Program Mgr- Em Mgmt & Safety (2024)

at Northern Light Health in Portland, Maine, United States

Job Description

Northern Light Mercy Hospital

Department: Employee Safety & Loss Prevntn

Position is located: Mercy Fore River

Work Type: Full Time

Hours Per Week: 40.00

Work Schedule: 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM


The Emergency Management & Employee Safety Manager manages risks and coordinates risk reduction activities in the physical environment with regards to emergency preparedness and employee safety. Oversees all NL Mercy safety programs and emergency management operations in order to maintain a safe environment for patients, visitors, and personnel. Prepares & helps manage budgets, oversees quality, provides educational opportunities, develops policies and procedures for Employee Safety and Emergency Preparedness programs. Works closely with the Northern Light Health Center for Emergency Management and System Safety Initiatives.


+ Actively participate and represent hospital system and Safety management at appropriate meetings, task forces and project teams (to include but not limited to, Environment of Care, Workplace Safety, Leadership, Safe Patient Handling, Emergency Management, Ongoing Patient Readiness and departmental) meetings as assigned, reporting out on trends, opportunities, as noted, with recommendations for improvement.

+ Manage program in coordination Center for Emergency Management and departmental leadership to include development, scheduling and evaluating twice yearly emergency drills. Serves as Occupational Health Specialist.

+ Function as EOC EM Plan Manager, including development of yearly Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA).

+ Manage Respiratory Protection Program to include PAPR and other Respiratory PPE inspections and maintenance, coordinating repairs if needed.

+ Partner with Clinical Education and report out on any updates regarding PPE, training opportunities, trending, employee injuries relating to patient handling and sharps.

+ Conduct Fire and Life Safety tours at off campus locations, provide report to manager with recommendations and follow-up.

+ Conduct EOC tours, provide report to department manager with recommendations.

+ Review all Safe Patient Handling injuries from RL, create report to include length of hire, department, position, body part injured, summary of injury, patient weight, OSHA recordables, lost time and restricted duty days.

+ Attend Facilities Leadership Council meeting and report out as necessary.

+ Review all OR, Recovery Room, Central Sterile and Endoscopy injuries, create report to include length of hire, department, position, body part injured, summary of injury, OSHA recordables, lost time and restricted duty days.

+ Compile data for all employee RL’s involving exposures (Including COVID), sharps, chemical and blood splashes, sharps, inhalation by department, OSHA recordables, lost time and restricted duty days.

+ Update trending portion of report.

+ Compile data for the Environment of Care Function Team from multiple data bases, present OSHA and DART information for KPI and PI report out.

+ Compiling data from multiple data bases, create Safety Sam report for the EOC Function Team, OR Safety Meeting, email to Mercy Managers, and post to Hub.

+ Gather data and prepare presentation for employee injuries, including data of hire, department, injury incurred, OSHA recordables with lost time and/or restricted duty. Regularly review all employee, safety, and patient fall RL’s that came in overnight. Follow-up as needed.

+ Conduct accident investigation, provide recommendations, create report, f/up with manager if overdue and deploy ongoing monitoring.

+ ILSM walk-throughs related to impacts to sprinkler, fire detection, and employee egress.

+ Attend various construction/renovation meetings.

+ Attend Case Management meeting to review all past and present employee injuries, review length of employee restrict and/or lost time, PT and medical review, along with work restrictions.

+ Conduct trainings of Lock-out/tag-out, Code Red, Fire Drills and other safety programs as necessary.

+ Risk and other assessments.

+ Develops and recommend new emergency preparedness and safety policies to meet new regulatory requirements or changes in the environment.

+ Manage and support the AOC (administrator on call) program, to include on-boarding new administrators and policies and procedures associated with the AOC.

+ Provides resources for interpretation / clarification of safety standards and regulations.

+ Develops and recommend new emergency preparedness and safety policies to meet new regulatory requirements or changes in the environment.

+ Insures the hospital is following state and federal regulations.

+ Measures and evaluates effectiveness of all major components of the environment of care, using established goals, with an emphasis toward Emergency Management, meeting the CMS and Joint Commission requirements.

+ Organize hospital disaster critiques for the identification of areas for improvement.

+ Maintains disaster equipment and supplies inventory as issued by FEMA and the Member Organizations.

+ Participates in community, county and statewide disaster planning and drills.

+ Attends county and state emergency preparedness meetings.

+ Other duties as assigned.

Other Information:

Competencies and Skills

+ 5+ years of relative work experience required.Minimum of 5 years’ experience in Emergency Management and/or Safety, Employee Occupational Health. Healthcare preferred.

+ Behaves with Integrity and Builds Trust: Acts consistently in line with the core values, commitments and rules of conduct. Leads by example and tells the truth. Does what they say they will, when and how they say they will, or communicates an alternate plan.

+ Cultivates Respect: Treats others fairly, embraces and values differences, and contributes to a culture of diversity, inclusion, empowerment and cooperation.

+ Demonstrates Emotional Intelligence: Exhibits a high level of self-awareness, self-management, other awareness and relationship management. Conducts themselves in an empathic, appropriate way, with a sense of humor and stimulates a collaborative work environment. Is respectful of the attitudes, feelings, or circ*mstances of others and aware of the influence of their own behavior on them. Is aware of relevant social, political, system, and professional trends and developments and uses this information for the organization’s benefit.

+ Effectively Communicates: Listens, speaks and writes appropriately, using clear language. Communication methods are fitting to the message(s), audience, and situation and follow-ups are regular and timely. Shows that important (non-) verbal information is absorbed and understood and asks further questions to clarify when necessary. Expresses ideas and views clearly to others and has ability to adjust use of language to the audiences’ level.

+ Exercises Sound Judgment & Decision Making: Understands and processes complex information, which allows for appropriate and accountable conclusions. Does not react too quickly or slowly. Balances facts, goals, and potential approaches taking the appropriate criteria into account. Makes active decisions and commits oneself by communicating confidently and respectfully.

+ Fosters Accountability: Creates and participates in a work environment where people hold themselves and others accountable for processes, results and behaviors. Takes appropriate ownership not only of successes but also mistakes and works to correct them in a timely manner. Demonstrates understanding that we all work as a team and the quality and timeliness of work impacts everyone involved.

+ Practices Compassion: Exhibits genuine care for people and is available and ready to help; displays a deep awareness of and strong willingness to relieve the suffering of others.


+ Required associate degree, degree, bachelor’s degr

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Program Mgr- Em Mgmt & Safety (2024)


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