega Evolved, making things complicated, but in the end they managed to save him and he returned to normal.

"We have saved Mewtwo thanks to the help you have given me," Anne said very gratefully. "I need to return the shadow synergy stone to my people. I promise to take better care of Mewtwo from now on. Thank you very much... Thank you for everything."

After three weeks spent in Ferrum, Ash returned to Pallet Town.

MM4: Super Mystery Dungeon

Ash was already waiting for the moment to come. So he wasn't surprised when he dreamed again that he was a pikachu and his ne friend was a female riolu. Riolu wanted to create a map of the world but to do so she had to leave the Serene Village where they lived one day.

In the village Ash lived with Nuzleaf, his caretaker, who took him to school. In that school there were Pancham the bully and his classmate Shelmet, Deerling the kind, Espurr the genius, Goomy the shy, Nurse Audino, professor Farfetch'd, Vice Principal Watchog and Principal Simipour.

Ash and Riolu lived numerous adventures until one day they left and joined the Pokémon research group, formed by Ampharos the clumsy leader, Mawile the archaeologist, Jirachi the astronomer, Archen the aerial researcher who couldn’t fly, Buizel the brave aquatic researcher, Bunnelby the terrestrial researcher, Dedenne the communications manager and Swirlix the gluttonous chef and waitress.

But something horrible was happening. Legendary Pokémon were being turned into stone statues by a mysterious dark force. Even Pokémon like Rayquaza and the physical form of Arceus were afraid of the threat that loomed over them.

All the Pokémon in the world had to unite to save the world, while Ash and Riolu acquired the power of evolution and in the case of some of their traveling companions, the power of mega evolution.

During his travels Ash met up with Pokémon from his previous adventures in this world, although the only thing they told him was that he looked a lot like other Pikachu that had saved several continents in the past.

Ash and Riolu formed a team with starters Pokémon that they found on their travels and together they managed to defeat the Dark Matter, who was formed by the negative feelings of all living beings. After finishing the adventure, Riolu revealed to be the legendary Pokémon Mew, who had hidden his power and memories to go unnoticed and be able to save the world without problems.

This time Ash wasn’t the only one who left a version of himself in that world, as Mew did the same. And so the mega adventures of Ash, Riolu and his team of starters continued...


His strange dreams did not end soon. Ash returned to the strange Toy Kingdom. Apparently the king was furious because there was a wizard bragging about having ten Pokémon, while he only had one pikachu.

"I give you my pikachu, young legendary hero," said the frustrated king. "Get me eleven Pokémon now, one more than the wizard, so I can teach him a lesson."

“…Why do these things only happen to me?” ―Ash asked himself exasperated.

"How about we go on vacation together for a few days?" Delia asked her son and “daughter.”

Ash and Yellow were playing a new game called “The Thieves and 1000 Pokémon.”

"And why do you suddenly want to go on vacation?" Asked Ash curious.

"Do you think I haven't noticed? You don't seem to be sleeping very well lately and you wake up like you've done a marathon."

“The truth is that I have had very strange dreams for three years." Ash confessed.

"What if we ask Sabrina for help?" Yellow suggested worriedly, “perhaps she can use her psychic powers to help you with those dreams."

"Well, that's not a bad idea!"

“Before all that, the best thing is that the three of us go on vacation together." Delia said returning to the main topic. "It's been a while since the three of us have been together and relaxed."

"But right now the three of us are together and relaxed." Ash said.

"It's true." said Yellow.

"Pika." Pikachu said.

"It's not the same thing!"


It was a place with eight famous and luxury hotels, luckily Ash was a Top trainer with many victories under his belt so money wasn’t a problem.

As soon as they got off the plane, the three of them found out that a competition called Pokémon Duel was taking place. Apparently it was a great annual event and the best players gathered on that island to show that they were the best in the world.

“It reminds me a lot of the TCG." Yellow commented excitedly.

“It seems that this vacation is not going to be relaxed." Ash said equally excited.


"Why my plans never go well." Delia said a little embarrassed.

Ash and Yellow decided to participate despite not knowing anything about the game, however they were lucky enough to save a girl named Tia from a kidnapper named Joe. Tia was the manager of the figure shop and she was instantly fascinated by Ash.

"Please, could you help my older brother Luca?” Tia asked him. "I know I'm asking too much but since he joined Don Roger, he has changed a lot and seems like a different person."

“Wow, we haven't even arrived and problems have already found you, brother." Yellow said with a smile to Ash.

"It seems so, but I can't say no to someone who begs me for help."

"…Thank you so much." Tia said with a wide smile.

With the help of Tia, their boss Marabelle, Sharon the Duel princess and Karolin. Ash and Yellow learned how to play and went from hotel to hotel while solving the problems caused by the criminals in the shadows.

Apart from Luca, his rivals were Yuji from the Ulex hotel, Nadya from the Château de Rosa hotel, Joe from the Atlantis hotel, Brenda from the Olivia Palace hotel, Number seven from the Elysium hotel and Don Roger from the Volcano hotel.

Watching all the events was Rosé from the Jewel Tower hotel, long-time champion of the PTF.

Ash and Yellow turned Luca back to his old self and managed to thwart the plans of Don Roger, whose evil acts had caused three hotel owners to disappear without a trace.

“I just wanted the PTJ battles to go back to how they were before,” said Roger as he was taken away by the police along with his henchmen. "Victories were bought by millionaires and no duel was fun..."

“Thank you very much for everything you have done for us." Tia said to Ash and Yellow.

"It hasn't been the ideal vacation but I had a great time." said Yellow.

"Well, for me it has been a very good vacation." Ash laughed.

"Never change, son." Delia said affectionately.

Tia secretly gave her phone number to Ash and promised to stay in touch with him.


Lilycove Town

“The orbs will be of no use. In order to stop the meteorite we need something more powerful. The primal reversion!

“Primal reversion?" Maxie and Archie asked at the same time.

“It annoys me a lot, but you are the only humans to have “bonded” with the alpha groudon and kyogre in decades and have survived to tell the tale. The connection is still there so surely you can use the orbs."

“Hi Ash, I know it hasn't been long since we said goodbye but I wanted to tell you something. In about four days there will be a beautiful meteor shower in Hoenn. It's something that won't happen again for a long time and I would like to celebrate it with you and the others. I have tickets to see it at Mossdeep City Space Observatory and have already sent tickets to our friends. I hope to see you that day although I don’t mind if we see each other before!” ―Message from Serena.


“Hello Ash, I hope you’re well. I'm sorry to ask you this but it's a desperate situation. I can't say much, except that I need your help as soon as possible. In the letter there is a ticket to go by boat to the Battle Resort. Please come quickly, we don’t have much time.” ―Message from Steven Stone.

S.S. Tidal

The ship was full of strong and important Pokémon trainers. Gym leaders, Elite Four, champion and former champion, and even people Steven trusts like Sawyer, Aarune and his apprentice Keanu, famous scientists and representatives of Team Magma and Aqua like ex admins Blaise and Amber.

Everyone quickly headed to the Battle Resort, because apparently Steven wanted to inform everyone of something very important in a large and neutral place.

"What an incredible ship you've built for Briney." Drake commented to his friend Captain Stern.

“It's the least I could do,” Stern said. "I wasn’t going to allow my friend to continue driving a tiny boat when he has talent for more."

“My boat wasn’t small but thank you." Briney said laughing as he petted his pelipper Peeko.

"Hey! I was the one who built the S.S. Tidal, not Captain Stern." Dock complained.

"But you did it in my shipyards, didn't you?" Stern replied.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! It's amazing that it took us so many years to reunite the old guard," laughed Wattson, the Mauville Gym Leader. "Reminds me of the old Sea Mauville days."

The others groaned and made faces of displeasure upon hearing this.

“We promised not to talk about Sea Mauville anymore." Cap'n Salty reminded him.

"Why do you always have to mention Sea Mauville?" Stern asked.

“We always have to remember failures so as not to repeat them." said Raizoh Cozmo, a former renowned scientist and father of the famous professor Takao Cozmo.

“The only good thing that came out of all that was that in the end it became a nature reserve for Pokémon." Briney commented.

“It was hell for the workers but now it is a paradise for Pokémon. Ironies of life I suppose." Drake said. The others nodded as they were in complete agreement.

Battle Resort: It's a paradise of Trainers: by Trainers and for Trainers

Ash went to Slateport City by plane and there took a boat that took him to his destination.

The resort was pretty empty which was strange. After all it was a new and famous place in Hoenn. At the entrance Steven greeted him and explained that he had asked for several favors to have the resort just for them for an entire day.

-Roxanne: Hello Ash. I don't know why they called us all but I don't think it's anything good... Oh yes! Now I'm practically a professor at the Rustboro Pokémon School...

-Brawly: Did you meet master Greta? She's really cool! Isn't she?... Me? Catching waves as always. And something tells me that a big one is coming.

-Wattson: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! How much you have grown boy! You seem happier and stronger than before… Devon Co. is using some kind of powerful new energy, I hope that's what Steven wants to talk about.

-Flannery: What a heated atmosphere... N-no, I'm not nervous, I'm just saying that we look like a volcano about to explode or something!... Blaise is no longer on Team Magma and works at my spa as part of the program of rehabilitation. I don't trust him but my grandfather keeps a close eye on him.

-Norman: …You have become very strong. Good, very good... Max has gotten his first Pokémon, a Ralts that he is very close to... Do you know if something is wrong with May? She's been a little strange for a couple of days...

-Winona: Steven has told Wallace what is happening and he has told me... I'm sorry but I think you should be in Kanto with your family and loved ones... I can't say more.

-Tate and Liza: We haven't been feeling very well lately...Yes, it's like something big is going to happen...We have no idea, our skills are not that developed yet... But at least we know that you will be in the middle of the storm.

-Wallace: Steven has become champion again after returning from his travels. I challenged him to a fight and he swept the floor with me… By the way, your girlfriend May won the Johto Wallace Cup... She isn't your girlfriend?

-Juan: I am once again a simple Top trainer now that my best student has returned to the gym. My life is like a ship on a rough sea… Amber is no longer on Team Aqua and I have him working as my assistant. A gloomy but efficient guy.


May, Brendan, Max, Emerald, professor Birch and Wally were also there and it didn't take long for Ash and Pikachu to approach them.

"How are you?" Asked Ash very happily.

"Hello Ash!" May said hugging him, which surprised him a little but he ended up hugging her back.

Ash continued to greet his friends until he realized that they seemed to be hiding something from him. May seemed to want to say something to him, but Brendan stopped her.

"Later." the boy murmured and May nodded. Concerned, Ash wanted to ask what was happening but Max interrupted him.

“Look Ash, Mr. Stone gave me a Multi-Nav, the new version of the PokéNav!" Max said.

"How cool!"

"But it's not cooler than my new Pokémon," said Emerald, taking a smiling hoopa out of his Poké Ball. "Surprising. right?"

"No, it's the second time I've seen a hoopa," Ash said, surprising everyone. "It's still just as cool though!"

“We're using Hoopa's help to investigate the mirage spot,” Brendan explained quickly. "Two years ago we found some space-time anomalies and now we are investigating them. Apparently Pokémon from other regions can be found in these mirage spots."

“And my Hoopa is the only one who can detect where and when they are going to appear." Emerald ended up saying proudly.

"Well, as soon as I can, I'll visit one of those places, I want to see what Pokémon there are!" Ash said excitedly. "Looks like fun, doesn't it, Pikachu?"


"Courtney and her companions are building a machine to detect spots and not depend so much on Hoopa," Birch explained to Ash. "And all thanks to the fact that they have analysed the places where they have already appeared."

"What a smart girlfriend you have, huh?" Max said with a mischievous smile to a blushing Brendan.

“I hope they give my hoopa an award for all the word he has done." Emerald commented.

"Ash, when it's all over, would you like to go see the Litleonid meteor shower with me?" May suddenly asked Ash.

Before he could say anything, Lisia, Wallace's niece appeared to greet May.

“Hello princess of Hoenn! How are you?" asked the girl. Surrounding her were an altaria and five female pikachu.

“H-hello Lisia,” said May, a little surprised. "I already told you not to call me that."

“Well, I'm sorry but now it's your title and all your fans and non-fans call you that." Lisia laughed.

"And these pikachu?" Asked Ash curious. Pikachu approached them to observe them better, since each of them was wearing a different type of suit.

"They’re the Cosplay Pikachu, the Pokémon group that always animates the Pokémon contests," May explained. "They always appear in important competitions and liven up the party with their impeccable techniques."

“That's right, and their names are Rock Star, Ph. D, Pop Star, Belle and Libre." Lisia said proudly. "Together with my Ali they are the best!"

"I would like to see how well they fight." Ash said, earning a sigh and laughter from his friends. Just then Steven began his speech.

At the Hoenn champion's side was Professor Takao Cozmo, whom Ash and his friends saved three years ago from Team Magma and Aqua. Between the two of them, they explained that within three days, a meteoroid of ten kilometres in diameter would hit the planet, causing a series of catastrophes that would culminate in the end of the world in a matter of years.

"B-but what madness is that?!"

"We are going to die!"

"I don't want to die!"

"Explain better, Steven!"

"What can we do to save ourselves?"

"I'm too young to die…"

Steven asked everyone for silence to continue with the explanations. Professor Cozmo revealed the secret of success behind Devon Co. and asked that nothing could be said to anyone who wasn’t part of the meeting.

“Thanks to Infinity Energy, Devon became the leading company in Hoenn and continued to expand until it became the business giant it is today,” Cozmo said, adjusting his glasses. "The Devon pieces that Ash and his friends recovered three years ago for us were an essential component to create the engine of the submarine that Archie and Maxie stole. The rockets at Mossdeep Space Center are powered by Infinite Energy. However, I never imagined that we would become humanity's only hope.

Steven nodded.

"We're going to use a new inter-dimensional system called Link Cable," Steven said. "With it we’ll send the meteorite to another place far from our planet. We have everything we need to do it."

After numerous questions from the guests, Ash raised his hand and asked what they needed them for then.

“In case we fail,” Steven responded. "We’ll need the strongest trainers to use their Pokémon to at least try to reduce the meteor's damage."

His firm words didn’t cover the desperation in his voice. The Cable Link could not fail.

Mauville City – Mauville Food Court

"Someone has stolen your key stones?...Wait, you had key stones?!" Asked Ash stunned. For a moment he stopped eating his Village Sub Combo (he had been happy to know that Mrs. Irma was having success outside of Unova).

"That's right, she was a very strange girl." May said.

Ash, May, Brendan, Max and Wally were eating at the new restaurant in the newly remodeled Mauville town. Nearby was Glacia of the Elite Four eating ramen at high speed even though the food was burning and she was sweating. Next to her the Cardinal sisters ate with the same intensity.

“He told us that if we wanted to get them back, we should go to the Granite cave with you." Wally said.

“And that you have to bring the jade orb,” Max finished saying.

"No problem, I always take it with me." Ash said pointing to his backpack.

"Don’t even dare to give it to her! Also, why do you carry something so dangerous in your backpack?" Brendan scolded him.

“Every time I leave it somewhere else it ends up appearing in the middle of the road or next to me." Ash revealed.

“Like the ring in the Lord of the Hoopa." Max murmured excitedly, although the others were scared.

Granite Cave

His friends knew they weren't going to convince him so Ash went with them to retrieve the key stones. Everyone was surprised to see Archie and Maxie in the cave. They were very changed.

Archie was darker and more muscular, but he seemed happier than ever. Maxie was wearing glasses and his fierce face had calmed down a lot. Next to them were Courtney and Matt.

"Darling!" Courtney shouted, hugging a very blushing Brendan and giving him a kiss on his lips.

“H-hi…” said Brendan after returning the kiss shyly.

"How are you twerps? Do you come alone? And Steven, where is Steven?" Matt asked. "I thought he was here."

"We have no idea what you're talking about." May said.

“Hello, Ketchum, you've grown up." said Maxie adjusting his glasses.

"Ha, ha, ha! You really look like someone who’s a Top trainer." Archie told him after patting him on the back.

"T-thank you, you guys look different too."

"And what about us, don't forget about us?!" said a short, chubby man and a tall, black woman. Next to her a mightyena greeted Pikachu.

“Grunt Aqua and Grunt Magma?"

“No, now we are Neo Shelly from Neo Team Aqua." said the proud woman.

“And Neo Tabitha from Neo Team Magma." said the man with a small smile.

They told him that to honor the original Shelly and Tabitha, they had adopted their names and become Admins of the new and now legal environmental organizations. And they were married too.

The conversation became a little awkward when Ash told them that the original Shelly and Tabitha were alive, happy, and married in Unova.


Maxie and Archie explained that they had received a message from Steven to go to the cave. Steven and Cozmo arrived shortly after, surprised to find Ash and his friends there. Apparently they wanted a meteorite fragment and to talk to Archie and Maxie.

To everyone's surprise they found a girl at the back of the cave.

“Hello Ash." said the girl.

"Do we know each other?" Ash asked confused.

"You don’t know me but I know you. Using” Rayquaza and fusing with the green orb… I admit that anger and envy was the only thing I could feel towards you for quite a long time. There were even people in my clan who wanted you and me... Not that I cared but... I'm sorry, I talk a lot when I'm nervous. My name is Zinnia, I’m the Lorekeeper of the Draconid People and the one who will help you save the world."

After saying this, Zinnia threw the key stones at May, Brendan and Wally. And she left everyone stunned by throwing the red and blue orbs wrapped in a sheet at Archie and Maxie. Zinnia explained that the Cable Link was a mistake and that the only way to save the world was to summon the primal forms of the Groudon and Kyogre alphas.

Archie and Maxie already knew about Zinnia's plan because she had talked to them before. They hadn't told anyone but they agreed with the girl, or at least they felt it was better to have the legendaries o their side as plan B. The others didn’t agree as they thought it was a very bad idea.

“Not if we also use Alpha Rayquaza at the same time."

Steven wanted to refute her plans but Zinnia ignored him, saying that if they continued with the champion's plan, they could send the meteorite to a parallel world and destroy it. That made Professor Cozmo laugh to the point of making him cough.

“Parallel worlds he says, little girl, there is no proof that that exists!" Takao said-. "Are we really going to use apocalyptic measures when we have science on our side?"

“Your science might not exist in another world. Imagine it, a world without mega evolution or resources necessary to save itself like us,” said Zinnia. "I'm not saying I'm right, but you always have to look for more options."

“Bah, stop with childish dreams! This’s real life and the whole world could go to hell in a matter of days."

"I agree with professor Cozmo," Steven said, "the Cable Link is the best solution and I'm not going to let-"

"Ash, come with me to my home," Zinnia interrupted, ignoring Steven. "The rest of you can come too. Maybe your closed minds can open a little."

Meteor Falls

“A long, long time ago, two Pokémon of fearsome power appeared in Hoenn, which would later be known as Groudon and Kyogre. When Groudon howled, the land grew and increased in size. Overhead, the sun shone brightly, and everything around the creature was enveloped in incandescent heat. When Kyogre roared, the waters gushed forth, creating the oceans. Dark clouds covered the sky and then the flood came... In those days, almost at the beginning of the story, nature was overflowing with an energy that gave Groudon and Kyogre enormous power. But they both wanted more, and they fought against each other again and again to monopolize it, seriously endangering the lives of the people and Pokémon of Hoenn. Later, the transformation they experienced thanks to that energy of nature and that gave them their overwhelming strength was called "Primal Reversion..." ―Zinnia the Lorekeeper.

At Meteor Falls, Zinnia's grandmother told them that the Draconid People learned the secrets of Mega Evolution thanks to Rayquaza a long time ago. She also told them about the Lorekeeper, the chosen one who, with their prayers and the rainbow stone, would make Rayquaza acquire immeasurable power.

Zinnia revealed that she was the one who infiltrated Team Aqua and Team Magma three years ago and gave them the information on how to awaken the legendaries, since she knew about the arrival of the meteorite and they needed a lot of power to stop it.

It was at that moment that everyone, except the former criminals, turned against the girl and decided that she was too dangerous to trust. Still Ash felt something telling him that he should and he could trust her.

Steven no longer wanted Maxie and Archie's help and was thinking about stopping them from using the legendary primal reversion. However, they were convinced that Zinnia was right in not wanting to use the Cable Link.

"We have already seen what happens when humans play at being God." Maxie said.

"Exactly, it's time for nature to save itself," Archie said. "And if empowering legendaries is the best way, so be it."

The Magma Quintuplets and the Aqua Quintuplets distracted the Hoenn champion long enough for their leaders to escape to where Alpha Groudon and Alpha Kyogre were sleeping.

Courtney, Matt, N. Tabitha and N. Shelly for their part supported their leaders’s plan and went with them.

“It seems that your girlfriend is back to her old ways." Max commented, but Brendan smiled as he shook his head.

"No, this time she didn't seem hurt or doubtful, she's sure she should help Maxie... And if I'm honest, I don't see the problem either."

"Last time they almost destroyed all of Hoenn." May complained.

"But they have changed a lot. They haven't stopped helping the Hoenn ecosystem since then…” Wally said somewhat doubtfully. "I think having multiple options is a good thing."

"What do you think Ash?... Where is Ash?" May asked, looking around.

“He left a while ago with my granddaughter while you were all arguing and fighting." said Zinnia's grandmother.

"Is that crazy woman going to brainwash him too?... I'm sorry." Steven immediately apologized to the old woman.

"Don't worry, I know that my granddaughter can give even Arceus a lot of headaches," the grandmother laughed, "but she has a good heart and will do whatever it takes to save us all."

"That's what worries me, but at least I have a vague idea of ​​where they went." Steven said.

Sky Pillar

"Thousands of years ago, in the primal age long lost, the world was overflowing with natural energy. Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre fought over that energy in endless, furious clashes. In the face of Primal Groudon and Kyogre's great power, people could do nothing. The only choice was to watch as disaster upon disaster swept over them. It was in such a time that a great many meteoroids poured from the darkness of space, from a place higher even than the heavens. And the meteoroids fell in their multitude upon a waterfall that had long been home to a tribe of Dragon-type-Pokémon users...

The meteors shone with a rainbow brilliance, as if some great life was held within. That was when, as if drawn by the brilliance, a Pokémon that shone in a blazing emerald hue descended from the heavens... That Pokémon was none other than Rayquaza. Rayquaza's power overwhelmed that of the two Primal Pokémon, and peace returned to the world. The people of Hoenn revered Rayquaza as a true savior. A thousand years after this time, the meteoroids once again fell. A huge meteoroid, far greater than any before, struck the planet, boring deep into the ocean and leaving behind it a crater larger than any other. The land born of this event later become known as Sootopolis.

The great meteoroid was the first of many disasters to befall humanity. When it punched into the planet, the land cracked beneath it, and a great welling of natural energy poured from beneath Hoenn. Thirsting for that energy, Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon once again woke.

The people had a wish—a memory from a thousand years before... They wished that the Legendary Pokémon clad in emerald light would appear again. The huge Meteorite that lay at the heart of Sootopolis gave off a boundless brilliance. In its brilliance, it resembled a vast and powerful Key Stone. And once again, Rayquaza descended from whence it came in the heavens. The people fell to their knees before Rayquaza and made a wish for salvation. As they did, a great change came over the Legendary Pokémon. It was enveloped in blinding light. As the light receded, they beheld a Rayquaza beyond all knowledge— a sublime figure, incandescent with overwhelming life force. It was humanity's wish that brought about Rayquaza's transformation in the face of the rainbow stone... Yes... A wish... An intangible thing, invisible to the eye. Yet this wish bound people and Pokémon together, enabling the Legendary Pokémon to change its appearance... It was a Mega Evolution.

"Mega Rayquaza confronted Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. The golden filaments that sprang from its body covered the sky. An emerald brilliance illuminated the area. A terrible wind rose. The wind and emerald light visibly sapped the power from Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. Drained of their primal powers, the two vanished into the depths of land and sea. Rayquaza watched them go, regaining its usual appearance. Then it soared back up into the heavens where it dwelled. A witness to this series of events, a tall visitor from a distant land, said, “It is the Δ (Delta), born of the great disturbances in this world. By the bonds born of mankind's wish and the power of the stones, it will calm the troubles that plague the world.” That was when the Draconids constructed their great tower, to hold the rainbow stone that had granted Rayquaza its power, and to try to get a little bit closer to Rayquaza in the heavens above. To record the history of their trials and the great feats of mighty Rayquaza for all to know, they left behind the murals you see here."

"A thousand years of peace followed after that disastrous time. But the Draconid people, learning from their long history's cyclical nature, foretold that the meteoroids would fall on this land again. The meteoroid to come, they prophesized, would be far greater than those that had come before it. This meteoroid would be great enough to break the world forever... In order to prevent this great calamity, those who held the knowledge of the past arrived at a plan. Their plan was to invoke Rayquaza, the great savior, and summon it to this land before the meteoroid could strike. And that's it. That's the end of our... of the Draconids' tale." ―Chronicles of the Draconid People.

Between Ash and Zinnia they managed to defeat Wallace, who had received a call from Steven to stop them.

"I don't remember seeing the paintings when I went up the first time," Ash commented. "Although it’s also true that I was in a hurry."

"Because my clan hid them, but now it isn’t necessary. Everyone must know the truth if we want to change the world for the better... If there’s a world left to change." said Zinnia. At her feet, Aster the whismur followed her as best she could with her short little legs.

"Of course we're going to save the world!" Ash said without any doubt in his eyes.

"Why do you trust me?"

"You don't seem like a bad person to me and Aster likes you," Ash said looking at his Pokémon. "You can't be bad if someone like Aster loves you so much."

"You barely know us."

Ash smiled widely at those words.

“There’re people who are easy to get to know if you just spend a little time with them." Ash laughed.

“…You speak just like Aster…"


"You've encountered Alpha Rayquaza several times, right?" Zinnia asked, changing the subject. "First in LaRousse City and then here, when you used the Jade Orb to ask him for help."

"How do you know that?! Are you psychic like Tate and Liza?!"

“…I have already told you that I infiltrated Team Magma and Team Aqua. They had a lot of information on you because of all the times you messed up their plans. I warn you that Rayquaza may be in a very bad mood. He was captured twice. One for the Pokémon Association of Hoenn and another for Team Rocket."

“Team Rocket?!”But when was that?"

"I think... About two years ago? He managed to escape thanks to the last Lorekeeper but... Maybe you're the only person he trusts right now."

Then Zinnia explained that Archie and Maxie would transform the orbs into prisms to do the primordial reversion.

"And Rayquaza? Ash asked. Do I also have to transform the jade orb into a prism for its primal...?"

“Reversion." Zinnia helped him.

"Yeah, that!"

"Nah, we'll just put the orb on this meteorite from Mount Chimney and make him swallow it," said Zinnia, showing him the meteorite that she had taken from Professor Cozmo. "Then we have him fly you into space and together you destroy the meteorite."

"Okay!...W-wait! How am I going to go to space without dying?"

“Calm down, Devon Co. has lent me two special suits that they built years ago to withstand extreme conditions, such as space or the bottom of the sea. You've gotten taller so the suit will suit you."

"Has Mr. Stone left you those suits?" Ash asked confused.

"Of course, he did it after seeing how cute Aster is!" She said with a wide smile.

Both Ash and Pikachu looked at each other suspiciously.

Ash and Zinnia spent the night talking about different things. Travels, Pokémon, friendships and stories from the past... Ash noticed a great sadness inside Zinnia despite the smile on her face.

Just before falling asleep, Zinnia told him about the previous Lorekeeper, Aster.

"She was the one chosen to help Rayquaza... to obtain the jade orb and fulfil the destiny of the first Lorekeeper... I am just a substitute who has been lucky enough to find you..."


Zinnia laughed as she thought about how furious Steven would be to learn that the Cable Link had been sabotaged by infiltrated members of the Draconid People.

Meanwhile, she watched as Ash used the orb to call Rayquaza, who came down from the stratosphere and landed in front of both of them. The Pokémon seemed to be thinking about something because he didn't move.

Zinnia wanted to fight Ash to see who deserved to help the legendary. Ash didn't understand the logic of that but a fight was a fight so he accepted.

"...Phew. ... My pulse... I can feel it racing...Yes. I'm feeling...totally...pumped! Haaahhh! This is it!!" Zinnia exclaimed with a wild expression on her face. Ash couldn't have expressed the emotion he felt better.

Pikachu, Sceptile, Torkoal, Crawdaunt, Swellow and Glalie vs Whismur, Goodra, Tyrantrum, Noiver, Altaria and Mega Salamance.

In the middle of the battle, Ash had the advantage, having three healthy Pokémon and Zinnia only one, but his Mega Salamance quickly took away that advantage, luckily Pikachu finished him off and they were able to win narrowly.

Rayquaza had seen enough and accepted Ash's help. Pikachu and the rest of his Pokémon would be left on the ground.

"Zinnia, let's go up together." Ash asked the surprised Lorekeeper.


"We have two suits and there’s more than enough room for both of us."

"B-but, and I-I'm not the one...

"And who cares about that?! Without you we wouldn’t have had this option to save the world. Thanks to you Rayquaza now has the power necessary to destroy that meteorite. Instead of waiting or being disappointed by not being chosen, chooses for yourself!"

"…You are a very curious boy." Zinnia said after several seconds of silence.

"Whis, whis!" Aster said, patting Zinnia on the leg to encourage her to get on the legendary's back.

“You are right, it isn’t the time to whine but to change the destiny of the planet."

"Exactly!" Ash said enthusiastically.

By the time May, Brendan, Max and Wally arrived, Ash and Zinnia had already gotten on the dragon and he had mega evolved. Now they were flying towards the meteorite.

Using dragon ascend, Rayquaza split the meteorite into numerous pieces, several of them fell to Hoenn, but Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre were in charge of getting rid of the largest ones, while the rest was destroyed by the Mega Pokémon of Top trainers, gym leaders and the Elite Four.

However, satellites captured images of something sinister emerging from a piece of meteorite that was still in space. A deoxys that exuded an aura so evil that Ash almost vomited into the suit.

"Don't give up, we can win." Zinnia said patting him on the back, even though she was also very scared.


That Pokémon was very different from the rest of the deoxys that Ash had seen. It was pure evil and he was willing to kill for the mere pleasure of doing so.

The scientists at the space center watched in amazement as Ash gave orders, with the help of Zinnia, to Rayquaza and thus they defeated the invader, and then locked him in a Master Ball that Zinnia had given him.

When Ash came down, Zinnia separated from him after giving him a soft kiss on the cheek, which made surprised his friends, making May feel bad.

After that Zinnia left without leaving any trace. Ash's friends congratulated him and hugged him tightly. All those who knew what happened applauded loudly and celebrated the victory. They were alive!

Mossdeep City

"I can't believe Ash saved us again," Gabby said as she squeezed her USB hard. "This is the second time he saves Hoenn."

"Third if we count the Battle Frontier incident." Added Ty, who was driving at full speed, trying to mislead his followers from the space center.

A Shiny Metagross using psychic stopped them and forced them to get out of the truck.

"That teen is undoubtedly extraordinary, but I fear that he isn’t yet prepared for the consequences he would have to face if the world found out about his exploits." Steven said, taking the USB from them and letting them go after making sure they didn't have anything more important.

Gabby and Ty waited several minutes before stopping hugging each other.

"I-I think he's already gone." Ty said still trembling.

"Damn!" Gabby exclaimed furiously as she hit the ground and the stones of the road. "We had the story of the century and we have lost it!"

"Calm down and think that we could have lost more than a story."

Gabby smiled broadly as she rubbed her chin. Ty looked with terror at those bodily signs that he knew very well.

"P-please, Gabby, n-no…"

"Yes, my dear Ty. I'm not going to give up until everyone knows the truth."

Mossdeep Space Center

Ash and his friends, both from Hoenn and Kalos, were able to watch the Litleonids spectacle in peace. All together and happy at last. Bonnie tried to get May, Lisia and other girls to be her brother's girlfriends without much success. When she got tired she started talking to Max about Pokémon.

Meanwhile Brendan and Trevor talked about the new advances in Pokémon discoveries. A cheerful Shauna sat next to a shy Clemont. Calem, Tierno, Trevor and Sawyer meanwhile enjoyed the food that was distributed at the place.

Ash sat between May and Serena, who took the opportunity to talk about Pokémon contests until the meteor shower began.

In the end, everyone said goodbye, promising to see each other again in the future.

-Clemont: You’re the best friend anyone could ask for. The next time you come to Kalos I’ll have built something spectacular that doesn't explode. And remember, the future is now, thanks to science!

-Bonnie: Thank you very much for everything you have done for my big brother. I'm not going to wish you luck in love because I see you have enough, you just need to pay attention a little more.

-Calem: You’re an interesting and very strong guy. I'm afraid that at the rate you're going, being at your level will be an impossible dream, but don't worry, I'm not going to give up.

-Shauna: I hope we see each other again very soon! You’re very funny and honest.

-Tierno: Your body don’t have a rhythm, but it’s because your mind and soul carry their own particular rhythm.

-Trevor: …Thank you for always being there encouraging us and saving us all. But don't push yourself too hard and think a little more about yourself, okay?

-Sawyer: I plan to surpass you one day and give you the fight of your life! Until then, don't even think about losing to anyone weaker than me, okay?

-Serena: *Kisses him* The next time we meet I’ll be stronger and prettier, so get ready!

Kanto – Pallet Town

"Ash, you won't believe how lucky I'm!" Delia shouted excitedly.

"What's wrong, mom?"

"I won a trip to Alola!"

End of the Sixth Generation

-Ash's Pokémon in Kalos: Pikachu, Greninja, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Goodra and Noivern.

-Serena's Pokémon: Delphox, Pancham, Sylveon, Rhydon and Skiddo.

-Clemont's Pokémon: Diggersby, Chespin, Luxray, Heliolisk and Magneton.

-Bonnie's Pokémon: Dedenne and Zygarde (In the future).

-Calem's Pokémon: Meowstic (Male), Chesnaught, Absol, Vaporeon, Altaria and Clefable.

-Alain's Pokémon: Charizard, Tyranitar, Metagross, Weavile, Bisharp and Unfezant.

-Sawyer's Pokémon: Sceptile, Slaking, Clawitzer, Aegislash, Salamance and Slupuff.

-Shauna's Pokémon: Ivysaur, Flabébé, Swirlix and Gothita.

-Tender Pokémon: Blastoise, Raichu, Ludicolo, Roserade, Talonflame and Hitmontop.

-Trevor's Pokémon: Charizard, Aerodactyl, Florges, Tyrantrum, Aurorus and Crawdaunt.

-May's Pokémon: Blaziken, Beautifly, Delcatty, Venusaur, Snorlax, Blastoise and Glaceon.

-Brendan's Pokémon: Swampert, Mightyena, Breloom, Machamp and Gardevoir (Given by Wally).

-Wally: Gallade (Given by Brendan), Altaria, Delcatty, Magnezone, Roserade and Azumarill.

-Emerald Pokémon: Castform, Milotic, Dusknoir, Snorlax and Hoopa.

-Zinnia: Whismur, Goodra, Tyrantrum, Noiver, Altaria and Salamance.

Save game?… Saving data… Game saved!


-Games: X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Shuffle, Ga-Olé, Rumble World, Duel, Pokkén Tournament, Picross, Super Mystery Dungeon, Art Academy, The Thieves and 1000 Pokémon.

-Anime: Seasons 17, 18 and 19; Movies 17, 18 and 19.

-Manga: Adventure saga XY, Omega Ruby and Alfa Sapphire.


I have tried to make Lysandre's intentions a little clearer but I also didn’t want to give much importance to Alain since I don’t consider him Ash's rival, since in the anime he wasn’t even interested in the league until Ash proposed it to him. Ash and Serena's relationship… I'm happy for her fandom but Serena never seemed like a very deep character to me. What's more, it makes me sad because most of her fans only want her for the shipping and not for herself. You can't talk about Serena without adding shipping after a few seconds in the fandom.

On the other hand, I love Zinnia and the Delta episode. They seem very good to me although I'm probably alone in this.
In the sixth generation we have the famous Ash-Greninja of which I was never a big fan because it took away screen time from Ash's other Pokémon, but I admit that it’s something original and different from the mega evolution. Although I wouldn't have minded if they gave Ash a real mega evolution XD

X and Y were the easiest Pokémon games for me and I really only remember them because of the anime and the mega evolutions that fascinated me at the time. I still think that many mega evolutions should have been normal evolutions like Mega Gyarados, mega lucario and mega absol.

I loved the third generation remake and I have played it many times. The redesign of the villains seems to me to be one of the best (except for the strange race change they made to Shelly but hey xd, in my story I already stated that the third generation Aqua grunt would become the Shelly of the remake so nothing more to say about that.

Mystery Dungeon 3 seems like an underrated game to me, for me it is basically the Avengers Endgame of the franchise. And on the other hand we have Pokémon Duel, a game that no one played but has one of the best female character designs in Pokémon.

Until the next chapter!

Chapter 7: Seventh Generation


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

7th Generation

Through the cosmos the sunny lion and the lunar bat advance. Pokémon and trainers show off their Z-moves in a region full of adventures and people. However... The black beast tears space-time, covering the bodies of the Sun and the Moon and filling the world with pure darkness.


Hiiiiii! How are you doing? I’m professor Kukui and I specialize in the study of Pokémon moves. The moves are something that seem simple at first but depend on so many factors that the strategies increase every day at a frenetic pace, especially when new and rare Pokémon are discovered. There’re moves for everything: To attack, heal, protect... Trying attacks on your own body is the best way to understand all this... I mean, I hope you have a good time discovering more things about the Pokémon world.

Strike this world with the energy of thunder bolt my friends!


Year 2007 – Aether Foundation

“I have no interest in continuing to do business with you, Meja." Lusamine said furiously. Behind her were her husband Mohn, her assistants Wicke and Faba and many employees of the foundation supporting her.

For his part, the man named Meja had the infamous criminals Dulio and Napo behind him, as well as many small-time criminals. Most weren’t over twenty but they went through life as if they were kings guided by a god.

"Is this the way you treat your childhood friend, Lusamine?" Meja said in a threatening tone.

"Go away, I have nothing more to talk with you," said the woman, losing the little patience she had left. "I've tried to justify your actions for too long, but it's over. I won't let you go around hurting Pokémon again just to fulfil your ambitions."

"Stupid, soon all of Alola will bow before me. I’m of royal blood and I’m not going to allow people like the Kahuna to continue to be above me, do you hear me? Let's go guys, we'll take care of the foundation another time!"


Mohn, Lusamine's husband, disappeared shortly after due to an accident in the laboratory. The suspects were Team Kings but they didn’t find any evidence. Lusamine went into a state of depression that left her in bed for weeks.

However, knowing that her children Gladion and Lillie were still with her gave her the strength to keep going another day...

Year 2013 – Vast Poni Canyon

Meja was very nervous. Despite being the king of crime in Alola and having all the criminals under his control, the Kahuna and the rest of the captains were still too much for him. He needed more power urgently if he wanted to obtain his rightful position as absolute king of Alola.

Meeting Lusamine alone was supposed to give him that. At least the woman was brave enough to meet him on his territory.

"With these adorable creatures you can get whatever you want." Lusamine said, her eyes seemed to look at him as if he were an insignificant creature far beneath her. Under other circ*mstances this would have enraged Meja, but something inside him told him it was better to swallow his pride.

"These beings... Why do you let me use them? I thought you hated using Pokémon with weapons." Meja commented confused.

Lusamine laughed and her cold, cruel laugh made Meja freeze in place, not knowing what to do.

"Just do what I tell you."

"…And the other creatures?" the man dared to ask after several seconds.

"The project is incomplete. Faba has gone to Canalave Library, in Sinnoh,” Lusamine explained without looking at him as she smiled maliciously. "The key to replicating the RKS system is there. The power of God will be mine..."

Wamu Island - King's University

"There is no place like home. However, if you really want to discover the mysteries of the Pokémon world, you can't stay at home. You have to explore all the places and interact with all kinds of people and Pokémon. But remembering is an arduous task and full of mortal dangers. You must be sure that this’s what you want to do with your lives. As we would say in Unova… Let's go!"

With this Professor Willow ended his lecture. During the meal organized by the Pokémon World Ecological Society, she was able to talk with other teachers.

"How are you, Willow? Lately you've been disappearing without a trace." Professor Kukui said worried.

Willow scratched his head nervously.

"Sometimes I have to look for Pokémon in the most difficult places, plus my new project takes up all my time."

"And are you going to continue without revealing to us what that project is about?" Samuel Oak asked.

"I'm sorry, professor, but when the time comes you will be the first to know, I promise you."

"And what about me? I was also your master." Samson Oak complained.

"I'm sorry cousin, but since you are my Alola version you don't have my privileges." Samuel joked.

"Aren’t you are my Kanto version?"

The four of them laughed like crazy until it was time to talk about more serious topics.

"I still think that holding the conference on this island wasn’t a good idea," Samuel commented, looking around. "I heard that Team Kings is getting more and more aggressive."

"Don't worry, the Kahuna and the International Police are surrounding the entire place," Samson said. "Those scoundrels won't do anything."

"Are you sure? You almost died recently, professor." Kukui said very seriously.

"And you saved me." Samson said without giving it any importance.

"It seems I'm not the only one who lives on the edge." Willow commented.

They continued talking until suddenly loud noises shook the entire room where the researchers were.

"T-the Tapu!" Shouted a man entering the place with tears of joy in his eyes. "The Tapu are exterminating Team Kings and anyone who supported them!"

Year 2017 – Paradise Aether - Foundation

"Hey? What is this?" Faba asked in an annoyed tone when he saw the Poké Ball.

"Inside is a Pokémon that the Pokémon Association of Kanto sent us, sir," the employee responded immediately while handing him a report. "Apparently he’s a hypno who has been causing problems on Three Island."

"Three Island you say? A horrible place to spend your holidays, I don't know why people like it so much." Faba said with disdain.

Showing his reading skills, he finished reading the extensive report in a few minutes. A wide smile illuminated her face. He looked up and the assistant felt a chill as he saw a gleam of malice in his eyes. Luckily Faba was looking at the Poké Ball and not at him.

"You don't like children, huh? Well, you're in luck because I don't either," said Faba, stroking the Poké Ball lovingly. "I think you and I are going to get along very well..."

Year 2020 – Kanto – Fuchsia City – Go Park

"There’re people who want to explore numerous places and meet all kinds of Pokémon, but for whatever reasons they haven't been able to or don't see themselves able to do so," Willow explained as he pointed on a screen to people of different ages, sexes, races and complexion. "Our group, Pokémon Go, will serve as a guide and bodyguard for these people. It’ll allow them to travel knowing that they’ll be safe. They won’t need to be trainers since we’ll teach them along the way to be one. It’ll be a unique experience and we’ll give prizes to those who manage to capture many different Pokémon.

"And what will they do with those Pokémon?" Candela asked.

"Some will be able to keep them, others will be sent to professors and researchers. It’ll be a win-win situation."

"Hum, it's a good way to get money and at the same time get casual people interested in the world of Pokémon training and travel." Blanche commented very seriously.

"Don’t just think about the money. Think of the adventure!" Candela complained.

"It’s normal that someone who only thinks with their muscles is not able to see beyond them." Blanche responded.

"What have you said?!"

"Girls, girls, let's calm down please." Spark asked them with a nervous smile.

"Shut up!" they shouted at him at the same time. Spark ran to a corner of the room and stood there crying with fear.

Professor Willow gave a long sigh and a small smile.

End of the year 2020 – Alola - Akala – Motel Ruta 8

"You’re the youngest qualified agents we have. And Ash Ketchum doesn’t know you, that’s why you’re the only ones who can carry out this mission." Looker said while he served tea to a boy and a girl who were looking at him very carefully.

"What should we do, boss?" the boy asked quickly.

“We know that Delia Ketchum has won a family trip to Alola in a contest,” Looker explained. "So you must follow them and watch them."

"Why? They aren’t dangerous." said the girl confused.

"Everywhere Ash goes, something always happens, this time we want to be prepared. You must become his friends, help him, ect..." Looker said with a small smile. "We can't let a child continue doing our job."

"But sir, you are doing that by sending us." they both said at the same time.

"…Go and fulfil your mission, agents LetsGP and LetsGE."


Aether Foundation

"You’re the new employees, right?" Lusamine asked happily.

"Y-yes ma'am." they both said at the same time.

A tall, dark-skinned boy with semi-curly brown hair and a slightly shorter, dark-skinned girl with short bluish hair. Both with the same shade of green eyes.

"How cute... Akira and Mana, do you know that my beautiful daughter is starting soon her last year at Pokémon school?"

"Yes ma'am, you have said it to all the members of the foundation several tim-" Akira received a small nudge from Mana, telling him to shut up.

"Listening to you talk all day about your lovely children is a pleasure, Mrs. Aether." Mana said quickly with a wide smile that her boss seemed to really like.

"Well, I want you to sign up for school since you’re the perfect age!"

"…Huh?" they both said while looking at each other confused.

"My daughter doesn't know you and she gets very angry when I go to see her at school every day or send my employees. With you she won't suspect anything and that way I'll be able to know how my little flower is doing."


"I’ll pay you the same as your superiors and it’ll only be for one year."

"f*ck yea-… ouch!" Akira received an elbow from her friend again, only this time much harder.

"We’ll do it, Mrs. Aether."

Melemele Island

Year 2021 - Hau'oli City: A city overflowing with gentle joy

“On vacation here too, Ash? The power of technology is incredible! It allows you to interact with people from all over the world without leaving your plaza... I mean, your home. Every day is a festival!”―Techno the fat man.

Ash, his mother, Pikachu and Mr. Mime were enjoying a good “vacation” in Alola. From exploring the sea on the back of a sharpedo to observing the number of new Pokémon that weren’t in Kanto.

He could even have been attacked by a litten whose tail he accidentally stepped on while he and Pikachu were running like crazy on the beach.

At night after dinner at a fancy restaurant, Ash and Pikachu saw a strange Pokémon floating around the area and followed it. The Pokémon, which he would later know as Tapu Koko, gave him a Z-ring with an Electrium Z.

Ash didn't know what all that was, but both he and Pikachu perceived great power coming out of both objects.

Trainer's school

The next day Ash and his mother went to the Alola trainer school to deliver a Pokémon egg that professor Oak had given them. They had to give it to Samson Oak, his cousin.

At school Ash met professor Kukui, who was surprised to see him with a Z ring.

"And you say that Tapu Koko gave it to you?" Kukui asked astonished.

"I don't know what his name was but he was very cool, I had never seen him before and on top of that he seemed very strong!"

Kukui could only smile when he saw the young man's enthusiasm. He then explained that Tapu Koko was a legendary Pokémon and the guardian deity of Melemele, worshiped by the native people for centuries.

That such a Pokémon had given the Z-ring, an object that many still considered sacred, to a foreigner was something unheard of. After a long conversation, Kukui managed to convince Ash to enter the Pokémon School as a new student.

"You can be part of the last course, plus with your experience you’ll be able to show others how things are like outside of Alola. It never hurts to have an Top trainer nearby to learn." Kukui said excitedly.

Apparently the professor participated in the Kanto League years ago and since then he tried to bring some foreign customs to Alola despite the resistance of a certain part of the government and its inhabitants.

Then he told Ash that while he was teaching classes, he would live with him and could do the Island Challenge, since in Alola there were no gyms or leagues...yet. That way she could get more Z crystals and maybe fight Tapu Koko. That last thing was what really convinced Ash at all.


Class 4A

The next day Ash was introduced to the class of which Kukui was the tutor. Ash wasn't the only new student so Kukui decided to make introductions for the first day.

"Very well then, introduce and tell us something interesting about yourselves!" Kukui said enthusiastically, without losing his cheerful smile.

Ash (16 years old): My name is Ash Ketchum and this is my friend Pikachu! We are both from Pallet town. I want to be a Pokémon Master and make friends with all the Pokémon in the world.

Lillie (16 years old): Hello... M-my... My name is Lillie Aether and I like to study Pokémon.

"She's the smartest one in school and she's my assistant!" Kukui interrupted proudly, making Lillie blush so much that she looked like a tamato berry. The other students laughed but without malice or envy.

Kiawe (16 years old): Alola. My name is Kiawe and my family has been working on a farm for years. I am also the Fire Captain of Akala.

Mallow (16 years old): Alola, I am Mallow the Plant Captain of Akala! I love cooking for people and Pokémon. My family has been running Aina’s Kitchen for years, so come whenever you want.

Lana (16 years old): Alola from the Water Captain of Akala. My family is a fisherman and my favourite hobby is fishing legendaries and shiny Pokémon. Yesterday I found five of them... Just kidding!

Sophocles (16 years old): I-I'm the Electric C-captain of Ula-Ula... I mean, Alola, my name is Sophocles and I like electrical devices...And space...

Elio (15 years old): I have a raichu poster signed by Lieutenant Surge, I'm selling them for-Auch, stop hitting me Selene!... Ahem! Hello, I'm Elio from Vermilion City and my goal is to be friends with my master Ash Ketchum.

"Master?" Ash asked confused.

Selene (15 years old): Hello! I'm Selene and my family is from Sinnoh. Unlike my friend Elio, I don't want to be friends with Master Ketchum, I want to surpass him!

"Wow Ash, I didn't know you were the master of the new ones." Kukui said.

"I'm not, I don't even know them!" Ash denied quickly.

"But we know you! You are our idol and we have been following your career since you lost the Kanto League! We know everything about you, especially everything that governments and the Police cover up since our parents are important people! Please be our master!" said Elio and Selene after getting as close as possible to Ash and Pikachu, preventing them from breathing.

"How come you have a Z-ring?" Lana asked curiously.

"Is it true that Tapu Koko gave it to you?!" asked a furious Kiawe. "I can't believe an Alolan deity gave you two sacred objects just like that!"

"Kiawe calm down." Mallow asked.

Lillie and Sophocles were the only ones who didn't seem interested in asking Ash anything, or perhaps they were too nervous to do so.

Kukui went to ask the others to leave Ash alone when Pikachu unleashed a thunder bolt so powerful that it electrocuted the entire class.


Class 4B

Professor Emily was the tutor of that class and did the same as Kukui since there were new students that year.

Hau (16 years old): Alola, I like malasadas, I mean, my name is Hau! My dream is to surpass all the kahunas! Count on me for anything!

Acerola (16 years old): Alola, Alola, Alola! I am Acerola, the Ghost Captain of Ula-Ula and I really like to read and watch scary movies, especially those that end without survivors.

Chase (16 years old): I'm Chase and I really like capturing Pokémon, my idol is the famous expert in capturing Pokémon, Kriss from Johto. Nothing t... I mean, nothing more to say."

Elaine (16 years old): I'm Elaine and my dream is to one day work for the famous professor Willow. Nothing more to report.

Akira (17 years old): Hello, my name is Akira and my dream is to be part of the Aether foundation. Saving Pokémon is my destiny and my mission.

Mana (17 years old): Alola, my name is Mana and I also want to join the Aether foundation. I really like taking care of Pokémon.

Dulse (? years):…My name is Dulse… I have come to learn and not to make friends, so don't get in my way.

Zossie (? years): Alola everyone! Hello everyone! My name is Zossie and I'm looking forward to getting along with everyone! I like everything I've seen about Alola and I want to see and experience even more!

“Wow, what a unique class I've had this year,” Professor Emily joked. "Years ago I was captain so if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me."

"We would do it even if you hadn't been captain," Dulse snapped. "Or isn’t that your job as a teacher?"

“…W-well yes…” Emily didn't know what to said. Both Dulse and Zossie seemed a little strange to her with their pale skin and sunglasses that they had to constantly wear because, they have an eye disease or something?

"Don't listen to my friend, professor Emily," Zossie said quickly with a smile. "He’s a very edgy guy but a with a softie heart."

Dulse gave a small grunt but said nothing more. Akira and Mana seemed distracted as they played with an Alolan meowth that had grown attached Alolam. Chase and Elaine spoke quietly among themselves while Hau shared several malasada with Acerola.

Emily gave a soft sigh. Something told her that it was going to be a busy school year.

Over the next few days Ash learned how important Z moves were, especially when he faced Tapu Koko and his Electrium Z broke due to his lack of experience.

"Z moves cannot be used on a whim," Kiawe explained, "they only work well when the emotions of the Pokémon and trainer are synchronized. It is a sacred bond that should only be used for the benefit of Alola, Pokémon, or to help someone."

"What a beautiful speech." Lillie said as she wrote hurriedly in her notebook.

"Kiawe, you may be right but you’re too serious." Mallow commented between laughs.

"Well, I use my Z moves all the time," Lana said until she saw the look Kiawe gave her. "Just kidding...or not."

"I barely know how to use them..." Sophocles murmured.

"I don't like the way Kiawe talks to our master." Elio said.

"Me neither, we'll have to teach him a lesson someday." Selene said.

"Kiawe, I promise you that I’ll be more responsible with my Z ring," Ash said very happily, "and I’ll work very hard to be worthy of it."

Mallow decided that they should throw a kind of welcome party for the new ones, so Kiawe, Sophocles, Lana and her played some games to have fun together: Burst a group of balloons with their Pokémon, a race riding tauros, land-sea race between Pokémon. Meanwhile Lillie and Elio helped Mallow prepare food for when the others got tired.

After eating, Kukui suggested a mini tournament making Ash and Selene very happy. Since Lillie didn’t have a Pokémon yet, Samson Oak offered to participate in the mini tournament using the alola forms of Kanto Pokémon so that they would also learn in the process.


First round: Ash vs Lana, Kiawe vs Elio, Samson vs Mallow and Selene vs Sophocles.

Second round: Ash vs Kiawe and Samson vs Selene.

Third round: Ash vs Samson

Ash won the mini tournament and thus ended his first week of school.


"Master, please come eat at my house today." Elio asked him.

"Sure, so I can meet your mother," Ash said. "You said she was a very strong trainer, right?"

"Yes, the legendary “Scratch Cat Girl”," Elio said proudly. "Even the legendary Madame Meowth of Hau'oli City fears her."

"Another day, come to my house, Master," Selene said. "So you can tell me about the adventures you had with my older sister."

"Older sister?"

"Yes, Dawn Berlitz."


"Why are you so surprised?" Selene asked confused.

"Dawn has never told me about you."

"That sister of mine…" Selene said with a sigh. "Well, although it's also my fault for spending all day in dad's laboratory..."

Po Town: You're in Team Skull Territory Now!

“Did someone ask for trouble? We’re here to find out!Beautiful and radiant like the sun and the moon; friend of evil, pain and destruction. Rapp the lowborn warrior! Tupp the feared thief! Yungoos, Yung, Yung, Yungoos! We’re Team Skull, your worst nightmare! Surrender now or prepare to die!” ―The TSio (Rapp, Tupp and Yungoos).

"The hated boss who beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets up... Yeah. Big bad Guzma is here!"

The grunts clapped and cheered loudly for their leader as they banged on the tables and chairs. Guzma laughed as he threw himself on the battered sofa.

"Greetings, cowering public! I have a very important mission for you!" Guzma shouted when his grunts calmed down. "I've heard rumors that Kukui has finished building a new Pokédex. Tupp, Rapp and Yungoos, I want you to get it. I don't care what you have to do, but don't you dare come back empty-handed!"

Once the TSio had left, Guzma began to laugh softly while a evil smile appeared on his face.

"I plan to destroy all your dreams, old friend. Just like Alola destroyed mine."

Professor Kukui gave Ash a new Pokédex, which had a wise Rotom inside. According to Kukui, the discoveries made by Oak and Rowan on Torom Island had inspired him to make a Pokédex in which to introduce a rotom.

Lillie, being a professor's assistant, used to stop by his house a lot and be with Ash. However, every time she had to explain something to Ash, a verbal war broke out between her and RotomDex. It was funny when you weren't in the middle of their fights.

Shortly after, Ash met the Team Skull trio, as they tried to steal Rotom. However, they soon encountered Pikachu's thunder bolt and ended up taking off. Even so, they didn't dare to return empty-handed so they waited and watched Ash and Lillie...


The school received a Pokémon egg from professor Samson Oak, which was given to Lillie to overcome her fear of Pokémon. Over time Lillie began to grow fond of the egg.

"If you have problems with the egg, ask Leen for advice," Samson said to Lillie. "That teacher knows a lot about the subject since she was a student of Professor Elm."

"Ok." Lillie said, relieved to know that she could ask an expert for help.

Meanwhile, professor Kukui, taking advantage of Ash's Top trainer rank, asked him for a couple of missions.

"The captain of Melemele has asked us for help since the police are very busy with Team Skull." Kukui told him.

"More like he asked you for help. Why can't you do it? Do you have to send a teenager?" Lillie asked. Lillie's piercing look made it clear that she wasn't going to admit just any excuse.

"Well... Today I had to receive several... I mean, I had to study in depth the attacks of a snorlax."


"…Why don't you accompany Ash and show him the city a little?"

"What a good idea!" Ash said enthusiastically. "I’m sure we're going to discover a rare Pokémon."

"I doubt it," said Lillie, still glaring at the professor, "although since you're from Kanto, many Pokémon here will seem strange to you, right?"


"Count on me to explain all your doubts." Lillie said proudly.


"You don't need this one when you have me," Rotom commented with a superior smile. Who doesn't know Arceus, prays to any mew.

Before Ash knew it, Lillie and Rotom had already started arguing.

Hau'oli City

Lillie took him to where Ilima, the Normal Captain of Melemele, lived. He was a tall, elegant guy who was always surrounded by a fan club of women.

"Is that womanizer the captain?" Rotom asked.

"He’s two years older than us and is very strong, he even participated in the Kalos league of 2019. Data that anyone who doesn't stay in superficial details would know." Lillie informed with a small smile directed towards Rotom.

"Do you think I don't know what you're doing? Do you want a fight?"

"Let's say hello to him, Ash." Lillie said, holding Ash's hand and ignoring Rotom.

"You really enjoy making him angry, don't you?" Ash laughed. Lillie just kept smiling.


"The other day I saw you at the Trainer’s school. Kukui has a good eye for Pokémon Trainers, really..." said Ilima after meeting Ash. "I have to solve a marital problem and see what's going on with a delibird, so please go to the Alola police station and help the police while I'm gone."

With advice from Lillie and Rotom, Ash and Pikachu caught three hypnos who had stolen nuggets. As a reward, Ilima told Ash that he could take the island challenge.

Ash very happy went to train to prepare for the trial, which would be in three days.


Melemele Meadow

Lillie took Ash to this beautiful landscape full of yellow flowers and protected by a large wall of rocks. There Ash played and trained with his Pokémon until he met a friend he hadn't seen in three years.


"Youngster Joey to you, my eternal rival." said the boy. Ash had almost not recognized him with his tanned skin and somewhat curly hair.

"You look like a different person!"

"That's what it's like to spend two years training under the hot sun and cold moon of Alola," Joey said as he took out four Pokémon from his Poké Balls. "Look, now I have four competitive rattata!"

His rattata from Johto, a shiny that he captured in Kanto, an alolan ratatta and the the shiny version of the alolan form.

"You really like rattata.../Pika..." Ash and Pikachu said when they saw all that.

"How can I not like them, if they are the best Pokémon in the world?!" Joey shouted excitedly.

"So it's not just Gym Leaders who catch the same Pokémon." Lillie murmured interested. "Although I don't see the advantage beyond the fact that each one has different attacks."

Joey lost a fight against Ash again, but he took it quite well.


Seaward Cave

Ash and Lillie found Dulse and Zossie from class 4B training.

"Ash Ketchum, I've heard about you and your strength," Dulse said as soon as she saw him, "but you don't seem like a big deal to me."

“Y-you shouldn't judge people if you don't know them personally." Lillie said in a low voice, although she stood behind Ash upon receiving Dulse's hard look.

"Hey, only I can make her shut up, even if I still don't know how!" Rotom said angrily. And he got angrier when Zossie caught him by surprise.

"How cute, it was true that there was a Pokémon put in a machine that records Pokémon! How does it work?!"

“I admire that someone finally admires me but… H-help!"

"Hey, only I can scare Rotom!" Lillie said.

"Zossie, focus. We have come here with a specific purpose," Dulse said, taking out a Poké Ball that Ash and Lillie had never seen before. "To train and get stronger."

“How boring you’re, Dulse. We’re in a beautiful place with people and Pokémon who don't want to kill us, enjoy life for once!" Zossie complained after returning the RotomDex to Lillie.

"Have you come to train?" asked Ash, who hadn't heard much more than that, which was why Lillie and Rotom were the only ones disturbed by Zossie's words. "Let's have a Pokémon battle!"

Dulse accepted and after losing the battle against Ash he remained thoughtful for a few seconds while Zossie patted him on the back.

"Interesting... You’re much better than anyone in our class and I noticed a great confidence in your Pokémon...Very different from where I come from."

"What region are you from?" Lillie dared to ask.

"From a very distant one." Was all Zossie said as she smiled sadly.

One day Ash encountered the litten on the beach again and tried to capture it without much success.

The old fruit seller Anela told him that she always gave Litten food because he was a good boy. Ash and Pikachu followed the Litten to his home, an old abandoned house where he lived next to a very old stoutland. The old Pokémon seemed to be both Litten's grandfather and teacher.

Because Ash and other Pokémon had discovered their home, Litten and Stoutland ended up moving somewhere else.


Big Wave Beach

"You’re going to battle Ilima before facing the island challenge, right?" Lana told Ash the day before the trial. "I know a good place to train."

The entire 4A class accompanied Ash to his training on the beach. There they met the TSio, who were trying to steal mantine to surf mantine. And to top it off, Jessie, James and Meowth also appeared.

"Team Rocket and Team Skull?" Ash said tired just thinking about dealing with both of them.

Luckily the TRio and the TSio fought each other, although the TRio's new mimikyu tried to kill Pikachu. Overall it was a good training session that culminated in a fight between Ash and Selene.

Verdant Cavern

"Did you know? My mother was an actress and before going on stage she always told me, “if you’re going to do something, do it with passion so that you have no regrets later.” So let’s have a passionate battle!"―Ilima, Normal Captain of Melemele.

Pikachu vs Smeargle. It was a quick fight that left Ilima somewhat surprised by Pikachu's strength.

"If I had known you were so strong I would have used my best Pokémon," said Ilima thoughtful. "I think that with you a normal trial won’t work."

With that said, Ilima told him to come back at dusk and Ash obeyed him. When he graduated Ilima told him that generally you had to defeat a Totem Pokémon to pass the trial.

"In the morning and at night the Totem changes in the Verdant Cavern," Ilima explained with a smile. "But having seen what I've seen, I've decided that you'll face them both at the same time!"

Pikachu and Rowlet vs Totem Gunshoos, Yungoos ally, Totem Alolan Raticate, and Rattata ally. It was a difficult fight in which Ash had to be very attentive not to let his guard down at any time. He even took advantage of the rivalry of the two totems.

He eventually won and received a Normalium Z from Ilima and permission to face the Kahuna.

Iki Town: The place where we give thanks to Pokémon

Kukui introduced Ash to the Kahuna Hala. He was basically the king of the island and was in charge of social and political problems, in addition to ensuring that rituals and traditions were fulfilled.

"Wow, so you're the young man to whom Tapu Koko gave the Z-ring that he took from me?" Hala laughed.


"Yes, one night I saw him entering my house and leaving with the Z ring. That he gave it to a foreigner is something unheard of..."

"I told you that times were changing." Kukui said with a smile. Hala nodded.

"It seems so, and if the gods agree even better."

"Does that mean I can keep it and use it in my battles?" Ash asked happily.

"Of course, that's what the heavens have decided!" Hala laughed.


“I see from your face that you’re more than prepared for the Grand Trial! Use all your physical, mental and spiritual strength. Show me what you and your Pokémon are capable of. Attack with everything you have! Prove that you’re truly worthy of having received the Z-Ring from Tapu Koko. Old Hala here will also be going all out! Let the grand trial begin!" ―Hala, the Kahuna of Melemele.

After praying to Tapu Koko in the Ruins of Conflict, Ash and Hala headed Alola town to begin the grand trial. Ash asked for permission so that his friends could see him fight. He usually would have said no, but after seeing Tapu Koko nod in the distance, Hala agreed and Class 4A and B attended the match.

"You can beat him, Grandpa!" Hau encouraged Hala.

"Don't give up Ash." Lillie murmured, holding her Pokémon egg tightly.

Selene, Elio, Chase, Elaine, Kiawe, Mallow, Lana, Sophocles, Zossie and Acerola were also cheering Ash on. Akira and Mana watched with some curiosity while Dulse analyzed everything in silence.

Rowlet and Pikachu vs Crabominable and Hariyama. Hala used all of his power without a moment's hesitation, but the fight culminated when they both used their Z moves. Pikachu's Breakneck Blitz against Hariyama's All-Out Pummeling. Ash defeated and received the Fightinium Z... or at least that was the plan because Tapu Koko appeared and took it from him to give him the Electrium Z.

"I'm supposed to give that..." Sophocles murmured, but he wasn't going to complain to the Alolan god of war either.


Hala threw Ash a party, since passing a great trial was already an achievement itself. Joyful, he watched as his grandson Hau challenged Ash to a fight and although he lost he remained as cheerful as ever.

Hala also had to endure being overwhelmed by several of Kukui and Emily's students, who wanted a Z-ring. After consulting with Tapu Koko, he gave him permission.

Concerned, Hala contacted the other Kahuna and learned that the other guardian deities had also ordered them to give Z-rings to specific trainers throughout Alola, and several were foreigners. And over the next few months many of them would take trials to master the Z moves.

The last time there were so many people with Z rings at the same time was during wartime... What was happening?

One day Ash helped Kiawe with his job. The teen was in charge of bringing moo-moo milk to the Alolan Pokémon Centers of Melemele and Akala.

"It's as good as the one of Whitney's miltank." the employees of the Pokémon Center said, making Kiawe blush.

When he finished, Kiawe took Ash, Lillie, Pikachu and Rotom to his house, which was next to his farm. It was a large green esplanade filled with herds of miltank, tauros and mudbray.

Ash and his friends met Kiawe's family: His mother Sima, his father Rango and…

"My little sister Mimo, the cutest thing that has ever existed, exists and will ever exist!" Kiawe shouted as he hugged and crushed the little girl with all his strength.

"Stop brother!" Mime screamed in anguish because she couldn't even breathe.

"My brother was the same a long time ago." Lillie said with a big smile when she saw that scene.

"You have a brother?" Ash asked.

"Yes, right now he’s traveling and making the island challenge to become stronger." Lillie told him proudly.

"He seems like someone nicer than you." Rotom murmured, although Lillie heard him perfectly.

"My brother would kill you if he found out what you said." Lillie said casually, smiling as she saw how Rotom trembled slightly.

Ash helped with the farm while Lillie helped around the house. The two became exhausted after realizing that Kiawe's life wasn’t easy at all. During dinner they prayed with the family, thanking the Wela Volcanic Park for another good day.

"Did you know? My grandfather was the Kahuna of Akala many years ago and he taught me to take care of my Pokémon and the island," Kiawe told his friends while he cleaned Turtonator. "The charizard I use was his."

"Well, he must have been a great man since Charizard is very healthy even though he’s old." Lillie noted, petting the fire/flying type Pokémon.

"Yes he was..."

"Do you want to be Kahuna too?" Ash asked him. Kiawe looked at his Z-ring fondly upon hearing that question.

"My grandfather gave me everything I needed to be one," Kiawe revealed, "but he also told me to pursue my own dream, without being tied too much to the Alolan customs of the past... I want to be a dancer and master all the traditional dances of Alola."

"That's a wonderful dream!" Lillie said enthusiastically. "Alola dancers are considered some of the best in the world."

"I'm glad that you know so well your dream, I won't hesitate to support you!" Ash said.

Kiawe looked at the two of them with a hopeful smile.

"Thanks to both of you."

"And where are you going to find time to practice? And the money? I doubt the classes are free even if you are from a “noble family.”" Rotom asked.

"When I turn twenty I’ll have to stop being captain and I’ll pass the baton to my dear little sister. Then I’ll dedicate those free days to training like crazy. I have already saved a lot of money for classes and I plan to continue saving more.

"Wow, a young man who knows what he wants and how he wants it, I thought you were an airhead who only thought about fighting and his sister."


"Wow, I thought the same thing about Ash when I met him, except for the sister part." Lillie said.


The next day the farm was attacked by TSio but Kiawe's furious family kicked them and their Pokémon out, making it clear that Team Skull wasn’t welcome there.

"You bunch of lazy people, feeling bad about themselves and their families doesn't justify their pranks," said Sima. "Put them to work one day on my farm and you'll see how quickly they become decent people."

“At least they're not Team Kings,” her husband Rango mentioned. "Those were the shame of Alola."

"Team Kings?" Asked Ash curious.

"They were terrorists who had Alola shaking for years," Lillie explained, "but one day they and their allies were attacked by the four Tapu."

"It’s said that no one had ever seen the Tapu so furious." Sima said very seriously.

"A few of Team Kings died due to fear and stress, while the majority went crazy and are unable to formulate coherent words," Rango said. "You can still see them wandering aimlessly through Vast Poni Canyon…"

"Spooky!" said little Mimo.

"Don't worry, Mimo, your little brother will protect you from bad people for all eternity!" Kiawe shouted, launching himself to hug her, but her sister dodged it in time, causing Kiawe to fall on top of hay.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket had already formed a secret base in the large tree-house of a Bewear and her stufful offspring.

A few days later, Lillie's Pokémon egg hatched and an Alolan vulpix was born. On the other hand, Samson Oak's Pokémon egg also opened, giving rise to a Vulpix.

Lillie ended up capturing him and calling him Snowy. She still had a hard time touching the Pokémon so she kept some distance from Snowy.

"Guys... How do you manage to be with your Pokémon?" Lillie asked sadly.

"I just make friends with them." Ash said, earning a desperate sigh from the rest of the class.

"I've been into Pokémon since I was a kid." Kiawe said.

"I'm wondering the same." said Mallow.

"I usually go to bathe with them since I was little." Lana said.

"The electric type approached me because I was always with machines." Sophocles said wistfully.

"I pursued them until they surrendered to my power and charisma." Selene said proudly.

"I used to play with my mother's Pokémon." Elio murmured.

"In the end it’ll all depend on the type of trainer you want to be, Lillie." Kukui told her.

"I want to be a Pokémon Master!" Ash exclaimed, raising his hand.

"Nobody ask! Besides, we already know it because you repeat it every day." Rotom said.

"Damn piece of junk, how dare you talk like that to Master Ash?" Elio and Selene said at the same time while giving him menacing glances.


Lillie was too worried to enjoy the misfortunes of her archenemy. The next day she walked with Snowy to get to know her better but along the way Team Skull attacked her.

"You have a very pretty Pokémon...Ah, right, I haven't introduced myself, Princess Aether," said the boy, who was only wearing a Team Skull pendant, since his clothes were very simple and normal. "I am Tokio, the second commander of Team Skull. Give me your Pokémon and no one will get hurt."


"Kill that baby vulpix, Jangmo-o!"

Lillie, without even stopping to think, threw herself on Snowy and covered her with her body.

"Iron tail Pikachu!" Ash ordered. Pikachu saved Lillie and Snowy at the last second by defeating sending the enemy Pokémon.

Ash and Mallow had followed Lillie just in case and they didn't regret it.

"What a useless Pokémon I have..." murmured Tokio, who could only look at Lillie with hatred, as if he had some personal war with her. "You’re just like your mother. Always with people willing to give everything for you. What a pair of manipulators you are made!"

"What are you doing here, Tokio? If you keep picking on Lillie, I'll teach you a lesson myself." Mallow said furiously. She apparently knew that boy very well.

Tokio didn't say anything and left there.

"Thank you, Ash and Mallow." Lillie said. When she looked up she saw the stunned gaze of her friends and her Pokémon, then she lowered hers slowly until she saw that she had a smiling Snowy in her arms.

Later Lillie tried to touch other Pokémon but she couldn't, she could only do it with Snowy.

To celebrate, everyone ate on the beach next to Kukui's house. Mallow then took the opportunity to tell Ash that Tokio was the son of the leader of Team Kings.

"His father was Meja, the Dragon Captain of Poni, but since the Tapu incident there’s no longer a Dragon Captain," Lúlu said sadly. "Tokio seemed like he was going to be his successor but people are afraid that he’ll abuse his power..."

"Joining Team Skull, what is that boy thinking?" Kukui murmured.

"And why does he hate me? I didn't do anything to him." Lillie said confused.

"Don't worry, I won't let him hurt you." Ash promised, making the blonde blush slightly.

"Thank you." She said without daring to look him in the eyes, preferring to watch how Pikachu and Snowy played together.

Tapu Koko used to appear from time to time to teach Ash more about Z-Moves and their power. One of these times Tapu Koko asked Kukui to organize a tournament between class A and B.

Ash vs Acerola. Winner: Ash.

Lillie vs Zossie. Winner: Zossie.

Kiawe vs. Hau. Winner: Kiawe.

Mallow vs Akira. Winner: Akira.

Sophocles vs Elaine. Winner: Elaine.

Lana vs Dulse. Winner: Lana.

Selene vs Chase. Winner: Selene.

Elio vs Mana. Tie.

In the end, class A was the winner with four wins and one draw. Tapu Koko seemed satisfied with the tournament because of the way he danced for minutes in the air.

“Nothing lasts forever my dear grandson. Things come and go but life stays the same. I won’t be by your side physically, but my soul will become one with everything and so I’ll be able to take care of you, no matter how far I go.

I would have liked to be able to show you more but I'm afraid that this body is no longer capable. I know that it’s futile to ask you not to mourn my death, because your soul is too pure. Even so, I know that you’ll get better, because you have new friends who will take care of you and give all the love that your immense soul deserves and needs.

Goodbye my dear Litten and remember, this’s the end of my path on this beautiful planet but the beginning of yours… Never give up or lose hope, because one day you will become the great guardian you are destined to be.” ―Stoutland.

Pokémon Trainer School

On Parents' Day, Delia Ketchum travelled to Alola. To Ash's surprise, she was accompanied by Yellow.

"Hello big brother." Yellow said. She had grown a little and her hair was even longer than before.

"Did you know Ash had a sister?" Mallow asked Lillie but she shook her head.

"She’s a friend that the Master saved before starting his journey as a trainer,” Selene explained. "As a reward the master allowed her to call him brother."

"After studying at the Ranger Academy, she is preparing to take the Viridian City Gym Leader exam." Elio ended up saying.

"What a good report." Elaine said.

"He meant what a good summary." Chase said.

"Well, I find it disturbing that they know so many thing-" Akira fell silent after receiving a nudge from Mana.

"If we count Lillie and Rotom, we already have four walking encyclopedias." Lana joked.

"Alola, I mean, hello! What are you doing here?" Ash asked Yellow after giving her a big hug.

"Delia told me she was coming for Parents' Day and I thought I'd accompany her. In recent years we have seen very little of each other because you always go to another region right away."

"I can't help but let adventure call to me and Pikachu!"

Yellow laughed at his words and then saw how her female Pikachu, Chuchu, was playing with Ash's pikachu.

"I hope you're trying hard at school and not just in Pokémon battles." Delia said. Ash scratched his head somewhat nervously, avoiding answering.

Lillie's mother hadn’t come but her butler Hobbes had. He spent the time talking to Ash's mother.

Of all the parents, the ones who caught the most attention were Dulse and Zossie's guardians, as they were completely covered up and wearing sunglasses. Apparently their names were Phyco and Soliera. The latter caused a sensation among the male audience.

Apart from a small attack by many Team Skull grunts, it was a normal and enjoyable day between children and parents/guardians.

Some strange rumors about a young man with an angry look began to travel through the streets of Melemele. These rumors were started by the grunts of Team Skull, as several had already suffered confrontations with said young man.

Hospitals, Pokémon Centers, and prisons were receiving members of Team Skull and their Pokémon on a more regular basis. All because of the actions of said young man and his crimson-eyed lycanroc.

Ash thought that said person had to be very strong so he looked everywhere until he found him. He had help from Lillie and that's how he met Gladion Aether.

"Where have you been, brother?" Lillie asked after giving him a hug. Her brother looked away from her as he looked toward the horizon.

"Making myself stronger, because it’s the only way to survive in this world so-"

"Fight me!" Ash asked him, interrupting his monologue. "Lillie told me you've been doing the island challenge. I want to see how strong you are, please!"

Gladion growled slightly but stopped himself when he saw his sister's innocent look. Although soon he growled again when he saw how his sister smiled when she looked at Ash.

Before the fight Lillie invited Ash to her house for a snack. There she was told that Gladion had left the mansion six months ago to make the island challenge and become stronger.

"Although he seemed angry about something and much more serious than before..." Lillie said sadly. At that moment Hobbes the butler told them that when Gladion was little he saved a little eevee that was hurt and crying in the middle of the rain.

"Master Gladion spent days taking care of her with the help of the lady until she recovered," Hobbes said wistfully. "Mr. Gladion is one of the kindest people I have ever met and I highly doubt that he’s going to change."


Ash used Rockruff to fight Gladion's midnight lycanroc. It was from that moment that the rivalry between both Pokémon began, however the fight was interrupted by the TSio, who wanted to take revenge on Gladion and take his Pokémon. Of course they ended up blasting off and Ash continued the battle.

Thanks to Pikachu, he managed to defeat Lycanroc and Umbreon, surprising Gladion with his strength.

"I still don't understand why Tapu Koko chose you, but at least I know that the rumors about your strength were true."

"Does that mean we will fight again?"

"The answer is as clear as a starry lake on full moon night."


“That's a yes, Ash." Lillie explained Alola young man from Pallet town. "Brother, visit the mansion from time to time, Hobbes misses you."

“Sure, Lillie."

The next day professor Kukui suggest that the students should exchange their main Pokémon as a kind of new experience. Ash swapped Pikachu with Lillie's vulpix.

To get used to Pikachu, whom she didn't dare touch, Kukui suggested that she try to capture some Pokémon.

"That way you will have more options if you are forced to fight and you will feel closer to Pikachu," Kukui explained. "At least it works with me."

It was difficult but at the end of the day Lillie was able to hug Pikachu and also captured a cutiefly who was quite bossy and demanding of his food. Luckily Mallow was good at making food for the Pokémon...However, Lillie had a little problem. After spending a day with Ash, Snowy only wanted to fight and eat.

Aether Foundation – Secret Laboratories

“The black beast will awaken and his dark armor will cover the Sun and the Moon! Loneliness has clouded his judgment, darkness clouds his heart! Only the light of Alola can save us! It's not too late to avoid sacrificing the world! I saw it, I saw it, I saw the hero sacrifice his leg and his soul! Let's learn from him before it's too late! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" ―Meja, ex leader of Team Kings and ex Dragon Captain of Poni.

The Aether scientists gave the man quite a few painkillers until he fell asleep. For the first time in hours his face seemed at peace.

"Have you understood something among so much nonsense?" Lusamine asked the two people next to her.

"Quite a bit, luckily he started rambling only when you came." Phyco said.

"Thanks to your information and ours, this world can be saved without having to make great sacrifices." Soliera explained.

Lusamine simply smiled, although anyone who knew her would know that that smile seemed to hide great malice. The woman's cell phone began to ring at that moment and her cold gaze became warm and loving.

"Excuse me, but my employees are going to inform me about my daughter." She said happily as she left.

"…She seems like a different person when she talks about her children than when she is with us." Solera noted confused.

"True and I doubt that it’s something normal even in this strange world." Phyco said after stretching his moustache.


Students from classes 4A and B would spend a month in Akala as part of a new program devised by Kukui. A kind of inter-island exchange to learn more about Alola and not get stuck with the internal culture of a single place.

Kukui had fought hard to coordinate with the other schools in Alola to achieve his goal. There were parents and politicians who still looked at him in a bad light, saying that his journey through Kanto in the past had “modernized” him and now he wanted to do the same with the traditions of Alola.

"In Melemele's own school we have students from other islands and nothing bad has ever happened because of it, right?" was one of the things Kukui said to win the debate.

With the help of Kahuna Olivia, Ash and the rest of the class went to Akala's Pokémon school.

Heahea City: Visitors are always welcome

“Why don't you trial your skills with us?/We'll let our partners go wild!" ―Sina and Dexio

Ash met again with the assistants of professor Sycamore of Kalos, Sino and Dexio.

"And your superhero costumes?" Asked Ash disappointed when he saw them dressed like tourists. Lillie, for her part, blushed when she saw them very close together as if they were the most loving couple in the world.

"We aren’t here to save the world from the shadows." Sina said.

"But to bring order to chaos." Dexio said.

They told him that they had found Zygarde cells in Alola, indicating that there was a Zygarde in the region. Although they didn't tell him why they wanted to find him.

Ash and Lillie had a double battle against them. It was a Pikachu and Snowy vs Espeon and Umbreon.


Tide Song Hotel

"I thought someone like you would choose a hotel with more potential." Sina joked as she entered the room.

"My dear girlfriend is right, this place has an aura of desolation." Dexio commented.

The person they were talking to kept looking out the window, watching the people outside.

"Pretty names, exotic decorations and cheap prices that try to hide the fact that it has fewer and fewer guests. Not to mention a bellman who does nothing but complain about how he would like to work at the Hano Gran Resort or the list of the restaurant where there’re clients who have been waiting for their table for ten years… Yes, this hotel is not my style but right now that's what I need."

The man turned around and smiled at his visitors.

“We heard that all of Team Plasma's technology was created by you." Dexio said.


"Why should we trust you then?" Sina asked.

"I've been helping various governments and the International Police for a year, right, Agent Looker?"

Looker, who was hiding under the bed, came out and dusted himself off while straightening his wrinkled trench coat. Sina and Dexio didn’t seem surprised because in their careers as superheroes they had seen stranger things.

"Well, I don't trust you much either, but according to my boss you’re the solution to our problems," the police officer said very seriously. "Don't make us regret letting you free of charges, Colress."

Class 4A went first to Surf Association, Heahea Branch, passing through the Boutique and arriving at the Dimensional Research Lab. Here they met Professor Kukui's girlfriend.

"Ash Ketchum, long time no see!" Professor Burnet said when she saw the young man from Pallet town.


"We met in Unova."


"The crisis of Meloetta and Team Rocket."

"Ah, you are the professor obsessed with the forces of nature!"

"Is that what you remember me for?" Burnet laughed.

"Do you know each other?" Kukui asked curiously.

"This’s the boy who didn’t hesitate to fight with Team Plasma while riding a zekrom."

The other students looked at Ash in surprise.

"Nothing strange on the boss's part," Elio said proudly. "He’s already famous for having defeated Team Rocket, Neo Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, Team Plasma and Team Flare."

"W-wait what?!" asked the rest confused.

"We’ll tell you all about the boss's exploits,” Selene said with a smile. "In addition, you can visit our new website where we tell everything in detail."

Professor Burnet gave them a guided challenge of the DRL while telling them that there they studied Pokémon that supposedly came from other dimensions, in addition to studying said dimensions and their connection with theirs.

She even showed them the reveal glass that she had brought from Unova.

"A scientist from Kalos stole it from me and sold it in Malvalona. From there I pass through Slow-on-Side town and Porto Marinada. Luckily a guy named Colress recovered it before it hits the black market." Burnet said relieved.

"I still can't believe that the professor has such a pretty girlfriend." Mallow said excitedly.

"Why not? With those muscles he could have any girl at his feet." Lana said as if that were an irrefutable fact.

"The boss doesn't have that much muscle but he’s very popular with the girls." Selene stated. "Right Lillie?"

“I-I'm more interested in knowing what the reveal glass can do!” Lillie said embarrassed.

Shortly after, Professor Burnet told them about the Ultra Wormholes.

"They are passages through space-time that create shortcuts to travel to other worlds or dimensions," Burnet explained excitedly. "And the people who cross them are called fallers. It is said that they lose their memory or that they return with mysterious powers... I can't wait to discover more!"

"If I remember correctly, the Aether Foundation has been funding research about portals for years, right?" Kukui said.

"That's right, Lusamine is very generous and thanks to her we have achieved great result." said Burnet. "Your mother is someone amazing Lillie. Not only is she kind and smart, but she’s a very strong trainer."

"One of the strongest in the region,” Kukui assured. "There’re people who achieve everything in this life."

Those words made Lillie feel very proud and sad at the same time. She was proud of how people appreciated her mother and sad for her because of how little she could see her in her daily life.

“Lillie, why didn't you tell me your mother was so strong?" Ash asked her suddenly, startling her. "I want to fight her!"

Lillie laughed at Ash's childish expression.

"Maybe one day you can. But my mother completed the island challenge so you will have to do the same."

Taking advantage of the fact that they were in Akala, Kahuna Olivia asked Lana, Mallow and Kiawe to test Ash to see if he was ready for the grand trial. They also allowed Lillie to accompany him.

Brooklet Hill

Lana's trial was that Ash had to catch the Totem wishiwashi before her sisters Harper and Sarah did it. The two little girls were very energetic and talented.

Thanks to the advice of Lillie and Rotom, Ash managed to confront the Totem and defeat him with Pikachu and Rowlet, thus passing the trial. And although it wasn’t necessary he had a fight against Lana.

Litten vs Chinchou, a battle in which Ash won narrowly. Right after they met a woman named Ida and her husband Keanu on the road. Apparently both were sunken ship treasure hunters.

"Ida is my master, she was the one who taught me how to train Popplio." Lana told them.

"But you said that your master was a lugia." Ash remembered confused.

"Ash, that was a joke." Lillie revealed.

"… Really?!"

"Are there still people who buy your jokes?" Ida asked between laughs. Lana just smiled mischievously.

Lush Jungle

Mallow's trial was to find ingredients to make a delicious dish that would appeal Totem Lurantis. After doing this Ash used Rowlet and Litten to defeat her and pass the trial.

"Your Pokémon are so strong, it must be because of all the food I have made for them." Mallow laughed.

He then fought against Mallow in a Rockruff vs Morelull match. For some reason Rockruff didn't obey Ash sometimes and even his attacks were more aggressive than normal. Despite winning the fight, Ash was left worried.

"Sometimes Pokémon change their character when they grow up," Lillie said just as worried. "But I'm sure Rockruff is just going through a momentary mood swing!"

"I hope it's true... it reminds me of when my charmeleon stopped obeying me because he got too strong too quickly." Ash said somewhat sadly.

To cheer them up, Mallow took them both to a cabin in the middle of the forest. There an Oranguru served drinks made from fruits to travellers.

"This Pokémon is my father's master." Mallow revealed to everyone's surprise.

"Wow, that's taking “we should learn from Pokémon” very literally." Lillie said imitating Kukui's voice, which made Ash and Mallow laugh.

Wela Volcanic Park

Kiawe's trial consisted of watching his Alolan marowak dance alongside others of the same species. They did three dances and Ash had to find the difference between these dances. Of course Lillie and Rotom weren't allowed to help him.

After passing the trial and defeating the spontaneous hiker dancer David, Ash faced two Totem Pokémon at the same time: Salazzle and Marowak.

"I heard that Ilima also did the same to you and I wasn't going to be left behind." Kiawe said with a proud smile, which was erased when he saw the look of fury that Lillie was giving him.

"I don't think it's right to do such a difficult final trial just because you want to maintain your rivalry with Ash." Lillie scolded him.

"W-well, I'm the c-captain and technically I can...I'm sorry..."

"It's okay, this makes it much more exciting!" said Ash, launching into combat without a second's hesitation. He used Pikachu and Litten in a close battle that was saved by Pikachu's overwhelming strength and Litten's unbreakable will.

After this Ash fought Kiawe in a Rockruff vs Growlithe. Rockruff obeyed him this time but his attacks were still as brutal as before. After his victory Kiawe told him that he was ready to fight Olivia.

Ruins of Life

Both classes A and B watched as Ash and Olivia left the ruins after praying to the playful Tapu Lele, who had observed all of Ash's trials and had even bothered him along the way.

"You can do it Ash." Lillie said lovingly, completely trusting in the strength of her friend and his Pokémon. Details that weren’t lost on Akira and Mana.

"Someone who has defeated my grandfather cannot allow to lose here." Hau said happily.

"Come on Boss/Master, this isn’t the first time you have faced a rock type specialist!" shouted Elio and Selene, who were wearing t-shirts with Ash and Pikachu's names inscribed on them.

Unfortunately for Dulse, Zossie was also wearing one of those shirts. What he didn't know is that in a matter of months Elio would make a lot of money selling more of those shirts, but that's another story...

Kiawe, Mallow and Lana looked at each other excitedly, since it wasn’t so common for people to pass their three trials in three days. Most took a week or more to do it if they didn't fail the first two times.

Sophocles was nervous as he was sure that Ash would come after him later in his quest to overcome the island challenge. Acerola for her part was eager for Ash to arrive at her trial.

Chase and Elaine seemed very sure of Ash's victory and the only thing that worried them at that moment was how popular the website Pokémon Master, created by Selene and Elio, was becoming.


"We're gonna give you guys everything we've got! And my partners are all adorable, rugged little Rock types!" ―Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala.

Rockruff and Rowlet vs Probopass and midday Lycanroc. It was a double battle in which Rowlet used Bloom Doom to defeat Probopass, however Rockruff lost control attacking Rowlet and weakening him. Hurt by his actions, Rockruff once again obeyed Ash and managed to defeat Olivia's Lycanroc.

"Diamonds only sparkle after coal is pushed to its absolute limit. You guys are the best! Here. The Rock-type Z-Crystal... The Rockium Z is all yours!"

"Thank you very much… Although I still don't understand why Rockruff is like this." Ash said.

"When my lycanroc was a rockruff, he did the same thing. That means it’ll evolve soon." Olivia explained, brightening the day of Ash and his rock-type Pokémon.

Soon bright dust began to fall from Tapu Lele, who danced in the sky happy for having seen the combat.

After receiving a beating from Tapu Lele, Ash's rockruff was found by Olivia's midday lycanroc and Gladion's midnight lycanroc. Between the two of them they watched as Rockruff evolved in the evening light and became a dusk lycanroc.

"Hardly anyone has seen this curious form of lycanroc." Lillie commented on this fact.

"It was a combination of the green flash of twilight and Rockruff's own tempo ability," Kukui explained.

"With these two conditions, it’s not surprising that I didn’t even know of its existence." Rotom said somewhat annoyed.

"How cool, he's always wanted to get stronger and he's finally done it!" Ash said happy and proud.

"As always, the boss takes the best Pokémon," Elio said with a smile until he saw that Selene had a mimikyu on her shoulder. "Where did you get that?"

“I found him the other day trying to kill the Pikachu. I'm giving him a crash course in “Pikachu is the best Pokémon in the world and respecting him is a duty, not a suggestion.”

Konikoni City: A town that welcomes the sea breeze

To celebrate the new evolution and that Ash had passed the second grand trial, everyone went for a walk around the city. They saw Olivia's jewelry shop, where there were also evolution stones and fossils.

Later they ate at Aina's Kitchen where they saw Mallow's older brother Urko and his father Abe. Urko was similar to Brock in the way he tried to flirt with any beautiful woman he saw nearby and in how well he cooked.

Then they went to Alola Photo Club, where they waited for Professor Emily's B class to take photos of themselves and their Pokémon in different poses and various accessories.


Memorial Hill

At night Ash met a girl a little older than him, who challenged him to a fight near the Akala cemetery.

The girl, who despite her intense and serious look was kind at all times, had a salazzle just as strong as the Totem of the trial. Even so, Pikachu defeated her, leaving her somewhat stunned.

"I now understand that Team Skull has trouble putting you in your place." said the girl with a small smile.

"Do you know Team Skull?" Ash asked, but the girl ignored him.

"See you around." She said after turning her back on her and leaving there.

Paniola Town: The town we developed with our Pokémon

“Come on Ash, let's have a fight and see if I've improved! Furthermore, Paniola town is the perfect place for a duel. It does look like something out of a western movie!”―Hau, grandson of Hala.

The main street was filled with filled with people being defeated by Ash, who was on a roll and his Pokémon seemed to get stronger with each battle instead of getting tired. Snowy and cutiefly seemed to be learning a lot and Lillie was writing down Ash's strategies with enthusiasm in a notebook.

Soon rumors spread and many Team Skull grunts, led by a guy named Okazaki, surrounded the street to try to catch Ash by surprise. It was at that moment that the entire class 4 joined the fight and it really became a western duel.

"T-to humiliate me like this, I’m third commander of Team Skull!" Okazaki whimpered as he and his grunts fled in terror with their wounded Pokémon in their arms.

Royal Avenue: The holy ground for Battle Royal enthusiasts

Nobody went to Akala and didn’t visit the Battle Royal Dome, where the famous Battle Royal took place. Ash had known them for a short time but he saw him many nights with Kukui and Rotom. They were the most famous and iconic battles in Alola, known throughout the whole world. Four Pokémon fighting in a everyone vs everyone in a ring.

According to Hau, the best malasada were sold at the restaurant on the avenue, which was always full, but luckily Professor Kukui had managed to reserve twenty seats for the meal. Sixteen students, two teachers, Olivia and Professor Burnet.

"Then we'll go see the Battle Royal!" Kukui roared.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss" everyone roared except Lillie, Dulse and the shy teacher Emily.

"The muscular Royal Mask and his muscular incineroar." Burnet and Lana said in a dreamy tone. Sophocles looked down sadly at his belly. Maybe he should exercise a little, maybe then Lana would notice him a little more...

Once at Royal Dome, professor Kukui mysteriously disappeared. Meanwhile, Royal Mask invited several opponents to challenge him to a fight.

In the end the challengers were Ash with Litten, Hau with his pikachu and Olivia with her midday lycanroc. Even so, the winner was Royal Mask with his incineroar, who showed the Z move: Malicious Moonsault.

In the afternoon Ash and Lillie were walking together when they realized that Litten was depressed after losing the Battle Royal. To everyone's surprise, Royal Mask and Incineroar appeared, who gave Ash and Litten some classes to make them stronger.

In the end Litten evolved into Torracat but Royal Mask had to leave when he saw that Lillie was beginning to suspect his true secret identity.

Hano Grand Resort

The dancer Ronda, the golf buddies Tara and Tina, the veteran Kiara and her husband DJ Futurock... If you were someone important, yes or yes you had to have been even just one day in the most popular resort in all of Alola.

The world's number one golfer, Kahili, was the daughter of the owner of the place and a friend of Kukui. The latter was what made Kahili give them a guided challenge of the place and then give them some golf practice.

"Kahili completed the island challenge years ago." Kukui said proudly.

"Although you did it a few months before me, I remember how angry it made me." said Kahili when remembering those times with nostalgia. "Ultimately I took a trip around the world to refine my skills as a golfer and trainer."

"It must be very hard to stay number one." Lillie commented.

"Although it must be very well paid." Elio said.

"The two things are trues." Kahili laughed.


The entire class 4 travelled to the Kanto region to celebrate the twenty anniversary of the Melemele Pokémon School. They would learn about regional forms in person and new places like Pokémon gyms.

"It will be an Absolutely fantastic trip!" Samson Oak exclaimed excitedly.

Everyone except Ash and Elio was excited about that trip. Although Ash's apathy turned to joy when he knew that Misty, Brock and Yellow, the newly appointed leader of the Green gym, would be their guides during the two weeks that the trip would last.

"We return to Kanto, our home." Chase said happily. Being in the International Police wasn't as fun when you had to travel to unknown places like Alola.

"Yes, and if we don't count the losers of Team Skull, Alola has been a quiet mission so far." Elaine said just as happy.

"Looker worries too much, it doesn't seem like Ketchum is going to get into trouble this time."

"Not to mention that he hasn't lost a single fight since the school year started," Elaine recalled. "And Alola's trainers aren’t weak at all, although they are less competitive than in other regions."

"It seems that professor Kukui wants to change that." Chase noted.

Pallet Town – Oak’s Ranch

At professor Oak's ranch they studied and compared the regional forms of Kanto and Alola Pokémon. They also saw all of Ash's Pokémon, who were a little scared when they saw the excitement with which Elio and Selene greeted them.

"Here professor Oak gave me my squirtle." Elio said.

"My turtwig was given to me by professor Serbal, who is a very good friend of my father," Selene remembered. "Although then I captured charmander so I could have a charizard like the Master. "

"Being Ash’s fanboys I thought you both would choose a pikachu or something like that." said Misty, who had already seen the Ash-based merchandise that the two friends were carrying.

"I don't like to copy." Elio said.

"Only the master knows how to get the potential out of a pikachu." Selene said.

"Well now I remember that last year I gave Chase a Pikachu and I gave an Eevee to Elaine." Professor Oak explained.

"That's true, professor." Chase and Elaine said at the same time.

"Wow, in the end the fanboys are going to be surpassed." Misty joked.

"If you weren't a love interest of the master, we wouldn't allow you to call us fanboys." Selene said to Misty.

"W-what are you talking about?!"

"Don't worry, the boss is probably taking the harem route, he's that cool." Elio said.

"Get used to having more and more fans like these Ash," Brock laughed. "Especially with how famous your website, “Pokémon Master,” is becoming."

"My what?" Ash asked confused.

"I have seen it, it shows that it has been written with a lot of love, too much!"

Everyone looked at each other confused, not recognizing that voice or where it came from.

"Down here."

Everyone obeyed the voice and saw a nidorino.

"Hi Ash, it's me, Bill."

Most of them screamed in fright when they saw the Pokémon speaking, even though they already had precedent with Team Rocket's meowth.

In the end Bill explained that another of his experiments had gone wrong but at least he knew how to fix it. After returning to normal, Bill talked a lot with Sophocles, since apparently his cousin, Molayne, managed the Alola Pokémon Storage System.

Viridian City

The next day they visited the Viridian gym. Misty, Brock, Gary, Yellow and a boy named Trace were waiting for them there.

"Trace is a new Top trainer chosen by Red," Yellow explained. "He helps me maintain the gym."

"That's because the boss spends the day taking care of the Viridian Forest." Trace complained, making Yellow blush slightly embarrassed.

"You can take the girl out of the forest but you can't take the forest out of the girl,” Gary laughed. "By the way Ash, I have also been chosen as a Top trainer."

"Nowadays they give that position to anyone from what I see." Ash said mocking Gary. Before they began arguing, Brock explained the day's activity.

The students of class 4 would have one-on-one combats against the five so that they would feel the experience of a gym battle. The pairings would of course be random.

The two fights that stood out the most were:

-Brock's Mega Steelix vs Kiawe's Turtonator. Winner: Brock.

-Ash's Pikachu vs Misty's Mega Gyarados. Winner: Ash.

Kukui told his students that he would like to do something similar to the Kanto Pokémon league in Alola. A tournament, an Elite Four and even a champion.


Fuchsia City – Go Park

“Hello, hello young and not so young people! To catch Pokémon you have to walk and move around the world. And to do that without dying along the way you have to have people who know what they are doing. Times have changed and not everyone can afford to let their children go on adventures to confront criminal organizations. That’s why we offer an experience that can be done with family and friends. Pokémon Go, created by the famous professor Willow! Join one of three teams: Valor led by the explosive Candela, Mystic led by the patient Blanche, and Instinct led by the cheerful Spark. With them you’ll travel through different regions safely, observing, investigating and even capturing Pokémon. Sign up quickly for Pokémon Go before the free spots run out!”―Mateo, researcher and promoter of the Pokémon Go Project.

Professor Kukui took them to see his friend professor Willow, founder of the Pokémon Go project, which was becoming quite famous.

There they met Blanche, Spark and Candela, who had an articuno, zapdos and moltres respectively.

"If I didn't know the boss's adventures I would be surprised." Elio said.

"Nowadays anyone can capture the legendary birds." Elaine said.

"I want to have a Pokémon battle with all of you!" Ash said excitedly.

"But Master, you already defeated an articuno." Selene reminded him.

"It’s that so? Well, I would like to see how you defeat my moltres." Candela challenged him.

"No way, I want to fight him first!" Spark complained.

Blanche gave a long sigh.

"You’re like kids, remember that we’re doing a guide tour."

"You have found strong people for your project from what I see." Kukui said to his friend Willow.

"Yes, and to my surprise I have a lot of support from different governments, probably because they see the money that this project can give."

"Is there another way for them to see it?"


“Prepare for troubles. And make it double. To capture Pokémon without mercy. To steal every last corner of a nation. To destroy the allies of justice and forgiveness. To carry our loot to outer space. Sierra! Arlo!... and Cliff. Team Go Rocket steals you at the speed of light! Get lost or prepare to die, scum!... That’s right.” ―Team Go Rocket.

Team Go Rocket attacked the building. Ash must have foreseen it from the moment he thought he saw Jessie, James and Meowth in the area. Apparently Giovanni had created a special division to destroy professor Willow's project and take over his resources, technology, and Pokémon.

While the others fought the grunts, Ash and Willow's trio of assistants went after the leaders.

"Aren't you supposed to be in Alola? What do I have to do to get rid of you?!" Giovanni roared with the veins in his head about to burst as soon as he saw the teen from Pallet Town.

"Aren't you tired of being a criminal and a loser?! How many times am I going to have to teach you the same lesson?" Asked Ash, tired of having to face him for the ninth time.

“We meet again Sierra, today I will finally teach you that crime doesn’t pay and that you should become a better person." Spark said with a smile. Sierra, leader of the Go Rocket division, gave him a seductive look and smile.

"Spark. Your naïve positivity is laughable and will be your undoing. The world is so very cruel. I’ll make sure to remind you soon." Sierra said.

"Arlo! Didn’t being chosen as the leader of team Valor affect you so much that you joined a gang of losers? Professor Willow was right to kick you out," Candela said angrily to her former friend. "I'm sure you still think Pokémon are just tools, you damned bastard."

"Candela. After all this time, you still haven’t changed. Tsk. Remember, fire is a fickle thing. When controlled, it provides warmth, but in the wrong hands, it burns. You will regret the day you took what was rightfully mine." Arlo said with pure hatred in his eyes.

"Your chances of winning are close to zero percent, Cliff. Why would someone so kind and loyal to his friends work in a mafia? Don't you feel the pain of the people and Pokémon you hurt?" Blanche asked confused. "Being a mountain of muscles doesn't mean you have to stop thinking for yourself. Or are you looking for something more with all this?"

Cliff cracked the bones in his neck and back before heaving a sigh.

"Blanche. You overthink. You overcalculate. You overcomplicate. But can’t you see? It’s pretty simple. Your time as a leader is over!!!"

After a long battle, Giovanni, Sierra, Arlo and Cliff escaped but all the grunts were captured. Except the TRio, who were ordered to continue monitoring Ash.

At the end of the week, class 4 returned to Alola.

"We spoke too soon." Chase commented to his companion on the plane.

"Yeah. Looker was right, trouble follows Ketchum wherever he goes." said Elaine. "I hope a few skirmishes are all that's going to happen."

"You shouldn't have said that." Chase said worried.


Meanwhile Rotom listened excitedly Alola news.

“It is undeniable that Rhyme City has suffered many strange events in recent months. The substance R case, the out-of-control Pokémon, the mysterious disappearances and the attack on the festival are all related. It seems that PCL Laboratories has a lot to answer for and it's all thanks to Timothy Goodman and his detective pikachu.” Emilia Christie of GNN.

"By Arceus, I would really like to meet this Tim and compete to see who is the best detective," Rotom said enthusiastically. "Although my very polished detective skills tell me that Detective Pikachu is the one who does most of the work, like Ash's pikachu."

"Pika, peep." Pikachu said in agreement.

"Hey!" Ash complained.


Melemele Island

Ten Carat Hill - Class 4 school tournament

Kukui decided to do a mock Pokémon league. Kahili would serve as a judge alongside Kukui and Emily, since she used to practice golf there.

-First round: Ash vs Dulse, Hau vs Kiawe, Chase vs Sophocles, Acerola vs Elaine, Selene vs Mana, Akira vs Zossie, Lana vs Elio and Mallow vs Lillie,

-Second round: Ash vs Hau, Chase vs Acerola, Selene vs Akira and Lana vs Mallow.

-Third round: Ash vs Chase and Selene vs Lana.

-Fourth round: Ash vs Selene.

The winner was Ash, which made Selene happy and sad at the same time.

"At least I know I'm the second strongest in the school." Selene said.

Pokémon Trainer School

Director Samson had not been able to sleep well for days. He had to stay several nights at school and strange things were happening that made his hair stand on end. Even the janitor, Polly, was scared of the things she heard and saw some nights.

Soon the children began to whisper about the strange events and the walls seemed to whisper dark tales. The students and teachers called it: The seven mysteries.

“Acerola, you are an expert in these things so solve the case, please." Samson asked Captain Ghost.


"You won't have to take the next exam and we will give you a grade."


"Okay, an A+!"

"Don't worry director, I will solve your problem in just one night." Acerola said with a big smile and a thumbs up.

“We also want to help." Ash asked him.

“Sounds good to me, the more the merrier." Acerola accepted.

"Although the exam agreement is only with Acerola." Samson warned, causing several students to complain.

“You're going to go?" Sophocles asked Lana worriedly.

"Well, of course, I want to be scared." She responded with a soft smile. "You don’t?"

Sophocles stared at her for a few seconds.

"Well, if you go, I'm sure nothing will happen to me."

"Don't worry, I'll protect you." Lana assured him.

“…Please don't make me feel bad."

"No one is going to say something about the director bribing Acerola?" “Lillie asked worried.


“And what are we going to do?"

"Does it that matter that much?"

"Bribe, what is that?"

Those were some of the answers to Lillie's concerns. The girl looked at the director with a disappointed expression.

"At any other time you would have made me feel ashamed of myself, but I'm too scared to care," Samson replied before leaving there scared. "And by the way, tell your parents and guardians that you’re going to be late. And don't even think about saying anything to Vice Director Asuka!"

The entire class 4 began to investigate under the direction of Acerola. They came to meet a girl accompanied by a drifloon. Acerola spoke alone with the girl and when she returned she had a somewhat sad look. The only thing Acerola said was that the girl had given him the clues necessary to solve each mystery.

1st Mystery: Scary lights

At night. Near burning place. Scary lights show up and wander. Burning. Someone burning and crying. You hear girl's voice.

The culprit was the youth athlete Deedra, who dedicated herself to burning her unrequited love letters in the incinerator at night so that no one would see her. People had mistaken the burning love letters for will-o'-the-wisps.

Xenia, embarrassed at being discovered, challenged Acerola to a fight and after losing, she ran away in tears.

"Uah... I have no luck either in combat or in love..." Deedra whimpered.


2nd Mystery: Stairs nowhere

Night, stairs, cursed. You go up and up, but still same place. You can't go down, either. Circle, circle. Can't go back.

Ash and his friends were running like crazy up the stairs for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes. The culprit? A mischievous gastly that was leaving black stains in the corners of the hallways. Thanks to Rotom they managed to stop him and throw him out of there.


3rd Mystery: Scary PA system

At night, teachers' lounge, second floor. You hear broadcast from beyond grave. You're done for if you hear it. You can't leave. It's over for you

As you approach the teacher's room, you hear a broken voice saying: "Fzzz... Fzzz... you... fzzz... stay there... fzzz... no... fzzz... leave. never..." When trying to enter, a man and his slowpoke come out from inside. The man was a sound technician who used to fix the PA system at night, so as not to disturb classes during the day. His slowpoke had fallen asleep in front of the door and the technician couldn't go out with him there. Since there was no way to wake him up, he had tried telling him over the PA system to move without much success.


4th Mystery: Lord Slimy

At night, you hear strange sound. Slimy, slimy—getting close. Footsteps of Lord Slimy... If you're found, Lord Slimy swallow you. You're gone.

On the second floor Ash and his friends heard the sound of something slimy crawling on the floor. They all hid in the lockers but were found by the creature... Which was an Alolan grimer named Grimo, who competed every night against his cleaning rival, Grimey. The owner of it, the grandson of the cleaning man, apologized for what happened.


5th Mystery: Cursed diary

It appears on the shelf, third floor. Keep reading, and scary thing happens. If you finish reading it, someone take you away.

Hau and Acerola were the only ones who dared to read the newspaper while the others heard strange sounds that were getting closer little by little. In the newspaper a man talked about how he had moved into a huge mansion and about strange sounds at night. The man eventually realized that the house was cursed and that there was something scratching the floor.

Suddenly the lights went out and scratches began to be heard that were slowly getting closer to our heroes while something was crawling on the floor. The culprit of everything was a mischievous wild drifloon that attacked them. After defeating him the lights returned and they finished reading the newspaper. The drifloon was the author of a horror novel in diary format and he liked to play pranks.


6th Mystery: Ghosts class

At night, classroom, second floor. You hear laughter. Ghost are taking a class, too. Everyone says so.

The classroom on the first floor was full of students whom no one knew. Everyone wanted to be their friend and play. Acerola however noticed something strange and spoke to the classroom teacher, who turned out to be a hypno in disguise. When the hypno fled, all the students disappeared from the classroom because they were only an illusion of the Pokémon.


7th Mystery: ?

...I don't know it... I'm very sorry.

Finally they returned to where the girl was, who thanked them for solving the six mysteries. Next, the school’s security officer appeared, who scolded them for being at school at that time of night. To everyone's surprise, when they turned around the girl had already disappeared. The officer swore that only Ash and his friends were there and that he had never seen a girl there.

One night Ash dreamed of an altar that he had only seen in Lillie's books. The Altar of the Sunne and the Moone. There appeared from that altar two mysterious beings that flew through the skies of Alola. Ash made a promise to protect them but he didn't know to whom.

In the distance, several people and the tapu noticed that something had happened in Alola.

“An Ultra Beast…” Gladion murmured from a distant forest.

"Interesting, what energy..." Colress murmured, looking at his computer screen in his improvised laboratory.

"Two instead of one, two instead of one, two instead of one... Hope..." Meja, the man locked in the Aether Foundation facilities murmured in his dreams.

"The energy of an Ultra Beast..." Burnet murmured.

The next morning Professor Kukui, Ash and Lillie watched on television as professor Burnet received the Miss Alola award due to her immense talent as a scientist and her warm personality.

On their way Alola Pokémon School, Ash and Pikachu met Tapu Koko, who led them through the forest until they found a mysterious sleeping Pokémon. Ash then remembered his promise and picked up the Pokémon. After taking it to school, there was some commotion as everyone wanted to see and touch it.

"It must be a new species never seen before." Rotom deduced. Everyone wanted to name him and in the end it was Lillie who decided on the name.

"Nebby, since it looks like a cloud of gas and stars."

"You mean, a nebula," said Rotom, annoyed. "You don't have to describe everything, Lillie."

"At least I have enough imagination to create names."


"Those two don't need much to start fighting." Mallow noted.

Nebby started crying like crazy since she was hungry. He was given Poke Beans and Moo-moo milk, but the only thing he liked was Sophocles's star candy.

"My appetizer…" Sophocles complained, looking at his empty bag of candy.

Professor Kukui's House/Lab

Ash, Lillie, and Kukui were greeted by Lusamine, Burnet, Faba, and Wicke.

“Lillie, my little girl!" Lusamine shouted, hugging her daughter tightly.

"I'm sixteen years old, mother, I'm not little anymore." Lillie said angrily after getting away from her.

"Oh really? How quickly you have grown!"

"Let go of me mother!"

Ash, Pikachu and Kukui looked at this somewhat surprised.

"I've never seen Lillie so upset/Pika..." Ash and Pikachu said worriedly. Kukui just nodded.

Snowy and cutiefly stood in front of Lillie to “protect” her from the intense maternal love. However, Lillie caught them, telling them that nothing was happening.

"So it was true, you already have two Pokémon and you can touch them," Lusamine said happily. "My Lillie!"

Lillie pushed her mother away again with a sigh.

"I guess Akira and Mana keep you very well informed."

"…I don’t know what you are talking about." Lusamine laughed nervously.

"Mother, it is obvious that those two are from the Foundation. They may be rookies but they move like the rest of your employees,” Lillie said, frowning more. "Also, they’re very bad at spying, they should learn from Chase and Elaine. Those two really know how to follow Ash without him realizing it."

"Are Chase and Elaine following me? Are they my fans too?" Asked Ash, not knowing how to feel about that information.

"I doubt it." Lillie said smiling at him. Lusamine didn’t miss that affectionate smile directed at the teen from Pallet town.

"So you're the boy Lillie is always talking about according to Hobbes." Lusamine said looking him up and down. "What are your intentions with my daughter?"

"Mother! Leave him alone, as always you only think about yourself!"

"That’s not true."

"No? And that time you evolved clefairy into clefable?"

"Oh, well... Now that you say it, I'm giving you clefable! You need strong Pokémon to compete with your friends," said Lusamine, giving her a Poké Ball. "I have heard that this course is full of prodigies and captains."

"…Thank you," Lillie said, accepting the Poké Ball "…Don't change the subject, mother!"

Lusamine later explained that they had been following Nebby's energy. Apparently the Foundation had another like him in their possession and would like to reunite them. However Nebby wanted to stay with Ash and Lillie.

Burnet explained that the two cosmogs were Ultra Beasts. Then Wicke showed them an ancient drawing of the great battle between the Guardian Spirits against the Ultra Beasts. This drawing was found on the Altar of the Sunne and Moone, which Ash said he had seen in his dreams.

Lusamine agreed to leave Nebby with Ash, although Faba didn't seem happy about that at all. Later Lusamine received a call from Phyco and Mina, saying that the female cosmog had disappeared after teleporting.


The next day Nebby discovered that he could teleport himself and others. He began to abuse her power by using it to play pranks on others or read their minds and take them to places that made them happy. Lillie and Rotom competed to see who could study the Pokémon the best.

The female cosmog, for her part, hid in Kukui's house and stayed there quietly, since she was much more serious than her partner. Of course, Kukui began to notice that the food was disappearing a little faster than before.

Aether Paradise - Aether Foundation

On Lusamine's orders, Akira and Mana took Class 4 on a guided tour around the foundation. The huge artificial island was very elegant and you could tell that it had been built with a lot of money.

"Is this where you work when you're not spying on me?" Lillie asked in a cold, dry tone that left the rest of the class trembling.

Akira and Mana walked ahead, both wearing the clothes of the foundation employees.

"We're sorry, miss, but we're just following orders." Akira said without looking into her eyes. At times like this she reminded him too much of Lusamine and not in a good way.

"Our intentions may not be pure but our growing camaraderie is, miss." Mana said.

"Then stop calling me miss and spying on me," Lillie said very seriously. "If you want to know anything about me, talk to me directly."


They met Faba, who was very interested in seeing Nebby but he hid from him. They finally arrived at Lusamine's office, unfortunately she was very busy and they were barely able to talk to her which made Lillie quite angry.

The girl decided to leave the office with everyone and show them the foundation. There were Pokémon from various regions being treated according to their needs. They also saw professor Burnet.

“When I'm not at DRL, I helped release the Pokémon that have been cured." Burnet explained.

During the visit, Faba realized that Lillie was losing more of her fear of touching Pokémon, especially since she now had three on her team. That was all bad news...

"First the female cosmog disappears, then the other cosmog gets attached to a brat and now Lillie is losing her trauma..." Faba told himself. "If that stupid girl recovers her memories I'm finished... I better ask the boss for help."

One day Ash was thinking about wanting to fight Gladion, so Nebby teleported him to Decarat Hill, where the young Aether was with a Pokémon that Ash had never seen before. It was called Type: Null and had been created to combat Ultra Beasts.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt Nebby yet," Gladion said when he saw how the cosmog hid behind Ash. "By the way, is what it says on that stupid website called “Pokémon Master” true?"

"Yes, I would even say that there are things that I didn't even remember."

"Who the hell are you, Ash Ketchum?"


"You have rare Pokémon, you have won several important competitions, defeated many criminal organizations and on top of that you know legendary Pokémon... Is that why Tapu Koko chose you?!"

Ash slightly pushed Gladion away, who was too close.

"I don't know why Tapu Koko chose me, I just know that I like to help those who need it."

Gladion didn't seem satisfied with the answer but he didn't want to pressure his little sister's friend either. It was then that Gladion told him what he knew about the Ultra Beasts and their danger. Gladion was surprised and worried by the fact that Lillie was fine by Nebby's side, since it was apparently an Ultra Beast who caused her trauma of not being able to touch Pokémon when she was a child. And it was Type: Null who saved her from her but Lillie didn't remember anything about her.

"I must become stronger to protect Lillie and destroy any Ultra Beast that threatens Alola," Gladion said very seriously, clenching his fists. "It is my destiny and my mission to live as an anti-hero in the shadows."

“…Lillie is getting very strong and you don't have to do it all yourself. In Alola there’re many good people willing to help others." Ash said with a big smile.

Ash's dusk lycanroc fought with Gladion's Type: Null, but the former had anger management issues when his fur became stained, making it difficult to give him commands. That caused Dusk Lycanroc to lose the fight.

"Don't talk to Lillie about anything I told you, okay?" Gladion said to Ash.


Class 4A camped next to Kukui's house. Professor Burnet also signed up and spent some time talking to Lillie about her mother Lusamine.

The next morning Lillie accidentally discovered the female cosmog hiding in a corner of the house. She immediately took a liking to Lillie and after reading her mind, she teleported her to where her brother Gladion was with Type: Null. Seeing that Pokémon again completely reactivated Lillie's trauma. The cosmog, upon noticing Lillie's fear, returned her to professor Kukui's house, where Lillie began to cry, because she no longer dared to touch even her own Pokémon.

The next day, Gladion caught Ash by surprise in the middle of an alley and aggressively asked him why he had let Lillie see Type: Null. After giving him a quick explanation, Gladion calmed down a bit and left to Roadside Motel where he was staying.

In said motel Gladion was caught by surprise by Faba and ended up losing Type: Null at the hands of the villain.

"N-no, I still haven't been able to free my silver ally from the chains of hatred and despair!" Gladion said as he fell unconscious due to the hypnosis of Faba's hypno.

"You have been very useful to me, Hypno," said Faba, caressing the Pokémon's head. "Making you play pranks at night at Melemele's school has served as good training for you."

In an attempt to help Lillie, Ash asked the two cosmogs to take Lillie to places she liked to cheer her up. Nebby and her companion took them to some places where Lillie shared good memories with her family in the past. The beach, a vegetable garden, a restaurant, Gladion and Lillie's old room from when they were little, even Lusamine's office where the photographs of her children were on her desk and on the wall.

They were finally taken to the Aether Paradise underground research area. Faba realized this thanks to Phyco, Soliera, Dulse and Zossie, who were there and had detected the cosmog energy with their machines.

"Capture her and bring her to me so I can erase her memories."

Dulse and Zossie looked at each other.

"No, Lillie is my friend," Zossie said very seriously. "I'm not going to do something like that."

"I don't care about Lillie, but I don't like you and I'm not your lackey." Dulse said.

“I have no interest in your machinations, only in saving my world and this one." Phyco said without even looking at him.

"Don’t count on me." Soliera said quickly.

"Damn useless people!" Faba roared furiously. "If you want to do something well, do it yourself!"

Faba asked his new workers, Jessie, James and Meowth, for help, but they also refused, saying that a person's memories were special and irreplaceable, something that defined them.

"By the way, we quit!" the TRio said at the same time.

Faba then went to where Lillie was to kidnap him himself... Luckily there were still employees very loyal to him and if not he would blackmail them. Meanwhile Gladion spoke to his mother Lusamine, asking her where Type: Null was.

"Isn't that the name of the project Faba was obsessed with?" Lusamine asked confused, the woman put a hand to her head, as if it hurt her to try to remember. "T-there were three… Pokémon but they didn't survive and I cancelled the project... Why didn't I fire Faba then?"

"Those Pokémon survived and Faba has kept them confined right under your nose, mother!"


Gladion explained that it was because of Faba that a portal opened from which the Ultra Beast that traumatized Lillie years ago emerged. Lusamine felt numerous emotions at the same time, the strongest being anger towards Faba and herself for not having realized... Lusamine then suffered severe headaches as she somehow remembered where the type: null were.


Faba, along with his entire personal science team, attacked Ash and Lillie. Ash put Lillie behind him as he used her Pokémon to defend her from all the enemy Pokémon. Luckily, Lusamine and Gladion showed up in time and Gladion's Type: Null evolved into Silvally.

“Save my sister, my silver ally!" Gladion shouted. Silvally crushed Hypno's head into ground, knocking him out.

“What a cool Pokémon!" Ash shouted excitedly when he saw him in action.

Lillie for her part, due to the tension, the place and seeing Silvally, recovered her childhood memories and her trauma diminished to the point of being able to touch Pokémon again, not just her own.

Faba, for his part, escaped from there. Lusamine wanted to hunt him down but her daughter was more important at that time. She was going to spend more time with them and leave Faba's capture to the police.

By being with their mother more, Gladion and Lillie realized that the headaches weren’t recent but from years ago and apparently the doctors didn’t know why. Not to mention that sometimes Lusamine seemed to have certain gaps in her memory...

Ula-Ula Island

Malie City: Enjoy the enticing Eastern influence

This time the entire class 4 would spend a month at the Ula-Ula school. Everyone was happy that Lillie could touch any Pokémon, especially Ash, who spent a lot of time with her looking for new Pokémon to touch. Although they had to stop when professor Kukui scolded them saying that what they were doing was dangerous.

" No more dangerous than receiving a Pokémon's attacks in your own flesh." Lillie murmured.


Malie Garden

Acerola and Sophocles became the guides of the “expedition”, telling how the park was created by people who arrived from Johto many years ago. Hence there was even a tower similar to the Bell Tower or the lake was shaped like gyarados.

Hau in particular seemed to really like the place, which made Acerola quite happy. Unfortunately the walk had to end when Guzma, the leader of Team Skull, appeared before them, surrounded by several grunts and their three commanders: Plumeria, Tokio and Okazaki.

Apparently they had found out about the excursion and Guzma hadn’t been able to avoid paying a visit to his old friend Kukui, who asked professor Emily to step back and cover the students just in case. Of course Ash, Selene, Hau, Kiawe and Lana didn’t follow the orders and stood in front of the professor.

"Wow Kukui, now you need kids to cover your back?" Guzma mocked.

"Unlike the children around you, mine and Emily's know how to fight and give scoundrels what they deserve." Kukui responded without losing his smile.

The people around them, most of them tourists, gathered around them and commented while using their cell phones to record what happened.

"Looks like we have an audience of losers," Guzma said with a sad*stic smile but without taking his hands out of his pockets. "Everyone who’s anyone in Alola does nothing but talk about the Pokémon league you want to start."

"And? I thought someone like you would like the idea of ​​being able to take on the strongest in the region in front of all of Alola."

“It's not a bad idea and on top of that it destroys the foundations of Alolan traditions. You’re becoming a real bad boy, Kukui!"

Kukui quickly shook his head.

"Nothing will be destroyed, the league will be another complement that will help the region. This year anyone can participate, but in subsequent years participants would have to complete the island challenge."

Those words angered the entire Team Skull, although Guzma still had a sarcastic smile on his face.

"You better be saying the truth, Kukui. I plan to participate and use my position as champion to destroy the league and everything you have built over the years. I want to see the face you’ll make when your dreams are broken into pieces."

Team Skull laughed, clapped, and stamped their feet as they mocked Kukui, who didn't back down.

"And Tokio?" Kukui asked suddenly, making everyone stop laughing. "What is the person who should be the new Dragon Captain doing working for you?"

Tokio went to respond but Plumeria stopped him.

"It's the fault of Alola and its stupid deities," Guzma said somewhat seriously. "If they had killed Team Kings they would have done them a favor. Now many family members have to live knowing that the people who brought them food have become a bunch of crazy people."

"It was Team Kings' fault for terrorizing Alola." Lillie said, earning a growl from Tokio.

"Look at the little princess, not only is she rich but she looks delicious." Several grunts said, looking her up and down.

"Leave her alone!" said Mallow and Zossie, standing in front of Lillie, who was trembling slightly.

“The little princess isn’t the only one who looks delicious." The grunts continued saying while they looked at thefemale students, earning the male students' anger. Dulse looked like he was about to gouge out their eyes. Meanwhile Akira and Mana were wondering if they should ask Lusamine for permission before murdering someone.

"Shut up, idiots!" Plumeria ordered her grunts. "We're not a bunch of perverts."

"W-we're sorry, sister…"

"Are you the leader of Team Skull?" Ash asked very seriously, earning Guzma's attention. "You don't seem like much compared to criminals from other regions."

"The famous Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town. If half the things PokéNet said about you were true I would be shaking with fear. With that baby face you still look like you're ten years old." Guzma laughed.

"How dare you make fun of the boss/master, you low class bully?!" Elio and Selene shouted furiously, who had to be held by professor Kukui so that they wouldn’t attack Guzma.

"Do you want to die, brats?" Guzma asked in a tone that chilled the blood of most of those who were there, even Kukui went on high alert.

"If you want to hurt someone you're going to have to go over me." Ash challenged him with a determined smile. Guzma's smile, on the other hand, was like that of a predator who had found his prey.

"Watch closely, Kukui. Someday I'm gonna destroy you. But first, I'll destroy everything you care about! Wanna see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form, it's your boy Guzma!"

Pikachu vs Golisopod. Guzma had a fast, cruel and abusive way of fighting. He sought to destroy his rival in every way and let him know his superiority. Unfortunately for him, Ash was already used to fighting that style so Pikachu recovered quickly and began to beat up Golisopod. To everyone's surprise, Guzma's Pokémon returned to his Poké Ball midway through the battle.

"Bah, it's not worth continuing to fight against a kid..." Guzma said, pretending that everything was going according to his plans. However,